The hollow earth theory, the plasma model and Mormon theology

I haven’t thought or spoken about the hollow earth theory in six to eight months. When I understook to write a draft article on this topic on the last day of November and then decided not to publish it, as I wasn’t happy with what I wrote, I was surprised to receive an email the very next day (December 1st) from one of the hollow earth researchers I mentioned in the article. So, I’m taking it as a sign 😉 that this subject needsto be addressed now.

However, I’ve been at a loss as to what to say about it. I’ve re-written my draft article several times now, trying to get the words right. You see, we’ve all been taught that the solid earth theory is fact, so mentioning the hollow earth theory is sure to stop people from reading or paying any more attention to this blog. How can I address a topic “so obviously incorrect and absurd” and still retain any credibility? And yet, I can’t help myself, I must mention it. There are future articles I wish to get to which can only be understood if a person understands the evidence for the hollow earth model.

Yes, you read correctly. There is evidence, lots of it, TONS OF IT, that the hollow earth theory is correct and that the solid earth theory is false. Being the curious cat I am, I investigated both models and found that the evidentiary scales tipped waaaay in favor of the hollow earth theory. But it is not my intention to present the evidence in this post. There’s too much of it. The two top hollow earth researchers I mention below have each written a 600 page book on the topic. I’m listing them so that you can get the research presented in detail, purity and at full strength, instead of the diluted version I could offer.

Now, let me tell you what I believe. I believe that the Earth, the moon, the planets, their moons, the Sun and the stars are probably all hollow spheres, with inner suns most likely at their centers. I believe that polar openings likely exist on all these globes. I believe that the conditions for life are naturally contained within each sphere, on the inner surfaces with the inner suns shining, and not on the outer surfaces, with an outer Sun shining. This is similar to how we build houses, to be inhabited on the inside, people living within the walls of the house, not outside of those walls, exposed to the elements. In like manner, all these worlds, including ours, are made as habitations for God’s children and his other creations.

Nephi said, “Behold, the Lord hath created the earth that it should be inhabited; and he hath created his children that they should possess it.” (1 Ne. 17: 36)

Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon said, “For we saw him, even on the right hand of God; and we heard the voice bearing record that he is the Only Begotten of the Father—that by him, and through him, and of him, the worlds are and were created, and the inhabitants thereof are begotten sons and daughters unto God. (D&C 76: 23-24)

So, when I look out at those other worlds, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, etc., which mainstream science tells me are too harsh to contain life, as the outer surface is unfit and as there is no inner surface, for, the scientists tell me, they are all solid or liquid or gas balls, I think of the above scriptures that tell me that worlds are created to be inhabited and that there are inhabitants on the worlds that are (present tense.) This is a major contradiction to the mainstream science I’m receiving.

But then along comes the hollow earth model which corrects the errors and suddenly the scripture makes sense. There are inhabitants on these worlds, living on the inner surfaces of these spheres, bathing in the light of inner suns. What, did you think Joseph and Sidney were shown non-local, extra-solar system worlds that were inhabited and that the Lord skipped over the “uninhabited” local planets? Surely not! Prophets are shown only what pertains to them and their sphere of existence, they are shown what pertains to their locality. They were shown the worlds that exist in this solar system and referred to the inhabitants of these worlds. (I’ll write more on this later in another article.) So, men living in the moon (see here and here) or people living in the Sun may not be just crazy 19th century Mormon ideas.

Speaking of our immediate locality, the Earth, I believe that the Lord has plenty of places to hide people, plants, animals and things. He can place them on the Earth, in the Earth and under the Earth.

The Lord said, “And behold, all things have their likeness, and all things are created and made to bear record of me, both things which are temporal, and things which are spiritual; things which are in the heavens above, and things which are on the earth, and things which are in the earth, and things which are under the earth, both above and beneath: all things bear record of me.” (Moses 6: 63)

I believe that if the solid earth theory were true, it would reveal or bear record of the stupidity of the Lord. Think about it. What an incredible waste of space, what an incredible waste of material, to have such large (inhabited) spheres completely filled with matter, so that man walks on and uses only a minute fraction of it. The thought of God accumulating all that matter into a solid ball just so that there is enough gravity for man to walk and run on less than .0001% or so of it is just plain crazy. If we take into account the supposed uninhabited worlds just floating around for no purpose whatsoever, it becomes an even greater waste and an even crazier concept. God has got to be smarter than that.

I believe that God is smarter than that, and that he has created hollow spheres (shells) that can be inhabited by men on the outside surfaces, inside surfaces and even within the crusts of those shells.

The over-reliance by mainstream scientists on the relatively weak energy of gravity as the sole cause of all that is seen requires lots of mass to accomplish everything, whether we are talking about huge balls of matter called planets or huge balls of matter called “black holes.” As they discount the role of plasma discharge (electricity) in creation, everything takes billions and billions of years and requires lots of mass to accomplish anything. Because of the disconnect of the role of the much more powerful energy of electricity, scientists can’t, or won’t, accept a hollow earth theory, despite the fact that the evidence in favor of it is overwhelming. In truth, there is very little propping up the solid earth theory, other than the blind belief of virtually everyone on the planet.

