There’s a certain type of woman. Really, she’s a kind of woman. She is kind of a woman meaning she is not completely a ‘woman’ nor is she truly ‘kind’. I am speaking of the so-called women like Sheri L. Dew et al. Far less of a woman than Mother Theresa or even Salma Hayek et al., women who are incomplete are not women at all. And all women, yes, ALL women, are endowed with biological plus spirilogical genes from an earthly set of parents as well as a Heavenly Mother AND Father. To be a woman in all ways, entails and incorporates divine masculine qualities that no one can deny or mess with, without suffering dire consequences leading to spiritual and then physical death. That’s exactly what happened to our first parent(s) who ceased to be one and sinned against Father in the Garden of Eden. I say that they are NOT women, who deny the Eternal Father through refusing to properly exercise their Internal Father – those who would feign helplessness for the purposes of depending upon the arm of flesh and “inducing labor” on the part of men for funding the vanities of Babylon that Great Whore. So while there is a “kinda woman” who promotes worldly fashion for fascists, a mockery of Mother Eve, the Eva Braun type who provides the real brawn for evil, and although this class of prophet preventing jezabel is found to be increasingly common in latter-day gentile marriages – it is not this wicked and wimpy woman who interests me. To be a whole woman, is to be a holy woman, and it is this beautiful jewel of a woman, fertile and versatile, blessed among all women, who, in the immortal words of Billy Joel, is – “Always a Woman to Me.”

feminazis and fundamentalists

What is the role of real women in this world which is passing away, and in the bringing forth of Zion out of the Earth which doth travail like a woman in labor? The real role of women can not be ascertained except by the Holy Spirit. One thing is for sure, the role assigned to the woman by the Creator is nothing like the traditions of the various nations and cultures who have interpreted the gospel over the last few thousand years. If it were, Zion would have long ago been delivered upon the face of the Earth. This coy creature is not a creation of God but of man, who, in cooperation with the devil, has passive-aggressively developed a genetically modified gender that is reluctant to take a stand or speak out against corruption, especially when doing so would cause inconveniences for the manic man who presides over the whole operation.

Micah 4:13
Arise, and thresh, Rise up and crush the nations, O daughter of Zion, for I will give you horns of iron; I will give you hoofs of bronze and you will break to pieces many nations. You will devote their ill-gotten gains to the LORD, their wealth to the Lord of all the earth.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Iron Man. When we think of iron we think of strength and we may be accustomed to directing any thoughts of strength in action to the male. But iron is, in fact, a chemical element designated by the symbol ( Fe ) and wise men/women know that the Fe-male is actually stronger in that she has a naturally higher threshold for pain. Adam can certainly be praised for his carefulness but Eve is the brave one. Wisdom itself is personified as female. The divine wisdom, known to Sophists, Sufis and all truly Spiritually Sophisticated souls as Sophia, represents the Heavenly Mother who contributes half of our spiritual genes. The mere man will always be impressed when he beholds the strength of the womb-man, leading him to proclaim “Whoah man!” If the secret of advanced power to effect change on the physical plane is in the combination of Fe and Male transforming ‘man’ into Ironman (a superhero deriving powers from and literally propelled by his heart) then it may be worthwhile to examine the element of iron more closely.

Iron is the most common element (by mass) forming the planet Earth asironwoman a whole, forming much of Earth’s out-her and in-her core, so it is heavily associated with our Mother Earth. Iron oxidizes in normal air to give hydrated iron oxides, commonly known as rust. Unlike many other metals which form passivating oxide layers, iron oxides occupy more volume than the iron metal itself, and thus iron oxides flake off and expose fresh surfaces for corrosion. This process is closely mirrored within the Fe-male’s body where iron forms complexes with molecular oxygen in hemoglobin and myoglobin; these two compounds are common oxygen transport proteins which accumulate and are shed in monthly cycles.
Isis Madonna Horns of Iron

Now the scripture says horns of iron. Why? Fresh iron surfaces appear lustrous silvery-gray. Lustrous silvery-gray horns sound like a crescent moon to me. The moon’s phases and the crescent moon specifically has been a symbolic representation of Fe-males and the powers of the Yonic Priesthood since before time began to be recorded. You may think of it as a purely pagan symbol, but in virtually every catholic depiction of the Holy Mother you will see a crescent moon. The temple tradition of Sunstones survives today’s ruined religious landscape in the form of a journal showcasing modern Mormonism or at least left-brained thought as to what it should/could be. But we must not forget the silently stoic Moonstones. Is the feminine face of the majestically veiled mystery of Mormon cosmology to be buried in cosmetics of a man-made synthetic stratum? If the Lord gives you horns of iron what will you do with them? He has not given them to women as a hair accessory. Horns are used to impale to gore. They are indeed a glorious adornment but only upon the head of a woman who will defend her children unto death. Why then do so many sell their children into slavery and inherit upon them a contract with death and hell?

