Special Comet Holmes James M. McCanney Broadcast

James M. McCanney, M.S. (Physics), gave a two-hour long, commercial-free radio broadcast Monday night, November 26, at 10:00 p.m. to Midnight, Pacific Standard Time. He talked about Comet Holmes, which, in case you haven’t heard, is now twice the diameter of the Sun (the coma part of the comet, not the nucleus.) To hear the archived broadcast, visit this page:

Comet Holmes Sub Page

McCanney subscribes to the electric universe point of view and has published several books and scientific papers. He claims to be the originator of the Plasma Discharge Comet Model and has some interesting information about the electrical nature of the universe, solar system and more especially, comets. Comet Holmes pretty much, in my opinion, is the nail in the coffin of the standard Dirty Snowball Comet Model so what McCanney has to say helps to explain the “anomalous” flare up of Holmes.

As the faithful are to be looking for the signs of the times and as there will be great signs in the heavens, astronomy should be of interest to all LDS. If you have interest in the plasma model of the universe, have been following with interest the very large and very fast flare-up of Comet Holmes, or are just watching for the prophesied signs, you may want to listen to the above program.

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  1. I just want to post a note about McCanney and the Thunderbolts group. Although both factions are researchers into the plasma model of the universe, neither side likes the other side. McCanney villifies the Thunderbolts group as wanna bees (scientists without degrees) who are plagiarizing him, thinks they are funded by disinfo organizations and that their real mission is to distract from his own work. He cites Coast to Coast dropping him from their roster of guests and promoting Thunderbolts, instead. Thunderbolts, on the other hand, think McCanney’s accusations border on being sociopathic and claim he’s stating lies about them. There is no love lost between these two groups. Nevertheless, both groups of plasma researchers are worthy of study, depite the animosity. McCanney’s take on Comet Holmes is different than the Thunderbolt take, yet they both subscribe to the plasma model. So, there are many possible ways to explain astronomical observations using this model. Who is right? McCanney or Thunderbolts, or both? Or are they both wrong together? Well, that’s why we LDS have the Holy Ghost, to have it manifest the truth of all things to us. One thing, to me, at least, seems true: the plasma model can explain the astronomical occurrences better than the standard models, but until we get the equipment into space that can measure all the electrical fields strengths, etc., around the solar system, we must give best guesses as to the specific electrical cause(s) that create celestial displays such as Comet Holmes’ startling flare-up.

  2. Update: Comet Holmes has continued to grow in size. According to McCanney’s predictions and calculations, it grew in size to 6-8 times the size of the Sun around Christmas-time, and now he is saying that it “has doubled again in size giving a total volumetric increase to be about 8 (yes eight) times the volume of our sun.”

    To view recent pics of Holmes, visit this page. Holmes is apparently very visible, still, with the naked eye. I do not know of anyone who has confirmed the size of Holmes, though everyone says it is growing and is gigantic.

    On another note, McCanney also made a prediction about a December hurricane or tropical storm appearing, which came true. I visited the NOAA web site and saw the “Special Tropical Disturbance” announcement which was quietly posted. That disturbance went away, thank goodness, but it does lend credence to McCanney’s claims.

    Finally, on January 4th the Sun reached solar minimum and we are now in a new Sun cycle. So, from January 4th onward, the Sun should become more and more active on its eleven year journey to solar maximum.

  3. Have you heard any explanations as to how a giant ball of ice and dirt’s coma can grow to that size? I have read people bashing McCanney but I haven’t seen any explanations for Comet Holmes’ continued growth.