The hollow earth and plasma models both confirm, correct and complement each other. When looking at plasma cosmology or plasma geology through a hollow earth theory lens, you see the hollow shell, inner suns and polar opening that most likely are there. When looking at plasma mythology, you recognize archetypes that obviously refer to inner earth regions. When plasma cosmologists talk of galaxies “giving birth” to new galaxies by ejecting quazars from their poles, or planet/stars “giving birth” to new planets by polar ejection, the polar holes of these objects come firmly into view via the hollow earth model. When looking at the hollow earth model through a plasma lens, you see that the inner sun is not the standard, mainstream model, but an arc lamp suspended at the center of the vacuum that exists within the shell of all these worlds. When hollow earthers talk of how planets/stars were created in rotation, you get the deeper understanding of a whirling vortex of electrically discharging plasma, throwing the matter out to the sides, leaving matter “stuck” in the very center, to become the inner sun, and creating polar markings (holes), just like a concretion. (I will come back to concretions, in a moment.)

Mormon theology also confirms, corrects and complements both the hollow earth and plasma models. When either model is viewed through the lens of Mormon theology, suddenly the hand of God stands out like a sore thumb and all things start to bear witness that “the Creator made me!” In other words, it appears that everything is a construct and not a coincidence. With these views we suddenly are able to see that concessions no longer need to be made to mainstream scientists and that LDS can now accept their scriptures EXACTLY as they are. Suddenly creation can happen quickly, planets can be hollow, electro-gravity can be a possibility, legendary, mythical stories can contain actual truths, the Lord can literally hide 10 tribes of Israel on planet Earth, worlds can be inhabited, dinosaurs can still exist (I’ll address this in another post), the location of the divisions of the Spirit World can now be known, etc., etc.

The rest of this post presents two hollow earth researchers: one non-member, one LDS. As I wrote above, each one has written a 600+ page book: one a printed book, one an ebook. Each one presents a plethora of evidence in favor of the hollow earth. And each one does so without the benefit of the plasma model. (Imagine what they could have done had they been aware of the plasma model!)

Hollow Earth Researcher #1: Non-LDS Jan Lamprecht

Lamprecht’s book, Hollow Planets, a 600+ page tome, is a feasibility study of possible hollow worlds. It asks the question, “Could the planets Mercury, Venus and Earth be hollow?” His web site url is the following:

[2012 update: the above web site now hyperlinks to the snapshots of the site since it is no longer works.]

Lamprecht, at one time, attempted to organize an expedition to the north polar opening. He has since abandoned that effort due to the political climate in his home country. Although Lamprecht no longer updates his web site, nor does he give interviews anymore, as he is devoting his full time to the situation in South Africa, his web site still stands and the book is still available for purchase. There is still plenty of freely available information on the web site about his research, such as chapter summaries of his book (in the table of contents), reviews, interviews, news items, etc.

[2012 update:  There is now a video of Jan Lamprecht giving a lecture on the hollow earth theory on YouTube, which I will embed into this post.]

Hollow Earth Researcher #2: LDS Rodney M. Cluff

Another hollow planets researcher, this one LDS, is Rodney M. Cluff, who has written an ebook entitled World Top Secret: Our Earth is Hollow! Cluff’s web site is the following:

I have looked over Cluff’s research and writings extensively and his take on the hollow earth theory is very convincing. He tries to tie everything back to the scriptures. The evidence he cites for polar openings and a hollow earth, including earthquake calculations, etc., is weighty. Despite the fact that he does not appear to be cognizant of the plasma model, which allows for easier explanations and corrections of erroneous, mainstream asumptions, his logic is hard to argue against, at least from an LDS perspective. He and others are currently trying to organize an expedition to find the north polar opening.

It is not my intention to present all the evidence that these researchers have dug up, evidence which indicates that Earth and other planets probably are hollow. You can read their web sites, purchase their books and come to your own conclusions. Cluff has a page in which he summarizes some of the data that can be a good primer. He also has The Smoky God online, which can be freely read. The Smoky God is a book about a man (Olaf Jansen) who claims to have gone with his father to the inner surface of the planet when he was but 19 years old.

The Concretion Link

Now, I said I’d talk of concretions. Concretions tie the plasma model to the hollow earth model. Here is how:

Recent pictures of Saturn’s moon Iapetus, taken by the Cassini probe, show a few puzzling things. One is a very large crater on such a small moon, that, had it been formed by impact, should have destroyed the moon. Another is the strange darkness and brightness of the terrain, the leading half being extremely dark and the trailing half very bright. But perhaps most bizarre of all is the very tall and very long equatorial ridge that is found there.

Many people have tried to explain these anomalies in interesting ways. For example, when the pictures first came out, Richard Hoagland of put out a six part paper, attempting to show that the evidence indicated that Iapetus was not a naturally made moon, but was an artificially modified moon, or moon spacecraft. However, it may not be necessary to go to such extreme thinking in order to account for these new pictures.

In one of the Thunderbolts Pictures of the Day (TPOD), called Equatorial Ridge of Iapetus, a comparison is shown between the picture of Iapetus, with its curious equatorial ridge, and concretions, which are found on Earth. Some of the TPODs that talk of concretions include “Blueberries” Could Redefine Martian Geology, Blueberries on Mars, China’s Stone Eggs and Martian “Blueberries” in the Lab.

Geologists identify “concretions” as spheroidal masses usually occurring in sedimentary strata. They are often composed of minerals different from the primary constituent of the stratum in which they lie. Many concretions are formed from carbonates, but others of iron ore or silica are not uncommon, and still other varieties occur as well. Formations identified as “spherical concretions” can be as large as 10 feet in diameter. They are often layered like an onion. Inside their spherical shells, some are hollow, others contain crystals, sandstone, or even petroleum. (“Blueberries” Could Redefine Martian Geology, TPOD, March 28, 2005.)

