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If you would like to become a contributing author, please leave a comment down below.  What I’m looking for is an LDS perspective that promotes faith in Christ, whether mainstream or unique.  You need not be an anarchist, though that would be a plus.  If you’ve got published articles on the Internet, make sure you link to them so I can see your work.  If I am considering you as a contributor, I will contact you by email, so make sure the email address you type in is correct.


  1. I have pieces about LDS Single Adult experiences.

    IF your web site is all about bashing The Church, I don’t want to become a contributer. I have a Testimony of the Truth of the Gospel and most of it’s fine programs. Home Teaching NOT being done or taken seriously is one theme and S/A’s as a loser deal is the other.

    I am all over

    Brother Carter

  2. Delighted to discover your blog and the freee and imaginative thought expressed therein – most enjoyable and thought provoking! I am LDS and live in Australia..

    There is more in heaven and earth than we can imagine. “Old Photos”, and “Memof Mortality”, touched my heart and spirit. My own blog will get under way soon and I would be grateful if I can acontribute on your pages also. My heart is ownedd by Godand my life is a gift that has graciously given to me afte attempts at suicide and the discovery of bowel cancer, some twenty-five years ago. Twenty-five years of bonus life.

    You talk of prophets and I wonder if ancient prophets were mainly just tthat – rather than administrators and prophets of tthe church industry that we have today! Your mind seems untrammeled my the fear of censure and I like that. But, i have no doubt that there are many that would delight in your being banished into the everlasting lake of fire. I may meet you there one day.

    Best wishes,

    Tom G

    I just signed up for a blog on

  3. I studied about anarchy when I was preparing my dissertation about punk poetry. I was already a LDS at that time (ten years ago) and it was very goog to learn about it. Recently I was looking for scriptural passages related to anarchy and found a lot of it. My ideas about life are written in my blog.

  4. I am an LDS, not quite anarchist (more so anti gov’t) long time reader of the blog. I would love to be able to contribute. I have a few ideas but the main one I’m working on right now is the idea of the parable of the ten virgins and the modern church. I think a vast majority of “good and faithful” saints will be left out, and sadly the church does not address these people, it could even be said that they encourage them.

  5. I stumbled across the blog world of Mormon type people (in all its sorts).
    I love some of your stuff. I’ve lost so much hope lately in the Gospel w/ a Mormon viewpoint. I’d love to chat w/ you on some things I’ve been trying to do at church to mix things up and pick your brain.
    But one idea and I’ll throw it out there….what about Zion in Independence? With all the talk of going tribal, why wait for the LDS church to set up camp there, why not get it started w/ tribes? Just a thought.
    My bros family and mine have always been strong members but with an open mind. Always trying to follow the gospel and picking out crud by the Church that isn’t the Gospel. We’ve talked a lot about how to get to living the Law of Consecration successfully and not being a bum or it going bust.
    I was looking for contact info, maybe since it’s late I’m too out of it to find it. But I’m gonna keep reading and want to discuss your ideas and some I have.
    Thanks for doing this blog, it makes a huge difference.

  6. dvc4557 sounds almost exactly like me. I am, however, more out front using my real name to all that I write and say. I actually stake a claim of authority since I was truly sent by the commandment of God in 1979 on a mission that resulted in the temporal welfare of millions of my fellow Americans. THINK Harrisburg Pennsylvania March 1979 and the 3 Mile Island nuclear meltdown that suddenly abated on a Sunday evening. Soon afterward I was given an apostolic witness and have magnified the responsibility of that burden ever after. I presently have no official standing in the LDS Church. I was, however, fully active LDS at the time that the Lord called upon me and sent me to the Easter Lands.

    I have several publications and original music on my sites. Anyone here can request a free copy of my latest book THE VISION OF ALL The Apocalrock if I decide not to put the entire text online. Right now there are 32 pages missing from the PDF.

    I am also Nighlion on a popular Mormon Discussions Board. I have called forth Zion from its hiding places. My faith has caused it to be moved. I hope there are a few here to help. Let’s all be prophets that KNOW shall we not?

  7. LDSANARCHY, I have been reading for a while and I was wondering two things.
    1) I am pretty sure you are an active member (LDS) and you support the church and its teachings (but not Mormon lore). If I started contributing do you feel that I would have a hard time with the temple question about supporting groups that teach contrary doctrine or would you feel that everything on the site (by members) supports the LDS teachings?

    2) Have you touched on the subject of the blacks and priesthood? I have not seen an article and I would like to share my thoughts. I am married to a beautiful black woman and we have beautiful children and I have had lots of time to think about the priesthood ban and have some thoughts on the matter.

    Thank you

    P.S. love the hollow earth subject.

  8. For reference sake, here is the temple recommend question jeremp refers to:

    Do you support, affiliate with, or agree with any group or individual whose teachings or practices are contrary to or oppose those accepted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

    What exactly constitutes an affirmative response to this question might be interesting enough to merit a post on its own — as it is traditionally difficult to outline just exactly what is and what is not accepted teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    FWIW — I’ve answered “yes” to that question before. I was asked to explain and I said I supported the polygynous FLDS in the run-in with the State they had some time back, believing they should not have had their children taken from them, etc.

