The Meridian of Time

Note: This post assumes that our current BC/AD reckoning is accurate and also uses D&C 20:1 as an exact frame of reference.

The Meridian of Time is a 70-year span (the generation of the Lord) that began on 11 April 2 BC* and ended on 11 April 68 AD. It was initiated by the angel Gabriel when he appeared to Zacharias, the father of John the Baptist, in the temple on 11 April 2 BC. (See Luke chapter 1.) Nine months later, in January of 1 BC, John the Baptist was conceived. Six months later, in July of 1 BC, Jesus was conceived. Three months later, in October of 1 BC, John was born. Six months later, on April 6th, Jesus was born. 33 years and three days later, on Friday, 9 April 33 AD, Jesus died on the cross. Two days later, on Sunday, 11 April 33 AD, Jesus was rose from the dead.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the mid-point

Abinadi and Alma both give the mid-point of Earth’s existence as the resurrection of Jesus:

And there cometh a resurrection, even a first resurrection; yea, even a resurrection of those that have been, and who are, and who shall be, even until the resurrection of Christ—for so shall he be called. (Mosiah 15:21)

And behold, again it hath been spoken, that there is a first resurrection, a resurrection of all those who have been, or who are, or who shall be, down to the resurrection of Christ from the dead. (Alma 40:16)

Behold, I say unto you, Nay; but it meaneth the reuniting of the soul with the body, of those from the days of Adam down to the resurrection of Christ.

Now, whether the souls and the bodies of those of whom has been spoken shall all be reunited at once, the wicked as well as the righteous, I do not say; let it suffice, that I say that they all come forth; or in other words, their resurrection cometh to pass before the resurrection of those who die after the resurrection of Christ.

Now, my son, I do not say that their resurrection cometh at the resurrection of Christ; but behold, I give it as my opinion, that the souls and the bodies are reunited, of the righteous, at the resurrection of Christ, and his ascension into heaven. (Alma 40:18-20)

Everything is divided in half—half before Christ’s resurrection and half after Christ’s resurrection. This means that there were 4000 years from the Fall of Adam to the resurrection of Jesus, and there will be 4000 years from the resurrection of Jesus to the end of the Earth.

Half and half

The first half of the Meridian of Time, occurring before the resurrection of Christ, is a 35-year period stretching from 11 April 2 BC to 11 April 33 AD. These first 35 years of the Meridian of Time make up the last 35 years of the 4th thousand years.

The second half of the Meridian of Time, occurring after the resurrection of Christ, is a 35-year period stretching from 11 April 33 AD to 11 April 68 AD. These last 35 years of the Meridian of Time make up the first 35 years of the 5th thousand years.

Jesus came multiple times during the Meridian of Time

First He came in the flesh with His birth. Then He came after His death with His resurrection. Then He appeared multiple times to the Jews, and also to the Nephites and the Lost Tribes of Israel. Thus, the Meridian of Time doesn’t constitute a single point of time, such as a single day, but a period of years in which the ministry of Christ among the tribes of Israel takes place. The mid-point of that ministry, though, is His resurrection from the dead.

2 BC

Among the Nephites, the start of the Meridian of Time was also, as among the Jews, a notable occurrence, with more angels like Gabriel appearing. The 90th year of the reign of the judges corresponds to 2 BC in our yearly reckoning.

But it came to pass in the ninetieth year of the reign of the judges, there were great signs given unto the people, and wonders; and the words of the prophets began to be fulfilled. And angels did appear unto men, wise men, and did declare unto them glad tidings of great joy; thus in this year the scriptures began to be fulfilled. (Hel. 16:13-14)

Our reckoning vs. God’s reckoning

We reckon from the birth of Christ, but God counts the years from the Fall of Adam, putting everything in thousand year divisions. As the resurrection of Christ occurred 4000 years after the Fall of Adam, we can use an AF (After Fall) system to reckon the years. So, on 11 April 1000 AF (2967 BC), the 1st thousand years ended. On 11 April 2000 AF (1967 BC), the 2nd thousand years ended. On 11 April 3000 AF (967 BC), the 3rd thousand years ended. On 11 April 3965 AF (2 BC), the Meridian of Time began. On 6 April 3966 AF, Jesus was born. On 9 April 3999 AF (33 AD), Jesus died on the cross. And two days later, on the Fall anniversary (the real new year), on 11 April 4000 AF (33 AD), Jesus rose from the dead. 35 years later, on 11 April 4035 AF (68 AD), the Meridian of Time ended.