Some other defining characteristics of concretions are an equatorial ridge*, polar markings and the inside being pressurized, so that when you cut into one that contains oil, it spurts out under pressure. Plasma science can easily explain concretions as electrically formed spheres. Plasma discharge is totally scalable, so that you can make something a micron in size and also the size of a galaxy, just by having the same ingredients and environment and using more electricity. Thus, an Earthly concretion and Iapetus may have more in common than astronomers think. In fact, they may have been formed by the same electrical process.

The most curious aspect, though, of concretions, are the polar markings and that many concretions are hollow. If concretions (and Iapetus) were made within a “whirling vortex of electrically charged plasma,” the tendency would be to create hollow spheres with polar markings (or openings), depending upon the amount and type of material, the size of the sphere, and the greatness of the electrical discharge. An example of what happens when material is spun rapidly can be seen in one’s washing machine. Pack the machine full of clothes and then watch what happens to the position of the clothes when on the spin cycle. Inevitably, you will see clothing clinging to the inner surface of the spinning tub and clothing clinging to the post in the middle of the tub, and the gap between the two locations will contain no clothes.

Plasma discharge creates spheres in extremely high speed vortices and it does so quickly, not requiring exhorbitant amounts of time to form materials into shape. All that is required is sufficient energy, or a sufficiently large discharge, and a planet can be formed, just like concretions, in a layered manner, as a hollow sphere with either polar markings or polar openings. Additionally, there is the tendency to have material form into a ball or sphere at the very center of the larger sphere. So, if concretions are, indeed, formed by plasma discharge, and if they were scaled up, you could get a hollow sphere the size of Iapetus, our own Moon, the Earth, Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun or any of the other globes we see.

Now, this has already been demonstrated in the laboratory, using plasma discharges. Concretion-like spheres have been created and many of them are hollow with polar markings, or depressions. As stated above, plasma is scalable, so making planets and stars in this way is not outside of the limits of possibility.

End Note:

* Iapetus appears to be the only celestial object we’ve seen so far with an equatorial ridge. However, that doesn’t mean that other planets and moons do not have a ridge, only that we haven’t seen it, yet. (Here on Earth, there is the mid-ocean ridge that spans the breadth of the globe, though it does not hug the equator like the ridges of Iapetus and concretions do. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that its current position and length, 50,000 miles long, hasn’t changed since the Earth was first formed. For all we know, it is the original equatorial ridge.)

Next Plasma Theology article: Monson and his constipated physics redux; or, how electric gravity makes hollow earthers happy

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  2. You were right, as soon as you mention hallow earth you do loss creditability. Sorry

    well, at least your political views are reasonably divorced from you geological miss conceptions, so i’ll keep reading your blog.

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  4. As I said on the About Page: “Opposing viewpoints will not be deleted.” I do appreciate the press, regardless of the poor opinion you have of this post and of my mental state.

    It is actually kind of funny. For the last three or four days I’ve actually had this particular post on my mind, believe it or not. I wrote this article last year, so why has it been on my mind? In fact, and I’m sure you’ll find it hard to believe, since after reading this article you’d find all I say hard to believe, but at any rate…, this very night, BEFORE you pinged me, I called up what4anarchy on the telephone and asked his opinion of an idea that was in my mind, concerning this particular article and the hollow earth theory in particular. what4anarchy thought that I should go through with it (the idea.) But I put it off, thinking that I still wasn’t sure.

    Then you pinged me (hours later) on this very article and Word Press put your comment in moderation (which I’ve now taken out.) Pretty weird, huh?

    At any rate. Because of your ping, I’m now sure of what I’m going to do. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Very much.

  5. You’re welcome! And as I replied to your comment on my blog, I’m far from thinking bad about your mental state, quite the opposite– it’s the pseudoscience (and citing scripture to validate it) that creeps me out. For me, that’s different from your mental health.

    To give you something else to think about — I found your post yesterday on the automatic New Posts queue on my dashboard, even though it’s quite old. Either you have updated it, or… I didn’t know if I should even write about it, but today I found another topic where your post simply fitted in.

    I think you should reflect again about all that before you get invested in the idea anymore than you already are. Try to look at the big picture, not the tiny dots pseudoscientists give you for yourself to connect. You can find those little hints for every crazy or not so crazy wrong idea there ever was. But it’s not my call. I will not enter a debate why I think hollow earth theory is bs, nor will I try to convince you of my position.

    Best Wishes and Good Luck,

  6. Ahhh, that’s how you found it. I guess that function does work to bring people in…

    Thanks for the advice. BTW, I love that avatar!

  7. Doctrine and Covenants 88 —

    77 And I give unto you a commandment that you shall teach one another the doctrine of the kingdom.
    78 Teach ye diligently and my grace shall attend you, that you may be instructed more perfectly in theory, in principle, in doctrine, in the law of the gospel, in all things that pertain unto the kingdom of God, that are expedient for you to understand;
    79 Of things both in heaven and in the earth, and under the earth; things which have been, things which are, things which must shortly come to pass; things which are at home, things which are abroad; the wars and the perplexities of the nations, and the judgments which are on the land; and a knowledge also of countries and of kingdoms—
    80 That ye may be prepared in all things when I shall send you again to magnify the calling whereunto I have called you, and the mission with which I have commissioned you.

