LDS Lingo Liberation

The following is a list of words and terms. Many of these words may seem invented. Isn’t all language invented? As you examine this list pay special attention to the factual etymology taken from “official dictionaries” which when placed side by side with the imaginative flexing of these words and terms, can shed much light. Words are not merely invented but intended.

The intention behind the presentation of these words and terms is liberation. Linguistics is not the root of liberation neither spiritual nor temporal. It is not the root of anything. But words, or (S)words, as Justin has taught us to see them, are indeed valuable tools when wielded for good. The good word tells us that the issues of life come out of the heart (Right Brain). And as they come from the heart they pass through the mind (Left Brain) with its linguistic and mathematical centers. Here abstract lines are organized into little symbols known as letters and digits. These are then strung together to create words and numbers. These then issue forth out of the mouth. Jesus taught that by our words we are justified and by our words we are condemned. (Matt. 12:37) The Book of Mormon advises us to watch our words. (Mosiah 4:30)

I invite and encourage my brothers and sisters to use this list of words and terms. Put it to work for you as helpful tools as you work in the vineyard of the Lord. I am not attempting to change anyone. I am asking, as Alma, that we EXPERIMENT ON THE WORD. I find no fault with your hearts. I do however know personally of the blocks which have been set in our minds which need to be cleared if we are to prepare the way of the Lord and make His pathways straight.
Do not look at these as re-de-fining. Look and see the finery that is there. Why would we want to de-fine terms which when seen God’s way are “just fine” the way they are, since “the way they are” is not defined or limited but limitless in the heart, mind, mouth, eyes, ears and hands of the Lord. As you look at and look to implementing this versatile vocabulary, remember God’s words to us in Moses 1:4 “my works are without end, and also my words, for they never cease.”
Have fun!

1.An assembly of sacred (scared) rulers convened in Christ’s name to execute his laws (saints).
[Notice the word “hurt” concealed in the word cHURTch. The roots of this word refer to a Crux/Crutch; an instrument used by the rulers to first, beat Churtch-goer’s legs and then issued to the victims to keep their bruised bodies hobbling in and out of the Churtch building in regular attendance.]

Churtch Culling
1. Sometimes spelled “Church Calling”. The act of culling as performed by the Churtch. Culling is the process of removing breeding animals from a group based on specific criteria. This is done to both reinforce certain desired characteristics and to remove certain undesired characteristics from the group. For livestock and Churtch-goers alike, culling usually implies the killing of the removed animals/saints.
[cull (v.) c.1200, originally “put through a strainer,” or “SIFT” from O.Fr. coillir ]
Alma 37:15 – “And now behold, I tell you by the spirit of prophecy, that if ye transgress the commandments of God, behold, these things which are sacred shall be taken away from you by the power of God, and ye shall be delivered up unto Satan, that he may sift (CULL) you as chaff before the wind.”
3rd Nephi 18:18 – “Behold, verily, verily, I say unto you, ye must watch and pray always lest ye enter into temptation; for Satan desireth to have you, that he may sift (CULL) you as wheat.”

1. Professing belief in Jesus as Christ but not actually believing in Him.
2. Claiming the qualities or spirit of Jesus while actually shunning Him.
1. One who professes in Jesus as Christ but actually shuns Him.
2. One who claims the qualities or spirit of Jesus while actually shunning Him.

1. False authority. Used by the Churtch in impressing and controlling the saints. Usually written, “authority” as in “General Authority” with the F-X (effects) implied.
[from Fr. faux “false” and auctor “master, leader, author”. Usually spelled with a -c- in English till 16c., when it was dropped in imitation of the French. Meaning “power to enforce obedience” is from late 14c.; meaning “people in authority” is from 1610s. Authorities “those in charge, those with police powers” is recorded from mid-19c.]

Saltican City
1. City where the Latter-Day Churtch is headquartered.
2. Term for the body which makes policy to which victims of the Churtch must adhere.

