The Proclamation: An Appeal for Prayer

Another president-elect: here we go again

Five elections left—Between now and April of 2033, there are five presidential elections left.

Date: Nov. 2016 Nov. 2020 Nov. 2024 Nov. 2028 Nov. 2032 Apr. 2033
Approximate Number of Years Left of 6th Thousand Years 16 ½ 12 ½ 8 ½ 4 ½ ½ 0

The Proclamation still has not gone forth

Back in 2008, I gained the understanding that the proclamation commanded by the Lord in D&C 124 to be made by Joseph Smith “to all the kings of the world, to the four corners thereof, to the honorable president-elect, and the high-minded governors of the nation in which you live, and to all the nations of the earth scattered abroad” (D&C 124:3), still had to be issued by Joseph Smith and given to some president-elect of the nation under the U.S. Constitution. Joseph Smith never made that proclamation because he died before he could do so, so the Twelve Apostles wrote up their own proclamation in 1845 to obey the instructions found in that revelation. Their proclamation, though, was addressed to “all the King’s of the World; To the President of the United States of America;  To the Governors of the several States; And to the Rulers and People of all Nations.” Most Mormons would say that the deed was fully done as the apostles had the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and I would have agreed with that assessment, except that, as I said, in 2008 I got a new understanding, which indicated that Joseph Smith needed to come back from the dead and make that proclamation still. Not to a President of the United States, but to a president-elect of the United States.

2008 was an election year and Barack Obama was the new president-elect, so I wondered and waited and watched to see if Joseph Smith, newly risen from the dead, would show up and issue the proclamation. In January of 2009 I even received a manifested belief that Joseph Smith was now back in the flesh somewhere. This manifestation served to increase my anticipation of the release of the proclamation, but Joseph never showed up.  After the botched swearing in ceremony, in which President Obama could still, technically, be called the president-elect, I still continued to wait and watch. Eight years have now gone by and no proclamation has been made. There has been a suggestion that maybe it was issued in secret or privately, but I do not believe that. There is no evidence, whatsoever, that Joseph has returned or that the proclamation was issued to president-elect Obama. So, the prophecy remains unfulfilled.

This turns my attention, then, to the next five presidential elections.

I didn’t know

In 2008 I didn’t know anything about the Josephite, nor about the future Confederacy, nor about the April 2033 date for the end of the 6th thousand years, nor about the need for Joseph Smith to appoint Joseph-Nephi as his successor. A lot of new information, and clarification, about the prophecies has come forth in the last eight years. Back in 2008 I thought that Joseph Smith would make the proclamation, being sent only by the Lord. Now, however, having learned about the Josephite, it is my understanding that when the Josephite is empowered, Joseph Smith will appear to him and appoint him as his successor, and then the Josephite will send Joseph Smith to make the proclamation. So, the proclamation cannot go forth until the Josephite is empowered.

While the proclamation waits for the Josephite, the Confederacy waits for the proclamation. So, a New set of Articles of Confederation (NAC) cannot be installed until Joseph Smith makes the proclamation to a president-elect of the nation under the United States Constitution (for there is no president-elect under the NAC.) The proclamation is all important because it will prophesy of the future events of the 6th thousand years (and perhaps also of the 7th thousand years), that concern the kingdoms and nations of the world.

Let it be written in the spirit of meekness and by the power of the Holy Ghost, which shall be in you at the time of the writing of the same; for it shall be given you by the Holy Ghost to know my will concerning those kings and authorities, even what shall befall them in a time to come.  (D&C 124:4-5)

This leaves them all “without excuse” (D&C 124:7), for they will know exactly what will happen and the consequences of their actions.

Given the great number of things that must occur between now and April of 2033, and the fact that it all starts with the empowerment of the Josephite and the release of Joseph Smith’s proclamation—which must be issued to a president-elect of the U.S. Constitution—that leaves only the aforementioned five elections as possible times the proclamation can be issued.

