We have found the Messias!

Seven Seals and the Paradisaical Millennium
The 8,000 Year Time Line of the Earth
By OneWhoIsWatching www.threewatches.blogspot.com

I suppose one of the most stirring passages of scripture that characterizes the spirit of watching is found in the 1st Chapter of the Gospel of John.

There were  two disciples of John the Baptist that were with him on the occasion that John saw Christ and said “Behold the Son of God”.  At that point, these two disciples left John and began following Christ.

Then Jesus turned, and saw them following, and saith unto them, What seek ye? They said unto him, Rabbi, (which is to say, being interpreted, Master,) where dwellest thou?

He saith unto them, Come and see. They came and saw where he dwelt, and abode with him that day: for it was about the tenth hour.

One of the two which heard John speak, and followed him, was Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother.

He first findeth his own brother Simon, and saith unto him, We have found the Messias, which is, being interpreted, the Christ.

And he brought him to Jesus. And when Jesus beheld him, he said, Thou art Simon the son of Jona: thou shalt be called Cephas, which is by interpretation, A stone.”

These passages are exquisite to me every time I think about them. Can one comprehend what Andrew must have been feeling when he finally found the Messiah he had been waiting and watching for?

Can we comprehend how he felt as he was able to share the good news with his brother Peter who had also been watching for the Messiah?

Can we imagine what Peter must have been thinking and feeling when those words penetrated him?

The story line continues;

The day following Jesus would go forth into Galilee, and findeth Philip, and saith unto him, Follow me.

Now Philip was of Bethsaida, the city of Andrew and Peter.

Philip findeth Nathanael, and saith unto him, We have found him, of whom Moses in the law, and the prophets, did write, Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph.

And Nathanael said unto him, Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth? Philip saith unto him, Come and see.

Jesus saw Nathanael coming to him, and saith of him, Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile!

What would it have been like to be Philip or Nathaniel?

Interestingly enough, during the 2nd watch, then Edward Partridge, one who had also been waiting and watching, traveled to meet the Lords Seer, the Lord compared Edward to Nathaniel of old;

And again, I have called my servant Edward Partridge; and I give a commandment, that he should be appointed by the voice of the church, and ordained a bishop unto the church, to leave his merchandise and to spend all his time in the labors of the church; To see to all things as it shall be appointed unto him in my laws in the day that I shall give them. And this because his heart is pure before me, for he is like unto Nathanael of old, in whom there is no guile.” D&C 41: 11

It appears that it was somewhat common knowledge among the Jews that a Messiah was to soon make his appearance. Even the remnants of the other tribes of Israel who were looked down upon by the Jews seemed to understand that it was the appointed time for the Messiah to appear as demonstrated by the Samarian woman at the well, who, when conversing with Christ acknowledged;

I know that Messias cometh, which is called Christ: when he is come, he will tell us all things.” John 4: 25

It is truly amazing that after the 400 years of the heavens being closed since Malachi, that there was a group of believers who had studied the prophecies and were found waiting and watching for the Messiah and his forerunner.

It is not clear how the small group of watchers knew how they stood in time, whether it was mainly from personal revelation, from searching the scriptures, from the signs of the times, from the preaching of John the Baptist…  or a combination of all of the above.

I am reminded however of the words of Daniel who had been searching in the “books” to understand various time lines and where he stood in time;

“In the first year of his reign I Daniel understood by books the number of the years, whereof the word of the LORD came to Jeremiah the prophet, that he would accomplish seventy years in the desolations of Jerusalem.” (Dan 9:2)

The scriptures are filled with time line related prophecies and the continual reminder of the importance for believers in all three watches to understand where they stand in time relative to the prophecies to be fulfilled in the day they live.

Yet most of the Jews were encompassed about in the cares of the world.

Interestingly, although many of the Jews embraced Christ as a prophet initially, they eventually allowed their corrupt and jealous leaders to turn them against Him.

There was only a small remnant that were earnestly waiting and watching in anticipatory zeal along with Andrew, Peter, Philip and Nathaniel. They were actively looking for him, and he was looking for each of them.

I love the scripture that says Jesus went forth to Galilee and “findeth Philip”.

The Savior said; “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me..”

My wife mentioned in a previous blog about how I became obsessed with doing scriptural word searches using infobases and other word crunching software back in the 1980’s, however she did not mention why I became so obsessed.

It all began in about September or October of 1988 when a friend named Eric who I had not seen for a few years, knocked on the door of my new home in Holiday Utah and told me he had a video I needed to see. It was about the “seven seals” and the “prophetic time line of the earth”.

That was a topic I had always had a keen interest in. I dropped everything and viewed it with great interest… little did I know that my life and my priorities were about to change dramatically.

In the video, a “Brother Nelson” (who was a young insurance salesman) was giving a seminar on the time line of the earth. He quoted many of the time line related scriptures found in the Book of Revelation and section 77 of the D&C.

I had previously read several articles about the seven thousand year time line including a 1983 Ensign article and I had been amazed at how incongruent all of the information I had seen had been with the revealed word of God.

The book of Revelation makes it clear that after the first six thousand years are fulfilled, the seventh seal opens and an hour of judgment takes place, following the hour of judgment, the millennium begins. Following the millennium, a little season takes place before the earth is celestialized. Clearly, the entire time line as revealed in the scriptures could not possibly fit into a seven thousand year time period.

The novel thing about the time line theory being promoted in the video by “Brother Nelson” was what I will refer to as the “overlap” theory.

In short, the theory proposed that the sixth seal and the seventh seal overlapped each other and that the seventh seal began before the sixth seal finished.

Eric and I went to the next scheduled time line seminar to hear the time line presentation in person. While watching the video, I had had a strong impression that that the person who had originated the overlap interpretation was actually someone other than Brother Nelson. After attending a live presentation I asked Brother Nelson if he would be kind enough to give me the contact information of the person who had originated the theory and taught him what he was teaching.

My question surprised him because he was teaching the information as if he had discovered the concepts of the theory from the scriptures himself, but with a little further prodding he finally gave me the name and phone number of a “Brother Edmonds” who lived in Mapleton Utah.

Eric and I contacted Brother Edmonds and requested a meeting with him. If my aging memory serves me correctly, we sat spell bound from about 4 PM to about 4 Am in his living room as he shared with us his version of the divine time line of the earth and the associated prophesies of the last days.

We then returned the following day and had another all night session.

Brother Edmonds was an elderly mam who had been a convert to the Church. As I recall, he was part Indian. I would describe him as fascinating, passionate, eccentric and fanatic… all in a good way. He had a very harsh warning for those who had not prepared temporally for the judgments that were about to hit the world.

He had a self contained retreat that could function off the grid. He had developed an apparatus for generating his own electricity and a large barracks filled with food storage, clothing and survival equipment. He was financially independent and was somewhat of an alchemist who had developed a secret process for refining gold.

Brother Edmonds claimed to have been very close personal friends with President Joseph Fielding Smith and other prophets of the Church. He claimed that the divine time line, including the overlap theory which he taught had been taught to him by President Smith.

As Brother Edmonds shared the parable of the goodman of the house who was to be watching lest the thief come and break in, etc., the message penetrated my heart in such a way that changed my life forever. I feel as it I have been sleeping with one eye open ever since!

That  was the experience 21 years ago that got me searching the scriptures in a much deeper way than I have ever searched them before.

Following that experience I purchased some scripture searching software and became obsessed with doing key word, key phrase and key topic searches. There were days I would spend 8- 10 hours at a time following the various search strings I was working on.

Although the topics I began with was that of the divine time line of the earth and end times prophecy, I soon found that every topic I would search would lead me to several other gospel topics and on and on. The more I learned, the more I realized how little I knew! I have now studied enough to realize I know NOTHING! lol

In the weeks following my initial visit with Brother Edmonds I began researching what President Joseph Fielding Smith had written about the divine time line of the earth.

After reading what he said in Doctrines of Salvation, I was shocked to find that President Smith had taught something quite different than what Brother Edmonds was teaching. To my surprise, President Smith did not teach about the overlapping of the sixth and seventh seal and a seven thousand year timeline, in fact, he taught that the divine time line actually consisted of eight thousand years instead of seven thousand years!

We have evidence beyond dispute that Adam was driven out of the Garden of Eden about 6,000 years ago, or perhaps a short time less. It is possible using bible chronology and that given by the Lord in the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants to figure this almost accurately… Moreover, our Savior came in the meridian of time… This means that it was about half way from the beginning of “time” to the end of “time”. Anyone who desires can figure it for himself that our Lord came about 4,000 years from the time of the fall. The millennium is to come some time following the 2,000 years following to 2,000 years after his coming. then there is to be the millennium for 1,000 years, and following that a “little season” the length of which is not revealed but which may bring “time to its end about 8,000 years from the beginning.” (Page79-81 Volume One Doctrines of Salvation See also the thesis of Arch Bishop Ussher who spent his life studying the time line of the earth from a literal interpretation of the Bible)

President Smith taught, according to my interpretation of his writings and in conjunction with the word searches I have done, that the seven seals mentioned in the book of Revelation did not represent the entire time line of the earth.. it only had reference to the seven thousand year portion of temporal time that the earth is passing through but he revealed that during the seventh seal, the earth would leave temporal time and go into eternity where it would experience a paradisaical millennium. It would leave this telestial order shortly after the seventh seal begins and go into a paradisaical (terrestrial) order. It would be gone from our telestial reckoning of time for the space of a thousand years and then it would return back to temporal time and finish the remainder of the seventh seal in temporal time.

He taught that the paradisaical millennium that takes place in eternity was separate and distinct from each of the seven millenniums that take place in temporal time.

I returned to brother Edmonds and confronted him about the apparent discrepancy between his interpretation of the time line vs the interpretation provided by President Smith in Doctrines of Salvation.

Although it was not my intent to challenge his sincerity or integrity, I fear that is how he perceived the grilling he was getting. His response was not a pleasant one. It resulted in an unpleasant exchange between the two of us…  we parted ways on a rather sour note, never to see each other in this life again.

I must say however that I feel eternally indebted to Brother Edmonds for his passion about prophecy and for instilling in me a desire to know where I stand in time and the importance of having the spirit of watching and waiting.

He has since passed on, but I shall always be grateful that he was the catalyst for a profound and defining experience in my life.

Needless to say, the time line being presented by Brother Nelson and Brother Edmonds created  no small stir among many people back at that time.

There have since been several groups that have created their own variations of that time line, or were inspired to create different theories altogether, some of them have promoted their own time line videos.

At the time that all of this fuss was taking place, there were rumors about the general authority, under whose stewardship Mapleton Utah,  fell, who was Paul H. Dunn, meeting Brother Edmonds and also with Brother Nelson and warning them to tone things down and to not circulate inaccurate information.

Apparently church headquarters was getting lots of calls and letters from members of the church who were beginning to panic about the perilous time they felt we were entering into.

In an effort to sort things out in my own mind on these issues and to see if the church had an official position on the matter, I wrote a letter to Elder Dunn inquiring about the time line doctrine being taught by Brother Edmonds and the discrepancies I had found between his teachings and those written by President Smith. I included a diagram of my own interpretation of the timeline for his review.

I was curious to know what the official position of the Church was on the time line of the Church.

He was kind enough to respond to my inquiry and to provide a copy of a letter he had recently received from brother Nelson.

At the time, I found it disconcerting that Brother Dunn would commend me for coming to the “proper source” on such doctrinal matters while failing to respond to the doctrinal observations and questions I asked.

As a heretic that tends to be somewhat of a non-conformist, I have tried to find discrepancies in the general nine part time line taught by president Smith as I have searched the scriptures. After 21 years, I have yet to find a major discrepancy in it. In my opinion, his general time line interpretation fits perfectly with every time line statement in the scriptures. Below is my interpretation of the time line based on the scriptures and the writings of President Smith.

1-     1st Seal (one thousand years)

2-     2nd Seal (second thousand years)

3-     3rd Seal (third thousand years)

4-     4th Seal (fourth thousand years


5-     5th Seal (fifth thousand years)

6-     6th Seal (sixth thousand years)

7-     Beginning of the 7th Seal (Hour of Judgment/Redemption+ possibly about 41 years although the days will be cut short)

8-     Paradisaical Millennium (“There shall be time no longer” the earth leaves temporal time for the “space of 1,000 years”

9-     Remainder of the 7th Seal (“Little Season” possibly about 959 years)


The above time line which is patterned after the writings of president Smith and many of the time line related prophecies, solves many of the discrepancies found in many of the articles written about the seven seals. Aside from the fact that the time line of the earth revealed in the scriptures cannot possibly fit into a 7,000 year period, another of the glaring discrepancies that most articles pertaining to the seven seals creates, has to do with the term “meridian”.