Are we waiting for this, the eternal word of God, to be fulfilled? God’s word IS eternal and eternal things never begin any more than they end. We are living in a temporal nightmare. In the dark night of the new moon we offer up prayers and fasts before the God of Israel; waiting for a sliver of silver to appear in the black sky. When it at last does smile upon us we fail to recognize it as the sign of fulfillment of prophesy and only go on waiting and watching. Telling ourselves we are in need of more light to guide us on the path, when we should have filled our personal lamps with oil and gone out to meet the bridegroom when the call went out at the darkest hour. Even for us foolish virgins who miss the sign of the iron horns overhead, Mother’s patience waxes full and bright, yet we sleep and slumber all. Our beloved wives consider it their curse and begin to file those God-granted horns back to a waning crescent. This course indeed becomes a curse allowing the vicious cycle of blood shed to continue. Men-strew-all-blood upon the earth, fighting wicked wars as women remain silent, or worse, encourage their sons to enlist as soldiers (sold-yours) in the Babylonian guard, by praising their twisted human sacrifice. Boys, born to be free men, end up in-morgue when damned cells dress in distress and require slaves to fight for their slave-masters in a false reality like Morgan Freeman. What a misguided and gory perversion of glory!

Bronze was used more widely before iron. It is an alloy consisting primarily of copper, usually with tin as the main additive. So we have, alchemically speaking, Venus – The Divine Mother mixed with a touch of Jupiter – The Great Father. If the secret to supernatural strength for men is to learn from and exercise the divine qualities which they have inherited from their Heavenly Mother, then it would stand to reason that women must develop the spiritual genes from their paternal side in order to restore balance. Unlike steel, bronze struck against a hard surface will not generate sparks, so it is used to make hammers, and mallets. Perhaps this is why the Lord wants to bless his daughters with “hoofs of bronze” to stomp out the corrupt nations of the earth without the destructive inflammation of the tyrant’s iron fist. Conducive to electrical current but resilient against seawater corrosion, bronze is also commonly used in musical instruments especially bells. If freedom is to be carried from continent to continent and truly ring from coast to coast, women will need to refine the lower aspects of their natures to embody the qualities of bronze.

I pray for the day that this scripture is fulfilled and the ill-gotten gains of corrupt Kings and Queens are given over to the Lord of all the earth, to the Lord of All – The Earth. Men were made to serve women and women made to serve men – Not as slaves but by showing each other our divine potential to rise as Kings and Queens each and every one.

There is a certain ilk of man who is uncertain in his mission and indeed insecure in his manhood. Such a man seeks insecure women to surround himself with so as not to threaten his left-brained certainty, which is in reality uncertainty. The fundamentalist (fun dumb mentalist) amuses himself with intellectual imaginings. His engagement with the heart is a lengthy engagement which is sadly never consummate. His harem of yes-women are little more than Stepford Wives. Attracted by impressionable girls, distracted by immaturity, he possesses not the patience to obtain the sweetest fruit. Ironically, his utilitarian view blinds the fun-dumb-mentalist from learning how to get the most out of his priestess oracle. Like a young and inexperienced lover, he does not realize that to interpret is to interrupt. So, the secrets remain closed to him.

For they shall not lead away captive the daughters of my people because of their tenderness, save I shall visit them with a sore curse, even unto destruction

For they shall not lead away captive the daughters of my people because of their tenderness, save I shall visit them with a sore curse, even unto destruction

I am not just speaking to the Warren Jeff types, nor am I targeting those LDS opportunist men who fantasize about that day when, compelled by calamity, there will be 7 women to one man, begging him to marry. I’m not singling out any one group. Every man and woman is capable of falling into the pitfalls of fundamentalism. What I say to one, I say to all, and I will include myself so as to be perfectly clear. In temple ritual I am instructed to consider myself as if I were Adam. In LDSA’s latest post he stated that Adam, “was like unto the left-brain-mind of man and Eve was like unto the right-brain-heart of man….They were the personification of our two brain hemispheres.” So as I sit in an LDS Endowment ceremony, I am to consider myself a personification of the left brain hemisphere. Confused patrons may point to the fact that the men are seated on the right side and not the left, during the Endowment ceremony. But they forget that the Celestial glory is not someplace ahead of us on our journey so much as something Jesus says we are to bring out from inside us. Locating my true self in the place of the officiator at the altar will mentally make sense of things. From this proper perspective, I can clearly see the brothers on my left and the sisters to my right with the witness couple joining hands in the middle at the pineal pillow upon which Jacob rested his head when he saw God and lived. Seeing things any other way is death.