Narrowing it down to one

There are approximately 16 ½ years left of the 6th thousand years. According to my understanding, here are some of the things that have to happen in this time frame—(not listed in chronological order) : The Josephite must be empowered; The Proclamation must be made by Joseph Smith to the president-elect under the U.S. Constitution; The State of Israel must cease to exist; The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints must be broken up (by an earthquake); The Book of the Lamb of God must appear; The Church of the Lamb of God must be established; The United States of America must be established as a Confederacy; The promised land must be fortified; The Great and Abominable Church must be formed; The Great and Abominable Church must remove many plain and precious parts from the Book of the Lamb of God; The saints of God must be brought down into captivity by the Great and Abominable Church; The Gentiles must go out of captivity to the promised land; The Remnant must be scattered and smitten; A great war must occur between the nations of the world and the Gentiles on the promised land; The Gentiles must stumble; The Book of Mormon and Small Plates of Nephi must be re-translated; The Large Plates of Nephi, the Plates of Brass, and the Plates of Ether must be translated; The world must split into two churches; Zion must be redeemed; The House of Israel must begin to gather; The first six seals must be opened via the translation of 6/7 parts of the Sealed Portion; The Josephite must perform all the work for the dead (of the first 4000 years) and resurrect these people prior to 1823, changing the past; The 144,000 must be sealed; Wars must ensue among the wicked; Saints must be martyred; The Sun must turn black, the moon to blood, the stars fall, and mountains and islands must be moved out of their places; etc.

Right off the bat the fifth election can be crossed off. 2032 leaves only half a year, which is not enough time for all these many prophecies to be fulfilled. Even the third (2024) and fourth (2028) strike me as too little time (8 ½ and 4 ½ years, respectively.) That leaves this year (2016, giving about 16 ½ years) and the next presidential election (2020, giving 12 ½ years.) Of the two dates, my mind cannot help but think it must be 2016.

16 ½ years seems to me to be the perfect amount of time to accomplish everything. It can be broken down into three parts. First, there is half a year. In this period of time, the Josephite can be empowered, Joseph can issue the proclamation (before the swearing in ceremony in January of 2017), and the Confederacy can be installed by April of 2017. That gives us a full decade (ten years) under the NAC, from April 2017 to April 2027, in which all of the prophecies can be fulfilled minus the opening of the six seals. The last six years, then, are reserved for the opening of the seals, one seal opened per year.

Again, it seems to me that God would give the Gentiles no less than a decade (ten years) to repent, before He started opening the seals. That invalidates the 2024, 2028 and 2032 elections, because they don’t even leave ten years. Also, it seems to me that God would open one seal per year, requiring an additional six years. That invalidates the 2020 election. Which leaves this year’s election (2016) as the likeliest time when the proclamation would be made.

I may be the only one

I may be the only one that believes all this stuff. If so, then this post will have no effect, whatsoever. If, however, there are others who believe these things, then I will speak to those who believe, and perhaps some good will come of the post.

To the believers: let’s empower the Josephite

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of the status quo. I’m dying for the Josephite to be empowered, for the proclamation to go forth, for the Confederacy to be established, for the new scriptures to be translated, for the angels to start descending from heaven, for the miracles to start happening and for the prophecies to be fulfilled. Yet it all begins with the empowerment of the Josephite. There is an ideal window of about three months, between now and December, in which if he gets empowered, the proclamation can go forth and the prophecies can start to be fulfilled and we won’t have to wait until the next election in 2020.

So, let’s pray for this guy. Let’s pray that he gets empowered NOW. Let’s pray that the proclamation goes out to the president-elect this year.

It may be that the Josephite is even weaker than first thought. It may be that he needs our daily prayers and supplications, perhaps even our fasting. Pouring out our souls to God in his behalf day and night wouldn’t hurt, either. It may be that the hold up isn’t the Josephite. The hold up may be us. There are scriptural precedents for all these things.

And behold, their prayers were also in behalf of him that the Lord should suffer to bring these things forth.  (Morm. 8:25)

The ancients knew that the Josephite would be raised up and would accomplish his mission, yet they still prayed for him. How many of us believing in him are doing the same? God received the prayers of His ancient saints in behalf of His miracle-working seer. Has He received the same from His modern saints? Perhaps God requires of us the same offering of prayers that was given by the ancient saints before He empowers His seer.

We know Jesus is coming back, and yet the saints of the future will be praying for it anyway:

Calling upon the name of the Lord day and night, saying:

O that thou wouldst rend the heavens, that thou wouldst come down, that the mountains might flow down at thy presence.

And it shall be answered upon their heads; for the presence of the Lord shall be as the melting fire that burneth, and as the fire which causeth the waters to boil.  (D&C 133:40-41)

James taught:

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.  (James 5:16)

This is increased when there are more people involved.

