Happy 3rd Birthday, LDS Anarchy Blog!

Have a piece of cyber cake from your friends at LDS Anarchy.

This blog was born 3 years ago today, on 7 October 2007.  Since then it has received over 200,000 page hits.  As always, I am curious as to what people think of it.  So, here is a poll that I set up two years ago that asks the question, “How would you rate the LDS Anarchy Blog?”  If you have not voted before, here’s your chance to tell me what you think.  If you have already voted, feel free to cast another vote if you have a different assessment of the blog.

LDS Anarchy Blog Readership Poll

Introducing: New Authors

To celebrate this birthday, there are now three new authors: Justin, Chris and dyc4557.  I will put their bios on the Contributors page when they send them to me.  I expect the blog will be immensely benefited by the writings of these men and I look forward to their articles.

Other slight changes

I’ve updated the complete list of articles authored by me so that virtually every post is now organized topically.  This makes it very easy to quickly find what you are looking for.  Also, all my Deep Waters posts can now be accessed without entering a password.

Twitter, Facebook, etc.

If you haven’t already noticed, at the bottom of each post there is a list of sharing options.  You can share the post using email, printing, Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, etc.

After the sharing options, you can also “like” a post by clicking on the “like” button.

If you want to access my Twitter account, you can find the link at the bottom of the right side of each page of the blog.


All blog posts can be rated by clicking one of the stars at the top of a post.  The ratings are Very Poor, Poor, Average, Good and Excellent.  If you hold the mouse pointer over the rating icon near the stars, a new window will open up, allowing you to see the latest blog ratings.  Everything in the new window is hyperlinked (clickable).

All comments can be rated, as well.  Rate up by clicking the thumbs up and rate down by clicking the thumbs down.  Hold the mouse pointer over the comment rating icon near the thumbs to view the latest comment ratings.

Hip hip hooray! or When’s it gonna die?

Feel free to use any of these new features to broadcast your feelings about the LDS Anarchy blog far and wide.  For some of you, you might be compelled to shout, “Hip, hip, hooray!”  For others, “How in the world did this blog last so long and when’s it gonna die?!”  Regardless of your persuasion, y’all are invited to enjoy a piece of (cyber) birthday cake.

LDS Anarchist’s Posts Are “Open” Copyright

Freely Print What You Want

What this means is that anyone is free to to take any of the 180 or so posts that I’ve written and print them out and distribute them to the members  and leaders of your local ward or stake, or any ward or stake, for that matter, including to any general authorities.

Claim It As Your Own

You don’t have to give me credit for anything I’ve written here.  You don’t have to have to put the url of this blog anywhere on the page.  In fact, if you want, you can claim authorship of any of the articles.  I don’t mind.

Make Them Anonymous

It might be more effective to just keep the articles anonymous, without your name on them.  Then, people who read them will have only the message to judge.  They won’t be able to judge the messenger, as they won’t know who he or she is.

Modify Them As You Wish

Don’t like certain parts of my articles?  Just cut those parts out.  Don’t agree with certain parts?  Just re-word them so that they fit into your belief system.  Want to add your own words to them as if they were part of the original article?  Knock yourself out.

Want To Make Money?

For the really entrepreneurial types, feel free to take whatever group of articles you find on this blog (authored by me), modify and edit them as you wish, and then have them published in book form.  Sell as many of them as you like.  Keep all the profits yourself.  You don’t have to give me one red cent.

Here, I’ll get you started.  Go to FastPencil, sign up for a free account. then import the following blog post XML files to your account: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.  (Hyper-links forthcoming.)

Why I’m Posting This “Open” Copyright Announcement

After writing The Priesthood article, I began to review some of the conditions among men that would usher in the great and marvelous work.  I also began to review some of the things the Holy Ghost had told me concerning future events and conditions.  As I had these thoughts in my mind, a new thought struck me:

What if the LDS Anarchy blog were to play a part in the ushering in of these conditions?

This was a question I had never before considered.  Although I believe that some of the articles I’ve written are quite persuasive, there has always been one thing that has never allowed anyone (statist or anarchist alike) to take the concept of Mormon anarchism completely seriously, namely, the Mormon priesthood hierarchy.  Anarchists are all about dissembling hierarchies, so Mormon anarchy, in the minds of both anarchist and statist, is a contradiction in terms.

I knew from the start that anarchists and statists would be laughing their heads off at me and hardly anyone would believe a word I would write.  That was okay with me as my aim was to chiefly use the blog as a repository of my research papers and thoughts.  So, I pushed on with my writings, never once expecting that this blog would have even the slightest bit of influence upon anyone.

But my latest article on priesthood has made me reconsider everything.  It was that article and the research conducted for it, as well as subsequent research on priesthood (see An alternate view of the keys), that has turned everything upside down in my mind.  This research directly addresses the priesthood “hierarchy” and shows that it is not designed to be a hierarchy in the traditional sense, as used by the Gentiles rulers.

