The Split-Brain Model of the Gospel

About this article: It was the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Dr. Betty Edwards that first got me comparing split-brain research with the gospel.  I had developed some ideas about it, but never wrote them down, though I did verbalize them to what4anarchy.  Recently, though, at the library, I picked up an old Stanislaw Lem book, Peace on Earth, which brought the research back into my mind.  So I again took the subject up, this time going a whole lot deeper.  Afterward, I passed it through what4anarchy and told him I was thinking of writing an article on this topic.  He suggested I do so immediately.  So, I put pen to paper and came up with the following…

Two Brains, Not One

Modern brain research has discovered that what we term our brain is really two brains working together. One brain resides in the right hemisphere, which I will call the right-brain, while the other resides in the left hemisphere, which I will call the left-brain. The right-brain controls the left side of the body, while the left-brain controls the right side of the body.

Each brain is the mirror image of the other, and like mirror images, they express themselves and perceive reality in opposing ways. However, the two brains are joined by a bridge of connecting tissue, called the corpus callosum, which allows them to communicate with each other and to combine their individual expressions, so that outside observers perceive a single message.

Inner Conflict

We all know that there is an inner conflict or turmoil within us, though no one else may be aware. We often desire two conflicting things at the same time and must make instantaneous decisions to suppress one desire over another. What we may not be aware of is that these conflicting thoughts, feelings, desires and impulses are coming from our opposing brains.

Observing the Conflict

The conflicting messages transmitted by the two brains are largely unobservable by outsiders. However, when a callotomy is performed, which severs the corpus callosum, neither brain can communicate with the other and thus they become incapable of coordinating all of their actions. Once this main communication line is cut, and by using specific tests, the independence of each brain can then plainly be seen.

Through these tests and observations of callotomized humans, modern research into the differences between the left and right brains has so far revealed the following:

Left and Right Brains Compared

The left-brain uses intellect.
The right-brain uses intuition.
The left-brain is convergent.
The right-brain is divergent.
The left-brain is digital.
The right-brain is analogic.
The left-brain is secondary.
The right-brain is primary.
The left-brain is abstract.
The right-brain is concrete.
The left-brain is directed.
The right-brain is free.
The left-brain is propositional.
The right-brain is imaginative.
The left-brain is analytic.
The right-brain is relational.
The left-brain is lineal.
The right-brain is nonlineal.
The left-brain is rational.
The right-brain is intuitive.
The left-brain is sequential.
The right-brain is multiple.
The left-brain is analytic.
The right-brain is holistic.
The left-brain is objective.
The right-brain is subjective.
The left-brain is successive.
The right-brain is simultaneous.

Thus, we see with the above list that there are “two ways of knowing.”

Left and Right Brains, Another Comparison

Here is another comparison between the left and right brains:

The left-brain is verbal; using words to define.
The right-brain is nonverbal; using non-verbal cognition to process perceptions.
The left-brain is analytic; figuring things out step-by-step and part-by-part.
The right-brain is synthetic; putting things together to form wholes.
The left-brain is symbolic; using a symbol to stand for something else. For example, the + sign stands for the process of addition.
The right-brain is actual, real; relating to things as they are, at the present moment.
The left-brain is abstract; taking out a small bit of information and using it to represent the whole thing.
The right-brain is analogic; seeing likeness among things; understanding metaphoric relationships.
The left-brain is temporal; keeping track of time, sequencing one thing after another, doing first things first, second things second, etc.
The right-brain is nontemporal; without a sense of time.
The left-brain is rational; drawing conclusions based on reason and facts.
The right-brain is nonrational; not requiring a basis of reason or facts; willingness to suspend judgment.
The left-brain is digital; using numbers as in counting.
The right-brain is spatial; seeing where things are in relation to other things and how parts go together to form a whole.
The left-brain is logical; drawing conclusions based on logic; one thing following another in logical order; for example, a mathematical theorem or a well-stated argument.
The right-brain is intuitive; making leaps of insight, often based on incomplete patterns, hunches, feelings, or visual images.
The left-brain is linear; thinking in terms of linked ideas, one thought directly following another, often leading to a convergent conclusion.
The right-brain is holistic (meaning ‘wholistic’); seeing whole things all at once; perceiving the overall patterns and structures, often leading to divergent conclusions.

Chinese Comparisons

The Chinese description of yin and yang is but a description of the brains, too. Notice in particular, those of you who subscribe to the notion that we were initially created as dual, composite beings, male and female, that one brain is female, while the other is male.

The yin (right-brain) is feminine.
The yang (left-brain) is masculine.
The yin (right-brain) is negative.
The yang (left-brain) is positive.
The yin (right-brain) is the moon.
The yang (left-brain) is the sun.
The yin (right-brain) is darkness.
The yang (left-brain) is light.
The yin (right-brain) is yielding.
The yang (left-brain) is aggressive.
The yin (right-brain) is the left side.
The yang (left-brain) is the right side.
The yin (right-brain) is cold.
The yang (left-brain) is warm.
The yin (right-brain) is autumn.
The yang (left-brain) is spring.
The yin (right-brain) is winter.
The yang (left-brain) is summer.
The yin (right-brain) is unconscious.
The yang (left-brain) is conscious.
The yin (right-brain) is emotion.
The yang (left-brain) is reason.

Two Ways of Seeing – Convergence and Divergence

Human eyesight has elements of both right and left brain characteristics.

Convergence Our eyes focus on a single point, the smaller and more defined that point, the clearer the vision. This is known as central fixation and is the key to superior eyesight. Thus, your eye must be single, or centrally fixated, to be able to see the light. Central fixation is typical of left-brain convergence, converging the attention on a single point.

Divergence However, we also see what surrounds that point. This is known as eccentric vision. Eccentric vision takes in the whole picture, the whole view, with less clarity than the central point we are fixating our eyes upon. With eccentric vision, we get a sense of where everything is in relation to everything else. None of what we see with eccentric vision is very clear.  In fact, it could almost be termed “dark.” This dark, eccentric vision is typical of right-brain divergence, as attention is diverged among all points and not just one.

In this way, using centric and eccentric vision simultaneously, we are able to see the one and the all at the same time. Both are necessary for proper vision, otherwise blindness, to a greater or lesser degree, results.

Two types of blindness If you were to become eccentrically blind, so that all you could perceive was a single point, you would not be able to determine where that point was in relation to everything else. You would literally be lost, having no idea (spatially) where anything was. And if your centric vision became blind, so that you could only see everything around the point you fixated your eyes upon, you would be able to determine that there were things around you, knowing (spatially) where everything was, but you wouldn’t be able to see it with any clarity, meaning that you wouldn’t really know what it was with any detail, nor would you know what the point you were focusing on was.

A Cerebral Struggle for Dominance

Just as both centric and eccentric vision are necessary for proper perception, so are the left-brain and right-brain necessary, yet modern man tends to favor the left-brain processes over the right-brain ones. In fact, the left-brain almost always dominates the right-brain in adults because the speech centers are typically located there, whereas the right-brain is mute. In a debate between a highly articulate man and a mute man, the articulate one wins every time.

As both brains are essentially opposites in every way, and compete for dominance over the man, it is not surprising that the left-brain has ridiculed the right-brain in every language. All words and verbal expressions come from the left-brain. It names everything. It also controls the right hand. So, it is not surprising that everything good is associated with the right hand, whereas everything evil is associated with the left hand, which is controlled by the right-brain. To give you two examples of how the left-brain builds itself up while putting the right-brain down, consider the words “sinister” and “adroit.” The etymology of “sinister” is left, while that of “adroit” is right. Sinister has a bad connotation, while adroit has a good one. The left-brain, in control of speech, takes every opportunity, in every language, to aggrandize itself and belittle the right-brain.

Again, I say, that such behavior is not surprising because, invariably, the right-brain actions—the messages it communicates to the outside world—are always believed over the words verbalized by the left-brain. The right-brain, being mute, communicates through gestures and body language. When a man talks to someone else, and his words do not match his body language, invariably the listener will believe the message communicated by the body language, over what is spoken in words. The left-brain’s words only gain credibility if the right-brain’s body language and gestures match them. Each brain, though, is independent and wants to make itself heard and to dominate, so the necessity of working together can be frustrating, which frustration is manifested by the left-brain calling the (right-brain controlled) left hand names.

In the gospel, we are taught to be one and we tend to think of that in terms of two or more people.  However, in its most fundamental practice, it means to harmonize the two brains so that they work in unity, instead of fighting between each other.

The term “one,” used in the scriptures to describe the Godhead and us in relation to God, should (says I) be translated “united.”  “United” is a more descriptive term; it recognizes the individuality of the parts while showing the harmonious relationship of the whole.  The left-brain, however, is the one that chooses the words of the scriptures and so it is understandable that “one” is the word used.  The left-brain does not want to even recognize the existence of the right-brain, therefore, according to its thought, we are to become one homogenized being, centered smack dab in the left hemisphere!

What the Left-Brain and Right-Brain Actually Are

If you were to ask a person to point with their finger where they are in their body, they would eventually figure it out and point to their brain.  For example, although they control their knee and can see and feel it, it is “over there,” not “in here” where they are.  If you ask where their mind is, they will point to their brain (either hemisphere).  When you ask where their heart is, they will point to their chest.  When you ask where their sentimental heart is, not the physical heart, they will point to the same location, the chest.

For most people, the sentimental heart and the physical heart are located, like the knee, “over there,” not “in here” where they are.  Yet, all sensations are sensed in the brain, not in the extremities.  It is the brain that interprets the signals coming from without as pleasure, pain, etc.  The organs at those extremities are designed to collect information about the inner and outer environments and to transmit the information to the brain, which then interprets it as “feeling.”  We can see physical organs at every location of the body, but the sentimental heart, which we say is located in the bosom somewhere, has no physical organ that collects sentimental information.  Where, then, is the location of the sentimental heart?  Where is the organ of the sentimental heart?  It is the right-brain.

In its quest for dominance of the brain, the mind of man (the left-brain), has named the location of the heart of man (the right-brain), as “out there,” somewhere in the bosom or chest area.  In the reality of the left-brain—which is the dominant brain in adults—the heart is something that is to be subject to the mind, like any other part of the body.  It, the left-brain, wants the man to believe that his mind (which is the left-brain) occupies the whole region of the cerebral area, both left and right hemispheres, while the heart (which is his right-brain) is in a nether region.

The truth of the matter is, though, that the left-brain, which deals in symbols, has created a symbolic location for the sentimental heart.  The actual location is unnervingly close to the mind, right across the corpus callosum bridge, and it, the heart, is every bit as big and complex as the mind.  In fact, the heart of man is not just the equal of the mind of man, but is actually the primary brain organ, while the left-brain is a secondary brain organ.