1. The basic belief upheld by most Churtch-goers that external forces whether slight or firm are the basis of righteous discipleship.
2. Policy declared from the Saltican City.
3. The effects of this belief and the policy that perpetuates it upon people’s minds; placing power with the disembodied spirits (Ghosts) known as “The Third” or the “Fallen” who, operating under Lucifer, dictate directly to the entity known as the Churtch who in turn dictate to the body of believers.
[Compare with Gospel (Good News)]

1. A one-time family of spiritual and or biological relation which has been reduced to a flimsy, loosely knit and easily separated group of individuals; Often marked by internal strife and persecution.

TEMPle Mirage ™
1. A disservice provided to Churtch customers for an annual fee of 10% of a family’s income which purports to be the only way to seal the family together for time & all eternity. But this, in reality, is not within the ability of the Churtch to offer.

Her’s-band & Wrife
1. A term for a mutually oppressive relationship between man and woman wherein Church & State loan their otherwise exclusive rights to the bodies and minds of the two primary parties involved out to the couple under conditions of jealous ownership and access to any and all progeny. [see Spounsers]

Bothers & Cysters
1. False Brothers & Sisters who, to the degree of falseness which is in them, make it their responsibility to bother, suck, discourage and hinder their siblings from following God in freedom.
2. Resulting status from overuse and misapplication of the words Brother and Sister; a deterioration from true terms of endearment to terms of en-dure-ment. [from O.Fr. endurer (12c.) “make hard, harden; bear, tolerate; keep up, maintain,” from L. indurare “make hard,” in L.L. “harden (the heart) against,”]

Church Dis-Tribe-UTion Center
1. An operation of the Churtch that focuses on assimilation and deprivation of the Tribes of Israel through elimination of all outward dissimilarity. This is accomplished by “flooding the earth” with assembly-line products that promote Utah Cult-sure.

1. The Churtch’s international instrument of lie dissemination. Often entire segments which are included in the English counterpart will be omitted or changed.

1. Religion as used by Lucifer and his followers to effectively disseminate lies.



1. A man or woman who enter into a monetized marriage arrangement commonly known as monogamy where both parties agree to give their intimate love in exchange for certain monetary or service considerations. Prior to the marriage contract being finalized the women do their utmost to see how much future money their sex appeal can buy. And the men see how much sex appeal their future potential earning power can buy.

1. The particular brand of Reliegion promoted world-wide by the Churtch and diffused through various outlets including but not limited to the Saltican City. Its major tenet is reliance on the arm of flesh.

1. Contraction of “Self-Sufficient” showing the true nature of the Churtch’s doctrine of Self-Sufficiency for the anti-Zion CONcept that it is.

tr. v.
1. Induced to a state of boredom bordering between waking and sleep that renders one unable to discern and only open to whatever indoctrination or programs he is presented with: After apostle Richard G. Scott took the stand, there were many trance-slated beings found in the congregation.

1. Class of unrighteous rulers found in the upper echelons of the Churtch which subsist off the work of the people and devour any would-be saviors on Mnt. Zion.

1. A declaration of blind and complete allegiance to the Churtch; may incorporate one or more of the following phrases: “I know the Churtch is true.” “I know the Churtch leaders are called by God.” “With every fiber of my being.”

1. The entire metaphysical body of Satan consisting of Lucifer as head and Churtch & State as the left and right arms, legs, hands and feet.
2. The ungodly union between Churtch & State.


  1. This reads like Chantdown material…

  2. I asked Chantdown to write this stuff up as a post some time ago. I’m glad to finally see it here. I think he may have sent it to dyc4557 for publication. dyc4557, you can correct me if I’m wrong.

  3. You are completely correct LDSA. He sent it to me a week or so ago and then had to remind me to get it up here. I am glad you knew about it I was slightly concerned about posting as my own something from him. You know he’s kind of a wild man like John the Baptist I guess. Gee he looks great in a full beard and long hair. He looks a lot like many depictions of Christ (although some of those are said to be more like Satan than the real image of Christ).

    But then hey he is so close to me really kind of my pupil in some ways (and I am his pupil in other ways) so maybe I can claim some responsibility for it. But I didn’t really think I would sneak it past Justin.

    I am nearly done with my next post regarding the nature of God’s love. So where is that real great post/article you wrote LDSA about charity and how All are alike unto God? I don’t think anything I am saying with overlap but there might be a key scripture or phrase that I want to incorporate in this post. .

