1930’s Spanish Anarchy

On October 22nd, 2007, an entry was posted on the Dandelion Salad blog entitled, “Stand fast and fight to the last”: The Spanish Anarchist Collectives. Rich, the author of this article, does a masterful job of detailing how the Spaniards transformed society in the 1930s using anarchy. Although they were eventually defeated by Franco, a brutal dictator, Rich says that “the defeat of the Anarchist Collectives was not a result of their Anarchist principles, it was due to their betrayal of them.” He paints a very interesting picture of the anarchist society these Spaniards built before Franco won.

I have been to Spain and have met elderly people who remembered “the good old days” under anarchy and expressed their hatred of Franco’s rule of brutality, coercion and the police state that he set up. Rich’s article brings up another historical moment of anarchy that flies in the face of what most people believe anarchy would be like because of the state propaganda we all receive. I recommend it as a good read.]

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