Modern Signs

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Modern Signs

Joseph’s most profound and enlightening sermon on the signs of the last days, given on the temple grounds at Nauvoo in April, 1843, demonstrates his views of the origin and nature of those signs, as well as our ability to recognize them for what they are.

“There will be wars and rumors of wars, signs in the heavens above and on the earth beneath, the sun turned into darkness and the moon to blood, earthquakes in divers places, the seas heaving beyond their bounds; … ” (History of the Church, 5:337.)

Of particular interest is his addition of a truly remarkable sign to the customary list – one to which Latter-day Saints should give special heed.  “… then will appear one grand sign of the coming of the Son of Man in heaven.” (Ibid.) This is clearly a reiteration of the Savior’s statement in Matthew 24 wherein he said, “And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven …” 

Until this last dispensation of the gospel, no other prophet or passage of scripture had added the superlative “grand sign.” Typically, all the signs are given equal weight or value; none is designated as special or more notable.  Indeed, the only other mention is found in modern revelation wherein a slightly altered version of the term is used. Speaking of the last days, the Lord declared to Joseph in December 1842, “And immediately there shall appear a great sign in heaven, and all people shall see it together.”  (Doctrine & Covenants 88:93.) 

Indeed, Joseph may have intended that this sermon, given a mere four months after the revelation recorded in Doctrine & Covenants, reaffirm and amplify on that revelation since Section 88 is remarkable for its catalog of latter-day signs.

On that occasion, Joseph continued his sermon by explaining what that marvelous sign might be. “What will the world do?  They will say it is a planet, a comet, &c.  But the Son of Man will come as the sign of the coming of the Son of Man, which will be as the light of the morning cometh out of the east.”  (Ibid.)

It is a stunning statement, when carefully considered. The greatest or grandest of signs will be a comet or planet. Assumably, this comet or planet will be doing something well out of the ordinary to attract special attention.

Note that the Prophet is not saying the world’s assessment is incorrect, as some have supposed. Rather, he is merely noting that the worldly or scientific terminology for this eye-catching sign would be “a planet, a comet, &c.”

In light of what modern science has discovered in recent years about rogue comets and asteroids, this observation by Joseph Smith is striking. Mention of this great or grand sign is unique to this dispensation and is therefore worthy of special attention by Mormons – especially in light of what occurred in the heavens a decade ago.

In July 1994, fragments of comet Shoemaker-Levy repeatedly slammed into the planet Jupiter, as forecast by astronomers. At least one of those impact sites left a pockmark on Jupiter’s face that was larger than the Earth. Estimates were that the first fragment alone struck with the force of 200,000 mega­tons of explosive power! Nineteen more followed, leaving visible impact scars around Jupiter’s southern hemisphere.

This was an unprece­dented, historic, celestial event. Nothing even remotely as spectacular has occurred in our solar system since Galileo invented the tele­scope.

From Joseph Smith’s time forward, scientists had utterly dismissed the possibility that comets or asteroids might menace the Earth. Even the prominent astronomer Carl Sagan denied the likelihood of cometary impact. As far as science was concerned, such nonsense was “impossible.”

Due to comet Shoemaker/Levy, the scientific community did a con­ceptual about-face that was as dramatic as it was sweeping. They had been treated to a celestial visual aid of cosmic pro­portions; the “impossible” had occurred before their very eyes. There was no denying catastrophic impacts any longer.

As a result, today the idea of an impact dramatically altering Earth’s ecosystem is well accepted. Cosmic collisions do occur, scientists acknowledge, as in the instance of the dinosaurs’ extinction. Moreover, if it can happen to Jupiter, it can happen to the Earth.

Almost overnight, scientists began speaking of the threat posed by Earth-crossing asteroids and comets. NASA pro­posed a program and sought funding to find and track any ob­ject that might collide with the Earth. 

A cosmic collision could result in a range of conse­quences, much like those signs listed by Joseph, from something no greater than any local disaster – as in an earthquake, flood or famine – to a worldwide event with long-term implications. The models proposed by re­searchers differ only in scale.

Even a mod­erate size impactor could ultimately lead to the death of at least one-fourth of the world’s population. A near collision by a planet passing nearby us could be as devastating or worse, depending upon the proximity of the intruder.

The extent of the damage would be determined by the size, composition, incoming ve­locity, angle and location – ocean or land, populated or un­populated – of the impactor. For example, if the Tunguska me­teorite of 1902, which exploded in the upper atmosphere without every hitting the ground, were to fall on Moscow today, the death toll would be about 9 million dead!

Especially significant is the fact that the “grand sign,” – making an impact in the case of a comet, a very close pass or near miss in the case of a planet – would cause all the signs listed by Joseph Smith in his discourse. That is, the “grand sign” would be the direct cause of the other signs listed by the Prophet, as well as by the scriptures.

Everyone on the planet would be in peril.

The location of a strike would ultimately determine the nature of the after­math; a close planetary pass would cause uniform but devastating destruction worldwide. If the impact were an ocean strike, it would generate a tsunami ranging in size from a few feet up to hundreds of feet in height, with the potential of destroying up to 100 million people worldwide. A close pass would raise prodigious ocean tides drawn up by the gravitational pull of the offending planet, with very nearly the same effect as an ocean impact. This would be “the seas heaving beyond their bounds” Joseph described.

If it were a landfall, the shock wave would cause global geological stress that would certainly gen­erate massive “earthquakes in divers places,” as would a close pass by gravitational “tugging” at the landmasses.

The ejecta from the impact or from colossal volcanic eruptions in the event of a planetary near miss would take the form of gas, dust and stones, which would be blown high into the atmosphere. The debris would fall back to earth in showers of hot stones, like so many artillery shells. Widespread rains of these hot stones would almost immedi­ately create hemisphere-wide fires and destruction.

The dust would be transported around the Earth by high-altitude winds, casting the world into near-total gloom – “the sun turned into darkness” – followed by freez­ing cold, leading to the suppression of photosynthesis for months, even years.

The gas released would eventually cause intense acid rain and destruction of the ozone layer, signs suggested elsewhere in scripture. Agriculture would collapse, resulting in famines, as suggested in prophecy, and the breakdown of global economic, social and political structures would result in “wars and rumors of wars,” among other things.

Latter-day Saints’ opinion on the subject of potential impacts, past and present, differs little from that of the gen­eral public. They see it as very unlikely. Yet, that probably should not be so, given the scriptural certainty of the last days and Joseph Smith’s enlightened statement regarding the last great sign being a comet or planet. He clearly held a view of his­tory and prophecy that included disasters emanating from the heavens, which would have devastating effects here on Earth.

When we consider the magnitude and import of seeing a comet impact Jupiter in our own time as we approach the second coming, one wonders if this astronomical visual aid might not have been God’s way of making a point, just as he gave a celestial sign to the Nephites prior to the Savior’s first coming. Have we been forewarned, just as were our Nephite cousins? Could it have been meant to awaken us from our apathetic complacency about the times we live in and the planet we live on? Should not Latter-day Saints – the “children of the light” – be the first to recognize the true import of this “sign?”

Remember, Joseph Smith placed great store in the validity of latter-day signs, especially those that can be described as planets or comets.




  1. When we consider the magnitude and import of seeing a comet impact Jupiter in our own time as we approach the second coming, one wonders if this astronomical visual aid might not have been God’s way of making a point, just as he gave a celestial sign to the Nephites prior to the Savior’s first coming. Have we been forewarned, just as were our Nephite cousins? Could it have been meant to awaken us from our apathetic complacency about the times we live in and the planet we live on? Should not Latter-day Saints – the “children of the light” – be the first to recognize the true import of this “sign?”

    That’s how I always took it. As a sign. My understanding is that the message was: “Look to the heavens.” By this I mean that we LDS have become so focussed on the earthly signs that will occur in the last days, that we have become blind to the heavenly signs. We don’t “look up.” Everything is at eye level (concerned with our own little spheres of life) or looking down at the earth (at Earth changes.) We don’t star gaze in anticipation of what has been prophesied to occur in the heavens. As a result, we are going to be taken unawares, just like everyone else, when the Lord begins to preach his own sermon, despite our additional scriptures, light and knowledge.

    When I read this post, it made me think of El Cumbre Vieja volcano on La Palma in the Canary Islands and the tsunami that it will cause to slam into the eastern seaboard of the United States if it falls into the sea (as claimed by geologists Day and McGuire.) It also made me think of the Ring of Fire volcanoes and Yellowstone. Surely celestial objects could set all of these volcanoes off, as there are plasma (electrical) phenomena associated with them all.

  2. Anarchist,
    The electrical connection is the key to understanding all the celestial manifestations of the past, as well as understanding the world we live in and how our own bodies function. Plasma is, of course, a manifestation of electrical activity or energy. Most people do not associate things such as earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes with electricity because mainstream science has been slow to acknowledge the role electricity plays. But (and this is the good news) they are slowly coming around.
    As for being unaware, I marvel that one of the bedrock tenets of the Restoration – planetary history and its role in the past and the future – has been totally abandoned by church members. Any saint who reads modern revelation, such as the book of Abraham, without comprehending the role of other planets (sometimes called stars) have played and will play in Earth’s career has missed a major part of the restored gospel message. I’ve been trying to get that message across for two decades. But (and this is the bad news) they are ignorning the message.
    Isn’t it ironic that science is slowly coming around while the Saints are backsliding?

  3. I think that most LDS might not “look up” to the heavens.. but we do “look up” to the Prophet and Apostles.

    Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth• his secret• unto his servants the prophets•.

    Yes.. he has spoken to Joseph Smith.. but really.. what can one do about it? Follow the 12? If you are going to die.. you are going to die.

    I mean really.. you say they are ignoring the message. Even if you acknowledge the message.. what is the solution? I mean.. what are we suppose to do? Do we know what area on the planet is safe? If you find out the only safe place is Missouri.. then I suppose if one wants to live.. they would go there. Me.. I would prefer being dead than have to try to survive a catastrophic event like that.

    Maybe you can give me a better understanding of how knowing this information is going to help me out.


  4. I just recently read all of AEL blogs and found them enlightening. I appreciate all the time that you have spent bringing the information forward. The whole point in knowing and being aware is simple, to get you to repent before the Savior comes. If one wants to survive that catastrophic event, no matter where they live in the world, the Lord would give you miracle. The catch, is that you need to break the chains that bind you to this earth, sin. The signs in the heaves only help as a clock, letting us know that the time is ever approaching–so get on your knees and change who you are. Put off the old, and become new.

  5. I agree. This seemed most certainly a celestial sign as a precurser to the Second Coming. It was a once in the History of the World event that all could see. I think too that the fact it struck Jupiter as oposed to any other Planet may have been significant. The Planet Jupiter in mythology represents the Chief God among the Gods as if to insinuate God our Father and His creation in the End of Times would come under a full frontal assault by the forces that come from the Darkness of space. Comets were also believed to be harbingers of disaster.

    I would also suggest maybe we have been given two other signs of similar natue that may very well be a sign of approaching the End. I’ve only seen one other post on the net mention this but it seems valid to me.

    Two man made signs occured within 3 days of one another that would seem to imply that the very secrets of God concerning the nature of the power he may use to create organized matter has been reverse engineered by man to use that same understanding to Destroy organized matter….Atomic and Nuclear reactions.

    These were once in the History of the World events that were viewed by all the World also. They are also most closely representitive of the type of destruction that occurs at the Second Coming itself.

    I would suggest that the dropping of the two bombs on Japan in 1945 would constitute a very significant sign of the type of destruction by fire that will attend the Lords return in full Glory.

    Now it’s very interesting that TWO bombs were dropped within a close time of proximity. Aug. 6th & 9th . Both of those numbers are symbolic of judgement. As a matter of fact 6 represents judgement as in a precursurary judgement as opposed to the # 9 representing FINAL judgement.

    Now who is to bring on this precursurary judgement? Is it not the Lords Davidic Servant, the One Mighty And Strong? And everyone knows who is to bring in the REAL BIG guns to SHORTLY follow.

    If you really want to break this down as a plasable notion as two conjoint signs to represent the two comings of the One Mighty and Strong and Jesus Christ to soon follow, go to wikepedia and look up the two bombs and how they are constructed and thier relitive power to each other and the sequence in which they were droped.

    Coinsidence ?

  6. Oh, I forgot…Juddgement from God is always depicted in the Scriptures as coming from an EASTWARD dirrection (the presence of God).ie. the EAST WINDS
    of the Desert.

    In Global Geographics where is Japan situated ?

  7. I’ve wanted to present what I have to tell you all about a Grand sing and Wonder the Lord placed right before our eyes from the begining of time onto this day.

    It’s explanation is rather difficult without accompanying visual aids but I will give this my best shot as I suppose this will be the only way to show you something of the obvious yet subtle nature by which messages and truths are communicated from Heaven to not only to recieve it as Grand evidence of the existence of God but also to allow us to look upon it each day as you would a cosmic clock suspended in the Heavens obove us as a sign that can not be avoided yet it can certainly go unoticed.

    Next to the Grand Sign of the return of Christ, this particular sign and wonder is most Grand beyond all other signs and contains the elements of Gospel knowledge of the Plan of Salvation and it’s timeing, that has revealed to us all that we have entered the last small window of THE END OF TIME that contains all the 3rd Watch elements to preceed the coming of our Savior.

    I have to preface the explanation of the details of the wonder by giving an overview of what it is and it’s intended purpose.

    We have all heard that the Scriptures are compared to a map of life that leads us to the Lord and His Father. While this analogy is fairly accurate it is only half complete.

    To understand what I am saying by that you need to know the components that actually constitute a real Map.

    Being a retired Marine I am very aware of the value of Maps not just for the purpose of orrienting yourself to your surroundings but just as importantly it’s use as a tool for providing vital information to accomplish a given Mission.

    The basic tool of a map (before GPS came along), gives one the ability to know where you are heading in reference to your point of origin and then returning you back full circle.

    The Scriptures do provide us with a verbal explanation as to how that is to be done, but that verbal explanation only provides half of what constitutes the two major elements of a Map.

    The verbal explanitives on a Map is information contained in the Legend that list a host of information crucial to finding your objective. But to include ONLY written information on a Map to the exclusion of displaying the Physical picture that a useful Map provides , is like trying to rely on your imagination to construct a visual path that leads along the correct path.

    For us humans the could be rather tricky especially for those who lack imagination.

    As we draw to the close of time and stare accross the threshold into Eternity that is approaching us , Glimpses of it’s impending reality are going to naturally manefest themselves.

    The Map that Heavenly Father has presented to us from the very beging of time has been enhanced from time to time with additional verbal explinations of His Eternal goals and objectives for this particular creation.

    Yet the Pysical display of that Map that testifies of the purpose of this creation has been displayed in it’s proper place and has also been added to from time to time in order that we might understand the full simple scope of the plan of Salvation as it pertains to our Heavenly Home (our point of origin), as well as our current residence (our Earthly Home), And the objective to returning (Full Circle) to our Heavenly Home.

    Afterall I find it a little hard that a Loving Father would send us on a journey withou a proper FULL MAP to allow us to accomplish our intended objective, then to return Home.

    Normally I would say something stupid like this isn’t Rocket Science but in this case it really is.

