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I don’t know how many people who read this site study/understand/care much about the electric model of the universe, and how interplanetary movements and their resulting plasma interactions shaped human myths and conceptions of the gods — but one can come to appreciate why someone like myself, LDSA, or Anthony Larson view the plasma perspective as the only way to read prophetic narratives [see our posts on: D&C 88, D&C 101Revelations, and any of Anthony’s posts] — if you’ll think about why ancient myths and symbols do not correlate with anything in our present night sky.

From where we stand, the planets appear as these tiny pin-pricks of light.  Without telescopes, we can’t even clearly discern what they look like.  But then why did the ancients view them with such reverence and fear?  Why did our ancestors remember the planets as these immense powers in the sky — wielding thunder, lightning, fire, and storms?

Nothing in our skies, among the regular and silent motions of Venus and Mars — Jupiter and Saturn will ever explain:

  • a primeval stationary sun of a “Golden Age”
  • a cosmic wheel turning in the heavens
  • a glorious mountain or temple where the Gods dwelt above mankind
  • winged bulls
  • fire-breathing dragons or chaos serpents

or any of the other ideas ancient humans attached to these planetary bodies.

Prophetic narratives describe heavenly [in the sky] events:

There are certain events that can cause all mankind to start to worship gods:  planetary and interplanetary high-powered plasma displays.

When displays are on a solar-system-wide scale, everyone “converts” into a believer in one kind of god or another and starts worshipping something.  This is because the human brain responds to the electrical current of the solar system.  When it “powers-up”, it strikes us on a primitive level.

Historically, this is how it has always been — and it’s the reason the ancients always struggled with idolatry [see, The doctrine of destruction].  Atheism only creeps-in when the skies are asleep, and the drive to worship doesn’t “pull” on us as strongly.  This urge [once “turned-on”] is as basic as our sexual impulse and is a part of our natural state of existence [meaning that atheism, like monogamy, is a more recent human invention].

The prophetic narratives [in myth — or in scripture] take as their template events that unfold in the heavens:  i.e. the movements of planets and their interactions with each other as seen from earth, in the sky.  “Prophecy” is merely the description of planetary movements and plasma interactions.

The imagery in a prophetic story is imagery observed in the sky.  The mention of a “sword” or a “wheel” or a “dragon” — doesn’t mean there is a literal and physical metallic blade, chariot wheel, and fire-breathing reptile floating around in outer space – but that there are planetary movements and plasma formations that, when seen from the perspective of Earth, create an image or appearance that can be described as these things.

Prophecy is simply the movements of planetary bodies and the resulting plasma interactions, converted into a narrative that describe patterns — that likewise play out in earthly events.  Meaning that after the planets go through their described motions, fulfilling the elements of the prophecy every whit – the same story then plays out here, among people on Earth.

The research done in comparative mythology, plasma cosmology, and the electric universe suggest that the planets are not just big, physical balls of gas and rock, but they are also the idea of what those planets mean – the planets being used as a way to represent a pattern of things taking place among mankind [or within yourself] as though it were a physical event transpiring in the sky.

Their descriptions don’t make sense if you are basing your opinions on them on the current configuration of the planets.  Our current skies are asleep — and the electrical currents are not charged.

The following YouTube videos are full-length documentaries produced by the Thunderbolts research group.  And they present, visually, what I’ve been describing with text.

Remembering the End of the World:

Symbols of an Alien Sky:

Thunderbolts of the Gods:

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Introducing another LDS plasma theologue

I am not the only LDS on the planet who subscribes to the plasma model of the Universe. There is another: Anthony E. Larson. Larson has written a number of books about plasma theology. Using plasma mythology and plasma cosmology he has developed a body of interpretative keys to understanding prophecy in the standard works. His web site is the following:

Larson has written three books which he calls his prophecy trilogy (And The Moon Shall Turn To Blood, And The Earth Shall Reel To And Fro and And There Shall Be A New Heaven And A New Earth), as well as a book that takes as its subject John’s Book of Revelation (The Plainest Book: Revelation.) He has self-published a periodical called Eschatus, the first issue of which can be read free; the rest must be purchased. Other freebies include a 27-minute DVD introduction into plasma theology (you have to pay $2 shipping and handling), a series of articles published in Desert Saints Magazine which can be downloaded in .pdf format, and a day-long symposium, with a Power Point presentation, etc., in which he asks only that his expenses are paid (airfare to the location and back again.) All of this material is available on his web site.

There is also a free, two-hour long podcast interview that Larson did on the Mormon Miscellaneous Worldwide Talk Show on March 26th, 2007. Click the following link to listen to it:

Prophecy: Scenarios of the End Times

I stumbled upon Larson’s web site one day while researching further information on plasma mythology and plasma cosmology. At the time, Larson had a forum hosted by Yahoo Groups, the various posts of which I began reading daily. There were not a whole lot of people in the forum, but he was both a moderator and a poster, so I was able to get a fairly good understanding of where he was coming from, as far as his interpretative keys. That forum, unfortunately, was disbanded for some reason (perhaps because of the very few people who actually participated in its discussion.) Nevertheless, I, at least, was exposed to it sufficiently to make a determination concerning the information that Larson was giving.

My personal assessment is that Larson’s research is very worthy of study by the LDS and may be helpful in the proper interpretation of prophecy. None of the things that I read in his now-defunct forum, nor those found in the free downloadable material on his web site, have contradicted either the scriptures or plasma research, nor have they triggered a “spiritual red flag” response. By that I mean that the Holy Ghost has not indicated to me that his research and conclusions are false. Nor has the Holy Ghost told me that they are true, nevertheless, Larson is extremely well read and well-grounded in plasma mythology (much more than myself) and has researched this material extensively and, according to the knowledge I have of plasma science and plasma mythology, and also of the gospel of Jesus Christ, Larson’s findings throw further light upon the gospel and upon prophecy because he is able to connect both very well to plasma mythology archetypes (the keys) so that prophecy becomes easily understandable, even plain.

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