  4. I think you are referring to: The faith of God, part thirteen: How charity fits in

  5. Joana once told me that the reason she blogs with scanned pictures is because she feels like they can say so much more because “a picture is worth 1,000 words.” You can work through a whole/complete feeling better visually by using silent hand-gestures, images, pictures of things, etc. — than you can with (s)words.

    Images/pictures aren’t judgmental. They don’t say either this or that. More is left up to the one who experiences the strings of images to make something out of it for themselves.

    But I think (s)words are good because they cause you to confront an idea. When I pick-apart and walk-through a whole/complete feeling — bit-by-bit with words — a reader is forced to go with me and is confronted by my line of reasoning. It demands a response [or at least, more so than a picture does]. Pictures/images can just be, and make you think — but a verbal discourse begs response.

    Joana wrote to me one time:

    I’ve been doing this blog-thing for 3 years now, but the ideas are just really starting to come together now. I don’t think I had the words for it before, and I was suffering in silence with hand signals and symbols, but now it has these very succinct tags that I can bring up and people get it: bring right brain/left brain into balance, etc.

    My husband likes the way I’m beginning to speak about it. He can understand what I mean now.

    The whole (s)words thing is an interesting idea. While “sword” has the terrible connotations associated with murder and war – it is also the symbol for the word of God and for the Holy Spirit. We use it for our analogies of reason, intellect, discernment, and focus. It was the tool Arthurs’ knights carried when in search of the holy chalice of Divine compassion.

    Now someone can wield a sword in a defensive manner [using it for justice, truth, and virtue], or they can go around all abusive-like, hacking and cutting the heck out of things unnecessarily.

    The left-brain acts as the mirror for the right-brain. It’s function is to bring to life [or express OUTwardly] the silent feelings/images/desires contained INwardly in the right-brain. The right-brain emotes — and the left-brain reflects that [or translates it] into words and outward-expressions.

    God desires to inspire people by sending the Holy Spirit into their right-brain-hearts with images for them to create with. Satan’s desire is that people be inspired with images that lack any enduring reality behind them [false images]. God desires the Holy Spirit to be what’s found in our right-brain-hearts, from which our left-brain-minds draw inspiration to create things in the physical world with [instead of us using the doctrines of devils or the commandments of men to create with].

    It’s all quite magic really – boy talk about a loaded word [“magic”]. It comes with so many pre-conceived ideas about what it means that I typically dislike using it. But I’ll clarify what I mean by it:

    In its essence, magic is nothing more than bringing something out from nothing. Rather we’re talking about stage magicians are pulling rabbits out of hats, God is pulling the created universe out of outer darkness, or an artist is pulling a story/picture/music out of their brain.

    All magic has a strong linguistic component. In history, people who could command or manipulate words were respected and feared as people who could manipulate “the spirits”. The earliest descriptions of magic call it “the art” – because it is art — all writing, painting, music, sculpture, etc. is really the manipulation of symbols to achieve a change in consciousness [or state of mind] in another person. To cast a spell is literally “to spell” – or to use language to change things.

    Magic, in this sense, is amoral. Art can be used for manipulation, for idle entertainment, or for awakening people. The devil’s work can be accomplished through magic — as seen in the hidden symbols in advertising, movies/TV shows, bank notes, city design and architecture, etc. [as Vigilant Citizen reports on]. These are attempts to manipulate the collective mind towards the rule of Satan.

    But God’s work is also accomplished through this same kind of “magic”. The priesthood is the language of God – He uses the priesthood to establish order through agency/choice/voluntary cooperation — with the goal of bringing about the biggest change in our state of mind – a revelation, or the apocalypse [the end of the world as we now know it] – establishing Zion, a new heavens and a new earth.

  6. Spounsers is mentioned in the post (under Her’s-band & Wrife), but the definition is missing. Is there a second part to this post?

  7. Good point about the missing spounser definition I will check with him . It is not in the document file I have.
    Justin regarding magic we have dis-covered that Babylon uses magic but they don’t like anyone else to use it. I define it as bringing about results in the physical world by using spiritual means. In this view Jesus was a master magician. And you can see those who wish to do things without being found out they did them will use magic whenever they can. And of course it is a spiritual unseen influence upon a person’s spirit which ends up having physical world effects. I found the book which Joseph Smith had and it is filled with words which are more like priesthood ordinances than anything else.
    As you say it can be used for good or evil. But Satan does not want us to use it at all so we are programmed to say all magic is f the evil one.