President Smith taught that the term meridian, as used in this context, means “middle’ and “high point” of time. As you can see from the proposed time line spoken of by President Smith, the coming of Christ did in fact take place in the middle of time;

If the above scenario is anywhere close to being correct, we are very close to the end of the sixth seal… and very close to the events spoken of by Christ that will take place in the last generation of probationary time (which take place before the seventh seal opens)

Of course Joseph Smith and many of the other general authorities from earlier times have been warning the Saints for a long time that we are getting near to the end of the six thousand year period spoken of in the scriptures, but perhaps one of the most disruptive scriptural interpretations derived from the Edmonds time line presentations is found in section 20 of the D&C;

The rise of the Church of Christ in these last days, being one thousand eight hundred and thirty years since the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the flesh, it being regularly organized and established agreeable to the laws of our country, by the will and commandments of God, in the fourth month, and on the sixth day of the month which is called AprilD&C 20:

The reason this scripture is so disruptive is because in the past, the six thousand year period was spoken of in a vague context, taking for granted that our current calendar is not completely accurate and that we didn’t know the exact date of Christ’s birth, hence we don’t know when the six thousand year period comes to an end and we therefore don’t know exactly where we stand in time.

However a literal rendering of section 20 enables us to identify with pinpoint accuracy when the fall of Adam, the birth of Christ, the atonement of Christ and the end of the sixth seal takes place!

In essence, it tells us where we stand in time!

But can we take those passages in section 20 literally?

In another post I addressed the fascinating history behind section 20 and pointed out that it was actually written by Oliver Cowdery, not Joseph Smith. There is some disputation upon whether or not it should be consider an inspired writing or an actual revelation. In later years historical documents have surfaced that indicate that it was in fact a direct revelation from God.

Apparently President Kimball did take section 20 literally. On Easter Sunday April 6th 1980 he made the following statement;

“My brothers and sisters, today we not only celebrate the Sesquicentennial of the organization of the Church, but also the greatest event in human history since the birth of Christ on this day 1,980 years ago. Today is Easter Sunday” (May 1980 Ensign)

Harold B Lee also apparently agreed with the proposition contained in section 20 verse one;

“This is the annual conference of the Church. April 6, 1973, is a particularly significant date because it commemorates not only the anniversary of the organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in this dispensation, but also the anniversary of the birth of the Savior, our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ…” (ref)

When does the Sixth Seal End?

Recently I was asked by a friend, “Why didn’t anything happen on April 6th 2000?”

His question was based on the following assumptions;

1-  1- The Meridian (or Middle) of time is marked by the Birth of Christ

2-   2- The probationary period of mankind is six thousand years

3-   3- Section 20 reveals that our current calendar is correct to within a few months stating that on April 6th 1830, it had been 1830 years since the birth of Christ.

Based on the above assumptions, the end of the sixth seal would have been April 6th 2000. For this reason some people were anticipating that something might happen on that date.

Although I agree with President Smiths nine period chronology of the divine time line and with his definition of “Meridian” meaning middle and high point of time, I disagree with the assumption some people make when they identify the birth of Christ as the “coming of Christ” . I think this is an erroneous application of the term meridian.

Edmonds identified the birth of Christ with the scriptural phrase “coming of Christ”. he felt that the birth of Christ was a prophetic marker pointing to the middle or high point of time.

I am going to suggest that the middle of time and the high point of time was not the birth of Christ, rather it was the Atonement of Christ. (or possibly half way between the birth and atonement of Christ)

Notice the curious scripture found in the Pearl of Great Price;

And it came to pass that Enoch looked; and from Noah, he beheld all the families of the earth; and he cried unto the Lord, saying: When shall the day of the Lord come? When shall the blood of the Righteous be shed, that all they that mourn may be sanctified and have eternal life? And the Lord said: It shall be in the meridian of time, in the days of wickedness and vengeance. And behold, Enoch saw the day of the coming of the Son of Man, even in the flesh; and his soul rejoiced, saying: The Righteous is lifted up, and the Lamb is slain from the foundation of the world; and through faith I am in the bosom of the Father, and behold, Zion is with me.” Moses 7

It appears to me that the meridian of time is being linked with the day of the Lord which is clearly identified by the wickedness of those who shed the sanctifying blood of the righteous Savior. Clearly the emphasis pertaining to the events associated with his coming in the MERIDIAN of time is being placed on the crucifixion and the atonement of Christ, not his birth!

It is understandable that one would think that Christ has delayed the time of the end of probation and his return in glory in the beginning of the seventh seal if one assumes that the meridian of time is based on the birth of Christ. But I would suggest that is a false premise.

IF the following suppositions are true, then the end of the sixth seal would be closer to April 6th 2033 than to April 6th 2000;

·       probationary time does consist of six thousand years

·       section 20 is accurate in validating what the true calendar is

·       the term Meridian does have reference to the middle and high point of the divine     time line

·       the high point of time was in fact the atonement of Christ

Of course we know that the events of the last generation leading up to the end of probationary time, as described by Christ in Matthew 24 must take place sometime during the last biblical generation of the sixth seal.

That would possibly mean that the last 40 year generation of the probationary period before the judgment which takes place in the beginning of the seventh seal, would have possibly begun in 1993 and will possibly end in 2033, or some time sooner since we not that things will be cut short!

Obviously, the events mentioned in Matthew 24 don’t necessarily begin when the generation begins, they simply take place sometime during that generation. Additionally, they are all completed before the entire generation expires for we are told that those days will be shortened;

And except those days should be shortened, there should none of their flesh be saved; but for the elect’s sake, according to the covenant, those days shall be shortened.” JS-M 1: 20

The thought that the last generation might have begun back in 1993 is an awesome thought to ponder.

The thought that we are currently living in the tail end of the six thousand years is really not a far stretch, after all, as pointed out earlier, President Smith declared that we are nearly at the end of the first six thousand years period. Joseph Smith also declared that those living in his day were living close to the end of the six thousand years;

“The world has had a fair trial for six thousand years; the Lord will try the seventh thousand Himself..” TPSJ 5:252

If those living at the time of Joseph Smith were nearing the end of the six thousand year period, then we know that we are even closer to it!

The comments from Joseph smith would indicate that section 20 could be accurate.

Joseph Fielding Smith has since echoed those sentiments with even more specificity;

We have evidence beyond dispute that Adam was driven out of the Garden of Eden about 6,000 years ago, or perhaps a short time less. It is possible for us, by using the Bible chronology and that given by the Lord in the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants to figure this almost accurately.” Doctrines of Salvation

Ezra Taft Benson also felt we were close to the end of the six thousand year probationary period:

“For nearly six thousand years, God has held you in reserve to make your appearance in the final days before the Second Coming…” (ETB, Spoken to a gathering of youth in Southern California after he became President of the Church)

Ezra Taft Benson also made the following comments to a youth group:

“Youth of Zion, do you realize you are living in the days of the fulfillment of these signs and wonders? You are among those who will see many of these prophecies fulfilled. Just as certain as was the destruction of the temple at Jerusalem and the scattering of the Jews, so shall these words of the Savior be certain to your generation.

We know not the day nor the hour of His coming, but of this you may feel assured: You stand close to the great day of the Lord! In His words of modern revelation, we say to you, “Seek the face of the Lord, always” (D&C 101:38).

Could it really be possible that we are already living during the last generation of probationary time?

1993 was a year to remember for many people, for many reasons.

Just to jog your memory, the most popular show was “60 minutes”, and the academy award for the best picture that year was given to “Schindler’s List”. That year the Nobel Peace prize was awarded to Nelson Mandela .

The most popular fiction that year was “The Bridges of Madison County”  starring Clint Eastwood, written by  Robert James Waller.

The four most popular Nonfiction books that year were written by an eccentric conservative political talk radio host who would gain such popularity that he would affect politics in a huge way, a degenerate sex pervert who would have been jailed for his antics in the previous generation, but with the downward trend in morals has become worshipped and revered by men and women alike, a stand up comedian that would create an award winning sitcom based on nothing, and a disenfranchised Latter day Saint who claimed to have died and seen the after life, creating her own quasi-new age religion mingled with bits and pieces of Mormon Doctrine;
1.”See I Told You” … Rush Limbaugh
2.”Private Parts” … Howard Stern
3.”Seinlanguage” … Jerry Seinfeld
4.”Embraced by the Light” … Betty J. Eddie with Curtis Taylor

Such were the latter day movers and shakers shaping the thoughts of our present generation in 1993. Those were the books being embraced by a depraved nation with darkened minds.

If indeed 1993 was the beginning of the last 40 year generation of probationary time, it is not unreasonable to suspect that a very significant event might have taken place that year as a prophetic marker indicating where we stand in time.

I have listed below, some of the major events that took place that year. There is one of them in particular that I find to be very significant.

How about you?

Do you find anything in the  following list to be a significant prophetic event? Or are you aware of another event that took place in 1993 that is not on the list that might have been significant?

  • The Great Blizzard of 1993 strikes the eastern U.S., bringing record snowfall and other severe weather all the way from Cuba to Québec.
  • The European Union was formally established when the Maastricht Treaty came into force on 1 November 1993
  • The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is signed into law by US President Bill Clinton.
  • The World Wide Web is born at CERN.
  • John Paxson‘s 3-point shot in Game 6 of the NBA Finals helps the Chicago Bulls, and their third consecutive championship. secure a 99-98 win over the Phoenix Suns.
  • U.S. President Bill Clinton announces his ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell‘ policy regarding gays in the American military.
  • The Mississippi and Missouri Rivers flood large portions of the American Midwest.
  • LDS Apostles offered their sacrifices and oblations in the Kirtland Temple for the first time in over 140 years
  • Waco seige in Texas.
  • First World Trade Center bombing. Terrorists detonate bomb in underground car park.
  • A seven year peace treaty signed between Israel and PLO. .
  • The HAARP Program ( which stands for “High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program” was created. The HAARP Program is jointly managed by the US Air Force and the US Navy. Though the military denies the allegations, scientific evidence shows that HAARP can cause earthquakes (and other devastations). Russia and the U.S. have already signed treaties agreeing not to use the weather as weaponry against each other.

Assuming that 1993 was the beginning of the last forty year generation of probationary time, those who are watching have great cause to be very anticipatory.

We are now over 1/3 the way through the last generation in the sixth seal during which the preparatory event for the Lords Second coming in glory will take place before the final judgments in the beginning of the seventh seal will take place.

While many believing Mormons, Protestants and Catholics are  watching for the judgments to take place in the opening of the seventh seal and the second coming of the Lord in glory, those who understand the three watch doctrine realize that the Marvelous Work and a Wonder must first take place BEFORE the seventh seal can begin.

Our Father Adam and the Seer and the Spokesman and the rest of the first laborers of the last kingdom must first make their appearance to seal up the righteous and the wicked.

During this time the Savior will return to the vineyard in secret. All of this must happen BEFORE the judgments of the seventh seal and the second coming in glory can take place.

The return of the servants and the testimony of the Servants to the world will be followed by the testimony of earthquakes and the voice of thunderings and the voice of lightnings and the voice of tempests and voice of the waves of the sea heaving themselves beyond their bounds. (See section 88)

As we watch in anticipation for the events to take place, the Lord has given many signs of the times for us to be watching for. Additionally there are other keys to help us understand what is to take place in the near future.

Among them, the dates that revelations took place in the D&C can possibly be very helpful.

Understanding the feasts of Israel and the meaning and sequence behind them and how they related to prophecy can be very helpful.

Perhaps another key was given in section 59

On August 7th 1831 the Lord said;

Thou shalt offer a sacrifice unto the Lord thy God in righteousness, even that of a broken heart and a contrite spirit.

And that thou mayest more fully keep thyself unspotted from the world, thou shalt go to the house of prayer and offer up thy sacraments upon my holy day;For verily this is a day appointed unto you to rest from your labors, and to pay thy devotions unto the Most High;

Nevertheless thy vow shall be offered up in righteousness on all days and at all times; But remember that on this, the Lord’s day, thou shalt offer thine oblations and thy sacraments unto the Most High, confessing thy sins unto thy brethren, and before the Lord.