From this point on, I will refer to each brain by what they actually are: the left-brain-mind and the right-brain-heart.

Man is from the Beginning Right-Brain-Heart Dominant

We come into this world right-brain-heart dominant.  Over time the speech and other centers of the left-brain-mind develop and, due to the mastery of speech and writing, the left-brain-mind often and largely takes control of the man, dominating the right-brain-heart.  The return to a heavenly state, such as our pre-mortal state, indicates a return to right-brain-heart dominance.

In one of the lists above, the left-brain-mind is called the secondary brain, while the right-brain-heart is called the primary brain.  Let’s explore why this is.

Right-Brain-Heart: Primary; Left-Brain-Mind: Secondary

When Jesus visited the Nephites, he was complying with the commandments of the Father, who had given him a to-do list (and a to-say list.)  After finishing the list of tasks, he was to return to the Father and then to go to the lost tribes but he changed plans, because his right-brain-heart, the primary brain, which contains the emotional centers, felt compassion towards the Nephites.  He then stayed longer, said more and performed more acts than he had been instructed to by the Father.  In other words, Jesus took initiative and expressed his individuality.

The right-brain-heart trumps the left-brain-mind every time.  It takes precedence over the logic of the left-brain-mind.  We left-brain-mind dominant humans, when thinking of the oneness of the Gods, tend to think in mathematical logic like a computer program which gives the proper response to every conceivable situation, as if the Gods were robots.  Such thinking is uniquely left-brain-minded, in other words, it is convergent.  Although the Gods utilize their left-brain-minds, and thus are capable of convergent thought, they are right-brain-heart dominant, which is divergent.  There is not one proper response or solution, but an infinite number of proper responses and solutions.  Diversification and variety are functions of the right-brain-heart.

So, despite going beyond what the Father had told him to do, Jesus acted properly.

The Nonverbal Gesture Language of the Right-Brain-Heart

The right-brain-heart of man, although mute, possesses the language of gestures.  No matter what language you look at on this planet, you will find that human verbal expressions are often accompanied by hand and body gestures.  Try telling someone to describe a spiral staircase to you and see if they don’t make a spiral gesture with their hand as they give their description.  The gesture language of the right-brain-heart appears to be more or less the same regardless of language or culture.  We all use the same or similar gestures, with some variance among the like generalities.  When picking a mate, gestures or body language is virtually identical in every culture.  This is known as the pair-bonding sequence.  All of this mute body language is the right-brain-heart communicating with another right-brain-heart.

In the heavens, as everyone there is right-brain-heart dominant, the principal language is a gesture language.  The language given to Adam was also a gesture language.  (Think back to Adam’s prayer in the temple.)  The gospel ordinances consist of bodily movements and gestures.  This is the language of the right-brain-heart.

The language of the right-brain-heart cannot be expressed in words or written down.  The verbal left-brain-mind cannot understand the expressions of the right-brain-heart.  It is all a mystery, unknowable to the left-brain-mind.  That is, perhaps, why we find such curious passages of scripture in which Jesus prays to the Father and no one can speak or write “the things” they both saw and heard him speak.  Part of the reason could very well be because Jesus used the gesture language of his right-brain-heart in front of the multitude.

Later, on the second day of his visit, Jesus again prays a prayer that was impossible to speak or write.  Finally, on the third day, the babes and little children spoke unspeakable things, as did many of the later church converts.  (The children, still right-brain-heart dominant, were already in the proper dominance state, so right-brain-heart speak would come first and easiest to them.)  All of this may be indicative of the gesture language of the right-brain-heart.

A built-in lie detector; a built-in lying machine

The right-brain-heart always tells the truth that it perceives, whereas the left-brain-mind is capable of lying.  (The left-brain-mind has the ability of lying through its rationalization processes.)  If the left-brain-mind speaks a lie, even to the point where it attempts to control the person’s body language to make the deception complete, the right-brain-heart will nevertheless cause a body part to manifest that the words spoken and body language shown are untrue.  As much as the left-brain-mind tries to control the right-brain-heart’s bodily gestures, the message of truth always gets through, via so-called involuntary functions, such as pupil dilation/constriction, etc.  A person trained in these right-brain-heart body signs can always tell when someone is lying, just by careful observation of the body signals.

The Spiritual Center of Man: the Right-Brain-Heart

The residence of the Holy Ghost All spirituality is centered in the right-brain-heart.  When explaining how the spirit of revelation operates, the Lord said, “I will tell you in your (left-brain-) mind and in your (right-brain-) heart, by the Holy Ghost, which shall come upon you and which shall dwell in your (right-brain-) heart.”  (D&C 8: 2.)

In addition to residing in the right-brain-heart, the Holy Ghost utilizes the peculiar processes of that hemisphere to communicate divine knowledge.

Dreams As the right-brain-heart controls the subconscious, many prophets and seers, such as Lehi, received divine dreams.

Timelessness The right-brain-heart has no concept of time, so we find Joseph Smith matter-of-factly stating, after his visions with the angel Moroni, “After this third visit, he again ascended into heaven as before, and I was again left to ponder on the strangeness of what I had just experienced, when almost immediately after the heavenly messenger had ascended from me the third time, the cock crowed, and I found that day was approaching, so that our interviews must have occupied the whole of that might.”  (JS-H 1: 47)

Children, in particular, routinely demonstrate the timelessness of the right-brain-heart.  Being right-brain-heart dominant, they have the innate ability to immerse themselves in the reality of the right-brain-heart, without very much input from their left-brain-minds.  Such a brain state might be termed R-mode.  Only by activating the time keeping function of their left-brain-minds, can R-mode be broken.

For example, when my youngest son is engaged in an enjoyable activity, which I need to interrupt because it is time to go, there is no way to disengage him without him becoming upset.  This is because he has no concept of time while in R-mode and feels cheated to be suddenly taken out of it.  Even if he has been playing for hours on end, to him it wasn’t enough time, since he wasn’t aware of time while doing it.  What I need to do in order to avoid a scene is to engage his left-brain-mind (or L-mode), which does keep time, by saying, “Okay, we’re leaving in 15 minutes!”  Instantly, the left-brain-mind of the boy starts a countdown, which overrides the right-brain-heart’s timelessness.  At intervals, he will ask me, “How much time is left?” because his left-brain-mind still has no concept of how long a minute is, let alone 15, and it needs information to pace the countdown.  When the time is up there is no scene when leaving because his rational left-brain-mind is telling his right-brain-heart that he was given “enough” time to play and “fair warning.”

As things really are The right-brain-heart is concrete, seeing things as they really, actually are, and not projecting symbolic relationships, so, when the Lord wishes to reveal truth, which is “knowledge of things as they are, and as they were, and as they are to come” (see D&C 93: 24), he does so through the right-brain-heart of man.

More on Timelessness: Patience is Centered in the Right-Brain-Heart

Patience takes on a new meaning when in a timeless state.  There is no sooner or later in eternity or timelessness.  You either get something or you do not.  The right-brain-heart will ask God for something, believing that it will receive it.  “I do not know when I will get it, I just believe that I will get it,” says the right-brain-heart.  The right-brain-heart is, by nature, patient, because waiting an eternity to receive something is the same as waiting one day.  Without a concept of time, it is all the same.

The Exaltation of the Left-Brain-Mind (by Man)

Modern man, being left-brain-mind dominant, tends to idolize the left-brain-mind attributes, whereas the right-brain-heart attributes are considered inferior.  So, a man with strong intellectual powers, rational and analytic in thought, with strong verbal skills, who is punctual and can follow instructions precisely, is lifted up on a pedestal as ideal.  Such a man is a thinker, thinking things through and figuring things out, linking things together like a Sherlock Holmes detective until he comes to the “only logical conclusion.”  Logic, reason, intellect, mathematical concepts, with emotions being held in check at all times, so as not to cloud one’s thoughts, these are the qualities of the scientific, left-brain-mind dominant man.

The Use of the Right-Brain-Heart (by God)

Unfortunately, such a man, whose right-brain-heart is largely neglected, while the left-brain-mind becomes over-developed, misses every opportunity to hear the voice of God, because God dwells only in the right-brain-heart.

Spatiality God shows the spatial relationships of the heavens to man in vision through the right-brain-heart, not the left-brain-mind.  “These are the governing ones,” the Lord said to Abraham (in Abr. 3: 3), as he showed him the planets and their spatial relationships.  The left-brain-mind must rely upon telescopes and math to get a picture of where everything is, whereas the right-brain-heart has the built-in capacity to see the whole picture at once, so God uses it when giving vision.

Intuition When we have an “a-ha!” moment, that is the right-brain-heart in action.  We finally understand something, though we may not be able to put it into words, or the words we use to describe the understanding is inadequate.  Although the left-brain-mind processes, like advanced mathematical equations, are very complex, they still only deal with the one point or thought that is in the mind.  The right-brain-heart has the job of dealing with everything other than that one point or thought.  In other words, the right right-brain-heart sees the whole picture (eccentric vision), while the left-brain-mind sees only one point of the picture (centric vision).  Right-brain-heart processes embrace the all or infinite, while the left-brain-mind embraces the one or singular.  The left-brain-mind sees one thing at a time, sequentially; the right-brain-heart sees multiple things at a time, simultaneously.  As a result, the right-brain-heart is vastly more complex than the left-brain-mind.  Its processes are much too fluid and complex to be put into words.

Miracles As LDS, we often fall into the left-brain-mind track and approach the gospel in a left-brain-mind way.  Each side is to be fully developed and harmonized, or united, becoming “one.”  If one or the other must dominate, the right-brain-heart, the primary brain, is to be the one in the control seat, not the left-brain-mind.  If the order is reversed, we may find ourselves going through a list of gospel actions, which is inherently left-brained, without experiencing any of the miracles, visions, dreams, tongues, angelic visitations, etc., which are associated with right-brain development and dependence.

Gospel principles Faith, hope, charity and all the rest of the gospel principles are right-brain-heart centered.  It is impossible to exercise these principles utilizing the ordered left-brain-mind.  To the left-brain-mind, the right-brain-heart appears disordered, chaotic, anarchic, much too free and unrestrained.  The left-brain-mind likes to be told what to do, to be directed, guided, and confined into limitative schedules and restrictive borders.  This is because the left-brain-mind only sees one thing at a time and the dot or point it sees has specific boundaries, everything converging at the center.  The right-brain-heart, though, sees everything at once, and there are no boundaries to what it sees, all things diverging in all directions.  It enjoys the freedom of boundless space and the natural order that the things it sees “settle into.”  It doesn’t like to be confined and it has no sense of propriety.  All it sees is infinite variety, all of which it deems “proper.”

