Anonymity, encryption and privacy on the net

It is possible to anonymously surf the Internet, to use a search engine that deletes your data, to send encrypted emails to people that no one but the receiver (who hopefully knows the keyword) can open and view, etc. If you are interested in learning how to stop people from tracking your every move online, here are some tips:

This is “the world’s most powerful metasearch engine.” They are also the only ones who delete your personal and search information after holding on to it for 48 hours. All the other search engines keep your data, to be used for whatever purposes they deem okay. Ditch Google, MSN, Yahoo, AOL and the others. Start using Ixquick.

Get your own anonymous email account that allows full encryption, total security and the utmost privacy. It is free and has a paid upgrade version. Use Ixquick to find others you can use, too.

Use the free or paid version of IDzap. This stops people from tracking your ISP address and related data. Surf anonymously. IDzap is just one of many such services. Use Ixquick to find the others.

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  1. Here is a recent press release from Ixquick concerning their updated privacy policy:

    Privacy-friendly search engine completely stops recording IP addresses

    Ixquick again leads the industry with a zero-data retention policy.

    Brussels/New York/Zeist January 28th, 2009
    Ixquick ( announces it has stopped recording users’ IP addresses completely. With this new policy Ixquick further enhances its longtime leadership on privacy.

    Privacy on the Internet is increasingly under attack, as searches and visits are routinely recorded and combined into personal and behavioral profiles by the major search engines.

    While you are searching the internet, these engines register the time of your searches, the terms you used, the sites you visited and your IP address. In many cases this IP address makes it possible to trace the computer, and in turn the household, that carried out the search.

    Previously Ixquick deleted the privacy details of its users within 48 hours.

    As of today – Data Protection Day 2009 – IP addresses are not recorded at all anymore.

    The technical need to store IP addresses for 48 hours – blocking automated use of Ixquick’s servers – has been overcome by recent technological developments.

    “At Ixquick we feel people have a fundamental right to privacy” says CEO Robert Beens.

    “Using a search engine is sharing your innermost secrets and habits which should be safe. Ixquick has the best privacy policy of the search industry. Today it has become even better.”

    Under pressure from European regulators, privacy organizations and rising public concerns, the major search engines Yahoo, Google and MSN have offered to lower their data retention times to between three and 18 months. But Beens warns: “With privacy the devil is in the details.

    These engines use logins and unique ID cookies that are automatically placed on your computer when you search. Both techniques can “glue” your searches together far beyond the officially claimed retention periods. That’s why Ixquick doesn’t use either of these methods.”

    Ixquick further enhances privacy by offering a secure connection using the https protocol which prevents eavesdropping on Ixquick users and expects to launch a so-called “proxy” service in the next few months that makes it possible to browse the Web in full anonymity.

    In July of 2008 Ixquick was awarded the first European Privacy Seal for its efforts.

    “We are very proud of that award.” says Beens. “It is the ultimate proof that we live up to our promises. If people search with Ixquick – they get the best results – in full privacy.”

    About Ixquick
    Ixquick is an international award-winning search engine with an industry leading Privacy Policy. Launched on the Web in 1998, Ixquick is owned by Surfboard Holding BV, a Dutch company. Further information on Ixquick can be found at

    Further information on the EU Privacy Seal can be found at
    For press inquiries please contact:
    Dr. Katherine Albrecht
    U.S. Media Relations
    877-434-3100 [toll free]
    +1 973-273-2125 [international access]