Verily, verily, I say unto you, as I said unto my disciples, where two or three are gathered together in my name, as touching one thing, behold, there will I be in the midst of them—even so am I in the midst of you.  (D&C 6:32)

For verily I say, as ye have assembled yourselves together according to the commandment wherewith I commanded you, and are agreed as touching this one thing, and have asked the Father in my name, even so ye shall receive.  (D&C 42:3)

In this case, the one thing touched, upon which all are agreed, is the empowerment of the Josephite in the next few months. When groups of people do this, God takes notice and action.

And again, I say unto you that ye shall not go until ye have preached my gospel in those parts, and have strengthened up the church whithersoever it is found, and more especially in Colesville; for, behold, they pray unto me in much faith.  (D&C 37:2)

Behold, verily, verily, I say unto you, that the people in Ohio call upon me in much faith, thinking I will stay my hand in judgment upon the nations, but I cannot deny my word.  (D&C 39:16)

The saints were instructed to uphold Joseph Smith, and also the First Presidency, by the prayer of faith.

And if ye desire the glories of the kingdom, appoint ye my servant Joseph Smith, Jun., and uphold him before me by the prayer of faith.  (D&C 43:12)

Of the Melchizedek Priesthood, three Presiding High Priests, chosen by the body, appointed and ordained to that office, and upheld by the confidence, faith, and prayer of the church, form a quorum of the Presidency of the Church.  (107:22)

This same principle may apply to the Josephite.

According to my understanding, the Josephite is already among the LDS population, but maybe because no one is upholding him by the prayer of faith, the Lord is leaving him in his weakness. This accords to the law and doctrine of deliverance, which requires exact obedience to the deliverer, by those being delivered. If we do not do what the Josephite (who is a deliverer) says, with exactness, the Lord will not empower him to deliver us. The Josephite hasn’t said anything, for he is unknown, but the fact that he is among the people already may put the law of deliverance into effect, through our prayers.

So, let’s cause the Lord to empower him by praying to God in much faith, and get the end time events started.

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  1. From the Apocalypse of Abraham – “And one hour of the age will also be one hundred years in evil among the heathen and an hour in their mercy, even with reproaches as among the heathen.”

    That puts it at approximately 2030, assuming it started in 1830. April of 2032 is close enough for me.

  2. It was hard for me to get through the proclamation issued by the Twelve Apostles. It came off to me as kind of haughty. The Lord said to Joseph, “Let it be written in the spirit of meekness” (D&C 124:4), but I didn’t find it written in that spirit, at all. Also, “Let it be written …by the power of the Holy Ghost, which shall be in you at the time of the writing of the same;” (C&C 124:4.) There is a reason, I think, that this 12 Apostles proclamation was not canonized. If it indeed was written by the power of the Holy Ghost, then it would have been scripture, but it doesn’t come across, to me, as scripture, not a par with Joseph’s revelations. And I suspect that the church leaderships knew this and left it out of the canon on purpose. So, on that count it also falls short of what the Lord directed to Joseph. One more thing, too: the Lord said, “For it shall be given you by the Holy Ghost to know my will concerning those kings and authorities, even what shall befall them in a time to come” (D&C 124:5.) The 12 Apostles’ proclamation didn’t give anything specific about what was going to happen to what kingdom and nation, but gave the same generalities that are found in the scriptures already. In other words, there is nothing new in the proclamation, that somebody couldn’t have learned by studying the scriptures.

    The sense I get, though, was that this proclamation given by Joseph (and 4 other people were assigned to participate, too), was to give specific information on a kingdom by kingdom basis, very much, perhaps, like Daniel’s prophesy of the various kings in his book. This would leave them without excuse because everything that was prophesied would come to pass exactly as prophesied.

    It is interesting that Joseph didn’t make the proclamation. Instead, three and a half years later, he died, without making it. Yet he was called “immediately” to make a solemn proclamation. Why didn’t he “immediately” do it? Could it be that he was hindered, yet again? Or, could it be that he understood that this commandment he received was for a later time, of another president-elect. It’s all very curious.

