Plasma Theology

I don’t know how many people who read this site study/understand/care much about the electric model of the universe, and how interplanetary movements and their resulting plasma interactions shaped human myths and conceptions of the gods — but one can come to appreciate why someone like myself, LDSA, or Anthony Larson view the plasma perspective as the only way to read prophetic narratives [see our posts on: D&C 88, D&C 101Revelations, and any of Anthony’s posts] — if you’ll think about why ancient myths and symbols do not correlate with anything in our present night sky.

From where we stand, the planets appear as these tiny pin-pricks of light.  Without telescopes, we can’t even clearly discern what they look like.  But then why did the ancients view them with such reverence and fear?  Why did our ancestors remember the planets as these immense powers in the sky — wielding thunder, lightning, fire, and storms?

Nothing in our skies, among the regular and silent motions of Venus and Mars — Jupiter and Saturn will ever explain:

  • a primeval stationary sun of a “Golden Age”
  • a cosmic wheel turning in the heavens
  • a glorious mountain or temple where the Gods dwelt above mankind
  • winged bulls
  • fire-breathing dragons or chaos serpents

or any of the other ideas ancient humans attached to these planetary bodies.

Prophetic narratives describe heavenly [in the sky] events:

There are certain events that can cause all mankind to start to worship gods:  planetary and interplanetary high-powered plasma displays.

When displays are on a solar-system-wide scale, everyone “converts” into a believer in one kind of god or another and starts worshipping something.  This is because the human brain responds to the electrical current of the solar system.  When it “powers-up”, it strikes us on a primitive level.

Historically, this is how it has always been — and it’s the reason the ancients always struggled with idolatry [see, The doctrine of destruction].  Atheism only creeps-in when the skies are asleep, and the drive to worship doesn’t “pull” on us as strongly.  This urge [once “turned-on”] is as basic as our sexual impulse and is a part of our natural state of existence [meaning that atheism, like monogamy, is a more recent human invention].

The prophetic narratives [in myth — or in scripture] take as their template events that unfold in the heavens:  i.e. the movements of planets and their interactions with each other as seen from earth, in the sky.  “Prophecy” is merely the description of planetary movements and plasma interactions.

The imagery in a prophetic story is imagery observed in the sky.  The mention of a “sword” or a “wheel” or a “dragon” — doesn’t mean there is a literal and physical metallic blade, chariot wheel, and fire-breathing reptile floating around in outer space – but that there are planetary movements and plasma formations that, when seen from the perspective of Earth, create an image or appearance that can be described as these things.

Prophecy is simply the movements of planetary bodies and the resulting plasma interactions, converted into a narrative that describe patterns — that likewise play out in earthly events.  Meaning that after the planets go through their described motions, fulfilling the elements of the prophecy every whit – the same story then plays out here, among people on Earth.

The research done in comparative mythology, plasma cosmology, and the electric universe suggest that the planets are not just big, physical balls of gas and rock, but they are also the idea of what those planets mean – the planets being used as a way to represent a pattern of things taking place among mankind [or within yourself] as though it were a physical event transpiring in the sky.

Their descriptions don’t make sense if you are basing your opinions on them on the current configuration of the planets.  Our current skies are asleep — and the electrical currents are not charged.

The following YouTube videos are full-length documentaries produced by the Thunderbolts research group.  And they present, visually, what I’ve been describing with text.

Remembering the End of the World:

Symbols of an Alien Sky:

Thunderbolts of the Gods:

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  1. “The research done in comparative mythology, plasma cosmology, and the electric universe suggest that the planets are not just big, physical balls of gas and rock, but they are also the idea of what those planets mean – the planets being used as a way to represent a pattern of things taking place among mankind [or within yourself] as though it were a physical event transpiring in the sky.”

    This is a huge issue…I know alotta cats who pride themselves on supposedly believing all things….maybe they think of themselves as progressive lds or something…mixing even new age in with their beliefs….but for some strange reason, Ive found that even those who are the most open minded seem to have an aversion to astrology….for all i know maybe you too share that aversion…but what you wrote at least gives the impression that you understand it a bit more than some…..I really feel that it is only pride which keeps us from understanding astrology….and then that lack of understanding keeps us from benefiting from so much knowledge of the ancients.