    (Taken from

  2. Very cool. I missed this entry the first time around. Thanks for pointing it out again LDSA!

  3. I keep baiting this web site to get some of you to start asking the real questions! Unfortuantly no one seems to get it, but let me tell you a little bit more about my self, on my mission I blessed a child with leaukimia and he was instantly healed, as my companion and I were tracting a man was killed right in front of us ,he was broad sided on his motor cycle by a car we were the first ones on the seen. I walked up and by the power of the Holy Priesthood raised him from the dead my companion about fell over! We blessed him one more time in the hospital and he completely recoverd , I wished I could say that we converted him but it just wasn’t to be. I have more revelations , visions etc, than I can count. I made a remarkable prophecy twenty five years ago and got excommuncated for it never the less it came to pass exactly as i said! I blessed my friend the other day with a wrist injury and he was instantly healed among other things, his wife just recently died and I acted as a go between to alleviate his broken heart I told him things that she wanted him to know that only she and him could possibly know! I go to the spirit world on a regular basis and visit with mainly my passed family. These are just a few things that I thought I would share with you! Of course I give God all the credit! The devil has been trying to kill me from the day I was born at an early age I contraced a terrible fever and went into a week liong coma, the doctors said I woud never survive but survive I did, my parents were alcoholics my step father beat me on a regular basis, i was sexually abused as a child and the world had completely given up on me! I was so socially and mentally retarted that I barely got through the public school system. At ninteen years of age I was converted through the Book of Mormaon to Christ ,nine months latter I was on a mission! On my mission the Holy Ghost was my constant companion I have never backed off from what I know to be true and the Church leaders have done every thing to shut me up, I have challenged them many times to public debates but they will not accept. Suffice it to say they are not who you think they are if you had the Holy Ghost as your constant companion you woud know these things, never the less soon these things shall become evident. It is my desire to feed the Lord’s sheep never the less oposition is needed in all things! so if you don;t want to spiritually grow please diregarde any thing I say! Because you will be sorely tested and you don’t want accent unto the blood of Christ through blasphemy. Remember this is new wine so you may not want to get involved, the spirit speaketh expreslly and so do I! This shall be lawful communication you shall only receive what you are ready to receive, however I invite you to ask any questions that you will. I have found that the Holy Ghost shall never lie to you but men surely will. you can count on it that men shall miss lead you but the Holy ghost never will! And by the power of the Holy Ghost you shall know the truth of all things . So are your ready? Do you reall want to know the powers of Godliness? Your holy garments testify of these things! The square and compass are insruments of precision and so are your garments! Remember every knee shall bow and tongue shall confess, health to the navel and marrow to the bone, you shall run and not be weary and the angel of death shall pass over you! The days of your probation shall soon be over so today is the day to prepare for your exaltation! I stand at the door to help you and my word is the word of God so choose ye this day whom ye shall serve and try my spirit for i testfy of ny self and the Lord shall uphold me to either your exltation or you condemanation. Amen sincerely Brand Nu

  4. Dear Brand Nu

    You made the following statement;

    “I keep baiting this web site to get some of you to start asking the real questions!”

    May I suggest that everyone is at a different place on the learning curve and therefore the questions that each person has are very probably the “real questions” that would be pertinent for themselves?

    Why do you need to bait anyone?

    If you have something profound to say, just say it.

    There is no need to play any games.

    Most of the people that post or comment on this site are pretty outspoken and feel free to say what is on their mind.

    I think the average spiritual and doctrinal IQ of many of the people that frequent this site is fairly high by the standards of the day during the darkened time that we live in… so declare what you have to say with boldness.

    Regarding the wonderful miracles and works that you have apparently been privileged to participate in, while I don’t doubt that they may have taken place, those in and of themselves don’t necessarily prove that you are on the Lords errand.

    “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” Matt. 7: 22

    You said;

    “I made a remarkable prophecy twenty five years ago and got excommuncated for it never the less it came to pass exactly as i said!”

    Why don’t you share that prophecy with us and the other information that you have a desire to share so that we can further test the spirit that guides you and test the doctrines that you teach?

    You said;

    “I stand at the door to help you and my word is the word of God so choose ye this day whom ye shall serve and try my spirit for i test[i]fy of [m]y self and the Lord shall uphold me to either your ex[a]ltation or you[r] condemnation. Amen sincerely Brand Nu”

    Clearly, you feel you have been sent as a messenger of God to warn and teach us and that our salvation hangs in the balance as to whether we heed your message or not.