And on this day thou shalt do none other thing, only let thy food be prepared with singleness of heart that thy fasting may be perfect, or, in other words, that thy joy may be full.

Although that revelation was given on a Sunday, verifying that the Lords Sabbath day is indeed on Sunday during this period time, it is interesting to note that it was also given on a NEW MOON!

Hence, the statements from Isaiah and other prophets about the significance of the New Moon are still very applicable. It may be helpful to keep your eyes on the New Moon dates coming up.

This site is very helpful for researching past New Moon dates as well as future ones- Phases of the Moon Calendar

We live in amazing times.

Are you waiting and watching?

Will you be one of the ones that they find, just as the Lord found Philip?

Perhaps you will be one of the first to find them.

Perhaps you, like Andrew, will have the privilege of seeking out your beloved brother or sister and declaring “I have found them! The Servants have returned!”

Perhaps just as Philip found Nathanial, you will find your fellow believers and declare;

I have found those who have been identified in the scriptures as the first laborers of the last kingdom, they have returned just as the Lord God of Israel has promised!”



  1. It is ironic that Paul Dunn said that your “Brother Nelson” was was saying things that “Just (were not) true”.=)

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    I enjoyed your post.

  2. Sure would like to me able to say “I have found them!”… would be amazing.

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    Isn’t it one of the most glorious times to be living?

    My favorite part of your post?

    ““Thou shalt offer a sacrifice unto the Lord thy God in righteousness, even that of a broken heart and a contrite spirit.
    And that thou mayest more fully keep thyself unspotted from the world, thou shalt go to the house of prayer and offer up thy sacraments upon my holy day;For verily this is a day appointed unto you to rest from your labors, and to pay thy devotions unto the Most High;
    Nevertheless thy vow shall be offered up in righteousness on all days and at all times; But remember that on this, the Lord’s day, thou shalt offer thine oblations and thy sacraments unto the Most High, confessing thy sins unto thy brethren, and before the Lord.
    And on this day thou shalt do none other thing, only let thy food be prepared with singleness of heart that thy fasting may be perfect, or, in other words, that thy joy may be full.“

    and there are bigger reasons why than you realize…

    It is a part of the last sacrifice that will close the sixth seal.

    little liahona

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  7. I got an email from someone asking which future New Moon in August I was alluding to in the article. I did not mean to imply that I was thinking about a specific date nor that it would necessarily be in August.

    The purpose of providing the link to the New Moon Calendar is just for those wanting to do historical research on which days fell on a New Moon in the past as well as viewing future days that will fall on a New Moon.

    I have reworded that portion of the article… Sorry for being a little bit ambiguous on that issue.

  8. Thank you sincerely Troy. (Gentle smile) I appreciate a beautiful heart able to speak truth. It such a good thing to see in this world currently.


    love always

    P.S. Do not mistake a heart full of intelligence and confidence for arrogance. As these are the humble traits required to stand up to a world in adversity. lol…

  9. Those who are to be prepared for a greater work, are to be further lifted in confidence when their ability rises in earnest progression. Those that cast stones are a sign that we are headed in the right direction. For the adversity comes first, before any full dawn.

    Keep going onewhoiswatching. Your writing is progressing very well!

    sweet dreams all

  10. Troy and psla
    To make statements like “Your writing is progressing well” and “Now, you are finally writing.” implies that you are in a position of authority on a subject. YOUR NOT. PSLA Let me help you on an appropraite non condisending way to compliment somoene that deserves a little respect for the work they have done;
    Dear OWIW I very much enjoyed your post. I especialy liked the stories and the love and that you didn’t sneak any hard doctorine that disagrees with my current world vew this time.
    Love pslovealways

  11. Dear Troy, psla (Birdie) and Truthseeker

    I am going to be going on an unusual journey and I am hoping the three of you will join me.

    I will be giving the details of the journey at http://www.threewatches.blogspot.com.

    They will not be posted for several days so be patient. I am just giving you a heads up so that you can plan your schedules accordingly. I know you probably have lots of things planned for this summer, and I realize this trip may not work into your busy schedules.

    I am not in a position to be very flexible about the date we leave and the date we return, I will understand if any or all of you are unable or unwilling to join me.

    Please don’t reject this invitation until you hear the details.

    I realize the three of you are probably not very excited about going on a trip with each other, and I don’t blame you, however, please give me the opportunity of providing the details BEFORE you reject my offer.

    Conversely, please don’t accept my offer until you hear the details.

    I wish I could give you more details right now but I can’t.

    Please Keep Watching

  12. I am certainly interested OWIW. I look forward to the details.

  13. Truthseeker,

    Is life for the purpose of progression? And if it is, then how is it possible that during a life of progression a writing could not progress to it’s fullest extent? How is it that one could stop growing while on earth?

    Because I do not praise according to your understanding, does not make the praise condescending. It is your own mind that chooses to see it such a way. Which signals a need for further progression within you…

    Beyond you truthseeker which this thread is not about, one who is watching is beginning to write in a style that could potentially influence millions.

    Now if you would be kind enough to gently remove your hands from the way of adversity, he could continue on.

    Thank you


    Love You!!!

  14. I too look greatly forward to the details. 🙂

    It should be intriguing. I do hope that you will include within your description, the full purpose and intent.

    love always

  15. I was going to comment on your post regarding a portion of it and the overlap. Which is true… And I could fully explain…

    However, it really doesn’t matter. And I am truly not here to educate. Rather I have a job to perform on earth away from everyones eyes. It is interesting how the most intelligent beings are treated…

    I won’t be joining you. Responsibilities dictate every day life. That, and with the possibility of such a cruel person to be in my midst… Well, any woman holds the right to refrain from such exposure.

    Truthseeker, you are solely responsible for closing down all gates of communication till the end. Your inability to act accordingly towards the law of love, has created such.
    From this time until the eighth dispensation, will you no longer judge any another. Lest ye be cursed without a voice to speak.

    This is my prayer Father. In the name of Jesus Christ.

    love always

  16. Spread your Voodoo somewhere else love… You show love only when it is conveinent. You threaten with a power you do not hold. You have no control over me or your own mind. Your prayer contradicts the teachings of our Lord and Saviour and so do my actions. I will work on that…
    I wish you the best and may you recieve the gift of selfawareness one day soon.

    “It is interesting how the most intelligent beings are treated…”

    It is also interesting how the best looking of us are treated as well… LOL barf

  17. OWIW,
    I’m in for the trip. Troy and I can do a ropes course or something. I’m ready for the details. I hope you can help my pettiness and quick trigger.

  18. It sounds like two out of the three of you are at least willing to listen to the details of my offer.

    I appreciate your willingness to hear me out. Even if you ultimately decide not to join me after hearing the details, it shows great humility and an open and seeking heart to at least hear the details before rejecting the offer.

    I look forward to giving you the details. Please be patient, it will be at least several days before I am able to give the details.

    Keep Watching

  19. Hi there Watcher I enjoyed your post very much and agree with the 8,000 year and the middle of time being the crucifiction etc.

    I do not disagree with anything you’ve presented, I would only attempt to add to your presentation and give my explanation of the remaining time we have before 2033.

    I personnally believe that we are given a more specific chronology of how the 3rd watch marvelous work will come down. I wish I could quote someone on the internet or some authority general or not but I can’t find anyone that can give me a viable explanation of the part of Revelation that I love to deal with. Please allow me to suggest some things that I see in the Book of Revelation and that I think are corroborated by the D&C.

    I do not believe that the 6th thousand years and the 7th thousand years overlap like
    Bro Edmonds, I believe they are set in stone and the handoff is in 2033. But I do believe that there is an overlapping or a bridging of the 2033 date by the hour of judgment. There is that weird part of the hour of judgment that is called the 1/2 hour of silence that no one seems to have an explantion for. I believe that the opening of the 7th seal is a seperate and distinct term from the 7th thousand year period. I believe that the 7th seal is opened by the Lamb and the 1/2 hour of silence begins in 2012 a little over 20 years before the 7th thousand years begins.

    Allow me to explain that a little.

    Lets go back to Revelation 5. I believe that chapter 5 occurs at the beginning of the marvelous work. There’s a little drama that’s being played out. Where no one can be found who can open this very special book, then out of the blue there’s a Lamb that can open the book and he takes the book from Him who sits on the throne and all of heaven praises and worships the Lamb. The lamb then begins to open the 7 seals which bind the book shut. I believe that when he opens a seal it represents a specific event of the 3rd watch. Many Protestent sites on the web give a somewhat similar explanation of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, but have no explanation of the other seals that the lamb opens.

    1st seal = the servant of God on a white horse going forth with power
    2nd seal = the fall of Babylon & peace being taken from the earth
    3rd seal = the setting up of the Kingdom of the Beast
    4th seal = the reign of Satan himself on the earth
    5th seal = a statement of reassurance to the righteous meridian saints

    6th seal is the special one, it’s the only one seemingly that makes sense to everyone. We all know that there will be a great earthquake and that the sun, moon and stars will go crazy and that everyone will hide from Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb. It’s during the opening of this seal that the 144,000 are sealed up. This is a pivital event that is essential to the events of the opening of the 7th seal and the 1/2 hour of silence.

    7th seal = the 1/2 hour of silence which begins during the 6th thousand year period. It’s during the 1/2 hour of silence that the temple in Jackson Co is built and the House of Israel is gathered to it. This is the work of the Father where all Israel will be saved, except for the Jews of course which have a special suffering that they are required to experience.

    Now allow me to refer to two scriptures in the D&C that I believe support these ideas.

    D&C 77 is the question answer section on the Book of Revelation. Verse 12 is the specific verse concering the 7th thousand year and it even skirts the issue of the 1/2 hour of silence. 77:12 asks the question “What are we to understand by the sounding of the trumpets, mentioned in the 8th chapter of Revelation?” The answer is given that “the sounding of the trumpets of the seven angels are the preparing and finishing of his work, in the beginning of the seventh thousand years” The Lord totally ignores the 1/2 hour of silence because I believe it begins in the 6th thousand year. The Lord isn’t overlapping the 6th thousand year and the 7th thousand year he is overlapping the opening of the 7th seal by the Lamb with the 6th thousandth year.

    D&C 112 speaks of the overlapping of the dispsations which I believe is talking about this same relationship. Here we learn that the dispensation of the fulness of times begins during the dispensation of the last days.

    30 For unto you, the Twelve, and those, the First Presidency, who are appointed with you to be your counselors and your leaders, is the power of this priesthood given, for the last days and for the last time, in the which is the dispensation of the fulness of times.

    The dispensation of the last days seems to be the equivalent of the 6th thousand years
    of the times of the gentiles because the apostles spoke about them being in the dispensation of the last days.

    The dispensation of the fulness of times is the restoration of all the dispensations which the opening of the 7 seals also seems to represent, at least to me.

    I hope my thoughts are as clear as mud.

    I found myself wondering what the majority of the comments had to do with the watchers fine blog. Maybe someone could start another blog where bickering is loved and appreciated. Other than a little praise I didn’t see anything specific to the ideas presented in the blog. As for my comments I desire no praise, but an analysis and critique on the ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  20. Hey OWIW! You coming to NC??!! I could use a pow-wow.

  21. Malachi my friend

    Thank you for your comments and for sharing the additional specifics on your interpretation pertaining to the specifics pertaining to the parts of the timeline I pretty much left blank.

    Since I am out of town celebrating Mrs Watchers and my 31sr year of heretical bliss in a condo in the mountains with sporadic opportunity to find wireless access to the internet, I have not studied your response in depth… I know we have discussed this before but I look forward to studying it in greater detail when I can.


  22. Watcher, thanks for bringing this topic up. I have always subscribed to Joseph Fielding Smith’s time line views and have often considered the meridian = atonement idea (2033 end), but never actually took the time to research the scriptures to come to any adequate conclusion. This post has caused me to finally do a study and I thank you for that.