    It’s ironic that I’ve grown up in the Space Capitol of the World and am the first that I know of, to make this particular observation concerning this particular cosmic sign as being the “other Grand sign” of the coming of the sign of the Son of Man.

    Only this one has been staring you and everyone square in the since the time of each of our Births.

    Isort of equate no one seeing it to Deer hunting. There are signs of your presence all around him but if he fails to simply LOOK UP and see you sitting in that tree then he’s out of luck. And you know what ? If you remain silent, he will never LOOK UP. He is always only focused on the obvious things that lay dirrectly in his line of vision at GROUND LEVEL.

    Heavenly Fathers Children tend to do that same silly thing…and fail to simply LOOK UP and realize the SILENT PRESENCE of God RIGHT ABOVE OUR HEADS and tend to focus on the distractions of the noisy World BELOW.

    I don’t know if there is a word limit to these comments so I am going to end this one here and begin a new one, but before I do , I want you to cosider something as you read the following comments…Grand signs, not just partial elements of a larger picture, are first revieled to those who recognize them. That may sound a little self evident , but it’s the REASON that they are the first to notice it, that makes that statement significant….

  8. Sorry …I’ll try to proof read this one better before I submitt my comment. This is also another reason why I find it so hard to convey these things via wirting these comments as opposed to just saying them. I can’t write the way you guys do.

    Alright …Get your Pearl of Great Price and a visual display of our Solar system. The best ones are found in the Big National Geographic Atlas of the World. You will also need some paper and a pencil to draw with and label things as I explain this .

    Near the end of the pictures in the book, you should find a few pictures of the Planets and our Solar System.

    We are going to begin with our Map from God by first defining our Place of origin as it pertains to what we know of the Plan of Salvation as described in the Book of Abraham and more precisely the information contained in Facsimile # 2.

    We are going to use the info contained in figures 1,2 & 4 to create a word picture of our Heavenly Home before coming here.

    Go to Fig. 1 and read it.

    Kolob as we know, is a star at he center of our Galaxy that represents Christ who is the First Creation of the Father(God) and is situated nearest to the Celestial residence of God, (the Celestial Kingdom).

    Now we have enough info here to begin developing a word picture.

    Draw a cicle in the center of your paper. This is to be the Star that is the residence of our Father ( our Heavenly Home). This is a symbol of what he is all about…Family…which also happens to be our real Home. and not just some uninhabited symbol of a higher reality. IT IS REALITY!

    All other creations within the boundaries of our Galaxy, are partial representations of that collective WHOLE REALITY.

    Now, since Kolob is a star SYMBOL representing the first Creation of God, Place another circle next to the circle representing God and the Celestial Kingdom. Place it an inch or two away from your first circle. Label this circle as Jesus Christ/Kolob.

    Now to this point, we have identified in symbols, the reality of God and his Son and ALL uf us who once or now live in the Celestial Kingdom and are awaiting thier turn to come here. In the begining, Satan and his followers also once resided there. Keep this thought in mind as we proceed to further explinations of this plan and how it is depicted through symbos that we see above our heads in our Solar system.

    The next thing to look for would be to identify the third Covenant member of the Grand Plan, who in Fellowship with His Father and Brother, Preside over the Plan and supervise it’s implementation.

    We know the third man to be the Holy Spirit. Lets see if we can find him on this Facsimile picture…

    Go to the explination for Fig # 2 and read it.

    This next star (creation) being described here as Oliblish (the NEXT GRAND governing creation near the Celestial or the place where God resides), Is someone like the creations already described, who ALSO holds the KEY of power.

    This is an obvious reference to the Holy Spirit.

    So now we know there is another star out there somewhere (oliblish), that symbolizes the Holy Spirit.

    Now we have to determine it’s location in reference to the other two stars representing our Father and Jesus.

    Go to fig. 4 and read it.

    The explanation provides the info we need to orient this star (oliblish) with the other two stars.

    Note that Oliblish is equal with Kolob in it’s REVOLUTION and MEASURING of time in reference to the central star they both revolve around the central Star representing our Father and our Heavenly Home and positioned in an equal orbital path above the central satar.

    This is what is known in Astronomy as a TRINARY star system where two stars orbit a central star as a moons would a planet…The difference being is that they both orbit at the same Height from the central star and are EQUAL in thier REVOLUTION and reckoning of time in relation to the PARENT STAR. They are the CHILDREN of that PARENT STAR.

    Now draw a circle to the other side of the circle representing the God of the Celestial Kingdom and opposite the position of Kolob. Label it Oliblish-the symbol for the Holy Spirit.

    Can you now begin to see the FULLER symbolisim of this info contained in this symbolic picture ? The symbolisim in these and all these figures contained in this Facsimile runs eternally deep .

    This symbolism, when combined with all the other figures of this Facsimile , reveal the entire scope and depth of the Plan of Salvation, but for this purpose of giving you a surface rendering of it’s over all scope, I’m going to limit my explanation of these things to a level that won’t loose us in the DETAILS.

    I can see by the things you guys write about, that you are FULL of very wonderful DETAILS but lack something of being able to stand back at a distance and view your results in a way that the ENTIRE SCOPE of the PUZZLE becomes APPARENT and jumps out at you like and object you seek to find in a Hologram.

    What I have just shown you, is the first of FOUR MAJOR pieces of the Puzzle or MAP that God has given us to reveal a very SIMPLE, yet unobserved sign from God that we have already crossed into the treshold of Eternity that will manefest itself in it’s FULLNESS upon the return of our Savior to ALL the World and not just us before that happens.

    Some of us will be Blessed to observe REALITY AND ETERNIY before the World dose and it will be a pleasant experience for those prepared to recieve it.

    To this point in the explination of this Grand sign, I have only uncovered the POINT OF ORIGIN to our Celestial Map. And I would add that the things I will tell you, only APPEAR as a Puzzle until you realize that what we thought was a PUZZLE was really a VERY SIMPLE MAP that was made complicated by our over indulgence in the Deatials of the Plan.

    The next MAJOR portion of the Map entails doing what the Plan of Salvation next required of man as he ventured from Home to find himself less Exaulted in a Terestrial World seperated in distance (physically & Spiritually)from our Celestial beginings.

    I am burnt out for one day in explaining this. I’ll pick up on this sometime tomarrow.

    Reflect upon this idea as you ponder what I have thus said. Then continue this idea with the rest of what I’ll have to say.

    The Solar System we now reside in is but a relected image of our Heavenly Home. It contains not only the same symbolism in it’s construction, it also serves as the Cosmic Time Piece of God as pertaining to this particular Creation of God (US) and gives a precise reckoning of time as it relates to this Creation and Certain Milestone Events to occure throughout time that serve as WAY MARKS to keep us on course and to testify to us that none of what happens here is per chance. It is by the MOST PRECISE
    design of God that these things exist.

    Once I have given you an overall review of this Grand Sign by not delving too deeply in the hidden symbolism that runs Eternally Deep, I will share with you a “LIKE” observation of how this Grand Sign is related to what is necessary to be able to INTERPRET the FULL MEANING of the Scriptures from BEGINING to END …To help you step back just a bit from the Spiritually paralyzing stare of focusing too deeply on the DETAILS and not recognizing that the PUZZLE you wrestle with, is actually a VERY SIMPLE MAP that UNLOCKS THE SECRET TO THE HOLOGRAM of uderstanding what it is yiou are really looking at.

    Have you ever looked through a High powered adjustable rifle scope ? What you are doing…. is adjusting the power setting to it’s highest degree of focus to give you a clear image at the maximum capable distance by which that scope can funtion.

    When running that power adjustment to it’s highest power setting you can view the far distance but yet you completely cause the image of your front sight located just a few inches in front of the scope, to disappear.

    The current position of time in relation to eternity has entered that threshold of time that begins to merge with eternity and time will soon take on those attributes of timeless reckoning.

    We are so close to our objective in our scope, that in order to make the front sight(what lies dirrectly ahead of us), come into focus, you must drop the power setting on your Spiritual focus in order to recognize the BIGGER SIGN AND PICTURE of REALITY that is starring us right down the barrel of our line of sight.

    It’s a very unatural thing to want to do for someone who realizes that the time is close and is excitedly spazing out over all you can uncover as fast as you can.

    I know the feeling, yet I have also learned that to get a handle on the Big Picture as it unfolds in real time right before our eyes , you must be willing to do something that won’t come very natural and that is…. to take a slow deep breath and step back and give this WHOLE THING …ONE MORE LOOK and dicover that what you were looking for wasn’t any farther away than simply looking up to the sky above your head and BEHOLDING the WONDERS above us.

    See you tomarrow…

  9. I took a break and now I’m back because I have nothing else to do right now.

    Anyway, the path of understanding that I am taking you on in dipicting our jouney from and back to home, is also depicted in the Vision of Jacob’s Ladder…

    The Ladder itself and the THREE RUNGS of steps that the Angels are descending and assending on, represent the THREE PRINCIPLE DEGREES of Eternal Progression as defind by Joseph Smith.

    There is much more to this than what I just described but this is all I need to compare the movement between those three degrees of progression with our Star Map.

    Our point of origin at the top of the Ladder is our Celestial Home and for us to progress and become FULLY like God, we must first Descend through and to lower levels.

    Once we descend as far as we were intended to, our objective is to then return to the top.

    The reality of our Heavenly neiborhood that we left to come DOWN here is the First of four major images to our Map.

    The next will be to descend to the second rung of the ladder of progression, The Terestrial Home of our First Parents here upon the Earth.

    Now this condition was to only initially be experienced by our Parents, Adam & Eve. But there would come a point in time when we as thier Children of the End Times, would experience what our Parents did in terms of being RAISED, insted of being LOWERD, to a Terrestrial State of being. What goes around, comes around, and a particular Generation of thier desendents will manafest the First nature of our First Parents.

    The likeness of this reality is again portrayed in Jacobs Vision of DESCENDING and then ASCENDING through the degrees of Glory or Progression.

    Now draw a picture of another circle to represent the Terrestrial Home of our First Parents before the Fall to a Telestial World.

    Place that circle, by itself, on a seperate sheet of paper to depict it’s physical and Spiritual seperation from our Heavenly Home.

    Our World before the Fall was located proportionately somewhere between our Father at the Galactic Center and where the Earth now resides after the Fall, aproximately 3/5 the distance to Edge of the Milky Way.

    So we have our First Parents taking the First step for us by coming one step down from Heaven and entering the Garden of Eden in a World prepared ahead of time for which they could live.

    Then the fall eventually occures and they descend one more notch in this plan of progression and find that the World has Physically & Spritually moved even farther from God and has come to rest in our present location in a Solar system that provides us with the KNOWLEDGE of our beginings so that we can focus upon returning along the path from whence we came.

    Can you now see a little of where this is going ?

    Now I need to back track a bit to the time of the Fall. We know that Satan was cast from our Celestial Home and parked himself amid our First Parents and contributed his two cents to the Fall.

    The point I want to make is that he is still here, and as I will latter explain, a portion of our Solar System symbolicly reveals that.

    Anyway…As I mentiontioned before…The Visual Map that Heavenly Father provides for us to know the existence of his reality and the reality of his TWO SONS and the part they play in the Plan of Salvation, SHOULD be found among the Visual references he has placed above us where we NOW stand.

    Afterall, we SHOULD be looking up to the Heavens for the answers we need, RIGHT ?

    So lets take a look at our Solar System reference he has given us as a guide to Where we came from, What the heck we are doing here, and Where we hope to go or return to.

    Recall the Celestial Kingdom of God as found in Abraham to be the Central Star by which all things revolved around ?

    I’m now going to show you that this third majjor portion of our map is contained in the symbology of the CURRENTLY KNOWN Planets of our Solar System.

    I say CURRENTLT KNOWN PLANETS because Joseph Smith predicted that there would be addition Plantets that would be discovered in our Solar System befor the Second Coming that would total 12 Planets.

    I will explain this later when I explain the 4th and final portion of the Map. But for now, just make a mental note of this.

    Now is when you need to look in your Altlas of the picture of the Solar System.

    The picture you need to be looking at is the one where you are viewing the System from above.

    You will note that there is a concentric formation of an INNER and an OUTER Group of Planets.

    The INNER Group of Planets consist of those that lie between the Sun and the Asteroid Belt….Mercury through Mars.

    I want you to see this as the SECOND HAND of TIME on the Lords CLOCK that depicts TIME as we now percieve it…TELESTIAL TIME.

    The outer Group of Planets beyond the Asteroid Belt, from Jupiter through Mars, will Depict the MINUTE HAND of TIME on the Lords CLOCK, and represents the Millenial Riegn of Christ in TERRSTRIAL TIME.

    The hour hand of ETERNITY will be explained later when I Explain those additional yet undiscovered Planets that Joseph mentioned.

    For now lets back up to the Sun and the INNER Group of Planets that tell a story of OUR CURRENT TIME AND CIRCUMSTANCES.

    They should be somewhat similar to our Celestial past but with the added twist of the experiences and circumstances of this Telestial environement, thrown in too boot.

    Lets follow the PATTERN and ORDER of what we already know about the Plan of Salvation and it’s cast of Players as described in the Book of Abraham and see if God has indeed revealed thier reality in Planetary symbols RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES.

    First we had a central star representing our Father in Heaven and all things revolved about it . The TWO stars representing Christ and his Brother the Holy Spirit, were stars unto themselves and though they were drawn in equal orbit about our Father, they produced light of thier own.

    This testifies to our understanding that they were preexistent Gods with Light and Power of thier own yet were conjoined to our Father in a TRINARY Covenant to help our Father bring about the Redemption and Salvation of his beloved children…us

    So now lets look at how this Plan reveals itself one Planet at a time, begining with the Sun as a Symbol of our Father who stands at the center of our current neiboorhood of Planets and provides the Life giving Light necessary for life to exist.

    He loombs Large and Bright and all things are dependent on his source of Heat and Light (Priesthood & Knowledge).

    The Sun (Father) , stands at the head of the Planets (depicting His TWO primary Advocates and one other Primary DEVIL”S Advocate who speaks for himself). Then there are TWO Planets (Earth And Neptune that represent all of us, Gods Children).

    Next we come to the “NEXT” governing creation to stand next to the SUN (SYMBOL for the Father),…Mercury otherwise known in Mythology as the Winged Messenger of God and his Covenant with human kind.

    Is this starting to ring any bells?

    Mercury, LIKE Kolob, is a symbol for Christ.

    Now this is where an infinate number of DETAILS concerning Planetary construction, thier movements and individual statistics, are unbelievably Astronomical in thier abundance to provide us with symbolic facts to substantiate thier being Symbols for the identities assigned to them.

    I’m only going to give a surface rendering interpretation of these Planets as symbols for the God Head and all of us, including Satan and his Minions and a whole lot more.

    This is what makes this such a pain in my South side to describe in a comment section of these posts.

    To do it justice would require a volume of Books to show the intricate , precise & eternal depth of the nature of God and WHY he creates these things.

    I wish so much that I could share my thoughts and knowledge with you guys in person. I could do a much better job of this.

    But this I do want you to know as I reveal these things in thier entireity…I think you will come to know that there is only one way I could have come to an understanding of the things I know.