    I first heard about the hollow earth theory from a Mormon missionary. Growing up we used to have the missionaries over for fun and games. And the missionary that introduced me to the Aquabats also told me this hollow earth stuff (which I guess is something of an urban legend in Utah). The missionary pulled out a quote from The Book of Mormon in support of the hollow earth idea, I have not been able to find this reference since. He prefaced his thing about the hollow earth with, “Okay, but you can’t tell anybody I told you this…” Haha!

  8. i have to confess that i have not read the whole blog on this page but hope you will be open to my feelings in these times that we live in. I feel dispondant and at a loss when i i listen to the world news. I feel It is keeping us away from what is REALLY going on at a deeper levell. I’ve grown up with having the television telling me how guilty I should feel whilst tucking into my steak and chips and how lucky i should feel that we live in a state of free speach…..what a load of bollocks…i’m fed up with it. I’m fed up of being a pawn on a chess board or a worker ant … my salvation however is from a higher force. I’m glad I dont live in my parents time as I would have been carted away by those in white coats.So I am now not only the crank in the family but feel very isolated when it comes to speaking about the realisation that things are happening to us right now at a higher level and with such force that no-one will be able to reckon with. This force I beleive is coming to help us survive but only the strong will survie, by which I mean those ready…
    Can I say I will not be offended by any response but would welcome one.

    it is those at the higher levels that are corrupt or covering up what is actually happening on this earth. times I know are changing and we are in times are turmoil and there will come a time, very soon where the people on this earth will have to rise up and acknowledge there are and have been higher beings looking over us for many years. Those who wish to to make things on the outer surface as good as the life below. I hope i will be allowed to be part of this new realisation. I really do not like the world we are living in just now and hope this change will come soon.

  9. thankyou

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  11. You should forget this theory. We have pictures of the inside of the earth, and it isn’t hollow. We obtained these pictures much the same way as doctors take CAT scans, except instead of X-rays, they use seismic waves. Whenever there is an earthquake, seismic sensors around the world record the propagation of that wave through the center of the earth. After enough earthquakes, you can actually build up an image of the earth’s interior, and it isn’t hollow. It’s got a solid inner core, a liquid outer core, a relatively molten mantle region, and no empty voids.

  12. Who really cares what a non-scientist ‘believes’ about the hollow earth, UFO’s or any such nonsense? You may as well ask someone from the Middle Ages what they ‘believe’ about the germ theory of disease. It doesn’t change the science or reality.

    A strong tendency to religious belief is highly correlated with belief in pseudoscience, hence I would expect to find such beliefs amongst Mormons. Some people just ‘want to believe’. The fact you spend so much time on this blog is a great example of that.

  13. C.O., chapter 11 of Rodney M. Cluff’s Our Hollow Earth ebook is entitled, EARTHQUAKES Prove Our Earth Is Hollow! He dedicates 15, filled-to-the-brim pages to examining the earthquake data, the P and S seimic waves, and the shadow zone, plus a slew of graphics, coming to the conclusion, of course, that a hollow earth is actually consistent with that data. I would recommend that you download the ebook and check it out for yourself.

  14. Rodney M Cluff is a retired Mormon hobbyist with no scientific training who writes ebooks about the hollow earth, UFO’s etc in line with bogus LDS beliefs and promotes them with MLM schemes at his website

    If you really believe his fantastic theories, pony up $20k to join him on his expedition to the North Pole at

    Like Barnum said, there’s one born every minute.

  15. C.O. & Ace — The “empty voids” are called caves. Their existence is proven by science. Missouri, the cave & ShowMe state, has among the widest and largest networks of these cavities, tunnels, and passages. Kansas City, Missouri, has the largest underground cities in the world, but most of these developed caves are the man-made result of subterranean room-and-pillar limestone quarries.

    I take this post merely as evidence of “hallow earth” urban legends amongst the Mormons of Utah.

    In the midwest, the urban legend is that these cave systems connect much of the continental United States. I’ve heard rumors of underground governmental transportation networks that connect Kansas City to Chicago, for example — and these rumors are coming from non-Mormons.

    The rumors usually have to do with the nuclear testing zones of the United States, Kansas City is Section 8, St. Louis is Section 9, Kansas is Section 7, etc. These are supposed to be connected by underground networks. It is verifiable fact that Kansas City has underground nuclear weapons manufacturies — the legends probably stem from such facts. As a matter of fact, Honeywell is petitioning to expand Kansas City’s nuclear weapons manufacturies with a second underground facility.

    Chicago has underground streets which the public can access if they know about them, for example, Lower Lower Wacker.

    Even Voltaire proffers these rumors about the Americas when Candide is swept into an underground river for 48 hours to reemerge in El Dorado. Kansas City has a spring-fed pool in the front lawn of Notre Dame de Sion and several cave systems which lead to the largest underground river and aquifer in the world.

    Even if these stories are fictional, they are based in part on truth.

  16. That’s the best you can do? The earth is hollow because of ….caves and urban myths?

  17. Ace, I didn’t say the Earth is hollow, never did, never have. Obviously you’re overlooking the obvious for your own reasons. Sure, I was jesting with you over the meaning of “empty voids”, but that too should’ve been obvious.

    Re-read my second paragraph if you have any further questions.

  18. Ace,

    Even if these stories are fictional, they are based in part on truth.

    To clarify this sentence for you: The fictional stories would include hollow earth and subterranean continental transportation networks. The true stories would include cave systems spanning hundreds of miles and underground cities spanning dozens of miles.

