So John the Baptist Smoked Pot, What of It?

Recent evidence has surfaced which reveals that John the Baptist was high on pot—descending in a cloud of marijuana smoke—when he conferred the priesthood upon Joseph and Oliver.  Some may feel this is unbecoming of an angelic prophet, but I want to state for the record that I support John 100%.

To all the prudes and misinformed:

So John smoked pot.  So what?

A List of Evidences in Favor of Pot

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  1. I drafted this post after I wrote the previous John the Baptist one, but didn’t have the urge to publish it right away. Tom recently wrote an article on marijuana on his blog, and so I thought that maybe it would be a good time to remove the cyber-dust that had collected on this post and throw it out into the void.

  2. I learned yesterday that in California there is a measure on the November 2 ballot called Proposition 19 that will legalize marijuana. And, according to the polls, it might actually pass. Lol. Will the California saints see another memo read in sacrament meeting, calling for them to contribute time and money to make sure the measure doesn’t pass? If this becomes law in California, surely the rest of the nation will follow. I wonder if brother Thomas is concerned about the real possibility of members showing up to church (legally) high as a kite? Or taking a pot smoking break in the middle of meetings? Or engaging in family home evening pot parties? Will this forever change how we view break the fast pot luck dinners? There is no provision in the word of wisdom against using marijuana. The only barrier is its legality. Will there be pot talks given tomorrow and Sunday during GC, I wonder? Lol.

    Ah, yes, it does indeed appear that the Lord is getting us ready to be more easily assimilated into the peace pipe culture of the Indians…

  3. Well, let’s see — beer is legal, yet I don’t think brother Thomas is kept up at night worrying about members showing up drunk as skunks to sacrament.

    If pot is legalized, then they’ll just issue some statement about how we should “go the way of the world” and how the “Lord has already spoken” concerning drugs in the Word of Wisdom — it’s a principle remember.

  4. I just heard Elder Ballard mention marijuana in his Sunday PM talk — though not in reference to a vote in California.

  5. This is actually an ongoing issue in my family. I have a brother (and his wife) who live in Oregon and have medical marijuana cards. I have a father who was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. One of his doctors (a member in his ward) is quite alternative and has discussed the benefits marijuana would provide. Where my father lives, though, it’s currently illegal. Several family members have discussed the benefit it would provide him, while another (the one who holds the most sway in the family) has said there’s no way we could because it’s “against the law” and may be against the word of wisdom. The backdrop of it all is that of the church’s stance on the issue. Even though it’s a medical issue, there are some strong subtleties suggesting it can’t be taken for spiritual reasons.

    I’m with Justin in this regard, I just don’t see members doing it, especially after all the “follow the prophet” junk from this past conference. He knows the way, after all.

  6. As a missionary, we were told to teach that only illicit drugs were against the word of wisdom. (We even had a flip-chart that we used that said this.) Of course, my understanding is that there is no prohibition in the word of wisdom against pot. Really the prohibition comes from our belief of “obeying, honoring and sustaining the law.” Once it becomes legal, regardless of whether or not it is prescribed, anyone can use it without breaking God’s commandments.

    Anything harmful that people purposefully take into their bodies is not in harmony with the Word of Wisdom. This is especially true of illegal drugs, which can destroy those who become addicted to them. Stay entirely away from them. Do not experiment with them. The abuse of prescription drugs also leads to destructive addiction. (Word of Wisdom entry of True to the Faith)

    In a legal environment, LDS still may not want to smoke pot because of the prohibition of smoking tobacco (“appearance of evil” and all that). We twist the prohibition into one against smoking anything, at all, instead of the specific herb mentioned in the revelation. I myself have smoked a pipe as a LDS (it was lobelia.) I didn’t feel guilty in the least.

    Subtleties aren’t enough. We would need a new, canonized revelation which specifically prohibited smoking marijuana or other non-tobacco herbs to put the stigma of sin upon the practice. Without that, there isn’t anything the leadership can do about it, except complain.

    Btw, Tom and Justin, I sent you both emails. Did you not get them?