    I was told, essentially, “Oh, OK that’s fine”…and then we moved on to the next question.

    Recommend interviews are highly variable I would suppose.

    My wife has answered in the negative to the question: “Do you strive […] to attend your sacrament and other meetings,” — telling the interviewer that she doesn’t feel welcome in Relief Society any time she’s gone in the past and so now chooses to not attend.

    She was told that no one’s going to lose a recommend over not liking a Relief Society meeting.

    Though I could imagine some ecclesiastical leadership prying for answers beyond “Yea” or “Nay” and/or hammering people for even the slightest nuance in answers like the ones I described above.

  9. JeremP,

    The only question that is really relevant to their bottom line is the one about being a full tithe payer…it is after all the entrance fee for the House of the Lord. “Do you sell your signs and tokens for money?” …You could always borrow a line from Packer who borrowed from his idol Henry D(ebt) Moyle. Just, “Answer the question they SHOULD have asked.” It is known as an ANSWERVE. So for example you could say….”Well yes I do support and affiliate with several groups and individual whose teachings or practices are contrary to or oppose those accepted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints according to our scripture. The federal and state government are just two of a long list of them….But don’t we all, Bishop? As Isaiah says…We have entered into a covenant with death and hell.”

    On a side note….I am interested in hearing the topic of the church(TM) policy regarding black people discussed here as well. I come from a similar situation as yourself and understand that maybe not everyone can be expected to have such a soft spot in their spirit for this issue. But, I believe it is crucial for LDS to address if they want to progress ever to that prophesied few described in 3rd Nephi as the repentant gentiles. I trust that the spirit has whispered many similar thoughts to you, and it would be great to hear from you about them. The enemy knows that when black Ephriamtites and white Ephraimites get together he loses ground.

  10. Brothers and Sisters a year ago I was reading this site and was at the point of saying, “Well I can see there are a lot of problems with the church and some teachings are not scriptural…etc…But I think it is important to continue to attend the church and maintain temple worthiness.”
    Why did I say that? What was my motivation? Well I believe the prophet Joseph did restore the gospel of Christ and I know the Holy Ghost bore witness of the reality of God the Father and His love for me and all of us and of the Book of Mormon (two separate events). But if you study the book of Mormon and study what the present day church say and the policies it enforces you will find yourself saying with Moroni about the present day church, “There is none that doeth good, no not one” You will realize not only are they not operating by the gifts of the spirit they are doing negative things. Jesus said of the church in His day (it was the one and only church of God at the time in Jerusalem just as the LDS church is in the known world now) that when they made a convert they made him a child of hell. He was saying they were making it harder for people to get closer to God by their false traditions,
    I have experienced that the lifelong teaching I have received have made it impossible to actually live the simple requirement of the gospel of Christ namely to believe in Him as opposed to believing in my own works and obedience as the reason for spiritual success.
    Is everyone aware that originally there were no specific questions for the temple recommend?
    The question really is not if you are temple worthy according to the LDS priesthood leadership who is not using inspiration from God to decide. You can’t use both the CHI and the Spirit since adherence to the CHI is in opposition to the laws of God.
    The real question is do you fear man more than God?
    It was only the fear of men which motivated me to try and keep on good terms with the LDS leadership a year ago. Since then God has given me miracles the receiving of which required a choice between fearing men and turning down the miracle or trusting God and fearing to offend Him by fearing men. I chose to accept the miracle and He has continued to bless me. I feel more assured of my standing before Him now than ever in my life. But I would never have made this progress and arrived at this place had I continued to fear the LDS teachings.
    If the church is apostate then one who obeys God must act counter to that church.

  11. Hello my name is Eric Peterson and I’m a reporter with the Salt Lake City Weekly, I believe we’ve spoken in the past. I’m not actually interested in becoming a contributor but was hoping we might be able to talk about a cover story I’m working on about diverse members of the LDS faith. LDS anarchists certainly fall into that category and I was hoping we could talk more about how these beliefs intersect and support each other. Let me know! Thanks!

    Eric S. Peterson

  12. I’ve responded to Eric’s request.

  13. Here is an article Eric Peterson wrote in which he mentioned the LDS Anarchy blog. He wrote this in conjunction with his cover story for the Salt Lake City Weekly, mentioned above:

    The LDS Anarchist Reading List

    I thought he did a good job. Here is his cover story:

    Choose The Radical

  14. This is a question for all the contributors and visitors of the LDS Anarchy blog: Should I make the site more anarchic by adding contributors who are of a mainstream mindset, per this comment?

    To be more specific, should I change the wording of the page:

    If you would like to become a contributing author, please leave a comment down below. What I’m looking for is a fresh and unique LDS perspective. You need not be an anarchist, though that would be a plus. If you’ve got published articles on the Internet, make sure you link to them so I can see your work. If I am considering you as a contributor, I will contact you by email, so make sure the email address you type in is correct.

    to this:

    If you would like to become a contributing author, please leave a comment down below. What I’m looking for is an LDS perspective that promotes faith in Christ, whether mainstream or unique. You need not be an anarchist, though that would be a plus. If you’ve got published articles on the Internet, make sure you link to them so I can see your work. If I am considering you as a contributor, I will contact you by email, so make sure the email address you type in is correct.