Double-mindedness is Devil-mindedness. On the one hand it would seem that Adam knew what he was doing when he said “I see that this must be,” but he sees only that which is directly in front of his eyes at any given moment. He appears to be the epitome of obedience when he declares his intentions to keep all the commandments of the Father. So, if he is such a damn obedient adam why didn’t he wait till the gods returned with further instructions? I used to think that Adam was being placed as a law giver to his wife. But the left brain functions are limited to outward projection. A man can speak words, but if those words are not of God, the heart knows it and she will not back the man’s words with the power necessary for them to be of any type of real, let alone everlasting effect out there. In this lone and dreary man’s world, things are not what they seem. Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after. So it is actually Adam who is being placed in check. Notice Eve can be trusted to intuit whether Adam is acting on the Holy Spirit or not, and she is under no obligation to submit to him if he is wrong. And boy, let me tell you, he is very wrong in his thinking that Eve is under some kind of punishment or even probation for being the first to partake. How can there be probation for the right brain which operates in timelessness?

In The Root and Divine Pattern of the Damsel in Distress, LDSA describes Adam and Eve respectively and thusly: “The one is firm, fixed and adamant (unyielding), the other vacillating.” He then immediately draws parallels between our first parents and the two vital hemispheres of our brain. Here he references his earlier work, which I have promoted before and which I can not recommend highly enough to others who are seeking wisdom. In what was for me a paradigm shifting post – The Split Brain Model of the Gospel – LDSA lists some contrasting characteristics of the Left and Right brain hemispheres.

The left-brain is successive.
The right-brain is simultaneous.
The left-brain is sequential.
The right-brain is multiple.
The left-brain is analytic.
The right-brain is holistic.

How is something which perceives the multiple layers in the truth of all things, something which simultaneously, believes all things and keeps the commandments in a natural and holistic way; how is such a marvelous center of consciousness as the heart which God has placed in each of his children likened unto a vacillating woman? Isn’t the only vacillating going on here a result of our divided and fallen houses (brains)? That a woman may vacillate, and to a frustrating degree is true, however, this is not a condition that is peculiar to womanhood. The 1963 book, Fascinating Womanhood, could be alternatively and aptly titled Vacillating Womanhood. Anyone who promotes those philosophies of men, mingled with the teachings of Christ, while purporting to have an interest in the true Zion of God on Earth, has a very split brain indeed.

It reminds me of a dream I had. I was visiting southern California to see my friend, Brian. When I found Brian he was all suited up as a Roman gladiator and ready to enter the Coliseum. I watched as he fought bravely, but to my horror, saw his towering goliath of an opponent sever his body clean in half! There were pompous men in robes cheering from the stands. I felt paralyzed, stunned from the sight I had just beheld, but somehow I managed to rush out into the arena and pull all I could find (the top half) of my friend that remained. I didn’t know what to do. Brian was dying and his case seemed hopeless, but I felt led to strap upper half of my friend to my back. I hopped on one of those low-rider bicycles like the Chicanos are famous for, and proceeded to bring him across a bridge and up a hill to a home where he could hopefully recover somehow. I heard barely a sound from him the whole way as I crossed the bridge and made my way uphill with tremendous effort on that low-rider bike in the intense So-Cal sunshine. Upon finally reaching the safe-house, I removed Brian’s limp upper-body from my back. As I tried to prop him up as best as I could, I heard him wheeze. I didn’t know if that was a good sign as he still appeared to be in such dire and hopeless condition. I told him that my mind was not inspired with any further action that I might take to help him. To my surprise he said “That’s alright. I should be okay.” He thanked me for the rescue. I turned to leave the scene and woke up.

I remember that dream vividly as it was a shocking vision. But until now I had not considered some of the deeper symbolism in the details. The dream, of course consisted of impactful imagery accompanied by clear audio. But as I write the contents out, I become aware of the linguistic clues to meaning. After having that dream I considered the significance of the lost lower half as symbolic of principles of action on the part of my friend (no pun intended). But now I discover additional layers of meaning.

The not so holy Roman setting was definitely pre Catholic Empire days but the men in robes nonetheless call the Church to my mind. They were shouting fiendishly as I ran out to recover my brother’s body from the Coliseum center. They were of course shouting in Latin and in Latin the words for ‘body’ (Corpus) and the Coliseum are an obvious reference to the corpus callosum (Latin: tough body) , also known as the colossal commissure (huge meeting place) is a big bundle of neural fibers that connects the left and right cerebral hemispheres and facilitates interhemispheric communication. My buddy’s body, opponent and the

Coliseum - Great and Spacious Building

Coliseum – Great and Spacious Building

setting for his gruesome struggle all have reference to this anatomical structure as does the bridge we would later cross. The neurological nature of the symbols reminds me of the infamous emperor Nero, whos larger-than-life likeness stood alongside the Coliseum. I now know a broader meaning behind the bloody halving of my friend that occurred in the dream. Without divulging too much personal information I can share this, and hope that it will serve us, the severed individuals reading and writing, contributing and commenting on this blog, to re-member (put the members back together) our divine purpose. We have all been subject to the effects of the Fall of Man and must reassemble our fragmented psyches. The bloody image of a split Brian in my dream signifies the devastating results of a split-brain.