The Return to Right-Brain-Heart Dominance

Our task here on earth is to return to right-brain-heart dominance so that God can reveal the way to become one, so that both brains act in harmony, firmly under the control of the right-brain-heart, which sees the big picture.  This is why the scriptures state that God requires the heart of man.  Once God gets a man’s right-brain-heart, He can show man the big picture and man can see where he fits in the universe, what his potential is and how to obtain it.

As I said before, all mankind is born with a dominant right-brain-heart.  As infants, babes, toddlers and little children, we learn chiefly using the right-brain-heart processes.  At some point we learn how to speak, read, write and do arithmetic (which are left-brain-mind processes) and the left-brain-mind overpowers the right-brain-heart, suppressing the imaginative and creative right.  Such left-brain-mind dominance impedes our spiritual progression.  What then becomes necessary is that we become as little children, repent and be baptized (see 3 Nephi 11: 37) and also repent, be baptized and become as little children (see 3 Nephi 11: 38).  We must become as little children both before and after baptism.  In other words, we must become again right-brain-heart dominant.

Often many of the instructions given by the Lord to LDS are switched by the LDS, so that we try to perform a right-brain-heart function with the left-brain-mind and vice versa.  For example, when the Lord told the Nephite disciples to cease praying but not to cease praying in their hearts, we might confuse “praying in the heart” with praying with the mind.  The (left-brain-) mind uses words, while the (right-brain-) heart is mute.  It can feel and make gestures, but it cannot express itself in words.  Therefore, to pray in one’s heart is to express a feeling towards God.  It is entirely possible to continually pray in one’s heart to God while performing other tasks.

Likewise, pondering in one’s left-brain-mind and pondering in one’s right-brain-heart are two separate things and have different results.  Left-brain-mind pondering is analytic, abstract, propositional, temporal, rational, digital, logical and linear and leads to intellectual stimulation. Right-brain-heart pondering is synthetic, analogic, imaginative, nontemporal, nonrational, spatial, intuitive, holistic and nonlineal and leads to spiritual stimulation and revelation. Unless one ponders with the right-brain-heart, it may result in no spiritual progress.

Many of the “techniques” we are taught to use for gospel study are nothing more than left-brain-mind processes.  In fact, any and all studying engages only the left-brain-mind.  This is why the Lord said to Oliver Cowdery, “You must study it out in your mind.”  (See D&C 9: 8.)  Faith is right-brain-heart based and study is left-brain-mind based.  And so the Lord said, “And as all have not faith…seek learning, even by study (left-brain-mind) and also by faith (right-brain-heart).”  (See D&C 109: 7.)

To maximize gospel progression, the right-brain-heart must be engaged.  The more it is engaged, the more rapid the progress.  The right-brain-heart has the capacity to dwell on something continually, night and day.  Ask any broken-hearted fool if he feels the effect of his lost love continually and he’ll tell you.  By placing the affections of the heart upon the Lord (see Alma 37: 36), we keep it open to receive communications from that quarter.

United Brains – or, One Brain under (the Right-Brain-Heart, It Being under) God

The Lord has said that “children are whole from the foundation of the world.”  (Moses 6: 54.)  Another way of saying “whole” is “united,” “complete,” “not missing any parts,” “with no divisions or separations among the parts,” meaning that the two brains are united, each one working as they are supposed to work, in other words, with the right right-brain-heart in the dominant position.  Then they enter earth life, in which all the adults have brains in which the left-brain-mind is dominant, and as they grow up, “sin conceiveth in their (right-brain-) hearts” (Moses 6: 55.)  The effect of sin is that it separates us from God, so, as the right-brain-heart is our pathway to the divine, as soon as children allow their left-brain-minds to dominate or ignore the right-brain-heart, they begin to cut themselves off from Heavenly Father.

Satanic Strategies

The devil has a few strategies to “deal with” the right-brain-heart.  As the right-brain-heart is the conduit to God, one strategy is to get people to completely ignore it.  Using the left’s power of words, the attributes of the left-brain-mind are exalted while those of the right-brain-heart are ridiculed as foolishness.  In this way, no one wants to develop the right-brain-heart qualities because of its stigma in the popular mind-set.  Right-brain-heart dominant artists, creators, visionaries, and prophets are looked upon as slackers, knaves, vagabonds, lazy, crazies, etc.  Their “heads are in the clouds” and they need to “get their feet on the ground” and “face the realities of (left-brain-mind dominant) life.”  Right-brain-heart dominant individuals are not punctual, can’t follow a set of instructions precisely (they are prone to change the order of a sequenced plan on the spur of the moment), they can’t focus on any one thing at a time, instead thinking of everything at once, they are irrational (nonrational), etc.  Who wants to be like that?!  Just about every right-brain-heart process has been marginalized and made unpopular by the left-brain-mind so that hardly anyone wants to develop it.

The universities are especially adept at atrophying the right-brain-heart so that a man can enter a university with faith in God (the right-brain-heart functioning) and leave it as an atheist, with near total reliance upon the left-brain-mind.  Universities and most schooling in general teach left-brain-mind development almost exclusively.

Another strategy of the devil is to inflame the desire and emotion centers of the right right-brain-heart so that hate, anger and rage pour out instead of the love and goodwill that is supposed to be there.  He will also incite desires for sex, power, fame and money because the desires of the right-brain-heart never tire as do the thought processes of the left-brain-mind.  So, if he can’t get a person to ignore the right-brain-heart entirely, he will try to get the individual to spend right-brain-heart energy in anything other than God.

If all of this fails and the person still seeks God and continues to develop the right-brain-heart, he will give them religion, a religion that is largely left-brain-minded, that professes God with its mouth (the left-brain-mind words) but whose (right-brain-) heart is far from Him.  Or, if a person’s right-brain-heart is very developed so that left left-brain-mind dominant religion has no appeal, the devil will present spiritualism and other esoteric religions and paths to the individual, causing him or her to divert right-brain-heart energy to something other than God.  Women, in particular, are susceptible to this latter strategy.

The Right-Brain-Heart, the Key to Combating the Devil

The way to combat these devilish deceptions is to open up the right-brain-heart to God and to develop it despite the stigma.  “Yielding up the (right-brain-) heart to God” (Hel. 3: 35) is how the scriptures describe it.  This causes the right-brain-heart to become sanctified by the reception of the Holy Ghost which will then dwell there and deposit the gifts of the Spirit, which gifts will discern the deceptions of the devil (see D&C 46: 8) and will reveal the truth via miraculous manifestations.  So, the right-brain-heart is the key to everything.

Belief, Doubt and Prayer

The right-brain-heart is the believing brain, whereas the left-brain-mind is the doubter, unless the belief is based upon logic, facts, peer-reviewed evidence, etc.  So, when the Lord instructs us to pray in faith, believing that we will receive, nothing doubting, he is explaining the manner of using both hemispheres of the brain.  Verbal prayers require the left-brain-mind, while faith and belief both originate in the right-brain-heart.  And by saying “nothing doubting” He is explaining that the left-brain-mind is to speak but do nothing more.  So, there is to be no conflict between left-brain-mind and right-brain-heart.  Belief and faith are to come from the right-brain-heart without any doubt from the left-brain-mind.  In our prayers, then, we are to be one, meaning that our left-brain-mind and right-brain-heart are to be united, with the right-brain-heart in its proper role as the primary and dominant brain.  Prayer, then, becomes a means whereby we may train our left-brain-minds to be subservient to our right-brain-hearts.

Revelation and the Right-Brain-Heart

By changing our approach to the gospel from left-brain-mind to right-brain-heart dominant, suddenly one-way communication (prayer) turns into two-way communication (revelation) and God starts pouring down information about the nature of the Universe, expanding our horizons accordingly.  Joseph Smith, Jun., is the poster boy for what happens when you develop the right-brain-heart and turn it over to God: God fills it with visions of eternity.  Joseph’s left-brain-mind was in no way as developed as his right-brain-heart, which fact bothered him, but this did not present any obstacle whatsoever to him receiving messages from God.  The reason?  Because the left-brain-mind is not needed by God to communicate to us.  Only the right-brain-heart is. The Holy Ghost speaks to the left-brain-mind when the message needs to be put into words, as that is where the speech center is found.  If the message is only for the individual, the right-brain-heart alone can be used, but if the message is to be told to others, the left-brain-mind is also activated.

The Eternal Destiny of Man Requires an Organ that Can See Eternity: the Right-Brain-Heart

All of this talk of the importance of the right-brain-heart is not meant to imply that the left-brain-mind plays no part in the gospel.  It does, but it was always the intention that the left-brain-mind have a secondary, not primary role, in the gospel.  We are here on earth to learn to walk by faith (right-brain-heart) and not by sight (left-brain-mind).  The left-brain-mind, being of a limited nature, with narrow confines, boundaries, rules, etc., is designed to be a tool in the hand of the right-brain-heart to perform certain limited, sequential tasks.  The right-brain-heart has no limits, being as wide as eternity itself, and thus is designed to control the eternal destiny of man because its vision is large enough to see the big picture and man’s spatial relationship to all other things in the Universe.  The left-brain-mind is unsuited to control the eternal destiny of man because of its limited vision, seeing only one thing at a time and not knowing where it fits in the Universe.  But it is especially useful during mortality, to construct houses and perform other mortal tasks.

In eternity, the left-brain-mind is also used to perform tasks, but always in subjection to the right-brain-heart, which directs all things.  If you look on the lists above of left and right attributes, you’ll see the left hemisphere is “directed” while the right is “free.”  By nature and by design, the left-brain-mind is meant to be directed or to be given orders, whereas the right-brain-heart is meant to be free of direction.  Thus we see the resurrected Christ following the orders of the Father, performing left-brain-mind tasks, but when the right-brain-heart expresses itself, suddenly plans change.  Again, I repeat, the right-brain-heart is designed to do what it wants to do (freedom or anarchy, in other words, self-government); it is not designed to be directed.  Whereas the left-brain-mind is designed to be directed, and not to be free.  (The devil perverts this design by getting everyone’s left-brain-mind in the dominant position, with the devil doing the directing.  The Savior corrects this perversion with the Sermon on the Mount, whose instructions, if followed precisely, would put the right-brain-heart again in the dominant position.)