  7. I just replied to your e-mail. I only check mine once every couple days.

    BTW, I agree with what you said about, “Subtleties aren’t enough. We would need a new, canonized revelation,” I think that is the case with many issues that trouble the membership. However, it is my belief that Church leaders don’t experience any prophetic manifestations. They rely on the “good feelings” of the Spirit and “consensus among the Brethren” for revelation. They believe vague counsel and asking for things as “personal favors” is less likely to offend anyone in the “world-wide Church.”

  8. Brother Uchtdorf made a “don’t inhale it” joke — though he was not specifically referring to drugs, but to the idol-like treatment church leaders receive at the hands of members.

    Boyd Packer went on about legalizing “that which is basically wrong or evil” thru voting — saying that doing so “will not prevent the pain and penalties that will follow as surely as night follows day.” All of this was by way of a strange analogy to kittens.

  9. This makes me love John the Baptist more. I am the brother Tom speaks from that lives in Oregon. It is evidence that this is a divisive topic, as most truth is. Cannabis is just one thing that, used properly, is an amazing entheogen that can bring one closer to the truth and ultimately, God. I urge any active member to critically think about this scripture and find another herb that can be used for food or raiment, please the eye, gladden the heart, for taste and smell, enlivening the soul, not for abuse and it has been used for extortion. Is it basil? Oregano? Maybe cardamom? Think hard, what is it?
    D&C 59:17Yea, and the herb, and the good things which come of the earth, whether for food or for raiment, or for houses, or for barns, or for orchards, or for gardens, or for vineyards;

    18Yea, all things which come of the earth, in the season thereof, are made for the benefit and the use of man, both to please the eye and to gladden the heart;

    19Yea, for food and for raiment, for taste and for smell, to strengthen the body and to enliven the soul.

    20And it pleaseth God that he hath given all these things unto man; for unto this end were they made to be used, with judgment, not to excess, neither by extortion.

    21And in nothing doth man offend God, or against none is his wrath kindled, save those who confess not his hand in all things, and obey not his commandments.

    Imagine being God, he creates a plant that can cure the body of many diseases, bring joy and enlightenment, and all we do is denigrate it to being a weed and an evil made by the devil himself. That’s pretty crappy if you ask me. v21 says it, God gets angry if you don’t confess his hand in all things.

    Sorry im coming to this late to the game, but when M. Russell states:

    “Some of the most addictive drugs that, if abused, can hijack the brain and take away one’s agency include nicotine; opiates—heroin, morphine, and other painkillers; tranquilizers; cocaine; alcohol; marijuana; and methamphetamines.

    I am grateful for doctors who are trained to prescribe proper medications to relieve pain and suffering.”

    He links Marijuana to heroin, morphine, cocaine and even tranquilizers. Has he ever critically looked into cannabis? If he hasn’t and is just repeating what has been said, what else is he doing that with?

    AND THEN he goes on to praise the great white man’s pharmacology. He really likes the prescriptions of proper medications.

    Seriously though, if he has never studied or heaven forbid experimented with cannabis, what else is he saying that he has never studied or examined? It never really works to malign God’s creations…

  10. Kaneh bosom is a gift from god used in the tabernacle in the days of Moses. It was only after long years of apostasy that “Christians” started calling gods creations evil. God has never created an evil flower, his children call his garden evil because its not made in their image. The last couple weeks of my mission Argentina legalized personal use of all drugs. church official response was similar to what it has been in medical states, “eat it don’t smoke it” o assume that will be the response here, but if not i don’t care the spirit has made it clear and the scriptures don’t stutter.
    “They’ll never take my love away from me
    They’ll never take my faith away from me”

  11. Bob sang of something similar:

  12. a good spot to start research on the holy annointing oil and kaneh bosm

    and i challenge anyone to use calamus and have a pleasant experience. calamus leads to puking and nothing more.

  13. First Presidency Asks Members to Oppose Recreational Marijuana, Assisted Suicide (Press Release Posted: 14 October 2016)

  14. After California passes the recreational marijuana law next month, I wonder if California church members will be disciplined for smoking marijuana recreationally? I bet they will. The church will point to the federal law prohibition as being the reason why they can’t do it.

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