  15. Yea

  16. Yea.
    Can’t promise it will make a difference on whether so called “mainstreamers” will contribute. But if they do then wonderful.
    I have no fear of them saying something which contradicts my ideas.
    That is how I got my ideas. I decided not to fear new knowledge.

  17. Also — in what I was writing on Andrew’s blog — I thought that I quite doubt that the wording of the “Become a Contributor” page is what’s “selecting” for this-or-that certain audience — such that re-wording one sentence will change who’s drawn to the site and wishes to contribute.

    I think things like the big, red A on the top, the name equating LDS with Anarchy, and explaining how the LDS church experience can be done differently, etc. have a greater “contributing-selection power” than that certain sentence.

  18. I agree with what Justin said. It’s funny, because when I talk with my wife about something from this blog, she enjoys it and the discussions on here but she always says with a perturbed tone, “is it from that red and black website?”

    I don’t know how much the wording will attract different contributors, but it seems more in sync with the idea of Anarchy.

  19. My wife called OWIW’s website — “the creepy baby guy”.

  20. Personally, I thought it was a cute baby.

    Btw, I have now made the changes to this page.

    Also, I never thought that simply changing the wording of the text would cause mainstream thinkers to flock here or want to contribute. The wording of this page really was just meant to be used by me as a standard to determine who I would consider as a possible contributor. The problem with the words “fresh and unique” was that it was from my perspective, meaning that I had to consider it “fresh and unique,” or that it was something new to me. So, if someone came to me, wanting to contribute, and I had already heard his or her perspective before, I considered it “old news” and selected it out. But it may not have been “old news” to others. (This is a defect with me alone, in that my mind fixates on the new and gets bored with anything that I’ve already heard before.)

    By changing the wording and standard to any perspective that “promotes faith in Christ,” this allows me to consider contributors that would have been selected out because I didn’t see anything new or unique in what they had to say.

  21. I’ve been reading your blog and wanted to see if I could offer you a free copy of my soon to be released novel Tongue of Fire in exchange for a fair and honest review on your blog. The plot synopsis is as follows:

    The charismatic new preacher at the local mega-church is drawing followers by the hundreds. There’s only one problem. He’s a Mormon, and nobody knows it.

    John Peterson tries to follow the Spirit, but it tells him to preach, and preaching only seems to get him into trouble. His strident defense of the Mormon Church has gotten him fired again, forcing his family to move for the third time in as many years. Looking for a fresh start in Mayfield, John agrees to keep his head down. But when the owner of the local mega-church loses his pastor, he invites John to preach without asking the name of his church. After a spiritual prompting, John decides to preach, but as his following explodes, his new-found fame threatens to expose his religion and shatter his family’s hopes for a new life.

    The town of Mayfield is growing impatient with high school football coach Paul Connelly. The former pastor was hired to help save the football program after the greatest scandal in school history, but after four straight losing seasons, his time is running out. With John Peterson’s meteoric rise, the town appears to have found a new moral authority, and an excuse to find a new coach. When Paul discovers that John is a Mormon, he finds the key to restoring his moral standing—all he has to do is expose and destroy John Peterson.

    You can see the cover art at the Tongue of Fire facebook link and like the page for further updates and news.

    Thank you for your time!
    David McKnight

  22. I don’t want to be a contributor, but have a suggestion. I use a “StackExchange” site for my job and it’s fantastic. I found this one on Christianity (it has an LDS category or “Tag”) and think it could be really good to ask and discover answers to questions. You ask a question or provide and answer and other people can rate both the questions and answers. I see the authors here comment on other posts and while i don’t agree 100%, I think it would be a great benefit if you asked questions and posted answers here.

  23. Hello, I’ve been blogging over at for about 10 months now. I think I might have something to add here. Please take a look and tell me what you think. The viewpoint of a convert always seems to be a little different. I’m a recovery alcoholic and ex-smoker (two packs a day for ten years). I speak about these things often. Thanks for your consideration. You can contact me at

  24. i would love to write something but i dont have any ideas for a specific topic.

  25. My housemate writes for you and he can vouch for my qualifications. I tend to write my thoughts in my personal journal, blog(unwilling to publish it yet) and a few FB groups, so I have no published works, other then my academic writings, that would interest you. I am a surgeon by training and raised in the church, by a TBM hypocrite, who abused my sister and tried to force my activity with his belt, so I am slightly bitter. It is time to reveal. upon the housetops, the many sins I see perpetuated from the very top of the churches hierarchy and what I have to express in my writings will be revealing and of interest to the readers of this blog.

  26. DrCritical, there are eleven listed contributors of this blog, but only ten have published anything, and of those only six of them have published anything in the last year. So, I will put it to a vote. If four of them choose to add you as a contributor, I’ll do it. (And that goes for anyone else who desires to become a contributor of this blog. If 51% of the active contributors want you added, I’ll add you.) Here is the list of contributors active in the last year:

    lds anarchist
    elder chantdown
    one who is watching

    The contributors can use the comment section of this post to cast their vote or just email/wireclub/twitter me.