Moving forward

On 11 April 5000 AF (1033 AD), the 5th thousand years ended. And on 11 April 6000 AF (2033 AD), the 6th thousand years will end.

The current date in AF

Today’s current date is 7 October 5983 AF (2016 AD.) There are about 16 ½ years left until 11 April 6000 AF.

The 7th thousand years

There are seven thousand years of the Earth’s temporal existence, but there are eight thousand years total. The Great Millennium is not counted as part of the temporal existence because there will be “time no longer” (Rev. 10:6 and D&C 88:110) and it will be like the endless, or eternal, state that existed before the Fall.

And now, behold, if Adam had not transgressed he would not have fallen, but he would have remained in the garden of Eden. And all things which were created must have remained in the same state in which they were after they were created; and they must have remained forever, and had no end. (2 Ne. 2:22)

So, the 7th thousand years begins on 11 April 6000 AF (2033 AD) but less than 50 years later the Millennium begins and goes on for 1000 years. After the Millennium the 7th thousand years resumes and goes on for “a little season” (Rev. 20:3 and D&C 29:22—a little more than 950 years) and then comes “the end of the earth” (D&C 38:5 and D&C 88:101.) This brings the total tally of years to exactly 8000 with the Fall beginning it, the resurrection of Christ as the mid-point and “the end of the earth” as, well, the end.

Hopefully with this post the mystery of the Meridian of Time has now been cleared up.

P.S. Today (7 October 5983 AF/2016 AD) is this blog’s 9th birthday. It was born on 7 October 5974 AF (2007 AD.) Happy birthday, LDS Anarchy!

*Footnote—This post was corrected on 12 October 2016 to reflect the understanding that Jesus lived 33 years and three days:

And it came to pass in the thirty and fourth year, in the first month, on the fourth day of the month, there arose a great storm, such an one as never had been known in all the land. (3 Ne. 8:5)

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  1. You can compare the above OP, which is my current understanding, to what was my previous understanding. The difference is simply that I wasn’t aware of the Abinadi and Alma references to the mid-point, which extend the span out to 70 years, so I had it as only the 33 years of the Lord’s life. So, the above is a corrected and expanded understanding, with more information which I wasn’t aware of just a few years ago.

  2. Where did you get the 50 years? Is this a period for prophecies to be fulfilled before the Millennium?

  3. There are 45 years and about nine months left of the restoration, (when it resumes, that is.) So, I just rounded it up to 50. Part of those 45 years and nine months will take place before April of 2033, and the rest of it after that date. As I don’t know how much will come before, I just used 50 as a ball-park figure.

  4. Got it. Thank you. I found more clarification from your blog:

    Okay, so, assuming that 85 years is the actual number of years, and given that Joseph died at age 38 and 1/2, the remaining years would be 85 minus 38.5, which is 46 and 1/2 years. The counting, then, of the DFT prior to the Second Coming, would be the 24 years of Joseph Smith’s ministry (the foundation of the restoration of all things) plus the remaining 46 and 1/2 years (the finishing of the restoration of all things), making 70 and 1/2 years total. The counting of the 46 and 1/2 years would resume with the advent of the fully empowered Josephite. In other words, once the Josephite makes his appearance, we can expect the Second Coming to happen about 46 and 1/2 years later.

    Then I got to thinking about the sixth thousand years, given that there are now less than 17 years left of it (as of 6 April, 2016.) In order for the prophecies to be fulfilled, the Josephite must show up at some point during the next 17 years. He cannot show up in the seventh thousand years. That would be too late. So, whenever he appears, we can count from that point on to the end of the sixth thousand years, and then whatever amount is left of the 46 and 1/2 years must be counted as occurring during the beginning of the seventh thousand years.