    I for one would love to hear what you have to say. In fact, If you would like to provide me with the remarks and doctrinal enlightenment that you want to share I would be willing to post it on this site and my own blog sites. Of course, I would reserve the right to test your doctrines against those taught in the scriptures and I would post my observations as well. Then we can allow everyone the opportunity to test both of us.

    If by chance I should disagree with the doctrine you teach, then you will have found someone to debate with, since the Church leaders apparently have declined you invitation to debate.

    If you would like to accept my offer, let me know and I will tell you have to get your article to me.

    I am very much aware of your previous remarks and I have known for sometime that you would eventually become a little more bold about your desire to enlighten us because…

    I have been Watching.

  5. Dear One who is watching: My heart leaps for joy I have been waiting so long for you! I feel your sweet spirit and your sincere desire for the truth of all things it is a easy thing for me to say you shall be filled with the living waters. Yes I agree you shall know me through my works, it could not be any other way. I have no desire to promote or speak of my self. The word of God is upmost in my endevers, please forgive my short comings in spelling etc. The Saints need to be brought to one mind one with the mind of the Lord. This is the key to the devine matrix (acahasic field) this single mind set will be the critical mass to set all things in order. Never the less it is important that we start off right and then we shall not go wrong. When you went through the temple you placed the things of this world on the altar of sacrifice, blasphemy ( ignore) against the Holy Ghost is the unforgiveable sin, santification by the Holy Ghost is salvation. So what is revealed to you should be tested through prayer, fasting and supplication. When the truth of it is confirmed to you, you must be valiant. I speak as one haveing authority and not as other men, many times I will not quote chap. or verse as I find this to be an hinderance but I can if I need to. The Book of Mormon tells us that the Holy Ghost shall be shed upon the gentiles when they receive the words of the remnant, and I will tell you that we have just enough of the word of God through the “standard works” to gain our salvation as long as we do not reject the greater word “for that which we have shall be taken from us” . Now you realize that there many things that are hidden from the wise and prudent, we shall be wiser than them but not so prudent, for we shall cast away the stones of our ignoance. One of the first things that I would like to do is to put to rest this notion that the Prophet can change scripture for if any one beieves this then we have no common ground, this notion is the greatest lie I believe has ever been told to man. Now I hope that you are still on the edge of your seat and I have not lost you! But there must be lawful communication and I know you are not the only one listening or watching this so one more time before i begin to reveal the mysteries all of you must be willing to place all things on the altar of sacrifice or forever turn your heads, the word of the Lord is sharper than a two edged sword to the dividing assunder both joint and marrow, this shall divide you from your sins, all ready I have given you some keys that you must pray about I shall return when you are better prepared, on the morrow. Sincerely Brand Nu