    People don’t like the idea because they think it is talking about a negation of fre will….they falsely think that astrology is the idea that the stars rule man’s destiny….the only reason they think that is for the same reason that they give their time, energy and compliance to corrupt states and churches….but insist that they are not under anyone’s control or even subjecting themselves to unrighteous influence…the truth is just as you said….they can only play this game and lie to themselves because the cosmos are not as awake as they were long long ago….but you know the fact is the cosmos have never gone completely dead….they only have a weaker, more subtle or sneaky influence….but the Devil seeks to keep people doing what they are doing in a sort of indifferent state of nonbelief …where we can say “man this is bad…oh well …i dont really FEEL to do anything about it though”…but then when the cosmos DO kick in….THEN you feel like doing something but its too late…you are just moved to do things under the control of others…because that was what you were doing all along but didn’t really notice due to the sleeping cosmos and your sleeping soul…talk about a rude awakening.

    I encourage everyone to view these videos…let your left brain mind be tantalized by the fascinating information contained in them…but do not stop there…also allow your right brain heart to open to it…so that the two are simultaneously activated and your body and soul are motivated to take action. If you think about it in terms of stars controlling your life….then that is the way it will be….and you will have the convenience for a while longer of pretending its no big deal….but then as it becomes more obvious just what is goin on…it will be very difficult to CHANGE YOUR MIND ….you will feel like….the idea that you MISINTERPRETED and IGNORED then RESISTED has overtaken you….You will say that it is these huge manifestations in the sky that are making you suddenly worship idols and do other things that you never THOUGHT you would do. BUT THE TRUTH WILL NEVER HIT YOU….that you labeled something as evil or stupid…you refused to take advantage of the BIG PICTURE PROJECTION that our inner selves put out on the SKY SCREEN for the sake of magnification and really making sense of, reading what is sometimes difficult to make out on the macro level…..but it will be those things that were inside you but you were too afraid and prideful to look at….FORGET ABOUT ATHEISTS BECOMING GOING FROM ATHEISM TO FULL OUT IDOL WORSHIP OVERNIGHT…LOOK AT YOURSELF….or you will not descern that because you decided to ACT LIKE “Oh well Im a believer….I believe in keeping the peace…so I guess Ill just wait till I feel the spirit move me….or maybe till the planet stars shaking…or heck even till the planets start playing out whatever they are gonna do in the sky”…dont make the mistake of failing to see that WERE SETTING THEM IN MOTION NOW….today you are either acting or not acting on your beliefs…you are either admiting…that YES I AM CAPABLE of doing all sorts of things glorious good and darkest evil….equally….and acknowledging that the only thing that keeps you from doing them is YOUR WILL…YOUR CHOICE….Do not make the mistake of resting on your laurels just knowing that these things are valid….come out from the institutions of man TODAY …realize that there are plenty of people who know these things….and they know how it really works….that WE THE CHILDREN SET THE STAGE….and SINCE IT IS US DOING IT….WE ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN STOP IT….You have already chosen the forms of the destroyers……even by not choosing you have done so….because THEY CHOOSE THEM…THEY NAME THEM….then we just go along….and without being aware….die spiritually AND physically.

  2. My personal views on astrology are that while I agree with the skeptics and critics of astrology that:

    the idea of any correspondence or controlling influence between humans on earth and the interplay between heavenly bodies is baseless.

    the desire of the human mind to make random things rational can sometimes leads to false excesses in explanation and implying causation by correlation.

    though time can be measured with heavenly bodies and we can understand the unfolding of events against the movement of those heavenly bodies — events don’t unfold as a result of heavenly bodies moving.

    the events of human beings on this earth are neither created by, nor effect the movement of planets.

    I have sympathy for the keepers of the ancient traditions of the astrologers because those criticisms are based upon the current configuration of the planets and stars in the heavens — with sleeping skies and the planets in a scattered state and the electrical currents between them uncharged.

    While I think that the tiny dots on the horizon do not affect man’s behavior nor cannot be used to predict them — I think those aren’t what the prophetic narratives, the mystic traditions, etc. were describing.

    What we currently have as “astrology” is modern man’s attempt to place the attributes of planets and heavenly plasma displays formulated by ancient man — onto modern skies.

  3. Justin,
    You have at least one reader here who studies/cares about the electric model of the universe, but, unfortunately doesn’t fully understand it. I have read a lot on here and other sites, sometimes several times because my brain capacity just isn’t quite that big yet. I found a thread on LDS freedom forum on the Plasma (ELECTRIC) universe that was awesome. The pictures there are incredible and the writer wrote in language I could understand a little better.

    I can’t play long videos on my stupid internet but I did find a website that sells these and several other Thunderbolts DVD’s and books. I look forward to digging in! Thanks for introducing them.

