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This is just a note to let everyone know that I’ve added a link to The Vigilant Citizen web site to this blog.  You can find it by looking at the column immediately to the right of any post, under the Education link category.  (Each page has four columns: a far-left column, a left column containing the posts, a right column, and a far-right column.  The Education link category is found in the right column, not the far-right column.)

About The Vigilant Citizen

I have been spending a great deal of time on the VC web site lately and I am impressed with much of its content.  The goal of VC is to expose the occult agenda of the world’s elite.  I, personally, do not believe that there is enough information on VC to actually do any damage, whatsoever, to the elite’s agenda.  Nevertheless, it is a good place to start at when first learning about this and does an admirable job at opening people’s eyes as to what is going on.

The coming discoveries

It is my belief that at some point, God will send again revelators among us, who, like Nephi of old, will “speak plainly…concerning [the elite’s] secret works of darkness” (Helaman 8:4.)  These revelators will name names, places, times, and deeds, revealing all the specifics of plans and actions done in secret, fully exposing the various secret combinations and abominations among us.

This will entirely undo their craft, for none of these abominations can be performed with the full knowledge of the people, for the people would not allow such wickedness to exist, if they knew about them, so these groups perform their acts either in secret, or they do them in the open, under guise of something else.

Unlike VC, which is powerless to affect much change because of the general nature of its information, the revelations given to these men inspired of heaven, which will contain all the particulars of the horrendous deeds, will present a clear and present danger to the elite, and their reaction will be immediate and swift to take the revelators of God down, just as the ancient elite sought to destroy Nephi.

Nevertheless, God works, or gives revelations, by inquiries.  If you inquire not, you are left, by God, in the dark.  Or, rephrasing Nephi, “if ye ask not, neither do ye knock,” then “ye are not brought into the light, but must perish in the dark” (2 Nephi 32:4.)  Because of this principle, the elite will never be fully exposed unless and until godly men, who can inquire of God and receive revelations, start asking God to tell them exactly what the elite are doing, have done and what they are planning to do.  And here is where the Vigilant Citizen web site proves useful, for once we get a general inkling of what the elite are doing (thanks to VC), men of God can then inquire about specifics, bringing out the revelations which will destroy their craft.

Now, in particular, I foresee this happening because the Lord will not allow the mind control agenda to remain in place for very much longer*.  The innocent victims will need to be freed from their programming, so that everyone eventually will be able to make a conscious choice, either for God, or for Satan, that the dividing lines between the righteous and the wicked will be clearly marked.  In other words, God will allow Satan to continue to destroy agency through sin, but He will not allow him to continue to destroy agency through mind control.  At some point, this destruction of agency through mind control will be stopped.  It will not be accomplished by man fighting against these demonic forces, but by God using His revelators to expose the wickedness, and His healers to restore the minds of the victims back to wholeness, that they may then choose which side they wish to align with.

*This is because men inspired of heaven will use their agency to obtain power from God to reveal secret works of darkness and to heal minds, for they will be filled with desire both to gather the elect of God and to pull down the kingdom of the devil and rescue the innocent victims.  As long as men do not obtain and use such God-given and empowered agency to this end, Satan is and will be allowed by God to engage in his mind control agenda—which is patterned after the mind control he exerts on the fallen one-third of the hosts of heaven, meaning total control of the person, (except that mind control is forced control, not voluntarily-given control)—for God only works according to the faith of the children of men.  Nevertheless, because the devil must use deception to accomplish his purposes here on Earth, he is only allowed full sway until righteous men inquire of God to shine a light on all his dark deeds.  At that point, his mind control agenda goes up in smoke (for it is not sin-based, meaning that people voluntarily engage in sin, or voluntarily subject themselves to him through their sin) and therefore he must go back to subjecting mankind solely through sin.

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  1. Is it possible that Ron Paul can be one of these messengers?

  2. A while back I looked at the VC website and read several posts on Mind Control or MK ultra type programs. It was very enlightening.
    Now I just heard about a report made by Glenn L Pace who was at the time a member of the LDS presiding bishopric. The memo was about his investigation of claims of ritualistic satanic child abuse. It is the home version of the MK techniques. It is very evil stuff. To me reading it helped put what is evil and what is not in perspective.
    Specifically the works of darkness spoken of in the Book of Mormon I believe are these type of activities.
    I think of how I was accused of being abusive and how other whom I know were also. And yet when you see real satanic abuse you understand that nothing these people had ever done was done with the evil intent contained in the actions of those who perpetrate this stuff.
    And it is a mind blower that it was and for sure still is happening right in the places the LDS church is strongest. The Wasatch front seems to have numerous cases of these victims. I invite people to read the memo. the comments after it are used to find fault with the whole of the LDS doctrine by association. So I don’t give any weight to that effort. To tell me that Joseph Smith used a hat to receive spiritual knowledge from a stone does not link him to the satanic events being reported by this memo. And that is what I mean when I sayit puts things in perspective.
    here is the link.

  3. I just learned about Landmark Education. I’m certain that I’ve seen their logo before but I never knew what they were until just now. Here’s a video about them. And here’s a comedian’s take on them.

    Watching the video made me think of this post and also of the movie, Cypher.

  4. I came across this web site the other day and thought I ought to add it here:

    End Ritual Abuse: The Website of Ellen P. Lacter, Ph.D.

    Here’s an excerpt:

    About This Website

    I am a psychologist who has been profoundly touched by victims of ritual abuse and mind control whom I have treated in therapy or befriended as an advocate. 

I feel compelled to increase public support for these children and adult survivors. 

This is my mission.

    Let the truth be known!

    This site will provide articles by myself and others, references to other resources, and links to information and support on the world-wide web. Advocates for victims of ritual abuse are frequent targets of malicious attack. Therefore, I cannot and do not endorse opinions provided or referred to on this site other than my own.

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