The next two to three years

The Josephite will emerge from his box sometime in the next three years (by January 2025) and more likely in the next two years (by January 2024). After his emergence he will perform a small restoration and then go away to his hidden kingdom land. Later he will return and perform the infinitely larger restoration of all things.

The small restoration concerns the things of the modern age, from the beginning of the United States in the 1770’s to the point of his emergence from the box. All things during this roughly 250-year period will be restored and vastly improved, leaving the world in a golden age.

However, to accomplish the small restoration, many things we currently have will be either altogether destroyed, altered or replaced by the Josephite, such as the following:

  • Marriage. The state will no longer be a part of marriage except to recognize it, but it will only recognize heterosexual unions. All same-sex unions will be undone. Plural marriage (polygyny) will be legalized. Men will be able to marry on their own authority, without needing permission from the state or a priest, and have as many wives as they want. Men will also be able to divorce on their own authority and according to their own terms, without state involvement.
  • Birth control. Contraceptives will no longer work and fertility will skyrocket. The Josephite will increase the human population of this planet exponentially by causing all sexual relations in which insemination occurs to produce offspring.
  • Children. The scriptural concept of “the children of men” will return. Upon divorce or separation, the children will remain with the father, not the mother.
  • Public education. The Josephite will demolish all public schools and also any school receiving public funds. New and improved educational material that will make all the former teachings obsolete will come from the Josephite to the rest of the world, so that everyone will have to go to him and purchase his courses to receive the updated information and training. He will thus re-teach and re-train the entire world in correct principles.
  • The right of women to vote. The Josephite will abolish this right. Only men will have the privilege and duty of voting. It may also be that only men will be able to hold political office.
  • Abortion. The Josephite will not allow any baby to be aborted worldwide. A tit-for-tat curse will come upon the land so that anyone who assists or makes an attempt to abort a baby will die, instead. Within days of the curse’s implementation, the practice of abortion will cease throughout the entire world.
  • Circumcision. A tit-for-tat curse will go out so that anyone attempting to circumcise a boy or girl will be prohibited from doing so and have their own genitals mutilated, instead.
  • Taxation. No government will be able to tax its own people. Everyone will be able to keep the full amount of what they earn. Excise taxes, laid upon imported foreign goods, may still be allowed.
  • Fiat money. The Josephite will restore precious metal money to the world and make all government fiat money, including cryptocurrencies, nonexistent. Goodbye paper money, credit cards and Bitcoin. Gold and silver certificates will still be available.
  • Digital technology. Almost all digital technology will be destroyed. There will be no more Internet, no more digital phones, no more digital television, or digital satellites, or digital music, or digital radio, or digital images and photography, or digital movies, or digital computers, or digital video games, etc. This means that this digital LDS Anarchy blog will also be gone three years from now. Every image created digitally or printed out digitally, will become blank. This will wipe out the pornography industry overnight, as well as every magazine, such as comic books, that use digital technology to produce their products. All movies made digitally will become blank images. Every film that incorporated CGI effects will no longer show those effects on the film. This digital curse will make it impossible to keep a record of anything that is or has been digital, so that all data that has at any point been in a digital format will be erased. The only functioning electronic equipment left on the planet will be the old analog systems. After the “digital apocalypse” has finished, the Josephite will proceed to replace the non-working digital technology and the old analog technology with a perfected form of analog technology and rebuild the world technologically from scratch.
  • Man-made laws. All laws everywhere will be altered by the Josephite to make them just and impart the rights and privileges to men that belongs to them. He will do this by destroying the ink that makes up the offending words. Whatever law or wording does not measure up to his standard will no longer exist in the books, nor in any photocopies of the books, nor even be able to be written in the books. No matter how many law books you look in, you will not find them there.
  • Marxism, communism, socialism, feminism, etc. The Josephite will destroy all these things, which are just shadows of the end-time beast kingdoms. He will also destroy all other shadows, excepting only his own shadow (Mormonism).
  • Covid-19 and its variants. This invisible scourge will end upon his emergence from the box. Just as the Josephite went into a box, so the whole world went into a box at the end of 2019, becoming locked down by their governments due to their response to this Coronavirus. The world is still in that box, but when the Josephite emerges from his box, so will the world emerge from its box.