  4. liv345,
    In my Firefox browser I’ve got an add-on called “Flash Video Downloader Youtube Downloader 3.6.7”. Using it, I downloaded the above videos (about 200MB each) and watch them offline.

  5. To Justin and anyone else,
    I was of the opinion the astrology was nonsense at best and evil maybe. Until Chantdown started studying it. He assembled a profile of me based upon my birth date and the position of the planets/stars on that day, pure astrology stuff.
    I was amazed at what it said about my personality type and how much of it has been demonstrated in my life.
    I began to believe.
    No it doesn’t tell you what will happen. It doesn’t say that because of the stars you are doing things.
    It says because you chose to be born at that particular time you are the type of spirit who has certain likes and tendencies.
    It says during certain times there will be influences up you due to the movements of the heavenly bodies.
    We are not separate from the rest of creation. Our belief that we are is our doing and causes us problems.
    If we accept the reality that we are connected to God who is likewise connected to all of HIs creations then we can not help but understand that the movement of all things physical is due to the spiritual forces which created and sustain those things. Our bodies and planets are both part of that system.

  6. Astronomy, Astrology and Cosmology are all linked together and are really only different ways of talking about the same thing. What were talking about is the Heavenly Family…the Gospel-based, Egalitarian Multi-Husbands/Multi-Wives Tribe of our solar system. It is good to understand our relationships to the various patriarchs and matriarchs of our Solar Tribe.

    Plasma Theology is not only helpful to us as far as understanding the past or the future…but in looking at the present. The skies are not completely asleep and impact our lives daily. A failure to understand this is akin to waiting for the storm to hit. We should be awakening right along with the cosmos. A disbelieving attitude toward astrology and a lack of knowledge regarding plasma theology as the two relate is what makes it so we focus entirely on past and future events far removed from ourselves without recognizing and placing ourselves in the equation as participants then we merely consign ourselves to those not so positive influences entering the solar system from time to time. The good gods will not force us to do what we need to. Will is essential.

    These are only three of the major and minor asteroids that passed through the night sky in the same hour of the Dark Knight Shooting in Aurora Colorado at the Century 16 Theater at the hands of shooter James Holmes. There were also SHOOTING stars with the names Knight, Centurion, Alex, Jesse and Snyder. All the names coordinated with elements of the event and the many victims that night.

    Apparently SOMEONE understands astrology…and we see here that the price for remaining asleep to these things is a false sense of security. The luxury of not believing is as you said only temporary while the cosmos remain in their mostly dormant state. But how can you say ‘well I believe in God so I’ll be okay’ and justify a disbelief in astrology. Bottom line if we don’t know the nature of the Gods we are to be dealing with as well as those which might wish us harm ….then we will be just as adversely effected with a rude awakening when the planets start to shift as the ‘disbelievers’.

  7. Oh PS I watched all these videos as a result of LDSA other post last year and I love them . I think this is the way things really are.

  8. Found this article while reading today:

    Is the Zodiac Relevant in Modern Times?

    First sentence:

    Our modern interpretations of the Zodiac most likely have no similarities to those interpretations developed my early Mankind.

  9. Immanuel Velikovsky: The Deification of the Planets

    The Sun and the Moon are two great luminaries, and it is easily understandable that the imagination of the peoples should be preoccupied with them and should ascribe to them mythological deeds. Yet the ancient mythologies of the Chaldeans, the Greeks, the Romans, the Hindus, the Mayans, preoccupy themselves not with the Sun or the Moon, but prima facie with the planets.

    Why was [Jupiter] revered [above the Sun] by all peoples? Why was the planet Mars chosen to be the personification of the god of war? Why did Kronos of the Greeks, Saturn of the Romans, play a part in hundreds of myths and legends? Thoth of the Egyptians, Nebo and Nergal of the Babylonians, Mithra and Mazda of the Persians, Vishnu and Shiva of the Hindus, Huitzilopochtli and Quetzalcoatl of the Mexicans, were personifications of planets; innumerable hymns were dedicated to them and adventures and exploits ascribed to them.

    The Sun was subordinate to the planets, even though they are not conspicuous, poor sources of light, and no sources of warmth.

    The night sky illuminated by stars is majestic. The geometrical figures of the constellations, such as the Pleiades, Orion, or the Great Bear, rolling from the east in the evening to the west before morning, are favorite motifs in poetry, no less than the Sun and the Moon. But the discrepancy in the choice of motifs by the ancients becomes still more obvious. The constellations of the sky took only a minor and incidental part in the mythology of the ancient peoples. The planets were the major gods, and they ruled the universe.

