Bringing Stan Tenen and The Meru Foundation to the Attention of all LDS [alternate title: Doing what4anarchy’s Job]

Some Background Information

what4anarchy and I have a running joke—at least, I think it’s funny; he isn’t all that amused—where every time he mentions the name Stan Tenen, I can’t help but chuckle. The joke is that over the years he has mentioned Stan so many times in conversations—in fact, I’d say that in pretty much every conversation we have it is fairly guaranteed that he will mention Stan—that I kid him that Stan is his prophet, that he is engaging in Stan worship or prophet worship.

Now, although he has mentioned him to me for years, it still took what4anarchy awhile before he actually got a Stan Tenen video in front of me; and despite my teasing, I did watch it. But I think I was really tired from working and ended up falling asleep, not remembering everything/anything, etc.

Well, to his credit, what4anarchy kept after me and got another media production in front of me: a Meru Foundation dvd. This time I was awake. Although it was still the same tall, long-haired Jewish guy at a white board lecturing in a small classroom setting that I had seen earlier, I didn’t fall asleep. My kids did not appreciate that I was spending hours watching this guy talking about “weird” things. They wanted to see a “real movie,” an “entertaining movie,” not some “boring” movie.

It struck me that my young, inexperienced children were defining the word “boring” to mean anything that engages the mind to think deeply, whereas anything that disengages it so that they don’t have to think things through, but only receive visual and audio stimulation, is “exciting.” My own definition of those two words would be quite the opposite.

As I said, this time I was awake.

Afterward what4anarchy asked me what I thought and he wanted to know if I “got it.” Well, I got it. And here’s what I thought:


Now, before I begin, you need to understand that what4anarchy and myself part company when it comes to “striving with the masses.” (By “the masses” I’m referring to a strictly LDS audience.) He will continually strive with them, trying to open their minds. I will give them the time of day, but the instant I see a closed mind, I shut my mouth and say nothing more. But he will attempt to bait them again and again, hoping for a bite in which some more truth important to the gospel can be thrown in. In fact, he even uses Stan as bait. Stan. Before hearing Stan Tenen speak (without sleeping through it) that didn’t impress me. Now it does. You see, Stan Tenen is on a whole ‘nother level than your average church-going member.

Mental laziness

We LDS (in general) are mentally lazy, just as all of us Americans (in general) are mentally lazy. Stan cannot be watched and comprehended without engaging the mind. So, in my estimation, trying to open up Stan to a LDS is a futile effort. It is like trying to get young, inexperienced children to watch a guy at a white board talk about geometric shapes. They ain’t going to do it! Even if you force them to sit and watch, they will be thinking of other things and will learn absolutely nothing. There is no way children can do it. Adults can do it, but children can’t, unless they are above average in maturity.

And that’s basically what I told what4anarchy. “Yes, Stan and The Meru Foundation research is amazingly pertinent to a study of the restored gospel, despite he being a non-LDS Jew. You know it and now I know it. It will benefit us, but there is no way LDS can be shown this and they’d be interested. It doesn’t come from Salt Lake. It’s about the Hebrew language (not the English language in which the modern prophets of God speak, if you get my drift.) Stan’s a mathematician, not a theologian. This is scientific, not religious. They’ll never go for it.” Etc., etc.

So why am I doing it? Because I inadvertently mentioned Stan in a recent comment on this blog and since I’ve now let the cat out of the bag and since what4anarchy was really the man to talk about Stan but he’s too busy to do it, I guess I’ll do it just to do it and get it over with. But I don’t expect anyone at all to actually be interested in him.

Why Meru Foundation Research Is Important

Stan found a fundamental gesture language in Hebrew, which contains both the one and the infinite all locked together. Using the gesture language alone, he has been able to uncover secrets of the Universe and about God, things which only temple-attending LDS should know. When a temple-attending LDS (that doesn’t sleep through sessions) takes what Stan Tenen and The Meru Foundation have discovered and learned using this gesture language, and then super-imposes it upon the restored gospel knowledge base, suddenly new “mysteries of godliness” open up to view. To those LDS who never access Tenen’s work or who never study Hebrew in the way he has done, revealing the hidden “gesture language,” they will remain perpetually in the dark concerning these other mysteries.

Personally, I think that is as it should be. But in case there are some interested in learning more about Stan and his work, click any of the following video links to open up a new window and see some of the free video nuggets he has allowed out. Then, if you are still interested, go into his web site and dig deeper. Good luck!

The Videos

All of these are on Google video:

A Good Introductory Video

First Light: An Overview of Meru Foundation Research (30:36)

The “Extreme Kabbalah” Series

Hebrew, Ayin to Tav (1:31)

Geometric Metaphor in Torah (1:10)

Genesis is Woven (1:18 )

Genesis in Base-3 (1:31)

Framing Meru Research: Reconciling the Irreconcilable (1:35)

Finding Geometry in Genesis (4:07)

Bible Math: Wreaths, Baskets, Braids, and Knots (2:35 not currently available)

Bible Literalism (1:16)

Bible Codes (1:57)

Beyond Babel: The Gesture Alphabet of Genesis (1:14)

All Letters are from Yud (1:59)

Modeling Genesis (1:47)

Mind–Hand–World (1:31)

Logic and Hierarchy of Genesis (1:45)

Literal Meaning in the Bible (1:22)