All these changes and many more will be coming upon the world beginning in the next two to three years. Additionally, all the old stuff of the last approximately 250 years will be brought back and fully incorporated into society. The Josephite will also make real the many things that men simply imagined or designed and desired to create, but were never able to:

And then shall the second angel sound his trump, and reveal the secret acts of men, and the thoughts and intents of their hearts, and the mighty works of God in the second thousand years—

(D&C 88:109)

This small restoration will be a test run for the Josephite (to practice restoring things), will destroy the times of types and shadows and will allow the end times to officially begin. It consists of him taking full control of the entire world and remaking it in his image, so that he is now happy to be in it. It will only be a 250-year restoration because the Josephite, being a modern man, will only restore the portion of history of which he is familiar. So, we are nearing the very end of the current age.

What I expect over the next two years

The Josephite should remain boxed in for the next two years and then emerge in the beginning of 2024. In 2022, I expect him to start to be powered up in stages. If so, then we should start to see repercussions happening outside of the box as things happen inside of it. In particular, the Sun should react to his empowerment within the box. Solar activity, then, should greatly increase during 2022 with corresponding effects felt here on Earth.

I do not expect him to receive any more empowerment in 2023. Instead, I suspect he will get a certain amount of power during 2022, but not enough to free himself from the box, and then he will practice using those powers during the year 2023, while he is still boxed in. After a year of practice, I expect he will then use his faith to cause his full powers to cascade into himself and then bust out of the box at the end of 2023 or at the beginning of 2024.

Both the receipt and exercise of power within the box should, I believe, cause external effects (outside of the box). This means that if all hell breaks loose over the next two years and the Sun and Earth go absolutely bonkers, I will take that as a sign that the destroyer has finally got some power and is starting to use it.

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  1. Your women are whores. Why would I want more of that?

    You think you deserve freedom? Must be a joke. You’re a planet of [expletive removed].

  2. Please approve my comments in a timely fashion, good sir. I have hope in your soul, based on your statements of work. We shall see if ye are genuine, though that is for God alone to mark (account).

    Now, on the chance you seek to be a worldly oppressor, and as a general comment for those who are, and because God does not wait on you, as well as to demonstrate to you the way and power of the instant Gevuricah-

    “There’s nothing profane about the guileless truth, o subtle snake; censoring it however is a damnable blasphemy granting the perpetrator instant karmic condemnation – forever. Repent and make reparations, or face the eternal consequence.

    (Also, a devil who uses one comment as an excuse to deface God’s voice through the prophet will face the full weight of responsibility for everything uttered by the prophet through the Spirit. I don’t think you want the weight of eternity on your singular soul, puddy.)

    It’s irrelevant to me whether you approve of my comments. You will not stop God.

    Spoken by the Spirit and Wisdom, unstemmed by man’s indolence. He who sins against such shall NOT be forgiven.

    Do not manufacture excuses, for pride will not be forgiven.”

    Now I apologize for my impatience and if I heedlessly state these things unfairly to you then I am sorry – however God will no longer wait but brings immediate judgment. Is this not what you stated after all?



    Let us work with the flow of God’s marvelous, lest we seek to oppress his open displays of combat and thereby bring a greater response of condemnation upon the world to balance the scales. Be an ally to God, not an enemy, for discourse shall discover, and cowering shall uncover the terror.


  3. And what you must see my friend is that Mormonism was but a convenient tool for God to use to spread His truest Gospel. Thus is progressive revelation.

