The Hailstorm Soon Cometh, pre-post

On February 3, 2009, I started to write a post called, The Hailstrom Soon Cometh, in which I intended to expound upon the future prophecy of a great hailstrom.  Here is the first line of that post:

“One of the more interesting (and terrifying) prophecies of the future is the appearance of a hailstorm unlike anything the world has ever seen.”

But, for some reason that I can’t now remember, I got sidetracked and never finished the post.  I do remember, though, that I felt it was an important and timely subject and really felt that I needed to write it.

Anyway, I had forgotten all about it until today, when a relative of mine asked about the hailstorm that hit Oklahoma and damaged more than 10,000 homes on May 16th of this year (2010).  Apparently, much of the hail was golf ball and baseball-sized, and some of it even got to grapfruit size.  Well, I don’t watch television and don’t read the newspaper, either, and the last five days I haven’t been checking any Internet news, so I was in the dark concerning this.  But at my wife’s request, I looked it up and found the following video.

(It’s best to watch the video fully enlarged.)

So, after watching that, I’m now thinking that maybe I ought to finish my post…

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  1. Again, to bring up Velikovsky, what about the interpretation that “hail” spoken of in apocalyptic imagery is meteroites — and that the great hailstorm would be associated with the close passage of an earth-sized comet, instead of meterological?

  2. Justin, I love that you are fixated on the plasma aspects of the prophecies! I wish more people were like that.

    Personally, I’d say that Velikovsky’s interpretation has merit.

  3. For me, understanding the electric/plasma/catastrophism aspects of scriptural imagery made everything instantly understandable. I see it in many accounts I never would have thought had a cosmological understanding to them — e.g. Moses 1 reads as though the YHVH planetary body and the Satan planetary body both passed by earth, creating the experience we read in the scripture.

  4. Yet another thing I was not aware of. My daughter told me the other day that she heard from some country radio stations that there was a major flood in Tennessee earlier this month. Sure enough, major is the word. Take a look:

  5. Are you familiar with Immanuel Velikovsky? his explanations have made exodus make sense and future prophecies too. I think his work would jive with plasma models too. I would read his book worlds in collision

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