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is Appealing to Both Brains

The gospel contains elements meant to appeal to both left and right brains.  Gospel symbols, sequential commandments, prophetic directions, linear progression, the emphasis on study, the word of God, etc., all appeal to the left-brain-mind, while Gospel literalism, illogical and irrational commandments, faith and belief, the innumerability of the worlds (infinity), spatial relationships of kingdoms (planets), etc., all appeal to the right-brain-heart.  So, the gospel addresses the needs of both brains, but puts the major emphasis on the right-brain-heart as the primary organ that determines our eternal destiny.

The Lord’s Bountiful Sermon to the Nephites Corrects Brain Disunity

The pre-eminence of the right-brain-heart, the importance of it, cannot be over-stated.  The Sermon on the Mount given to the Jews and the Bountiful Sermon given to the Nephites, speak almost exclusively of the re-enthroning of the right-brain-heart, giving irrational, illogical rules to live by, such as turning the other cheek, etc., which rules fly in the face of the left-brain-mind’s sense of justice.  For example, “blessed are the poor in spirit who come unto me” is contrary to left-brain-mind pride.  “Blessed are all they that mourn” is contrary to left-brain-mind concepts of happiness.  “Blessed are the meek” is contrary to left-brain-mind aggression.  To the left-brain-mind, these instructions given by the Savior are irrational.  To the left-brain-mind, it is the strong that inherits the earth, not the meek.  The left-brain-mind cannot see how being persecuted can be of any benefit.  Left-brain-mind dominant people, therefore, do not obey the principles found in the Sermon on the Mount, only insofar as the left-brain-mind sees a rational benefit associated with them.  To the degree that it views no rational benefit, it avoids this sermon like the plague.

The Sermon on the Mount is designed to present principles which are intentionally contrary to the nature of the left-brain-mind so that mankind can learn to obtain control over it, to re-enthrone the right-brain-heart as the director and to become as a little child.

In particular, the Bountiful Sermon is a test, given to LDS, as to whether they will receive the “greater things” that were ministered to the Nephites by the Savior.  Of all the scriptures in the entire Standard Works, the four chapters found in 3 Nephi 11-14 are the most important. If a person were to throw away every other scripture and just read and live every principle found in these four chapters, the Lord would open up the heavens to that man and would re-reveal the rest of the scriptures, including scriptures the man never had, so that he would obtain, through the door of his right-brain-heart the keys of his salvation and enter into the rest of the Lord.  The fact that all these years have gone by and we still have not received the complete Nephite record shows that LDS are largely ignoring the Bountiful Sermon, perhaps complying with left-brain-mind commandments, but avoiding those that target the right-brain-heart.

As a result of this failure to comply with the Bountiful Sermon, choosing instead to let our left-brain-minds direct us, our right-brain-hearts have become hardened or atrophied.  All mankind begins life with dominant, soft hearts which, over time, grow hard and give up dominance to the left-brain-mind.  Like stones, hard hearts need to be broken open through repentance (a “broken heart and contrite spirit”) so that the Spirit of God can finally get in.  In other words, we need to become as little children again, with soft, dominant right-brain-heartsThe Bountiful Sermon is the way to achieve that goal.

(For The Anarchist Version of the Bountiful Sermon, see the post, The Words of Jehovah-Saves Anointed One, Spoken During His Nephite Ministry: DAY ONE.  That post is also my answer to the question posed in the post, If you could only read 3 chapters or sections…)

Hardness of Heart, Blindness of Mind and Looking Beyond the Mark

The scriptures refer to the left and right brains as being in a state of wickedness with the expressions “hardness of heart” and “blindness of mind.”  The left-brain-mind becomes blind only when it “looks beyond the mark.”  It can see, by design, only one single point or dot (mark).  If it attempts to see two or more things simultaneously, or if it attempts to see outside of the boundaries of its centrally fixated point, it cannot and becomes blind.  In other words, if the left-brain-mind attempts to see what the right-brain-heart can see, it fails and sees nothing, becoming blind.

Two Brains, Two Realities

The left-brain-mind and right-brain-heart perceive life in opposing ways.

A Circle Within a Circle The reality of the left-brain-mind consists of two circles, one smaller circle within a larger circle.  Within the smaller circle are all things the left-brain-mind has deemed “possible and probable.”  Outside of the small circle, but within the larger circle are all things it has deemed “possible, but improbable.”  Outside of the larger circle are all things it calls “impossible.”  The left-brain-mind sees reality in this way because, by nature, it is incapable of viewing it any other way.  It is designed by God to be an organ whose view of the Universe is limited, that is, it can focus only on the one and not the many.  It deals only in absolutes such as on or off, right or wrong, true or false, etc.

No Circles The reality of the right-brain-heart has no such labels, as it uses no words.  It merely sees all things at once as they are, or as they really look, and perceives their various spatial locations in relation to everything else.  It also perceives the similarities of the objects, as well as the differences or divergent paths.  As there is no end to the things it views, its view contains no boundaries, no symbolic circles, etc.  The reality of the right-brain-heart, therefore, is the reality of limitless eternity and infinite variety, in which “all things are possible.”  If all things are possible, then nothing is impossible or improbable.

The realities of the left-brain-mind and right-brain-heart are conflicting and create a clash within us.  “Which view is correct?” you may ask yourself.  But such a question comes from the left-brain-mind, which sees things as right and wrong, correct and incorrect, proper and improper.  In other words, for the left-brain-mind everything is either a 1 or a 0, either on or off, whereas the right-brain-heart sees everything in infinite gradations and variations.  Because the gospel of Christ is one of eternity, it must be lived in the reality of the right-brain-heart.  Therefore, the real answer to such a question is that both perspectives are correct.

Possible, probable, improbable and impossible If we are ever on our knees for some miracle to occur, and we think any of the following thoughts—

“I’m just engaging in wishful thinking.”

“I don’t really believe this will happen.”

“Do I really believe this will happen?”

“Maybe I should state this as a hope, not a belief.”


—all of these doubtful thoughts are coming from the left-brain-mind.  To the left-brain-mind, if what you are petitioning the Lord for falls into the “possible, but improbable” category of its reality—or even worse, the “impossible” category—you are engaging in “wishful thinking,” “delusion,” or some other designation of an irrational mind.  The left-brain-mind is incapable of comprehending the reality of the right-brain-heart, in which all things are possible, and must label the right-brain-heart’s reality in left-brain-mind terms.

The Four Modes of Existence

There are four modes of existence: 1) L-mode and R-mode expressing themselves simultaneously, with the left-brain-mind dominant, 2) L-mode and R-mode expressing themselves simultaneously, with the right-brain-heart dominant, 3) L-mode expressing itself with the right-brain-heart silent and 4) R-mode expressing itself with the left-brain-mind silent.

The gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us that only modes #2 and #4 are acceptable.  God is always to be a part of our existence (the main part) and as He manifests Himself through right-brain-heart dominance, only #2 and #4 put Him in His proper place.  The natural man, forever an enemy to God, chiefly expresses himself in modes #1 and #3.  Our task on earth is to switch #1 to #2 and #3 to #4.  Again, this is accomplished by applying the principles found in 3 Nephi 11-14.

The Split-Brain Model Applied to God and the Universe

The Universe is a finite sphere of light with well defined, but ever-expanding limits.  It is composed of kingdoms of glory (light) and space.  All of creation exists within the Universal sphere.  Beyond it nothing exists.  This nothing region outside is called “outer darkness” in contrast to the inner light of the Universal sphere.  Outer darkness has no limits or boundaries to it.  It is truly infinite.  (See the post, Deep Waters: Lehi’s model of the universe, for more info on this topic.)

God can see all created things within the Universal sphere through the capacity of His right-brain-heart, which sees everything simultaneously, but He also has the capacity to focus on the one, the individual creation, through the ability of His left-brain-mind, which sees only one thing at a time sequentially.

We know that God has already seen all things individually with His left-brain-mind, including each one of us, because He has stated that He has numbered every single thing that exists.  Numbering is a left-brain-mind process which requires centric vision, focusing on the thing being counted.

The capacity of God’s left-brain-mind to number things appears to be unlimited because we are told that the process of creation is ongoing and never-ending (“my works never cease”) and that He numbers all of His creations (“all things are numbered to me”).  We are also told that although all things in the Universal sphere are of finite number, the number is so very great that to man they are essentially infinite in number (“all things are numberless to man”).  This shows that the left-brain-mind of God, which is designed to deal only with the finite, is beyond the scope of comprehension of man and it, alone, is worthy of man’s worship and endless devotion.

Nevertheless, the left-brain-mind of God, though awe-inspiring and dumbfounding in its perfection and complexity, like the ultimate computer, is sub-ordinate to the right-brain-heart of God, which is designed to comprehend the infinite.  And where is the truly infinite?  Outer darkness.

God’s left-brain-mind does not gaze into outer darkness because that region is infinite and God would not use an instrument designed for finite measurements and counting to deal with the infinite, but if it did look, what would it see?  It would see nothing.  Why?  Because nothing is there.  The “mark” of God is the Universal sphere of light.  God’s left-brain-mind is not designed to “look beyond the mark.”  Were it to do so, it would become blind and see nothing.  Thus, to God’s left-brain-mind, outer darkness literally is dark.

Yet God does gaze into outer darkness.  And He sees an infinite number of things of infinite variety surrounded by boundless space.  He sees all these uncreated, non-existent things through the capacity of His right-brain-heart to imagine.  These are the future creations of God.

Thus, through the finite yet ever-expanding Universal sphere of light, God is able to fully engage the numbering and naming capacity of His left-brain-mind, while the infinite and divergent nothingness outside of the sphere fully engages the infinite imagination and eccentric vision of His right-brain-heart.  In fact, in a very real sense, God’s left-brain-mind is the Universal sphere of light (as mormonmilkman was cleverly able to determine), and, in like manner, His right-brain-heart is outer darkness.   See the post, Deep Waters: Creatio ex nihilo, creation ex material and creation ex deo are all true doctrines, for more on this topic.

(It is telling that God has His right-brain-heart’s eccentric vision continuously gazing into outer darkness, as it is His right-brain-heart and not His left-brain-mind that brings us into existence.  But that is a topic worthy of its own post, so I will take it up in the next installment of the Faith of God series.)

Finally, the Universal sphere of light converges at the center point where God resides “in the midst” of all things.  Outer darkness, though, is best described as divergent.

Justice and Mercy

Justice is a characteristic of the left-brain-mind, which sees things as black or white, on or off, good or bad, righteous or wicked.  Mercy is a characteristic of the right-brain-heart, which sees things as diversified and varied.  The gospel of Jesus Christ allows us to obtain the mercy that resides in God’s right-brain-heart by developing our own right-brain-heart to match that of God’s, so that He can speak to us heart to heart.  If we do not take advantage of the gospel, God will speak to us mind to mind and we will then be exposed to the justice that resides in God’s left-brain-mind.  The sense of justice of our left-brain-mind is patterned after the sense of justice of God’s left-brain-mind, so those who receive God’s judgment will find themselves confessing that God’s judgments are all just and that they are guilty of their crimes.  The key to avoiding God’s justice and obtaining His mercy is by using the gospel to submit our right-brain-hearts to God.


