Babylon and Money, Sacred Symbols and Secret Combinations


Over the course of a few years study, I have come to a knowledge of a few things that fundamentally changed my lifestyle.  I won’t go into all the details for the sake of brevity, but suffice it to say that over the course of this fundamental consciousness shift I have been impressed upon by the spirit to share some of the many aspects of the things I have come to believe.  This is the purpose of this post, to somehow start to satisfy the promptings I have been receiving, in the hopes that another of my brothers or sisters out there may have the opportunity to find some truth, and in finding said truth come to a peace and contentment that only the truth can bring.  I ask the reader to give honest diligence to the things that I write, and to prove my conclusions through prayer and personal study.  This topics covered in this post have been covered by others, and so I have decided to stay light on the theory and show more in factual substance the descent into a full on Babylon culture.

The most fundamental tenant of Babylon is competition.  This competition is used by the adversary to place us in a false paradigm, one in which we cannot see reality as it truly faces us.  Through the competition illusion, we do not see our brothers as ourselves.  We cannot view the group as one unit, but rather we see ourselves as individuals striving to maintain our own desires and needs.  Clearly this is in opposition to the plan of God, in which he states clearly “If you are not one, you are not mine.”  While Babylon works to change our perceptions of ourselves and our brothers and sisters, Money becomes the key tool to separate us.  Money has the unique ability to represent, at first glance, a variety of things.  It can represent food, stability, affluence, transportation, housing, and most importantly, time.  As our brother Lucifer taught us, “you can buy anything in this world for money”, and in that simple phrase is a great lesson.  Money, at its most basic, is time.  It is an exchange of your LIVED EVENTS, YOUR MORTAL EXPERIENCE, your effort and breath and heartbeat from moment to moment, for something else entirely.  Over the course of human history, money has come in various forms.  This currency, while it changes from culture to culture, is always representative of this fundamental exchange of our time, given us as a gift of God, for the ability to buy something.  Now, with this tool of deception firmly in place in Babylon, few people realize that they are trading their God given gift of life for their new car or home or basket full of groceries.  As a society draws further and further away from  the knowledge that they are trading their time for material wealth, they are more and more easily deceived. This pattern can be seen in the scriptures time and time again.  Costly apparel, education from one of Babylon’s many universities of higher learning, and many other things cause class distinctions, which are a representation that we have left the oneness that we experience when we are reconciled to God through Christ.  Now, these things are not new to this blog.  What I want to delve into is the symbols that follow this descent into Babylonian idolatry, what they represent, and how they show us, as a great prophet once said, how to “awake to a sense of your awful situation, because of this secret combination which shall be among you”.  I believe that our first Prophet of this dispensation gave us a means to cleanse ourselves from the blood and sins of this generation.  This is my life long goal, to cleanse myself and my family from the wickedness of Babylon.  We cannot leave Babylon and build Zion until we have been able to recognize the symbols of Babylon, and of the secret combination that always rules Babylon.

We know that symbolism is a powerful tool in both God’s and Satan’s hands.  We have hopefully been taught some of the sacred symbols which God uses to bring us into an awareness of him.  As with all aspects of the Gospel, it should be no surprise that Satan pollutes the sacred symbols of God in an effort to deceive.  When Satan hijacks or perverts otherwise holy symbols, what is the result?  Confusion, misunderstanding, illusion, deceit.  If we are not vigilant in understanding the sacred symbols of God, and their perversions by the secret combination among us, we will be lead away as sheep to an awful destruction.   Luckily, with the spirit of the one true God guiding us, it is really not that difficult to see, feel, and know which things draw us to him, and which lead us away.  For starters, The holy symbols of God in their purity ARE NEVER used by the secret occult societies of the world.  As we study, say, the skull and bones, bohemian grove, the Illuminati, masonry, the knights Templar, etc, we find symbol upon symbol being used.  Christ’s words are powerful.  “By their fruits ye shall know them”.  Thus, when you study the history and actions of these societies, and you see they are evil and in competition with God and their fellow man, you can then know that the symbols they use are bastardizations of the holy symbols of God.  To see the destruction and chaos that the secret society among us is perpetrating, you need only follow the money.  Remember, Money is the root of all evil.  It divides us, it helps us justify our sin, it gives us a false sense of security by providing material comforts.

As I began to study and understand these topics, in a depth we have not even scratched here, it lead my brother and I to make some simple decisions.  These decisions were easy for us to make, yet seemed pretty crazy to most people we spoke to about them.  We saw symbols, patterns, and witnesses to the state of awful wickedness that had developed in our society.  This lead us to conclude that usury and its effects are evil, and that we could not join ourselves in any way with any institution or corporation that had joined itself with the principles of usury, exemplified in all their false glory by the Big Banks more than any other institutions.  So, we closed all our accounts.  We decided that it would be our goal to totally get out, to run from any organization that seemed to support these banks and the principles behind them.  This goal has grown larger and larger in scope for us, and the more we strive to get away, the more our minds are opened to the pervasive nature of these secret societies, and how they have fully taken over our world.  The people that run the banks, own the food supply, the oil companies, the big retailers.  You cannot buy food, drive a car, even turn on the lights in your house, without inadvertently supporting the secret combination.  Luckily, with faith and perseverance and dedication, and especially repentance, you can get out.  Along the way, you will be able to see clearer and clearer the symbols of dominance and control and competition that are being employed by “The combination” to show us exactly what they are doing.  With this knowledge, we can know the truth, live free of deception, and eventually come into total oneness with God, nature, and Christ, once we are living totally free of Babylon and Babylonian influence.

The symbol on the top of the page is on the cashiers check we paid our rent with today.  It is a inverted pentagram, like the one Joseph put on the Nauvoo temple, but its inside a pyramid, with hands clasping to make another pentagram within the pentagram.  The hands clasping are no coincidence.  The secret combination uses these symbols which all of us who have been endowed should be familiar with.  This symbol is clear.  The pyramid in which it is all focused is another clear symbol.  Be ye not deceived, see these things all around you.  Our apartment complex wont let us pay rent with cash, but even that is covered in the same symbols!  We hope and pray that we, as well as any and all who read this, can be free of this iniquity, and SOON.  We have it as our goal to provide all our own energy, food, transportation, and clothing.  This is our goal because we cannot find a system to trade our time for money, and then money for those things, that is worthy of that trade, and that is not corrupted by this secret combination.  It is had among all people’s, and it bringeth pass our destruction if we cannot recognize it, and leave it.  For our own benefit, and for the benefit of our posterity.  Lets get the hell out of this babylonian insanity!  HURRAH FOR ZION!!!!!!