“If ye are not one ye are not mine.”
– Jesus Christ (D&C 38:27)

When I said earlier that it is actually Adam who is being placed in check, I did not mean to infer that males are any more or less under condemnation in this fallen state than females of the human species. I meant that there is something much bigger and simultaneously much more personal going on here during our sojourn on Earth. In general and introspective terms, all of God’s sons and daughters are here to test out those salvific traits that we have inherited specifically from/through the Divine Masculine part of ourselves. It is a coming of age thing that starts with but transcends tribe. By no means limited to physical manhood, this life is a personal quest to develop the perfect potential of that which is bestowed via the celestial patriarchal line. For more information on how this faith quest of our mortal existence focuses primarily on our relationship to the Father, I would suggest you read Justin’s well written post, Masculinity Femininity and Gender, from which I will quote only a few choice lines (with small annotations added by myself) to, hopefully, further illustrate some of the concepts we are talking about here.

Outer darkness is, in every facet, the right-brain-heart of God – it is the Mother or Goddess – the waning or sleep state.
[Alpha State Brainwaves]

The created universe is, in every facet, the left-brain-mind of God – it is the Father or God – the waxing or active state.”
[Beta State Brainwaves]

I can see how one might take my words as favoring the female and putting man and woman on unequal levels, but that is the pitfall of believing in only the literal level of the Adam and Eve story. All sorts of contradictions and limitations arise from a strictly literal reading. If someone subjects themselves to that type of bondage, they deny themselves the vista which does not dispose of the literal but goes further to unfold a fractal and eternal landscape of truth. One of those limiting contradictions that readers of this blog may find themselves faced with by clinging to the most literal interpretations of this story as it has come to us through tradition, would be that; if the Bible story refers only to two individuals named Adam and Eve, and not to two groups of humans (as the original Hebrew indicates), then Elohim must not be a proponent of polygny or polyandry. And any type of multiple marriages model as a divine principle must be supposed to be incorrect.

There is another stumbling block one may encounter when lingering at the literal level and refusing to focus on the more complete version where each and every aspect of the story, without exception, must be equally applied to the reader his or her self, since both male and female are created in the image of and by the power of the Heavenly Mother and Father. The conundrum of the damsel in distress can be horribly misinterpreted through misogynistic tenets embedded deeply in our subconscious by this point in mankind’s apostasy from The Way of Truth. If we are to understand that it is somehow a part of a woman’s divine nature to be totally and desperately reliant on a husband for salvation, and if we do not recognize the same to be true for men in relation to their wives, then not only must we admit that Eve’s appeals to Adam were divinely appointed and not beguiling or Satan-inspired in the slightest, but we also must admit to constructing false hierarchies that do not exist in eternal realms of reality. Since the Divine Order of the Universe and Multiverse is anarchical, then any leaning to our own misunderstanding will have an eventual end and it may very well come so abruptly as to cause us to feel as if the carpet had been yanked out from underneath our feet.

To avoid these pitfalls is simple. Simply don’t dig a pit and you won’t fall. To dig a pit for anyone, male or female, religious or non religious, others or yourself means to imagine that something one does or does not do places one person on higher ground than another. Such pride is folly. Perhaps pride is the reason why Adam in particular is being tested in this life. Maybe that’s why Jack fell and Jill followed. Could that be why Mother Earth’s calling and election are already made sure and man’s collective fate is yet to be decided? Does this have anything to do with God the Father’s Strange Work, His Strange Act and strange reasoning, whereby He makes the first last, and the last first? Then again, maybe it is just a part of the vast conspiracy to awaken women to their free will, that scientists would refer to waking state with (B)eta and sleep state as (A)lpha.