When the gospel is viewed through the split-brain model, many of the human and Godly behavioral mysteries suddenly clear up.  Once informed by this model, no longer need we spurn the characteristics of the right-brain-heart as embarrassing, primitive, unnecessary and unwanted, but can heartily embrace them as just as much a part of the human nature as any aspect of the left-brain-mind, for such they are.  Application of the model allows us to more accurately ascertain where we are on the gospel path, based upon the left or right processes we regularly use.  By taking inventory of how we act, we can determine whether we are directed by our left-brain-minds or by our right-brain-hearts.  And by using the Savior’s corrective Bountiful Sermon, we can unite our brains and re-enthrone the right-brain-heart as the dominant organ, allowing the Lord to open up a direct channel to us and pour light and truth into our right-brain-hearts.

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  1. I suppose I could have gone deeper with this topic and expounded more, but the post runs 8,597 words, as it is! So, I’ll leave it up to others to apply the model further.

  2. Anarchist

    I really enjoyed this post.

    How long did it take you to create it?

    It seems you must have put a lot of thought into this… is this why we have not heard frequently from you during the last few month?

    Although the concept of the heart being located in the right brain is a bit of a stretch for me, many of the observations and speculations you make really resonate with me.

    In fact, I have written briefly in past posts about several of the concepts you addressed although it was refreshing to see, hear, feel how you approached these concepts from your point of reference.

    Among those concepts I have pondered is the the state of chaos and duality of mind of the natural man and how we need to reach a state of singleness, singularity and oneness by becoming born again.

    You address these concepts is a creative way.

    You said;

    “The Exaltation of the Left-Brain-Mind (by Man)

    Modern man, being left-brain-mind dominant, tends to idolize the left-brain-mind attributes, whereas the right-brain-heart attributes are considered inferior. So, a man with strong intellectual powers, rational and analytic in thought, with strong verbal skills, who is punctual and can follow instructions precisely, is lifted up on a pedestal as ideal. Such a man is a thinker, thinking things through and figuring things out, linking things together like a Sherlock Holmes detective until he comes to the “only logical conclusion.” Logic, reason, intellect, mathematical concepts, with emotions being held in check at all times, so as not to cloud one’s thoughts, these are the qualities of the scientific, left-brain-mind dominant man.

    The Use of the Right-Brain-Heart (by God)

    Unfortunately, such a man, whose right-brain-heart is largely neglected, while the left-brain-mind becomes over-developed, misses every opportunity to hear the voice of God, because God dwells only in the right-brain-heart.” [end quote]

    As I reviewed your post and the above observations, and pondered the role of the left brain, I was reminded of an article I read years ago by Hazlitt entitled “The Art of Thinking”

    In it he states;

    “without language we would hardly be able to think at all. As the great nineteenth-century philologist Max Mueller put it: To think is to speak low. To speak is to think aloud.

    The corollary of this is tremendously important. A man with a scant vocabulary will almost certainly be a weak thinker. The richer and more copious one’s vocabulary and the greater one’s awareness of fine distinctions and subtle nuances of meaning, the more fertile and precise is likely to be one’s thinking. Knowledge of things and knowledge of the words for them grow together. If you do not know the words, you can hardly know the thing” [end quote]

    As one who does not have much of an education beyond high school, and never taken a writing course in high school, I envy those who are eloquent in their writing skills and who can write with a broad and descriptive vocabulary.

    It is hard for me not to be envious of those who are able to articulate so much better than me, in part because of a better vocabulary and in part simply because they are more gifted writers.

    On the other hand, I have always found it intriguing that the Book of Mormon prophets spoke in such plain and simple terms using what seems to me to be a plain and simple language.

    I think the danger of becoming highly educated by the world and “sophisticated”, is that the very process often leads one away from a simple faith in God.

    Great post.


  3. OWIW asked, “How long did it take you to create it?… is this why we have not heard frequently from you during the last few months?”

    Watcher, you are asking me about time, of which I have no concept. I live in the reality of the right brain. 😉 Glad you liked the post.

  4. I wouldn’t put so much emphasis on the right brain… Perhaps the corpus callosum deserves more credit, even as it is damaged in our day by environmental contaminants.

    Presupposing that the heart is in the right brain, discernment must reside in the left brain. The heart is a very disastrous thing, for in it are contained our selfish desires. Discernment is required to sieve out righteous desires from the mire that is our hearts’ content.

  5. Derek, the above post is a truncated version. It was too long (and I was too lazy) to continue the exposition. One of the parts I took out had to do with selfishness. However, since you have now brought it up, I will say that selfishness actually comes from the left brain, not the right. The reason is because the left is concerned only with the one and, in its rationalized reality, the one that is most important is ME. My wants, my desires, my possessions, my pleasures, etc. In all those ethical problems of who to save in a raft without sufficient room to save all, the doctor, the scientist, etc., the left is only concerned with the saving of ME, so it comes down to which of those that remain are the most beneficial to ME. This is because in the reality of the left, there is only a point, a mark, ME, which it sees, and thus all things revolve around ME. It is focused on ITSELF and acts only as it sees a benefit to ITSELF. The right, however, is focused all things around the point, the mark. It is not concerned with the self, but with everything outside of itself, which means it is selfless. It is subjective, whereas the left is objective. Objectiveness implies that there is a distance so that the one does not involve itself in the thing being observed, so that no bias in favor of the observed thing is created. This is one of the tenets of selfishness. The right, though, being subjective, actually puts itself, through imagination, into the object it observes and empathy is born. It has the capacity to feel the pain of others by projecting itself into their situations. So, we have objectivity coming from the left (with selfishness) and subjectivity coming from the right (with selflessness).

    As adults are largely left brain dominant, the desires of our hearts are largely made to serve the interests of the left brain, which are concerned with the self. What you see as selfish desires in people is actually the left controlling the right, and not vice versa.

    As far as discernment goes, my understanding is that discernment is bilateral, or a component of both brains. However, the left discerns in black and white contrast, whereas the right discerns in shades of gray.

  6. Watcher, you stated, “The concept of the heart being located in the right brain is a bit of a stretch for me.” I hardly included any references to split brain research, instead choosing to just lay out my findings, so it is understandable that this might be quite the pill to swallow. Before I hit the publish button, I actually proof-read it several times and realized that I hadn’t shown any proofs or evidences of the theory I was proposing from the scientific papers and the thought came to me that probable nobody would believe this. Yet, at the same time, I realized that I had written it in a right brain way or slant and I liked it that way, so I I left the post as is. But I would recommend that you review for yourself the research, if you have interest, and come to your own conclusion.

  7. Let’s take the view that the right hand is controlled by the left-brain and that the left hand is controlled by the right-brain, and let’s consult scripture with that view in mind…

    Matt. 25:33,41 — “33 And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left. 41 Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:”

    Book of Commandments 29:30-31 — “30 And the righteous shall be gathered on my right hand unto eternal life; 31 And the wicked on my left hand will I be ashamed to own before my Father:”

    The Lord shall call forth the righteous with the power of his left-brain, and he shall cast out the wicked by the power of his right-brain. Needless to say, the Lord uses both sides of his brain!

    Here’s hoping we’re meek enough to appear when he calls forth from his left-brain! 😉

  8. The jurisdiction of the left-brain, which controls the right hand, is the created Universe (the Inner Sphere of Light). All those on the right hand (the sheep) remain in the created Universe.

    The jurisdiction of the right-brain, which controls the left hand, is Outer Darkness. All those on the left hand (the goats) are cast into Outer Darkness.

    So, yeah, He’s using both brains and the model holds up under those scriptures.

  9. Regarding the selfishness of the left-brain, this slashdot post from a few weeks ago came to mind:

    “The Telegraph reports that scientists have found that if you want to get someone to do something, ask them in their right ear. Known as the ‘right ear advantage,’ scientists believe it is because information received through the right ear is processed by the left hand side of the brain which is more logical and better at deciphering verbal information than the right side of the brain. ‘Talk into the right ear you send your words into a slightly more amenable part of the brain,’ say researchers.”

  10. Derek, that is an interesting bit of information. As to why they got more cigarettes by talking to the right ear, I would say the main reason is the left brain’s predisposition to be directed. The left brain likes to be told what to do, whereas the right is an anarchist.

  11. I happened across the following today as I was doing some online research. It seems to support my understanding that the use of the word “one” in the scriptures, when referring to the oneness of God, etc., can be more accurately translated as “united,” as stated in the post above.

    In What Way Is God [Eloah/Elohim] “ONE”?

    But are either one of these concepts really true? Does the Bible teach a Trinitarian or a Binitarian Godhead? In the Old Testament, Yahweh reveals Himself to Israel in the famous Shema which every Jew is taught to repeat daily: “Hear, O Israel: The LORD [Yahweh] our God [Elohim] is one LORD [Yahweh]” (Deut.6:5). This, however, is not precisely the meaning of the original Hebrew expression. The actual original Hebrew for this verse literally translates:

    “The LORD [Yahweh] our God [Elohim], the LORD [Yahweh] is one” or “Yahweh our Elohim, Yahweh is one”.

    What does it mean that the LORD or Yahweh is “One”? The Hebrew word for “one” in this verse is echad and has a very interesting meaning. The Companion Bible says of this word:

    “One. Heb. ‘echad — A COMPOUND UNITY (Lat. unus), one made up of others; Gen.1:5, one of seven; 1:11, one of four; 2:21, one of twenty-four; 2:24, one made up of two; 3:22, one of the three: 49:16, one of twelve; Num.13:23, one of a cluster. So Ps.34:20, etc. It is not yahid, which is (Latin) unicus, unique — a single or only one . . .”

    (An excerpt taken from 379 Yah’shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ), an article on the web site.

    The entire article is quite good. I highly recommend it, as the entirety expounds upon this theme of oneness, or unity. Also, to those who do read it, take note of the gender of the Holy Spirit, according to the original tongues of the holy scriptures.

  12. ¡ Enlighting ! ¡Wonderful ! I love this knowledge you share.

  13. also my words, for they never cease
    So — words, associated with left-brain/right hand/created universe/mind of God, never cease. I’m trying to understand this model correctly — God is telling Moses that the created universe will expand forever, i.e. never cease?