    My understanding of the stars and the understanding I have to interpret the FULL understanding of Scripture and the Plan of Salvation, did not soley, nor primarily come, by spending years with my nose in Books.

    I have a practical frame of LIFES reference, from which all of what I know, is based in and on.

    I know that God and His Son …MY FATHER AND BROTHER, DO LIVE, and are close enough to us now that you can smell the Coffee (I mean Tang) in the kithchen.

    This is a TIME like no other in the History of Mankind, with the Exception of our Brothers Atonement.

    And there are many aspects to our time that far exeed those times.

    You guys will marvel at what is soon to be wrought upon the Earth and in the minds and Hearts of the Elect of God.

    I HAVE SEEN ZION in Vision and it is BEYOND EVERYTING you are capable of imagining without the HELP OF GOD !

    And BEYOND EVEN THAT…I HAVE STOOD IN THE PRESENCE OF OUR FATHER AND BROTHER and the LOVE they share for us, will penetrates your soul to the MARROW of your Bones. I knew what that phrase meant long before I ever knew it was something depicted in the Endowment.

    It’s been, what has seemed a life time for me…35 years since the TIME we met and had a few DISCUSSIONS and VISONS of the FUTURE and THIER PLANS for it.

    The Time for those Visions to meet with reality are near enough for me to reveal these things to those who have enestly, and with LOVING DEVOTION, sought the Face of God.

    Well, soon you will be able to do just that, and not only meet one , but TWO.

    The First will be to PREPARE the WAY for the Second to arrive. And the Second will arrive for those like yourselves, just a little sooner than He will for the rest.

    Happy and very exciting, yet AWSOMELY TRYING times, lie just ahead for ALL of us.

    You will be TESTED beyond what you know or think.

    It has been a HUGE TEST for me to just prepare for what lies just ahead in The Church and around the World.

    There is not really the time for me to explain all that I know before they begin to occure, but I want you to know that I LOVE you guys and that all this Babel that I have spouted on your Site is NOT BABEL at all and I will see you in the months ahead of us and will come to you and say…”Alright…Where’s “THE WATCHER” and his Friends ? I want to meet ttose guys and thier Families !”

    And when I do see you I’m going to ask you…

    “Do you guys remenber that NUT who used to talk TRASH on our Web site ?”

    I’ll pick up with the Planets tomarrow…

  10. Splitting up the map back to Heavenly Father into the verbal portion (the scriptures) and the visual portion (the planets) sounds to me like The Split-Brain Model of the Gospel.

  11. I made an error above in the part describing the outer loop of planets representing Terresrtial Time as being the Planets from Jupiter to Mars. It should read from Jupiter to Pluto.

    Before going through each Planet as representing each member of Deity or us or Satan & his followers, some General observations of the Solar System are needed.

    As you can now see by the layout of the Planets in our Solar System, they are situated in a linear fashion as opposed to the circular fashion of the Three Stars depicted in Abraham representing our actual Heavenly Home which resides in Eternity.

    Even though the Planets of our Solar System do revolve around the Sun (symbol for the Father which stands at the center), the individual Planets can align themselves on a Linear Path, none of which occupy the same obital path about the Sun as do the Two Stars described in Abraham representing Christ & the Holy Spirit occupying the SAME orbital position about the Central Star representing our Father & our Celestial Home.

    This Linear positoning of the Planets symbolizes the Linear Nature of Time, whether it be Telestial Time or Terrestrial Time. You have a starting and ending point ie. Some form of Birth to Death and rebirth as opposed to never ending Eternity.

    This is to signify that ALL of what we are to experience in terms of Telestial or Terrestrial Time, is subject to change ( or Death) in order to proceed to the next Higher level, until we return to the Celestial Realm of Eternity where REALITY IN IT’S FULLNESS is manefested and ALL THINGS appear before us in ONE ETERNAL ROUND.

    For those who only reach the lower two levels, their Bodies are limited though everlasting, as described by Brigham Young and there is a CAP to their exposure to the Ultimate Reality of the Celestial Kingdom. Ie. In the Trrestrial Reality, they only experience the presence of Christ and the Spirit and not our Father and Mother. (only the Brothers… ie. refer to Zechariah chapter 6 where PEACE SHALL BE BETWEEN THIM BOTH during the Mellinium.)

    The Reality of the Telestial Kingdom will manefest itself in the even more limited exposure of the Ultimate Reality of the Celestial Realm by only having the presence of the Spirit and not the presence of the Christ.

    The nature of these three levels of progression are depicted once again in the first inner loop of Planets representing Telestial Time and circumstances, the Outer Loop of known Planets representing Terrestrial Time and it’s conditions & circumstances, and finally the Last grouping of the three yet to be discovered Planets within our Solar System that Joseph Smith said WOULD be discovered before the second Coming of Christ.

    This final grouping will represent the final Celestial Order of Symbols that bring us FULL Circle on the SOLAR MAP that our Father has provided us to Testify that… AS ABOVE (in our True Celestial Home as depicted in Abraham), SO BELOW ( as depicted in our present Planetary Structure and Layout of our Solar System).

    The next General observation to make would be to Compare their Realitive Size and Glory of the iner (Telestial group of Planets Mercury to Mars), with the Realitive Size & Glory of the outer known group of Planets from Jupiter to Pluto, representing the Terrestrial Order of Time and Kingdom.

    The inner Planets are Small, Solid, Rocky, and Dense in their Nature & Composition as Compared to the Realitive Large, and Gaseous more Glorious Nature (LIGHTER) in Compostion, outer Group of Planets.

    This variation in Relative Size & Compostion and Glory between the inner & outer Groups of Planets depicts the Realative difference in the Comparative Nature & Glory of the Telestial & Terrestrial Kingdoms.

    Note also that there is a large GAP between the Asteroid Belt, which is associated with the inner Group of Planets, and the Planets of the outer Group representing the Terrestrial Kingdom.

    This depicts the the GREAT SEPERATION between the two Kingdoms in regard to their being so FAR APART as would be, by comparing the Glory of the Stars ( Telestial Glory ), with the Glory of the Moon ( Terrestrial Glory ), in their relative Size and Glorious Nature.

    Also Note, that when veiwing the Solar System from above the Solar Plane, the direction of the Planets around the Sun ( Father) are in a COUNTER CLOCKWISE motion or ( left ) . In many cultures the counterclockwise motion of any object around a central core is symbolic of of that object eventually experiencing DEATH.

    Are not the elements and components and people of the two lowest orders to experience some form of Death wheter it be Natural Death as in the nature of experiencing Death here on Earth, or that of experiencing the Higher Death process of the Terrestrial Order where Death is experienced painlessly in “The Twinkling of an Eye”?

    So there fore the counterclock wise motion of the Planets of those two orders rotate counter clockwise to their relative Position of their core ( Eternity or the Father, represented by the Sun, about which, ALL THINGS revolve.)

    You can also equate the LEFT HAND motion of these Planets to the Idea of moving BACKWARDS toward Death by moving to the left on a Linear Line representing Time.

    There are more General observations of the overall structure and Layout of the Solar System that enhance the understanding, that their fromation is NOT just some random happenstance, but rather a Very Precise Pattern of Revelation from God that portrays the Gospel Plan of a Very Organized & Precise Architect of the Galaxy that places Precise Patterns of that reality all throughout the Universe.

    But for simplicities sake I will limit the number of observations so that the overall size of the Forest dose not become obscured by looking at too many trees.

    Now back to the individual Planets as symbols for Individuals of that Plan of Salvation as depicted in our Pattern of Planets given to us as a Guide & reference to our Eternal Home.

    I have to get some things done for a friend right no wand I don’t know how to save this info so I will go ahead and post what I have done and pick up when I get back.

  12. loving it rob are you going to be able to finish your discourse

  13. Hi Gareth. I’m back & forgot I had begun something I didn’t finnish. Sorry, I was momentarily distracted by other things.

    I read back through this & can see that I’m taking forever to get to the point. I apologise for that. Sometimes it is very difficult for me to bring the “Hologram” to focus with all the little Pixels floating around in my head. I could d this very Simply & easy to understand if I where relating this standing in front of you with a few books and a chaulk board.

    I’m very bad at Writing my thoughts but very good at Verbalizing them just Talking.

    The description of this Planetary Map of the Plan of Salvation is really very simple for me to Talk & Show to someone but it rquires way more writing than I like.

    I just finished presenting this yesterday to a Non member friend of mine who was absolutey stund by it’s simplicity and Full Depiction of the Plan of Salvation & it’s TIMING.

    In 1995 I had drafted this in Book form & had taken it out to Utah to have the Farms Department at BYU to take a look at it before in order for me to decide whether or not to go to the trouble of publishing it.

    It was about 60 pages in length. My intent at the time was to have it published as an Astronomical Theory designed to identify those Three Additional Planets to be discovered in our Solar System that Joseph Smith said would Total TWELVE in our System before the Second Coming arrived.

    I was fairly straped for money at the time and was seeking to use this information at a Published Attempt at wining the Nobel Science Award.

    When I arrived in SLC it was a week before the start of the Fall Semester & No one was available to view it.

    So I did a little sight seeing for a day or so & wandered into the Archives Department at Church Headquarters.

    Just fro something to do, I asked a man working there is he would like to view & listen to this Theory of mine. I told him that I had used the Book of Abraham and other Scriptures to Formulate this Theory and that it may serve as another of those Adjacent things to Validate our Scriptures.

    So for the next three hours he sat and heard me out. To make a long Story short, he was so impressed with it that he offered to Archive it in the Church Records.

    I was stuned by that proposal but it futher enhanced my desire to have it first Published before I would agree to something like that.

    My motives at the time where more Financial than Spiritual, I’m now ashamed to say….

    Upon returning home, within a few weeks our Finacial Fortunes had taken a 180 and we found ourselves swimming in money we never dreamed of & eventually became Part of learning some Humbling lessons in a LACK of Humility & Pride that came to cause me to feel Discust with myself.

    The Theory was put on a shelf in the back of my priority list for the next 13 years because I no longer needed the money.

    I’m Ashamed in my behavior durring those years of plenty. I had grown up poor & I guess I let it go to my head.

    Anyway, last year I experienced the Worst year of my life in a life that has been littered with Trying Ordeals.

    I’m not singing the Blues here, I’m just stating facts. My life has ALWAYS been destined to Seek & Find an EVEN KEELED understanding of the EXTREAMS a person can face in this life. And destiny has created it’s PATH for me.

    I’m very Blessed to have traveled the Road I found myself on in life, but would NEVER in a million years, choose to Relive It.

    I know it was all for an Eternal & Wise Purpose in God that it was such a DIFFICULT Road to travel & I have felt the Hand of God lifting me durring the COUNTLESS times I was Void of the Strength & Understanding to do that.

    I’m 56 years old now & am just reaching the point of having Conquered LIFE at it’s Toughest, and am clearing the Final Hurtles of Finding that EVEN KEELED understanding of LIFE that propels one to having Overcome the World within one’s self.

    I know Many are on the Brink of doing this as well.

    I have SO MANY THINGS I want to share concerning my understanding of these things & have anxiously shared some of them with a few close friends while growing up.

    I’ve not done anything like sharing things on the internet untill fairly recently. It was in reading sites like this one and coming to realize that God has been getting through to a few people who have NOT been sucked into the Vortex of Spiritual Drunkeness, that inspired me to begin saying a few things.

    For many years I thought myself to be from another Planet in regard to they way I was percieving the Progress of the Kingdom of God being in REGRESSION.

    Heavenly Father & my Brother Jesus have been walking with e on this Tough Personal Journey, but have been reluctant to simply UNPEEL the Truth before my eyes. It’s been a Very Gradual Awakening for me. 36 years of it…

    They have taught me things that I always had ASSUMED where being taught to the Leaders of our Church & they were simply keeping these things under wraps for some reason unknown to me.

    Now that I’ve Awakened from my state of Nievety, I’ve become Greatly Sadened by this Horrible State of Wicked Deception that our own Leaders have surcome to.

    I first became aware of the Fact that our Leaders weren’t concealing the things God was teaching me, because I came to realize they didn’t KNOW of the things I had been taght by God.

    That Personal Revelation began to foment for me at the begining of 2003.

    I became Sickened by it & initially really Feared it as I knew I was finding myself standing ALONE in the knowledge God had given me. I’m not talking about the knowledge of realizing our Leaders where not who they Profess to be, but rather Alone in the Personal Knowledge & Understanding God had Revealed to me concerning myself over the previous 29 years of my coming to know the Church.

    I was Tremendously Frightened to finding myself feeling So Alone in having ASSUMED that Heavenly Father had been making these things known to our Leaders and would someday have THEM reveal it.

    My ENTIRE PERCIEVED PARADIGMN of the WAY things would transpire, was turned Inside Out & Up Side Down and realized my Brothers in Positions of Authority would NOT warm up to the things God had revealed to me.

    It’s not such a Good feeling to know this.

    But then I began coming across a few sites like this and realized I wasn’t so much alone. Yet I can tell you that the DEGREE of my feeling that way is UNIQUE. & DOES cause me to STAND ALONE even knowing there are more people out there LIKE me.

    The past year has brought me to the Precipice for the REASON God sent me hear along with OTHERS who are about to Engauge in the Greatest Epic of History next to the Atonement itself.

    It’s the Epic that Many of us were sent here to Participate in and have been searching out All Our Lives.

    It’s getting ‘KICKED OFF” is pending a Very Particular junction in time when Satan is about to make His Big Public Move begining with Exposing Himself among the membership of the Church in MUCH the same way the Bad Leaders of our Government are begining to OPENLY expose themselves.

    The ENIMIES preventing the Lord’s Kingdom to Progressing BEYOND the Foundation layed by Joseph Smith that are WITHIN the Church are soon to make a BOLD & REDICULOULY INSANE ATTEMPT to USURP the Role of Christ in Establishing a FALSE KINGDOM of God, which by the WAY, has ALREADY been Established through the Secret Combination led by our Leaders.

    As far as THEY are concerned ….It’s a “DONE DEAL”. They are mearly awaiting the RIGHT MOMENT IN TIME to introduce us to the “CHRIST” who will Return to Claim His ALREADY ESTABLIAHED Kingdom….Which is ABSOLUTE HOGWASH !!!

    THIS is MY reason for having been sent here….To COUNTER this SHARADE.

    It’s NOT up to ME to get the Ball Rolling on this…It’s up to Heavenly Father. HE is to inaugurate the commencement of turning this All Around & TRULY Establishing the Lord’s Kingdom through HIS chosen Servant who is basically POWERLESS to do ANYTHING before it’s TIME..

    There are countless want-a-bees to claiming their being this “Instrument” in God’s Hand but the Real Clue to a person’s NOT being the Real Deal comes in a person’s Deluded Desire to INITIATE this Work THEMSELVES, in attempts to Gather a Following.

    The “REAL DEAL” is not restricted from saying he is such, but would NEVER ASSUME the Reigns of SOMETHING he has not yet been given CONTROL OF.

    I’ve not mentioned ANY of what God has revealed to me except for a few close friends along the way…Like Jesus did with Lazerus. But as Time is Drawing Very Close to having this Work REVEALED by Our Father & I can now SEE that many are SEEKING these Events, I see no harm in letting those who may have Suffered as I have, to KNOW that the “KICK OFF” lies JUST AHEAD !