Alpha-males are opening a can of soul-killing hallucinations when they insist on a self important/ self righteous role that fails to grasp true oneness with their feminine counterpart. I would be more concerned with the conspiracy to emasculate the Lion of Judah and declaw H.I.M. (His Imperial Majesty) postponing his righteous reign in Heaven and on Earth. As reggae artist Vaughn Benjamin sings so solemnly and somberly:

“Who frightened off the lion, holding up the lamb that was slain as a permanent? What is their mission? Who frightened off the lion holding up the lamb that was slain? Return it as a given when conquering and to conquer is a time now relevant.”                                                                                                        – 3 Stupendous Vanities

It is these mad scientists and wicked shepherds of Israel, who the Lord addresses threateningly in Ezekiel 34, who are the real problem. Their own fear of nothingness will drive them mad when, while projecting a stalwart self image, boldly rejecting the very appearance of evil, they are confronted with the fact that the forbidden fruit is a fore-bitten fruit. When Adam (spirit) finally awakes and arises he will recall that it was himself (flesh) who took that first bite. And as the Chinese proverb states:

When sleeping women wake, mountains will move.”
sleeping woman with lion and moon

Moving mountains is an act of purest faith and it is speculated that these type of demonstrations of faith will play a big role in the literal establishment of Zion which can only come after the spiritual establishment in our hearts. This is ecofeminism. It isn’t contrary to the work of the Lord in these latter-days. Ecofeminists are not Feminazis, they don’t even wear pants to church. They wear beautiful saris in South East Asia and go topless in the rainforests of our planet. They dress in traditional Native American garb and teach the stripling warriors of the future through oral tradition. They sometimes don ski masks and fight alongside the spirit of Zapata and Moroni – true freedom fighter spirits who are not satisfied with false freedom and who don’t stop fighting till all are made free through the blood of the lamb. They are Lioness-like women who say “I am woman, hear me roar!” There is no need to be scared of the ecofeminists, unless you are fighting against God, and just don’t know it yet, like it warns of most Male-chizedek priesthood holders in D&C 121:38. Waking women are the critical mass needed to bring forth Zion. May we encourage our wives, daughters, mothers, grandmothers and ourselves to cultivate divine feminine skills and powers. May the captive daughter of Zion loose herself from the bands of her neck – in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!


  1. Ohhh… she takes care of herself
    She can wait if she wants, she’s ahead of her time

    (The Right-Brain Heart of God is by definition ‘ahead of her time’ since she stands outside and apart from but continually before her lover – Father Time. This is why dreams and visions reveal what appears from our Left-Brain Mind perspective to be the future. Because sleep-state designated as Alpha is actually first and in our interactions with her, she should always come first, otherwise we only THINK we don’t KNOW, which is an act of intimacy and not intellectually based)

    Ohhh… and she never gives out
    And she never gives in, she just changes her mind

    (The Heavens and Earth may pass away, but the Love of God, or the Love of God’s Life, The Mother or The Father, how ever you look at it, the love generated between these two out of which their own distinct forms emanated to start with, THIS will never pass away. But with HER as muse/heart and HIM as conductor/mind the art of love is never-ending in its variety)

    And she’ll promise you more than the garden of Eden
    Then she’ll carelessly cut you and laugh while you’re bleeding
    But she’ll bring out the best and the worst you can be
    Blame it all on yourself ’cause she’s always a woman to me

    (More than the Garden of Eden. More is always possible, and these are the principles we are learning about here on this blog. The enemy would plant lies in our heads and have us thinking we will loose something but in TRUTH through FAITH in LOVE we never loose anything, only MULTIPLY and REPLENISH)

    He was turned to steel
    In the great magnetic field
    Where he traveled time
    For the future of mankind

    (Man, as in males, have in many ways and instances, grown harder and less feeling over time since the fall which, ironically, was taken with the ‘Future of Mankind’ in mind – “I will partake that man may be”. But the Fut-Her can not be seen in the Left-Brain My-nd…it belongs to all of us and reflects our individual & collective wills back to us like a mirror according to the desires of our hearts)

    Now the time is here
    For iron man to spread fear
    Vengeance from the grave
    Kills the people he once saved

    (This is the sad state of things today. Most males have shown themselves to be incapable of truly embodying the Divine Feminine within a Masculine form, ie. a Christ-like Nature. So almost all that they do in the name of the Father and the Son is a lie that works towards mankind’s destruction rather than salvation. Let us have the courage and HUMILITY to not be that kind of man.)

    It was 3 stupendous vanities ya in the earth ago
    It was 2 or more arogances in the vanities don’t know
    And its not much later that their (w)hole thoughts were so shallow Creating more and more foolish woe, ya know

    (Adam’s arrogance and Eve’s vanity are what have landed us and what keep us in this dying, wicked world. Only through coming together can we restore one another to former glory and add upon that glory.)