    The same process of identification of major gods with the planets can be found in the religions of the peoples in all parts of the world. The planets were not affiliated to the gods, or symbols of the gods — the planets were the gods. In prayers and liturgies they were invoked as gods.

    The great majority of us moderns pay no attention to these points in the night sky, and probably not one in ten or even in a hundred is able to point to Jupiter or Mars in the firmament. The planets change their places, but not conspicuously. Were they indebted for their deification to this slow movement, by which they differ from the fixed stars? Did Zeus-Jupiter-Marduk-Amon become the supreme deity, the thunderer and dreadful lord of the universe, only because of his slow movement — he passes in twelve years the circle of the zodiac, traversed by the Sun in twenty-four hours, and by the Moon even quicker? When seen with the naked eye the planet Jupiter distinguishes itself from the fixed stars of first magnitude only by this slow change of position.

    Mercury, the closest to the Sun, is barely visible, being hidden in the Sun’s rays. But the ancients made the planet Mercury into a great god — Hermes or Nebo. Why was it feared and worshiped? What is there generally in the planets to inspire awe, so as to influence people to build temples for them, to sing liturgies, to bring sacrifices, to narrate legends, and to dedicate to them the domain of science, of war, of agriculture?

    The ancients were sufficiently enlightened to know that the planets are large rocks like the Earth that circle on orbits. And this makes the modern scholars wonder: knowing that the planets are rocks, why did the ancients believe that they are gods?

    The key to this problem, which is the major problem of all classical mythology, is already in our hands. The planet Venus was deified because of its dramatic appearance and because of the havoc it brought to the world, as described in Worlds in Collision. I illuminated also the events which made Mars a feared god. Divine qualities were ascribed to the other planets because of the catastrophes they wrought in earlier ages.

    In the Persian holy books it is said that “on the planets depends the existence or non-existence of the world — wherefore are they especially to be venerated.” “The seven planets rule the universe,” says a Nabatean inscription. The Greeks and Romans believed that “everything is, in fact, subject to the changes brought about by the revolutions of the stars.”

    “The celestial orbs by their combined movements are the authors of all that was, and is, and is to come.” According to ancient Hebrew traditions, “there are seven archangels, each of whom is associated with a planet.” “The seven archangels were believed to play an important part in the universal order through their associations with the planets. . . .”

    The reason for the deification of the planets lay in the fact that the planets only a short time ago were not faultlessly circling celestial bodies, nor were they harmless.

  10. Regarding the effect of the planets upon our lives I suggest anyone interested in the reality behind such a connection to read this web page. And read it all till you get the the experiment conducted in 2004 where they detected a measurable effect on a watch created by the spin of Venus. It effects mechanical as well as chemical processes.

  11. liv435,

    Gary said above that he uses the “Flash Video Downloader Youtube Downloader 3.6.7″ add-on for Firefox, but I use the “Easy YouTube Video Downloader 6.4” add-on. It works fantastic for downloading both videos and music. Just another option to consider…

  12. I used the add-on and my sister’s Internet. They downloaded perfectly. We’re on vacation right now but we did find a little time to watch the first video here and it was fantastic! Absolutely loved it and we are super excited to watch the others when we get home. I sort of went download crazy and downloaded a bunch of “electric universe” vids. Including one called “The electric universe and Nibiru.” It looks very interesting. Awesome stuff!

  13. I had a dream a couple nights ago. We (hubby and I)were in Colorado and went to the same theater where the shooting took place to watch a movie. Afterward we walked outside and the atmosphere was reddish. In the sky we could see a huge planet that was causing all kinds of disturbances. Earthquakes, fiery hail, etc…the moon was crimson red. We quickly headed home. Everyone was so scared, except for us. We knew what was going on because of having studied up on it previously. It sounds kind of funny but I was really glad to have downloaded these videos because the internet was completely down. The spirit told us “knowledge is power over fear.” So we decided to gather our community members together and show them the videos as well as give a very amateur lesson on the “electric universe” I woke up feeling strongly to share this information with everyone. Someday an understanding of this science could be the difference between fear and confidence. And I haven’t even de-calcified my pineal gland yet!

  14. Really? The same theatre in Aurora where the shooting took place? Interesting. Did you happen to catch my comment here…at least I think I mentioned it on this site…about the activity in the night sky on that particular night in that midnight hour when the shooting took place?