    Again, when I looked at the total number of years (70 and 1/2), I thought, “That’s pretty close to 70,” seventy being a number used often in end time and other prophecy.

  5. I’m not sure where you got that from, but I think I did some better calculating which I posted somewhere else. Basically, you start with the First Vision (Spring of 1820) and then go 24 years and about three months, to Joseph’s death in June of 1844. That leaves 45 years and about nine months. It’s imprecise because we don’t know exactly when the First Vision occurred, but if you add that together, it gives 70 years.

  6. I have updated this post with a correction, changing 8 April into 11 April because when I wrote it I had the understanding that Jesus lived 33 years and three days, but I was too lazy to double-check that fact, so I just put everything as 33 years. Then yesterday I picked up the scriptures to fact check the understanding and discovered that it was credible. So I’ve now corrected the post to reflect that.

  7. Why reckon Jesus rose from the dead two days later? Why not use the three-day reckoning of 24 hours? then , it could have 12 April 33 A.D. Happy birthday LDS anarchy!

  8. I used to belive that April 6th was Christ’s date of birth, but after I read this I no longer do:

  9. Ever since there was a study, it was about 4-5 B.C. more or less as indicated or calculated by mortals or at least scholars, if you’ve been an ardent or at least a good student of history you won’t exchange good reasoning for blind belief, as that link indicates somewhere, the Church has taken no official position.

  10. I just wanted to let you know that I included your blog in one of my own posts.

    My challenge is to read this following article:

    hope to hear feedback.


  11. Shoot, I’m sorry…

    My challenge is for you to read THIS article:

    I believe it to be a very important paper.


  12. G.azelem, I appreciate the shoutout. I’ve read you around the various Mormon blogs. If I recall correctly, you believe the church is in apostasy. It isn’t. We’ll have to agree to disagree on this point.

  13. G.azelem, your interpretation of the seven seals as being the 7000 year history of the world is standard among Christianity. So, taking that view, we are living in the time of the sixth seal and the events of the first five seals have already happened, during the first 5000 years. But that view is incorrect. I have written about John’s book sealed with seven seals on this blog before. Off-hand, try this post: Recent Thoughts on the Prophecies. I may have written about it on other posts, too. I’m not sure. (It’s been awhile since I’ve gone over my posts.) At any rate, that is where you have gone wrong. Plug in this fact and the assumptions in your post go awry. Of course, if my understanding of the seven seals is wrong (it’s not), then your post may be valid. 🙂

  14. Anarchist,

    I am left confused.

    I don’t believe that the seals open each thousand year. You must have skimmed my article. Or I’m THAT bad at presenting my ideas…

    Please take a closer look at what I undertook to explain.

    I am familiar with the link you shared. I’ve been reading your blog for nearly four years.


  15. I skimmed it, indeed. I will read the entire thing now.

  16. G.azelem, from your post:

    Realize that we are in the fifth seal. Not the sixth, and sure as heck not the seventh.

    My understanding is that we are not even in the first seal, let alone the fifth. None of the seals have been opened, in fact. But we are in the sixth thousand years.

    Btw, I have read to the end of the post and I’m impressed that you noticed the distinction between four quarters and four winds, one implying a gathering by humans and the other implying or indicating a gathering by angels.

    It is true that Christians today are the most persecuted segment of society (given recently released data on that), but that doesn’t mean the prophecy of when the fifth seal is opened is taking place. The seven seals are revelations that will be unsealed, and after these revelations are released, events will transpire as John recorded, among the wicked. So, the end time events haven’t even started, yet. We are free to speculate on all the events that will occur during the end times, and their order, but there is a work that must be performed prior to the first seal being opened, and it’s huge, and it hasn’t yet happened; and after that the seals get opened, one by one, and each one represents another huge (or great and marvelous) work.

    My point is this: end time prophecy is fun stuff, but if you start taking current events and force fitting them into end time prophecy, you invariably will go awry, because it hasn’t begun, yet.

  17. I really don’t think I’m forcing things to fit. I guess I’m down to say we’re in any seal so long as it isn’t the sixth or seventh.

    My most recent post explains why the church is in apostasy and how Denver is a false prophet.

