How the Lord will clean his church: a possible scenario

Disclaimer: This is my opinion. I haven’t received inspiration, revelation or any such communication or confirmation from the Spirit concerning the following. It is just what I think will be the causes that allow the church finally to be sanctified, in preparation for the Lord’s Second Coming.

I will try to keep this post short and to the point. There are three things I believe will cause the church to be cleaned of all the hypocrites:

  • The Law of Consecration
  • The Practice of Plural Marriage
  • The Brass Plates (and other new scriptures)

The Law of Consecration As anyone who has read my anarchy articles ought to know, I believe the Lord has intentions of bringing his church into tribal anarchy. The current food crisis (as well as other things that are fast coming) may be the catalyst in bringing us back into the practice of the law of consecration. As the church is largely plugged into the Babylonian system, relying upon it for virtually everything, the current crisis will cause Babylon, and all connected to it, to suffer tremendously. This may be the impetus for the more righteous LDS to desire again to disconnect itself from Babylon and live the law of consecration. However, our current society is largely incompatible for the law of consecration to work properly, unless the current society is completely broken up and replaced by anarchy. I believe that we may be in the stage just before all this happens, namely, that the Lord is going to use the current crisis to initiate tribal anarchy so that the law of consecration will have no impediments and his people can worship him as he intended.

Both tribal anarchy and the law of consecration will naturally clean out many church members (hypocrites, who say they will follow the Lord, but in reality will only follow him so far) because many members are addicted to both money and statism.

The Practice of Plural Marriage The raid on the FLDS has brought a lot of attention to the practice of polygamy recently, essentially vilifying it anew in the eyes of all people. As eyewitness testimony makes its way to the populace of all the horrifying conditions these people were subjected to, the general public will intensify its repugnance of the practice. This plays into the hands of Satan well, as it may be that the whole “gay marriage” push for legality, an obvious plan of the devil, may end up legalizing polygamy, something Satan doesn’t want. So, by putting polygamy in a bad spotlight now, if polygamy ends up becoming legalized, he can then incite the masses against the saints who will have no moral basis to refuse to participate in the practice, creating persecution of a level experienced only by saints of previous dispensations. This may cause another mass exodus from the church, as it will no longer be worth it to remain a member. Also, many members will not want to be a part of a polygamy practicing church, regardless of the persecution.

The Brass Plates The plates of brass are prophesied to go to every nation, kindred, tongue and people of the seed of Lehi. It is my belief that these plates will be revealed before the Second Coming, not after. When the remnant of the church is left, after the mass exoduses from the law of consecration and the re-establishment of the practice of polygamy, the people may be sufficiently righteous to finally receive more of the word of God. The plates of brass, when revealed, will further put a split between the saints left in the church and all other Mormons who have broken away, as well as all other churches, be they Christian or other. Additionally, other ancient scriptures may come forth which will try the faith of those left, as they will undoubtedly contain new laws or information that the saints will need to live. As the LDS now have a hard time believing and living the Book of Mormon alone, more ancient scripture will put us in a further bad light before the world and make it that much harder to be a LDS. This may finally get the last of the hypocrites out of the church, making the church justified, purified and sanctified.


What the church will look like at this point is anyone’s guess, but I don’t think it will quite look like it does now, though it will probably resemble the scriptural organization much more closely. One thing I believe is that this sanctified remnant church will be empowered to finally establish the New Jerusalem and actual stakes of Zion in preparation of the Second Coming. And in case anyone is wondering, yes, I believe the scriptures are very clear that the New Jerusalem (in Independence, Missouri) must and will be built prior to the Lord’s coming, not after. But the present unsanctified church cannot do it.

I have passed these thoughts through what4anarchy and he doesn’t think these scenarios are out of the realm of possibility. Time will tell.

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  1. You didn’t run them by me. 😉

  2. I love it!

    Whether or not it is accurate is yet to be seen, but definitely seems plausible to me.

    I often find myself shaking my head during Sacrament or Sunday School as I hear something absolutely ridiculous being taught then accepted and embellished through class comments. My spouse teaches primary and does not always have the enjoyment of hearing the things taught in Sunday School so every Sunday on the way from work they ask me how my classes were and let me “vent” on how off base they sometimes are.

    While on my mission I hit a point were I began to struggle a little, not with my testimony or the work, but with the fact that the church was dramatically different from the church of previous times, even the church that Joseph set up was quite different from the one today. I never questioned whether the church had gone astray, but I often wondered why it had taken the direction it did. One morning, I had a marvelous experience where I had my eyes opened, just a little bit, but enough to get a better idea of what was going on. In that experience I realized that there are many members of the church who are, for lack of a better term, “fair-weather” members. I came to the realization that the church would need to be cleansed in the events leading up to the return of the Savior. I have had many similar experiences as I grow older and wiser 😆 and pray that when the time comes I will be one of the strong ones and help my family as well.