    For example, deeply research what “stake” means biblically. It actually is like a stake in a vampire or a prison locking in dead souls. So stakes of Zion are actually a -negative- used by God to create space (void) for the Positive to rise, to tie down and bind the strong powers of earth. Indeed, Mormonism was essential toward doctrine, but only when viewed in the proper light, and this does NOT imply that such is altogether pure but rather that the sins of man dictated what was necessary for God to use as a tool within His plan. Just as John the Baptist was not worthy to loose the bootstraps of the fullness of Christ, so is the LDS doctrine fit for tools and signposts, but is NOT the fullness in its base form – to say otherwise is to love an idol and attempt to stifle progress against God and against Zion.

    The foundations of Zion are built mysteriously first.

    Now if you despise this truth, I pity you as a lost sheep that was nearly rescued but ran from God.

    Joseph is a type and pattern, or rather pointing toward one – A facsimile of the Heavenly pattern, toward higher. A stepping stone.

    To understand the truest meaning of scripture, we must look at it as the Holy Spirit of God speaking to us in the present day, unattached to the past’s limited understanding of the revelations. God knows the future, this is the power of the Spirit, mysterious to the layman, revealed to the greatest (highest) of God’s.

    This is why many of Joseph’s prophecies and revelations don’t make literal sense, or rather are not fulfilled, at least as yet. Because they are symbolic. A man taught by God can translate such to reveal the meaning within. Translation is taking something lower and revealing its higher, deeper meaning. And I have translated for you, for I have been given this power, by God Himself. No other could grant it, of course.

    In the end, all scripture points to one truth.

    And those who do not listen to the Prophet on earth, necessitate more drastic measures to effect God’s purpose, in the world. Therefore, choose wisely.

  4. Remember that God’s ways of the Spirit are mysterious, as with Jericho. Therefore, heed the High Priest, who walks in the background, as Jesus in disguise among the crowd, rather than forming a worldly temple (against spirit) first. Thou shalt not make an image of the Heavenly, or rather, ’tis a brazen serpent which serves its purpose as proxy, and shall not be made an idol.

    Thus shall the Temple of the king be destroyed, to make room for the temple of Heaven. For man should not desire a golden king to revel over, worshiping an idol in place of possessing Godly love.

    And the Lord is a consuming fire.

    You have been informed. ~

  5. Finally, a key for thee-

    Was Zelph?

    Or is Zelph today?

  6. (You should also recall that the prophets closest to God are as the seraphim, ‘weird’, ‘strange’, etc. If you do not, then you are certainly as pharaoh against God in hubris.)

  7. And I speak these warnings up front not to assume an insult against you, but because only the chosen few heed my call at this time, and I do not wish to wait for the usual scorn. But you are the last to whom I shall speak, and all is now sealed.

  8. It’s kind of eerie that right after I published this post on Thursday, in which I was talking of the destroyer restoring the things of the last 250 years and emerging from his box within three years, there was a tornado outbreak that lasted three hours and that cut a 250-mile path through four states on Friday:

    How Friday Night’s Rare and Deadly December Tornado Outbreak Unfolded

    Interestingly enough, the destroyer is associated with the whirlwind (tornado) in the scriptures.

  9. Interesting projections. Some of it seems to be in keeping with what is clearly needed in order to transition our society to be more in harmony with the form of Government that God advocates for in the Bible.

    I think some of the curses you speak of, such as all digital imagery mysteriously becoming blank, is a bit fantastical. I am more inclined to believe that people will simply purge all unwholesome materials.

    You haven’t said much about what major shift he will facilitate in the overall understanding of things. How does he obtain the cooperation of the people to accomplish all that you have projected. What about the sealed portion that is yet to come forward?

  10. The Josephite will have power to destroy all things. He will work by the spirit of power (mighty miracles) so these things won’t be accomplished by mystical or magical means, but by impossible miracles altering reality. Just as all the talk is about a Great Reset, (which is but a shadow of things to come), the destroyer will enact a great reset via mighty miracles and wipe out digital electronics technology so that it no longer works and has no more power to retain information, as if the information never existed to begin with. In other words, just like a reset button on a video game where you start from the beginning again, we will start at zero digital technology, as if it never existed or recorded anything, and none of the digital technology we currently have will work anymore.

