Is OneWhoIsLurking Inspired of GOD?

Really, I can see how one might forget. Perhaps he meant to post this on LDSLiberty or just plain But this is LDSAnarchy. Even without the full-blown gifts of the spirit in effect, I think that we ought to be able to see that SLAVERY is not inspired of GOD. And can focus more on whether WE are being inspired of GOD than wasting time in the Lord’s Vineyard dissecting man’s law. I mean really who’s on the Lord’s side already?!



  1. Seriously? You are kind of new here to be slamming people so quickly with nothing to back up what you say.

    First off, did you even watch the video? It talks about a 13th amendment that came long before the one eliminating slavery. It does not even mention slavery. Second off, how do you know slavery is not of God?

    Every major world culture in history had slavery until recently. It was not until bankruptcy laws that slavery started becoming faux pas. Generally speaking, slavery served an economic function. Unlike today when you can get yourself out of tremendous debt by filing for bankruptcy, previous cultures did not have the infrastructure or processes to handle people who lived beyond their means, or couldn’t pay their debts. Selling yourself (and possibly your family as well) into slavery was a way to pay back the debt.

    I would not be so quick to say it is not of God. Under the Law of Moses, all slaves were supposed to be released every Jubilee (7th year). There needs to be a method for dealing with over spenders, in our complex society we have bankruptcy laws. For the rest of history, they had slavery…even in cultures with laws dictated by God.

    To be fair, slavery has had many bad moments in history and these are what most people are familiar with. This is probably true in your case and where your knee-jerk reaction stems from. If you want to learn the history of slavery, I would suggest forgetting what you learned in pulblic school and start with Race and Culture by Thomas Sowell.

    As a side note: I see no problem dissecting man’s law, especially when it is the Constitution. I’m sure you’ll remember the Constitution is mentioned by God in the Doctrine & Covenants and anything more or less is that it is of evil. If the 13th amendment discussed in the video was ratified and yet is no longer a part of the Constitution, we have less than what was ratified. That would mean the Lord himself considers it evil, and it is worth discussion here.

    Think before you speak, otherwise you may end up looking like a fool.

    (PS: That is the beauty of LDSAnarchy: Ideas can be shared here with intelligent discussion following them; not unfounded, and unnecessary attacks)

  2. Pallas Athena, I was confused and wondering why he even mentioned slavery, since OWIW didn’t bring it up. My mind was so focused on the original 13th Amendment that I had forgotten that the other 13th Amendment was about slavery. Lol. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

  3. I guess I only brought it up to expose your true colors. I did not get my oppinion of slavery from public school. I got it from my FATHER before I reached this f^&#ed up world. And I do not need seniority or any other type of fAUxTHORITY you slaves and slaves of slaves can invent and lift up as “of God”. Your comments belong on

  4. Well Pallas Athena you asked a question which really surprised me.
    “Second off, how do you know slavery is not of God?”

    Are you joking? No you aren’t. You say that slavery is needed to insure that lenders get paid. Whoa what a wonderful thing. God condemned usury which was defined as interest beyond 1% and only then it was allowable to non Israelites. No interest was to be charged at all in lending to those who were considered your brethren. And in today’s world we have interest rates from 5 to 21% for debt. And when a contract is made to lend money the borrower lays his future on the line. So with having laws to make slaves of those who can’t pay then the lender has no risk. He gets money in interest and if the payments are not made then under your suggestion they have the government to make sure they never lose anything. So lenders can enter into contracts risk free. And yet all borrowers retain all the risk. Why then is there interest? The very purpose of interest is to cover the risk of the lender. Yet the world has pushed all the risk onto the borrower. By the Lord’s definition being in debt is being in bondage. You show your judgement that people should be in bondage and held there till they make full payment.

    The gospel was not the law given to Moses. How do we know slavery is not of God?
    How about this simple minded approach?

    God gave us liberty, agency, freedom to obey or disobey. And that was the centerpiece of His plan. Satan said that would be dangerous and said if all are subject (in bondage) to him then not one soul shall be lost.

    My understanding is that God the Father rejected Satan’s plan because it was slavery based and not agency based.
    For me that is proof that God does not support slavery. I am sure I rejected slavery and I still do. I reject slavery to the banks, to the governments, to the church and to even a spouse.

    Now Pallas if you say it was part of a law God gave to Moses my answer is “So what?” Jesus said that law was given for the hardness of their hearts. And when given a chance to enforce that law he refused He said, “Woman where are thine accusers?” Neither do I condemn thee. That law made women the property of their husbands. So the idea that slavery is supported by God because it was part of the law of Moses is rubbish.
    Slavery is to subject the agency of one person to will of another. That is evil and always will be.

    And concerning the constitution are you saying that God accepts all the amendments as if they are part of what He claimed as His work? How about this concept anything beyond the original ratified document with the only 10 amendments is adding to it so the 13th and 16th etc are not sanctioned by God. If you think that anything passed by men and accepted as a valid amendment is then accepted of God that is false.

    Anyway I am not sure I should waste my time replying to one who is an avowed supporter of slavery. They have made their choice.

  5. How about this concept anything beyond the original ratified document with the only 10 amendments is adding to it so the 13th and 16th etc are not sanctioned by God.

    The revelations that speak of the constitution were received in 1833 and don’t specify which constitution is referred to (original or amended ones). Shouldn’t we give that as the cut off date so that any amendment received prior to that makes the grade while everything after that date is adding to? If so, that would include the first 12 amendments, which were ratified prior to 1833. And if you are among the TONA crowd that believes that the Title of Nobility Amendment was ratified, then you’d have to include that one, too.

  6. Why wasn’t this post just left as a comment on OWIW’s post?

  7. Justin-

    I agree, there was no need to make this its own post other than for shock value.


    There are a lot of assumptions in assigning the 1833 cut off but that is generally the metric I use. That makes the idea of an original 13th amendment very interesting. (And makes the anti-slavery 13th amendment “evil”)


    I am not a supporter of slavery and do not think it is a part of the eternal plan. Having said that, If God gives us a law “because of the hardness of our hearts” like you said, how can you then turn around and say that law is not of God?

    If we all followed God perfectly, we would live in a perfect world. In a perfect world there would be no slavery…a lot of things would be different in a perfect world.

  8. Justin I understand your point and agree that under Moses and at other times a type of slavery was “of God” in a sense. In the same sense murder of innocents is allowed by God. The book of Mormon or is it the New Testament says that at times God “winked at” things. Giving Israel a king was “of God” and He promised that the attendant curses would be there too. The servants under the Mosaic law were nothing like what was present in the US prior to the civil war. Not only was there a 7 year limit on debt and normal servitude for debt when the servant was sent out God commanded he be sent out full He had all his wives and children and capital flocks, furniture tents etc to set up house. So it was an investment of time which if all followed God’s command was not cruel.
    That being said now that we know the fundamental evil nature of enforced servitude we can not be guiltless for supporting it with our words or political views and actions. The lack of a perfect world argument can and is being used to justify a myriad of truly Satan inspired laws and practices both in ecclesiastical and civil arenas. The IRS, 10% tithing on income instead of what God said, 2year missions for 19 year old boys, enforced monogamy by church and state, the federal reserve, the constant wars for “democracy”, immigration laws are just a few. But it is very possible that even in that list there are so many who do not see the evil behind these actions.
    When the truth is manifest and a person rejects it he is then held to a higher standard. If Peter would have continued to deny the gentiles baptism after being given the truth he would have been removed. And this is how the world is ripening for destruction.

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