The Name of God

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The Name of God

“Sound is an evocative and thus a creative experience. Many

cultures credit the gods with the power to make sounds, either

through natural agencies, such as wind, water, and animals, or

through musical instruments. In myth, sound can be bewitching

(the voices of the sirens), or destructive (the shout with which

Joshua and the Israelites felled the walls of Jericho). Many

creation myths talk of sound disturbing the pre-existent

stillness, thereby bringing the world into being.” David Fontana,

The Secret Language of Symbols, (San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books, 1994), p. 64.

Velikovsky suggested that all humanity had once heard what they perceived to be a celestial voice, which spoke the name of God.

That name, according to the good doctor, can be found in the ancient traditions of many cultures today, good evidence that the voice was heard worldwide in antiquity. Perhaps the best instance of its preservation is in the sacred Hebrew name, YAHWEH. For reasons that will become clear by the end of this monograph, the ineffable word was mere onomatopoeia.

The source of this voice, according to Dr. Velikovsky, was the electromagnetic oscillations produced by the interplay between Earth and a proximate body. The Earth, acting as a great transducer or speaker, effectively converted those electromagnetic waves into audible sounds. A clue to the nature and form of this ancient voice may be found in the behavior of modern radio receivers because they convert electromagnetic signals into audio-in effect, doing the same thing that the Earth did anciently.

Early radio receivers often produced an annoying ‘whistling’ sound that can only be called an electronic glissando. This sound began at a very high tone, slid down to a very low tone, then slid back up to the high tone. In fact, the receiver was reproducing a long wavelength carrier frequency on which the program audio was superimposed or modulated. The carrier wave is normally suppressed by circuitry within the radio so that only the desirable program material-music or voice-was reproduced. The technology to suppress the carrier signal was crude in early receivers, hence the ‘whistle’ was often heard when attempting to tune the set.

This ‘whistle’ holds the key to understanding the sacred name, YAHWEH.

To understand the relationship, we must alter that crude ‘whistle.’ Perhaps the most useful device for its reproduction is a modern analog music synthesizer, which can be manipulated-using tone or waveform generators, envelope generators and a variety of filters-to produce “electronic” sounds of epic proportions. In fact, the ‘whistle’ effect can be enhanced and refined to reproduce what must certainly be a close approximation of the sound the ancients heard.

First, we begin with ‘pink noise’-a hissing, rumbling noise that contains all audible frequencies sounding at the same time, with extra emphasis on the lower frequencies. This is the simple ‘shhhh’ sound we make with our mouths when we wish to quiet a noisy child. This represents the omnipresent background noise in the Universe, generated by all the electromagnetic activity around us. We push that noise through a comb filter, which is driven by an extremely low frequency sine wave-a pure fundamental tone that is the equivalent of the electronic oscillations set up by intersecting planets in antiquity. The sine wave causes the filter to emphasize only those parts of the pink noise that correspond to its amplitude-the ‘peak’ of the wave emphasizes only the highest frequencies, the ‘valley’ of the wave emphasizes only the lowest frequencies. This produces a ‘swishing’ sound, much like that which you can make with your mouth by rapidly opening and closing your lips while making the “shhhh” sound. It sounds like the onomatopoeic word ‘swish’ repeated over and over.

The sound heard by the ancients was undoubtedly far more complex due to its nature as a random or chaotic electromagnetic event. By adding several other minor tones to our sound, we arrive at an even more dynamic sound that, I believe, is more representative of the sound heard in antiquity. Finally, by increasing the amplitude of our fundamental sine wave-beginning with an extremely high-pitched, noisy tone that gradually shifts to an extremely low, rumbling frequency-we approach the dynamics of the ancient sound. The ‘swish’ now moves at a snail’s pace and it varies from extremely high to extremely low frequencies. What we hear now is probably what the ancients heard.

If you do not have access to an analog synthesizer, you can use your mouth and your voice to simulate an onomatopoeic expression of it. Using only the vowel sounds, begin by making the ‘eeee’ sound heard in the word ‘me,’ with your jaw closed. At the same time use your vocal cords to intone the highest tone possible. Proceed from vowel to vowel-eeee, aaaa, oooo-letting your jaw open gradually as you purse your lips, all the while dropping the frequency of the tone you are singing until you are at the lowest tone possible and your mouth forms a perfect ‘o.’ Then, without stopping, reverse the sequence of sounds and events until you end where you began, with the ‘eeee’ sound.

You have just spoken the sacred name of God, YAHWEH, as the ancients heard it and subsequently articulated it in countless sacred ceremonies and holy proceedings in antiquity.

It seems likely that this sound was heard repeatedly and in various forms. At times it would have been at a very low volume-almost a whisper. It would have seemed to the listener that the pianissimo voice was whispering right in one’s ear. On other occasions it would have been a mind-numbing, ear-splitting cacophony that would have been felt as much as heard, seemingly penetrating the very fiber of one’s being. Such descriptions of the voice of deity are replete in ancient records.

Of course, this was not the only sound heard anciently as the result of electromagnetic waves turned audible. As others have suggested, trumpet-like sounds, drum-like sounds and ringing, bell-like sounds were heard. Thus, these instruments found their way into the liturgy of all cultures in an attempt to replicate (re-member, as Talbott put it) the sacred sounds. So, too, the chants and mantras of all religions, including the chorale renditions of modern Christianity, hearken back to those audible sounds produced when the planets stood in proximity to one another.

