An appeal for Prayer and Fasting

Tom [an LDS blogger who was a frequent commenter at this, and other, blogs] sent me an e-mail over the weekend asking for some support in a personal matter of his.  I wanted to post his story and his appeal for fastings and prayers here — so anyone who regularly follows our posts can offer-up some spiritual support for Tom’s friend

Below is what he wrote me:

I’ve kind of disconnected a lot recently, but was wondering if I might be able to enlist your help in mobilizing some spiritual help — prayers, fasts, etc. on something happening with a very close friend of mine.

This Wednesday (05/02/2012) at 11:30 am MST — will be a court meeting for a friend of mine who is in desperate need of any prayers or fasts that anyone could offer-up and dedicate onto her and her sons behalf.

Her soon-to-be ex-husband has been molesting their 4-yr old son over an unknown length of time, and the court hearing on Wednesday (May 2nd)  is where the judge will be considering allowing the father (at the recommendation of a court appointed adviser) to have unsupervised, overnight visits with the son.

All the mother and son need — besides some obvious healing — is some additional time for both CPS and the local police to finish their investigations into the abuse allegations — but there’s a very real chance, based on the recommendation from the adviser, that the unsupervised visits will recommence following this meeting with the judge.

All I’m asking, if possible, is for you to send an e-mail blastout, post a message on Facebook or perhaps throw a little glib up on your blog — etc.

Hoping that the universe will intervene.

The request could be simple, leaving out most the details, but I would leave that up to you.  The more support, prayers, and fasts offered-up for the sake of this mother and son could perhaps help to turn the tide in their favor.

You may comment in reply to this post if you plan on participating — so that Tom may be able to see the support his friend will have.


  1. If that father is granted unsupervised visits and you need any help stopping it/him in any way, let me know.

  2. Thanks for your response Rob.

  3. Not knowing the veracity of the accusations against the father and his right to be with his son and the authorities being involved and investigating, my prayer for those parties will be that God’s will be done. God Bless.

  4. jew1967 — sounds fair — thanks for replying.

    Tom said he was willing to give me more details about the particulars of the case, but I didn’t ask for them. Perhaps if he reads this post, he can post other details here — but I wouldn’t mind leaving the particulars out — and then having anyone else’s prayers mirroring your own either.

  5. Thanks, Justin.

    Rob, I may indeed enlist your help. Justin has my personal email address, perhaps he could send it to you and we could talk.

    Others: I’ve spent a lot of tome with the mother and son recently trying to get them through this. I’ve seen the anguish and anger the son had been exhibiting, heard the reports from the mother first hand, and listened to audio recordings with the same information.

    The father had been emotionally abusing both of them for years, and the evidence seemingly points to some sexual abuse (based on statements, reactions, actions from the son, as well as the mothers own fears and looking into it) at least as early as late last year, but the details are still being hashed out.

    I realize most of you don’t know me from Adam, but the mother and son are in desperate need of all the prayers and support you can pass along these next couple days.

    Thanks again Justin and LDSA and others.

  6. @Tom, if you want to contact me, you can email me at goingtozion -AT- rocketmail -DOT- com

    *edited the e-mail address to cut down on Rob’s potential spam

  7. Tom,

    We will most definitely be praying that justice prevail. Might I also suggest enlisting the help of spirits from the other side of the veil since this time of year, and May 1st specifically is a perfect time of year for working together in the Spirit of Elijah with ancestors. This can be a major comfort and benefit. If you can provide us with the name of the judge making this decision we will perform a “honey jar ritual” to sweeten him to your case.

    God Bless

  8. Chantdown,

    I think that the reason why all your comments are going into moderation is because the wordpress blog you have listed under your name doesn’t exist. I’ve looked over the LDSA blog settings to discover why only your comments go into moderation and I haven’t been able to discover the reason, so it may be your non-existing blog that is causing the problem. May I suggest that you activate it, even if you don’t post a single thing on it? Perhaps that will cause your comments to post automatically.

  9. I will pray with faith that the powers of heaven will in fact over rule the powers of darkness in this thing. I will also use the priesthood to protect the innocent.
    In 2010 LDSA had a post in which he had a bunch of suggestions. Maybe it was spicing up your church experience. One of the suggestions was to use the priesthood for anything and any time we needed a blessing for something.
    I have started doing that and it works.

  10. dyc:

    In 2010 LDSA had a post in which he had a bunch of suggestions. Maybe it was spicing up your church experience. One of the suggestions was to use the priesthood for anything and any time we needed a blessing for something.

    Crazy Thought #4 on Mormonism as the Coming State Religion and Other Crazy Thoughts

  11. Really Justin!? Boy that post for being an off the cuff like “Hey I’m not claiming revelation here” has been a real source of direction and action in my life for two years.
    And frankly as the time for the presidential election draws near I keep seeing more things which could indicate they were not “crazy ” ideas. Thanks Justin. You’re the best unpaid personal assistant I’ve ever had.