    Things you like to push to mutate into – in two
    The germs are gonna do it
    Even the microbiology is gonna learn to act like you

    (Man and woman working together, it goes both ways, it is not a linear one way process or order…that type of faulty and frankly misogynistic reasoning alone will only bring us more arrogance and vanities…more and more woes!
    There is another curious quality about atoms/adams. If sub-atomic
    particles separate from an atom, they will travel large distances in
    different directions. If one particle hits an obstacle and changes
    directions, the other particle will have a simultaneous reaction.
    SHE does things based on what HE does and HE does things based on what SHE does. Which is the initiator, which one is the follower?
    BOTH male and female and ALL creation is intelligence.
    To describe something as conscious suggests the ability to make
    decisions. The current study of light particles, forming the basis of
    quantum physics, indicates light particles do not conform to cause and effect models of behavior. Physics describes the reaction of light particles in terms of a range of probabilities. Anything capable of generating a range of reactions to stimuli is capable of choice, and the ability to choose is the primary definition of consciousness.)

  2. Isn’t the only vacillating going on here a result of our divided and fallen houses (brains)?

    Not necessarily. Neither Adam nor Eve were fallen when they partook of the fruit. So, we cannot ascribe Eve’s vacillation between obeying God’s commandment not to partake and the devil’s temptation to partake, to a fallen nature. It was her non-fallen nature to vacillate and it was Adam’s non-fallen nature to stay fixed on God’s command. The fall didn’t change any of that, and the daughters of Eve and sons of Adam have inherited these traits from their first parents.

    There is the fallen nature that comes of the mortal body and then there is the fallen nature that comes of sin. Neither Adam, nor Eve had either fallen nature when they partook.

    We, on the other hand, are born into a fallen world, inheriting mortal (fallen) bodies, but we remain sinless until Satan begins tempting us at the age of accountability. The fallen nature can be considered a perversion (change) of something previous. So, the mortal body is a perversion (change) of the paradisaical (translated) body and the sinful soul is a perversion (change) of the sinless, guiltless, sanctified, innocent, pure state of little children (and of Christ). But if we take Adam and Eve as our template, as we are taught to do, then we cannot say that the opposite natures of our two brains is a result of a fallen world, for the evidence shows that these characteristics existed prior to the fall.

    Men and women, although possessed of both brains, operate them in distinct manners, which in the aggregate gives the appearance of left-brain-leaning men and right-brain-leaning women. In truth, both sexes utilize both halves of their brains, but they do so differently. Given the same set of circumstances, a man may use his left for that and his right for this, while a woman may use her right for that and her left for this. Neither is relying strictly on one hemisphere, but because the operations, order and active regions are different, it has the appearance of left or right, instead of simply a different combination of the two.

    The male and female brain traits, then, can be traced to prior to the Fall, just as our predispositions can come from our pre-mortal lives. None of these things are necessarily the result of fallen conditions.

    This “distinct brain wiring” of the sexes, in which they use their brains in predictable ways, according to the sex, is why Paul writes to the Corinthians:

    For the man is not of the woman; but the woman of the man. Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man…Nevertheless neither is the man without the woman, neither the woman without the man, in the Lord.

    Although there is an order set by the Lord from the beginning, regarding the interaction between males and females, “neither is the man without the woman, nor the woman without the man, in the Lord.” The two pathways of thinking, or the two system operation commands, which differ between the sexes, and which follow general patterns, are complementary and revealing. The man plus the woman creates an altogether differently brained creature (a new creature), with capacity to think in two different (gendered) ways, which allows twice as much information to come through all four brain hemispheres of the individuals involved. Men stuck with men, or women with women, can never evolve into what we are intended to become.

    The overriding principle in all this was, I suppose, given in the endowment, namely, “desires, appetites, and passions are to be kept within the bounds the Lord has set.” I would go one further and say that everything, including our brain sequences, are to be kept within the bounds the Lord has set. So, within those bounds, anything goes. He can think one way, she can think another. Both can be right before the Lord, under different circumstances. The problem lies when we overstep the bounds the Lord has set, because then sin enters in, we put ourselves under the devil’s power and the non-fallen brain traits we have inherited from our first parents can be perverted (changed) by the sin, so that we end up with a truly fallen (corrupted) brain and spirit trait. In other words, a fallen spiritual nature (through sin) has power to corrupt everything, both body, mind, heart and soul.

    So, it matters not that men are this way or women are that way, the only thing that matters is that both men and women keep themselves within the bounds the Lord has set. And what are those bounds? The revealed gospel, which says that there is no such thing as a man alone, nor any such thing as a woman alone. This is a figment of imagination created by philosophies of men and devils which desire to pit the sexes against each other. No, the truth is that there is only man and woman, together, in the Lord. “Neither is” (the man/the woman) is talking about existence. A man without a woman does not exist, neither does a woman without a man exist, and, therefore, we can only be properly defined as (male + female). Now, some might say that that scripture only applies to saints who are “in the Lord,” but given that everybody, except the sons of perdition, will inherit the kingdom of God, all shall be “in the Lord” eventually.

    Therefore, if a man marry him a wife in the world, and he marry her not by me nor by my word, and he covenant with her so long as he is in the world and she with him, their covenant and marriage are not of force when they are dead, and when they are out of the world; therefore, they are not bound by any law when they are out of the world.