One wonders if composers, like their artistic counterparts who draw on universal symbology for their inspiration, do not subconsciously draw on those ancient sounds to reproduce them in modern musical expressions. This would explain the power of some orchestral and choral compositions to affect emotional responses. Indeed, the more true a musical expression is to the ancient originals, the more power it would seem to have for its listeners. This would explain why these sounds are so important to sacred rites and rituals. They not only replicate the sounds, they duplicate the human response to them. These sounds, then, were literally the ‘music of the spheres’ and the ‘voice of God’.





  1. This article, as I initially started reading it, made me think of a theremin, a type of electronic musical instrument. But then later on, it brought to mind Stan Tenen’s research. If you haven’t already looked at it, I recommend you read his articles, watch his dvd’s, etc., all of which information can be obtained via The Meru Foundation link found on the right-hand side of each page of this blog (listed under the Education section.) It may throw additional views upon this interesting article’s information.

    (One of these day’s I probably ought to post about Tenen, but as that is more what4anarchy’s domain…wink, wink, nudge, nudge…I’ve been holding off in case he wants to broach the subject…)

  2. Iowa is an ancient Native American word for God’s name. It is phonetically identical to YHWH.

    The most ancient inscription of the tetragrammaton exists in New Mexico, USA, at Hidden Mountain near Los Lunas.

    The inscription was recently defaced, the first line of the decalogue was chiseled off.

    Mormons were among the first to be informed of the existence of this stone. But the president and apostles at the time decided to leave it alone and not use it in support of the Church’s claim, for fear that it was a hoax they were being lured into. But the natives of the area have a tradition that the stone was found there by their ancestors that first came to the area and that they do not know who made it, so it certainly predates the white man’s arrival.

    I was told by a Rabbi once that their oral tradition for the name of God is “ee ah oh uh”, and that this is the pronunciation spoken by the high priest once a year. He explained it was sort of a cipher: an all vowel word in an all consonant language.

  3. As soon as I read, “ee ah oh uh,” this came to mind. Very interesting…

  4. I read that Joseph Smith taught that the name of God is Ahman. I believe that it is in the School of the Prophets book. I learned that Adam-ondi-Ahman means man and God not the place of man and God. This is where Adam talked with God and was a sacred place. Jehovah, I believe was a Holy Spirit that acted in the name of God before He came to earth as Jesus Christ. Since He is God’s Son and had all the attributes of His Father, no one except the Prophets knew the difference between the two. He was teaching the Jews how to worship properly and prepared them for His coming. I am not sure if I am right in this way of thinking but it makes sense to me. I wonder if Ahman-Ra of Abraham’s time means Son of Ahman or Son of God. Ra was the Sun God of the Egyptians. Maybe the word Sun should be Son or do they mean the same thing in Egyptian way of thinking? I haven’t looked into this very deeply just something I have thought about off and on.
    By the way, here is an excellent article on the Los Lunas Decalogue, with the correct translation. I really don’t agree with the geography issues but this researcher’s articles are the best I have seen. He actually makes sense in his arguements concerning languages and history.

  5. Randy,

    Yes, you are correct, and what you say is the same as I understand it.

    Ahman is the revealed name of God the Father, and Son Ahman is the revealed name of Yahweh/Jehovah/Jesus. I remember a Gospel Doctrine teacher talking about Sun/Son in ancient languages like Greek, that they were spelled the same way back in the day (person meaning “of the sun”, interestingly, as a legal term, person is one step above human being [vs. slave; a person being someone endowed with rights, privileges, and the appurtenances of free society]).

    Joseph Smith, Jr., said that Abraham taught the revealed gospel to the Egyptians because the Lord knew their monuments and writings would stand the test of time. Joseph taught that Mormonism is the Egyptian religion, as taught to them in its fulness by Abraham (who received his gospel and priesthood from Melchizedek [who I believe was a Gentile/Japhetic, perhaps Scythian, king of Jerusalem, prior to the Jebusites]).

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  7. Google’s online machine translator translates the above Russian text as:

    “Engaged in design and want to ask the author to send shalonchik I myil) willing to pay …”

    I suppose it is spam and that I should delete it, but the Cyrillic alphabet looks so cool that I’m going to leave it alone.

  8. Trumpet blasts beginning?

  9. This strikes me as merely a man-made deception, inspired of the devil, and not the hand of God blowing the prophesied trumpets.

    and again
    it is given
    by the holy ghost
    to some
    to know the diversities of operations
    whether they be of god
    that the manifestations of the spirit may be given to every man
    to profit withal

    Now, perhaps I don’t have that gift, but, nevertheless, having reviewed some of the various videos, my assessment is that this is being done by evil and conspiring men, using man-made devices and technology, to create a deception among the people, to further their plans of world-wide domination, perhaps by getting people thinking that the sounds are coming from space, in anticipation of the coming further deception which will be put forth, of an extraterrestial invasion.

    Like all prophesied occurrences, the real trumpets of God will require no guesswork on our part, nor will they be learned about through YouTube videos. The entire planet, not just small areas of it here and there, will be hearing them and it will be painfully obvious to all that these sounds are produced by angels (planets), for we will see them.

    So, it seems to me that a group of evil men are playing on mankind’s fear of the unknown and ignorance of prophetic keys.

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