    Oh, and another thing: the proclamation was to be solemn, but loud. The 12 Apostles’ proclamation didn’t sound all that solemn, though it did sound boastful to me. And, also (lotta also’s here), it was to go to the nations and kingdoms of the world, that they be left without excuse. What nation or kingdom of the world today even knows about the existence of this proclamation, let alone has read it? Or even, what Mormon has read the thing? All this strikes me as not being according to the will of the Lord. He intended this thing to go forth to all the nations, in the manner prescribed, and it didn’t happen, yet it needs to happen, in order that they are left without excuse. So, it needs to be made by the power of the Holy Ghost, by Joseph and the others mentioned to help him, and it needs to be sent to all the nations and put into their very faces, boldly and loudly.

  3. LDS Anarchist. I have a few questions for you:

    1. Why do you feel there will be a different Joseph (who you call Joseph-Nephi) who will come? (Is it largely the he will be called Joseph after his father prophecy in the BoM and JST Gen 50 (IIRC), or are there other prophecies, e.g. the Isaiah branch, root, stem one))?
    2. What about the prophecy of JS where he said there would be a man named David who would establish the throne of David who would descend from David’s loins? This person is different than the Josephite, is that correct?
    3. Have you read Watcher’s book about Joseph coming back from the dead to complete the restoration? What’s your take on that view rather than a Josephite descended from Lehi?

  4. James,

    1. Why do you feel there will be a different Joseph (who you call Joseph-Nephi) who will come? (Is it largely the he will be called Joseph after his father prophecy in the BoM and JST Gen 50 (IIRC), or are there other prophecies, e.g. the Isaiah branch, root, stem one))?

    You’ll have to look over my writings on this site about the Josephite. You can follow this link to read them. The Joseph of 2 Ne. 3 is a Josephite, a descendant of Joseph, the brother of Nephi. It doesn’t refer to Joseph Smith.

    2. What about the prophecy of JS where he said there would be a man named David who would establish the throne of David who would descend from David’s loins? This person is different than the Josephite, is that correct?

    That prophecy isn’t in the canonized revelations of Joseph. Where are you getting it from?

    3. Have you read Watcher’s book about Joseph coming back from the dead to complete the restoration? What’s your take on that view rather than a Josephite descended from Lehi?

    I agree with OWIW that Joseph must come back to perform some tasks, namely, appointing his successor (Joseph-Nephi) and his unfinished Proclamation work, but I disagree with OWIW on pretty much everything else. OWIW is confusing Joseph-Nephi with Joseph Smith. One was a mortal seer (Joseph Smith) who laid the foundation, and the other will be a translated miracle-working seer (Joseph-Nephi) who will complete the entire building, finishing everything. It was always the intention of the Lord for the restoration to be accomplished by a Nephite, not a Gentile. The Gentile Joseph Smith was sent to prepare the way of the Nephite Joseph-Nephi, who, in turn would prepare the way of the Lord. Joseph-Nephi is the Elias who was to restore all things. Joseph Smith, though, can be considered an Elias that restored the foundation.

    This is not to diss Joseph Smith or his mission. But Joseph-Nephi is the biggest guy on campus, so big, in fact, that the Lord sent another big guy (a seer, which is greater than a prophet) to prepare the way for the one who would prepare the way of the Lord. Joseph-Nephi ain’t like the others God has sent previously. This one is special, so special that God sent someone (JS) to prepare his way, too!

  5. I wonder if this has anything to do with the Proclamation, which was to go to kings?

    And when that day shall come, it shall come to pass that kings shall shut their mouths; for that which had not been told them shall they see; and that which they had not heard shall they consider. For in that day, for my sake shall the Father work a work, which shall be a great and a marvelous work among them; and there shall be among them those who will not believe it, although a man shall declare it unto them. (3 Ne. 21:8-9)

  6. I was sick when I wrote this post on Saturday and rushed it to completion and publication. I have now corrected the typos in it.

  7. Thanks for answering my questions. I really appreciate it! I’ve been trying to wrap my head around all of this lately, and I’ve determined my only hope for understanding it all and believing correct things is take it up with the Lord in prayer, but you’ve given me a lot of great things to consider and search as I do so.

    I have followed your blog for a while now, and have found it helpful in separating a lot of the ‘precepts of men’ (from 2 Nephi 28:14) from what the scriptures actually say.

    I guess you’re right, the quote that I shared was not in a canonized revelation (so it’s entirely possible it wasn’t transcribed perfectly), but here it is.