    The “KICK OFF” is going to come as somewhat of a SURPRISE to those in the Church who believe it is THEY who are providing the “KICK OFF”.

    I Love the Spirits of those on sites like this who are TRULY God’s Children. I admire & take Strength in the Testimonies of Courage that many of you have displayed in your willingness to speak the Truth Despite the Opposition.

    I must say, that I myself, was once TERRIFIED to find myself standing alone in these thoughts of Spiritual Isolation from the Main Stream of Mormonism givien what I knew of myself.

    But it was coming across YOUR Testimonies of Courage, that have over the past couple of years, given ME the Courage to Straighten my BACK BONE & now look FOWARD to being the person I know God Created me to be…. BEYOND the Earthly Fears & Doubts of my Relationship to Him through Many Years of Personal Tradgedy & Trials that have cause me to be a little “GUN SHY”.

    I Love you Guys & KNOW what it’s like to be at the VERY BOTTOM of Earthly Existence & to Work my way to the TOP again….Certainly NOT without the Help of My Father & Brother.

    This LIFE’S Walk & Experience for me is what is GRANTING me the understanding NECESSARY to Tackle the Complicated Complexities of the Road Ahead in Building the Kingdom of Our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ, who happens to be a Pretty Good Firend of mine…Sort of like the Best Friend of the Best Man of the Groom to the Bride…Who will be PREPARING THE WAY for Him.

    At this point in time with ALL the Junk going on aroud us that is Scaring most people, I want you to know that I KNOW the time is not far off when Heavenly Father will come through on His PROMISES made to me some 36 years ago, that the VISIONS He imparted to me of Our Future, are to SOON begin to come to pass.

    I’m looking foward to the Day when I can stand before you & say…”See, I WAS telling the Truth” in those comments I made on your site, and I”M the Guy who made them.

    I’m TIRED & WORN DOWN from Standing Alone in this “WORLD” of mine that Heavenly Father Revealed to me when I was a Young Man of 20.

    It’s Definately been the Experience of standing along the edge of a Douple Bladed Sword….MANY Highs & Lows along the way of PREPARING for this DAY to soon arrive.

    So I’m sorry for not finishing my Solar Symbolism Comments on this post …I’m just too warn out. But I will MUCH BETTER enjoy relating it in person, as we Once Again Gather for the Commencement of God’s Great Work to soon arrive, and rekindle “OLD RELATIONSHIPS”.

  14. Gareth, I just spent the past several hours writing a response to your last comment and when I submitted it, it didn’t show up. Oh well, Technology hasn’t always been my best friend….

    It’s funny that just yesterday, I had presented this Symbolism to a Non Member friend of mine in a distant City that I rarely visit. And he has now made the committment to move where I am, to spend more time with me in my explaining to Him how all this is Directly connected to aplying it’s meaning to understanding A NEW & COMPLETE approach to the Full Meaning of the Scriptures and defining the FULL NATURE of the Plan of Salvation as it aplies to OUR DAY, preceeding the Coming of the Lord.

    I wish I had the GO POWER to explain all this in writing but to really do it justice, would require me to write a Book. And what I can tell you about the Symbolisim & Timing contained in the Structure & Movement of Planets within our Solar System, is only the Very Tip of the Ice Burg of Knowledge as this applies to TRULY UDERSTANDING the FULL Import of the Scriptures we currently have.

    I’ve been relating these things to a few local friends over the years but haven’t done much in terms of Publishing them, though at one time I considered that, but for All The Wrong Reasons.

    I also realize that NOW it is too late for that because Heavenly Father will have already interviened Personally in the Affairs of Men BEFORE I could finnish it.

    Oh well…I’ve been one to put things off at times and miss the boat in regard to Good Timing.

    But I DO HOPE to one day soon meet Guys like you on these sites & Rekindle “OLD RELATIONSHIPS” that we once had, when we are Finally Gathered…

    I can Run my Mouth MUCH BETTER than I am able to express myself in writing & it will be like sitting beneath the “Vine & Fig Tree” and swaping stories.

    Time is VERY CLOSE to becoming Eternity…

  15. I’m a Retired old fart and have aquired & perfected certain aspects of Laziness that have restricted my sharing things within the bounds of resonable written amounts of communication.

    I realize the SCOPE of the things I wish to say, are way beyond my desire to WRITE them all. I’m good for a few pages of comments on these posts then I just run out of steam.

    I really admire the Hard & Good Work put into the Articles that are written on this site.

    It’s WAY BEYOND my attention span of being able to write in the same extensive manner.

    Some of my comments ARE long as far as comments go, but to write the extensive things things I’ve seen in many of these Articles, would be MORE than required to finnish my explanation of the Solar System Symbolism, and would be like asking Mel Tillis to host giving a Presidential Inagral Speech.

    It requires Word Pictures to be formulated in it’s presentation that is really something more than I’m very good at.

    I wish I could get together with some of you guys to show you what I know that is NOT being floated through the Conversations of Discussions on Last Days Events. Simply because you lack the Key to understanding that MORE exists beyond the Conventional Knowledge being displayed on these more Spiritually Advanced sites of Discussion.

    I’m certainly not Knocking anyone for this. I’m the FIRST to Appreciate what you Guys have come up with in your Love & Study of these things. I’m just saying that there is a KEY Primmer to understanding the FULL JIST of the Gospel that we ALREADY HAVE, that has not been detected through Advances in Scolarship OR personal Aquirement of this KEY KNOWLEDGE through people on sites like this, who are the CLOSEST to gaining an understanding of these things.

    You guys are riding “The Cusp” of ADVANCING to this understanding of the Gospel Plan but have Not Quite Reached it yet.

    I DO have that understanding & would be easily able to convince you of that if we had the One on One opportunity to spend on these things.

    I hope before ALL these things begin to Unfold on a Particula Day, that I might get the opportunity of Sharing these things with sme of you for your information & assesment.

    I KNOW you would find them to be a REAL EYE OPENER & So Simple that you will wonder why no one has SEEN THIS as of yet.

    Even my Non member friends, in whom I felt were able to comprehend the SIMPLE NATURE of this Key Knowledge, that allows for the FULL MEASURE of interpreting the Gospel Message to us, have all agreed that they are AMAZED that no one has PICKED UP on this. It’s SO SIMPLE….

    Yet it isn’t something I can describe in a few pages of comments.

    Maybe by some fluke of Destiny, I’ll be able to share these things with some of you in person before Heavenly Father begins to make them Publicly Known.

    These things are NOT some Secretive Far Out interpretive ideas that are like those ones described in the Scriptures that we should stay away from.

    This is Very In Your Face Stuff that God has PLAINLY written in the Scriptures depicting the FULL CONTENT of the Gospel Plan, that up untill now, has NOT been discovered & shared among those interested in these types of things.

    The Lord said of those in the Last Days…That ‘The Wise” WOULD know. And I suppose that infers that the “VERY WISEST ONE” among the Wise, would be the FIRST to know these things.

    If you heard them, you would Readily Recognize these things as being TRUE..

    ESPECIALLY if certin Non Covenant People can EASILY comprehend these things as Truth….YOU have the GREATER KEYS of understanding these things.

  16. As I was studying about the creation I started to think abut things a lot like you have but everyone I ever asked questions to would give the typlical pray about it answer which of course I have but having things like what you have commented on here made me feel I wasnt crazy and that I wasnt the only one thinking this way. I had a few people saying you can never teach anything like that cause there is no scriptual proof but there is! I would love to pick your brain on a lot of things and maybe one day we will be able. I appreciate you taking the time to help like minded people like me to give us new things to study out. cheers from England.

  17. It is interesting to me that there are a massive number of people who are beginning to feel that something is about to happen in the world. I don’t know if it has always been this way or if i am just realizing it now. I have come to feel the same thing within the last 2 years and especially now. Time are about to change in a huge way. I think this is supported on all fronts. Scripturally, spiritually, logically, politically, and scientifically it seems as we are on the brink of a world wide event.
    I have come across a timeline in the scriptures that dates everything in the most complex way you have ever seen but still pretty simple, just gives me goose bumps looking at it. I have heard that others have come to the exact same dates through astronomy, and one guy has come to the same date using economics.
    The timeline can be view in full color here:

    It is time to start preparing, I think the prophets have stopped warning us.

  18. Gareth, there is DEFINATELY Scriptural proof of these things that are contained in the Old Testiment ALONE that Testify of ALL WE NEED TO KNOW throught the Types, Shadows & Rituals performed in the Law of Moses.

    The information contained in the Laws of Moses & it’s Ordinances contain ALL of the Gospel in it’s FULLNESS. Additional Scriptures like the New Testament. Book of Mormon & D&C and more to come, are for the purpose of helping those Less Adept at Decifering the FULL MEANING from the Law of Moses.

    MOSES knew it’s FULLNESS but very few have even discovered it even to this day.

    Some HAVE and are asked to sort of keep things to themselves untill the time comes for these things to become Part of History in The Making.

    Sort of the way Nephi was ask by God NOT to write the Vision God gave him but rather said it was for John to write.

    That was an inference to the fact that God would someday call “ANOTHER” to Specifically carry out the Final Great Work of God to Prepare the Way for the Return of the Lord.

    Gareth, BELIEVE me when I say…. that others DO KNOW this Secret that is Temporarilary awaiting the ARRIVAL of this “PROHPET” God will call. But ONLY that Prophet knows that HE is the ONE, but also knows WHO that Prophet is as a FOREORDAINED Personality of our Preexistent Past….Just as Christ came to know HIS Preexistent Self.

    And you are RIGHT….There IS a Scriptural Answer to ALL these things INCLUDING the Identity of that Final Prophet and it is found in EVERY BOOK OF EVERY BIT OF SCRIPTURE WE HAVE.

    And YES….Some things pertaining to the DISCOVERY of that ARE INSTINCTUAL & INBORN to the Man that that applies to, & ONLY Him . And is the REASON it can be held as a Gaurded Secret untill the time is right…..Like an “ARROW” hidden in the Quiver of God.

    But CAN be revealed to those SEEKING the Truth BEFORE it’s time of Revelation to the World….Just as Christ Quietly Shared His thoughts & Identity with a chosen Few like Lazerous & His Sisters BEFORE His Mission began.

    Jesus DID perform a few Miracles BEFORE He officially began His Mission & asked those involved to keep it to themselves. So YES a FEW DO KNOW of coming events and WHO will be performing them.

    This Guy is not just BLINDLY coming to this Point in Time. There have been MANY YEARS of Personal Preperation for this.

    And the TIME is VERY CLOSE…Just look at the comments the Guy after you made…All of THIS Testifies to it’s NEARNESS !

    But there is ANOTHER SECRET being “HELD” among the members of a SECRET EVIL COMBINATION “WITHIN” the Lord’s Church that MUST BE EXPOSED for WHAT it is….The BIG LIE & DELUSION spoken of in the New Testiment that the Lord WARNS us of.

    THIS is the REASON the Final Prophets Identity is being CONCEALED PUBLICLY at this time in order for these Evil People to have the Right Time & Opportunity to EXOPSE THEMSELVES in WHAT it will be they are trying to accomplish and cause the members who are NOT AWARE of this Secret Combination to Either BELIEVE this LIE & DELUSION or be CAST OUT as the Righteous have ALWAYS been in the Past.

    Only THIS TIME the Lord has a “Little Surprise” for those WICKED SELF RIGTHEOUS DELUDED members of His Church, and it will be THEY who are cast out instead by the POWER IN THE WORDS OF TRUTH, as will be spoken by the Lord’s TRUE PROPHET whom He sends to CONFRONT THEM on a PARTICULAR DAY.

  19. PS… Gareth, I had NO IDEA you were from England. I always assume the people I read about on these posts are from Utah.

    It’s REFRESHING to meet a Guy Like MYSELF who comes FAR from the FRAY of Church Headquarters. NOT that I have anything against anyone from Utah. Some of my Best Friends are from there but it will PRIMARILY be those from OUTSIDE Utah, including those IN Utah, who are already OUTSIDE of the Mainstream BOX.

    My Mother’s side of the Family are British….Maybe we are RELATED ! I have a Grand Father from the distant past who was a Signer of The Declaration of Independance and Hailed from England….Thomas Stone.

    The OTHER HALF of me is purely WILD IRISH on my Father’s side, that is a side of me that is often been the UNDOING of me & has been something I have had to concentrate VERY HARD on Tamming !


    Remember the name DONAHUE & I will Remember GARETH…if that is your real name and not an Avatar. You won’t MISTAKE me.

  20. Angel Pomoni, You are certainly NOT ALONE in your Feeling & Assesment of things. I have felt this sense of Urgency for 36 years now.

    TIME is runing out….FAST ! And ETERNITY will replace THAT for a Righteous Few…

    I can only assume that readers of this site are Far more in tune with the True Realities of things as they are WITHIN & WITHOUT the Church.

    GOOD DAYS are just around the corner for a VERY FEW and will be TRYING TIMES LIKE NO OTHER for even the Righteous who are sort of Dozzing but will be Rudely Awakened by coming events.

    Hang in there and LEARN All You Can. It will make the TRANSITION mush easier…

    I wish I could read your link to that Chart you show on your link, but it comes out Blurry on my Computer & I’m an IDIOT when it comes to troubleshooting something I know NOTHING about except to type on.

  21. OH YEA, Gareth. One of my Best Friends and someone I TRULY ADMIRE for his Knowledge & Integrity is a BRIT living here on a Sail Boat next to mine in our Marina here a Cape Kenedy Fla.

    He’s an AWESOME Guy to just Listen Too, as he has been EVERY WHERE on his boat with his wife and they have the coolest stories. I’ve traveled the World many times over in my career in the Marines, but have only had the Pleasure of visiting Foreign Lands with the intent to KILL THEM during two Wars…Vietnam & Desert Storm.

    Fortunately I only ate their food and didn’t have to kill anyone. But it would have been much nicer to have experienced these things aboard something other than an Air Craft Carrier like my Buddy from England has.

    There are TONS of Brits living in my Marina who ALL Fasinate me with their “SUPERIOR MOTHER LAND INTELLECT”. Seriously, I must be a Brit at Heart as my Ansestors on my Mother’s side where from there….Sometimes when I am able to coral the Irish Side of me….I feel that same sort of Predestined Importance…Then the Irish in me reminds me that I’m a Creature of the Streets.

    Oh Well….Maybe in the NEXT LIFE…

  22. PS Angel Pomoni….The final comment you made concerning the Prophets not warning us any more, is the CLUE to their being refered to as “DUMB WATCH DOGS THAT DON’T BARK” when Danger approaches and should give SPECIAL PAUSE for WHY that is so.

  23. In regard to Pamoni’s comment, It’s interesting that it takes a Relatively New Member of the Lord’s Church like Glenn Beck to be the Peroson Issuing the WARNINGS a PROPHET should be Warning us of and OUR ECHOING that Warning….

    It’s FUNNY that a Member would be doing this who is inocently unaware of the Out of Skew Conditions within the Church but is ACUTELY AWARE of the Political Dangers & WARNINGS that SHOULD be coming from the mouth of our Prophet , that MIRROR the SAME problems within the Church.

