Happy 8th Birthday, LDS Anarchy Blog! – Significant Posts Edition

The LDS Anarchy blog has been around since October 7th, 2007.  Today marks its eighth birthday.  As my own eighth birthday was my all-time favorite birthday, and as that year in which I was 8 years old—between my 8th and 9th birthdays, i.e., my ninth year—turned out to be my all-time favorite year, the number 8 also turned out to be my favorite number growing up, as can be expected, (but I no longer have a favorite number.)  So, I thought that the blog required a post to celebrate its eighth birthday.

Here then is a list of eight (really, nine) posts of mine, one from each of the eight years of this blog’s existence (plus one more), that were especially significant or impactful to me, or that I think might end up being impactful to others or to society as a whole.  Feel free to type out your own list of 8 (or 9) impactful LDS Anarchy posts in the comments below.  (My list will undoubtedly not be the same as yours.)



Joseph Smith’s Daguerreotype – An Appeal for Help

I have a sneaky suspicion that we have not heard the last from this curious daguerreotype, and that it may end up having more than a cursory impact on the world.  But if not, it surely had impact on me and I am glad that I spotted it.



Introducing a new bartering currency—the first coin: 1/2 Troy oz pure silver .999 fine

This manifested currency will not have a cursory impact, but will have a huge impact on the entire world.  There is a whole lot more than meets the eye to this thing, and I got the latest scoop, but I ain’t telling.  (Sometimes it is best to leave things as a surprise.)   So, I gotta mark this one as going to be very significant and impactful.



The Split-Brain Model of the Gospel

If people knew the ultra-adverse circumstances under which this post was written, they would be flabbergasted.  Every time I think back to those days, when I was composing it, I myself am dumbfounded.  I don’t know if it will affect anyone else, but for me, it brought a whole lot of things into view that previously I had not seen.



An alternate view of the keys

Again, I don’t know if this post is significant to others, but to me the prophecies and teachings in it helped clear up a lot of prior confusion.



“…and the labor which they had to perform was to look…”

There were other significant posts during this year, such as Lehi’s Trek to China and North America and How to receive what you ask for, but, although the above was tiny compared to these other two, it packed a wallop as far as potential impact on society as a whole, for all must learn to perform this labor, and it has had a huge effect on me.



The Strength of the Lord

This year was not one of many posts, (for me, at least), and so there isn’t much to choose from, nor are they of the highest quality or of ground-breaking topics, but regardless, this particular post, or the information in it, will have a huge impact on society because it reveals that the strength of the Lord was a supernatural miracle.  This is extremely important to understand, because this miracle is coming back, to be first demonstrated by the Josephite, who will be taken out of his weakness and made (miraculously) strong.



The faith of God, part fourteen: God is a miracle worker, not a scientist

This one is significant because it corrects a major error had among latter-day saints.  I’m not sure what kind of impact it will have, but it had a major effect on me, for it fully lays out one of the reasons why we can put all our trust in God, without any hesitation, whatsoever.



Book of Mormon surnames: the meaning of the -ites and “people of”

The post (and its correction in the follow-up comments) is significant because it gives the future name of the Josephite: Joseph-Nephi-Lehi.  The Josephite and his ministry will have such a gigantic impact in our day, that being able to correctly identify him is vitally important.  I have written several posts about this guy, detailing what he will be doing, what instruments he will be using, what his name will be, his age, his stature, and so forth, as I have been given understanding about him, because his significance cannot be stressed enough.  Although I have told my sons much more about him than I have released on this blog, that does not downplay what is written in these various posts about him.  To me this stuff strikes me as of paramount importance.



They did it for prosperity, dominion, discovery, diversity, defense and memorial

Arguably, this was a toss-up between the above post and The New Articles of Confederation (NAC).  Which will have greater impact on society?  On the surface, it would appear to be the NAC, based upon what I wrote in the 13-article essays on it, but the NAC, as great an effect it will have on this nation, and also on the world, will pale in comparison to that which the prosperity miracle and anti-prosperity miracle will have on world society.  The NAC can be thought of as a set-up for the re-introduction of the prosperity and anti-prosperity miracles.  When these miracles are unleashed upon society (through the faith of the Josephite), conditions will so vastly alter as to make the NAC’s rather large alteration of conditions of almost no consequence.  This post, then, is significant and impactful because it teaches us that these specific things are coming back with a vengeance.