    “the throne & kingdom of David is to be taken from him & given to another by the name of David in the last days, raised up out of his linage”
    ( here’s a link to it from Words of Joseph Smith:
    Also found in TPJS, p. 339)

  8. James, thanks for that link. Here’s the full quote:

    A murderer; for instance one that sheds innocent Blood Cannot have forgiveness, David sought repentance at the hand of God Carefully with tears, but he could ownly get it through Hell, he got a promise that his soul should not be left in Hell, Although David was a King he never did obtain the spirit & power of Elijah & the fulness of the Priesthood, & the priesthood that he received & the throne & kingdom of David is to be taken from him & given to another by the name of David in the last days, raised up out of his linage

    It seems to me that Joseph may have been referring to the exaltation that David was promised (the everlasting kingdom, the everlasting throne and the everlasting priesthood he had received in this life and that he was promised to receive in the next life), being given to another of his lineage of the same name as him. In other words, he referred to this passage:

    David’s wives and concubines were given unto him of me, by the hand of Nathan, my servant, and others of the prophets who had the keys of this power; and in none of these things did he sin against me save in the case of Uriah and his wife; and, therefore he hath fallen from his exaltation, and received his portion; and he shall not inherit them out of the world, for I gave them unto another, saith the Lord. (D&C 132:39)

    So, this is not speaking of some prophet or seer or revelator named David that will appear, but of a king named David, of the lineage of the fallen David, who will inherit what was given to David. This, then, has nothing to do with the Josephite.

  9. I had a really strange thought today that I don’t know what to make of. It was that the Josephite might actually pray for the church to be broken up, that it might be re-formed as the church of the Lamb of God, with perfect conformity to the revelations of Joseph Smith. In other words, it may be that after the Josephite goes to the leadership, and gets all the keys and so on, and performs the correction, and the leadership puts it into place, it might be that factions among the people present themselves against the correction, or refuse to correct. The law of common consent must be applied at all levels, right? It has been thought that the leadership is out of sorts, but what if the leadership actually gets put back but the people remain out of sorts? Or what if factions among the leadership oppose the correction? What do you do then? Wouldn’t a “reset” be in order? And how do you reset a church? Perhaps by breaking it up and then putting it back together again, under those who follow the Josephite, calling themselves by a different name (church of the Lamb.) Who knows? The thought was strange that the Josephite might actually be the cause of the break up of the church, that he might have a hand in causing that Utah earthquake, as well as the California one.

  10. Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him, that ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand.

    Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come [an apostasy] first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

    Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things?

    And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time.

    For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.

    And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. (2 Thessalonians 2:1-10)

    I’ve replaced “a falling away” with “an apostasy” because it annoys me that the KJV translators didn’t use “apostasy” like the other translations all do (’cause that’s the word in the text.)

    Anyway, this passage is used by Mormon missionaries to show that an apostasy was prophesied to happen and thus to bolster our claim of a Great Apostasy. But looking over the passage, I don’t see any indication, whatsoever, that Paul was speaking of an apostasy of the primitive church, but of an apostasy of the latter-day church. When did the “man of sin…the son of perdition” ever sit “as God in the temple of God”? The primitive church never had a temple that they used. The Jews did, but not the saints. None of the sects that came from the break-up of the primitive church and the loss of the keys fit the apostasy being described in this passage, because they possess no temple of God. Also, the context of the passage is the Second Coming of Christ, which occurs during the latter-days and more specifically, the end times. So, given that this speaks of an apostasy in which there is at least one temple of God which is overtaken by a son of perdition, and given that no other church has a temple of God except the Latter-day Saints, this can only be talking of an apostasy in the LDS church. (But that is not to say that such an apostasy has already occurred in the church. No, this passage’s fulfillment is yet future to us.)

  11. Anarchist

    In 2009 you leaned toward October 6, 2016 as the end of the sixth seal:

    “..the 6th thousand years will end on October 6, 2016. At which point the 7th seal will open.
    This interpretation seems consistent with both the scriptures and my understanding of the signs of the times that are taking place and “where we are” time-wise according to those signs. I’ve discussed this with what4anarchy and he also seems to think that October 6, 2016 seems about right for the end date of the 6th seal.”

    You seem to have changed your mind and are now in agreement that 2033 is more likely, unless you think we will be entering into the seventh seal tomorrow. .

    Regarding the President Elect prophecy, I would have to agree that the time of the proclamation appears to be imminent.

    Some people speculate that martial law will be declared and that Obama will not give up his seat of authority. The following article provides an interesting little twist or at least an interesting coincidence with regard to the term “president elect”.