    My current understanding is that the “meridian of time” does not refer to the birth of Christ nor to the Atonement of Christ, but to the entire life of Christ, meaning from His birth to His death, or the full 33 years. These 33 years are the halfway point of the 8000 years of Earth’s existence. So, He was born towards the end of the 4th thousand years and He died near the beginning of the 5th thousand years. Which means that the middle point of time would be exactly 16.5 years from his birth, or October 6 of the year 16. Which means that the 5th thousand years ended on October 6, 1016 and that the 6th thousand years will end on October 6, 2016. At which point the 7th seal will open.

    This interpretation seems consistent with both the scriptures and my understanding of the signs of the times that are taking place and “where we are” time-wise according to those signs. I’ve discussed this with what4anarchy and he also seems to think that October 6, 2016 seems about right for the end date of the 6th seal.

    Here are all the scriptures that mention the meridian of time:

    26 Not only those who believed after he came in the meridian of time, in the flesh, but all those from the beginning, even as many as were before he came, who believed in the words of the holy prophets, who spake as they were inspired by the gift of the Holy Ghost, who truly testified of him in all things, should have eternal life, (D&C 20: 26)

    3 The same which came in the meridian of time unto mine own, and mine own received me not; (D&C 39: 3)

    57 For they would not hearken unto his voice, nor believe on his Only Begotten Son, even him whom he declared should come in the meridian of time, who was prepared from before the foundation of the world. (Moses 5: 57)

    57 Wherefore teach it unto your children, that all men, everywhere, must repent, or they can in nowise inherit the kingdom of God, for no unclean thing can dwell there, or dwell in his presence; for, in the language of Adam, Man of Holiness is his name, and the name of his Only Begotten is the Son of Man, even Jesus Christ, a righteous Judge, who shall come in the meridian of time.
    • • •
    62 And now, behold, I say unto you: This is the plan of salvation unto all men, through the blood of mine Only Begotten, who shall come in the meridian of time. (Moses 6: 57, 62)

    46 And the Lord said: It shall be in the meridian of time, in the days of wickedness and vengeance. (Moses 7: 46)

  23. That’s interesting Anachrist now we even have another date to watch. Like how did you come to that realization? I see 6 instances of the use of the phrase “meridian of time” I read your explanation of halving the 33 yrs and that’s interesting but it’s a bit of a jump for me at the moment. Is there anyother reason to grab onto this idea?

  24. LDSAnarchy

    Yes, as I mentioned in my article, in addition to the possibility of the atonement date being the middle point of time, there is a possibility that the middle of time is marked by identifying the middle date between the birth and atonement;

    “I am going to suggest that the middle of time and the high point of time was not the birth of Christ, rather it was the Atonement of Christ. (or possibly half way between the birth and atonement of Christ)”

    I certainly would prefer it to be the mid point between the birth and death of Christ, that way, and it would seem to make more sense in that it doesn’t seem like we need until 2033 for all of the events to happen. (of course we don’t need that much time anyway as we have been told the time will be cut short)

    The scenario you have accepted also makes more sense to me from the stand point that Arch Bishop Ussher would not have been quite so far off in his projected date for the fall of Adam!

    Nevertheless, I guess the two reasons why I still lean toward the atonement date, and not the mid point date between the birth and atonement are as follows;

    1- HIGH POINT; If the contextual term for meridian only means “middle” then the mid point between the birth and meridian would probably make the most sense to me, however, President Smith’s claim that it also means “high point” rings true to me. And, I suspect it means something different to me as well. He seems to be deriving his thoughts from one of websters definitions of meridian which is as follows;

    “The highest point; as the meridian of life; the meridian of power or of glory.”

    I really think the term “meridian of time” is not only the middle point of time but also the “High Point” of Christ’s power and glory.

    It seems to me that the high point of Christs power and glory would have been when he broke the bands of death and atoned for our sins, etc.

    When he prayed the intercessory prayer, just before the crucifixion he prayed these words;

    “Father, the hour is come; glorify thy Son, that thy Son also may glorify thee..”

    It seems to me that the breaking of the bands of death and the atonement that Christ accomplished during his ministry at the age of 33 is more likely to be considered the high point that anything Christ may have been doing at the age of 16 or 17, long before his formal ministry began.

    2- PROPHETIC MARKER: As I mentioned in the article, it seems to me that the beginning of the last 40 years of probationary time might well be marked for those who are watching with a prophetic marker. I can see several significant events that took place in 1993… and one in particular, that could be of prophetic magnitude. However, I have briefly reviewed the time period that would have been the beginning of the last 40 year period based on the mid point being between the birth date and death date and I don’t see a “stand-out” prophetic event that seems like a prophetic marker.

    Admittedly I have looked that hard. Perhaps I have not looked hard enough, or perhaps there just isn’t a prophetic marker to mark the beginning of the last generation.

    Although there are several reasons why I like the date that you have chosen as the high point of time, I guess I am still 51 % leaning toward the atonement as the high point meridian and 49% leaning toward the date you are postulating.

    To me it is somewhat of a moot point since we both agree that the time for the servants to make there appearance is very soon and we know things will progress pretty quickly from that point on.

    It appears that the Lord will shorten the days contained within this generation. Regardless of whether he only shortens them by a shorter period or a longer period really doesn’t matter that much. What matters is that we recognize the servants when they get here and accept the fulness of the Gospel

    Thank you for sharing your beliefs and predictions. We don’t need to wait long to see what the exact details of the time line are!

  25. Dear Brother Malachi

    Thank you so much for sharing your interpretation of the more detailed break down of the timeline of events pertaining to the end of the sixth thousand year period and the beginning of the seventh thousand year period.

    Just to reiterate and clarify, for those who are new to this topic, I am suggesting that the “hour of judgment” which is possibly also referred to as the “hour of redemption” is composed of the “half hour of silence” followed by the remainder of the hour during which the judgments and plagues listed in the Book of Revelation.

    My interpretation is that this hour, which is broken into two parts, is the beginning of the seventh seal.

    If I understand your interpretation, you would agree that the Hour of Judgment is divided into the two parts as mentioned above, however you believe that the first half hour represents the tail end of the sixth seal and the second half hour represents the beginning of the seventh seal.

    Let me begin by saying that if we were voting on which of the two interpretations we want to be correct, I would certainly vote for yours! This is because, in my opinion, if your interpretation is correct, it would require a 3 ½ year period of warning by the servants to begin within the next 30 to 90 days in order for that period of time to be completed prior to 2012!

    The very thought that the servants could be returning that soon is exhilarating and exciting to me… and I am hopeful that they will return that soon even though my interpretation of the placement of the hour of judgment does not require such an early return of the Servants.

    Interestingly, my hopefulness that the return of the servants is soon, is based on other criteria which I have already covered in previous posts.

    Revelation 8:1 Says; “And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour.”

    According to the above verse the half hour of judgment does not begin until the seventh seal is opened. It then goes on to clarify that the judgments of God follow after the half hour of judgment.

    How do you reconcile that scripture with you belief that the half hour of silence is in the sixth seal?

  26. I believe there is a difference in the act of the Lamb opening the 7th seal on the book and the 7th thousand year period that begins in 2033 and the Lord is using that similarity in terminology to hid the overlapping of the opeing of the 7th seal by the Lamb into the 6th thousand year period by 20 years.

    I’ll reiterate: I believe that the opening of the 7th seal by the Lamb is not the beginning of the 7th thousand year period but an event of the 6th thousand year period. The opening of the 7 seals by the lamb are events of the 3rd watch / marvelous work. The easiest event to see is the opening of the 6th seal with the great earthquake and the sun, moon and stars going crazy. But the 1/2 hour of silence is also an event. The event begins the dispenation of the fulness of times and the gathering together all things into one. The 1/2 hour of silence is the building up of Zion and gathering the House of Israel.

    I gain strength for this interpretation because of two scriptures.
    In D&C 77:12 which is the Lords explanation of Revelation 8 the Lord points out that at the beginning of the 7th thousand years will be the sounding of the 7 trumps. He says nothing about the 1/2 hour of silence because it is an event he has placed during the end of the 6th thousand thousand year period.

    I believe the 6th thousand years period of time is the dispensation of the last days and the 7th thousand years period of time is the dispensation of the fulness of times which are overlapped using the 1/2 hour of silence. We know this overlapping occurs because of 112:30. The overlapping of the dispensation of the fulness of times is the opening of the 7th seal, which is the 1/2 hour of silence at the end of the 6th thousand year period.

    This of course is my personal interpretation which can only be verified by the passing of a few years or the return of the servants.

  27. Malachi

    Thank you for clarifying your thinking on that issue. I realize you have explained this to me multiple times in the past but I thought it would be helpful for others to understand what may appear as an “apparent discrepancy” to someone that doesn’t understand your thinking on that issue..


  28. I love reading about Nathanael’s first encounter with Jesus. It didn’t take much convincing for him to believe. It makes me laugh when Jesus says “Because I said unto thee, I saw thee under a fig tree, believest thou? Thou shalt see greater things than these.”

    What is the prophetic event in 1993 that you find very significant? Is it the LDS apostles offering their sacrifices and oblations in the Kirtland Temple?

  29. Younger Dude-



  30. Watcher,
    In the beginning of this post you said;

    ” I suppose one of the most stirring passages of scripture that characterizes the spirit of watching is found in the 1st Chapter of the Gospel of John.

    He first findeth his own brother Simon, and saith unto him, We have found the Messias, which is, being interpreted, the Christ.

    And he brought him to Jesus”

    I imagine the joy of getting to share the most important information, ever, with anyone. As I read the different posts by you, Watcher, and the responses by others, I feel the love and desire to understand and share the most important thing to all of us…..that of finding Jesus Christ through His Word confirmed by His Spirit.

    Brother Malachi,

    You said

    “I believe there is a difference in the act of the Lamb opening the 7th seal on the book and the 7th thousand year period that begins in 2033”

    When I read your response I remembered in D&C 77:10 that the Lord does not differentiate the use of opening a seal and that same thousand year period.

    Q. What time are the things spoken of in this chapter to be accomplished?
    A. They are to be accomplished in the sixth thousand years, or the opening of the sixth seal.

    From these verses I think it establishes that a thousand year period and the opening of a seal are synonymous.

    I love how we have been able to study with you and Mrs. Malachi over the years and the incredibly sweet experiences in the Word we have enjoyed with you.

  31. LDSAnarchy

    There is actually a third reason why I believe the Meridian of Time may have reference to the time of the Atonement when Christ was given the height of his glory, rather than when he was 16 years old.

    Again, I don’t think this is a terribly huge issue at this point in time since the important thing sor us to be watching and waiting for the return of the servants and to identify the season that they will return, which we seem to be agreed upon, but the reason I want to share this third conjecture is that it demonstrates another possible time line related reason why Joseph Smith might have already returned.

    This of course is total speculation and is really far out there… but hey, speculating on various time lines is what those who are watching do… right?

    Here is a potential scenario from the scriptures;

    Section 77:12 Tells us that the coming of Christ in his glory takes place in the 7th seal after he completes the salvation of man.

    Section 88 gives additional details about this. Among other things, verse 95 reveals that at the end of the half hour of silence, the curtain of heaven is unfolded and the face of the Lord is revealed to the whole world. this is very possibly a description are target date for the season of the second coming in glory.

    If in fact the time of the atonement is the middle-high point of time, then April of 2033 is the approximate time of the ending of the sixth seal (and the end of probation).

    By adding nearly 22 years (half an hour of silence according to Gods reckoning of time) then the year 2055 brings us to the end of the half hour of silence in the seventh seal when the season of the second coming in glory begins. (I am not trying to identify a day and hour)

    Now then, with those potential time line target dates in mind, lets review the revelation Joseph Smith received when he asked about when the coming of Christ in glory would be;

    “I was once praying very earnestly to know the time of the coming of the Son of Man, when I heard a voice repeat the following: Joseph, my son, if thou livest until thou art eighty-five years old, thou shalt see the face of the Son of Man; therefore let this suffice, and trouble me no more on this matter.” D&C 130: 15

    One way to interpret the above revelation is that Joseph Smith needs to be on this earth in the flesh during temporal time for approximately 85 years before the second coming in glory will take place.

    Joseph was born in Dec of 1805 and died in June of 1844. He died at the age of 38. That means that he needs to return and live approximately another 47 years in temporal time before the second coming in glory can take place.

    If we back up 47 years from 2055 it brings us to the year 2008 (which technically ended April 5th 2009) which would indicate that Joseph may have returned already to deliver the proclamation to the governors of all the nations of the world (see section 124) and now he is about to make his appearance to the inhabitants of the world who are being governed.