    I know the snufferites have nothing to say on the matter.

    Tell me what you think of my analysis of 124.


  18. G.azelem,

    I really don’t think I’m forcing things to fit. I guess I’m down to say we’re in any seal so long as it isn’t the sixth or seventh.

    I think we are talking about two different concepts. My understanding of the seven seals of the book John saw is that they are revelations which reveal everything pertaining to one of the seven thousand years. So, when the first seal is opened, that revelation goes forth. It gets revealed. And then the events that John saw after that particular seal is opened, happens. So, with this understanding, I can’t really say we are ever “in” any seal. We are in one of the groups of thousand years, specifically, we are living in the latter end of the sixth thousand years. But the Lord hasn’t opened any of the seals, as yet, as none of these revelations have gone forth. This is my understanding. So, I’m not sure what exactly you mean by being “in a seal.” Joseph Smith defined what the opening of the seals are, and his definition was that they are revelations of God about all the works, etc., that occur in a specific set of 1000 years. So, that’s my framework and until I understand your framework, it’s hard to speak to it.

    My most recent post explains why the church is in apostasy and how Denver is a false prophet.

    Justin wrote:

    The prophecies given to Joseph Smith concerning the Lord’s work in the last days cannot be fulfilled unless the church of Jesus Christ gets out of order. Any people who believe that pointing out problems with church leadership or general practice somehow indicates that it’s worth abandoning are deceived and do not understand the revelations that founded the restoration of the church of Jesus Christ.

    It’s simply too hard for either side [mainstream or anti-] to understand that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints remains the church of Jesus Christ, despite being out of order and condemned. They either reject the claim that it’s out of order [“all is well in Zion”, you see] or they reject it as the true church of Christ altogether.

    So, on this point we must disagree. The church cannot be, and is not, apostate, (as in rejected by the Lord and no longer His.) It can certainly be said to be out of order, and plenty of people point out discrepancies between what is in the scriptures and what is currently practiced in the church, but its state of being out of order is not something unexpected, given that Joseph Smith himself prophesied of it, while still calling it of God.

    Although it is good to identify what Denver Snuffer is, or what he is not, it doesn’t matter one iota if you still perceive God’s church as rejected by Him. Whether you follow Snuffer or not, if you continue to reject the church and priesthood keys found among the saints, those keys will keep your name out of the earthly priesthood records, and if that is the case, then your name ain’t gettin’ in the heavenly Book of Life.

    I know many people, including Snuffer, use section 124 to say that the church was rejected by God, but this is incorrect. I’m not sure if I have ever gotten around to explaining that error on this blog. I may have, or I may have not. (I vaguely remember once starting to write the whole explanation out, but I think I got bored with the task and stopped. This stuff isn’t new to me and unless it’s new, I don’t like to tread already traveled ground.) But I will take a look at your analysis of 124, if you want. Just give me the link.

  19. Is this it?


  20. Okay gotcha with the seals.

    Now I understand what you mean. Do you believe that the seven seal book is the mystery of God revealed?

    Snuffer is an idiot when it comes to section 124.

    I do believe the church was rejected of God and no longer offers saving ordinances. However it is integral to God’s plan. It’s the prepatory work for the great work.

    It is gathering the wheat and tares. Soon the wheat will be called out. Once the wheat leaves the church to enter into the new and everlasting covenant via true prophets, the lds church is the great and abominable church.

    Here is my link

    It’s the latest post


  21. G.azelem,

    Now I understand what you mean. Do you believe that the seven seal book is the mystery of God revealed?

    See the The Sealed Portion section of the post Recent Thoughts on the Prophecies for more on that, as well as the rest of that post and its comments. See also Where We Are on the Prophetic Timeline: The Times of Types and Shadows.

    Snuffer is an idiot when it comes to section 124.

    I do believe the church was rejected of God and no longer offers saving ordinances.

    I have given you a correction to your section 124 post in a comment on your post. (It’s in the moderation queue.)

  22. I came across this interesting timeline based upon writings in the apocryphal book of 2nd Esdras (Ezra). I think you may find this very informative and useful:

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