    Your scenario, whether it actually happens or not, would, I think, be an effective way to get the job done.

  3. What a great article, and site!! I’m very glad I found this blog. I’ve been thinking very similarly about the church and the future, lately.

    Another supporting fact comes from the D&C, when the Lord “put the church under condemnation” – I don’t know the exact reference. And then it was (I think) Pres. Benson who stated that “the church is _still_ under condemnation.”

  4. We have no reason to believe that just because polygamy might be made legal, that the church would therefore bring it back. It is a change that would require another revelation to start it back up again. There is no reason to believe the Lord would do such a thing. The Church is on course for the moment, and further revelation will keep it on course. There is nothing at the present time to indicate that there will ever be a future revelation to bring it back.

  5. I’m not convinced that there was ever a revelation to shut it down, so to speak.

  6. There is much too what you believe here. i appreciate reading this from you. My two bits…

    The Marvelous work of cleansing will be based around the revealing of the sealed portion of the plates, of a revelation of the word of Christ. This revelation will of course lambaste the Gentiles for our lazy practices, and give commandment to all those within earshot to conform to the already revealed doctrines and laws; consecration being the biggest, polygamy being part and all of the other doctrines that would separate this people as truly peculiar. That MAN who is called to reveal it will then perform the restoration of Jospeh to Israel, and drag as many of us Gentiles who will repent with them.

    Anyway, Thanks for the comments and website.

    though not nearly so updated or trafficked, my blog is…

    Thanks again! Dan

  7. Excellent read. Very thoughtful site!

    You basically have nailed it down when it comes to the events that will happen in the near future.

    There will be a great cleansing of the world and it will start with the Church’s inner vessel first – and then it will be taken to the world. I hope our lamps are all full. It will take everything that we have to endure what is coming.

  8. I now think my first two points, the law of consecration and polygamy, are secondary to the plates of brass. It will be the brass plates and not the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon, that will be sent first by the Lord. I’m getting this feeling and it won’t go away, so perhaps I’ll write up a post on why I think it will happen this way.

    Interestingly enough, after having my mind wrapped up in this idea, I discovered that there happened to be another set of brass plates making news.

  9. […] is my most current understanding, and is written in response to a comment I posted […]

  10. What is going to seperate the Wheat from the chaff is the chaff.

    Patterns of Disentegration that are in rapid motion around the World at this time envoke patterns of like distintgration of many Nations of the past only this one is on a Global Scale.

    As depicted in the Book of Isaiah, Modern Babylon is a Spiritual Condition mirroring the Religion of Ancient Babylon…Materialism.

    This condition and it emphasis on the Material World is prevalent in Every Society World Wide and soon to once again become it’s Official Religion.

    This condition permeates the Church as well and it’s Corporate Heads can be found among the Board Members and Ceos of every Church owned Business which are Many. And pretty much all of them are GA’S.

    Have you ever asked yourself why the Leaders of the Church refuse to publish Corporate & Company Profits and Board Member earnings ?

    We are the Only Major Religious Organization in the World that keeps this a secret even from it’s members.

    As members we assume the position of absolute trust in these Leaders to do the Lord’s will.

    If ALL the Profits from these entities was being used for the Purpose of Building the Kingdom of God I would have a little more Faith in our Leaders.

    Do you know how many of these GA’S have ammassed their wealth ?

    You should check that out & you may find a Plausable Reason for Accountability Practices in the Church being what they are….Pretty much None Existent at the Higher Levels.

    When was the last time you heard a Report on the Salries of these Company Heads & Board Members at General Conference ?

    For an Organization that pulls in around 6 Billion a year, the Financial Report delivered at General Conference seems a bit simple & Generic to the point of Absurdity.

    Ok, so we don’t want to tie up too much time on Money Matters at these meetings…Why is this information not publically available to the Share Holders ( Tithe Payers ) of this Mega Corporation ?

    There seems to be the STRICTEST Accountability standards for the Local Wards to follow but why does this standard not seem to apply at the Top ?

    If God were sitting behind the Corporate Desk at Church Head Quarters I would be inclined to COMPLETELY TRUST His Motives & Judgment.

    Anyone LESS than God falls into the Catagory of Falibility. Not that Every Leader would be counted as Less than Honorable but THAT isn’t the POINT.

    The POINT BEING that untill GOD REGNS AS KING then NO ONE ELSE or Organization should be STRUCTURED to behave like a King.

    And it is PUBLIC ACCOUNTABILITY that is built into Structure that is the ONLY Measure to protect us against the Scrupulous use of God’s Money.

    I don’t have ONE PROBLEM with it being God’s Money, but I would like to be able to SEE that it REMAINS that way.