  4. Years ago I used to theorize that physicists must get together in secretive rooms and someone would bring in the hallucinatory drugs and they’d all get high and have visions, kind of like the Indians do, and whatever they saw in their visions is what they ended up writing in their published physics papers. I don’t know if that theory has any validity, but it does explain the sheer stupidity of holding onto the dirty snowball or snowy dirtball theory of comets. Comet Holmes has completely blown away mainstream comet theory, in my estimation. Anyone who believes the gravity only model for comets in the face of what is happening with Holmes is either mentally retarded or a pathological liar. Way back when I read Milton W. Monson, Sr.’s book Physics Is Constipated (Intellectually, That Is), his theory of why scientists couldn’t see the forest for the trees was what he called Super Stupidity. He even dedicated an entire chapter to this topic. The explanations of Holmes by the mainstream astronomers are just plain absurd. There is no way that a rock 2.2 miles in diameter can grow its coma eight times larger than the Sun’s volume and hold that cloud into a spheroid shape using gravity alone as it traveled through space. The thought defies logic. The only valid explanation is electricity. I can only imagine that faced with this type of evidence of the Electric Universe, modern, mainstream scientists must be as hard-hearted as the ancient Pharisees who had the Son of God before them but still wanted to crucify Him. All evidence shouted out that Christ was Immanuel, but they rejected the evidence because it meant they were wrong and would have to submit to His authority. It is a great mystery to me why they persist in these ridiculous gravity-only theories, but I am confident that the tide will start to turn and more people’s eyes will be opened as we get nearer to the approach of our Savior, as the heavens will contain many signs and wonders. So many LDS think little of the prophecies of signs and wonders in heaven, because the heavens are relatively calm right now and because no one considers the possibility of plasma discharge across space between worlds, or of rapid realignment of the planets and all that that entails, but when it starts happening, I’m sure people will quickly convert over to the Electric Universe perspective. Whether they convert to the Lord and join his church is another matter altogether. I suppose if we LDS embraced the truths of the Electrice Universe and were vociferous proponents of it, showing via our scriptures how all these prophecies could have their fulfillment in a plasma-based universe, when the signs start piling up, people would naturally look to Mormonism as the ones who accurately predicted these things happening, but, unfortunately, we LDS as a whole have, to a great extent, embraced the mainstream views, and we’ll be just as surprised as the Gentiles when all this stuff is pressed upon us.

  5. Newly Discovered Fast-Changing Comet Visible in Small Telescopes – November 8, 2010, Space.com

    “But I saw an excellent inner coma, which looks like the mini-version of the 17P/Holmes comet after its powerful outburst in 2007,” Elenin said. “Also we can see bright and sufficiently long tail.”

    Comet 17P/Holmes was a small and very faint comet that overnight, in October 2007, became bright enough to see with the unaided eye. The comet, which was discovered in Nov. 1892, surprised astronomers with its unexpected outburst, and what triggered the brightening is still not well understood.

    I wonder if this comet will follow in Holmes’ footsteps.

  6. All the videos posted of the meteor that exploded over Russia yesterday actually gave me comfort. They demonstrated that Earth’s electric field is more than capable of dealing with meteors. I no longer believe all the hype of the scientists that a large asteroid striking Earth could destroy all life on this planet. Such a rock would never make it to the surface of the planet intact. The electrical discharge that destroyed that meteor yesterday would do the same to any space rock. The larger the rock, the greater the electrical discharge. This planet is well protected. Only localized destruction can result from meteor strikes. Global destruction scenarios are scientific fantasies.

    The experts are saying the meteor “burned up” in the atmosphere. They kept calling it a “fireball.” Hogwash. That was plainly electrical arcing. The meteor was annihilated essentially by a series of ultra-high powered lightning bolts:


    We are totally safe from meteors and asteroids, except for local effects from the discharging electrical field, as happened yesterday with the resulting shock wave. Large comets and planets, though, are another story…

  7. Btw, Cuba also had a large meteor explode in its skies on Thursday, which was reported by a Cuban television station on Friday (yesterday) :


    Northern California also saw reports of a meteor sighting that same day, though not as large:


    I have also seen YouTube reports of an exploding meteor over Japan around this same time, but couldn’t find any news reports.

    So, does this mean the sky falling? Did that large asteroid that came close to Earth yesterday “push” these rocks into Earth’s path?

  8. This is a useful meteor tracking resource:


  9. This is the television news report that was released in Cuba on the meteor explosion that happened there. (It’s in Spanish.) And this is a Cuban web site reporting on the same. (Also in Spanish.)

  10. From SpaceWeather.com:

    RUSSIAN METEOR UPDATE: On Friday, February 15th at 9:30 am local time in Russia, a small asteroid struck the atmosphere over the city of Chelyabinsk and exploded. According to reports from news organizations and Russian authorities, as many as 1000 people received minor injuries from the shock wave. This is the most energetic recorded meteor strike since the Tunguska impact of 1908.

    Note: In the following paragraph, bold-faced numbers were updated on Feb. 17th to reflect new and improved estimates of the asteroid’s size and energy. It was even bigger than we thought!

    Researchers have conducted a preliminary analysis of the event. “Here is what we know so far,” says Bill Cooke, head of NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office. “The asteroid was about 17 meters in diameter and weighed approximately 10,000 metric tons. It struck Earth’s atmosphere at 40,000 mph (18 km/s) and broke apart about 12 to 15 miles (20 to 25 km) above Earth’s surface. The energy of the resulting explosion was in the vicinity of 500 kilotons of TNT.”