  6. Christ asked Peter three times do you love me? And three times Christ said in response to Peter’s affirmation then feed my sheep! There is no salvation without the word of God! But to what degree of salvation depends upon the individuals discipline towards the word of God. The blood of Ephraim is always on the cutting edge of spiritual progression and as the scripture says D&C 86: 9 have been hid from the world with Christ in God. My favorite scriptures are in the D&C 76 section, (5) For thus saith the Lord–I, the Lord, am merciful and gracious unto those who fear me,and delight to honor those who serve me in righteousness and in truth unto the end. (6) Great shall be their reward and eternal shall be their glory. (7) And to them will I reveal all mysteries, yea, all the the hidden mysteries of my kingdom from days of old, and for ages to come, will I make known unto them the good pleasure of my will concerning all things pertaining to my kingdom.(8) Yea even the wonders of eternity shall they know, and things to come will I show them, even the things of many generations. (9) And their wisdom shall be great, and their understanding reach to heaven; and before them the wisdom of the wise shall perish and their understanding shall come to naught.(10) For by my Spirit will I enlighten them, and by my power will I make known unto them the secrets of my will—yea, even those things which eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor yet entered into the heart of man. I humbly declare unto any one who cares that the Lord’s promises are real I know this because I have made these promises a realty unto my self. Do you believe it? The Lord said it , do you have the faith to believe these promiises! Every Latter Day Saint needs to ask him or her self ‘have I made these promise real to my self’ and if not then how would I ! The key to this is found in the fifth verse to fear him to serve him in truth and righteousness unto the end. This should be easy to understand what the Lord expects and requires of us to obtain these promises. Basically and precisely all of your heart , might, mind and strength! As a nation we have no problem sending our young soldiers off to war and not only putting them in harms way but expecting them to freely give their life for the cause of freedom. And yet we as a people don’t seem to have the ability to be defenders of truth and righteosness here at home while we enjoy our freedoms! I would like to make mention of three heros that have left me with an accute memory of the price of freedom, !st my father sargent Estus D. Thornton who five times perfrmed an amphibious landing on enemy held terrain, at times engaging in hand to hand combat and his company suffering 80% casulties. My nephew jesse who in 2005 was killed in Iraq, and also my best friend’s son sargent Ronnie Wood who was also killed in Iraq the very same month and year. To live up to the sacrifie’s of our best youth requires our very best efforts! As I see it their is absolutley no justification for not being valiant to the truth no matter where it takes us! Other wise we are hypocrites of the highest order and not fit to be called Saints! For those of us that have been to the House of The Lord your arms and hands have been washed and annointed to wield the sword in defense of truth and justice! So lets get to it! There are many things that need to be set in order, however I would like to start with the easiest to comprehend, D&C 107(40) The order of this priest hood was confirmed to be handed down from father to son, and rightly belongs to the literal descendents of the chosen seed, to whom the promises were made. One could spend some length of time researching all of the aspects of this one scripture, it is important that you obtain your own witness or testimony of this scripture, I will give you plenty of time to research the promises, ‘hint’ I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! I now hope to get you thinking, there are many more things to expound on, however I feel this is the best direction to proceed, for those who are pure in heart, you will advance spiritually and see the wisdom in this avenue. Untill next time God bless all of you sincerely Brand Nu

  7. Brand

    I had offered to have you write your entire epistle in an article and I would post it on a blog however it appears you prefer to provide installments to this comments section. I think that is a better Idea as well.

    I have not lost interest in what you have to say… and I suspect there are others waiting with baited breath to hear more. I just want to give you the courtesy of saying all you have to say before I respond with my personal results of testing the doctrines that your teach.

    It sounds from some of your previous remarks that you consider yourself to be the one who God has chosen to “set all things in order” and that you “speak as one having authority”.

    Forgive me if it sounds like I am coaching you just a little bit, I would suggest that you lay the ground work for that claim before proceeding “set all things in order” , otherwise you may be lacking credibility with people.

    You also said;

    “many times I will not quote chap. or verse as I find this to be an hindrance but I can if I need to…”

    No offense Brand, but YOU NEED TO. At least for me. I have not transcended to the level yet where I no longer need the holy and infalliible word of God to test the doctrines taught by men. So please humor me even at the sacrifice of causing yourself a little hindrance.

    You should provide a little scriptural background about the one mighty and strong, what exactly his role is, when you were ordained to this mission, by who, etc.

    The need to set things in order presupposes that all is not well in Zion and that the current leadership is not doing an adequate job. In conjunction with this, you made the declaration that the leaders of the Church are not who we think they are.

    Clarification on who the leaders are would be helpful when make your case that you are the one who is to set things in order.

    Also, I find it interesting that yo always begin your post as “Brand Thornton” but you end it as “Brand Nu”.

    I can only suppose that you have had a name change like Abraham and Jacob did, but further enlightenment about what Nu represents would be appreciated.

    I’m still


  8. I agree with OWIW, I too need the scriptural references. Also, is there a blog or website that you have formally written your experience on? Or is this the first time and place that you have written down in words what you believe about yourself and the kingdom of God? I understand the line upon line concept being adhered to here. But if you have written everything out fully, it would be nice if you could give out that information. I like perusing at my own pace.