    I realize this is pretty far fetched… and I am terrible with numbers, having failed just about every math class I have taken, hence, my figures may be off by a decade or two.

  32. Does anyone else think that the second coming of Christ could be both a literal/global event and a personal/spiritual event?

    All the numbers continue to amaze me.

    Do we have any details on the Kirtland Temple event in 1993?

    October 6, 2016. Interesting.
    Now, we have 3.5 years from April 2009 to December 2012. Then, a little more than 3.5 years to October 2016. It doesn’t fit exactly, but very close.

  33. Hi there Bounce back

    Q. What time are the things spoken of in this chapter to be accomplished?
    A. They are to be accomplished in the sixth thousand years, or (equal or not equal that is the question) the opening of the sixth seal.

    I appreciate you pointing that out. My first reaction to that scripture was that the “or” meant equal and in an sense they are equal but then not the same. They are the same in that the opening of the 6th seal does in fact occur within the 6th thousand year period. Therefore the events of Revelation 7 occur in the opeing of the 6th seal or the 6th thousand year period of time. They are not the same in that the opening of the 6th seal is one isolated event and the 6th thousand year period is a long time.

  34. Dear people who read this blog and especially one who is watching,

    I would like to deeply apologize for my most recent release of fear and frustration. In person you would not recognize such a fearful person. It is that the past two years I have been dealing with the ex wife of my husband who is a foreign national within our country, here on a green card because of my husbands giving. She has caused a great deal of grief within our life that I have never had to deal with before. In which I haven’t been sure how to handle. And the only way that I have been able to cope is to write out my frustration towards God, as in my life I have never done something so drastic as to deserve such treatment by any other. I have had a hard time understanding why God would allow such a thing to happen to an undeserving person.

    However, I believe the dawn is finally breaking. Hard evidence has been found of her actions. Soon she will be in custody and every thing we have gone through will be over…

    Today is a day to cry thankful tears.

    Again, I am so sorry. I hope you understand… It has been very difficult to hold it together because of her. I almost completely fell apart as you witnessed.

    please be well

    love always,

  35. pslovealways

    It sounds like you are going through the refiners fire. I can’t imagine how difficult of a situation you must be going through.

    I think we all fluctuate between love and fear during this mortal state. You are not alone.

    May the Lord bless and sustain you in this difficult time


  36. […] We have found the Messias! […]

  37. Anarchist

    You said

    “My current understanding is that the “meridian of time” does not refer to the birth of Christ nor to the Atonement of Christ, but to the entire life of Christ, meaning from His birth to His death, or the full 33 years. These 33 years are the halfway point of the 8000 years of Earth’s existence. So, He was born towards the end of the 4th thousand years and He died near the beginning of the 5th thousand years. Which means that the middle point of time would be exactly 16.5 years from his birth, or October 6 of the year 16. Which means that the 5th thousand years ended on October 6, 1016 and that the 6th thousand years will end on October 6, 2016. At which point the 7th seal will open.

    This interpretation seems consistent with both the scriptures and my understanding of the signs of the times that are taking place and “where we are” time-wise according to those signs. I’ve discussed this with what4anarchy and he also seems to think that October 6, 2016 seems about right for the end date of the 6th seal.”

    in light of those remarks and particularly the date of 2016 you may find the following video interesting if you have not already seen it.


  38. I wasn’t aware of that information. Thanks.

  39. I, too, have a sekrit method of refining gold from monatomic element in red and yellow clay soil… I discovered the method while developing a prime number sieve that considers 7 to be the first prime number after 1… When polygamy is legalized, I will be giving gold cards to all of the women I help to get green cards… For the lulz, for teh wynn, for græt justice! Here’s lookin’ at you, twenty twelve!

    Love always,

    D. Pee Moar

  40. There are natural Laws of nature that coiless with the overlaping and blending of time and eternity and events that constitute that state of transition.

    It’s called intering a state of flux.

    Take for instance the process of welding together two dissimilar metals. In order to get them to bond and become one metal, an aditional element must be introduced under great heat at the time the two dissimilar metals come together. This substance is called Flux. It chemically causes the interface between the two dissimilar metals to overlap in their chemistry thereby brideging the gap in chemistry between two similar in type, (both being metals), but dissimilar in composition and creates a cohesive BOND. ie..Mixing Telestial Time with the greater but not complete element of eternity, Terrestrial Time. ie also…The bringing together of the two Houses of Israel to create the Bond necessary for the collective reckoning of the same God so that he can return to rule over and orderly House.

    This very process is mirroed in the process of time meeting eternity when the overlaping element of Flux ( The constituants of the Marvellous Work and A Wonder), are introduced at the crutial point in time when the Heat of Adversity is hot enough to cause all three elements to BLEND and OVERLAP in their composition of Time, Flux, and Eternity.

    There is actually an even more precise process in nature that exactly defines the Miraculous nature of what is soon to transpire when the ellements of Gospel Flux are introduced at a CRITICAL JUNCTURE that will SUDDENLY bring on an UNEXPECTED (by the world) change in the nature of time and those who occupy that space of time as it trandsends reality as we now experience it and life begins to very rapidly assume the nature of the aspects of eternity.

    Let me explain…

    By proffession, I manufacture Cryogenic Liquids. This involves various processes designed to seperate the elements of air ( 02, N2, Co2, H2 ect.), and purify them to within a 99.995 purity standard.

    As you seperate these various elements by lowering the temperature of air, each gaseous element will reach a temperature at which that particular element will liquify. By continuing to lower that temperature, it will eventually become a solid.

    Every element of air will pass from a natural gaseous state to a liquid state and finally a solid state, and ALWAYS in that order.

    Between each of those states, there exists a range of temperature that is measurable by a large degree. For example gaseous O2 will remain a gas at any temperature above -297 degrees F. That’s a large measurable range of temperature between it’s natural gaseous state and it’s liquid state.

    But there is one gas that somewhat seemingly defies the laws of nature, and that would be C02.

    It pocesses the unique ablity to pass from a gaseous phase to a solid phase in the BLINK OF AN EYE., without having to pass through a protracted phase in a liquid state. It is called the process of sublimation.

    This is a unique sign of nature that God has given to us to reveal the nature of change that we will pass through when going from the Gaseous uncompacted (molecular) state of Telestial Time, into the Liquid state of a more compacted (molecular) state of reality known as Terrestrial Time.

    This process of the SUBLIMATOIN of Time from one phase to another will be experienced by people here on Earth in two ways.

    One way is on a Global scale which increases the realitive time spent in the phase of transition as compared to a personal scale in which some individuals will experience that same change in “The Blink Of An Eye”.

    All of this will be transpiring simultaineously.

    A further example of this occuring everyday in nature would be the realitive difference in the PERCIEVED nature of time when comparing the life span of an Elephant to a Butterfly who both experience a full life but on a different scale, even though they occupy the same space.

    What we will be going through in the days ahead, once we reach and trandsend that CRITICAL JUNCTURE in Telestial time when the Lord interjects himself into time as we now percieve it, and intro duces his STRANGE AND AT THE SAME TIME, MARVELOUS ACT, (FLUX), the past will begin to give way to a new future and soon we will remember it no more. ie. The future exodus during this time of Flux, will cause our perceptive Vision of time to look Foward as oposed to looking back through time and studying and watching for these changes to come.

    They will have COME upon us and casued our focus to rapidly shift upon the new things of a very transitional period of absolute CHAOTIC FLUX for the Wicked as opposed to the transendant Wonder of experiencing intering the Liquid phase of Eternity by experiencing the occassional presence of the Lord ( Terrestrial) reality and ultimately culminates into the Solid compacted ( molecular state) of the Celestial kingdom where we are exposed to the FULL MEASRUE of the reality of our Father & Mother at the conclusion of ALL time, both Telestial and Terrestrial, and enter COMPLETE reality.

    For those of the Celestial order who now reside upon he Earth, those elect few 144,000, will first pass from the gaseous state of Telestial conditions that confine their ablilties to the limitations of this world as we now know it, to the state of Terrestrial conditions WITHIN themselves as brought on by the Power of God at his appointed time, and they will be caught up to recieve the secrets of learning and singing “A NEW SONG”.

    They will then be given the commission to return to a World experiencing the Transitional Flux of change, and bring order to a condition that for some, will prove to be chaos and distruction while for others, a wonderous order of Heaven to be brought out of that Chaos .

    These patterns of creating somethig good and purposeful out of chaotic conditions, have been with us throughout all eternity.

    There must needs be opposition in all things for these things to occure. We just need to be sure that we are on the RIGHT side of the equation that produces the God like desired effect. In other words, though opposition is necessary for this process, we must be sure we are not contributing to that side of the equation, but rather using our abilities to overcome the emnity of man and God through our Faith in Jesus Christ and his ability to assist us through his atonement and perfect example of charater necessary for us to imulate in order to seperate the dross from the silver within each of us as fallen man.

    Just as I have learned to seperate and purify the components of air and discard the harmful element that would impead the purification of the other elements, so too, dose this principle apply to seperating and purifying certain elements within our nature as Man and discard the unwanted element of our carnal nature that impeades our eternal progress.

    I have another observation in regard to that particular element in nature that tends to clog the plumbing of eternal progress, and it happens to be the very same element C02 that provides the the desired Flux of good change.

    The very nature of this particular element which is capable of doing a “STRANGE ACT” that no other element is capable of, is indicative of our very own dual natures. One of God and one of Man.

    Since that suject sort of takes what I’ve been describing here on more of a Global set of conditions we are about to experience, to a higher level, I will comment on the personal aspect of Spiritual ascension into a Liquid phase through Faith in Christ and the INTRA SPECTIVE requirements of envisioning the combined components of Man and God within us, and learn how to seperate those two natures within us and discard the one we don’t NEED and PURIFY the one we DO NEED.

    It’s much easier than you think as long as we stop thinking like man. I will only take you to the treshold of understanding that process and the rest will be up for you to decide as to whether or not you walk through that door.

  41. In your calculations, did either of OWIW or LDSA factor in the information that the Savior was most likely born in 3 or 4 BC? The records they have about King Herod’s life and death, make these dates more probable. So, subtract off 4 years from 2016 and you get 2012. Personally, the closing of the 6th seal has more planetary evidence for a prophetic marker than 2016. After all, the Mayans had nothing after 2012. Maybe because it was marking the end of the 6th seal and after that event, the reckoning of time won’t be the same?

  42. JL

    I agree that 2012 appears to be a more probable target date for a major event than 2016 however I still feel that section 20:1 and some related statements of JS is a more credible indicator for determining the birth of Christ than the records they have pertaining to King Herods life.

    One of the reasons I see 2012-13 as a key time period is because I am hopeful about the upcoming feast of trumpets and the time period between now and then seems to be a significant prophetic period of time.


  43. For those of you interested in Prophetic time markers let me offer you something to look over in regard to giving us clues to understanding these markers in time and how they may relate to certain individuals born on those dates as layed out on the Hebrew calaendar.

    I’m not sure at what depth some of you may be at understanding the the significance of the Feasts, Fasts, and Festivals given to Moses as Prophetic shadows for coming events.

    I know you mention the Feast of Trumpets as being of interest and I have spoken with OWIW who mentioned he is somewhat familar with these things, but allow me to add a little to a subject that I have spent many years syudying.

    I’m sure all of you are familiar with the basics of this subeject by knowing that the Spring events are a shadow of events that concern the FIRST coming of the Lord in the day he lived oupon the earth and that the events leading to his secound coming, are forewshadowed in the Fall Feasts.

    There are many sources that discuss these markers in time and what they represent and go into fairly good detail concerning various aspects of their intended purpose but I have found that simply collecting many pieces of a puzzle dose not mean every person will arrange them in such a way that creates the true image of the puzzle that God has provided.

    Lots of people come up with dates and images that are somewhat in the “Ball Park”
    of time in regard to the unfolding of Prohesied events in the very End Times, but until you discover the Primer code required for Complete and Proper translation of all this data, then the VERY BEST analysis you can come up with is ” Somewhere in the Ball Park”.

    And that is really ALL that anyone has come up with so far…Tons of data but not having the KEY to connect the dots and form the final unscrambled image of the Lord’s message to us in this day so that we absolutely would know exactly when these events would unfold.

