Join the Movement to Repeal the Federal Income Tax in 30 days

I just signed a new government (We the People) petition going around.

Everyone who signs it pledges to stop paying income tax when a majority of Americans (157,548,501) sign it.

Here is the text and link to the petition:

Disband the IRS, stop enforcing all federal income tax laws and actively work to repeal the 16th Amendment

We petition you to disband the Internal Revenue Service (the IRS), stop enforcing all federal income tax laws and to actively work to repeal the 16th Amendment (the Income Tax amendment.)

This will be the greatest economic stimulus plan in the history of the United States, while still leaving many areas in which the federal government could collect revenue for its proper functions, such as defense.

To sign this petition, visit:


Petition Created On: Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Petition Ends On: Thursday, 21 February 2013.

I encourage you to sign the petition and take this same pledge.

Please spread the word by re-blogging and using social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), email, 2-cent snail mail, telephone and word of mouth!

(For the origin of this petition, see this.)

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  1. I’m number three. Shared on fb. Lets do it.

  2. Why would anyone want to repeal the Income Tax Law unless they don’t understand it? If you do a little research you will find that the code [use to be from memory title 21 chapter or subsection 3 section1441, 1442, 1443] specifies liability for the tax as Non Resident Aliens, Foreign corporations, and non profit foreign corporations. {they rearrange the text periodically to make it more confusing} Do you fit into any of these categories? Possibly only if you swapped your birthright of freedom for FREEDUMB by signing up for the S.S. entitlement program. Hence signing away your individual sovereignty for a MESS of defacto regulations aka communistic pottage? Doesn’t the A.C. Beast change times and laws?

  3. I forget the several Supreme court decision rulings which say that Amendment 16 gave no new powers of taxation but they may be found on the net. Well there maybe one or two supreme court ruling that contradict this also. BUT what state of affairs are present when two laws conflict? Anarcchy?
    What if the Constitution says that it is the supreme law of the land and anything else repugnant to it is null and void?
    Yet we persist in altering times and laws?

  4. ^^ you are absolutely right. Of course they will kill you anyway if you sufficiently resist.

  5. OOOOPS I got the code numbers all wrong must have defective memory. Sorry they tell me I have dementia?
    Checking myself and not being able to find how to edit my previous incorretc post I’ll give more correct directions:
    I.R.C. or U.S.C. – Title 26 – Sub Title A –
    § 1441. Withholding of tax on nonresident aliens
    § 1442. Withholding of tax on foreign corporations
    § 1443. Foreign tax-exempt organizations
    § 1444. Withholding on Virgin Islands source income
    § 1445. Withholding of tax on dispositions of United States real property interests
    § 1446. Withholding 1 tax on foreign partners’ share of effectively connected income
    they do make a mess out of it from season to season!!! Keep in mind United States may be different from U.S.A.

  6. “you are absolutely right. Of course they will kill you anyway if you sufficiently resist.”

    Is this the Beast of Revelation? Live if you worship the mark and die if you don’t?

    USC IRC Title 26 SubTitle A sections 1441,1442,1443.

  7. Is this the Beast of Revelation? Live if you worship the mark and die if you don’t?

    yes it is

  8. I see that there are 10 signatures, so far.

  9. If tax code ~ only applies to citizens working abroad and Aliens and corporations why the push to repeal it. Isn’t the misapplication of law the problem not the existence of the law?
    What might replace it if it is repealed, flat tax etc…? I’d rather have proper application of the law and no tax. The Constitution framers and IRS code architects meant for Aliens wanting to remain loyal to foreign Sovereigns to pay the tax. This would be the hedge to keep us out of many foreign conflict of interest? Wonder if Mason involvement is at the source?
    I’m a wonderin alot!?! %:] If we support the misapplication are we worshipping the Beast666?

  10. Still only ten signatures. Either it doesn’t have enough exposure and thus hardly anyone knows about it (most likely true)…

    …or people who are in favor of eliminating the tax just don’t believe there’s a chance in hell that so many signatures can be obtained, and thus decide not to waste their time (another likely thing)…

    (and I recently read an article in which the author stated, “That illustrates the nature of average Americans: non-involvement, not in my back yard, I am not interested, I don’t care, I’ve got mine, I’m too apathetic, I can’t make a difference, etc.”)

    …or people actually think income tax is a wonderful thing…

  11. Have not ewe understQQd anything that’s been posted?
    Is there a law or ignorance about and misapplication of it operating as a defacto statute because_____________________?

  12. I sure hope I understood the post, since I’m the one who wrote it.

  13. Actually, I’m a little wary of exposing my name/account associated with ANY petition that the gov’t can unaccountably trace the stats on. Don’t be surprised if you get an IRS audit in the next year or so.

  14. Oh, what the hell, I did it.

  15. I don’t think, at this point, it will make much of a difference.

  16. we need someone with a redditt account to post this there. i could see it taking off on redditt

  17. I’ve never used Reddit and don’t know anything about it. Anybody on Reddit?

    One thing about this petition is that if it fails the first time, it can be tried again, until it garners the necessary signatures, since no one cares about a White House response. That’s not its purpose.

  18. I missed it by two days! Can it be rewritten and reopened? I won’t agree to stop paying them, but I want it repealed due to it’s been unconstitutional and never completely legal in the first place. I can make it go viral!

  19. Yes, by all means it can be repeated. Just use the same or different text and submit a new petition yourself to the We The People web site. Then leave a comment here with the link to the new petition, when it is live. I’ll republish this post with the new petition link you give me.

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