    I guess it’s Poetic Irony on the LORD’S PART to have inspired Glenn the WAY He has…

    I’ll bet Glenn is a Huge Thorn in the side of our Leaders who have NO RIGHT but would LOVE to stick a SOCK in his mouth.

    I get tingles of Delight & Laughter up my spine EVERY TIME I here Glenn SPEAK THE TRUTH. He is REALLY a BRAVE MAN !!!

    For the Prophet to keep silent on the ONE OBVIOUS POINT of World Political Corruptness, is to be keeping silent on a LESS OBVIOUS POINT the Lord has REPEATEDLY WARNED US OF…

    Glenn is going to be SHOCKED when he finds that his beloved Prophet and Most Leaders and a Majority of the Members have ALL JOINED in a Club in which Glenn & Members LIKE him, ARE and will NOT be WELCOMED…..Thank GOODNESS FOR THAT !!!

  24. Palmoni, there is one more comment I would like to make regarding ‘THE FEELING” that BIG THINGS are coming to a Head in the World.

    There is something a Marine Experiences BEFORE the General Public becomes Aware of History Changing Feelings in the air that preceed a Major War.

    It is MOST REVEALING to those who will be placing their Lives on the line by preparing to step into Harms Way for the sake of OTHERS not having to do so.

    Many times Near & After the end of the Vietnam War, Marines were placed on ALERT for possible Forced Deployment to North Korea which the PUBLIC was unaware of.

    Fotunately, the cards of fate fell in our favor on those occassions and did not require our presence there.

    But the “FEELING IN THE AIR” was AWESOMELY SOBER for those of us Preparing for certain Outcomes.

    Now that things around the World have DIGRESSED to the point of the Average Citizens being aware of the “Feelings In the Air”, we have come to the point of EXPOSED REALITY that for years, has been concealing itself behind the scenes and only AWARE to those who had the CLOSE CHANCES of becoming Dirrectly Involved with their trying to REAR their UGLY HEADS on occasion.

    NOW these things are OUT THERE for ALL TO SEE and is the SIGN of their getting READY to FINALLY MAKE THEIR MOVE.

    Some Men HAVE been Warning of these things for YEARS , even Before the Founding of our Nation. But So Few actually UNDERSTAND those Warning Signs and stood ALONE in their Warning others. And DISASTER is ALWAYS the Eventual Result of Spiritual BLINDNESS.

    YES….BIG THINGS ARE IN THE AIR & More & More are now SMELLING what SOME of us have known for a LONG TIME.

    Better Polish Up on the Gospel Plan as God SO PLAINLY has layed out in the Scriptures for us to AVOID being taken by SURPRISE like ANY Good Marine Would…

    SO FEW, even among the more Scripturally Aware Members of the Church and the Spiritually Inclined in GENERAL, have only for the MOST PART a SURFACE RENDERING of the SCOPE & NATURE of coming events & there AIN’T much time LEFT !

  25. Gareth, on a lighter note….To show you HOW computer illiterate I AM….I was not aware that I could be speaking to someone in another country when writing on this site.

    I thought it even wierd to think that “I” being on the East Coast of the United States, was just about OUT OF RANGE in being able to communicate with the people out in Utah.

    Thta’s a SHAMEFUL statement to make coming from a guy who has been USING the internet for about 8 years now.

    In the Marines I worked with the World’s MOST ADVACED Fighter Aircraft and Headed the Training Program that Taught their Integrated Systems and was responsible for 150 Highly Trained Instructors…..ALL whom thought I was an IDIOT for NOT jumping on the Computer Band Wagon as these things were becoming Intergrated into the Military.

    To this DAY, I find it AMAZING that SO MANY PEOPLE “DEPEND” on this stuff as some sort of personal LIFE SUPPORT.

    I think most people you see with a cell phone to their head or a Lap Top on their knees, would have an absolute HEART ATTACK if our communications Satilites were to go out….Well Guess what ?…..They ARE !!!

    Just a MATTER OF TIME & this ELECTRONICALLY WORLD WIDE DEPENDANT MANIA , is going to cause a MELT DOWN by ITSELF & after the BIG BOMBS have been dropped, they are STILL going to be SAYING….” Can you HEAR ME NOW” ?

    It’s BIZZAR ….But TRUE ! So Many People have been DETACHED from Reality, that The END OF THE WORLD is going to be but an Irritating Distraction for the Hard Core Electronic Enthusiast.

  26. Palmoni, I just got my computer to showthat time line chart so that I could read it.

    It is pretty much On The Money.

    I’m always interested in the countless Time Line Calculations that have drifted around for about the past 170 years or so. Not to mention the one done by Newton.

    I came up with My Own that came to me in sort of somewhat different fashion than the usual Scriptural Calculations given in the Scriptures.

    But who ever came up with this one has done a Jam Up Job. And believe me, I have seen Hundreds of these things to see if people interested in these things were getting any closer to Deciphering it.

    It was only a matter of time as we draw so close to the End, that someone would figure it out.

    Good Stuff…

  27. Rob, It is quite fun listening to you, I can sense the excitement and the frustration all in one moment lol. I as well, have been trying to figure out why the leadership of the church seems to be remaining quite silent on the current issues and oblivious to the state of the world. My only thoughts would be that they for some reason can’t say anything. I would probably go as far to say that they are counseled strongly not to.
    With my current website I am about to launch an all out information war on anyone I can get within ear shot. I have remained silent for quite some time but I tend to feel that I won’t be able to for much longer. I do enjoy Glenn Beck as well. The Constitution is clearly hanging by a thread and I don’t think things are going to hold it together for much longer. Scripturally and Logically I would say 1 1/2 – 2 years until we are going to see some real chaos in our countries…(I am Canadian)
    Well If you ever get a hold of a web cam I would like to see you ramble on maybe on a YouTube Video or something hahaha, then you wouldn’t have to write a book right here.
    “Remarks on the coming of the Son of Man by Joseph Smith the Prophet. 3 Made in Nauvoo Christ says no man knoweth the day or the hour when the Son of Man cometh. This is a sweeping argument for sectarianism against Latter day ism. Did Christ speak this as a general principle throughout all generations Oh no he spoke in the present tense no man that was then living upon the footstool of God knew the day or the hour But he did not say that there was no man throughout all generations that should not know the day or the hour.”

  28. Maybe part of the Halve Hour os Silence… But I don’t know for how long they are going to remain Silent… I always thought that the entire church would know what is going on prior to the millennium but I think it is going to be up to the members themselves to warn each other when things get really close.

  29. Trust me Rob my name is Gareth I am not one of those people with a crazy nickname or anything. But I definitly agree withe whole electronic age it is stupid I live near London everythime I go into london everyone is on the phone or at cafe on a laptop. It is crazy

  30. Someone needs to jump in and end the Glenn Beck love fest – that might as well be me. Self righteous prigs should not be lauded as sending “tingling” sensations down our legs, no matter which religion they profess to belong to. LDS members love to have a member of their church in the limelight, sharing so much truth with the world…yada yada yada.

    Glenn recently stated in Forbes Magazine the following: “I could give a flying crap about the political process,” he deadpanned. “We’re an entertainment company.” An entertainment company out to make little more than power, prestige and money. You can buy anything in this world with money… This may very well start a storm of LDS vitriol for anyone not agreeing with the anointed one (Glenn Beck), and that’s fine with me, though I do apologize to LDSA for bringing it here.

    It’s also time to stop making excuses for the church and church leadership saying “they can’t speak up,” or “they’re being told to remain silent,” or whatever the excuse du jour is. A thorough and thoughtful look into church history would yield more than sufficient answers to this conundrum, and the answer apparently is harder to realize than most would want to admit, and one which will only shake off the idolatry we have and place on the church and it’s leadership (Ezekiel 14, among many others).

    Seriously, it’s time to wake up and stop worshiping at the feet of an organization. Christ didn’t come to be our Savior so that we would worship the Church, it’s organizational efficiencies, it’s dedication to focus groups as a way to find out which way public sentiment is swaying on this or that issue, or as a way make a few dollars off of our tithing funds to build monstrous real estate projects. Christ came to be our Savior, an intimate, touching, special relationship that we’ve replaced with organizations, programs and institutionalized, correlated doctrine.

    Now, back to the regularly scheduled programming.

  31. Angel Palmoni, I am very touched by the Spirit you display in your writing. I can tell you & Gareth & many others who comment on this site are such beloved children of our Father.

    My heart cries out fr those like you who I can SEE don’t quite understand what is going on with our Leaders. You like Glenn Beck who I’m sure is someone who represents a lot of people like us who SEE certain things going on around us but lack the understanding of WHY our Spiritual Leaders have been Silent on these things.

    This is always a heart breaking subject for me to approach with someone like yourself who has raised these questions within themselves.

    And I can see by your comments you just made after having already read some of my previus comments that I’ve made concerning our Leaders, that you have the sort of emotional block that is preventing you from seeing the Truth.

    The Church IS TRUE. It’s just that the Leaders are not being such True Leaders as God would have them to be.

    Do you recall how Nephi & Christ Himself when visiting the Nephites, put SO MUCH Emphasis on coming to know what is contained in the Book of Isaiah ? Jesus at that time, while quoting to the Nephites from that Book, made some subtle changes to the Wording to help Clarify what was being said by Isaiah which are nothing more than the Words of the Lord Himself.

    The Book of Isaiah is the KEY to understanding the message of ALL the Scriptures and is the REASON Isaiah is quoted FAR MORE that any other Prophet and seems to be the GO TO GUY that all the other Prophets are constanly refereing to.

    Isaiah is a TOUGH NUT to crack. But once you are able to do that you will find the answers to your quetions as to WHY our current Leaders are not sounding the Alarm.

    You will also find the Answers to EVERY QUESTION as to the PLAN God has for Building His Kingdom here before His Return and do that through His Calling A Special Prophet that has been waiting in the Wings of time for this Special Occasion to role around.

    This is NO SMALL OCCASION we are talking about but none the Less an OCCASION that our Leaders should have had A LOT TO SAY ABOUT in order to GET US THERE.

    But they have NOT been nor WILL they do that….Isaiah EXPLAINS WHY that is so and issues this explanation as a WARNING to us in the Lord’s Church that things as they Draw Near to the End as they are Now are NOT what you THINK them to be is you DON”T HAVE the understanding of this WARNING God has Given Us a HEADS UP ON through Isaiah as well as MANY OTHER PROPHETS in the Scriptures.

    The Detailed explanation of these things is way too lengthy to explain in these comments, but my sugestion to you would be to get the schooling you need to learn HOW to properly interpret the Book of Isaiah as Nephi mentioned it’s meaning was Very Plain & Simple to Him and IS SIMPLE, as long as you understand the “MANNER” in which is was written in order to conceal it’s True Meaning from the Wicked to whom it is refering too & ENLIGHTEN the RIGHTEOUS for whom YOU ARE.

    To LEARN this method of unlocking it’s secrets, Get All the Books written by a member of the Church & Author & Scholar, Avraham Gileadi.

    This man has a Jewish Background as WELL as an LDS background in understanding the Scriptures, ESPECIALLY the Book of Isaiah.

    This man has been BLESSED of God to have Discovered these things he has written about and is a GOD SEND to all those like me & yourself who have been searching for the Answers to the Questions you have posed and MANY OTHERS which you have NOT.

    It’s STRAIGHT from the Lord’s mouth & will help you to gain the True & COMPLETE Perspective of WHY things are occuring as they are right now both IN & OUT of the Church.

    It will bring you GREATER PEACE & COMFORT to have these Questions answered according to God’s Truth as you get past the SHOCK of what the Lord in these Scriptures, has WARNED us of.

    Like I said in the begining of this comment….This IS THE LORD’S TRUE CHURCH…BUT….
    He is about to do some things to CORRECT what MAN has screwed up. And the “MEN” being refered too here, as described in the Scriptures…. Are Our Leaders.

    The obsevations you have made concerning the DIRE NATURE of our World around us as Glenn Beck so aptly articulates, is but a REFLECTION of what is HAPPENING in our OWN HOUSE ( The Church ). Glenn is unaware of these things as are you & many others. But it’s not too late to learn the Truth.

    Study & Pray about the things you learn regarding this. Don’t expect Leaders at any level in the Church to help you in this matter. Their ASSISTING you would only prove their OWN GUILT in these matters and that’s not a very likely thing to happen.

    They wouldn’t be ABLE to help you ANYWAY because as the Scriptures describe the Root of their Problem, it is that SAME OLD DEADLY SIN that ALWAYS bites us Deepest in the Shorts….PRIDE…Which PREVENTS them from seeing the error of their ways.

    Just read the Books by the Author I gave you and SEE if they Resonate the TRUTH to you.

    Hang in there Polmoni….the ride ahead is even MUCH ROUGHER than you have imagined, but will become UNDERSTANDABLY EASIER to deal with by your AQUIRING as much of the TRUTH as you can between now & them…Get TO IT !

  32. Palmoni, I’m very sorry for the messed up wording I used in one of these paragrahs in my last comment. I did not proof read what I had written because I keep getting these power interuptions in our neighborhood that has me sumitting my comments as quickly as possible to prevent me from having to rewrite them.

  33. Tom, I agree that we have become a people enamoured with the Organization as opposed to the Purpose for which it was intended. And you are absolutely correct in your estimate that we have MORE than enough Church History behind us to PROVE the Guilt of our Leaders that have caused the Lord’s “Church” to morph in to becoming the Saviour that has replaced the Lord in the lives of many members.

    While I can certainly identify with your frustration over these things it is your Anger that should have you concerned. I had real trouble with carrying those same feelings about the things I observed. And though they were True, it was really ME I was upset with and was giving me the Perspective of Hate & Anger for all the Wicked things I could see about me and Displayed that Anger as in the manner Peter did on occasion.

    The Lord KNEW that Peter of all the Apostles, was at Greatest Odds with himself and was often Torn in HOW he should percieve things.

    His life is a personal lesson to Each of us who struggled with this sort of internal delima. In the end, Jesus FORGAVE & comforted him and KNEW where Peter’s Heart Really was. It was simply in conflict with having to overcome the Fear Of Man within himself….Then the Anger was replaced with calm forgiveness. The SAME forgiveness extended to him…

    Anger is a tell tale sign of the same self righteous behaviour you acuse Glenn Beck of in the WAY you display anger in your comments.

    I am the LAST person in the world to place a member on a personal pedestal becasue of their membership. I ‘ve never HAD the propensity for doing stuff like that.

    I really DO see Glenn, NOT as a person without faults, but CERTAINLY NOT an arrogant or self righteous person. Only a Very Outspoken Person in what he believes to be true.

    He himself is constantly explaining that his “Perspective” of truth is always growing and is an indicator to me that he realizes he doesn’t have all the answers but is in pursiute of them. I DO admire him for that as should anyone who is seeking the truth.

    Tom, your ANGER is what gives you away, NOT your ability to recognize that the pot is black , which isn’t so tough to do if you do much reading.

    The things you say about what has happened in the Church are on the money but it’s the WAY you react to it and the harshness for which you look down on a man trying his best to be honest with himself and those he reports to, that says you have some hurt that needs to be calmed with forgiveness that needs to come from you.

    I’m saying this as a man who has had much to do personally with needing to get over my fears and issuing forgiveness to quell my anger at others & the World in General.