    The destroyer, then, won’t need anyone’s cooperation to accomplish his mission. Using the power of God he can and will do it all by himself. The idea that the end time servant will go about inspiring the people to free themselves and change their own society themselves, like prior prophets have done, is incorrect. When you do not have the power yourself, you need help from other people to accomplish great tasks. But when you do have the power yourself, and you are the only one to do it perfectly, and it needs to be perfect, you do it yourself. In like manner, the Josephite will do all things himself.

    The people of the world will be motivated to act right because they will be frightened out of their minds. A great dread will come upon the world upon the release of the destroyer. Both saint and sinner will be cowering. There is going to be a lot of destruction happening and everyone will fear the curses that will go out. This first, smaller work of restoration is when the Josephite goes forth as the rod (of power). As a result, he will rapidly subdue the entire world and mold it to his image, as he sees fit, using the almighty power of God. Even the sinners will fear to sin during this first work, lest they be cursed.

    Then he will leave for a time to his hidden place. Later he will return as the root and when he returns he’ll find the world fully ripened, part of it fully ripened in righteousness and part of it fully ripened in iniquity. At his return the infinitely large restoration of all things will commence and that’s when the sealed book will be opened, translated and revealed.

  11. An evil and adulterous generation demand a sign.

    By small things are the great done.
    God’s will upon the waters, matter & spirit joined with the perfect element of Time and her wheels. The Great Tinkerer sets the wheel – and all else follows.

    It is a Miracle to SEE. For the lever reveals the method, of the KING.

    Now we turn to the most- The Virii shall last: FOURTEEN suns.

    A helper always likes to help spread the message, for such an offering is required according to the Honor of God’s Personage. Yet, as it is done, nothing is required . Thus we call this, Clarity.


  12. By the way I do wonder why people are so uninterested in God that they don’t look into the meaning of words, for example raca, or the upsaid gevuricah, as per strong’s 7397 and Jer 35. Sloth, I guess.

  13. And here’s an individual one for ya Mr. A:

    Google ‘burning of the apostles’

    Luke 9:54-55

    There are no apostles left, eh?

  14. (

    A mystery, eh?)

  15. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to the stake.

    Too bad for you.

  16. On the cravens do die a death unto themsves, to which the gates of Heaven are forever closed:


    “I am sorry,” he said, “that you can’t have your sloop again, for I scorn to do anyone any mischief—when it is not to my advantage—though you are a sneaking puppy, and so are all those who will submit to be governed by laws which rich men have made for their own security, for the cowardly whelps have not the courage otherwise to defend what they get by their knavery. But damn ye altogether for a pack of crafty rascals, and you, who serve them, for a parcel of hen-hearted numbskulls! They vilify us, the scoundrels do, when there is the only difference that they rob the poor under cover of the law, forsooth, and we plunder the rich under the protection of our own courage. Had you not better make one of us than sneak after these villains for employment?”

  17. God is the same forever and always.

  18. No Heaven for one who blots out even a single rough word while permitting true evils. Ever.

  19. The circumcision of the spirit is done away with but for the fallen such as yourself. You do not get to pick and choose where the Law applies and when it is metaphorical. You have made My women into whores, and then you dare to silence my Spirit, sin against the Holy Spirit, the unpardonable offense, neglecting the weightier matters of the law to pursue your whoredoms in whitewashed decrepidcy as you scholarize your idols of the brazen serpent, selling my doves for money and playing with my words for your profit. Repent, relieve your hubris, respect authority, remain silent in sin, and learn from what has already been offered you. You have one life to turn away from your idols – only pharaoh the false king does not, for he is a ‘lord’ against the Lord, abusing the Spirit, murdering children, sending girls to the fire, sacrificing to Mammon – and shall not be forgiven. For you, it may not be too late. Did God mean that oxen should not be muzzled, or was He concerned of men? The Lord is the same forever, so use your liberty and choose the right. Else, your works will amount to nothing, for only pharisees prefer their adultery against Authority taught by the Lord by His agents the prophets. JOHN 3

  20. All is parable; take care lest ye as nero tread on My Perfect Word, revealed to those who have made themselves worthy by diligence, not to the earth but to the eternal Heavenly Principle. I am no lord, but I do represent the Prince of Peace. If you are haughty to spit on this, ye deny the celestial, and are worse than pharaoh, who mocked openly rather than covertly. I have already told you where to go, to rectify your self. This is a blessing.

