Anonymity, encryption and privacy on the net

It is possible to anonymously surf the Internet, to use a search engine that deletes your data, to send encrypted emails to people that no one but the receiver (who hopefully knows the keyword) can open and view, etc. If you are interested in learning how to stop people from tracking your every move online, here are some tips:

This is “the world’s most powerful metasearch engine.” They are also the only ones who delete your personal and search information after holding on to it for 48 hours. All the other search engines keep your data, to be used for whatever purposes they deem okay. Ditch Google, MSN, Yahoo, AOL and the others. Start using Ixquick.

Get your own anonymous email account that allows full encryption, total security and the utmost privacy. It is free and has a paid upgrade version. Use Ixquick to find others you can use, too.

Use the free or paid version of IDzap. This stops people from tracking your ISP address and related data. Surf anonymously. IDzap is just one of many such services. Use Ixquick to find the others.

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