    That Anger & Fear won’t get you where you really need & want to be…

  34. Tom , one other word…Extending forgiveness is what eventually allows us to RECIEVE the forgiveness each of us needs. Then our perspective of the things that previously caused anger & frustration is replaced with peace and the desire to PRAY for those things or people that once angered you.

    I’m just finding this out for myself. And Trust me, it’s much better that feling like Peter used to feel.

  35. For the past 20 years I ‘ve made a concerted effort to do something that was a very unnatural thing for me to want to do. And that was to pick up the Scriptures and read the heck out of them, or ANY book for that matter.

    Reading was once the absolute LAST THING on my mind. Then after many years of neglecting what God has told us is something we need to be doing….He finally convinced me that I should be doing this.

    I was always a Fly By The Seat of Your Pants kind of person, and could never visualize the NEED for such things….I FELT the Love of God and His Gospel in my HEART and that was all I needed.

    But I had not realized that the Lord was NOT just going to hand me the things I was missing in the things I needed to know. But I thought I already KNEW what I needed to know about living the Gospel.

    Well you know what ? I DID know what and how to live the LAWS of the Gospel, even though I’ve had a tough time of doing that on occasion.

    The LAWS of the Gospel & their meaning is something I Perfectly Understand even when I’ve not lived them all at times and was a STARK REMINDER that I SHOULD BE.

    It’s the Gospel PLAN for these Last Days that was lacking in my understanding concerning the Whole Scope of things. It’s not enough to simply live the LAWS of the Gospel and not KNOW the Greater PLAN God has for those of us who belong to this Final Generation.

    This is something that is NOT being taught to us today & is something that must be persued as an individual.

    Many have picked up on this and have gone head over heels in aquiring this needed understanding of the Lord’s Plan for us to soon begin.

    In the 20 years I have spent in hot persuite of these things, I have aquired a Boat Load Facts concerning these things.

    It wasn’t until after 20 years of slowly replacing the FEELINGS I had for the Gospel, that I realized my MIND has sort of taken charge of superceeding my HEART when it comes to understanding the Gospel’s TRUE INTENT of aquiring the DOCTRINAL KNOWLEDGE we need to get to Zion, but to remember to make sure that it is our HEARTS that lead us there.

    In the begining, it was my HEART that led the way & slowly my HEAD somehow took over. I suppose I can blame the Lord for this as it was Him who encouraged me. Just kidding… NOT that my Feelings of Love for God & His Gospel had vanished, but rather my HEAD had just sort of taken the lead.

    Comments made by my 19 year old Son a few weeks back just sort of STUCK me.

    I’m always teaching my Son these Awesome Things I have Discovered through my studies of the Gospel that have given me a somewhat unique perspective of it’s overall Purpose & Concept.

    He is now EXACTLY as I was when his age. He “understands” the things I teach him but he understands them in a COMPLETELY different frame of reference as I do.

    He hears my grand explanation for deciphering the Mysteries of the Gospel on a given topic, then he simply relates that in the WAY he interacts among his friends in such a Pure & Simple WAY.

    I have FORGOTTEN what it is like to be YOUNG & Fly By The Seat of My Pants. I’m older now and FULL of complex answers to life & after hearing HIS Explanation of these things…I feel like a Fool.

    Anyway, it was His remarks to me that caused me to feel something I hadn’t felt in many years….To let my FEELINGS of my Heart be the dominant factor in the WAY I look at things.

    I have become Very ENTRECHED in the Doctrinal Aspects of the Gospel & allowed that to dominate my perepsective on things. It is a necessary thing to know Doctrine but I need to realize that Doctrine does not superceed the Purpose for which they are intended….To provide a FRAMEWORK from which to SIMPLY ENJOY LIFE & THOSE WE LOVE.

    My Son in his simple explanation of these things, has helped me to see that after ALL THESE YEARS of gathering the “FACTS”, that I’m looking foward to soon FLYING BY THE SEAT OF MY PANTS AGAIN…

  36. Rob, if there is one thing i have learned from studying the history of the world along with scripture it is that God does not mess around. Daniel 2:21, And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding:
    If someone uses their agency to stray some civilization away from what God intends for it that person is quickly brought into line. Everything in history of the world had to happen exactly they way that it did when it did or else we wouldn’t be here. That means that even Barack Obama or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as crazy as they are, are actually carrying our the Plan of This Earth. Now I’m not saying everything that is going on is not pissing me off to no end. However while I’m standing and watching the world fall apart I can’t help but finally accept that all this Rubbish is supposed to happen and it’s not my will but God’s Will. And if God is letting Barack Obama bring the US to it’s knees then I’m not worried about our leaders, i am annoyed but I know it isn’t my will.
    I am going to start being a great deal more vocal just because I think that is what those who see it coming should do. The gathering is very soon to take place and that is going to be something else! Imagine hundreds of millions baptized within the next 1 1/2 years… Establishment of Zion, the New Jerusalem in 2 years… But we still have yet to experience the worst persecution in the history of the world, so I hope that all of this is wrong, but it is a false hope I feel.

    The years 530 AD —>, 1155, 1805, 1820, 1836, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2015, 3155, are all scriptural as well as countless others because of the events that happen on those dates. But the interesting thing is even though you have millions of people all using their agency in all different directions all those dates and events happened DEAD ON the time that it was supposed to. So can we assume that anything we do is going to change anything? No unless it is God’s Will.

    Tom, Truth is Entertaining, Being Bold is Entertaining, we used to listen to those speaking on soap boxes because they spoke truth and it was interesting and entertaining. There are hundreds of more entertaining people then Glenn Beck but what he is saying directly affects our future. To be honest I would listen to anyone who would just be Bold about what is going on?!?!? I am not saying he is right all the time, and by no means do I worship Mr. Beck, but boy is he interesting. Glenn Beck is also a symbol for all the people trying to do what he is doing just get people to WAKE UP, and educate yourselves. Glenn Beck does not Follow the Masses, and he is simply telling us to take the Freaken RED PILL!!!

    The Electronic Age has crippled us beyond what you can imagine! When the Lights go out how many of us know how to plant a seed? Keep a Farm? Build anything short of a Lego set? I’m pretty sure a 2 year food storage is our only Hope… and can you then eat your food when people are starving right outside your door? Exciting, interesting, and Scary times are not far off…

  37. These Natural Disasters are getting out of hand, but they have not even begun to be as bad as they are going to be…

  38. As anyone can tell by my ceaseless coments… I’ve got a lot of time on my hands.

    I’ve really taken to appreciate the things people say and believe it or not, I LISTEN more than I speak.

    But lately I have been hearing the voices in my OWN head chime up a little more frequently & is the reason I don’t just leave my computer & go do something useful. No, I’m not Skitzo…At least not any more.

    But Palmoni touched on something in His? Her? remarks that says EXACTLY what I’ve been feeling Very Strongly about this past year or so, and has been getting stronger each week.

    So much so, that I’m finding it very hard to walk away from this computer.

    It’s like you say….I AM feeling this WANT to have ALL the things I’ve come to discover over the years concerning the Reason & Apex for God having placed us here at this time.

    There has always been this “Anticipation” that you could equate as the feelings & discussions you have while standing in a long line at an Amusement Park awaiting to board the Newest Thrill Ride in the Park.

    I’ve been in this line for what has seemed, an E ternity to me . I’m sure others have felt the same.

    But NOW that feeling is more like the feeling you get when the Ride Attendant says …”YOU’RE NEXT”.

    I Really get that sense of feeling in the things you’ve had to say in your comments.

    It’s sort of neat to be able to now put my perspective of time in a Broader Perspective of things, as opposed to the way we all percive time when we are younger.

    What once was percieved as something that was never going to get here, has now become…. “Never Getting There” as having now arrived.

    I feel very Reflective of the Long Road it has taken to Get Here and feel this sense of Reminesense is the Prelude to STEPPING on that Big Ride.

    I feel awash with so many different emotions. I feel Elated one day, & in Tears the next. Sort of the way I felt when my Mom died…And was SO THANKFUL the Pain for her was gone, but having the wash of tears remind me of her absence.

    I sort of feel this same concoction of thoughts and emotion as we near something God Showed me some 36 years ago & have been chasing that Vision ever sense.

    I had similar feelings when Retiring from the Marine Corps 18 years ago. A mixed since of leaving something that had become an Integeral Part of who I was, with having to look over that boundry I had set in my life and wondering what I would find beyond that.

    18 years since that period of wonderment, took me through a series of changes in my life that I would have NEVER Volunteered for if I had the Fore Knowledge of their impending arrival in my life.

    But I VIVIDLY recall Heavenly Father having ASSURED me that it was a step that was Necessary & Ultimately Desirable for me to take.

    Man, I wish He wouldn’t trick us so often with these promises of Delite only to have them realized through the Greatest Trials you could imagine for yourself & would NEVER Volunteer for.

    I KNOW that He used those same tricks on us to get us to come to the Earth in the FIRST PLACE !!!

    But I guess that’s what a Good Dad HAS to do sometimes, or we would never take “THE PLUNG”.

    Just like the tricks we use to entice our kids to Brave a Thrill Ride that frightens them.

    SHOOT ! After 56 years you would think I would have caught on to this…

    I’m not very bright when it comes to ‘TRICKS” being played on me.

    But this I WILL SAY…..I’m SO GREATFUL to my Father in Heaven for having “TRICKED” me as He has. In many ways I’m a very Timid yet Brave soul that has needed that special kick in the pants to give me the opportunity of Displaying that Brave part of my Character that hides behing that Little Boy in me.

    These coming World Events have been INDELLED by God into my being with me kicking every step of the way.

    They ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED me as near as only about a few years ago.

    But as Heavenly Father has inched me near the edge of that High Diving Board of my Life, I now feel a Calm Sense of Well Being and Happy Anticipation for these things to get started.

    And SATRED THEY WILL !!! In ways that most have only a Partial Concept of.

    I feel in my BONES the FEELINGS that other people have as they are searching for Last Minute Answers to the things that have come to a COMPLETE UNDERSTANDING to me, as God has Revealed them to me over many years of painstaking effort at getting me to Know & Accept these things.

    My Heart ACHES for those who are going to be BLINDSIDED by SO MANY Hard to Deal with things that are soon to arrise.

    The Final Warning Signs of the Impending Days of Judjement to commence on a certain DAY, are here & are growing with increased Intensity. And HAVE BEEN “Officially” since the Fall of 2008.

    Polmoni, the Time Line Chart you posted is one that is inspired. It conforms to the SAME things shown me in Visions from God when I was 20 years old.

    Now that those Visions I have been chasing all these years are begining to unfold in Time, just as I viewed them in E ternity, it is a SOBERING FEELING to see History catch up to those Visions.

    It’s Funny….I know, not too many people recieve Visions, but having one, places you at somewhat of a picular disadvantage to those who haven’t recieved them. They cause you to feel that when you have withdrawn from Recieving a Vision, that you are left with the impression that it is to Occure RIGHT THEN. And you spend your Days Anticipating their Arrival as being MUCH SOONER than the Lord intends.

    So what you are JUST BEGINING to feel as the Impending End is something that has been a Vivid Picture in the Front of every thought I’ve had for the past 36 years.

    I’m GLAD for this wonderful Blessing God has Granted me, but is Definately Proved to be a TWO EDGED SWORD in my life.

    The WARNINGS I would give to my Family members & Friends over 30 years ago were met with something more than Skeptisism & left me feeling SO ALONE as the ones I Loved most looked at me as Being “TOUCHED” by insanity rather than God.

    It’s the LONELIEST & SADEST FEELING I have had to Deal With since I was 20 years old.

    But NOW…..I KNOW my enthusiasm for God in being Faithful in sharing my Vision in the Face of Opposition, is about to VINDICATE me.

    ALL of what I KNOW TO BE TRUE, is about to UNFOLD before the EYES OF ALL.

    And only a VERY FEW will come to understand it from it’s INTENDED & TRUE PERSPECTIVE as intended by God. The VAST MAJORITY are going to be LEFT DESPERATELY WANTING for Answers to the Chaos that is soon to occur.

    Keep searching out the Truth to the Questions you have & God will Protect you by sending some SPECIAL HELP when the Time arrives to Dictate the NEED for that to make up the difference in the Lack of Knowledge you aquire as this time approaches.

    But it is the HONEST desire to know the Truth & PERSUE IT that will Grant God Blessings upon you, ESPECIALLY when you are going to need them MOST.

  39. Palmoni, I just read your last comments.

    You express your concerns with the persection that is promised to arrive & the need to simply survive when things have fallen appart.

    You speak of the need we may have for Food Storge & the need to understand the necessity of getting back to the Basics in order to survive the oming days.

    You spoke of the unpleasant thought of having to face Persecution that has been Promised us.

    What you fail to see, is that the Persecution ITSELF is NOT going to be the Bigger Part of that issue, but rather it’s SOURCE..

    When you reach the APEX of learning what God has informed us of in the Scriptures, you come to the understanding that you are going to find yourself among those who WILL NOT suffer the Hard Things you mentioned.

    THIS is the Reason for knowing the imortance of Discovering the ” Hidden Manna” which gives us the BOOST above these impending Frays of Disaster.

    There are basically 4 Levels of Perspective from which the people of the World will EXPERIENCE these coming events. The Lowest of which is something you wouldn’t even want to envision.

    The Level at which You are percieving to encounter these coming events based on your comments sugjest that you are on that 3rd Level of understanding what the Full Gospel entails.

    Truth be known….The Endowment teaches that the “GOSPLE” is only a Prepratory vehicle to postion a person as an individual & the Church as a collective Whole, to take that “STEP” beyond the Viel that marks our seperation from the Presence of God.

    This is something that as individuals we can figure out on our own.

    But some things have been done concerning the Endowment that has BLOCKED the Church as a Whole from recieving this Great Blessing.

    The REALITY of that Truth contained in the Endowment that allows us to gain access to the ultimate Truth of entering into the Presence of God , has been MUTED by the Distortion of False Teachings that have become accepted as something that GOD wants us to believe.

    When you come to the Understanding of the TRUE meaning of the Tokenens of the Priesthood described in the Endowment, you will find that we have been Duped by those who have Distorted certain things pertaining to the Endowment that Grants us that Dirrect Acess to Christ in the form of being our “Second Comforter” that He tells us to seek.

    It is the DESIGN of Zion to have this UNDERSTANDING come to the Church as a whole but will OBVIOUSLY not happen in the WAY most are expecting to.

    Only certain Individuals have Caught On to these things & will be used by God in a Series of “CORRECTIVE MEASURES” as defined in the Scriptures, to BREAK the QUAGMIRE that has Got us in a SPIRITUAL DEATH LOCK as these HUGE WORLD EVENTS are about to overtake us.

    When I say a Few, I’m refering to 144,000 Properly Informed members who DO know what the TRUTH behind the Curtain IS and are soon to be used as the Tools necessary to get us where we need to be.

    YES, like YOU, I’m Very Excited about the Move To Zion, only things are going to TRANSITION to that in a TOTALLY UNEXPECTED WAY, even for MOST who will wind up there.

    If you are percieving coming events to have to be delt with in the ways you’ve described…. they WILL be that way…For YOU. But they don’t have to BE that way for those who reach that APEX of understanding God’s Messages to us in the Scriptures & Endowment.