    Therefore, when they are out of the world they neither marry nor are given in marriage; but are appointed angels in heaven, which angels are ministering servants, to minister for those who are worthy of a far more, and an exceeding, and an eternal weight of glory.

    For these angels did not abide my law; therefore, they cannot be enlarged, but remain separately and singly, without exaltation, in their saved condition, to all eternity; and from henceforth are not gods, but are angels of God forever and ever.

    Now, surely these angels of God, forever in their saved condition, who remain separately and singly, surely these beings are “in the Lord,” are they not? If so, how can they be without an opposite gender mate, according to Paul’s words?

    Thus there is no such thing as gender (or any other kind of) independence in the kingdom of God. Every man will be dependent upon a woman, and every woman will be dependent upon a man. There is no getting around this. Although the devil seeks to pervert the plans of God by getting His sons to become tyrants or independent of women or emasculated slaves and by getting His daughters to become manipulators or independent of men or chattel, that should not stay our hand in promoting the unification of the sexes under the order prescribed by God, for this is the only way that men remain men (gendered) and women remain women (gendered), throughout the eternities.

    (Now, don’t take that last as gospel. I just followed the thought where it led me. I’d have to do more research to confirm it.)

  3. On the one hand it would seem that Adam knew what he was doing when he said “I see that this must be,” but he sees only that which is directly in front of his eyes at any given moment. He appears to be the epitome of obedience when he declares his intentions to keep all the commandments of the Father. So, if he is such a damn obedient adam why didn’t he wait till the gods returned with further instructions?

    It looks like I answered your question here.

  4. Apparently a lack of faith is a possible motivator of action whether in or out of a timeless state.

  5. I prefer the word oscillation to vacillation, it is more accurate.
    a : to swing backward and forward like a pendulum
    (To begin to operate in or keep track of time)
    b : to move or travel back and forth between two points
    (To leave the garden and see the world)
    to vary between opposing beliefs, feelings, or theories
    (to develop the potential to “believe all things” or alternatively to pervert the admonition of Paul or conveniently dismiss the 13th Article of Faith, so that we may come up with desperate and elaborate attempts to fixate on a rigid view of things, which rigidity eventually leads to spiritual then physical rigormortis)
    : to vary above and below a mean value
    (to take upon us the name of Christ meaning we believe that He is The Way, and we have the wisdom to know that His Way is to ASCEND ABOVE all things as also to DESCEND BELOW all things as per Ephesians 4:10 and D&C 88:6…it is necessary to go HOT and COLD lest we remain in a LUKEWARM and MEAN type of nonexistence at a soul level)

    Plus I feel ‘oscillate’ to be a more appropriate word to describe the nature of women, because it sounds similar to ‘osculate’, and we all know how women love to kiss.
    Vacillation is equally applicable to men and women in this state. Oscillation is what energy does. Life is energy….energy is intelligence. If a thing can change in one direction it can (and WILL) change in the other direction. Faith of course is required to take that first step and each subsequent one too.

  6. She is the Mother of All Living…stop oscillating, stop living. RTC.

  7. Both Adam and Eve lacked faith when they partook. In the case of Eve, she even admits it. “The serpent beguiled me.” Faith is things which are true. No one ever exercised faith in a lie, a half truth or in any temptation of the devil. Just can’t be done. It goes against everything the devil stands for. And in the case of Adam, the Lord said to him later, “Behold I have forgiven thee thy transgression in the Garden of Eden.” There’s no need to be forgiven unless you’ve first done something wrong. As it is impossible to please God without faith, and the reverse is also true, namely, that it is impossible for God not to be pleased when there is faith, we know that neither Adam nor Eve exercised any faith when they partook, because when God returned, He wasn’t in any way pleased with either of them.

    But given that they were essentially eight year old kids when this happened, and that they later repented and were forgiven, I guess we could cut them both some slack. Kids do stupid stuff all the time. Heck, ten seconds after my own baptism, I found myself joking (lying) to my brother who was about to enter the waters and be baptized himself, telling him that the water was cold and he needed to enter it quickly. (It was actually quite hot and he gave a shout when he jumped in, following my devious instructions. I thought it was funny at the time.) I guess the devil wastes no time to start soiling clean souls.

  8. ” No one ever exercised faith in a lie, a half truth or in any temptation of the devil. Just can’t be done. It goes against everything the devil stands for.”

    So it is impossible that man exercise faith in lie because it goes against what the devil stands for?
    What definition of faith are we using now?