  19. I do have to agree with XK about the stupidity of MLM schemes and the purchasing of e-books, so here:

    [link removed]

    Personally, I think hollow earth theories are off the mark, especially Cluff’s and other Mormons’ take on it. This idea of hollow earth perverts one’s understanding of the so-called “lost 10 tribes of Israel”, whose members live on the surface of the earth, not under the earth!

    Cluff’s understanding of his own ancestry is so incorrect it’s pathetic. Obviously he’s never read translations of the Keltic and Viking sagas and pedigrees which document a much different history from the one he tries to portray as tracing back to the lost tribes of Israel. His lost tribe is above ground, but the others are underground?

    The lost tribes were not the mound builders of the steppe regions and Scandinavia. The king lists of Scandinavia document a Japhetic people. While some try to graft Semitic bloodlines into the pedigrees through, say, Zedekiah’s daughters — these sources are secondary and axillary to what is a wholly Gentile bloodline.

    I don’t doubt that we are all somehow Israelite, but that just gets to the point of the misunderstanding about the lost tribes caused by hollow earth theories. We need not look under the earth for the lost tribes, we need only look around at every other man and woman here on the surface for the lost tribes. By now humanity is so inbred we’re each of every race.

    Funny thing is, through my Irish pedigrees, my descent from Ham is more fully established than is my descent from Shem, while my Y chromosome comes from Japheth through Magog!

  20. Here is a well-reasoned take from a Mormon perspective that tries to combat some of the misunderstanding about the so-called lost 10 tribes of Israel:

  21. Wow, I just noticed Brother Cluff links back to you, LDS Anarchist:

  22. I’m sorry, kind Sir, but this ANARCHY:

    [link removed – sorry, Derek. You are free to not like ebooks, but people spent plenty of time organizing and/or writing them, just as any other book. I don’t want this blog being a tool to rob people of their labor. You found it on your own, others can do so, as well, if that is what they want.]

  23. So much for anarchy in action on LDS Anarchist! *grin* Well, let’s all just remember the date October 18, 2008. Mark it on your calendars!

    Brother Cluff calls himself a Viking. “Vkngr” is a resurrected word which means literally “pirate”. I’m sure Bro. Cluff doesn’t mind supporting his fellow pirates.

    If there is no earthquake to sink L.A. on October 18, 2008, then I will come back here and restore the link to his PDF at The Pirate Bay, and I will continue to restore the link until you stop deleting it. Deal? Deal.

    THIS is the just SHI[P] rearranged. This is not ANARCHY. Anarchy has been rescheduled for a later date, news at 11.

    If you want to be a millionaire like Bro. Cluff, then you need the Moore-Otsuka-Helkenberg prime number sieve and integer factorization algorithm! We’ve been M.O.H.’ing down RSA since 2008! RSA is D.O.A.! You, too, could make $200,000,000 in 45 seconds, solving for [p, q] where n = p*q! Break public key cryptography TODAY with numerological matrices known to the Mayans! Write for more details.

  24. I want to document this here, because I have a feeling it will be deleted from Brother Rodney M. Cluff’s site after-the-fact:

    Retired Col. Billie Faye Woodard told me this past week that months prior to the airplanes hitting the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center she had dreams of this happening on 9/11/01 and reported the dreams to the FBI. This year she also dreamed of the China earthquake that killed thousands being set of by an underground nuclear detonation. Now, for the past 6 months, she has been dreaming that an earthquake will hit Los Angeles beneath the La Brea Tar Pits. It will be an earthquake larger than that which caused the Tsunami in southeast Asia that killed over 400,000 people a few years ago. She says the earthquake will hit October 18, 2008, and will knock out the financial district completely.

    I would also like to reiterate:

    The only moderation will be on spam. Speak your thoughts and mind as you see fit, without fear of censorship. Opposing viewpoints will not be deleted.

    Bro. Cluff is obviously borderline schizophrenic, and he is falling for the story of another lunatic “Billie”. No linguist in modern times has ever known the “extinct Lumerian language”, Amelia Earhart and bunch of Nazis are not living inside the Earth! All of this trash is occult claptrap, and people within the Church should not be falling for it head-over-heels. This is the Church of Jesus Christ, not the Church of Madame Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley, and the Nazi Regime! Bro. Cluff is practicing black magic (which is fake, if only he knew that, for all magic is fake) when he meditates trying to connect with and summon inner-earth beings!

    LDS Anarchist, I like e-books just fine, I just don’t like paying for rubbish, and I don’t like others recommending that others pay for rubbish. You need to understand that we belong to a religion of mind control slaves! You need to understand that there are several powers within the Church that don’t want you to know what is truth and what is falsehood.

    I will come here to restore the link to Bro. Cluff’s PDF on The Pirate Bay after October 18, 2008; for like Bro. Cluff, I too am a Viking.

    LDS Anarchist, please delete this paragraph and my comment dated August 26, 2008, 10:09 am (#1815). Thank you, kindly. PS: I really do have an attack against RSA, a unique prime number sieve, and an integer factorization algorithm, but we’ll leave that for another day.

  25. Derek, I am a firm believer in anarchy, not PIRACY. Unshackling the chains of governments from people’s shoulders is a good thing, destroying people’s livelihood is a bad thing. I believe in giving people more freedom through anarchy, not robbing them blind through piracy. You may see anarchy and piracy as the same, but I do not. They are fundamentally different. I do not differentiate between State-pirates and independent pirates. A pirate is a pirate is a pirate and an enemy of anarchy.