  27. hey include me in the vote i want to contribute

  28. It seems contrary to the spirit of anarchy to prevent people from contributing without even knowing how they write and what they have to offer.

    And, after all, this is the only true and living LDS anarchy site on the Internet… we wouldn’t want the spirit of anarchy to become corrupted, taking us out of the wide path we are on

    At the very least, it seems like they should be given the opportunity to do a guest post.

    After that, an informed decision can be made.

    Also, I think the entire readership of this blog should vote rather than creating an elite Sanhedrin that determines who posts or not.

    One of those voting utilities could be embedded into a post for allowing viewers to vote on whether a new author adds to the spirit and purpose of the blog.

    The readership of this site has played a huge role in making it one of the most popular alternative LDS blogs, it seems like they should be involved in the decision.

    I realize that you, LDSAnarchy, ultimately and legally have the last say on this, and rightly so, since you are the founder of the site.

    Clearly it was your radical ideas, and charming, but controversial personality, that laid the foundation for the success of this site and it was your articles that engaged people and were responsible for the initial popularity of the site, and I applaud you for that and for your willingness to allow others to be involved in the decision..

    Just my two cents worth.


    If the original decision making proposal is used, I vote in the affirmative

  29. Those are all excellent ideas, OWIW, and I think they should be implemented. Let me look into the WordPress mechanics of how to do that. I’ll post a comment later on.

  30. Okay, I’ve sent out eleven new invitations, to all the people who left comments on this post, asking to become Contributors. Check your email account to accept the invitation. We’ll do it like OWIW suggested. After you publish your first post, the readership will vote whether to make you a full Author. Good luck and have fun, should you accept the invitation.

  31. FYI, Brother Jon has accepted the invitation to be a Contributor.

  32. I like this new mechanism for contributors — sounds like fun to me

  33. FYI, dallon j has now accepted the invitation to be a Contributor.

  34. i tried to submit an article but im not sure if it worked

  35. Is it ready for publication? I can hit the publish button for you, if it’s ready. Let me know.

    Btw, I did make one change to it, since this blog has a G or PG rating (I forget which one it has), cuss words won’t go through. So, I changed one word to “$#!+” for you.

  36. yeah do it

  37. No need to be a contributor, but I will boldly proclaim a few things that will bolster the faith of many. Exciting times we live in! To those who need direction: Start teaching about how the book of revelation is all about personal perfection and every man’s seven chakras, and that all aspects of the temple endowment are all about learning how to part the veil during this mortal existence and we’ll be allowed access to the brother of Jared’s record concerning the history of this world. The preaching globally of the true meaning of the book of revelation comes first.
    Here are a couple pure inspiration freebies for you:
    -Behemoth means this, it is the false form of Zionism or socialism.
    -Leviathan means this, it is the abused form and false impression of polygamy.
    -The great burning means this, it involves sticks burning, graven images, not people. Mankind will face the struggle of having to exercise faith in a God living among them, Messiah Ben Judah, and abandon their scriptures for a true and living God, one that brings new truths, helps them put away childish tales, helps them gird up their loins like a man, and helps them look past the symbols and see the history of this world for what it is. This task will be a difficult task, but that is why one must be spiritually prepared. The Lord will no longer spoon feed us KJV language commandments and guidance. All will be stated plainly, and what could once only be found in the temple or in the mountains will flow like rivers in the lowest valleys, available to all.
    -The covenant of the Book of Mormon means this: the complex business of self improvement and personal perfection. It is the same principles spoken of by John the Revelator. The Book of Mormon begins with birth and ends with death, shows you early on how to let go of the rod to begin tasting the tree of life (progression in the spirit world that we can make during mortal life, before physical death).
    -Joseph was the offering of righteousness given by the sons of Levi. Consequently, Gentiles have been our nursing kings and nursing queens. The fullness of the gentiles is just around the corner and will be ushered in during this era where many are parting the veil without priesthood authority. This is the spirit of the father going forth to all nations. He allows and approves it. The fulness of the gentiles is being ushered in right now, and other grand prophecies are now to be fulfilled, including Joel’s prophecy is right now being fulfilled that young men and maidens will see visions. Indeed, all of the prophecies stated by angel Moroni to Joseph are right now being ushered in, in the process of being fulfilled.
    -The keys have been long gone, or rather, never really served the purpose we now attribute to them. This one of the many examples of why Joseph will soon be referred by his own as the lying prophet, or the prophet who tells lies. But the oracles have stayed with us, or the vessels, or in other words the blessed women of God who are naturally blessed to see through the veil and be true seers. Woe unto those that treat lightly the vessels or oracles of the Lord. And we, Israel, have done just that ever since Joseph left us. Consequently, I will soon reveal truths that will exalt women far above myself and above men in the priesthood. It was meant to be equal, and in fact, one of the great mysteries involves exalted angelic beings feeling compassion for man, presenting a plan to the council, a plan that would bring man up to higher spiritual realms of women. It was originally planned that way, the fall taking place to exalt man. Adonai is plural for a female word. Eloah, the great heavenly mother. Yeshuah is a female form, with no masculine version at all. There is a reason angels are all men, as current heavenly women are so exalted as to not deal directly with this sphere of probation.
    Once my life is through, I will have exalted woman further than anyone in the history of the world, and I am a man’s man — far from a woman, and I have nothing to gain. Truth is an easy thing to reveal.