    I know that the Vast Majority are NOT going to reach this Level of understanding before Judgement Begins and the Seperation takes Place between the Righteous & Wicked. And that the INDIVIDUAL’S experience with that process, is going to vary widely depending on how CLOSE & READY you are to entering the Presence of God.

    But ENTERING the Presence of God WE MUST, for THAT is what is coming upon us !

    These Judgements are Designed to PUSH US to that Level of Desire & Understanding or DRIVE us COMPLETELY AWAY depending on our Spiritual Orientation toward God.

    If you Fully Understood what’s coming, you would Fullly Understand that it will be IMPOSSIBLE for ANYONE to ride the Fence of NEUTRALITY.

    And if you are feeling concerns for wondering why the WARNING BELLS are being rung by so few people and you feel you need to be ONE of them…Then you are swiming in Spiritually Safe but TREACHEROUS Waters.

    But it will prove to be a MUCH MORE Pleasant experience for those who reach the APEX of having Transended the “GOSPEL” & entered the Presence of God BEFORE the Heavy Hand of God Falls.

  40. PS Palmoni, you are incorrect in one of the statements you made about God “QUICKLY” bringing Rouge Leaders to Justice.

    It’s just the OPPOSITE. The REASON these wicked people can even COME to power is through the SPIRITUALLY DISORENTED condition of the peole they rule.

    They ASK for this from God. And God will allow these wicked men to Slowly Punish these people in order to give them a chance to come to their senses before DESTROYING them & their Leader.

    So NEVER allow yourself to believe the FALSE impression that God would imeadiately Curtail the Evil Antics of ANY Leader without God, with GREAT PATIENCE , to give the situation an opportunity to Reverse itself.

    But that can ONLY come about through the MAJORITY having the sense to KNOW when things are Out Of Place & need to be fixed.

    And the LAST PLACE a person tends to look for things being Askew is within themselves & their own Home.

    And in this case HOME , is a Church that is currently occupied by the Vast Majority who have Dozzed off into Spiritual Blindness & DON’T KNOW IT.

    And WHY ? Because the Spirit of Babylon has become nesteled among the members who BELIEVE themselves to be Perfectly fine and Spiritually Wide Awake.

    Hence the feeling that…..”ALL IS WELL IN ZION”…All is NOT well in Zion !!!

  41. And do you know when it’s too late for us as a Church & Nation & World to REVERSE coming Destruction?

    The DAY the Majority RECOGNIZED something was wrong and failed to DO anything about it….It’s called the “CHICKEN SILENT MAJORITY” who THINK themselves to be doing ALL the right “ACCEPTALE” things in their OWN eyes but NOT in the Eyes of God.

    People like Glenn Beck for all their imperfections, are a RARE FEW who have the GUTS to PUBLICLY put themselves OUT THERE to be ATTACKED by the NOW MAORITY of SLUGS who have opted for a BASER form of existence that denies Men the Dignity of expressing & upholding the Freedom that SO MANY have DIED FOR that WE might enjoy it.

    Those who COWER to these truths and MOCK people like Glenn, are among those standing in that “Great & Spacious Buiding”.

    If you don’t want to find yourself among those who REALLY COWER when the PRESSURE REALLY GETS RAMPED UP here soon, you better get some practice at having a BACK BONE for TRUTH & SUPPORT the efforts of a man like Glenn.

    It is going to be even MORE DRAMATIC on the Spiritual Level that it is on the Political Level that Glenn speaks of.

    And the SPIRITUAL TESTING within the Church will be the PRECURSERARY Sign that the POLITICAL WORLD WIDE CRAP is about to Hit The Fan. And it’s PRIMARY point of focus will be the United States.

  42. Are you speaking of Calling and Election? Second Comforter, I understand as well as Calling and Election, I know that I am far from those, but it is my goal. There used to be something called the Second Anointing and the Washing of Feet but I don’t believe that is done very much anymore. is a good source in information for these, the website is not for the faint of heart I must warn.

    Well Angel Palmoni is not who I am it is theme with my website and I just like it. My name is Cody McAllister I am 25 and am Married with a four month old baby girl. Palmoni means the numberer of secrets or the wonderful numberer. My website is all about the stuff in the scriptures that we pretty much just skip over because we “don’t know”. And there seems to be a lot we have gotten wrong to but I usually don’t say that.

    I have had this information for the past 2 years or so, and it has changed everything. Things that used to matter, school, career, money, prestige, don’t really matter at all. All I care about is being happy and enjoying my family in every moment, and serving the best that I can. For some reason the Missionaries are the only ones that listen to my ramblings. My information has gone around Calgary, I have people who could care less, some think it is amazing, and some think I’m the Devil lol.

    In Order to Dwell in Zion the New Jerusalem, you have to be at a very high spiritual level, I would say Calling and Election. The 144,000 are going to have to be at that level within that small window of time.

    The Common Denominator with those who have received their Calling and Election is that they have sacrificed everything and been through more than hell but still come out the other side. I have not been through that, I have not had to sacrifice anything I feel. My life has been quite simple and care free from my perspective. I am an average member of the church except for my understanding of what is going on around the world and what is about to happen.

    There is always balance, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, opposition in all things.

    It drop by drop by obeying the commandments and obeying the spirit within us that will eventually lead us to the Tree of Life which is the Fulness Holy Ghost which is the Church of the Firstborn which is Calling and Election.

  43. Is there anyone here who knows SPECIFICALLY what lies ahead on our Horizon IN & OUT of the Church other than GENERALTIES ?

    There is also a SPECIFIC SEQENCE to coming events that have been given a thousand different variations as to the Nature & Timing of these events.

    Does anyone KNOW what they are ?

    I would be interested in seeing what others have to say about that and NOT hold back on ANY understanding you think you have of that.

    There are So Many Pieces of the Puzzle being tossed around out there without anyone commenting on their Collective Image.

    People speak of Signs.
    People speak of World Spiritual conditions.
    People speak of World Political conditions.
    People speak of Natural Disasters.
    Some People Speak of Spiritual conditions closer to Home ie…The Church

    Just about EVERYONE with half a brain can see that we are on the Presipice of Great Change.

    WHAT is God going to do about this ? WHO will He send to SORT OUT the difficulties that we face in understanding all of this?

    And I’m not sugjesting the OBVIOUS answers that we have been given in terms of God sending His Special Agent to engauge these matters.

    But rather…. WHO SPECIFICALLY IS this Man Like Unto Moses ?

    The Scriptures are REPLEAT with the IDENTITY of WHO this Man is. From Genisus to the Last Piece of Scripture we have been given. And is contained in every single Book in between.

    To KNOW this Man’s True Identity, is to be ABLE to Learn to KNOW the Entire Scope & Spectrum of the Gospel Plan as it relates to COMBINING that knowledge with what we already know of the Mission of the Saviour.

    Here is a Clue….TWO GOATS of EQUAL STATUS were asigned by CASTING GOLD LOTS, as to which Goat would fulfill their particular purpose asigned to them by God in carrying out the ATONEMENT as defined by Symbols & Shadows of coming events in the Law of Moses.

    THIS is the Clue given to us by God as depicted in a PERPETUAL ORDINANCE to be OBSERVED FOR ALL ETERNITY and DEFINES WHO & HOW Salvation comes to Mankind.

    LAST CLUE….These ARE 2 seperate Goats seving 2 seperate purposes for the Benefit of ONE COLLECTIVE WHOLE.

    It’s DIRT SIMPLE……But NO ONE has come to understand such a SIMPLE TRUTH. If you HAD you WOULD NOT have ANY Questions as to the “Read Between The Lines” understanding of EXACTLY WHO God will send. And it’s our UNDERSTANDING of that person that will Clear the Fog of ambiguious GUESSING as to EXACTLY HOW we are to get to Zion.

    This little secret of God was NEVER a secret. The answer to this has been around since the time of Adam and is here WITH us right now.

    THIS is what is going to constitute the Understanding to know the meaning of what the ‘RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS” Fully Entails.

    Give your Best Shot at what you believe is YOUR Collective Image of these things & I’ll give you MY impressions and we’ll compare notes.

    Tell me what you think the ENTIRE SCOPE of what it means to RESTORE ALL THINGS entails.

    Afterall….THIS is what we are suposed to be Persuing….Right ?


  44. Palmoni, I’m really impressed with finding out that you are only 25 years old. I’m finding More & More that God TRULY HAS saved His Best for last.

    I’m ASTOUNDED at the Wisdom someone of your age pocesses. God did say that one of the Signs to watch for would be LITERALLY hearing Words coming from the mouth of Babes.

    You are not exactly a Babe by THAT definition but comparing MYSELF to you at that age YOU ARE..

    I’m FLOORED at the Wisdom that has come to this newest Generation in their YOUTH that has only come to me over a fairly long existence.

    By the way….Something you mentioned made me feel we are KINDRED Spirits in a Portion of our Life’s experience.

    You LOVE to SHARE what you know and that you have found that MISSIONARIES in Particular have been a Captive Audience.

    I NEVER share what I know of the Adverse conditions of Leadership. But I HAVE shared the UP SIDE of the Gospel Plan with them, that LIKE YOUR experience, has ASTOUNDED & DELIGHTED them.

    Even WITHOUT hearing the Specifics of the things you have observed, your STRONG DESIRE to OPENLYSHARE what you know, is an indicator of your TRUE connection to understanding things others have either given up on knowing, or simply flies right over their heads.

    I LONG to be YOUNG like you AGAIN and soon WILL BE.. I MISS the PASSIONATE ENERGY that ONLY Youth can bring.

    If it were not for the PROFOUND & VARIED experience I have experienced in life, my lack of PHYSICAL energy would have overwhelmed my PASSION for Spiritual Matters as it dose in MOST older people my age.

    Don’t let anyone fool you when it comes to WHO should lead the Charge when it comes to our move to ZION…The Lord ALWAYS Taps into YOUTH when it comes to getting the REALLY BIG THINGS DONE.

    I’m one of those DESPERATE Holdovers at wanting to be a Direct Part of being among the YOUNG whom God will Specially Select for this AWESOME Move & Change in our lives.

    YOU ROCK BUDDY! Keep up what you’re doing….God takes Special Note of those “Eccentric” people who ride the EDGE . Every Prophet ever called by God has displayed SOME SORT of quirkiness that others found to be abnormal.

    The REST became FOLLOWERS of those Quirky People.

  45. Rob…

    …as you mentioned, I do not have the time you have, though I do want to correct you on one thing (there are others, but there’s no point in raising them here).

    You mentioned my “anger” more than one time. The funny thing is, with the internet, you can’t see, hear or feel any of the emotions that go on when someone types a post. That is how it should be, I guess, or at least as it is. There was no anger when I wrote what I did. I’m constantly amazed at how people interpret things and how quick they are to use words such as “anger” to categorize something that either doesn’t mesh with their view of the world or which uses words they themselves don’t use. I can’t say I’m all that surprised, given the background of your life/career as you’ve written in these posts, that it’d be interpreted as such and that Glenn Beck would be a major focus of the points you’re trying to make.

    The only frustration I feel – and it’s really quite minor in the scheme of my life – is for all the excuses people make for the church, the leadership, the state of the world, etc (that and the ever mystifying Glenn Beck adoration, but that’s neither here nor there). If people would get off the couch, turn off the TV and study history even a little then there would be no need to look to the leaders for salvation (which is where most members place all hopes of salvation), no need to look to an organization/institution for salvation and no need to rely on the false priests of the main stream media to find salvation and hope in this world.

    It’s also time to stop interpreting mere words and mere sentences as seething in anger where none is present. Thank you, though, for feeling compelled to write what you did…it only highlights the inefficiencies present in such forums and as a way to read, write and understand one another.

  46. By the way Palmoni, NO. You do NOT have to assend to the Level of the 144,000 in order to live in Zion but they WILL preside there and it is you LOVE & PASSION for what you MIGHT LEARN that is the Criteria for BECOMING one of those 144,000.

    Your smooth road through life does NOT disqualify you to assending to that Level. ALL the Righteous are headed there right ? You may just desire to get there a little Faster than some others and who would God be to prevent you from DOING THAT ?….Sure SOUNDS like you desire to Ride That Train to me…..

    Believe me Buddy…. You Got the RIGHT STUFF ! I can HEAR IT in your PASSION…And your GREAT DESIRE TO KNOW will Grant you a Quick Ride to The TOP when the time comes for that.

  47. Tom, Glenn Beck is NOT a major focal point of my trying to get some major point across.

    He’s one of a million examples of something that stands out as far as defining our coming closer to the end & it’s nearness.

    Forget your Personal estimation of his personality you obviously have a bone with.

    What has he SAID in CONTENT that causes you to feel he’s so far off the mark that he deserves the critisism you offer ? He’s NOT perfect, but if you where in his position would YOU be willing to put yourself out there like that ? Who among us TRYING to do what is right, deserves being refered to as some False Idol members sink their Dearest Hopes in ? You say it with such sarcastic tone.

    And I’m not sure of what you mean by Glenn Beck being some Church idol for bringing the World to account for itself.

    I have found in my experience that it is just the opposite of that. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve heard Far More Member negative comments about him being over the top & quite different from the things you describe.

    As far as not being able to detect emotion in words…that’s HOG WASH.

    You speak of being tired of people making Excuses for the obvious abnormaties that exist within the Church & your frustration over people making excuses for that. Well Tom, I’m the FIRST to admit I’ve had problems with past Anger over these things and “FRUSTRATION” is a derivtive of Anger.

    So don’t give me this junk about NOT being able to detect someone’s emotions in the Words they Write. If THAT were true then there would be No Such Thing as an Inspirational Novel with sometimes includes the expression of Anger & Joy that make us cry when we read them.

    You want REAL emotion in Words ? Read the Preemble to our Constitution or some of the Historical Accounts & Words of the Suffering Experienced by our Founding Fathers with Guts enough to place their names on a DEATH WARRANT in the form of the Declaration of Independence.

    Now I’M feeling Anger at YOUR insensibility when it comes to making such Stupid Remarks concerning these posts being some how devoid of undetectable emotion.

    Calm down Rob…It’s that Dumb Ass Marine coming out in you again….

    It’s not me making excuses here…

    On a lighter note, I EMPATHIZE with your Frustrations but try very hard to bridle my own because they get you NO WHERE FAST.

    Throw any valid critisims that warrant being directed. The key word here is “WARRANT”. And the METHOD by which they are delivered DOES COUNT.

    Being a Retired Marine as you so eliquently alude to, HAS caused me to approach things STILL in a Direct but somewhat LESS Frustrating manner after years of struggling with that.

    I’m ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE I have had Greater problems with anger than someone like yourself who considers your frustration with things that bother you as being a minor aspect of your life.

    But EVERYONE with the exception of a very few, experiences anger to some degree. And Expressed Verbal Frustration is just another form of PASSIVE anger that prevents one from feeling as happy as they could be if it where placed in it’s non existent context in a person’s life.

    It wasn’t my intent to critisize you for he purpose of knocking you but rather to express my Empathy toward you.

  48. Palmoni, you were using the term Calling & Election to describe what you thought was the Level to which the 144,000 would ascend.