  12. OWIW, there were three possible years in which the 6th thousand years could end: 2000, 2016 and 2033. Taking the birth of Christ as the mid-point gave 6 April 2000, which, when I wrote what you quoted above, had already passed. Taking the entire 33 years of Christ’s life as the mid-point (16 1/2 years before and 16 1/2 years after), gave 6 October 2016, which will pass tomorrow. Taking the resurrection of Christ as the mid-point, which is what the actual mid-point is, gives April of 2033.

    It wasn’t until this year that I noticed Alma’s resurrection prophecy (see A First Resurrection Has Already Occurred), which actually gave the mid-point, or meridian of time, as the resurrection of Christ. Had I seen that earlier, I would have modified my view and taken the 2033 date. But as I didn’t notice it, and as 2016 was the closest date, that was the date I was keeping my eye on.

  13. I know this comment is a little late, but in regards to your belief in a coming Josephite prophet who is a Nephite descendant, who will restore all things, I think you may have missed a few pertinent scriptures who identify who it is who will restore all things.

    D&C 77

    9 Q. What are we to understand by the angel ascending from the east, Revelation 7th chapter and 2nd verse?
    A. We are to understand that the angel ascending from the east is he to whom is given the seal of the living God over the twelve tribes of Israel; wherefore, he crieth unto the four angels having the everlasting gospel, saying: Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads. And, if you will receive it, this is Elias which was to come to gather together the tribes of Israel and restore all things.

    14 Q. What are we to understand by the little book which was eaten by John, as mentioned in the 10th chapter of Revelation?
    A. We are to understand that it was a mission, and an ordinance, for him to gather the tribes of Israel; behold, this is Elias, who, as it is written, must come and restore all things.

    These verses identify John the Revelator as the one who will finish what Joseph Smith began. The translated John will be the one to gather Israel and restore all things.

    John is also the Davidic Servant/Prince/King who is spoken off in a number of places in the scriptures. John’s mother was the Mary’s sister, making John and Christ first cousins. John is the legal heir to the throne of David and also the senior most presiding apostle on earth. Also, in order to fit the prophesies in the scriptures he must also be of the house of Ephraim through his father Zebedee.

    D&C 113
    3 What is the rod spoken of in the first verse of the 11th chapter of Isaiah, that should come of the Stem of Jesse?

    4 Behold, thus saith the Lord: It is a servant in the hands of Christ, who is partly a descendant of Jesse as well as of Ephraim, or of the house of Joseph, on whom there is laid much power.

    5 What is the root of Jesse spoken of in the 10th verse of the 11th chapter?

    6 Behold, thus saith the Lord, it is a descendant of Jesse, as well as of Joseph, unto whom rightly belongs the priesthood, and the keys of the kingdom, for an ensign, and for the gathering of my people in the last days.

    Speaking of John in D&C 7 the Lord states:

    6 Yea, he has undertaken a greater work; therefore I will make him as flaming fire and a ministering angel; he shall minister for those who shall be heirs of salvation who dwell on the earth.

    The Davidic King, Elias, the Branch, the One Mighty and Strong are all referring to the same last days prophet, who is John the Revelator, a least that is my understanding.

  14. MC,

    2 Nephi 3 puts forth a Nephite, descended of Joseph the son of Lehi, as the miracle-working seer who brings to pass “much restoration.” This means the man will be of Manasseh (through Lehi), of Ephraim (through Ishamael) and of Judah (through Mulek, who was a son of Zedekiah, king of Judah, who was a descendant of Jesse.) This seer has all the proper lineages required by the prophecies:

    And now, behold, my son Joseph, after this manner did my father of old prophesy. Wherefore, because of this covenant thou art blessed; for thy seed shall not be destroyed, for they shall hearken unto the words of the book. And there shall rise up one mighty among them, who shall do much good, both in word and in deed, being an instrument in the hands of God, with exceeding faith, to work mighty wonders, and do that thing which is great in the sight of God, unto the bringing to pass much restoration unto the house of Israel, and unto the seed of thy brethren. (2 Nephi 3:22-24)

    John the Revelator’s lineage can only be traced to Judah, and we don’t know if he’s a descendant of Jesse. Saying his lineage is also of Ephraim is a guess, at most. But Manasseh is missing, and also he is no Nephite. So, it’s not him.

    Also, see my latest post: John the Revelator is not the Elias who restores all things.

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