    Phew! I could type for an eternity. So much that has gone unrevealed. Joseph would be shocked, and will be.
    I am not a nut, but I have to unload all these promptings and inspirations somewhere. I am a devout member, executive sec., hard working business owner, and lately, receiver of some serious and unexpected and almost innumerable revelations. Exciting times.

    Oh what the hell, let’s keep going. Why plug up and overflowing surge. Pertaining to the next revealings I give: We are no longer in the eras of “to him that hath ears to hear.” Nope. You get it straight, and you will reject it at the cost of your own degrees of glory. Hear all you Mormons and Christian world, all Jews and Muslims, the prophecy of the suffering servant, the Messiah, was 150 years ago fulfilled. The New Testament is far more tampered with than you ever imagined. All old testament prophecies that were apparently fulfilled by one Jesus Christ, are all in appropriately applied, out of place, taken out of context, and always originally referring to an end times scenario. Hear all, Joseph Smith Jr. fulfilled the Messiah prophecies like a lamb to the slaughter. For someone to see it the way I see it, they have to reconstruct their view completely — and that is probably the hardest part. They have to take a big step back AFTER taking a few steps back….and then they have to take a few more. They need take the uplifting spirit of the New Testament, and then re-approach the prophecies of the Old Testament. They need to forget they are Christians, and but approach the Bible as a Jewish Mormon would. I suppose a few points and questions help pull somebody in the right direction:

    -Prophecy is here to help us, not confuse us with multuple fulfillments. When this gift is used by one chosen by God, its purpose is to simplify, clarify, and enlighten. Prophecy will have one fulfillment, and multiple beautiful meanings that poetically have various layers attesting to that same single event. In other words, if I was going to prophecy that:

    “Gene ran his normal route to the bus stop to catch a ride on the Greyhound”

    I would be pointing to that event, and if any other events shared similarities, it would simply be coincidental, but it would cleverly worded and deep in meaning, something like:

    “He shall make haste in a specific sequence that he may go faster than he can run, to that place where going he must stop, sitting where sleeping dogs never lie.”

    Now, once the event takes place, those with the spirit AND with a sickly obsession to study until their eyes almost bleed, will be able to see the subtle details that makes the reader both smile and go “wow, no way” and also confirm that the prophecy points to that singular event. That reader would smile at the author’s use of “specific sequence” referring to the name Gene which involves the definition of the noun Gene and its relationship to DNA. That reader would chuckle and lovingly gaze up to the heavens at the author, when he noticed how subtly the phrase “going he must stop” referred to a bus stop, and “sleeping dogs never lie” unquestionably pointed to a Greyhound bus. The book is then closed, the prophecy fulfilled, done and done.

    That is the eternal nature of the Gods. The goal is not to confuse or distort, but exalt and confirm.

  38. I KNOW YOU KNOW what the definition is of the name of your site…

    The Merriam-Webster Dictionary
    Definition of ANARCHIST
    1. a person who rebels against any authority, established order, or ruling power.
    2. a person who believes in, advocates, or promotes anarchism or anarchy; especially: one who uses violent means to overthrow the established order.

    Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged
    anarchist [ˈænəkɪst]
    1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a person who advocates the abolition of government and a social system based on voluntary cooperation.
    2. a person who causes disorder or upheaval: anarchistic adj.

    Random House Kernerman Webster’s College Dictionary
    an•ar•chist (ˈæn ər kɪst)
    1. a person who advocates or believes in anarchy or anarchism.
    2. a person who seeks to overturn by violence all constituted forms and institutions of society and government, with no purpose of establishing any other system of order.
    3. a person who excites revolt against any established rule, law, or custom: an`ar•chis′tic, adj.

    Yes you know what the definition is… as do most people who find this blog. But wanting people to sit up and take notice of the articles posted here is a little bit much with your name and logo. I found your site years ago, and never did give it much thought until finding it a half dozen more times over the years. Most people are not that diligent.

    What the name of your site says to others is you believe in destroying the LDS Church Hierarchy by violence if need be and you promote disorder by causing disorder or upheaval, with no purpose of establishing any other system of order in its place other than Anarchy.

    I do not believe in Anarchy, I believe in a Renaissance, or ‘An LDS Renaissance’ if you will. When a people, society, or church has a period of enlightenment, as it has always come throughout the ages, it has not been in the periods of Anarchy, but Spiritual Renaissance. Issac Newton, the Founding Fathers of the united States Constitution, Joseph Smith, but to name a few recent Renaissance in history (different disciplines). One may wishes to debate what constitutes a Renaissance, but it is self-evident that they do occur.

    Maybe I am misreading you and others desires as to what you and they really want to happen here. I have read enough to know everyone here abhors violence and are not trying to destroy the Church. Everyone sees her apostasy and wishes she would repent, but that is not the usual pattern of apostate churches throughout time.

    So why hang on to a name that does not befit your goals? Your ‘Open Copyright’ befits such a place of distinction and honor, why not be so bold as to be open to a name change and stand as the place where the ‘Enlightenment of Mormonism’ can be found? I would be willing to support such an adventure then and post articles.


