Stateless in Somalia: How Clannish Anarchy Works

On 9/12/2007, Spencer Heath MacCallum posted his article entitled, The Rule of Law Without the State. In the article he discussed how Somalia is better off without a government, living in anarchy, than it was when there was a government. He also discussed how the Somali-type of anarchy works via a body of customary law called the Xeer. The Xeer varies from clan to clan, but is uniform enough to provide a natural order in the absence of a State.

Somalia busts wide open the myth that anarchy equals chaos. It doesn’t. Anarchy is order, even the natural order of things (if left to settle into that natural order.)

Somali clannish anarchy may be of particular interest to Latter-day Saints, as the Lord has put us into tribes and tribes are just one step up from clans.

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  1. Anarchy is poison to the Imperialists in my opinion. One thing I never understood is why governments continue to seek for more land and more people to govern. Why do people wish to rule over each other in the first place? It seems like too much work to me. I just want to grow my vegetables and relax with the fam, you know?

  2. Yes, I know EXACTLY what you mean.

    Anarchy is villified by all types of government for good reason. Those in positions of power cannot permit it to be spread, as it will take away their power completely. If one political party wins, or another wins, the power is distributed differently, but not reduced. Actually, the trend is that state power is increased with each succeeding election, regardless of political party. So, political parties and political ideologies are permitted to exist, as they don’t represent a direct threat to the power of rulers. Propaganda is used both to malign anarchy (equating it with violence, terror, instability and chaos) and those who are apathetic towards the state. We hear all the time, “It is our civil/patriotic duty to vote.” That is propaganda from the state mechanism. If the people stop voting, of a sudden, that is a vote of no-confidence in the state and the chances of anarchy rearing its head would be much higher than if people continued to vote for this or that particular candidate. Any vote is still a vote to keep a state intact. I may address this topic later.

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