GEMTAM (Chapter 3) Multihusband-Multiwife

The following hyperlinked pdf. file is the third chapter of the GEMTAM book, put into the Elegance Book Design Template with a page size of 8.5 x 11.  Obviously, this will not be the actual page size of the book.  I chose these FastPencil Preview settings specifically for this post.  Feel free to download it, read it and share it with anyone you want by printing it out or emailing it.  There are 41 pages, the file size is 1.1 Mb and it contains the following sections:

(Chapter 3) Multihusband-Multiwife Update 1

Plural Marriage in Heaven

Plural Marriage in the Scriptures

Adult, Consensual Polyandry Is Never Condemned in the Scriptures

Plural Marriage in the Church: Current Sealing Policy

The Purpose of Plural Marriage: Establishing the Tribes of Israel

New Science: Human Sexuality Is Based Upon a Multimale-Multifemale Mating System

Plural Marriage Is Not Adultery

Consensual, Extra-Marital Courting Does Not Commit Adultery in the Heart

Dealing with Adultery and Fornication Among Tribal Members and Prospects

Plural Marriage Does Not Violate the Temple’s Law of Chastity

Abrahamic Concubinage as an Inter-Tribal Function

Multihusband-Multiwife Marriage and the Law of Sarah

Multihusband-Multiwife Marriage and the Sealing Power

Pornography, Cheating, and Serial Monogamy Compared to a Multispouse Tribe

Plural Marriage Is Making a Comeback

Unlicensed Marriages Are Ordained of God

Unlicensed Marriages and What the Brethren Can Do About Them

The co-authors, project manager and editors of the GEMTAM project will undoubtedly further modify, add to, delete from and/or rearrange these sections.  Until the book is ready for publication, anything is possible.  But in its current state, it can be considered a more or less edited and near final draft.  If and when this chapter does change, I will point the hyperlink to the updated, pdf. file and post a notice here so people can get the latest incarnation of it.  (Latest Updated File is GEMTAM Ch. 3 Multispouse Update 1.)

Note: If you have interest in collaborating on the GEMTAM project, please see this post.

2nd note: If you wish to discuss the GEMTAM, whether you are for or against it, there is now a GEMTAM discussion chat room and a GEMTAM Discussion club, both of which are on

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