  39. you can find a lot of definitions of anarchy that are completely different. if people are too stubborn to realize there is more than one interpretation of a word that is their problem. “renaissances” seem beautiful to the rich white men in charge of them. ask the serfs and jews and women and accused witches and slaves and victims of the crusades if the renaissance was a good time for them like it was for newton, or the slaveholders who wrote the constitiution.

    anarchy is peace, anarchy is exactly what god wants “But, verily I say unto you that in time ye shall have no king nor ruler, for I will be your king and watch over you.” no king but the king of kings, i will accept no king, ruler, leader, commander, police, or head-man of any kind until the christ has come, or he or she is appointed by the voice of common consent. that’s what anarchy means, that no one has dominion or control over anyone else, that every man is free to follow his heart and excercise his agency to the fullest

  40. Shalom,

    Like I said, ‘One may wishes to debate what constitutes a Renaissance’. I guess you missed the Renaissance that the Serfs and Jews and Women and Witches and Slaves have all had…

    You might even be implying that the word ‘Anarchy’ has had a Renaissance or face uplift with the advent of the internet… I just do not by it.

    But I NEVER SAID what to call it! It not my place to name it for you. If you need me to make a few suggestions, how about LDSEnlightened, MormonismEnlightenment, EgalitarianLDS, MormonsAutarky, just to offer a few ideas to get one thinking about the possibilities.

  41. KoZ,

    So why hang on to a name that does not befit your goals?

    At the time I started this blog (and thought up the name to it), I prayed to the Lord about it and felt inspired to create the blog with the name “LDS Anarchy”. But you and anyone else is free to believe that there is no inspiration behind the name.

    Your ‘Open Copyright’ befits such a place of distinction and honor, why not be so bold as to be open to a name change and stand as the place where the ‘Enlightenment of Mormonism’ can be found?

    Besides the fact that I felt inspired to give the blog the name it currently has, which is the only reason that is important to me, “LDS Anarchy” sounds pretty cool to my ears.

    If you are interested in posting on the LDS Anarchy blog under the LDS Anarchy banner and name, let me know and I’ll set you up.

  42. I really did not feel you would consider such a far reaching concept. I knew you probably had inspiration, personal attachment, and you basically like the imagery…

    Agency is a continual chain of decisions, not isolated to one single decision or event in time. Revelations are very much the same, hence the great disparity of some when additional insights are revealed or given even when many times they are not sought after. All things are never stagnant, they are either moving forward or away, ascending or descending towards perfection or the reverse.

    The test of ones metal is not in the making or organization, but is found in the living or walking the Path. I am not here to point out your path… I am only pointing out possibilities most likely never considered. The real measure of a true servant is found in hearing Father’s will over their own, and then continuing to listen.

    Thy will be done, not my will. For no greater purpose or deed can be done in this world, then the building up of His kingdom, the salvation of man and the exaltation of those whom are given Him.

  43. KoZ, I have not had any inspiration to change the blog name or image. I do appreciate the suggestions, though. You can be assured that if I do get inspired to make any changes, I will do so immediately.

  44. I wonder how and when I get into this blog, was it last year or this year it doesn’t matter for now, I would like to guess those who come by are either constrained to go or stay, but for them who are able to read herein and finding some good word to live by are likely to stay,(being a slow reader that I am and bilingual-lol) while logo icon and name are sort of gatekeeper/s.

  45. I think you hit the nail on the head, skyglynn. The name and symbol, and maybe even the color scheme, serve as some sort of filter, or gatekeepers, as you put it.

  46. LDS Anarchist, I’m working on a book project that you might be interested in contributing to. Would you send me an email so I can get you details privately?

  47. LDS Anarchist,
    I just found your blog from The title immediately caught my attention because I recently became anarchist, and of course, I’m LDS. I have only skimmed a few articles so far, but the excitement I’m feeling about finding such information that I can relate to is actually making it difficult to concentrate. I’ll have to read more later.
    I’m sure you have several articles about this, but I’ve been thinking about the similarities between the benefits of anarchy and the LDS social concept of Zion. People associate the word “anarchy” with the word “chaos,” but this is a limited belief that is imposed upon us to keep us oppressed and controlled. And it’s interesting to realize that there are some similar systems set in place within the LDS church. Don’t get me wrong, I am very Mormon, but I am not afraid of thinking about anything or studying anything – in fact I crave it. Most of the constricting concepts that are present in the LDS church are not from the “authorities” of the church, but from the culture of the culture of the Mormon people, as well as changes that have taken place since Joseph Smith. My faith in the gospel was in fact greatly restored when I accepting the fallibility of the church and personal freedom of belief.
    The church is in an interesting and rather contradictory position. The government is obviously a social construct of external control. The philosophy is “people are animals and need laws and restrictions and brute force in order have ‘peace.'” Whereas the church has a mixture. On one hand, the church (and religion in general I guess) has laws and requirements that must be obeyed in order to be in good standing with God (aka, have a temple recommend, etc). On the other hand we must have internal motivation to transcend this mortality. Alan Watts identifies this as a double bind. You HAVE to want to. You are required by church standards and laws to do what is necessary for salvation. That’s like telling someone you have no choice but to be free.
    Just sharing my initial thoughts as I come across this awesome blog. If the option is still on the table I’d be very interested in the possibility of becoming a contributor.