    This is NOT the spiritual Level to which they will funtion on. Their Level will include but Transend that Level.

    Having your Calling & Election made sure is to have the LORD enter YOUR presence and assure you of a promised seat in Heaven BEFORE you actually arrive there.

    It also entitles a person to have the Lord converse with you as a Friend in YOUR presence.

    What is entailed with the Level of Transendence with the 144,000 is for YOU to enter the presence of GOD in HIS HOME..

    This is the Level of Seraph or Angel.

    It means that you have come to RECOGNIZE the Dual Nature of who you are in this Telestial existence that causes our Seperation from God. And have come to realize that 2 Spirits rest within each of us …One of God & One of Satan and then SEPERATING the two by convincing the Bad one to leave.

    And it is the TRUTH of understanding that bad spirits are able to Hide & Disguise themselves within us & convince US that they ARE us.

    And they are allowed to legally enter us through our corrupt Blood inherited through the Transgressions of our First Parents and passed on from Generation to Generation.

    Once YOU KNOW what THEY KNOW then the BAG IS UP and they MUST LEAVE according to TRUTH of their discovery and your consious choice of REJECTING their presence within you.

    This is what is meant by OVERCOMING The World within us. The REAL ENEMY is WITHIN but is NOT really us if we are Truly a Child of God in every sense and we come to RECOGNIZE that and SIDE with GOD within us.

    I know this sounds like Esoteric Mumbo-Jumbo but it isn’t.

    It’s the Secret to ascending as Elijah or Enoch did. And THIS is the Level required of the 144,000. To go where GOD IS and then Return to carry out the Marvelous Work & A Wonder being refered to in the Scriptures.

    It’s FAR MORE than simply having your calling & election made sure. That’s for EARTHLINGS.

    The Key ingredients to a person being able to do this is TWO things. One is Honesty with one’s self & the other is Intraspection that allows you to tap the Powers of that Honesty in coming to REALIZE what that little Demon within each of us, is REALLY all about.

    Once HE is Outed, there is only room inside you left for God. The DEMON stays on Earth & YOU go to Heaven.

    He IS the “WORLD” within you trying to convince you that he IS you . But HEAVEN is who you really ARE..

    Now this certainly doesn’t apply to all people as belonging to Heaven….THAT depends on the Choices we make.

    Do we listen to that Guy on our Right Shoulder or the one our Left Shoulder ?

    The “Line upon Line” Precept you mentioned is designed mearly to START you in the Right direction but is NOT designed to gey you all the Way to Heaven.

    Isaiah makes a POINT of this.

    Anyway, getting to that Level before others eventually are shown HOW to figure it out , is a matter of that INTRASPECTIVE HONESTY I just mentioned. Those who NOW have that, are going to be the ones who HEAR GOD CALLING THEM WITHIN…

    If you DON’T know this now & Understand it, but have the DESIRE as you do, and are Truly OPEN to God & His TRUTH, then GETTING THERE with the Help of someone who has already GOT there when these Guys are Placed into action, will be a piece of cake for someone with those desires who need a Mentor.

    Afterall….The GOAL of Zion is to PREPARE a People to enter the Presence of God . This will include Non Members as well to include ALL who belong to the TERRESTRIAL ORDER.

    Don’t forget….That when the 144,000 Covenant Children of God have served the Purpose of helping to raise all those who will ascend to the TERRESTRIAL ORDER that THEY had ascended to when recieving their Special Call from God, then THEY will ascend through the First Resurection to the CELESTIAL Order & Transend their previous state of TERRESTRIAL BEING.

  49. is that the same Cody McAllister that served in the leeds mission. If so what a small world we seved in the same mission (Gareth Greig) you are probably the first I have talked to that has been doing any reseaqrch and study into this from our mission. I am so far behind catching up on posts on here. I will try and get through some today and throw in my thoughts about some things.

  50. I forgot tio out my name to post on top of the last one.

  51. Yes I am the Cody McAllister that served in the England Leeds mission, and I’m still obsessed with nice ties for some reason lol. I remember you now! Yes actually I never expected to find someone from the Mish studying this stuff at all. I have tried getting my website to a few of them but Failed MIserably due to lack of interest. Don’t blame them no one feels it isn’t important for Salvation which is annoying but what can you do?

    There you go Rob, you’ve been chatting with 2 guys from the same mission…

    Seraph, wow this is not a common LDS term, and not LDS doctrine, which is something I’m really beginning to love about you Rob. I’ve been Studying the Seraphim and Cherubim for quite some time within christianity and within Egyptology.
    Remember those four Egyptian head looking figures on FAC. no 2? Those parallel the Christian Seraphim perfectly.

    Check out this diagram:
    It is the last drawing in the list although I think all of them go through the topic of Cherubim and Seraphim.

    Here is my reasoning on why you must be at the same CEL Level as the 144000 if you want to enter Zion. Coming up to the millennium, so for about 3 years Christ is going to be the New Jerusalem. Just prior to the Millennium he is going to be making other appearances, just after the millennium Christ will be in the Old Jerusalem and God the Father will be in the New Jerusalem.

    You Cannot dwell in the Presence of CEL beings unless you are of that spiritual Level. There are no Guards protecting Zion, the Doors are wide open for anyone to enter. It is not about keeping people out because they simply won’t be able to stand the Heat so to speak. if you are only a TER being the closer you get to zion the more Light there is going to be, and unless there is the Same amount of Light coming out of you you are just not going to be able to Enter.

    It’s a Crazy Theory, well some people call it that I just know that it is going to feel that way.

    Man you guys are all Great!

  52. Angel Palmoni here is a fast tract to your Calling and Election.

    From the Book

    Experiencing The Mighty Change

    A Personal Testimony of Jesus Christ and the Reality and Power of His Atonement in My Life

    Quote: In June, 1974 I was baptized and confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was a glorious experience and I remember it well.

    I never questioned the truthfulness of the gospel or of the Restoration. From the moment I heard the missionaries teach, I knew it was true. There was never even a flicker of doubt. It was like being reunited with an old and dear friend.

    The spirit of repentance did not come upon me until the day I was baptized. Before that time I had received a testimony that the Gospel was true and that the Church of Jesus Christ had in fact been restored by the Prophet Joseph Smith. But the question of my sins had not been the object of my serious consideration until the day of my baptism. I was at the time, twenty-seven years of age.

    For me, the process of repentance began with my baptismal interview prior to my baptism. The interviewer was kind and considerate although his questions pierced my soul. I wept as I confessed my sins and admitted of my deep sorrow for my past life. My spirit was truly contrite as I entered into the waters of baptism. I wept openly throughout my baptism and confirmation as the spirit of the Lord testified to my heart of the tender mercies of a loving God. I had truly been born again to see the Kingdom of Heaven. I felt the burden of my sins lifted and I rejoiced with all my heart at my membership in Christ’s true church.

    Through it all I did not know that, although I had received the spirit of repentance prior to my baptism, I had not received the gift of full repentance; that, while I had been born again to “see” the Kingdom of heaven through the receipt of my testimony by the power of the Holy Ghost, yet I had not been born again to “enter” into the Kingdom of God and I had not actually received the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. While I had enjoyed a sanctifying experience that lifted the burden of my sins, yet I had not been sanctified unto a complete and unconditional remission of all my sins, including the effects of those sins. My knowledge of these heavenly truths did not come until later, in July of 1981.

    For seven years, from 1974 until 1981 I was actively and zealously engaged in Gospel living In December, 1975 my precious wife and I were married in the Arizona Temple. I was consumed with the desire to live the Gospel fully, to

    Serve, teach, testify, study and pray fervently. And I did so continually. I was actively involved in missionary work, temple work and home teaching. I strived to magnify all my church callings and took my membership in Christ’s church very seriously, as I do to this day. I absorbed myself in Gospel

    . and scripture study feeling that I couldn’t read enough. I indeed hungered and thirsted after righteousness and truth and this hunger and passion has not subsided for even a moment, for even a heart beat.

    Through it all I enjoyed many spiritual experiences, sanctifying experiences. I have come now to describe such experiences as “contractions” leading to my spiritual birth. I felt the spirit of the Lord with me many times; I felt His love for me and felt a great love for Him and a desire to know Him. I was privileged to be an instrument in the Lord’s hands several times in exercising the Priesthood. Miracles were performed and lives were blessed. It was a wonderful seven years; a time of growth, development and preparation; a time of gestation. Yet through it all I sensed that something was missing.

    I could not describe what was missing in my life then, although now it is clear and understandable. Still, describing it to others is very difficult. It’s like trying to explain the joy of parenthood to those who have never been parents.

    In 1981 my life changed. For seven years the Lord had prepared my mind and my heart. My time was at hand. My Heavenly Father sent to me a son of God, a member of the church who was and is a true disciple of Christ, to draw me unto His Beloved Son. This blessed man carried within his soul the seed of Christ which he planted within my heart. Like all true endowments of the Spirit, only those who have the gift can confer it to others by the power of the Holy Ghost.

    What was this seed of Christ? It was the blessed gift of full repentance. This is the endowment that ultimately induced the labor of the second birth.

    The Spirit of the Lord bore witness to me that this man knew Christ. As we sat in my home one evening I felt the power of his testimony of the Savior as I had never felt it before. My soul was aflame with the desire to know the Lord as this man did, and I told him so.

    The next morning as we were about to depart, my new friend boldly invited me to come to Christ. He urged me to pray more fervently until I received the baptism by fire; he called me to repent until I received a complete remission of my sins. His words were bold but kind and they sunk deeply unto the core of my heart. The seed of Christ had been planted. Little did I know what all of this would mean.

    This was a very difficult time in my life. At the time I was serving as the Stake Missionary in my stake. I was immersed in my calling and was

    enjoying a good measure of success. But I was self-employed at the time and my consulting practice was very slow. In fact, at the time I had no clients and was financially without means to provide for my family.

    It was during this time that I was called to come home to Christ. Shortly after my friend departed I found myself in my office alone and without work. The Spirit called me one day as I sat behind my desk and prompted me to pray. I instructed my wife that I did not want to be interrupted under any circumstances and then locked myself in my office and began to pour out my heart unto God.

    I prayed that day and for two succeeding days. I prayed long and hard and for many things. But the primary intent and focus of my prayers was to know the Lord and to understand and appreciate the personal implications of the Atonement in my life.

    On the third day, July 21, 1981, I found myself kneeling again by my chair in fervent prayer to know the Lord. Suddenly I saw myself praying and the presence of the Lord was beside me. As I watched, the Lord spoke to my mind and said, “Look.” I looked and for the first time in my life I saw myself as I really was, through the eyes of Christ.

    What I saw I cannot fully describe in words. My whole soul was illuminated and I saw with complete clarity and understanding the deepest recesses of my subconscious mind. I saw within the hidden nooks and crannies of my soul the effects of all my sins as well as all my sins of commission and omission which had been repressed into the hidden regions of my mind. I was completely transparent. Everything was now so painfully clear, my sinful motives, intentions and desires, all cleverly disguised and rationalized through years of self-talk. Even the good things I had done for the wrong reasons were flashed before my all-seeing eye. No act, word or deed escaped my view. I saw everything.

    As I beheld myself thus, my mind was, to use Alma’s words, “racked with torment” and “inexpressible horror.” . Several times I tried to shut out the vision but the Lord would not allow it. Each time I tried to turn away the Lord would say, “Look,” and I continued to look into my soul. I wept and pleaded for the Lord to stop the vision. When I had finally seen everything the vision ended and there was darkness. I turned to find the Lord but He was no longer beside me.

    The scene instantly changed and I found myself behind the brush on the outside of a garden clearing. Again a voice came to my mind and instructed me to look. My eyes turned to the garden clearing and there, in the midst, I saw my beloved Redeemer Suddenly it became clear to me that I was

    Witnessing His act of Atonement. But what transpired I was not prepared to see.

    How can one explain with mortal words the agony of a God. Anything I say or write somehow diminishes the impact.

    Be that as it may, I saw the love and suffering of the Christ and am a personal witness of it. I don’t know how it is possible, but I was in Gethsemane on the day of His Agony and I saw in great and terrible detail with my eyes and heard in, awful clarity with my ears that which is too sacred to describe to unprepared ears.

    His sobs and His cries pierced my soul and I felt the wrenching of my heart with each audible groan or quivering convulsion of His body. Then came the revelation that broke my heart: “Behold the love of God for you and His

    suffering for your sins.”

    It was too much to bear. As I became aware that He was suffering such agony for me. because of my sins, because of His love for me. for a “soul so rebellious and proud as mine”, my heart broke and I thought I would die. Never had I sobbed and wept so violently and with such bitterness of soul. I never knew the body could sob as mine did. I never knew a heart could break as mine did. I never knew a broken heart would hurt as much as I hurt. I was in agony as never before. I thought my heart would stop and my head and chest would explode. I cried out and begged the Father to stop the suffering of my Friend and Elder Brother. “Stop it! Stop it! Please stop His suffering!” I wept, I sobbed and my body convulsed in anguish as I attempted to reach through the brush to hold Him, to somehow comfort Him. But His suffering did not stop and there was nothing I could do to help Him.

    Finally, resolving myself to this hopeless state and wishing only to die for what I had done to Him, I cried out through my choking sobs, “Please forgive me! Please, dear God, forgive me for what I have done to my Savior. I am sorry, so very, very sorry for hurting Him so. It is enough,” I continued, “please stop His suffering. I will never again do anything to hurt Him. Never! Never!”

    I continued to sob and plead for forgiveness until I was totally exhausted and lay slumped on the floor weeping hot tears of anguish and pain. My strength was exhausted and I was prepared to die when the vision stopped and the voice of the Lord said unto me, “My son, thy sins are forgiven thee.”

    When I heard these words from my Savior I was filled with fire, which I later came to know was the endowment of charity. Never had I felt such love, such peace. I was overcome again unto great sobbing, but this time with joy. So intense was the outpouring of God’s love through the fire of His Spirit

    that I felt as though my very life would end and my flesh would be consumed. I came to know by the spirit of revelation that my life was acceptable to the Lord; that I had been completely and unconditionally cleansed of all my sins and the effects of my sins; that I had been made holy, without spot – clean every whit — by His precious blood. I had been truly born again to enter into the Kingdom of God; I was redeemed from the fall; sanctified by the endowment of His perfect love, even charity. Through this experience I came to understand the meaning of total conversion; of justification and of sanctification; of full repentance.

    Foothill Publishing

    P.O. Box 58988

    Salt Lake City

    801 825-4222

  53. Isn’t it interesting to hear the rumors coming from the astronomy work about a so far unknown planet about 10 times as big as the earth revolving the sun at the outskirts of the solar system, and which would likely cause rains of meteorites or asteroids on the earth due to the influence of its gravity and of its passing through the Oort cloud? Could the current increase in seismic volcanic activity be a consequence of the passing of such large (grand?) cosmic body closer to our planet?

  54. Hi guys,
    with regards to Heavenly signs – what do you think of the sign of revelation 12(woman clothed with the sun…). Its all over youtube, and apparently will be fulfilled round about 23 sept 2017? im not much of an astronomer so i couldnt tell u from experience of looking thru telescopes but with modern day technology it can be easily verified thru comp software(for example stellarium). whats your thoughts? thanx bore

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