    Also, this blog has a WordPress “G” rating (suitable for all audiences), meaning that any profanity automatically kicks a post out. I have no problem with “adult words,” not considering them “bad words,” myself, but if I allow cuss words the rating goes higher and the audience gets narrowed. I want a large audience for this blog, hence the “G” rating.

    I have updated the “About” page to reflect warez sites and profanity. Pirates are welcome here, but I’ll stop any attempts to destroy people’s livelihood. I don’t know Cluff from Adam, but if I wrote an ebook and was selling it, I would hope that people who saw someone trying to steal it would make an attempt to stop the thief. This is common decency. As I said in the “About” page, if you are offended by something, just ignore it. This goes for Cluff’s book, which, if it offends you, just ignore it. There is no need to try to destroy the man.

  26. Obviously this is not the forum for a discussion on the ethics of copyright, ownership, and freedom of information in digital domains. I would be happy to discuss these topics in the appropriate place, of course.

    I was just surprised you would apply “censorship” to a URL, not that I “ph33r” you editing my URLs. Please don’t make your About page sucky and off-topic on my account! I could give a ship about my URLs (actually, I couldn’t, I don’t own a ship — so much for being a good Viking).

    I apologize for my outburst, if that is necessary, but I didn’t realize that Bro. Rodney M. Cluff’s content and material was so pathetic until today (because I hadn’t but cursorily investigated him or his work until today).

    I mean, come on, man: You wanna know who “Billie F. Woodford” is??!?

    Pay particular attention to the names and apply your own transpositions.

    I have a training in the art of real fake-magic (prestidigitation/legerdemain) and the science of computer security and programming — so forgive me for knowing a thing or two and for acting out against such heights of absurdity, lies, and deception! I guess hackers are opposed to anarchy the same as pirates… (Who would have thought that security and sleight-of-hand have the occult in common?)

    What Brother Rodney M. Cluff is promoting cannot be good for the “hollow earth community”, if there even is one. Maybe he just needs a good talking to…

  27. Derek, I invited Rodney to become a contributor to this blog and he accepted the invitation, which is why he is listed on the Contributors page (and why I dedicated a post to announcing him as a new contributor). However, although he expressed interest in contributing, as you can see he still hasn’t posted a thing. I’ve emailed him several times, but I’ve gotten no response. Maybe he is busy, maybe he’s having problems with the WordPress format, I don’t know.

    I’m not one to talk in detail about someone else’s work and research, so I thought it best to invite him here to get it straight from the horse’s mouth. I don’t endorse everything he says and I’m absolutely sure he doesn’t endorse everything I say, and that is fine. If you want to take up his particular view of the hollow earth theory, I would recommend that you contact him via his own web site and ask him to start posting on this blog. He is also set up as a contributor, so he needs no further help from me.

    You’ll also notice that Anthony E. Larson has stopped posting articles here. I do not know why. Maybe he felt unwelcome. Maybe he didn’t like the WordPress format. (He now has his own blogspot blog.) He is welcome to contribute more, if he desires, but if not, that’s okay.

    It’s funny that you couldn’t give a ship about this. My brother used to always cry out, “Ship!” whenever he wanted to escape getting his mouth washed out with soap. Brings back memories…

    If there is a hollow earth community, it is probably pretty small. My own take on the hollow earth is not in the same vein as Rodney or Jan (and I’d love to invite Jan to contribute but he’s too busy), but I don’t mind sending people their way to get hollow earth information because even though there is information I don’t agree with, there is information important enough, in my estimation, to warrant an investigative wade through it all. I am capable of discerning truth from error and I, perhaps naively, expect that other adults are capable, too.

    My view of the earth (and Universe) is plasma-based, or electricity-based, so I have no barriers to the hollow earth theory. It fits in perfectly with the plasma experiments that have taken and are taking place in the laboratory. I hope to post additional information concerning this topic very soon.

  28. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Dyson spheres. No doubt they could occur naturally at various scales and, if thick enough, have gravitational fields on their surfaces…

    Perhaps I overreact about Brother Rodney M. Cluff’s channeling of beings from under the earth and his hoax Air Force pilot and inner-earth native “Billie”.

    The tongue is an unruly evil that no man can tame. I should expel evil from myself before I go talking ship on others.

    But, if the Earth could be some kind of Dyson sphere, the people thinking that need to distance themselves as much as possible from Lemuria and other forms of fake fake-magic.

  29. I was just re-reading my rant and noticed I’d confused “Woodard” for “Woodford” in my assumption that the character Billie’s name derives from people famous to the occult. Obviously the hoaxer is some kind of student of the occult, because he or she is using all the right buzzwords and catchphrases. And I didn’t mean to trumpet my own training, except to say that much of my information about the occult comes from my studies of magic and cryptography. The first books on demonology were actually steganographic texts written about cryptographic techniques; whole schools of the occult are based on the information in the unencrypted covertexts of these books.

    Unfortunately I’ve had a number of friends involved in the occult, and I’ve studied their books in order to refute their claims. So that’s the other source of what too-much I know about these nefarious black-magic characters.

  30. why when i look into these sites do i find that all communications has ended a month prior to me logging in. What happened, did the conversation just die? I was so interested in what you all have to say.

  31. I can’t speak for anyone else, sandie, but concerning my part of the conversation, I just got real busy this past month. Thanks for the visit.