    “they grew faster than the strength [faith] of the roots [the scriptures]

    taking strength [faith] unto themselves”

  9. I know faith is just a word when typed out….and like any other word can be used in a variety of ways. But I think it is obviously the strength or power by which things get done. Power faith and action faith for example are both faith. Neither type is wrong….but imbalance…favoring action over the power type causes lofty branches. But lets not pretend that people are not investing huge amounts of faith (action faith and even much power faith) into lies and half truths all the time these days.

  10. “Taking strength [faith] unto themselves” simply means that one is operating under one’s own power. (Another similar phrase would be “becoming a law unto themselves.”)

    Action faith is faith operating under man’s power. Power faith is faith operating under the power of God.

    The faith that comes from the roots [the scriptures (the word of God)] is powered by God and is salvific. It has power to save both spiritually and temporally. No one can “take” this faith by their own power because it is a gift of God. It must be given to you by God, you cannot just reach out and take it or generate it yourself by your own will power and genius. Only God can generate this faith in you. So, when Zenos speaks of “taking strength [faith] unto themselves,” he is only referring to the action faith that is already in men. Action faith has no power to spiritually save, although is may be used to temporally save, temporarily.

    In the case of Adam and Eve, neither used root-based faith when they partook. Although they took action and partook, their actions did not end in temporal salvation, for it initiated a death sequence. So, regardless of which type of faith you look at, their actions resulted in no type of salvation.

    Eve’s actions were powered by the serpent’s words, therefore, her actions were neither root-based (based on and powered by the word of God) nor solely man-based (taking strength unto herself) but were based on the works of the devil (powered by Satan) because he deceived her. Adam’s actions weren’t based on the works of the devil, for he wasn’t deceived, but they also weren’t root-based. His actions were man-based, yet they weren’t temporally salvific, but resulted in death. So, sure, we can call what they did action faith, but then the person who commits suicide also exercises action faith, but these really are not actions that ought to be celebrated.

    The Christians look upon the Fall as a bad thing, whereas the Mormons view it as a good thing. The Christians, in this instance, are the ones with the proper perspective. The “good news” (gospel) is not that we are fallen, but that there is a way prepared to be rescued from the Fall.

    The Christians look upon Adam and Eve as lost souls, whereas the Mormons see them as having received forgiveness and salvation. The Mormons, in this instance, have the proper view. Although forgive and forget is a gospel principle, the Lord remembering the sin no more, in the case of Adam and Eve, the Fall is the context in which the gospel is understood, so we must keep bringing up these long forgiven sins of theirs, like recorded Reality TV episodes re-running eternally.

    Moses 5:10-11 doesn’t have our first parents rejoicing over the Fall, but over their redemption from it. Notice that they are not praising Satan’s name, but God’s name. What they were happy about wasn’t that they broke a commandment, but that God created such a wonderful tree as the tree of knowledge of good and evil. There were two ways of partaking of it: in transgression and under commandment. They chose transgression, but the result of knowing was the same. They rejoiced in the knowledge because of the gospel, which had already been taught to them by angels. So, Eve’s words of “were it not for our transgression, we never should have had seed,…known good and evil and…joy,” etc., doesn’t mean that God intended for them to fall, it only means that the commandment to partake never arrived, therefore, since it never arrived, they never would have known these things. (And it never arrived because they transgressed first.) That’s all her words mean, not that God never intended to command them to partake. In fact, we know that He intended to give this command for this was the purpose of the tree and also this is why Satan was pissed when he was cursed for telling them to eat of the tree that God had planned for them to eat of eventually anyway. This is how it was always done on other worlds, after all.

    So, the Fall was part of the plan of God not in the sense that He intended for them to fall, but only that He had planned for it, if they ended up falling.

  11. ”No one ever exercised faith in a lie, a half truth or in any temptation of the devil. Just can’t be done. It goes against everything the devil stands for.”

    So it is impossible that man exercise faith in lie because it goes against what the devil stands for? What definition of faith are we using now?

    When I wrote that I had root-based faith in mind, but it is the goal of the devil to remove branch-based faith, too. It is impossible to remove branch-based faith if root-based faith is what is being used, because root-based faith also increases branch-based faith. Therefore, in all devilish temptations, there is an order to his scheming. First, root-based faith must be removed, by getting the man to rely solely on his branch-based faith. Afterward, the branch (and its branch-based faith) begins to wither under the heeded temptations of the devil, until it perishes. At that point, the master of the vineyard comes along and cuts it off from the tree of life, which effectively removes all the remaining branch-based faith it might have had. Then the devil can fully possess it, or burn it up.

    All faith is given, or is a gift from God. Everyone is born with, or already given, branch-based faith, whereas the root-based faith generally must be given anew during one’s life. (John the Baptist being a notable exception.) But like the Lord says, He giveth and He taketh away, so branch-based faith is not a permanent gift, hence the devil’s incessant work to destroy agency.

  12. good article if you have ears to hear it

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