Anarchy in action: sending 2-cent letters and 1-cent postcards

[* Update: Since writing this post, I have sent a 2-cent letter and it arrived at its destination.]

[† Update 2: Since reading this post, Justin has sent a reverse addressed letter using tithing envelopes and it arrived at his house.]

I don’t know if this is true or not[*].  I still have to test it[*].  But if it turns out to be true, may I recommend that we have some letter writing campaigns?  This is what I read tonight:

My Uncle, (who has since passed to the higher land) spoke of this for years… he was a true Patriot that helped a number of people fight the Central GOVt… it is simply— the 2 cent stamp.

He read to me, when the us gov’t set up the us post office, (1781-1787ish) they made post roads, and also included, that no letter will be no more than 2 cents and no postcard will be no more than 1 cent… and to this day… i test it once in awhile… it works… i mail letters with 2 cents and postcards with 1 cent…. they cannot change this law unless there is another con con[**]. ???

It is an old law, that only can be revoked by having a con con[**]…. it would send the us post offfice offf the deeep end.! Just imagine… and if you want to test it… here are the rules.

do not use a return address

do not use a us post box (although, it probably will work, i never tried it)

do not use a zip code of any state or country

do Spell the state in which you are sending to completely out ie… NC must be North Carolina

when you or your buddy who recieves the letter,will probably notice, hand stamped or weird markings on the letter itself… this is the us p o code to let it go thru… because it is the LAW and the only way to change it is to have a con con[**].

Thanks for your work… maybe you can do something with this. Gods’ Speed ”  (Taken from this web page.)

Like I said, I still have to test this [* & †].  When I do, I’ll report back on this post.   But, if we go on the assumption that it does work, feel free to use the comments section to give any ideas on how this can be used (for good or bad).  What kind of letter writing campaigns can you think of?  Who should be inundated with hundreds of thousands of two-cent letters and one-cent postcards?

[**Note: “con con” signifies “Constitutional Convention”.]

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