Hebrew Flame Letters (1:18 )

Vortex Flame Letters: Separating Sense from Nonsense (1:25)

A Universal Mode of Life (3:58 )

Torah and Pi (2:05)

Torah: A Universal Constant (1:34)

Toku K’varo: The Hand Unifies Mind and World (2:29)

The Tree of Life (2:29)

The Meditation in Genesis (1:52)

The Letter-Text of Genesis as Creation (1:44)

The Letter Bet (1:21)

The Hand of Genesis (1:46)

The God of Abraham (3:58 )

The Genesis Torus (“Donut”) (1:18 )

The First Word of Genesis and the Bible Codes (1:53)

Solving Babel: Universal Gesture Language (1:24)

Self-Reference in Genesis and the Alphabet (1:20)

The Letters of Genesis: A Natural Unfurlment (1:31 on YouTube)

Hebrew, Greek, Arabic Letters from Genesis (1:11 on YouTube)

Introducing Hebrew Gesture Letters

Dance of the Hebrew Letters (34:34)

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  1. We are weighted down with metaphor. Church ritual is metaphor. Language itself is largely metaphor. Tenen adds yet another more primitive level of of metaphor– based on the shape of a language’s letters, what he calls “geometric metaphor.”

    This is all very interesting. And, I agree, kind of funny.

    However, transcendence requires that we somehow get beyond metaphor.

  2. I have discovered the secret of sacred geometry and its relation to prophesy throughout scripture (e.g., how the geometries contain “time, times, and half a time” [y = x + 2x + x/2 || y = 7 * x/2 || y = 3.5x] among other things). I came to the discovery as I tried to solve the meaning of the star polygons on the Nauvoo and Salt Lake temples (especially with respect to the inverted pentagrams representing the five points of fellowship). I’ve yet to see what I’ve discovered described anywhere, so I may have to put together a presentation one of these days.

    I recently discovered further symmetries with a friend as we were discussing calendar systems and the number of days in this year (366). From the insight which we termed “the numerological constant of all ratios”, but which we found out to be “digital roots”, we were able to develop a unique prime number sieve which achieves perfection in locating all prime numbers > 49 (7^2).

    There is a lot of information encoded in what we every day take for granted.

  3. Also, I wanted to say that I believe there is a much greater wealth of information to be discovered in studying the Gaelic alphabet and Ogham script, the names and shapes of their characters, and the ancient genealogies of Magog written in these Keltic languages. There is more knowledge there than will ever be discovered in studying Hebrew (not to discount the study of Hebrew, but the study of the language of the children of Gael will prove to further inform our study of Hebrew, for the language of Scythia, the Irish, and the Feine (Phoenicians) is certainly more ancient than that of Hebrew.

    As “Mahan” and “Adam-ondi-Ahman” have important meanings in the Gaelic tongue, I am absolutely convinced that Joseph Smith, Jr., was also aware of this fact of the existence and not-so-near-extinction of the Adamic language.

    See the Preface and Dedication of this book for further information:

  4. very interesting, but why Rashi? rashi’s script didn’t exist until th 15th century AD.

    Proto-hebrew is much closer to the symbolic root of the letters.

  5. I had a correspondence with Stan Tenen following this post and discussion. I encouraged him to come here and reply himself, but I guess he hasn’t had time.

    He ended up basically telling me that I am an idiot and that my inferior mental capabilities jeopardize my salvation. He rejected that proto-Hebrew is more significant than square Hebrew, claiming the “scholars” have an axe to grind in proving that the Old Testament is like the New Testament, i.e., fiction written by smart people. He said that the most ancient texts have YHVH in Phoenician instead of Hebrew precisely because the Phoenician characters are not sacred and it discourages pronunciation.

    He said I didn’t know what I was talking about in claiming to be an Ephrayim, that Ephraim is symbolic for all people or for the DNA code. I retorted that he proves himself to be as stupid as I must be, because he claims to be a Levite, and that Levi and Ephraim being brothers, if Ephraim did not exist, then Levi did not exist and that Levi must be enigmatic of all peoples who claim priestly birthright and fantastic and fanciful (but false) tales of biological descent (he was also ridiculing my attempt to discuss the Japhetic pedigrees [“pedigrees are for dogs,” says he; well, then my mother is a bitch]).

    I haven’t heard from him since.

  6. Re: “I encouraged him to come here and reply himself”

    He found this site himself searching my name after our first emails. He assumed the site was mine, but I politely informed him that it was LDS Anarchist’s site and that I was merely contributing comments. This was when I encouraged him to comment here directly. FYI

  7. “He rejected that proto-Hebrew is more significant than square Hebrew … ”

    that’s funny for him to say that as he referenced the proto-hebrew meanings in the gestures video, as well as having some of them printed next to the rashi letter on the chart. Pe for instance is a picture of a mouth, Resh a head and so on. The original hebrew words played off of these meanings to create the root words still in use today.

    To ignore history is to ignore reality.

  8. I found Stan’s information enlightening. It helped me connect many of the ideas that I have felt were connected, but could never grasp. Thanks for the information.

  9. Here are eight articles on the Adamic….yes Celtic and Gaelic are big players… and so is English…for the Anglo Saxon Aingelish of angels and Issa’s son ish/eesh from the Hebrew..Man…..These will be very informative reads and Central to Christ

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