  9. In light of the recent announcement about the UK government legislation to monitor all emails and Internet surfing, here’s this:

    How to hide emails from government snooping by Jack Shofield, writing for The Guardian

  10. Do you have any information on free High Anonymity Proxies? I’ve used the website based kind but I have no idea how to use the ones that are just IP addresses.

  11. @zomarah
    By high anonimity you mean that the proxies don’t keep logs of your IP and visited websites? I guess they all do keep logs. It’s just a question of for how long 2 days or 2 years?

    I don’t like the creepy feeling that my ISP knows all my web adventures, so I use TorBrowser in such cases.

  12. This Internet provider pledges to put your privacy first. Always. by Declan McCullagh writing for C|NET News.

    “Step aside, AT&T and Verizon. A new privacy-protecting Internet service and telephone provider still in the planning stages could become the ACLU’s dream and the FBI’s worst nightmare.”

  13. Denver Cops Forced to Wear Cameras, Unable to Delete Footage by Adan Salazar writing for

    Police in Denver are testing a solution they hope will give a much-needed boost to their public persona.

    Denver PD is acquiring new guns and armor, and for the next six months will engage in a body camera pilot program in attempts to ingratiate themselves to a police-corruption weary public.

    The cameras will be smaller than Go-Pro devices and are part of a public relations effort aimed “to restore the relationship between Denver police and the public, especially in Lower Downtown,” according to CBS Denver.

    Police are reportedly “hoping the tiny cameras will bring a big dose of credibility to the department.”

    “Individuals make allegations … ‘The officer did this or the officer did that.’ Or the officers make allegations, ‘I did this, or I did that’ based on the incident,” Police Chief Robert White told KCNC. “It’s right there on the camera.”

    The cameras will not, however, automatically begin recording an incident. They must be initiated by the officers themselves, basically still allowing them to selectively choose what they want filmed.

    “Essentially I’m the producer and director of my own video involving my police action and interaction with the public,” Detective Tony Weathersby said.

    But, once filming has started, it cannot be deleted. The camera synchs to the web via an officer’s smartphone and gets uploaded to a police server, preventing an officer from deleting his footage.

    As numerous citizen journalists can attest, police officers through either sheer ignorance or defiance will often stop citizens from filming incidents, confiscate their cell phones or cameras, then delete the footage.

    Last month, one man claimed he was beaten by an NYPD officer and arrested for filming an incident. The officer who arrested the man neglected to mention in his police report that the man had been filming and that the officer had deleted the footage, which the man was fortunately able to recover.

    In September 2012, Dallas police shot a man 41 times, then confiscated another man’s camera, which was used to film the bloody event, and also allegedly proceeded to delete the incriminating footage.

    And recently it also happened in Fall River, Mass., when a man recorded a police officer who was shouting profanities across the street from his home. The man was arrested for “surreptitiously” filming the officer and his footage was mysteriously deleted while in custody.

    “From my perspective it’s a safety issue and will clearly identify the truth,” Police Chief White claims, but this will only hold true if officers choose to press the “record” button.

    Bold type mine. If there were an app that could allow anyone with a smartphone to do the same as these cop cameras, namely, to begin filming immediately and stream the footage to a server, which cannot be deleted from the smartphone, it might act as a deterrent to police misbehavior. I doubt techies visit this web site, but if anyone knows someone capable of creating such an app, perhaps you could pass along the idea. Perhaps ambulance chasers would have interest in funding it.

  14. That’s actually a really god idea. Make it some sort of cop watch website. I’m not quite on that level of programming capability. But that’s why we have our brains, to learn that stuff.