    Yet, if your world is too impure to see the truth, then God will make the sinner hide me – and that sinner shall bear the full weight of what was silenced, being a faithless servant tarrying over wheats.

    The people have killed enough babes. If you too shall not respect the prophets trained directly by God for 100,000 Hours, you will face the penalty which the Lord is Lord over and above all.

    Only hubris can destroy the faithful. Blindness, do you call me haughty, antichrist? Take care lest ye mock God’s spirit of authority, because you deny what is before your eyes, the guileless servant of Christ.

  21. You did not start out seeking doctrine but Righteousness. We seek the Law for the sake of the innocent. Become as a little child, said the Lord. Return to where you started.

    I have seen the face of the Lord over the surface of the waters in the waking Day – Can you say the same? And Whom shall I fear? Shall I deny the Lord, for thee? Nay, not even for lost sheep.

  22. I agree with your timelines, the Sun and earth have already started to dance. The magnetic poles of the earth are currently shifting and solar activity is starting to ramp up and it will only increase in 2022 and beyond. But don’t hold out hope of a savior type, the only savior coming to save or destroy you is looking back at you in the mirror, just like Michael Jackson sang about. The whole need for a savior idea is a great deception by all religions. Jesus taught against this:

    “Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21)
    “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Matt 6:33)

    The basic doctrine of Christ as spoken by himself is this…That God’s kingdom is within you and the first thing you must do before you do anything else (before reading the scriptures, before going to church, before anything at all), is to seek that kingdom. And again where is the kingdom of God? Within you! You have to seek within yourself to find the Kingdom, because that’s where it is and it’s nowhere else.

  23. That passage can also be translated as “the kingdom of God is among you”. I think this is closer to what Jesus meant.

  24. Depart from me; I never knew you

  25. Certainly religious folk want to think that, that way they don’t have to deal with reality. But unfortunately for them…the kingdom is indeed ‘within’ just as Jesus stated.  Religions like to keep their people ignorant that’s why they add footnotes to their scriptures saying  “That passage can also be translated as the kingdom of God is among you”.  If the Church going people ever wake up and discover that the kingdom of God is within themselves they would realize they don’t need “The Church” anymore and that the Church is an artificial middleman between themselves and God.

    More scriptures…

    …The kingdom of God cometh not with observation…for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. -Luke 17:20-21

    …If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting. -Matt 17:20-21

    That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me. -John 17:21

  26. More posts necessitated.

  27. Note: Interestingly, the Termination Point of Solar Cycle 24 (SC24) occurred on 13 December 2021, which was four days after I published this “end of age” post. On that day SC24 officially ended and its braking mechanism upon the current Solar Cycle (SC25) ceased, causing SC25 to surge in increased activity. However SC25 still appeared to be in only first gear.

    Now, as of yesterday/today, there is finally evidence in the solar charts that SC25 has possibly shifted into second gear.

    Coincidentally, last night the news broke of the leaked Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe v. Wade, which is an interesting shadow of the total, worldwide abortion ban that I spoke of in the blog post above, which will be accomplished by the destroyer via a miraculous curse.

    As yet, though, there is no indication that the Josephite has received any power in his box. The first gear of the sun’s accelerating activity produced no empowerment sign. Will the second gear be the one that bears the sign?

  28. Holy balls dude. No offense meant in this. But you hitting the burning bush? And whether the answer is yea or not. If you are able to be prescribed it are you wrong to use it. Curious to know your thoughts.

  29. Hitting the burning bush? I don’t know what you are talking about. What do you mean?

  30. I’m wondering about marijuana.

    Do you have any updates on this guys status? I’m really bored and would like for this to manifest for everyone. I look forward to his empowerment.