  32. thanks for the reply LDS Anarcharist. I too get tied up with thins but my heart is really in what is goin on around us and what others are feelin and thier way of explainin. I get frustrated when theings begin to move on and then suddenly it gets stiffled or stopped and things get put back another year. Maybe I am already ahead of this and am still lookin for justification in what I have encountered I dont know..Its all very strange and yet at the same time very real/

  33. dear LDS @.

    i stumbled across your site today after spending a fair part of a working day (with v. little else to do- due to the ‘so-called’ credit crunch) reading through william cooper’s “behold a pale horse” – how could all of this be not true?! – it [cooper’s work] and this site seem to be infinitely more believeable than the hogwash we are fed on a daily basis. i read about the october 18th quake earlier this week and await (in a nice way) its arrival.


  34. Just to let everyone here know, Rodney M. Cluff is a contributor of this blog and has recently posted a detailed hollow earth article:

    Our Living Hollow Earth

  35. Since Derek mentioned that predicted earthquake and as tomorrow is the 18th, which is the date it was predicted to occur in Los Angeles, I thought I’d link to the USGS Latest Earthquakes page:

    Latest Earquakes – Last 7 Days

    As I look over the charts on that web site, it appears (as of right now) that Los Angeles has been relatively free of earthquakes during the past week.

  36. Well it seems as though the financial district of L.A. is doing alright…

  37. Hi this is intresting is it posible to find Olafur Jonsson anywhere.Would like to know some more 🙂

  38. I don’t know that L.A. has anything to do with it, but I found it an interesting coincidence that the supposed “earthquake” prediction involves Oct. 2008 and a financial district…
    The “web bots” project ( projected economic global upheaval in October, starting about Oct 7-8… Which is about the time the true state of the US and world economy was learned. I know nothing of the details of the prediction for the L.A. earthquake, but one could posit that in a figurative sense, the L.A. financial district has gone through a dramatic shaking up in October… And California (government) in general, which has been living on borrowed money for months and cannot even pay tax refunds.
    (incidentally, the web bots project also projected an earthquake on the west coast, possibly the Vancouver area around Dec 12-17th 2008 if I recall, and that didn’t manifest either.)

    I have been following Bro Cluff’s writings as well, and feel that he is a little too quick to accept some of the more… esoteric sources for his info.

    I too was much more skeptical of the hollow earth theory until I came across the plasma-based view of cosmology. I’m still not convinced, but I find that Bro. Cluff’s views are much more reasonable when filtered through Anthony E. Larson’s work and a plasma/electrical-based cosmos.

  39. hey I believeiriting to is not horid and not good thing ether.t

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  41. While I’m certainly no fan of any hollow earth theories, this conversation reminded me of something I learned of back in the early 1990’s…. A friend of mine lived on a ranch in Southern Utah that had a cave. This cave was amazing on the magnitude of existing national monuments and truly a potential treasure to geologists and archaeologists alike. There was a giant underground lake that contained an island, the island had ancient indian artifacts on it. There were areas of this cave that had never been explored, including the extremely deep underground lake. And why don’t you know about this lake? Could it be that to many federal presidents are all too willing to use their pen and create new national monuments. And with that idea in mind, how many other caves are left secret and hidden for the same fears?

  42. So is there any evidence of what you speak of because those underground caves and lakes and other special palces seem to be a collective of what people think they have seen as if in a dream, or on halucinating drugs. as there is never any hard evidence, is there any wonder why people are so sceptical..

  43. The idea of a hollow earth fascinates me. I’ve been researching this theory over the past 9 years and it didn’t take me long to fully grasp the possibility of our earth being hollow. I have seen so much evidence in favor of this idea. It has become factual to me. I have gathered scientific photos, seismic photos, sattelite data and photos and ancient maps all of which solidify my conviction that this is no dream! I can’t believe that so many people take what they are taught in school as fact! When the scientists only theorize that our world is solid and have no shred of evidence to back this theory up! Our teachers have taught this theory of a solid earth as fact! And we are gullible and trusting enough to not question it? Those of you who call us crazy perhaps you should take a look at your own trust and beliefs in what is being taught in schools today. Darwinism for one, when I was young, was introduced to me as theory where now they teach Darwinism to be fact in our children’s schools! Is this not outrageous!? They also teach theory such as does not back up the bible and they state this as being factual. I for one investigate everything and have a great time at it! I feel like a child again starting over with my education cause I just can’t get enough! I hunger now for truths that I am fragmenting together about our history since real history and how things have happened are not taught we must investigate and find out how things really did happen and question everything! It takes an open mind and an open heart to discover truth. I for one applaud those who dare to share what they have discovered!

  44. The matter isn’t the hollow earth theory; it is orthodox science (i’m an archeologist, but i’m not in favour of orthodox science).

  45. Do many LDS members believe in the hollow earth theory?

  46. I have no idea.

  47. I would doubt it.

  48. What’s up with all this Hollow Earth attention as of late? Is it all coming from this nuclear icebreaker expedition thing?

    I haven’t heard of that expedition anywhere except from these sites that keep linking to the post.

  49. Well, I kinda stirred up the hornets’ nest a bit by responding to what they wrote on those sites… So, expect more traffic from those quarters…

    Regarding the expeditions, they seem dead in the water. Not enough money has been raised and expedition leaders keep dying.

    Oh, yeah, and I just today ran into this on Wireclub, quite by accident: Hollow Earth chat room. They man who runs it has some very interesting ideas.