    Believe me, what I’m saying here requires way more than simply gathering factual clues to the puzzle. You MUST KNOW that it is the KEY STONE of an arch that makes it possible for it to BE an arch.

    The KEY STONE of understanding the TRUE & COMPLETE picture of what is about to unfold in these End Times as depicted in Scripture as well as using the markers in time provided us on the Hebrew Calendar, can only come about by knowing that the KEY to understanding ALL Scripture is to know that the KEY STONE that we have been always using to decipher Scripture by using the comparative standard of Christ as the standard by which we understand the Word of God is only PART of a collective Standard that constitutes two additional elements…God our Father and the Holy Spirit…To make fire you need FUEL, AIR, And IGNITION .

    Our entire understanding of the Gospel Plan has been rightfully centered upon only ONE of those necessary elements that contributes to an overall process. And that is Jesus Christ.

    Now that we understand the necessity of the Atonement, we must come to understand the that it’s FULL MEASURE comes about as the result of combining all THREE elements of it’s Covenant Design. That being the Father, Son And Holy Ghost who happens to be Fathers OTHER son…The anonimous LEFT HAND of God.

    Until you understand that the Atonement necessary for us to return to our Father is being Wrought by more than one person ( element of fire ), you will NEVER hit the nail DIRECTLY on the head regarding understanding the Gospel in it’s fullness and ALL that entails.

    Look at ti this way…We know that we do not yet pocess the FULLNESS of the Gospel or the Priesthood. We have been given all the collective chemicals necessary to to form a particular concoction of understanding the FULLNESS, but what is missing is the CATALYST ( Flux ) to CAUSE it ALL to blend together into ONE recognizable blend of elements to become ONE NEW element…The FULLNESS ( Order ), that comes from the unmixed elements of a scrambled Gospel Puzzle ( Chaos ).

    You have to understand that the ” FLUX ” element of the God Head IS the catalyst for this change or you will NEVER hit the Gospel nail Directly on the head.

    The catalyst for the Huge change that is about to occure in the Church and World by Heavenly Father initiating the Strange Act and Marvelous Work and a Wonder, is the Davidic Servant to come forth who will provide the FLUX necessary for Blending the element of Heaven & Earth and bring Order out of the Chaos being generated by man.

    If you want to truly understand the precise meaning and TIMING of the Feasts of Israel you must understand WHO that FLUX element is.

    Their have been a million and one theories as to WHO this Davidic Servant will be. But untill we come to the understanding that this individual, by the very nature of the emphasis placed on his mission in the Scriptures, is only second in scope and importance to Jesus Christ, and IS the FLUX for the opposite Change that OBAMA is orchestrating.

    Second in importance = Second in the list of Sons of our Father in Heaven, the LEFT HAND of God, who has forever served in the capacity for bringing about subtle as well as MAJOR changes to the evolution of TIME and it’s events in our personal lives as well as the World at large.

    What is about to happen with regard to the BIGGEST shift in TIME as we have comprehended it, it will be brought about by the very same person who as Isaiah said led the Children of Isreael in their wanderings in the wilderness and guided them to the Promised Land. It will be the same person responsible for every single small and Major advancement in mans knowledge since the time of Adam.

    More recently he was responsible for imparting knowledge from Heaven that brought about the industrial revolution of this age and most recently unlocked the secrets to of certain elements of creation itself in the forms of Nuclear Fussion, Gennetic understanding, and the silicone Miracle of the information age.

    This last Miracle IS the culmination of Miracles that Daniel was refering to.

    All of these advancements testify to the fact that we are rapidly approaching the FACE OF GDO ( Jesus Christ ) soon to arrive.

    Now we have ALWAYS been given Signs, types and shadows of coming events that ALL refer to the Coming of Christ whether that be his first or second coming.

    Now that His Second Coming is iminent, the SIgn ( Type & Shadow ) of the Coming of the Son of Man ( Jesus Christ ) will be the VERY CLOSEST TYPE for the Image of Christ that will testify of his iminent arrival.

    This person will be the Final Prophet to walk in the image of Elijah and John the Baptist as well as displaying the nature of the coming King by performing the Works of a NEW Davidic King to prepare the way of the King to Come ( ” Thy Kingdom Come on EARTH as it is in Heaven” ).

    There is only ONE Type for Christ that could possibly fill this position and that would have to be the person who most closely conforms to that image.

    We ALL know who that person is. It is the person chosen by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ to sereve as the Medeator of their will and knowledge to us as well as provide the means by which we are able to shed ourselves of the guilt brought upon us by sin. The sin which Christ Destroys and the guilt which is removed from us by the SANCTIFYCATION of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

    So you see SALVATION of Man which has been wholy acredible to Jesus Christ and our understanding of the Scriptures is BASED on that premis, limits our understanding of the FULL nature of the Atonement and it’s purpose .

    Until we realize that SALVATION comes by BOTH CHRIST AND THE SPIRIT, then we can NEVER come to a FULL understanding of the CORRECT & COMPLETE interpretation of the Scriptures and how they apply to the events to shortly come that we are all in such a frenzy over to comprehend it’s TIMING and MEANING.

    Once you come to the REVELATION that the Great & Marvelous Work & A Wonder is brought about by the FATHER HIMSELF calling His LEFT HAND into action to proclaim the Coming of His RIGHT HAND, then you will come to a NEW level of understanding how to view the ENTIRE spectrum of the reveled Word of God in a WHOLE NEW LIGHT.

    And from that NEW premis you can correctly and precisely understand the structure, meaning and timing of the Feasts and Fasts of the Lord as HE sees them.

    It’s going to require a member of Deity to bring us to a FULL understanding of the Kingdom to come and to give us a reflective IMAGE of the Face of His Brother Jesus Christ AND our Father in Heaven BEFORE the Arrival of our Savior and serve as a CATYLIST for that BLENDED CHANGE.

    It’s not coinsidence that vivid images of the WORLD about us reflect the notion that these changes are ALREADY in progress.

    Satan ALWAYS counters the Works of God with a version of his own that mirrors the truth of God.

    We now have a President who was elected on the REDICULOUS notion that HE is going to bring about this CHANGE that we need.

    As far as the Lord’s REAL LIFE answer to that needed CHANGE to occure, the Person in the EXPRESS IMAGE of our Savior and our Father, is the ARROW hidden away in the quiver of God that is about to be drawn and Placed in the Bow of Christ and be FIRST launched into the BOWELS of a corrupted Church and then to be sent to the far reaches of the entire Earth.

    The MAGNITUDE of these coming events requires NO LESS than the member of the God Head that REQUIRES the personal appointment of the FATHER HIMSELF because NO ONE ELSE holds the requied authority to do that .

    Joseph Smith was only a Type foe this individual to come. Joseph Smith is not the Holy Spirit nor is any other person to have PHYSICALLY already done their time hear on Earth.

    To return a Resurected being back to Earth ot perform all these EARTHLY functions that will be required of the Davidic Servant, flies in the face of our KNOWING that Celestial beings are NOT to have prolonged DIRECT influence upon the affairs of men in a TELESTIAL world.

    And until this World FULLY enters a TERESTRIAL condition, only those of a TRANSLATED TERESTRIAL BODY will be allowed to perform the funtions of providing the FLUX to prepare a World for the Arival of the CELESTIAL Resurected Christ and those of the CELESTIAL ORDER who come forth on the Morning of the First GENERAL Resurection that coinsides SIMULTANEOUSLY with the return of Christ in FULL POWER with the intent to stay and not just visit .

    Once you come to know that it is the Holy Spirit in the Flesh that is the person to prepare for HIS BROTHER’S return then you can COMPLETELY understand the STUCTURE< NATURE< AND TIMING of the evnts to come.

    All of you, including every other person on the internet interested in these things are approaching this as if you where playing a PIN-BALL game. The reason for all the hit and miss conclusions in regard to the timing of these things is because you have not figured out WHO is involved with being placed in charge of carrying them out.

    I'm not saying this to be critical of anyones desire to know the mysteries, I'm just offering you something to consider if you are TRULY interested in laying aside personal theories and allowing the Scriptures to Finally speak to even those like yourselves who have come closer to undestanding these things than those who lack certain Keys of understanding. But even you are among the sleeping Virgins who need to be awakened in order to understand the FINAL & COMPLETE picture of End Time Events.

    Perhaps it is the will of the Father that NO ONE will recognize the truth of what I am telling you concerning the person of the Davidic Servant, until the Father ACTUALLY DRAWS Him from His quiver and reveales Him as the ONE MIGHTY AND STRONG who appears from the Wilderness of Earthly Obsurity and SUDDENLY APPEARS as did John the Baptist and Elijah did on THEIR DAY of showing themselves to Israel.

    But I still can't but help wonder if there are truly wise men upon the earth at this time as the Lord says there is, then is it possible that more than ONE person would know this ?

    As far as the subject of the timing of the Feasts are concerned after hearing all this stuff….Here is a very brief and very simplified picture of what they mean in the context of the Holy Spirit being here in the flesh AWAITING the opportunity for the Father to give the Green Light.

    The Spring Feasts apply to Christ and His Firt Coming which is no surprise to anyone.

    His CALL SIGN is the PASSOVER and provides the FIRST PILLAR that stands outside the Temple of Solomon and is ONE of TWO support structures providing support to the ENTRANCE of the Temple ( House of the Father or the Celestial Kingdom).

    The Fall Feats represent the SECOND PILLAR ( the Holy Spirit who stands as the equal yet opposite PILLAR required to support the ENTRANCE to that Temple or Presence of the Father.)

    The Holy Spirit's EARTHY CALL SIGN is SIMCAT TORA which is the oposing support Feast or PILLAR to it's counter part in the Sping Feast of the PASSOVER , the First support PILLAR , Jesus Christ.

    SIMCAT TORA is associated with the Last Great Day of the Fall Festevals known as SHEMIINEE ATZERET otherwise known as the 8th day of the Feast of Tabernacles but is a Seperate Day of celebration unto itself.

    This 8th DAY celebration consists of the Reading of The reading of the Law to Israel.

    This eqates to the reading of the LAW OF FINAL JUDGEMENT that is to be conducted at the conclusion of the seventh dispensationa day of the Earth and the beging of the 8th Day when Judgement is delt to those of the Telestial Order to come forth in the Resurection at that time.

    As we know from our own Doctrine, the Holy Spirit is to peside over the order of Telestial inhabitants on that 8TH DAY…Thus the Feast celebrating that 8th DAY is the marker and sign commerating the role and function of the Holy Spirit as he passes through that Portal of time to assume his duties as Christ assumes his duties a Millenium prior to that by becoming King of the TERRESTRIAL Kingdom.

    So just as the events leading up to the First coming of Christ can be precisely determined to the very day of his arrival on the seen in the meridian of time, so too can the arrival of the Spirit in the Flesh be determined by the markers and His CALL SIGN SIMCAT TORA be used to determine his arival on the scene of the End of Time leading up to the Final Days prior to the Second Coming of our Savior.

    Do do this is very simple but you must first must know where to begin.

    Isaiah gives us the clue to where to start. He says the Lord reveals the " END FROM THE BEGINING ".

    So sicne we are trying to assertain the timing of these events by using the Lord's callendar, then lets use that to go back to the END OF THE BEGINING ( the crucifition and Resurection of the Savior in the Year 33 AD as depicted on the Hebrew Calendar) and go to the Fall Feasts of that same year and get the answers to the mysteries we seek….Where one set of events depicting the end of the life of Christ on Eath leave off…..The clues to the BEGINING of the Earthly Life of the Spirit will be depicted to also precisely mark his entrance into HIS Portion of helping the Father and Christ to bring about the CONCLUSION of the Plan of Salvation in time as we know it now and serve as that OTHER PILLAR that helps support the ENTRANCE ( the time of the end) that creates the PORTAL into the TERRESTRIAL REIGN OF CHRIST.

    Just as PASSOVER April 6th marks the time of Christ, so too dose the DATE listed on the Hebew calendar for the CALL SIGN of the Spirit ( the oposing FAll PILLAR of Feasts, SIMCAT TORA ), maks the life and times of the Spirit as he secretly comes into this world unanounced, travels through the preperatory events of his personal life that will eventually prepare him for his SUDDENLY being drawn from the quiver of God and SHOOTING forth on a PARTICULAR DAY defined by the LORD'S timing as depicted on his calendar.