  14. Yes, that is my understanding.

  15. I read this post 3 years ago and it provided so much clarity. My life really began to change majorly for the better after reading this post and I am surprised I never thanked you for taking the time to write it. As I glance back at it I notice how you even had the right corresponding colors red and blue to designate left and right brains respectively….thats awesome. The masons like to flash them seperately and try to keep me divided in my head…but this post put me on the purple path and i have not left it since. Thanks LDSA.

  16. I did not read this whole thing back in 2010 when I first saw it. Just as well I was so concerned about what the church would think that I would not have opened my heart to its truths.
    Last night I finished reading the whole thing. I did it over three days. AS I started believing it there have been positive changes. My dreams changed. I have had prophetic dreams two nights now. Not huge visions but just dreamed about a mundane event in my present life which was enough out of the ordinary that when it happened the next day I could see it was a prophetic dream.
    It also explained the dichotomy between what the written record of scriptures say and what actions God takes toward individuals. Between the fact that it is a group of sinners He is trying to reach in the scriptures (not much use preaching to the choir) and that one is a left brain communication and the other is a right brain communication it make perfect sense.
    Even think of this. When the mind of God communicates about hell it tells of an actual place or state of being for many souls. It is real it is there and in the right brain there is no end to its duration. Hell always exists because there is always someone who is bound by those chains of unbelief. But that doesn’t mean people don’t exit that place.
    But the left brain can’t comprehend things in a non time setting. So it places hell in a time reference and declares boldly for our protection “There is no end to the suffering in Hell!” And that is true. As part of the learning process for God’s children they at some time or other do experience hell and since there is a never ending stream of souls progressing someone is always in that state. Like Las Vegas its open 24/7/365. Uh yeah… like Las Vegas.
    But the fact is that Heaven is open 24/7/365 also. So just because it is open it doesn’t mean you have to stay there.
    There are other things I learned too. But I really think this is a life changer. It already has started that.

  17. very interesting post .however i have come to a differant left brain word bassed christ adam not eve or isis ruling images are ruling this world and this is the harlet riding the beast

  18. IS she the Harlot or IS she the Bride.
    Only you can decide.
    You may find your own heart scary
    But listen to your dreams
    Or else Joseph kills Mary
    If you deny your immaculately conceived inner Christ/Brainchild
    The wrath of the Father and the Mother will in you run wild.

  19. harlot and bride ? the heart of man is evil . the wife that rules is eve
    in order to let is ra el return home we must have law left brain

  20. This:

    IS she the Harlot or IS she the Bride.

    reminded me of what I wrote:

    The great Babylon is the same planet that had previously appeared as the radiant Woman Planet who birthed the rocky satellite. After the manifestation of the plasma wings, the Woman Planet descended below the horizon – where she will reappear after “coming in remembrance before God”, who is that Planet who sits on the plasma “throne”.

    The Queen of Heaven, or Virgin Mother, returns as Babylon the Whore. Both of these characters in the story a different representations of the same planetary body. Once it returns, the planet will form a polar stack with the planet that arose from the horizon above the ocean [the first beast]. And this event is the final event before the massive EEAAOOAAEE Planet returns to our solar system and encapsulates the earth in its plasma cocoon for the duration of the Millennium.

    At first, I didn’t understand what it meant that I was being shown that the Woman clothed with the sun is the same as the Whore. From Catholic school, I know that the Catholics associate this imagery with the Virgin Mary – so it was strange for me to think about this planet also being the Whore.

    As I read through some material to see what might explain this dream, I came to realize that it all has to do with my perspective:

    Clothed, she is the Mother. Virgin because she is not yet known.

    But upon her return she is the Whore, revealing herself to all mankind, that they all may know her – for in the scriptural language, “to know” expresses the sexual union:

    and adam knew his wife
    and she bare unto him
    sons and daughters
    and they began to multiply
    and to replenish the earth

    We needn’t think that the “Whore” is an insult to the “Mother”. Sex and nudity get labeled as vulgar or shameful because they re-present the denial of individuality [the left-brain, masculine dynamic].

    With sex, because it is the complete reception of another [becoming one flesh] – and with nudity because, well, we all look the same naked. Clothed, I can distinguish myself into rank, class, or social group – but naked, I am Adam, retelling the creation drama of the garden of Eden.

    So — she returns from her place in the wilderness, nourished, and now known as revelation — because she is fully revealed.

    Of course, “revelation” is merely the Latin way of saying “apocalypse” — or the end of the world. And it is her return that is the world’s destruction.

    The cup of wine that she carries was given to her by God when she came in remembrance before Him.

    It is the sacred cup – the sangreal – the bottomless chalice of compassion that King Arthur’s knights sought after so diligently, carrying their swords erect. Which is, of course, the job of the knight – to break down the tower that holds the princess captive, to liberate her – to immerse the will in charity.

    Thus, she is the Mother because of her compassion. But the Whore because she receives all who come unto her and stoops low enough to encompass all things.

    She re-presents the heavenly Mother – the Womb that yields and receives, endlessly. The outer darkness into which the Father’s seed will expand for ever and ever.

    the revelation
    of jesus christ
    which god gave unto him
    to show unto his servants
    things which must shortly come to pass

    Jesus’ revelation will end the world as we know it – what we would call an apocalypse.

    But the power by which God works is agency, meaning He only works through free agents choosing to act by way of persuasion, long-suffering, gentleness, meekness, etc. [without compulsory means]. And Jesus showed the world what the kingdom looks like by the miraculous works of the Father that He manifested – showing us how to end the reign of the four horsemen and establish the Reign of God.

    Those works that He did are what bring about an apocalypse – but we [as free agents] must do those works for it to become reality – instead of just being the idea of Zion.

    from the post, Two Plasma Interpretations of Portions of Revelations.

  21. tom:

    the wife that rules is eve

    I think Adams and Eves would do well to internalize the (s)word of Captain Moroni — who wrote:

    I am Moroni
    your chief captain

    I seek not for power
    but to pull it down

    I seek not for honor of the world
    but for the glory of my god
    and the freedom
    and welfare of my country

    For he knew that which Jesus tried to teach the brethren at Jerusalem:

    whosoever will be chief
    among you
    let that one
    be your servant

    So I think that any Adam [or Eve] who thinks themself a “ruler” — is merely deceiving themselves.

  22. tom says
    The heart of man is evil.

    I say that is not true. I am sure people can point to scriptures which say something to that effect or even say it point blank.

    I don’t believe any written word no matter who said it unless it comports with observed reality or is confirmed to my heart by revelation from God.
    There are many way that I would refute the idea that the heart of man is evil. In the D&C Section the Lord says Man in the beginning was innocent. No evil there. But the devil comes and through disobedience takes away light and truth. So a little child who has not been influenced by the dark group (devil types) has no evil in his heart.
    tom might say no the child is selfish and therefore evil from the womb and quote some words of David saying he was altogether concieved in sin. You know David was more than a little dark after having murdered Uriah so David didn’t have to admit he had sex with Uriah’s wife. And why apply that universally? You should say the devil made me do it!
    Well he does force until he gets a government to pass a law about it but it was Lucifer acting the part of the Devil who lied and placed fear into the heart of every person who does any evil. So that is not coming from man’s heart.
    And again we are begotten of God. I have heard learned books say “Man is neither inherently good nor inherently evil.” That is at least a balanced view. But again it actually does not depict the human heart accurately. Humans are children of God His DNA is in everyone of their cells. The instincts are good. Fear, and false ideas do a massive blow to acting according to our own natures. The natural man who is an enemy to God is not acting on his nature but upon evil things fed to him by the followers of Satan. And there is nothing natural about those darkened beings. Nature is of God. Being scared by false religions (esp the Christian and Jewish and LDS) to not act according to our natures then places us in the mode of acting contrary to our natures and this brings forth much evil fruit.
    Seeing it for what it is is as simple as looking at one of the kingdoms created by the Gods (You and God your father and mother) The human heart the organ which pumps the blood. A natural heart in the normal healthy condition, which way over 99% of all hearts at birth are just this perfect pump, that physical heart has no evil in it. But look at a human heart which is filled with disease and it is an ugly thing and sad gross thing ready to cause death at any instant.
    But it is the disease a foreign entity which makes it ugly not God nor nature nor the owner of the heart.
    The vast majority of humans do no evil to their fellows. The physical nor metaphysical nor spiritual heart of man is not created evil. Evil can dwell there but it can also be removed. This leaves the heart again in its perfect and clean and loving condition.
    Evil is transitory. Love and perfection are eternal.

  23. the heart of man is evil.

    The heart of an evil man is evil. The heart of an innocent person is not evil. I don’t think that’s revolutionary or controversial to say. Can people be evil? Certainly. But I’ve never bought into the defeatist, total-depravity of man doctrine.

    A little child is the best example of this — though the scriptures describe adults that are entirely innocent as well. I listed in The Split-brain Model of the Gospel: The Fall of Man examples of specific people or classes of people who work out their own salvation without sin and without the devil having any power over them: Mortal children, Faithful men and women of God, Transfigured believers in Christ, and All people during the duration of the Millennium.


    I have heard learned books say “Man is neither inherently good nor inherently evil.” That is at least a balanced view. […]
    Nature is of God.

    And I see Nature is neither inherently “good” nor inherently “evil”. I see her as amoral and impartial. Judgments like “good” or “evil” are context-dependent and arise from an observer who has a certain perspective of the scene.

    Nature does some pretty “awful” things like giving terminal bone cancer to babies, having a mother gazelle watch as a lion eats the intestines of her still crying baby, etc.

    So while we can point to Nature’s beauty, harmony, and love and call that “good” — we can just as easily point to her decay, pain, and suffering and call that “bad”.

    But I see Nature as neither [or both at once] — because she must be taken in the totality of all things. You couldn’t highlight the good bits and call her “benevolent Mother” — and you couldn’t highlight the nasty bits and call her “scorned Witch”. There’s an impartial balance and a refusal to “take sides” in Nature.

  24. The Harlet is in power at this time but the evil of the dark side right brain will be reviled and she will repent an order will return and the light will shine again on earth

  25. If eve would have followed Adam all would be great
    This is a very deep blog thank you for the reflection
    I must find my bride of my child hood sorry can’t remember the verse in the bible
    Woe to the idol Shepard his right arm will be cut off and his right eye fully darkened
    A kingdom devided can not stand

  26. I am very intuitive right brain but law rules this temple , idols are from the right brain the word from the left brain Jesus is the word that will return for his bride . The eagle is the image of the egytion god horis also the semble of USA German roman Greek this is the image of the beast Isis is rulling but won’t be long .
    Eve you shall desire Adams place of power but he will!!!!!!!! Rule (order ) not kaos

  27. This:

    The Harlet is in power at this time but the evil of the dark side right brain will be reviled and she will repent an order will return and the light will shine again on earth
    If eve would have followed Adam all would be great
    law rules this temple, idols are from the right brain, the word from the left brain, Jesus is the word that will return for his bride .
    Eve you shall desire Adams place of power but he will!!!!!!!! Rule (order )

    reminds me a bit too much of the tirade of William Gull in From Hell:

    Sometimes an act of social magic is NECESSARY; man’s triumph over woman’s INSECURE, the dust of history not yet SETTLED.