    “A shock wave propagated down and struck the city below, causing large numbers of windows to break, some walls to collapse, and minor damage throughout the city,” he continued. “When you hear about injuries, those are undoubtedly due to the effects of the shock wave, not due to fragments striking the ground. There are undoubtedly fragments on the ground, but as of this time we know of no recovered fragments that we can verify.”

    Tiny meteorites that make it through the Earth’s electric field pose a danger, but all large meteors will be annihilated by it in the atmosphere. The danger of large meteors does not come from the meteors themselves, but from the shock wave produced by Earth’s electrical response. Because the shock wave will have only localized effects, if we can see a large meteor afar off and determine beforehand where it will strike, lives can be saved by evacuating the population from the area temporarily. After the meteor comes in and is destroyed, the people can return to the area.

  11. One more thing about the Russian meteor: its twin vapor trails are reminiscent of Birkeland currents. We’ll see what the plasma cosmologists say when they finally write about this event.

  12. I wrote this on some other site about the Russian meteor and wanted to record it here, despite it being repetitious material.

    The meteor was a charged body moving through space. When it rapidly passed through Earth’s electric field, the field acted as a gigantic “bug zapper” and disintegrated the meteor with enormous discharges of electricity. Twin filaments of Birkeland currents attached themselves to the meteor, which is why it left a double vapor trail in its wake. Watch the videos again with electrical arcing in mind. When the meteor brightens up, it’s being hit by a very scaled up version of lightning. Electricity is fully scalable. An electrical arc is also very bright. This is why the destruction of the meteor eclipses the Sun’s light. Essentially, it experienced high-powered EDM (electrical discharge machining.) Almost the entire thing was atomized by the electricity in a matter of seconds. They are expecting to find large meteorite fragments, but they won’t be able to. Only tiny pieces could have escaped through the event. Even the “crater” they found on the lake was likely the result of an electrical streamer connecting to the Earth and instantaneously melting the ice, which is why the lake hole is so perfectly symmetrical. All of this shows that Earth is perfectly safe from large space rocks. Our electrical field protects us. The only danger posed is from Earth’s electrical discharge mechanism, which produces a localized shock wave. The bigger the meteor, the bigger the response, and the bigger the response, the bigger the shock wave.

  13. Here’s an interesting angle:

    Russian Meteor Approaches Head On, Sonic Boom

    In some of these videos, the electrical discharge appears to connect to the ground. See this video, at the 47 to 50 seconds mark.

    Also see this and this for frame captures. There are obviously two, vertical lens artifacts, but even after eliminating these, the connection seems very apparent.

  14. Look at the size of the meteorite pieces that some scientists from a university have claimed are from this same meteor:

  15. When the videos of this meteor first came to light, it was estimated that it had a mass of 10 tons. These estimates were based, I guess, on the video of its destruction and absence of any significant crater (the only one found was 20 feet in diameter.) Later, video surfaced on the shock wave and information on the destruction, injuries, mobile phone interruptions, ultra low frequency sound waves generated and heard around the world, etc., came forth and the estimates were updated. Now the numbers were that its mass was 10,000 tons and it detonated with the energy of 500 kilotons of TNT, essentially the equivalent of 30 H-bombs. The velocity of the meteor was also upgraded to 40,000 mph.

    What I wonder is this: are these updated numbers based upon the blast effects alone and were the original numbers based upon the video of its destruction alone? In other words, when the video is looked at, do the scientists see a 10 ton meteor, but when they look at the blast data, do they say, “It must have been 10,000 tons?” They are explaining the meteor’s destruction solely in terms of compression, pressure, heat and ablation, so maybe such a large, massive meteor is required for those equations, but if the meteor was electrically destroyed and the blast was the result of a plasma discharge, I wonder if the original numbers could be correct? This meteor was traveling unbelievably fast, so maybe the Earth’s huge response was more a result of its speed and not so much it’s mass?

    On another topic, here are more pics of an apparent meteor to ground electrical connection:


  16. Breaking News

    A wise photographer once said, “In the lens of two or three cameras shall every image be established.” 😉

    Well, I found a second video that shows a meteor-to-ground electrical connection and it doesn’t appear to have any lens artifacts. If anyone has the capability of splitting YouTube videos into their individual frames, please do so on the following videos, publish the frames somewhere and let me know where they are, because I’d like to publish the evidence on this blog.

    Here is the video I found today without artifacts. Two or three electrical connections can be seen between the 5:20 and 5:31 marks.

    Here is the first video which also shows apparent connections. There are lens artifacts in this video. but they don’t eradicate the evidence. The connections take place between the 0:45 and 0:50 marks.

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