    I don’t care if a GA becoming Rich off of Tithe Payers Money that stands up these Church Companies is LEGAL or NOT. THAT’S not the Question.

    The Question would be….Is this REALLY what the LORD would have them do….because they LEGALLY CAN ? Is THIS the Example of Humility that GOD HIMSELF would Emplore ?

    Some how I JUST CAN’T Picture Christ as saying Bring Me your Tithes so I can Build Myself a Mansion in Park City. At LEAST not until the Millenium Officially Gets here…

    So why are So Many of His Trusted Leaders doing Just THAT ?

    But you say they EARN that Hard Earned Money by Investing the Lord’s Money and Working HARD for God. Working HARD I have no doubt…But I really don’t think Jesus would feel comfortable visiting one of His GA’S in a Mansion that “Me & You” Built.

    Just do some research on how many Official Company Titiles that some of these GA’S hold that there would not be enough time in the World to tend to the Duties of many of these Company Appointments.

    It’s done the SAME WAY it done outside the Church…Just INVENT some stupid official sounding title to serve a Suposed Purpose within the Company & Get PAID for simply holding the tilte and maybe attending some bogus meeting once in a while.

    The Higher you move up that Corporate FOOD CHAIN…The LESS you have to actually DO to make TEN TIMES AS MUCH as the people actually Running the show.

    The idea is to work hard at the Lower Levels and make a lot of money for the Company and the Guys at the top and one day YOU will enjoy the Fruits of MY LABOR that was required to Finance that Company to BEGIN WITH.

    And if that ISN’T A Problem with the Lord, then why not just PUBLISH their Earnings and be DONE with it.

    It’s being kept a secret for a Reason alright but I don’t think it is one God approves of….

    Just THINK about it for a minute…..Your God….You command Tithes from your people and you DO NOT Require your appointed Leaders to ACCOUNT for THEMSELVES as You require the average member to be accountable.

    Would not THAT difference in applying Justice among the Members of God’s Church be kin to Social Class Division. Are Leaders NOT Members ? Or are they something a CUT ABOVE that ?…He who is the LEAST among you is the GREATEST.

    THAT PICTURE of a TRUE LEADER does NOT Paint a Picture of ANY of our Current Leaders. I think Joseph would PUKE !!!

    Seems to me that a TRUE LEADER would want to Walk the Walk expected of ANY FOLLOWER OF GOD and set the EXAMPLE..

    It can foster the opinion that only High Leaders can be Trusted & Trust worthiness in life is based on your capacity to generate large sums of money.

    This MUST be so….When is the Last Time you saw a Humble Poor GA ? Is wealth the Determining Factor to suitability to serve in High Places in the Lord’s Kingdom ?

    What was Joseph ? What was Amos? What was Enoch ? What were the Lord’s Apostles like ?

    There are a HOST of Good Reasons for High Leaders to Walk that HUMBLE Path WE are expected to walk.. And not just give us the “IMPRESSION” they walk it.

    WHERE’S the PROOF ?

    If you haven’t figured it out by now by having Discovered it in the Scriptures as to WHAT the Problem is that the Lord must Clean Up & Take Care of before moving on to wipe out Wickedness Worldwide, then you are either UNREAD in the Scriptures or haven’t got a CLUE as to how to interpret what you Read.

    And if you aren’t reading at all…”.Your World ” is in for a Sudden Rude Awakening for having neglected the ONE THING that could SAVE YOU had you not been so IGNORANT of these things.

    What has BLINDED the Average Citizen of this Nation is the VERY SAME THING that has Blinded most of the members…..Money, Greed & Power. Like it has in EVERY DISPENSATION OF TIME when Apostacy becomes the Rule rather than the Exception…

  11. I just saw RWW’S comment & assume you mean Plural Marrige.

    Just take a LOOK at President Woodriff’s Manafesto in the D&C.

    Do you call THAT Revelation from God ? I call it CAPITULATION to the Arm of Government Flesh.

    When the Revelation of Plural Marrige was given to Joseph it was to NEVER be recended.

    From that day foward, Revelation was NOT going to be the Method by which the Lord would guide His Church because of our own refusal in it’s Top Leader to recieve it.

    Not only is President Woodriff’s Manafesto not Revelation from God, it simultainiously served as a REJECTION of God’s instructions to Joseph. There is NO STIPULATION to Midigating Circumstances being a valid reason for ending what was to be NEVER ENDING.

    This is part of that CONDEMNATION spoken of in regard to the condition the Church STILL finds itself in.

    What Prophet has Proclaimed that Condemnation as No Longer applying to us ?

  12. I enjoyed reading this post and comments. I love this site. I believe that the church will be purged. I have felt it deeply in my bones that things will happen that will bring the Bablyonian system to its knees.

    I am edified by reading these posts.

    God bless you all,

    Gentile begging for mercy

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