  8. Okay Chantdown and I got together and added the Spounser word definition.
    Talk about synchronicity we were on the phone conversing about the body modesty comment of LDSA. LDSA those are the exact thoughts I have been working on for 4 months ie that current Babylonian morals or monogamy monetize human sexuality so that the only true nonprostituted intimacy is that outside the monogamy marriages, but also outside the one sided multi wife polygamy systems.
    It is so true when I get a chance I will put a comment over there.
    And then it turns out this word is that act defined.

  9. Yeah as I finally got around to writing this up I realized that there could easily be a part two…but this was what the spirit indicated to be of most importance right now. I wanted it to read sort of like paragraphs expressing flowing ideas but in a fun format to not only cover particular topics but inspire creativity and thought.

    Spouncer almost did not make it into the document at all. But it felt like it was also important to mention, so I just slid it in there but without giving it its own section. It related to the pandora’s box of material opened by the Her’sband and Wrife principle. It is at its base a misery loves company thing but Spouncer came to me as I observed certain tendencies in male female relationships in society and prayed to thank God for protecting me from it and asking him to continue protecting me and my loved ones from this corruption.

    It is really interesting to see how LDSA was the one to hone in on the word Spouncer and ask about its meaning. When he had already demonstrated a perfect understanding and benefited us all with a very in depth fundamental breakdown of the CONcept behind this word. He did this in his insightful comment about a comment on the Body Modesty post. That comment illustrates the meaning behind the word Spouncer wonderfully. Goes to show we have the answers given us before we even ask…as the bible tells us.

  10. I was trance-lated today in sacrament meeting.

  11. Another word we can add:

    Snack-rament meeting

    My kids always remark about the difference in the bounty of food and drink that’s found between a Churtch meeting and a tribal gathering.

  12. Thats so funny Justin. Once again total morphic field connection goin on here. We also use that word Snackrament. But we have used it with more of its positive side meaning that every little snack or meal we eat can be a type of holy sacrament. And we also believe in bathtisms.

  13. I’m not gonna lie, we laughed out loud reading this post. The first time. The second time I read through it I saw the seriousness and was kind of saddened by it all. I just spent some time with my LDS “all hail Monson” sister and I so wanted to share this with her! Unfortunately our relationship falls too much under “shamily” and she would have been so offended. I wish I could open people’s eyes, but they are so in love with their false beliefs. “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears”

    A friend of mine has a son who did not want to be baptized at all! He was scared to death of the whole idea. She finally got him to open up to her about his fears and he told her, “I don’t want that Ghost with holes following me around everywhere I go.” I thought hmmm is that what the church bestows? A “holey” ghost? I’m not eloquent with words(obviously)like Chantdown is and I’m sure he could come up with something for that one.

    Thanks for a great article and I thought I’d add a few of my favorites.

     One we like to use is “Latter Day Ain’ts.” I know ain’t ain’t a word and all that but hey. My younger kids always look forward to getting “bathtized” and there is a difference between our Sunday “meetings” and our Sunday “MEATings” 

  14. Wow…thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts about the post. This is precisely the effect I prayed for. Liberating ourselves from the sins of this generation, from spiritual slavery is serious business. But it would seem that a key part of us getting free from these shackles is to have some fun. Let God teach us and make us laugh as He shows us just how ridiculous the ideas that weigh us down in this world are. Simultaneously calling our attention to the sad state of our brothers and sisters who are stuck believing the lies of the enemy.

    We’ve used “Latter-Day Stains” before …as all you have to do is move the ‘t’ the second place instead of second to last. But we really love your ‘Latter-Day Ain’ts’ because it really captures a sad yet silly situation that the Churtch pulls people into. The state of nothingness that their silence pulls and lulls them into is the very foundation upon which the Devil builds his kingdom.

  15. oh and definition number 3 of the word ‘Ghostspell’ shows the wisdom of the young boy you mentioned and exactly what his concerns were based on.

  16. I’d like to add 3 words to this if I may…

    noledge + PrEyed = aPostIsee

    now pleas for give me….

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