Do we really need a standing army?

I thought I’d try my hand at a short post, for once.  I was looking over Jacob’s sermon in 2 Nephi and was struck by this verse in chapter 10:

And I will fortify this land against all other nations.  (2 Ne. 10:12)

If the Lord has already stated that He Himself will fortify the promised land—which the singular Gentile nation will occupy, and this singular Gentile nation is obviously the United States of America—against all other nations, then why are there latter-day saints who support and promote a standing army?  This seems to me to be a lack of faith in the promises of the Lord.  Surely the U.S. military cannot be the fulfillment of this prophecy of the Lord fortifying the land, for the Lord works by miraculous power, not by the arm of flesh.

Shouldn’t we be living our lives peaceably in this land and simply trust that the Lord will do as He promised to do?  Shouldn’t the Mormon Gentiles be encouraging the other Gentiles on this land to put their trust in the Lord and lay down their weapons of war, unless He commands them to take them, as explained in D&C 98?  And shouldn’t we be preaching against the “support our troops” fervor, since none of these troops have been commanded to go to war by the Lord?  Or am I being naïve?

From my reading of the scriptures, it does not appear that the ancient people of the Lord ever had a standing army.  They only had temporary armies, which were raised from the civilian population only during a war and disbanded once the war was over.  So why aren’t we following this same pattern?

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  1. The reason why we have a standing army is the international bankers that control the United States need blood and bodies to fight their wars around the world to enrich themselves and to solidify their control of the world. Since Amchel Rothchild set up his central bank in Germany in the 1700’s, and sent his five sons to other nations of Europe to set up central banks, and his grandson to America to set up the Federal Reserve private bank, there has been a continuous stream of endless wars.

    Why is this?

    Because the bankers have only one way to extort interest payments on money they lend to governments — by using the interest money to build up enemy countries to threaten any country that would even consider not paying the interest on their government loans.

    The solution to this problem is to remove from the bankers their ability to create money and return that power to the people. My solution for world peace is my Asset Based Receipt Monetary System.


    Implimentation of this monetary system will return control of our money to the government of the people and give the people an asset-based monetary system where all new money created goes to increase the wealth of the people. It would remove from the bankers control over our money and our government and remove much of their ability to instigate war around the world.

  2. Yes, and the development of the militarized police, Homeland Security, TSA, ATF and more and more the FBI, and other agencies, are adding to this standing army, within this country.

    The posse comitatus act of 1878 forbids this at home.

    Abroad, the united states has not been authorized by the constitution to aggress against and occupy other nations, nor to intervene in the government or defense of other sovereign nations.

    I believe this is bare bones constitutional authority.

  3. I agree with the point of the post. We are training ourselves (in more ways than one) to be bloodthirsty, and to fulfill the curse upon the land (wiped out by internal wars, until not one soul is left).

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