  48. Greg, I just sent you an invitation to contribute. Check your email account to accept it.

  49. LDSAnarchist,
    I’ve followed this site for many years now. I am an anarchist as well as a well respected member of the church. Could you or anyone comment on the D&C scripture which states: “Let no man break the laws of the land, for he that keepeth the laws of God hath no need to break the laws of the land.” I don’t know how to take this. Thank you so much!

  50. vulijigo,

    See the post, Talking to myself.

  51. Awesome!

  52. I really love your blog. I am a Latter-day Saint and an anarchist as well. I’m a writing professor in New Jersey, have published fiction and non-fiction, and for a short while had a philosophy blog, which I’ve included the link for. Check out the blog or my nonfiction in the Brooklyn Rail, and let me know if you think I’d be a worthwhile contributor to the blog.

    Also, do you guys accept donations via bitcoin? I would love to support in any way I can. God bless,


  53. LDSA, I second this motion about you setting up a bitcoin address for donations. Perhaps this way you could crowd-source your silver coin project or something like that.

  54. Steve,

    I’ve sent you an invitation to contribute to the LDS Anarchy blog. I don’t have any experience with Bitcoins, nor would I know what to do with them or, in other words, how to use them to benefit this blog. No one here receives any money as a blog contributor and the blog itself is a free Word Press blog, so there are no costs involved. It’s just a labor of love, or perhaps we are all just addicted to blogging. Donating money (or Bitcoins) would be unnecessary, then, ’cause we can get our fix just by publishing another post. Thanks for the vote of Bitcoin-fidence, though.

  55. jackdale76,

    I don’t know the first thing about Bitcoins, or how to use them to crowd-source the Bartering Currency. If there were a way to do that so that all the dies of the currency could be made by people donating Bitcoins, I’d be all for that, but I haven’t the foggiest. If you or someone you know knows how to make that work, please let me know. As far as I know, the mint only accepts USD, but I could find out if they accept Bitcoins. Honestly, I never thought to ask… If it turns out they do accept Bitcoins, then I guess I’ll have to look into it. But if they don’t accept Bitcoins, is there a way to convert Bitcoins into cash? If so, is it easy to set up a Bitcoin address to receive donations? It could be that with Bitcoin donations the dies could be rather quickly purchased and the currency launched in a big way… Don’t know why I never thought of this before. Now you’ve got my mind pondering on this…

  56. Hey it’s Steve. I just set up my Word Press account, and I’m happy to start blogging now that the semester is coming to an end. It would not be difficult at all to set up a Bitcoin address for LDSAnarchy. You could publish the blog’s QR code on any page of the site, and anyone who uses Bitcoin could easily send money to that address with one click, even while they are reading a post. They can send fractions of pennies, anything. Spending privileges for the donations can be divided among however many people you want LDS Anarchist. I would be happy to walk you through this. I think anarchists should be looking into the potential of Bitcoin. In fact, I was thinking that my first post would be related to Decentralized Systems (Bitcoin being one of them) and how they relate to God’s power.

  57. Everyone, stevelds has accepted the invitation to become a contributor.

    Steve, be my guest and start blogging whenever and on whatever topics you want. Also, concerning Bitcoins, I’m still looking into it and I’ll get back to you on that. Thanks for the offer to walk me through it.

  58. we can see from the vision that the angel showed to Nephi that we are in the final phase before John’s writings.

    We read in 1 Nephi 14 verse 11

    “11 And it came to pass that I looked and beheld the whore of all the earth, and she sat upon many waters; and she had dominion over all the earth, among all nations, kindreds, tongues, and people”

    This guy states it eloquently in just two minutes listen to the 29 minute mark

    We need not fear because the angel told Nephi that the pit dug will be filled by those that digged it.

  59. LDS Anarchist, it’s Steve. Is there a way to add a profile to the “contributors” section of the blog? It’s my first time using WordPress. Thanks so much.

  60. Steve, just send it to me using the blog contact form on the right hand side of each blog page and I’ll put it up.

  61. The Mormon “Word of Wisdom” supports marijuana.

    Now, please hold misconceptions until the end.

    D&C 89

    4 Behold, verily, thus saith the Lord unto you: In consequence of evils and designs which do and will exist in the hearts of conspiring men in the last days, I have warned you, and forewarn you, by giving unto you this word of wisdom by revelation

    10 And again, verily I say unto you, all wholesome herbs God hath ordained for the constitution, nature, and use of man—

    11 Every herb in the season thereof, and every fruit in the season thereof; all these to be used with prudence and thanksgiving.

    It is important to note that word of wisdom was prefaced with “In consequence of evils and designs which do and will exist in the hearts of conspiring men in the last days”. Can we say drug companies, private prisons, drug cartels?

    Now wholesome herbs is mentioned as ordained for the constitution and use of man, to be used with prudence. Can we say that Marijuana is a wholesome herb? I say it has been proven beyond all doubt that it IS a wholesome herb. To be “used with prudence” would mean for “medical” purposes, no substance should be abused.

