Why voting is so important to the State

In blogs everywhere, Christians are discussing the “Mitt Romney” issue. The Christians are applying the scriptures they find in the Bible to determine whether it is justifiable for them (being Christians) to vote for a Mormon (a non-Christian, in their view.) Everyone believes the state propaganda that “it is our patriotic, civic duty to vote” without questioning the origins or truthfulness of the statement. The state, though, doesn’t care whether you vote for a Christian, a Muslim or an atheist, only that you vote.

There is a great chasm between the way the Lord works in his church and the way the state operates. The Lord himself chooses the rulers of his church, but only with the common consent of the people. If the people disapprove, the person called does not get set apart. The law of common consent is practiced by voting, a hand up for, a hand up against, or no hand up, at all. The majority always decides the issue. Although these are religious offices of power, none of the offices are sought or campaigned for. Plus the “voice of the people” can veto anything and everything without limit, although currently, this voice is nearly always unanimous in the affirmative at all levels.

Now, let’s compare that to state offices. The state is a means of force or compulsion. All its offices are offices of power. How are the offices filled? Through people seeking them and campaigning for them. This is fundamentally different than how offices are filled in the Lord’s church.

To put this in better perspective, consider Jehovah and Lucifer, during the time when a savior was to be chosen. Two volunteers spoke up when the Father asked who he should send. One sought for the power of God (Satan – “wherefore, give me thine honor,”) while the other didn’t (Jesus – “the glory be thine forever.”) The Father chose the one who didn’t seek the power. Thus, the doctrine of seeking for power is satanic in nature. It is how the devil operates. It is the same doctrine used by the king-men of the Book of Mormon, or any group of individuals who desire to rule over men.

Now, back to Mitt (and all others running for election.) There are two ways to get elected in this country. One way is not to run for office, not to seek it, not to campaign for it, but the majority writes your name in anyway and you become the elected official which you can then accept or reject. That is one way. The other way is to run for office, campaign for it and seek it out as much as possible and then, on election day, discover that the people chose you to rule instead of others. That may not seem like much a difference, but it is. One way is the way of Jesus, the other way is the way of Satan.

Many people running for office, and those voting for them, will tend to think of elected officials and the seeking and campaigning involved to obtain these positions of power as merely another type of job and that this is the way these jobs are obtained. But state positions are not private positions. They are positions of power in that they wield the ability to throw you into prison, depriving you of life, liberty and property. Public office are offices of force, backed by the arm of the state. Private jobs are offices of negotiation. No private office carries the ability to jail you, deprive you of property or even life. These are fundamentally different offices.

Generally, those Americans who plan on voting during Election 2008 or any other election will vote for men and women who are power-seekers. No matter how honest and upright you may start out, once you begin seeking for power over the children of men, you come under the jurisdiction of the devil, for this is how he operates and one of the ways he can gain influence over men.

Now, to wrap up this post. The state understands that when people seek for power through political office and when people vote for these power-seekers, the system of rule that is currently set up remains established and the power can continue to be concentrated in the hands of those that rule. The state must keep the people divided into those that rule and those that are ruled by spreading propaganda among the masses that by participating in the elections, they will have a say in how the rulers rule over them and over everyone else. It is a doctrine of the slave choosing his master.

Only anarchy can change the status quo and remove the rulers, making all men equal, but anarchy has no chance among voters (who support the current system,) only among non-voters (those disaffected by the state.) As the state fears anarchy most of all, because it removes its power completely, it must encourage “get out the vote” campaigns.

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  1. I saw Jesse Ventura on CNN yesterday, on the Piers Morgan program. He has a new book titled “DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans.” He mentioned that Democrat states are colored blue on political party maps, which happens to be the same color that the CRIPS use. And Republican states are colored red, which goes with the BLOODS. His association of these two political parties with modern gangs almost seemed prophetic. I wonder if he’s ever read The Book of Mormon or has heard of secret combinations?

    His feeling was that the ballot should only have names on it, with no political party designations next to any of the names. This, in his view, will essentially level the playing field. I think it is a fantastic idea. I also think that calling the two parties by these alternate names (DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans) is very appealing. I don’t know if his new terms are going to “go viral” but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if they did. (And, in fact, I hope people start using them.)

    As I listened to him, with a smile on my face, apparently I wasn’t the only one who liked what I heard. Piers Morgan was checking his Twitter account during the interview and he was surprised at the number of people who were tweeting in their agreement with what Ventura was saying.

    If you missed the interview, Prison Planet did a write-up on it, found here.