    Changing times erase the pattern that constrains society’s irrational, female side. Our workers, lately given VOTES, now talk of SOCIALISM, talk of RIGHTS, riot in Trafalgar square and won’t quit ’til they are shot, whereupon their fury DOUBLES! King Mob’s clamour drowns our Apollonian debates. Reason’s BESIEGED:
    Our Suffragettes demand that women vote, and have equality! They’d drag us back to that Primordial nursery, the rule of instinct and the tyranny of Mother’s Milk! We can’t have that.
    Saint Paul … this staunch misogynist clashed with Diana at Ephesus, where her followers humiliated him. Here’s his revenge: Diana shackled, her abode re-dedicated in his name … Here is DIANA chained, the soul of womankind bound in a web of ancient signs, that woman might abandon useless dreams of liberty and accept that she exists only to endlessly reflect the harsh male brilliance of a Father Sun.
    You can’t OUTRUN it … it SURROUNDS us … This pentacle of Sun Gods, obelisks, and rational male fire, wherein unconsciousness, the Moon, and Womanhood are chained.

    Its lines of power must be reinforced, according to teh anceint ways. And what BETTER sacrifice than “Heiros Gamos“? Than Diana’s Priestesses?

    (Here are some scans from the pages in that chapter)

    Demonizing the flesh, womanhood, Nature, right-brain, emotion, instinct/intuition, etc. — seeing those things as the aspects that must be bound-up and sacrificed to all that is “rational, Male-hood”.

  28. When is the wedding ? At night in the darkness of the right brain ? You have to have a lamp to go to the wedding

  29. Left brain ruling is not the trashing of eve but correction . We were never to divorce her but Adam did as his wife did .
    The right big picture brain can not see the detailed left brain side . Adam should have contacted her

  30. Corrected her

  31. i see that the thought that selfishness is left brained not true .
    judgemental thinking is right brained just as gossip is feminine .
    depression is only a right brain fuction depression is all about control
    control is isis the bee hive thinking right brained thinking . there are words that can be only left and right brained compassion is left and right brained word.
    left can fill the hurt and the right finds a way to fix the hurt faith with out works is dead . the left brained are the doers the right the fillers.

    intuision is a gift from god right brained
    and logic a faithful servant left brained einstein

    this battle is 6 thousand years old and its getting very old !!!!

    cant we all just get along rodny king

    the logic side has negatives and the dark side is the blind leading the blind . the left eye of horis is the blind leading the blind .

    shell they both fall in the ditch

    when jesus said let the dead bury the dead he was talking about the egyption book of the dead the right brained bible …..

    the anti christ is the one with the fatel head wound the missing right eye .horis was fighting seth adams first son and he crusted horis head
    causing him to be blind in that eye
    (eve your seed shell crust his head )

  32. the eye on top of your dollar is the left eye of horis of egypt .
    (left eye right brained) in egypt the female ruled and who she choose was king .isis dark female yin death emossion .
    this country is mystery baboylon .the washington monumont is the male image and the female is the congressional building image the whom of isis . images are the way that the right brain talks to its followers .

    soon this mystery will be reviled . the harlet riding the beast left /right

    the vail of isis is soon to be removed

    christ and all the profits were raised in egypt i would think you would read the book of the dead the bible of egypt….

  33. You’re reminding me more of ole’ Sir William Gull again Anon:

    Do you like WOMEN? Not ‘Do you desire them?’ Do you LIKE them? As a gender? The way they think? The things they say? Could you, for instance, tolerate a world where females ruled? With men bound to their whims and governed by their scorn?
    Women had power once: Back in caves, life hinged on childbirth’s mystery and we served Mother Goddesses, not Father Gods — ‘Twas this for several million years.

    Then men rebelled, perhaps a few at first, a small conspiracy .. … who by some act of social magic, politics, or force, cast woman down that man might rule. Time passed, and kingdoms passed from father unto son. The Matriarchy was forgotten
    All human brains, your own included, have two sides: the left is Reason, Logic, Science; our Apollonian skills. The Right is Magic, Art, and Madness; Dionysian attributes; the Mind’s unconscious hemisphere, whose symbol is the Moon. Naught but a slender thread of gristle joins the two evolving down centuries, that in the past was yet more slender still.

    The conscious, ignorant once of its dark twin, mistook its dreams and inspirations for Celestial visions, Muses whispering .. called madmen ‘saints’, or else Demoniacs. […] Our lunatics were prophets once, and had a prophet’s power. Never forget that.
    William Blake was a throwback from beyond the Age of Reason, from a time of Magic thinking when the Gods yet walked with men. By faith, he was a Druid, such as praised the Sun from Parliament Hill, yet Blake abhorred the Sun. [Once] pointing to the sky, he cried, ‘THAT is the Greek Apollo! He is Satan!‘ Ironic that his bones rest here, beneath a Sun God’s obelisk.

    The obelisk looms above the prophet’s grave. It’s styled upon stones consecrated to the Sun God Atum, raised at Heliopolis, in ancient Egypt. The obelisk is phallic, for Sun’s a symbol of the Male principle; of man’s ascendency. It also symbolizes man’s left brain, our rational, Apollonian side .. … and yet, each sunset, casts its unforgiving shadow ‘cross the grace of England’s greatest Holy Fool.
    If you’d a Mason be, first learn their lore, their History. Freemasons claim descent from, variously, Atlantis, Eden, and no doubt, Primordial Chaos itself. Hogwash! The order as it stands goes back to no further than the Eighteenth century .. Formerly a humble craftsman’s guild, an influx of Aristocrats and intellectuals seeking arcane thrills joined, bringing handshakes, rituals, and oaths — a meaningless occult veneer.

    And yet, not all who joined the craft were merely dilletanles. Some were intellectual giants, seekers after hidden lore, bent on continuing their ancient works. That is the TRUE descent of Masonry: no mumbled words passed down across the generations but IDEAS that spark from mind to mind across centuries.
    It’s always the SUN! Whether his name be Lud, Apollo, Helios, or Atum. Be he Belinos or Bel, or Baal. […] Scorn not the Gods: Despite their non-existence in material terms, they’re no less potent, no less terrible. The one place Gods inarguably exist is in our minds where they are real beyond refute, in all their grandeur and monstrosity.

    What’s Mars, but mankind’s violent attributes personified? Or Aphrodite, save mankind’s desires? The Sages recognized all Gods as aspects of “The One” yet missed the greater truth. “The One” is US, each with a pantheon of Gods in our Right Brain, whence inspiration and all instinct springs. Athena gives us automobiles, Mars our Mahdi uprisings. Is that not plague and miracle enough to sate the God of Exodus?

  34. I love women and I love myself. I do not want to be ruled over and I don’t want to rule over women. The idea that the man must subject the woman to his will is a dead give away for a system based on ideas which are not eternal.
    A male dominated world view is just as incorrect as a female dominated world view. The Mosuo in China would not answer the question “Who is dominant men or women in your culture?” because they knew the question is flawed. It assumes one or the other must be. They knew that neither sex should nor did dominate. This little artifact of our sphere that so many see either the male or the female as dominate or that one or the other should or must dominate the other, that artifact is in my view a tell tale sign of a sickness. In my mind and heart people who believe one sex or the other should dominate have a big deep false tradition to remove from their being.
    It will color everything in their world and distort all observations and render flaws in all conclusions reached by the possessor.

  35. People misunderstand the current Aeon of Horus (The Son) and get easily mixed up because they cling to either the Mother or the Father. They serve one master but always hate the “other”. I was thinking of writing something about this double-minded blindness and calling it “Lucifer is a Mama’s Boy, Jesus is the Only Begotten Chip Off the Old Block”. They are equally foolish, those who see as inferior the woman, or feel some errant desire to “put eve in her place”, and those who reject the cheif corner stone and follow not the son.
    But where is the Son leading us to? Some of the confusion of this current aeon is needful and is the whole point of the Son, to mix things up, to challenge our false concepts of self. But seriously someone who is stuck in the Old Aeon of Patriarchy is gravely mistaken in thinking that the Divine Mask-u-line will deliver anyone to anything other than an inglorious end in of its own merits. If your Left Brain SaveYour ‘Self’-promotes to the point that you get the impression that ‘Correction’ is something that the Right Brain alone stands in need of….well then I would be ware. Whichever side or aspect, portion or part within the brain, mind or body anywhere which seeks to elevate itself above all others for the sake of ORDER is your personal Lucifer. Much like the villain, “El Guapo” (The Handsome One) is described by Amigo, Lucky Day (played by Steve Martin) in the culminating scenes of the comedy classic, The Three Amigos.
    The SON is leading us out of the Old Aeon of Patriarchy into the Aeon of Ma’at (The Daughter) The Balance of the scales of Truth and Justice. But those who are stuck taking sides, whether they be goddess WHORSHIPPING freaks or godd WARSHIPPING ‘gentlemen’ will be sadly mistaken. And lacking an understanding of the relationship between light and dark CAN NOT enter into the Wedding…because…well to be perfectly blunt….YOU ARE TOO IMMATURE. This is a spiritually ‘grown folks’ party and you are SELFish brat teenagers with no right to procreate except now on a trial basis. You like ORDER so much??? Hows that for LAW & ORDER?! (cue the sound effect from the boring but popular television series)

  36. if the right brain rules we live in darkness . only a marriage can fix this problem .
    right brain ruling music (look at the true many of that word) arts drugs death murder sex adiction all are right brain!!!! in this temple law rules

  37. justin you have some views i have never seen (cool)

    law is what keeps the left and right at bay

    i love women and the left and right in me she the right is how i found the two brains intuition is she . i am an over comer .

  38. Anon:

    justin you have some views i have never seen (cool)

    Those are not my views — those are quotes from Sir William Gull [a candidate for the Jack the Ripper murders], as written by Alan Moore in the book, From Hell. A lot of what you were writing reminds me of his monologues.

    In the book, he says that the reason he kills prostitutes is because they are the symbol of the Goddess’ ancient temple priestesses.