  15. Oh yeah its here on this thread the sixth comment from the top. I think you would be interested in the info I listed there…in light of your dream. Youre right…knowledge is power over fear.

  16. Chantdown, yes it was the very same theater. I read your comment and followed the links. Fascinating! I am absolutely obsessed now. Has anyone here ever taken Anthony Larson’s courses? I’m thinking about it. The thunderbolts stuff is awesome but leaves me wanting. I am very interested in more info on Saturn Venus and Mars representing Father, Mother and Son. I just hate looking for things. I much prefer it sat in my lap-gently;) So any recommendations would be welcome.

  17. Just judging Anthony’s courses from the other material I’ve read [here, on his blog/website, etc.] — much of it I’d describe as droningly-introductive — he doesn’t “get to the point” real well, and leaves me teased for what I feel like is the coming paragraph containing the “super-meaningul esoteric keys” that are so important for us.

    He seems reserved in declaring plainly what he says are “vital keys of knowledge” — I’ve always assumed it’s either because he’s got a chip-on-his-shoulder for not being accepted/understood by mainstream LDS, or the stuff he posts online is the free-tease to get people to purchase his books or online course — and those will be packed with straight-forward content. [But something in me doubts that].

    That might be because I’m an avid “looker-for-things”.

    Maybe someone here has taken his online class and can judge it better…

  18. the LOA…Law of Attraction comes in handy here too….While Im sure neither Justin nor I would mind at all…”setting things gently in your lap” ….It is a true principle that we should be “anxiously engaged” and “seek out of the best of books” etc….But here is the cool part. It does not have to be an arduous task….Remember the section in the Spiritual Gift Giving & Receiving post that talks about OSMOSIS? Well beyong bodily fluids and sexually transmitted KNOWLEDGE ….we can also attract the desired knowledge with our minds alone.

    Two years ago Quiana and I were prepairing to leave our home in Mexico to travel to Utah…a day before taking our journey, I ran across a book online which looked fascinating to me and I had a strong desire to read it. It was, however, obviously a very obscure title and not likely to found just sitting on the shelf of any barnes&noble book store….but due to its dealing with Church matters….I figured it should be more easy to obtain a cheap copy in Utah….so I made a mental note to look for it….when we got to UT though….I totally forgot about it…I had that feeling…you know like….”I know Im forgetting something here…I know there was something I was gonna do…now what was it???” But I just went led by the spirit that whole trip…which was technically a pre-mission of many missions to come, though we did not know it at the time….

    Well we ended up going to church at my brother-in-law’s home ward…(this was before we accepted our calling to come out from the whore of babylon and touch not her unclean things…Hehehe.) But yeah so we go to church that morning…and end up clicking and chatting with this fellow who gave a very intelectually stimulating lesson in Elder’s Quorum meeting….We exchange emails…and a few weeks later when were already back home in Mexico…this guy tells me in an email that he wrote a book that he thinks I might be interested in….Turns out HE WAS THE AUTHOR OF THE BOOK I HAD MADE MENTAL NOTE TO TRY AND OBTAIN. He gave me a FREE copy.

  19. But WAIT …theres more…LOL!….during the same time that we were begining a correspondence by email …me and the author of the book i felt intruiged by….I received an email out of the blue from Anthony E. Larson himself in regards to some comments I had made over at LDS or whatever that silly site is called…
    He said:


    I’d be curious to know your impressions of my work on prophecy, given that you have a bent in that direction yourself. I’ve seen few Saints who are prepared to equate the first chapter of Isaiah to the modern church. So, if you’re so inclined, I’d like to get your take on my work. Visit and


    Anthony E. Larson

    I told him:

    Brother Anthony,

    Thanks for even responding to those views. It would seem that too many of us are not willing to venture outside of political banter into the uncomfortable realm of what matters most. I mean I do not know how else we can view the words of The Lord in those passages where He tells us he is fed up with our general conferences. I had no idea you were among the brethren following that thread.

    I am actually quite familiar with your work. I would say I am as familiar as I can be. I was turned on to it (led by the spirit) some time ago. But I have been limited to the teasers and bread crumbs you put out there. I as a general rule do not pay for things I feel to be of spiritual import. I am not completely opposed to it. But I typically trust that since God has led me to something in my search for truth he will also provide the way to obtain it if needed. As I am not a man of many means, I just go off the spirit completely in such matters. Your work is a perfect example as it tasted true, began to enlarge my soul and understanding, and I would say that it instantly became a part of my overall view. It helped to make sense of this world that God has given us in many ways which were intellectually stimulating and more importantly lined up with previously gained knowledge from The Spirit. But I have to admit I did feel a bit like the poor Zoramites. Ha! Please don’t take that the wrong way. As you can see I am very honest about my thoughts and vocal with my feelings. I just figured that The Lord would make a way. Either by blessing me with the money and then a spiritual draw or reminder of your writings when considering how to most wisely spend any excess monetary blessings, or some other friend who was willing to share. But unfortunately I don’t know too many people with money and even less with the same heartfelt convictions you hold with regards to the blessing that prophesy is to us.