  12. The Judge is Judge Gerald Porter – love the idea a honey jar ritual!!

    Thanks again everyone.

  13. Tom,

    I hope you will let us all know the results of the court hearing so that we can give thanks to the Lord if our prayers were heard or continue to petition Him if they weren’t.

  14. Update:

    Mostly beneficial news to report. The judge did not have the time to read the 15pg report that painted the mother as grasping at straws and leading the child into answers and instead told both parties that he was going to err on the side of caution. Caution, in this case, is an appointment next wednesday, may 9th, where the only available witness to the case – the son/victim – will spend 4+ hours with forensic detectives. The detectives are trained to work with children like this, to find out whether what the child had said is true, whether he’s been threatened by the father, whether he’s been coached by the mother or whatever.

    Point is, todays hearing buys the mother and son a week before the next, ever crucial meeting with ChildHelp. That meeting, it would appear, will make out break this case.

    So, thank you everyone for your prayers, honey jar rituals and whatever else… And, if you’re still up for the challenge, refocus your efforts on May 9th and the child finding his voice and having the strength to break the chains that his father had put on him through the abuse and threats he’s received to date. And, of course, prayers for the detectives and psychologists who will be with the child that day.

    Interestingly, I went with the mother to a local yoga class last night. At the end you lay on your back, relax, hold your palms facing up (to receive) and she told me she saw, for the first time, the past, present and future. She saw the abuse the child went through – in excruciating detail, the pain he’s experiencing in the present, the Child Help interview, herself breaking down, the police, detectives, etc., then her mind forwarded to the future of her and her son, safe, playing on a beach, away from the fear and anger that have ruled their lives for these past few years.

    I saw the son suffering (just a mental image), curled up in his room, afraid of the next time the father would come into the room, but I also saw moments of protection, and ultimately I saw healing…a mother and son able to move on and begin their lives anew.

    Thanks again, everyone, but please do remember the 9th and all that represents, if you can. Fasts, rituals, prayers,.dances, celebrations, whatever you feel impressed to do.

  15. Tom — what time is the meeting on Wednesday?

  16. As I prayed last week about this I was lead to say let the innocent be protected and the guilty not prevail. If there is any question for the judge then let judge choose to “err on the side of caution” .
    Now I will pray for the truth to come to light and or the healing of the child to begin and continue till he and the mother are safe.

  17. Justin: 1030am meeting.

    Mom and son have had a very relaxing – and much needed – last week or so. Whether its the calm before the storm, or simply a state of mind knowing that this is really outside of their control at this point is lost on me.

    But, I will be devoting all day Tuesday and through the day Wednesday for this and hope it goes well, that the kids gets the help he needs and that the truth – be what it may, prevails. Honestly, my focus is directed on the detectives and the son being able to form a bond where he feels safe opening up, telling what needs to be told.

    Thanks again everyone. 🙂

  18. A quick update:

    The kid was interviewed by the detectives and it went well, but not well enough for the detectives to do anything. Enough questions were raised, though, for a second interview to be scheduled on May 23rd.

    All the detectives need is for the kid to say something, anything and then they can make an arrest and really open up the investigation, to open up and feel comfortable enough to say something. Until then, every thing the father does or is asked is voluntary.

    I, in the meantime, am trying to raise funds for the mother as this thing trudges on. She’s a local school teacher and has blown through nearly $6k in a month on this thing, basically her entire savings.

    Otherwise refocusing for the 23rd us what I’ll do, and would love for anyone/every one to join in. The kid has it in him, but the mother noted that the last time the kid said something, the visitations with the father were directly affected – cause and effect. The kid doesn’t want to get his dad in trouble, but, my thinking, in hoping he gains wisdom about a higher cause and effect and gettng help fot both him and his father and his mother.

  19. Thank you Tom,

    For the update…for rallying us together in the first place….and for all the sharing (of info and feelings) you have done in the past, that has helped so many of us here and is still doing immense good for many minds at this very time.

    My household will indeed be refocusing on the 23rd and helping everyone involved to see this through to the beautiful outcome which the Lord has prepared and promised.I know that many others will be livicating their sacred energy to this situation as well.

    I do not want to hijack this post or in anyway diffuse the attention we are placing on this temporary trial to support mother and child and uphold truth and justice. I only want to go with my feelings and thoughts as sparked by this wonderful opportunity to bond and use our collective power for good.

    This is consecration friends. I seethe very practical reasons behind the invitation in scripture to “Bear one another’s burdens” This is not a purely emotional plea. It is an emotional plea but it is simultaneously a practical and cool headed way of helping us cope with challenges. For the child this is something that directly threatens him. The mother is almost as drastically effected as she is so close to the child…this is as it should be. Tom has the particular and special blessing of being knit together with the mother and child in heart and yet perfectly positioned just two steps from the center of this event so as to be able to offer unique and much needed comfort of a mental (Left Brain, Masculine) type.