    He saw his murders as a ritual act that could strengthen the bands of patriarchy [left-brain, reason, Male-dominated] on human-society — and keep our tumultuous, right-brain, instinct, Female-dominated natures “bound-up” and “in control”, where they “belong”.

  39. Oh come on Justin, don’t you wanna join A’tom’ymous and Brigham Young’s grandson in killing prostitutes?

    On a serious note if he is looking for new views that may be good for his mental health, maybe he ought to pick up a copy of Rabbi Boteach’s book Hating Women.

  40. “If I had my life to live over again, I would have made a rule to read some poetry and listen to some music at least once a week; for perhaps the parts of my brain now atrophied would thus have been kept active through use. The loss of these tastes is a loss of happiness.”

  41. i hate no one hate is an is a right brain emission .

  42. If “left-brain” means “stuff you like” — and “right-brain” means “stuff you don’t” — then I guess your designations are sound.

    But, right now, your criteria for what’s [right-brain, darkness, evil, hate, Harlot-Woman] and what’s [left-brain, light, good, loving, King-Adam] all seems a bit picky-choosy to me.

  43. well Anonymous from your own words your judgement is given. And it is a departure from the good news of the gospel of Christ. (please don’t anyone equate that with the LDS church and their current doctrine)
    You said it “in this temple law rules”
    The message of the gospel is If all are judged by how well they kept the law then all are worthy of death. But in Christ we have the lamb which bore all our sins and by that blood are we cleansed. Our belief in Christ Jesus makes us whole and our love for Him keeps us whole, not our strength to keep all the law of God. You are not perfect and no amount of practice will make you perfect nor perfectly whole. That is a gift of God through Christ based upon your belief in Jesus’ power to save.
    But as you said in your temple which is your brain, your being in that temple you have enthrone the law as your God. And as of now you are short on total obedience. And even if you miss one jot of the law you will know you are still short. And you will remain out of reach of perfection forever, until you replace the worship of the law with a belief in Christ and His love and power to save you and make you whole. That is the only way.

  44. Lds was formed by masons there is no love on this sight … Come out of her not him my people . You have done me a great favor I thought your religion made no sence now o know why there is no logic in the right brain only darkness.

  45. three masonic psycopathic right brained masons formed the morman religion . i have studyed that i have seen what the dark side has done for 6 thousand years you can not understand these words because you have lost your right arm and you right eye is fully darkened zec 11.17
    right brained blind leading the blind . i have no problem with the right brained women god made her that way it is the harlet right brain man that is the beast . mason lds .your time is at hand my father not mother is about to show you who is in charge . are you ready .

    the stongest army ever was greece it was full of gay right brained hartless men that would destroy anyone in its path that day is over there is a war in the minds of man the harlet is now been seen .

  46. Anon — you could learn from the Sir William Gull character. You continually remind me of Alan Moore’s writing:

    Quite recently I had a heart-stroke, Did I tell you that? It caused Aphasia; a fluxition of the Brain’s Right side that yields hallucinations.

    I saw God. I knelt before him. … and he told me what to do. And Gull the doctor says “Why, to converse with Gods is madness“. And Gull, the man, replies “Then who’d be sane?
    Madness is a Dionysian fruit … like grapes.
    These stones and symbols’ morbid airs [may] afflict you. Their language speaks direct to our unconscious mind.

    Think of it, [the Masons calling themselves] “Dionysiac Architects”. What CONTRADICTION, with the God of instinct and unreason thus evoked by Architects, most sober Apollonian of men.

    Yet they knew the unconscious was inspiration whence their towers of reason sprang. Thus, HARNESSING its power symbolically was their sublime accomplishment. Their symbol was the dreaming moon enclosed by seven stars that represent Arithmetic, Music, Astronomy, Rhetoric, Grammar, Logic, and Geometry — the seven pillars of Masonic thought.

    That symbol also signifies the female power within humanity, enfettered by its ring of stars, that are but distant suns, and therefore masculine. Symbols have POWER. Power enough to turn even a stomach such as yours … … or to deliver half this planet’s population into slavery.
    Symbols direct our thoughts and deeds; rouse buried shapes beneath our waking minds.

    All magic is symbolic, from the Corn Doll to the Vau-Dau rite. Why, consciousness itself is naught but symbols, metaphors which build upon themselves and thus extend their metaphysical domain.

    With symbols did male warlocks conquer women, first destroying or discrediting the goddesses that stood for women’s power. The Mother Goddess Tiamat, demoted, was made devil first, then lowly chimera.

    Goddesses were replaced by Gods. Next came child sacrifice, killing that first, most awesome female symbol, which is motherhood, their magic and their power.
    Herne usurped Diana’s role as leader of the Lunar hunt: a male pretender to her female throne.

  47. you can not understand these words because you have lost your right arm and you right eye is fully darkened

    Assuming that the reason I “can not understand these words” has nothing to do with how difficult your typing is to read — perhaps my right arm and right eye offended me — and I “have lost” them because I was following the counsel of Jesus:

    if thy right eye offend thee
    pluck it out
    and cast it from thee
    for it is profitable for thee
    that one of thy members
    should perish
    and not that thy whole body
    should be cast into hell

    and if thy right hand offend thee
    cut it off
    and cast it from thee
    for it is profitable for thee
    that one of thy members should perish
    and not that thy whole body
    should be cast into hell.


    Oh yeah — and I love that:

    Lds was formed by masons there is no love on this sight

    was followed by:

    three masonic psycopathic right brained masons formed the morman religion .

  48. my spelling is poor at best but my abillity to speak has bent call great .sorry for my weakness . grace has its place . very good right handed quote . but what is its true meaning . i will search my adam and eve to see lol .

  49. the thought of mans heart was evil countiually gen 6:5

  50. were is the other seed line in this the murderer cain the son of satan the son of eve. o yes not adams son . the one that was not his brothers keeper. the one that was the father of egypt ? he tought music makeup pharma-cia the maker of images cain the right brained man.

    two seeds one evil the other good . hummm might he still be ruling from egypt .

    i will not be pulled from my fathers hand.
    words have always amazed me for in the manying of the word is were creation comes .

    the end of the age of what (isis) or duality .

  51. who is king james and who is fransis backon possible masonic egyption isis cainnon twiters of the word left brained word of god .
    who sets at the left hand of god ? satan that has or not been judged?

  52. my spelling is poor at best but my abillity to speak has bent call great .sorry for my weakness . grace has its place .

    Yes, I assumed that your native language was not English. And that’s OK. Grace abounds — and it’s an aspect of the right-brain-heart.

    To quote the OP:

    Justice is a characteristic of the left-brain-mind, which sees things as black or white, on or off, good or bad, righteous or wicked.

    Mercy is a characteristic of the right-brain-heart, which sees things as diversified and varied.

    The gospel of Jesus Christ allows us to obtain the mercy that resides in God’s right-brain-heart by developing our own right-brain-heart to match that of God’s, so that He can speak to us heart to heart.

    If we do not take advantage of the gospel, God will speak to us mind to mind and we will then be exposed to the justice that resides in God’s left-brain-mind.

    The sense of justice of our left-brain-mind is patterned after the sense of justice of God’s left-brain-mind, so those who receive God’s judgment will find themselves confessing that God’s judgments are all just and that they are guilty of their crimes.

    The key to avoiding God’s justice and obtaining His mercy is by using the gospel to submit our right-brain-hearts to God.

  53. Thanks Justin I have not seen the kingdom in that light . I will think on this for sometime this sounds like a left and right brained answer thanks again for your insight thomas as in questioning .

  54. i thought tiamat was the 5 th planet . that was distroyed by god

  55. quote op what is op

  56. if we are all the dna of god whos seed is in war with eve’s seed .
    and your seed will have war with his seed .

  57. are some born for destuction . as it said .

  58. quote op what is op

    OP = “original post”

    That meant I was quoted the article at the top, above our comments.

  59. One of the truths I got from the OP is that we should honor and use our right and left brains. Neither side is to be dominate. Both are vital for eternal life.
    One of the truths I got from the comments is that some people are irrational. Sometimes they make claims which are not believable. They may say they are Michael the Archangel (really and you are spending your time here on this blogsite? I guess heaven is in trouble). Even without some off the wall claim when they make enough comments it becomes clear when someone is irrational. Then what ever particles of truth they might have written become suspect.

  60. I always thought that OP meant “Opinion Piece.”

    Updated Edit: Looking it up, finally, I see that it actually means, “original poster,” referring to the person who started the discussion in the first place.

  61. To say person is irrational is to say he is insane . Why are you trying to destroy my person . I have tried to destroy anyone here .

    To discuss a thought or believe is not personal thing unless there is a ego involved

  62. 54 year old teenager here boy is that inmature .
    there were people working in the field for a man . thoughs that started to work at 8am got payed the same as thoughs that started at 4pm
    i am waking up late but whatch out ill pass by the person whom is less hummble than i .

  63. there were 10 bridesmaids 5 with lamps lit 5 not lit the oil in the lit lamps is out before the marriage .what do you think of this .
    if the oil is the holy spirit and the lamp is the clay adam.
    is adam telling the truth and is takin out before his time .

  64. my people inter at the narrow gate but there are thoughs among you that as a thief clime over the wall into the kingdom of god . this group uses emossion and images to slide in the right brained side and if im divorced from her i will not see this happen .

    when the good man was out of his home thief brock in and damaged his home temple . if i were awake this would not have happened .

  65. shem,ham,jafeth… torus aries pieces 2000years for each = 6000 years = 1 of gods weeks minus the 1000 year sabbath is this possible
    they were making the bull when moses came on the seen and christ died at 33 ad to 2012 pieces . were will we see you next christ go into the city look for a man carrying a pail follow him into his house .aquarius 2012 . if im right it wont be this year because we are not on gods calender .this sabbath is luner .

  66. I would not say a person who is irrational is insane. Irrational just means their thoughts are not in keeping with logic. Yes i agree it sounds pretty close. But I am not destroying your person or your heart. That emotion is surely born of defending an ego. I am just trying to defend the truth or separate truth from error, to make it clear which is which. It is not any person but false ideas and concepts which cause error I am attacking. And those I attack with gusto. Death to concepts which enslave, which degrade, which deceive, which left intact in one of my brother’s hearts will damn his progress and reduce his happiness. I want my words and ideas to erase from the holy temple of my brother’s heart and mind anything which will decrease his stature as a god even a son of God.
    No anonymous I don’t attack you I attack your enemy.

  67. I humble my self before the truth thank for your trying to to correct any error I may have
    God is not a respecter of men but the truth that is with in .

  68. Some of these comments are a little weird.

  69. I humble my self before that truth…

  70. Witch truth this is weird or that that truth with in lol

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