  15. What I have done is the following.

    I downloaded a world list in English and Spanish because I am fluent in both. Within the respective word lists there are no duplicates and have a 5 digit number attached to each unique word. I got out 5 dice (I used to play Dungeon and Dragons) and rolled all five dice at once 6 times which yielded 6 groups of 5 numbers. Then I thought, hmm, maybe it would be even more random if I randomly choose to search the words with the corresponding groups of numbers I got from my dice rolling in the English list or the Spanish list. So I chose a die roll of 1-3 yielding an English word and 4-6 a Spanish word. So my word search would be something like this. English, English, Spanish, English, English, Spanish. With this I now know in what language to look up my words with the corresponding groups of numbers. This could yield a password like. loftyhowdyc95thawnotestrato (c95 from the spanish list and trato) Then I chose at random 3 words I wanted to modify even further. I had 6 words corresponding to a number on the die. After knowing what word to modify I then rolled to know where to insert a randomly chosen symbol that is non alphabetical. This yielded loft*yhowd~yc95thawnote6strato (underlined and bolded changes only to help you see the inserted symbols). And to finalize my password creation I added information tied to my identity (it could have been a trip destination, pet name, fantasy carrer ect. but nothing if found that would be a problem for me). Finally select at random by rolling a die to know what word to captilize to further strengthen your new password.

    My password looking nothing like this but I think you get the picture.


    It is important that your password is generated at random. If you don’t like the password you roll, reroll instead of choosing a word to be inserted. If you roll and get your 6 words but its not as long as you would like it then roll a seventh time, but if the words generated make sense or go well together then scrap that password and try again. I believe this method to be good and yet you are able to remember the password and input it with much greater ease than trying to memorize 20 or 30 randomly generated characters like this J*^Hdk3|4dp{vn#1`e?8. Using randomly generated words sprinkled with some salt which I did by inserting those symbols randomly throughout my 6 words (Salt is a block of non-secret data that is appended to the passphrase before it is hashed. The salt data is transmitted in the clear along with the message. Salt prevents certain attack strategies, such as a dictionary attack.) will result in one heck of a password.

    I hope I learned something from those websites. I changed our passwords on our wifi router to passwords that followed the process detailed above. I also changed the password to access my account so its not admin password which is the default settings. I figured out how to change my password, again following the steps mentioned above, but the username admin still remains admin. I changed the security password to access my wifi (I chose WPA2 AES) that my router outputs from the factory default which was like ironcurtain833 to a different password following the steps I describe above. Then I reconnected my 2 laptops using the new password, the roku and itouch. My ps3 and desktop computer which is connected via ethernet cable from the router to the devices directly, did not have to undergo any password changes nor did they suffer internet connection loss (I don’t know if this is good or bad) while I was trying to address (from my understanding on how to protect my virtual security thus far) some security issues I had and hopefully don’t have anymore.

    Where does my modem come into play with all of this? Are there passwords for my modem? Security for modem?

    I have a WNDR3400v2 netgear router. I don’t know if WPS is on or off or how to disable it or it’s necessary to do so. There is something about pushing a button to enable wps I believe.

    I do not trust my password being stored at gmail, bankofamerica or paypal ect. How can I protect all my passwords with a masterpassword that protects all other passwords? Its hard to remember multiple passwords that would also have high entropy (Entropy is a measure of the uncertainty or randomness of a system. It is the method you use to randomly select your passphrase that has entropy or Entropy tells how hard it will be to guess the passphrase/password itself) I’ve looked at keepass and lastpass for that but am ignorant (although I am trying to become less ignorant lately on this issue) to make any educated decisions at this point. I read about ciphersaber ( ) but didn’t understand it exactly. I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) that ciphersaber is like keepass or lastpass but better if done correctly? Yet I’m not quite sure how to go about protecting my passwords that I use for various websites with sensitive personal information. I say that because although I have a very well done password if the website that has my password is hacked (this happened to Sony with their ps3 and all that credit card info attached to those ps3 users) then it wont matter how well done of a password I have if they now have it. Bottom line, I do not want to trust that my password is safe with some company. What do I do to mitigate this issue?

    Just my 2 cents

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