    I feel along with you that the macro witnesses of the micro. That the physical, geological witnesses of the spiritual realm. It is definitely divine synchronicity that you of all people would respond to my desperate attempts to awaken others to the symbolism and ominous warnings it communicates. I know that it was God’s will that I run across your work and soak in what I could to get me paying particular attention to planetary signs in the first place. There is much that I do not understand. But I know what I know. And that knowledge has come from God, often in the form of dreams dealing with the moon, falling stars etc. I found that strange since I had no advanced knowledge of these things. But now I see it all making a lot of sense.

    I would love to stay in contact. Especially inasmuch as our spirits might be able to at least vibe off one another and fan the flames of inspiration in order to spread the word of warning. I think you feel too that there is not much time left in which to fill our lamps and exhort others to as well.


    Brother Rob

    Anthony followed up with this:


    Thanks for your prompt reply. I had no idea you had already read my material.

    The reason I charge for my classes, as opposed to putting it all out there in my blog or some other format, is so that I can spend my time working on projects to put this information out there such as the video documentary I plan to do. Like you, my financial means are limited. Thus, I am forced to charge for the information in order to move the project forward. I’m sure you understand that.

    If you found my website, blog and video clips interesting, you will be spiritually and intellectually blown away by the online class information. The first class is free, so why not give it a whirl? Anyone who sees the value in what I have already published can benefit tremendously from those classes. I’d be happy to put you in touch with some people who have completed the class so they can tell you firsthand how invaluable they are. Someone as astute at interpreting the scriptures as you are would find the classes astounding and enlightening.

    In any case, please do stay in touch. I’d enjoy your comments or questions on anything I’ve written.

  20. Liv, and anyone else who might read this…

    I want to bear humble and deep testimony that the Spirit of Truth in All Things can and desires to teach us directly… much more than what I can write down and capture with words….To paraphrase Brother Joseph…let me tell the brethren and sistren out there….that:


  21. Justin, I actually feel “teased” by the thunderbolts group because they don’t offer a gospel-based interpretation at all. That’s why I became interested in Larson’s stuff. I plan on re-reading pretty much everything on LDSA about plasma theology etc… Last time I read through these particular posts I was seriously like wtf are these guys smokin’? I had to set aside so much that I didn’t understand so I could still gain something. Maybe you should put a disclaimer on some posts, “We recommend that you educate yourself-at least a little-on plasma/electric universe theory before reading this” Lol. I have already begun circulating a burned dvd of the videos here and also entertaining everyone at every gathering with my “electric universe” awesomeness. If we stop getting invited I’ll know to shut up. But so far, so good.

    Chantdown, That is a very cool experience! I have had similar and am always appreciative. Remember Joseph Smith’s comment(can’t recall where it is) that one can learn more having the heaven’s opened to them for 5 minutes than if they read all the books in the world? Well that’s my classroom of preference:) I am actually a voracious reader when I’m interested in the subject. But poring through website after website and book after book searching for a particular key to help me understand a particular topic is torturous to me! So ya, I guess I would prefer you guys to do the work for me;) Remember the part in your post about new born babies?……….waaahhh. Also, I have six home-schooled kids. i am very time strapped. My lap is waiting…..

  22. Chantdown, My comment above should have been before your previous two. I was responding to your previous comment. You must have got the next two in before I hit “post comment” That being said,,,Thank you for sharing your interaction with brother Larson. He seems like a genuine, good guy to me. After listening to a podcast of him being interviewed by a radio host I would venture to say that while it’s true that he’s not accepted by main-stream LDS he still maintains his position, and something has to be said for that. Most any TBM, if looked down on by the corporation would tuck their tail between their legs and go home.

  23. FYI, there is ThunderboltsProject Youtube Channel. I’ve put this link under the Education Category on the right of each page.

  24. I saw that the Voyager spacecraft recorded the sound of intersteller plasma — which, as the craft has traveled out, has been rising in pitch and volume.

    Video with the recording

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