    The rest of us are given a very wonderful opportunity. We can either behave as the world and remain free from emotional attachment as long as possible since we find ourselves sufficiently “removed” or far from the problem. It is given us to choose. We may then also feel overridden at one point or another with emotions…but guilt will be primary among them and will direct our God-Given power in the WRONG DIRECTION. (Just like this huge social experiment with Kony 2012) In this case once we feel enough external pressure to quote “GET INVOLVED” rather than living and choosing “IN LOVE” loving and being loved as we are now learning to do…..then going with external pressure we will give over our agency and power to the Evil One to ironically align ourselves with the problem. Becoming “INVOLVED” then means wrapped up in it and unable to effectively fight against it/ rearrange it.

    But through a conscious and willing act of “Mourning with those who mourn” we get this Christ power that does not run out but instead grows as it is given and shared.The EMOTION and the seemingly detached THOUGHT work TOGETHER …TO GATHER all of the needed elements for the miraculous and perfect outcome.

    Spiritual gifts are more quickly manifest on the physical plane when we have all temporal things in common…because it allows it to easily slide into place like a lubrication. But even as a Cybe-Tribe there is sooo much we can do with united or choreographed intention.The distance itself can be used as a strength….because if I bear Tom’s burdens it is actually easier and more efficient and he can offer something which I can not see or do for myself being that much more engaged at close range with the obstacle.

    I love you guys. Thank you to everyone here for their help and support in my life and for allowing me to return that love. We should be striving for Zion, where we can live consecration to the fullest…but we can’t over look the powerful things we areperfectly capable of even while we all find ourselves still under some very real bondage in a firmly rooted TEMPoral Babylon….lets use the spirit to rearrange the physical reality for ourselves.

  20. I came across this thru google since I’m trying to find words for me to also appeal for prayers from everyone. Guided by goodness, my case is the same as tom’s friend’s case. This May 15, Thursday, will be the first court hearing after so many months of waiting. Almost a year ago my daughter had told us that she’s being molested by her father some time when she was just barely 4 years old. I’ll also include Tom’s friend in my prayers and for the hope that this may not happen again to any child.

  21. Anon — May 15th is a Tuesday.

    Is the hearing May 15th — or is it Thursday?

  22. @Tom, so I’ve been thinking of ideas for fundraisers. If $6k has been spent so far, is there an estimate of how much it will cost her in the end? That way we could figure out how much to raise for some events.

    Also, does anyone know if local wards can use their funds for these types of things? I know they can use it for food, rent, medical/dental expenses and in many times is at the Bishop’s discretion. Does court/lawyer fees qualify? Because it seems like a single stake could take care of that bill easily.

  23. @Rob: my friend isn’t LDS, so I highly doubt that they would pay anything towards her legal fees.


    Sorry for the short notice, but today is the 2nd ChildHelp interview – 2pm Pacific Coast time. The child is heading over to the police station to be questioned/interviewed. He just needs to open his mouth and speak, tell his story, etc. Thanks again everyone.

  24. He and his mom will be in my prayers today and at 2pm Pacific time.

  25. The mother just sent this out this morning:

    Friends and family. Please pray for Jacob today. Pray for him to have the courage he needs. That he has the strength and confidence to speak what is on his heart and in his mind. Pray that his fears will subside so that the truth may be revealed. Please ask God to let him know that whatever the outcome is he is loved. Those are my prayers for today and I ask for your support and that your prayers will be the same for him. 2:00pm today

  26. Bad news to report.

    The son wouldn’t speak yesterday, wouldn’t open up to the investigators. The mother got a call this morning from the police saying they are closing the case because the son hasn’t reported anything criminal to the police, that there will be a custody hearing next week.

    Bad news on all fronts.

    Mom is feeling pretty much hopeless at this point.

  27. It reminds me of a opening line from Its a wonderful life.
    A lot of people are praying for a man named George Bailey.
    What is he sick?
    No worse, he’s depressed.

    The mother being in despair is the thing we need to pray for the most. I will pray for her and for again that the innocent are protected and the truth comes out.

  28. I asked my uncle who is a bishop:
    “Can ward funds be used to help out people in these situations? Are there stake funds or anything available for people with this need? I’ve heard of bishops helping people out with money for rent, food, dental and medical care. To me there doesn’t seem like a better cause. But I’m not sure what the CHI or any other rules are regarding how funds are dispersed. I was speaking with some others trying to help her out and one person thinks that because she is not LDS that she couldn’t get help.”

    My uncle’s reply:
    “As for helping the family with fast offering funds from the church. The handbook says that FO funds are intended to be used for the members of the ward. There is the option to help non-members in rare instances, but they must reside within the boundaries of the ward where the help comes from. It is up to that Bishop to decide whether or not to use the funds to help a non-member. If the non-member is not given FO funds, then they are to be referred to other agencies within the community. There are other resources in the community for non-members. They just have to find the person who knows how to access those resources….not sure who that would be in your City.
    Hope this helps.”

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