    The full explination of being able to track the life of this last Prophet of God from his Birth to His BURSTING foth on the scene as did John the Baptist only he will be one to pocess the POWERS of the MIGHTY ANGEL OF THE LORDS PRESENCE, si an explination and formula that is very easy to follow but very inticate and long in it's presentation. Hence I said that I would only give a very simplified explanation to the REAL meaning and interpretation of the FALL FEASTS as they apply to coming events.

    As for men only taking educated guesses as to the timing of these events are concerned , the calendar may as well be called the calendar of men as oposed to being the calendar of God. Just as mans misinterpretation of Scripture results in the many churches ofman.

    This condition of mans interpretation of Both of these things is also prevelent in the LDS Church albeit not quite as profound. Non the less you are ALL still guessing at this point and manefest the truth of the Lord predicting that ALL the Virgins being invited to the Wedding Feast are asleep and need to be awakened by the CRY that goes Forth in the Middle of the night ( The begining of the DARKEST period this world will ever know).

    Brothers, I will tell you that we HAVE entered the Final 7 year period of time as of September 30th of 2008 and we are on a decline that will come to a critical bbreaking point in the middle of that period in the end of 2012.

    On a PARTICULAR DAY in the middl of the night DECEMBER 25 2012, The perverbial MESS is going to hit the fan.

    But on a PARTICULAR DAY, sometime prior to the CATYCLISMIC JUDGEMENTS OF GOD TO BE POURED OUT WITHOUT MEASURE UPON THE WICKED, The Father will First send The ONE MIGHTY & STRONG ANGEL OF GOD ( The Holy Spirit in the Flesh ),
    to cleanse the HOUSE OF GOD ( His Church ), prior to God's cleansing of the rest of the rest of His HOUSE ( The World ).

    The precise timing of these events and many others in regard to the Buiding of the Kingdom and preparing a people to meet God, is precisely layed out on the Lord's Calendar and not the Hebrew Calendar that looks alot like his but has only been interpreteted by the best efforts of MAN.

    Brothers, there is only ONE MAN capable of providing the proper interpretation of those things in order that HE might understand the knowledge the Lord has given Him throughout the course of His life to prepare HIM for these coming events in time.

    This knowledge has come to him in the same Fashion that our Savior recieved HIS preperatory training to prepare Him for His own Mission at he Meridian of Time.

    This Calendar of the Lord is Primarily ment for Him as it was for Christ, and that it's coming to PASS serves the secondary purpose as a witness to others of it's VALIDITY once it has come to PASS and can be easily decerned by others.

    Brothers, the precise times of events other than the ONE I spoke of here (December 25th 2012 ), is NOT to be revealed. But I can tell you from the perspective of knowing the PRECISE will of God in these matters, that the DAY of the Lord's Final Servant's SUDDEN apearance to the Body of the Church, must occure given enough time to HELP provide the CATYLIST that will bring about the seperation of the righteous and wicked within the Lord's Church then go on to WARN the rest of the World as to the eminent arrival of the Lord and the impending Destruction that will preceed that event, and will begin on " THE DAY OF THE LORD ", 12-25-12.

    Many of you have already determined that the Man of Sin to also come forth in the Church, Manefesting himself as the Final FALSE Prophet of God making the pretence that he IS God, will be the First portion of this CATYLIST to come forth to provide the Great Delusion that the Lord will send upon and already DELUDED membership, to convince them of that LIE that he is God.

    The Lord's counter to that is to send a REAL member of Deity to Repesent the REAL GOD OF ISRAEL, and present an out to those who will refuse to belive the LIE.

    But let me forewarn you Brothers, that as ALL the members are asleep and need to be awakened, with the exception of the very few wise among them, the coming of the ONE MIGHTY & STRONG will not happen until ALL of GOD'S then waking Virgins CRY OUT for Deliverance as did the Children of Israel did for an unspecified amont ot TIME UNDER the HARSH hand of Pharo before the Lord RESPONDED to their cries.

    ALL ten Virgins are those who will be eventually saved and enter the Wedding Feast of the Lord. That Parable has been grossly misrepresent by Leaders of the Church as depicting the Five unwise Virgins as being out of luck.

    The First five wise Virgins represent the wise 144,000 who will be the first to enter the actual Wedding but there are related Festive and happy activities that postceed that event that last for 7 days and includes those less wise who were not around for the begining of the Wedding and were denied access to THAT event upon their return for the search of oil for their lamps. But the unwise Virgins WILL eventually WISE UP as they DO return to the Festivities already in progress, with oil in their Lamps, and will be allowed to attend the related events that go on for 7 days ( YEARS ) after the initiation of the Weding Feast ( The Marvelous Work and A Wonder designed by the Lord to be a foreshadowing reflection of His Final Return in FULL POWER AND GLORY TO RECIEVE HIS BRIDE ).

    Many of you on this sight have come up with Paradigms cocerning WHO is to take the Lead roles in these events. Just a word of caution…Be willing and able to shift your Paradigm of thought as they ARE consistent with a particular pattern but NOT consistent with the Doctrine that RESURECTED beings would ever be allowed to interviene in the affairs of men on Earth to perform PROTRACTED funtions of Building the Kindom.

    It is TRUE that the Lord WILL make GODD on his promises to that First Watch of Valiant Men of God to have a DIRECT but LIMITED role in ASSITING those who are ALREADY HERE who will be called up to the PROPER TERRESTRIAL ORDER of Translated beings, who in turn, ARE permited by God's Laws to funtion in a PROLONGED status to Build the Kingdom of God Prior to His arrival.

    Do not allow prideful developement of future paradigms become the CONCRETE
    of SELF DECEPTION that intombs you to only acknowleging THOSE perceptions as being THE perception of God.

    You guys are very sharp in your abilities to get so near the truth, but remember that intellectual prowess CAN be a two edged sword as it most ALWAYS becomes among those who pocess a lot of smarts but tend to lose the buffering effect of HUMILITY.

    I'm not preaching to you as one who is above this frailty. I'm telling you this from the perspective of one who has been GROSSLY effeted by that and is warning you all not to make the same mistakes I have.

    The Time of the End has Already begun according to the Lord's Calendar and Clock ( the STRUCTURE & MOTIONS of the Planets of our solar system ).

    My counsel to you would be to look very closely, not for precise dates, but rather take a long hard look at how the Lord describes the way ALL men will react to these coming events, including the WISE men. It is a TERRIFYING array of events begining in the Lord's Church that will cause the Heart s of Men to LITTERALY FAIL THEM in some cases but ALL will be ABSOLUTELY TAKEN BACK AND SHOVED TO THE GROUND, AND FOR A SHORT TIME, SIT IN THE DUST before that dust clears, for the righteous people of God !!!

    If you are feeling comfortable because of the knowledge you pocess and feeling ALL IS WELL in your own personal Zion of knowledge, then I can tell you know that YOU ARE going to be TERRIFIED as you see these things unfold, because your pride of knowledge will incure at least some dgree of wrath from God. A very uncomfortable DEGREE of that. Belive me when I tell you that I KNOW what I am talking about.

    He who is to lead is he who is to first suffer ALL of these things that we ALL have to contend with in regard to sheding ourselves of MANS carnal nature within EACH & EVERY ONE OF US EXCEPT JESUS CHRIST.

    And SOMEONE is going to have to be able to SHOW by EXAMPLE and AQUIRED KNOWLEDGE of the aspects of the DIRTY side of Man's nature and use that example and knowledge to purge these unwanted elements of our Charater from our souls so as to make us an EXCEPTABLE OFFERING unto the Lord.

    That's the Work and Mission of that OTHER Goat used in the ritual of ATONEMENT on the DAY of Atonement for the ENTIRE WORLD which is RIGHT NOW UPON US ALL!

    When the midnight cry goes forth, only a very few will heed it's call…144,000 and no one will even know they answered that call until they return in GREAT POWER to WARN the wicked and save the righteous.

    Brothers please remember to be or get humble before your maker before these things come upon us suddenly. I used to spend HUGE ammounts of time with my HEAD tuned to Heaven as Oposed to not giving my Heart the same AIR TIME..

    The knowledge you seek is good and intended for us by God, but please don't allow the persuite of knowledge to become the End unto itself.

    I have been EXTREMELY Humbled by my Father in Heaven for doing this very same thing. My life now is at the Apex of Anguish and Heart Break in my personal life.

    The hope I have of FULL recovery from this is My Father and Brother's PROMISE that they will save me from this, that I might in turn be able to show others with good intentions as my own that have landed me in the pit of dispare to dodge or disloge that Spiritual Bullet that prevents each of us from entering the presence of God.

    My remarks of cation to you are not to insinuate that your journey through repentance will be nearly as severe as mine has been, but rather to inform you that every single one of us is to go through some Spiritual pain of repentance that most of you are not really excpecting to go through because it will be more for the other guy.

    But I also know that there is a PROMISED light at the end of a short but very intence tunnel that will provide much needed relief for all those who do repent and that once we all get through that barrier to our Peace and Happiness in the Lord we will begin to rejoice and give Glory to the Lord for Hid chastening hand upon those He LOVES.

    I'm soory to have written such long comments and have gotten off the beaten path but I'm feeling the iminent closeness of BIG things that sort of have me SCARED OUT OF MY WHITS even though I know the Lord's intent and purpose for all this.

    I guess it is still the Man in me that must giv way to something higher that has me feeling this way. My ACCUTE awareness of these things has me a bit edegy, excited yet very frightened for myself and everyone else. Especially for those believe these things are not coming or that they will be imune to it's arrival.

    I'm also sorry that this is too much for me to go back and correct spelling and all my other mistakes but I want you all to know that I love you and can certainly EMPATHISE with your struggles in life and that I know that God will help us all through this.

    One word to OWIW before I no longer post any more comments in these Blogs.

    Brother, I have heard your voice over my phone and it IS the same LIKE VOICE I am very familar with in my life.

    Those who truly love our Savior hear and recognize His voice because that voice is the same as their own.

    Keep up the Faith Brother, but please head to FAMILAR voices when they call on you even though they may not be the Voices of Joseph Smith or Sidney that you percieve as the ones to come a calling in the manner you have described. They WILL come a calling but not as the PRIMARY FIRST STRING of players.

    But as long as you KNOW the VOICE of God you will be prepared to shift your Paradigm just a bit.

  44. Rob

    Thank you for your interesting comments.

    that is very kind and compassionate for you to be concerned about me and others having the correct paradigm for what is coming.

    It is interesting that you and I are almost the exact same age and have spend the same amount of time studying these issues and yet we have arrived at such differing conclusions.

    I believe all of us, including you will have a few surprises during the next few years.

    One of the things I noticed when I spoke to you on the phone is that you virtually never back anything up with scripture.

    You seem to learn mainly through your right brain and intuition as apposed to seriously studying the written word.

    I don’t have time to respond to very much of your diatribe.

    When we spoke on the phone you indicated that GBH is the great false prophet of thes… I really disagree with that speculation… and it seems to contradict the very reason why you don’t feel Joseph Smith and others will return from the dead.

    You seem to base much of your end times scenario speculation based on the false doctrine that Adam, Abraham, Joseph Smtih, Sidney Rigdon and others who have passed on are in their final resurrected and celestialized state and therefore are not allowed to minister to this earth,

    You made the following statements,

    “Joseph Smith was only a Type foe this individual to come. Joseph Smith is not the Holy Spirit nor is any other person to have PHYSICALLY already done their time hear on Earth.

    To return a Resurected being back to Earth ot perform all these EARTHLY functions that will be required of the Davidic Servant, flies in the face of our KNOWING that Celestial beings are NOT to have prolonged DIRECT influence upon the affairs of men in a TELESTIAL world.
    And until this World FULLY enters a TERESTRIAL condition, only those of a TRANSLATED TERESTRIAL BODY will be allowed to perform the funtions of providing the FLUX to prepare a World for the Arival of the CELESTIAL Resurected Christ and those of the CELESTIAL ORDER who come forth on the Morning of the First GENERAL Resurection that coinsides SIMULTANEOUSLY with the return of Christ in FULL POWER with the intent to stay and not just visit …..
    Many of you on this sight have come up with Paradigms cocerning WHO is to take the Lead roles in these events. Just a word of caution…Be willing and able to shift your Paradigm of thought as they ARE consistent with a particular pattern but NOT consistent with the Doctrine that RESURECTED beings would ever be allowed to interviene in the affairs of men on Earth to perform PROTRACTED funtions of Building the Kindom.”

