Action Faith versus Power Faith: The movie

This video was made to explain the concepts in LDSA’a post The Seeds of the Power of Godliness.
Hopefully watching it will help people understand the concept.

Gifts of The Spirit – The Seeds of The Powers of Godliness – Pt. 1 from Elder Chantdown on Vimeo.



  1. This is major. It seems that we accept action faith as equal to power faith…as a substitute and the best example I can think of is people treat it like an artificial sweetener. They try substituting it and it’s not the same, even though the end effects are similar sweet tastes.

    I’ve been thinking about this one since you posted the video. Let me know if I’m feeling the same thing as you are sharing Chantdown. I believe there is a place for action faith. But religions push action faith as a highlight that we should add to our lives, on the side, as a good hobby or occasional event. SInce it is so rare, it is special and what our end goals should be. Power faith is for ancient days of the scriptures or a strange story spread around. That’s why people go on vacation missions, to tropical locations and build some schools for a few days then play at the beach. Sprinkle some action faith in your lives and that’s all anyone could expect or hope for. Rather, people like Jesus, their daily actions and lifestyle could be described as action faith, and power faith were daily occurrences.

    I was talking with my brother today. We are both beginning new chapters and our families are each moving to new locations soon. His plan for a while was to move to Kaua’i. A great place, a family can live a different lifestyle. The area has a movement of trying to get the small community, that is the whole island, onto a better path. They want to join that great effort. That is a great effort and will do many great things. But then I thought of this video. Is that just action faith? Is that limiting them to action faith and not power faith? If presenting it to God in a fashion of, “well, we are going to help others and be more at one with the earth, please help us God,” seems to be their prayer. Which is leaps ahead of others chained merrily to Babylon. But we talked about giving up all our plans, saying, “Okay God, here is a clean slate. I don’t have any plans of my own. Guide us and we will go.” To me, that seems to be the path where action faith is exercised daily and power faith can & does occur.

    Fill me in on what you think.

  2. On the OP, LDSA wrote:

    Mortality is different. It is designed to allow faith to function under both principles.

    Action faith is given to us a temporary crutch, as well as a test. The elements that surround us here are commanded by God to allow us to push them around, regardless of our righteousness or lack thereof.

    They voluntarily submit to His divine command and thus we can manipulate all the various earthly materials here. If we desire it, we may never need to develop faith as a principle of power. Mankind can survive on this planet (for a limited time, at least) solely on action faith.

    Once we come here from heaven, we find ourselves in a fallen world. Sin is rampant, both around us and in us. Were the elements here operating like they did in heaven, everyone would immediately die. We wouldn’t be able to even force air into our lungs, for the air would not allow itself to be forced into the lungs of a being it did not respect (a sinful being).

    This would frustrate the design of God to prepare a world in which we could be tried and tested and in which would could develop faith as a principle of power. So, as explained above, God commanded the elements that make up our temporal (mortal) existence to allow themselves to be pushed around by us, according to a specific set of laws that we term physics.

    So, I think that’s in agreement with what you said Rob:

    I believe there is a place for action faith.

    It has its place — I’m using it right now to force air into my lungs just by manipulating the air-pressure in my chest with my diaphragm. The air isn’t responding to my righteousness — just responding to the natural laws God has placed it under.

    The church of Christ should be the environment where we are taught what it’s like to ask the air into our lungs and have it respond miraculously, because of our righteousness.

  3. _The church of Christ should be the environment where we are taught what it’s like to ask the air into our lungs and have it respond miraculously, because of our righteousness._

    Would this be the kind of faith that was used by people like Meshach [spelled wrong, I’m sure], Abednego, and Shadrach when they stayed alive in the fiery furnace?

  4. Breathing is the perfect teaching tool…this is why it is the constant repitious learning technique employed throughout our time in this classroom of mortal existence. It shows us ACTION FAITH…now POWER FAITH…..ACTION FAITH now POWER FAITH….thats it! Keep going….INHALE……EXHALE….BREATHE IN BREATHE OUT…..ASSERTION….SURRENDER…..see how they work together kids? ….Man I love the way the Gods teach us.

  5. Toni — yes, that’s exactly the same principle.

    The elements that made up the fire refused to act upon the elements of flesh of those three boys, and their flesh could accept the choice not to be acted upon — because they each possessed the faith not to be consumed.

    For the wicked men who attempted to kill them — the flames acted upon their bodies, and the elements that comprised their bodies chose to be acted upon — consuming them.

  6. Btw, Elder Chantdown, I dug the video. Visual tools like this can come in handy.

  7. Yes they certainly do come in handy….Thats why I felt so gripped by the Spirit when I made it…I felt I couldn’t rest till it was done. I wanted to post it to YouTube but they wont let me because of the music used in the background. I wonder if someone has any ideas or suggestions on how to get around that.

    I sincerely hope that people will use this to help spread the wonderful message you expressed in the original post.

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