The LDS Anarchy blog serves as a repository for my thoughts.  (It has never been an attempt at mere popularity.)  And there are a whole lot more thoughts in my head that I have yet to put down on paper or type into a computer, let alone publicly release on this blog.  Some of these things must and will stay in my head, some of them I have and will continue to release privately, to my sons or others in real life, while other thoughts, if they strike me as important that the public know, will continue to be released on this blog.  I fully expect, therefore, that the LDS Anarchy blog will continue unabated for the present time.  I certainly felt inspired to start this blog and I have received no inspiration saying to shut it down.  In fact, the only indication that I have received is that this blog will yet be of even greater usefulness in the future, that there is some strange purpose to it that pertains to the future, and that what lies in the future, concerning this blog, may yet outshine what has come before.  Who knows what interesting information and new concepts are yet to come out of it?  The last eight years have certainly produced some novel ideas here, found absolutely nowhere else.  If the past can tell us of the future, then I think it is a safe bet that it hasn’t filled up its cup of curiosities, just yet.  So, Happy Birthday, LDS Anarchy!  May this next year be your absolute best, and our all-time favorite!

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  1. Happy Birthday! LDS Anarchy!

  2. I’d say that Tribal Worship Services in 2010 and How to Receive What You Ask For in 2011 were highly influential on where I’m at today in my LDS faith today.

    … since we’re at the age of Blog-Accountability now — what are we going to do with ourselves?

  3. …we’re at the age of Blog-Accountability…


  4. It’s just my 5-year birthday — but I’ll go ahead and do my greatest hits too, I suppose.

    2010 Tribal Relationships: basically, this was the combination of my understanding of Joseph Smith’s polygamy and the evolution of human sexuality — and how the two of those seemed to both have settled on multihusband-multiwife family units as the pattern we brought with us from our premortal family life, and the same sociality that will exist in the here-after coupled with eternal glory.

    2011 The Garment, with additions: this represents how I both currently wear my priesthood garment and how I explain the significance of the garment to others — which is basically to say that I don’t wear two sets of clothing [priesthood garments on top of my normal, everyday garments] unless I’m going to be doing that anyway. If I’m going to only be wearing one layer of clothing, I just use normal, everyday clothing that has the marks of the priesthood cut into them — so that I stay continuously reminded of my obligations to Jesus.

    2012 The Concept of Race, in the Gospel: this one got 130-something comments because some people still think there is value in holding onto “genetic-purity” doctrines that don’t make any sense anymore, given what we know about the DNA of the human family. Genome analyses have demonstrated that if you select any random person from the time of Noah or Abraham or even Moses — that that person is either related to 100% of the humans alive today or they’re related to none of us. So how can any person be “cursed” because of who they’re related to? Either we’re all cursed, or none of us are.

    2013 Marriage Equality: another highly-commented post — and also, I think it’s good evidence for the fact that not everyone on this site agrees with each other, and that’s just fine with me. It definitely describes a still-relevant issue — which is what role does the state have in authorizing marriage unions, especially as it pertains to religions having views on marriage that may conflict with the rest of the society at-large.

    2014 The Pattern for the Sacrament: As Given by 3 Nephi 18: this represents how my family now partakes of the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper in remembrance of His sacrifice [we still go to the LDS Church’s Sunday administration, but will partake of the ordinance as a family event when the need arises]. The pattern given in 3 Nephi 18 is of an ordinance in which a body of believers in Christ gather together, sit themselves down upon the earth, ordain/set-apart one person from among the group to bless and distribute bread and wine, in remembrance of the body and blood of Jesus, to every member of the group until each one is filled with the bread and wine.

    2015 Master, Master, We Perish: I wrote this post as a reminder to myself that just because we are following the Lord’s plan, and even if we have Him in the “boat” with us — this is no guarantee that events in our life will go “good” [according to our definition of the word]. He might have led us into something that’s going to go quite “badly” [again, according to our judgement], and will even be lazily sleeping at moments where we feel like we ought to need Him the most.

  5. I just want to put a link down here that I got off of OWIW’s blog to look at later:

    Male Microchimerism in the Human Female Brain

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