With this new, anarchic understanding of priesthood, the apparent contradictions cleared up.  The rest of my anarchy articles were now on a much more solid foundation.  As I considered that the strength of my arguments for Mormon anarchy were now immensely stronger than before because of the new priesthood research, it made me wonder if these blog articles could be more than just a repository for my future reference.  Perhaps the Lord could use this blog somehow.

I then turned my mind back to October 2007, when I began blogging.  I remembered the circumstances that caused me to consider starting a blog.  (See Why I started this blog.)  And I remembered how much pondering went into the decision to start it.  (See The Mormon Worker and the LDS Anarchy Blog:  The hand of the Lord or just a coincidence?)  Although I think that I did not mention it in either of those posts, to be entirely truthful, I actually did feel inspired by the Lord to publish my views on Mormon anarchy anonymously.  It was that feeling that clinched it for me to begin blogging.

So, here it is 2+ years and around 180 posts later, and now I’m having the thought that maybe the words written on this blog are not meant just to be viewed on a computer screen.  Maybe its purpose was to get the words out in public on the Internet, so that others could print them and take them to the True Blue Mormons who would never in a million years read anything here, because of that scary looking Anarchy is Order symbol at the top of each page.

Please Report Back

To those who take this “open” copyright and run with it, please come back and tell everyone how TBM’s reacted to whatever literature you got in front of them.  Also, let us know how you distributed material.  By mail?  Hand-delivered?  By pinning them to the bulletin board?  By printing out a bunch of copies and furtively leaving them in the meetinghouse foyer?  How?

Complete List of Articles authored by LDS Anarchist

LDS Anarchy Blog Readership Poll

Curiosity has gotten the better of me.  Just as former Mayor Ed Koch of New York City used to always ask, “How am I doing?” I also am curious as to how the LDS Anarchy Blog is measuring up.  If you’ve got a moment and an opinion concerning this blog, please take the poll.

You’ll notice that the last item on the poll is called “Other.”  That means that you can write your own rating comment.*

Lastly, if you’ve got any ideas on blog improvement or want to suggest a contributor you’d like to see writing here, feel free to leave your comments below.

*[Edit: This paragraph used to have the following text at this point:

Also, the “Eh er uh blubbub” of the first item means that the blog is so great that you’ve got a loss of words.  Silly, I know.  I doubt anyone will get that one.  (Which is why I’m explaining it now.)

I have removed the above text from the paragraph and also removed the “Eh er uh blubbub…” text from the poll.]

Complete List of Articles authored by LDS Anarchist

50,000 hits and LDS Anarchy stats

As this blog quickly approaches 50,000 hits, I thought I’d inform the dear readers of some of the current statistical numbers.

(Now, keep in mind that the following numbers are just page hits. WordPress doesn’t tell me how many unique visitors the blog gets.)

Top Ten Page Views of All Time

Joseph Smith’s Daguerreotype—An Appeal for Help (4,312 views)

How I get out of jury duty (1,591 views)

About (1,453 views)

The hollow earth theory, the plasma model and Mormon theology (1,329 views)

Why do LDS still circumcise their boys? (1,239 views)

Lakota independence—prophecy starting to be fulfilled (861 views)

Contributors (830 views)

What did Jesus Christ look like? (792 views)

Strong drinks, mild drinks, hot drinks, wine, etc. (698 views)

Book of Mormon Anarchy (569 views)

Busiest Day Ever

Thursday, March 27th, 2008 (914 views)

Busiest Week Ever

13th week of 2008 (2,559 views)

Busiest Month Ever

August 2008 (7,117 views and still growing)

Top Ten Search Engine Terms of All Time

anarchy (1,066)

how to get out of jury duty (476)

joseph smith (275)

getting out of jury duty (240)

lakota independence (226)

get out of jury duty (132)

joseph smith daguerreotype (117)

lds anarchy (114)

joseph smith iii (114)

strong drinks (87)

Top Blog Aggregator Referrer

MormonBlogs.org (232 referrals)

Top Link Clicked (away from the LDS Anarchy Blog)

Read and Post Patriarchal Blessings Anonymously (154 clicks)

Number of Incoming Blog Links ( blogs linking to the LDS Anarchy Blog)


The stats show that each month more and more people are viewing the LDS Anarchy blog.  The How I get out of jury duty post, in particular, is bringing a lot of new people here.  For example, in the last 30 days, that post got 1,070 views, whereas the second most viewed post in the same time period was The hollow earth theory, the plasma model and Mormon theology, with 234 views.

The audience still seems to be primarily LDS, which is the group I addresss my remarks to, but there appears to be a lot of lurkers and probably a good portion of them are non-LDS.  I may try a few posts directed at non-LDS to see if anyone outside of the LDS community is listening to this blog.

All-in-all, the numbers look encouraging and the feedback I’ve gotten from the comments sections is more than I anticipated.  The blog appears to be growing in a healthy manner.  It’s taken about 10 months to get to the 50,000 mark.  I expect the blog to reach the 100,000 mark in much less time.

Complete List of Articles authored by LDS Anarchist