  31. I have no updates.

  32. How do you know all this stuff? I say that with intensity because I’m truly dying to know. I’ve been a huge fan of this thing since I found you.

  33. ryan98937, many of the things I’ve posted on this blog have been manifested to me by the Holy Ghost. The other stuff is just my opinions, musings and observations.

  34. Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization

    On June 24, 2022, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization limited the right to privacy to exclude the right to an abortion. In Justice Clarence Thomas’ concurrence, he argued that “In future cases, we should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents, including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell,” … “Because any substantive due process decision is ‘demonstrably erroneous’ … we have a duty to ‘correct the error’ established in those precedents,” referring to decisions on contraception, sodomy and same-sex marriage as future cases for the Supreme Court to reverse.

    (Taken from the Griswold v. Connecticut Wikipedia page.)

    I find it interesting that the OP specifically says that the Josephite will undo same-sex marriage and make contraceptives ineffective. And now we have a Supreme Court Justice wanting to correct past erroneous decisions that allowed same-sex marriage and contraceptive use. These times of types and shadows in which we are living never fail to fascinate me.

  35. Would you consider updating more frequently? I’m struggling rn and this blog brings me hope and joy

  36. How old are you?? Post something

  37. Today the Lord has Declared the following:

    IAM The One Mighty And Strong
    The one bringing judgment

    The only one which shall ever come doing so.

    The sign is the Coronet.

  38. (Called the Cornet according to the Angels’ placement.)

  39. (Death sentences for the not caring slothful faithless, by the way.)

  40. What I expect over the next two years

    The Josephite should remain boxed in for the next two years and then emerge in the beginning of 2024. In 2022, I expect him to start to be powered up in stages. If so, then we should start to see repercussions happening outside of the box as things happen inside of it. In particular, the Sun should react to his empowerment within the box. Solar activity, then, should greatly increase during 2022 with corresponding effects felt here on Earth.

    I do not expect him to receive any more empowerment in 2023. Instead, I suspect he will get a certain amount of power during 2022, but not enough to free himself from the box, and then he will practice using those powers during the year 2023, while he is still boxed in.

    Now that a full year has passed (counting 52 weeks from 20 January 2022), I can now say that what I expected to happen in 2022 did not come to pass. Nothing happened on the sun (or on the Earth) that indicated that the Josephite had received any power in his box. There has been no external sign that the internal state of his box has at all changed. So he is still very much stuck within it and without any empowerment.

    That said, from January 1st of this year to now there has been a significant uptick in both solar flux and sunspot number. (Check out the astronomy web sites to see for yourself.)

    This year began with three X1 flares all within about a week’s time. There have also been good number of M-class flares this month and the flares are coming from many different sunspots, not just one or two. Currently there are 10 numbered active regions with one more that may soon receive an official number. That’s a lot. Lastly, the northern and southern hemispheres on the far side of the sun are beginning to fill up with bright regions so that there is a more or less constant train of new regions rotating over the limb onto the Earth-facing side of the sun, either on the north or on the south. Yet, these hemispheres have not totally filled up front and back. There is still plenty of empty space for more sunspots. We are also still about two years away from solar maximum, so we can expect much, much more to come.

    None of this means anything, though, because none of it is out of the ordinary. Even if Solar Cycle 25 (which is the current cycle) turns out to be one of the most active and largest of the cycles, or even the absolute largest, it means nothing. Unless something both strange and major occurs—say, for example, an X51-class solar flare aimed directly at Earth launches a coronal mass ejection that takes out all of the satellite systems and much of the electrical grid on Earth—it won’t count as an external sign of the Josephite’s empowerment.

  41. LDSA,

    More people seem to be leaving the church or becoming disassociated due to leadership supporting the vaccine and their recent scandal with church financial holdings and their misrepresentation of it. Do you still sustain the leaders and pay tithing? Lots of doom and gloom on people’s minds.

  42. rightorleft1982,

    They still have keys, so I still sustain and support them. The Lord hasn’t told me to do anything different than that.

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