  50. As the OP talks (briefly) of life existing on the other planets of this solar system, I thought I’d mention this article I just came across:

    ‘It’s 99% certain there is life on Mars’: Shock finding as scientists re-analyse soil samples from Seventies Viking lander
    by Rob Waugh, writing for the Daily Mail

  51. […] The hollow earth theory, the plasma model and Mormon theology …Dec 3, 2007 … Mormon theology also confirms, corrects and complements both the hollow earth and plasma models. When either model is viewed through the … […]

  52. Amazing right? I grew up in the church thinking I knew the truth of things. I was quite comfortable just sitting back and wait for the celestial kingdom and all it’s prizes. Then one day I awoke to the sounds of laughter coming from that great and spacious building. I realized that the laughter was quite close. As I looked around…I discovered…I was in that building. I jumped out the window…knowing that God would help me find my way to PURE NAKED TRUTH. I no longer discount ANYTHING! I will LISTEN to ANYTHING! ( Especially if it is the opposite of what “THEY”…say.) I believe that the Lord will help us through all theories, conjectures, assumptions, opinions etc etc etc. You certainly can’t hear the truth of ALL THINGS…unless you’re willing to give ALL THINGS a chance to be heard. You can’t see truth without opening your eyes all the way! Is the earth (et al) hollow? Don’t know. Is the earth solid? Don’t know again! (That guy who said we have photos proving the earth is solid….LOL! Sorry dude. But that’s about as true as believing the government is good…because it gives away free cheese!) I will continue to seek real truth…and let the spirit do it’s thing. (And the spirit will be able to do it’s thing…because I won’t stop it…with my pride!) This article did not offend me in any way shape or form! I WANT TO KNOW TRUTH! Keep it up guys! ( BTW…you guys don’t give away any free cheese do ya’ll?) Xc D

  53. Jan Lamprecht – The Hollow Earth

    This video was not available on YouTube when I first wrote this post (back in 2007.) Should I embed it into the post? Or should I just leave it here, in this comment? Anyone want to cast a vote one way or another?

  54. ( BTW
you guys don’t give away any free cheese do ya’ll?) Xc D

    I don’t believe in doing anything unless I give it away — unlike the state, though, I have no strings attached to my money-free exchanges — we’ll always keep it at “You owe me one”, and never get to “money”

  55. Should I embed it into the post? Or should I just leave it here, in this comment? Anyone want to cast a vote one way or another?

    Yes to both — embed it at the bottom of the post but still leave it here in the comment too.

  56. Done.

  57. I met a man in the early 70s who lived in Rock Hill, S.C, He had the most extensive collection of books on Hollow Earth and Israel Identity of any one I have ever met. I agree with Rodney Cluff about Mormons but I take a more militant stand on Mormons–David Lane is right, Mormonism was an exclusive religion for Whites Only. The modern day Mormons of Salt Lake are sell outs who have been infiltrated by the evil ones. William L.Blessing wrote about Hollow Earth just like Theodore Fitch did. My friend Saul Jeremy Oconnor said Bible says earth is shaped like cube. It has 6 surfaces. The Top surface is the world we live in. The bottom surface is were the Chinese come from. The other sides are ice. I have said enough and hope this stirs up the stew……

  58. […] idea is fact-free lunacy, but it hasn’t stopped some Mormons from taking it seriously. Rodney Cluff has written generous amounts about […]

  59. “dinosaurs can still exist (I’ll address this in another post)”

    It doesn’t look like you got around to that post. Were dinosaur bones buried here by the devil to deceive us? Are they other-dimensional animals not originally of our world?

  60. Oh, yeah, I totally forgot about that post. Unfortunately, that requires me to go digging into my paper files, which ain’t gonna be happening anytime soon. Also, for that post I still needed to do a little more research, to find (again) some things I had previously come across, but which I no longer could readily access. And, given that I am so very lazy, I sort of put it on the shelf because it didn’t seem all that important to me to expend all that effort for a topic that really won’t have much consequence, anyway. I will, however, answer your two questions:

    Were dinosaur bones buried here by the devil to deceive us?

    No. According to my understanding, the devil had nothing to do with the dinosaurs.

    Are they other-dimensional animals not originally of our world?

    No. The dinosaurs pertain to this world. God created them along with everything else during the Creation of the world.

    Without going through all I was intending to put into that post (and I only vaguely remember all of it now), I’ll just say that the restoration of all things includes dinosaurs, otherwise it would not be the restoration of all things, would it? And that includes all other extinct species, whether dinosaurs or not. Every creature God has created, which has gone extinct (or has been thought to have gone extinct, but was just hard to find, such as the coelacanth) must and will come back.

  61. Another reason why I never wrote that post was because there was nothing new to add to the topic. The stuff I was going to mention (from memory), such as the Mokele-mbembe of the Congo, the pterosaurs of Papua New Guinea and surrounding regions, or more recent stuff like the frozen, perfectly preserved woolly mammoth with flowing blood that was found in 2013, or any of the recent dinosaur discoveries that have been found in “remarkable” states of preservation, such as with feathers, muscle and skin still attached, is nothing new. Anybody can do a search and come across all that info. None of these things, though, are remarkable if the truth is that God has these creatures still quite alive and kicking, but hidden somewhere secret, to be re-revealed at some point during the end times.

    There is nothing which is secret save it shall be revealed (2 Nephi 30:17.)

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