    It is important to understand the difference between implicit and explicit. Marijuana it currently implicitly against the Mormon Word of Wisdom is as much as it is currently illegal. Unlike Alcohol or tobacco which are explicitly against the Word of Wisdom. I believe there have been enough studies to explain why those two specific substances would be explicitly mentioned.

    I, as a faithful practicing Mormon, believe the Word of Wisdom leaves room for medicinal Marijuana. And I support medical marijuana legalization. 

  62. I am interested in contributing. As you can read on Quora, I am a “Mormon anarchist.” See some of my work at

  63. Invitation to contribute sent, Rhett.

  64. I would like to be consider Ed for LDS Anarchy.
    I recently retired from a blended career in media ( journalist, marketing) and non-profits management (Oceanside Division of Family Practice and Nanaimo Addiction Foundation). I’ve been published over the years in the Ensign (eg. Parable of the Lilacs) and Church News, but did not make either a professional priority. I was a correspondent for the Lethbridge Herald, staff writer for the Business Examiner ( under the name Geri Sera) on Vancouver Island aming others.
    I’ve left comments on Anonymous Bishop under the name Gramma.
    I am a convert to the Church of 54 yrs, but after retirement had the time to truly delve into church history, Ogden Kraut etc. My testimony of the restoration is firmly intact as is that of the Prophet Joseph.
    As a nonprofit manager I had a horrific “heads up” about the Church’s policies, practices and corporate focus when the tithing slip changed. In Canada, a tactic like that would be seen as mismanagement of funds when administration wants full control of donor dollars. It also means donors are not respected and appreciated. I believe that same mindset mindset is apparent with the church, evidenced by the lack of financial transparency in reporting.
    I’ve made gospel study a priority all my adult life and I’ve held responsible Ward positions over the years (turned down Stake calls as I felt they were too often lacking true value in meeting member needs.
    I’ve been an avid genealogist for most of 45 yrs and probably learned my overall research skills as a journalist from that passion.
    Hope this info base meets your needs.

  65. Invitation sent. Welcome aboard.

  66. I wish to voice my utilitarian perspective concerning the potential dubiousness of anarchism permeating this website. While I appreciate, admire, and gain from your errors and insights, I must express that I find many structural facets of this site to be in violation of true anarchism. These are, namely, the rules laid out concerning censorship and authority. I wish to make clear, however, that I do not intend to deliberate on whether LDS faith and anarchism are compatible ideas, even though I believe they are, have been, and will be. I simply wish to restore a younger impression of anarchism, one unfettered by apologism.

    Firstly, I think that many of your concepts of authority are skewed. You will see that I have made no mention of the question of ethics regarding rules inherently, because I believe that they exist and should exist. And I do believe as a moderator in the universe of anarchical systems, God plays a crucial role in influencing those rules. I think that God as the sole authority built a perfect framework for peaceful anarchical living, and that all unequal platforms of authoritarianship cause digression and violence. I find that this blog is encumbered by the weight of your influence, and is an example of digressive authority. It is not beneficial to the group to act as a biased administrator.

    Secondly, the process by which one becomes a contributor on this forum is not rightly in spirit with a free and open anarchical society. Why should any man subject himself to the scrutiny of an administrator in order to join his group? Is he not inherently capable of merging himself freely to his whim? Furthermore, I find your no-profanity provision to be equally vexing. If a self-proclaimed anarchist felt that it was his right and duty to shame those who may not speak goodly, then I say the real shame is on them and their hypocrisies. I can be profane if I damn well want to be, and if you don’t like it, then I don’t want to be a part of your stupid club anyway.

    Well, now that my head’s on straight again…

    Thank you for the floor.

  67. I appreciate components of this response to the contributor invitation.
    My observation after having asked about contributing, then trialing “administration”by posting comments first has led me to “believe” the administrator, while well studied and informed, finds great displeasure with replies that are not in alignment with the anarchist.
    While that is “agency” it isn’t conducive to contributing, for it leads readers and possible contributors that there is only ONE voice within this anarchy forum- that of the writer/administrator.
    Anarchy and agency may be good bedfellows, but perhaps administration on this site, (like God’s kingdom) requires absolute knowledge of adminstrative parameters that eliminate the capacity for the administrator to allow for a contributing anarchist’s voice.
    What might have been a good outlet for anarchist varying perspectives proves not to be the case, sadly.

  68. gachesonmailcom,

    My observation after having asked about contributing, then trialing “administration”by posting comments first has led me to “believe” the administrator, while well studied and informed, finds great displeasure with replies that are not in alignment with the anarchist.

    I’m not exactly sure what you are talking about. There is only one administrator of this blog, and it is me, LDS Anarchist. Justin is an Editor, which allows him to do a lot of stuff, but he mainly just takes comments out of the moderation queue when I’m not around. So, exactly what is your grief with my administration?

  69. What exactly is the electric gravity theory? I thought of something similar but I wanna hear about yours.

  70. Sven, I don’t have an electric gravity theory, but I believe the Holoscience web site published such a theory. Click the link to go there.

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