    Although I never encourage anyone to vote, instead choosing to encourage people to not vote, the voting process, I believe, would be benefited tremendously by doing just what Ventura says, namely, getting the party designations off the ballot. Additionally, I think there ought to be a “NONE OF THE ABOVE” option for each office, so that people could peacefully shut down their government. Another idea I once had, which I’m not sure I ever wrote about on this blog, was to do away with all term limits and simply make it a law that every incumbent running must be a write-in candidate. This would take away the unfair advantage of the incumbents, while leaving intact the people’s right to elect whoever they want, for as many times as they desire.

    I’m also gladdened by this news:

    North Dakota voters to decide on abolishing property tax

    When I had a Facebook account, there were certain people always posting stuff about Ron Paul and how he was our last hope, etc. I do not know where these people stand now, but I wonder what could be accomplished if all that political energy and enthusiasm were put into a different sort of campaign.

    For example, a 2-cent letter campaign could be used to get any of the above ideas, (which I will list again for your convenience), on the ballots as voter initiatives:

    1) No party designations or affiliations on the ballot, just names and offices
    2) No term limits; instead, every incumbent must be a write-in candidate
    3) “NONE OF THE ABOVE” as a valid ballot option
    4) Initiatives to abolish taxes

    Such grass-roots campaigns to get these and any other worthy initiatives on the ballot, to effect change directly and peacefully–without having to rely on getting your independent candidate elected, which, even if he or she is elected, may or may not effect the changes you are hoping for, since politics is all about making deals and compromises–surely is a better use of political energy, for those people who need to be involved in some kind of political movement, yet are fed up with the DemoCRIPS and the ReBLOODlicans.

  2. Democrats, Republicans, Crips, Bloods, Pepsi, Coke…all of this red and blue is not coincidence. Its from the Freemasonry Red and Blue levels. They are the main modern Gadianton Robbers these days.

    The most awesome development lately is that many of the Ron Paul supporters are feeling betrayed by him and his son Rand Paul who are basically playing along with the GOP Gang and their goals to place Romney in power. For the first time ever I am hearing politically active Americans see the light and lean more heavily towards true anarchy than ever before.

    Anyone talking about anything that entails legal methods, money or does not require a shift in your personal lifestyle, is NOT talking about solutions. Tactics sure, but solutions are always illegal, free and demanding of personal will and effort. And these days it is wonderful to see more people realizing that politricks is neither a solution nor a tactic in the fight for freedom, but rather a distraction and even worse a compliance with evil.

  3. Anarchy (or no external authority between you and God) in both government and religion is the future of this planet as a terrestrial sphere.
    Get on board or get left behind.

  4. I believe it is our duty to vote because that is what God has said through his mouthpiece, the prophet. This address by President Ezra Taft Benson speaks to the fact that the Constitution has the divine seal of approval and that we are responsible for upholding the Constitution:
    Part of the way that we do that is by making sure our voice is heard in electing officials who are righteous, wise, and honest who will uphold the constitution.

  5. splanky88, apparently your belief stems from your opinion that whatever the president of the church utters is the word of God. You probably believe that God would never allow the person with the title “the president of the church” to speak anything that is contrary to God’s will.
    I used to have a similar opinion. It gave me this cosy feeling of security that if I should simply agree with whatever the “president of the church” is saying a.k.a “just follow the Brethren”, I’ll be on the right track.
    With time I came to recognise that the president still has his baggage of culture,prejudices etc. The president still has to repent daily of his ideas that are not in line with the Gospel.

    God places the burden on us, the listeners/readers of the president’s words to learn through the Spirit whether those words are given by the power of the Holy Ghost.

    Cursed is he that putteth his trust in man, or maketh flesh his arm, or shall hearken unto the precepts of men, save their precepts shall be given by the power of the Holy Ghost.
    This applies also to precepts given by presidents of the church.
    Has the Holy Ghost revealed unto you that “it is our duty to vote”?
    And who are the “we”? I bet the maximum that you could claim is that He revealed to you that “it is your duty to vote”. If so, more power to you 🙂

  6. I do not say this to condemn Brother Benson…but I believe that men who know Jesus personally would tell him honestly something along the lines of what Peter said to Simon (who according to mormon doctrine at least learned and eventually received the priesthood power)….Your politricks perish with thee!

  7. splanky88
    “Part of the way that we do that is by making sure our voice is heard in electing officials who are righteous, wise, and honest who will uphold the constitution.”

    if that’s the case then Romney shouldn’t get my Vote. well, he won’t.

    I think most of us are really stuck in the “follow the brethren” and get lazy to think by ourselves. I am sometimes still stuck in that way of thinking. Guess it’s hard to get out of it if you were raised in the church.

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