    Many of those statements are not supported in the scriptures other than one obscure verse in a very questionable revelation.

    There is a wealth of documentation in the scriptures that assures us that nobody that has lived on this earth from Adam to Joseph Smith and those of us living on the earth today has received their final inheritance in the celestial kingdom.

    that is why Enoch and his people have been suspended in the city of Enoch and will return with Christ at his coming… because they have not yet been perfected.

    Paul and Joseph Smith both taught that Abraham and the fathers cannot be saved without us and we cannot be saved without them..

    the Book of Mormon and other scriptures inform us that God has not even completed his covenant with Abraham and his seed… it doesn’t make much sense that Abraham has left and become exalted already.

    I am not going to take the time to pummel you with all of the scriptures pertaining to this. I have provided many of them in the other articles I have written.

    I t it s very important aspect of prophecy and of the gospel for ministering angels and servants from previous dispensations to return and minister.

    I have documented over 50 scriptural evidences that testify that JS is going to return.

    It is fine to be intuitive and to go by the spirit as long as you are using the word of God to keep you on track.


  45. OWIW, it is my UNDERSTANDING of the Scritures that I BASE my Intuitive comments on.

    I make comments based upon the Fact I know you already HAVE an ABBUNDANT FACTUAL understanding of these things and I need not repeat them but rather Reinturpret them.

  46. OWIW, I can see I’ve touched a nerve.

    Very few people have had to overcome as many faults as I have including my once having an Obsession with “FACTS”.

    Don’t let “Your’s” stand in the way of your Intuitive Awareness.

    Ellevating ONE above the OTHER to the extent you Do It, is at the EXPENSE of the OTHER.

  47. Brother, I’ve heard the “SPIRIT” in your Voice. So I KNOW you have the “RIGHT” Spirit.

    Just allow the “SPIRIT” of understanding these things assume a little Higher Presidence over the “FACTS”. TOO many “FACTS” can sometimes cloud Intuitive Vision.

    Aren’t we supposed to interpret the Law ( FACTS ) according to the Intuitive “SPIRIT” of the Law ?

  48. I LOVE the DEPTH to which you “OBSERVE” Things. Just Realize there is an Intuitive Meaning to these things that SUPERCEED the “FACTS”. And if you don’t believe that, then you don’t FULLY understand the Nature of your Mom & Dad & Brother in Heaven and what is EXPRESSED in the Lord’s Atonement for us. It goes WAY BEYOND mear Facts.

  49. I’m feeling the Love of Intelligent Fact Gathering a little more than simple Feelings of the “Heart”. It’s what lies within our “Intutive Hearts” that Gives the Wonderful Intelligence of our “Minds” the Perspective necessary to Truly understand God & who we REALLY ARE or “SHOULD” become…

  50. I read with great interest the comments of Rob and One who is watching, it is a testament to me that the spirit of God has increased in tempo and magnitude, look toward July 11th of this year for another significant increase. Rob blessed are those with a broken heart and a contrite spirit it is the only acceptable offering in these last days you are well on your way, the Lord is greatly pleased with you! Do not worry about the occasional misstep it is all part of the process, your confidence will soon wax strong in the presence of the Lord. God has confidence in you and also many others, bind up the law and seal up the testimony. The one mighty and strong has been under this labor for many years now he now relates with the weakest of the weak and shall bring to judgement those that have blasphemed the Lord in the midst of his house. Resonate with the higher frequencies of the celestial events and you will continue to be quickened by and by. Look towards Dec 21st 2010 it is another bench mark in this progression. the effects of deseret are now buzzing within you. After Dec.21st the blood of Israel shell take center stage the influence of the gentiles shall cease.

  51. The heart is a seven layered oscillating liquid crystal that penetrates higher dimensions the orgasm of the heart is pure heaven manifest within us, Gods greatest gift. The heart of a righteous man can collapse the devine matrix to a more righteous state, the shofar or kudo horn is this extension, an ancient mystical tool that is effective in subduing evil. Gideons army shall arise again and blow the shofar the devil shall now tremble with fear and all his minions. Ascend to higher dimensions of conciousness that your understanding shall reach to heaven, forgive all men their trespasses the accuser of the elect of God will no longer have footing in the matrix of divinity.

  52. The seven seals has been a healthy obsessive hobby of mine for the last 12 years. I’ve put together a very detailed timeline of the Seven Seals. I have posted the drawing here…


    This is just the overview, i have a great deal of other drawing that go over each individual timeline and explain everything within this timeline.

    Anyone interested the Seven seals should check out all the drawings


  53. I learn a great deal from th various comments offered on this site. I’m thankful for this. It helps me to better formulate my own understanding of things.

    When I see the various and sometimes conflicting comments that are made here I’m reminded of something written in the Dead Sea Scrolls. It referes to a group of truly dedicated men of God who were of Good Character & the Right Spirit but found themselves leaderss and wandering like blind men for 20 years untill the Lord raised up for them a Teacher of Righteousness to unlock the door to a universal understanding of the Truth.

    This was made in reference to a Latter Day thing the Lord would provide those of us with the Right Charater & Spirit, that promised Man like unto Moses who can unite our understanding in the proper interpretation of scripture as it applies to every Latter Day subject and circumstance.

    The time line questions will finally be answered as they will most likely begin with this Man being called of God and he will perfectly understand how all end time events relate to himself and therefore provide THE interpretation of these things.

    It will be more a matter of Intuitive interpretation for him and the facts would mearly provide the backdrop of impending circumstances and events to come.

    He would be living those events according to God reawakening his preexistent understanding of the great role God would have him play as our final Prophet to prepare the Way of our Saviour’s Return.

    His authority to properly interpret God’s Words and will would come from his heart as opposed to having to piece to gether facts as we do.

    But this is surely a good way to prepare for the coming of this man to see how close we can get it right. But we better be careful not to imbed our paradigms in concrete. They may need to take a few detours of correction to actually conform to the will and mind of God.

    That is why this coming Man is so important to us. Even though we collectively pocess far greater amounts of truth than the world or mainline member of the Church, we are still defined by the Dead Sea Scrolls as being as “Blind Men” groping in relative darkness comepared to the Teacher of Righteous that God will send.

  54. I forgot to throw in my two cents on my understnding and best guess as far as time line events go.

    I have read every concievable combination of time line events and must admit that my understanding comes more from the gut.

    Without providing a list of data backing up what I think, I’ll just throw it out there so that when the One Mighty & Strong finally makes his appearance, I will be on record as having placed my two cents in there with all the rest.

    He’ll probably laugh at my estimation of things but if he does, I won’t take it personally. I’ll take it as I had the Love and Interest to at least take a stab at it, then I will step back and listen to the Master show me the way.

    These major events should reveal themselves as Way Marks in time as identified on the Lord’s Perpetual Calendar given to Moses as a memorial for all time.

    Gee…Only if we could decipher the meaning & timing of these events. Then we would know.

    Well, here’s my best guess based upon my limited knowledge of these things.

    Rashashana of 2010 and it’s asscociated Holy Days in the Fall should mark a Miraculous time of change in a personal way for the Man Like unto Moses and His Family.

    This would only be a Personal awakenign among his close Family members as they are to serve as a type and pattern for the Regathering of Israel to occur in perfect syncronous pattern in the year 2012 & the 3 1/2 years to follow.

    2012 is the Big Begining of both Judgement and Redemption to extend itself over the following 3 1/2 years to the end of 2015.

    Between now and the Spring of 2012 we should experience the complete collapse of our economy which will bring about the conditions of chaos leading to our countries demise by the Russians in the end of 2012.

    Preceeding this Great event, The Day of the Lord, the Church must first under go it’s purging of the wicked.

    The Spring Conference of 2012 should bring about the Greatest Surprise to every member of the Church. A Man of renown and greatly loved by the members in the Church, who has passed on, should make a surprise reappearance before an awed body of Saints believing this man to be God Himself.

    And this should be exactly what this man would have us believe.

    For an understanding of those circumstances, carefully read the Joseph Smith translation of 2 Thessalonians chapeter 2 I believe, where it describes the Man of Sin seating himself in the Temple of God and providing the Great Delusion God intends on sending His people to get them to believe a Lie. The Man who built our last Tabernacle will be returning to the place of his creation commerating Himself.

    Only the Truly Righteous who are led by God will know this is a farce and not accept this Delution that the vast majority of unrighteous members will swallow hook line and sinker.

    This event will cause the Great Seperation described in the Book of Mormom and elsewhere concerning the Lord’s Covenant people.

    It will be the Greatest Test of Faith ever inacted upon the Lord’s Righteous members and people of the World for that matter.

    This will be no small local event. It will effect the entire World.

    But it’s main purpose is to weed the Tares from among the Wheat of the Lord’s people in order to bundle the Tares for Burning and preserve the Wheat for the protection of the Barn and eventual establishment of the Lord’s Kingdom to shortly follow the Burning.

    The righteous who refuse to accept the wicked imposter of God, will be intially heavily persecuted for their non-conformance. Then the the Lord will answer their cries on the Day of Penticost 50 Days after the imposter’s appearance. The Man being sent from the presence of God upon this Very Day should be the clue to the exact identity of this man, as he was sent on this very day on the Day of Penticost when being sent to the Lord’s Apostles after His First Coming to the World.

    This same guy will now appear to preapre the way for the Lord’s Second Coming.

    Established Patterns have a funny way of repeating themselves under certain similar but different circumstances.

    On Roshashana of that same year, will become the Official First Day of Gathering the Righteous into the Barn to await the Burning of the Tares to now include the wicked of the Lod’s Church who have since been seperated from the righteous and a awaiting their punishment.

    On the early morning of Dec 25th between Midnight & 3am, the Field will be set a Fire. By morning, our Nation as a Sovern Nation, will no longer exist.

    From that Day Foward ( The Great & Terrible Day of the Lord ) , God’s Servant, along with 144,000 Specially Endowed High Priests of God, will provide the means and protection necessary to ensure God’s Kingdom will be built where proscribed and on time.

    This is why we have been placed here at this end time of History. We’re it. And God will Fulfill His Will & Work through those who are worthy and willing.

    Well, that’s my unofficial take on things to come. I guess we will all have to wait and see who is closest to the mark.

  55. That Rob. He’s a firery little rascal isn’t he ? Man, he should take a cold shower and relax. But there is something about that guy I really like.

  56. Zack, as far as cold showers go…That’s all I can afford right now and they don’t do a darn bit of good.

    As far as my being a ” little rascal” goes, I can kick your you know what any day but Sunday. I’ll give you a break on that day. The Lord would want it that way.

    My schedzophrenia medication may have something to do with that firery attitude I sometimes have. But you should see the “OTHER” side of me…

    I like the fire in the blood of the people on this site. It makes mine boil for God even more.

    Zack, you’re an opinionated cuss aren’t you ? I hope you got the backbone of Doctrine to back up all that stuff about the time line. You seem pretty sure of yourself. Do you have friends in high places or something that we don’t know about ?

    If you were standing here right now, I would slap some sense into that mouthful of insults you fried at me. God loves me even if I do have more than one side to my character.

    He’s always trying to appeal to my better “SIDE”…And so should you.

    If I had to rate you on a scale of 1-10 of people I would have to repent of Wupping to prove to God I had a forgiving heart, I would rate you a 12.

    That crack about “Little Rascal” may be true…I’m only 5’2″. But you didn’t have to say it for everyone to read.

    It’s a good thing you said something nice about me in the end…Maybe now God will spare you. Anyway…I like your comments .

  57. Interesting, 1993 it was a very special year, specially September 23 I was baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ. Anyways, I like your post I always thought the Meridian of times it was at the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, because many resurrected that day, and i figured the beginning of the 7000 period or Millennium stars with the first resurrection too. One thing i wasn’t clear until now was the dates, because i was using the Jew’s calendar, last September was the beginning of the new year 5774 that means 226 years away from the 6000 mark. Thank you for your contribution, you are a big help for the SEEKERS.

  58. It is nice to see 4-5 years later how many prophets there have been on this blog. Still searching…still waiting.

  59. OWIW, I find 1993 important as it was the year that the leaders of the church (specifically BKP) took disciplinary action against six innocent members of the church.

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