GEMTAM Book Collaboration

Since Justin told me about, an online book publishing resource, I’ve uploaded all of the blog posts that I’ve written to an account that I opened on that site and have been mulling over creating an ebook or a paper book (or both) so that some of the new concepts found on this blog could be presented to the general public in an easier to read format.

After giving it some thought, I decided that a book explaining the tribal model to people would be something unique and useful. I ended up with the following descriptive title: The Gospel-based, Egalitarian, Multihusband-Multiwife, Tribal Anarchy Model. As a summary, here is what I came up with:


A tribe is a social group or mutual benefit society whose members band together for mutual support and defense. It is the foundational or original form of human society. The Gospel-based, Egalitarian, Multispouse, Tribal Anarchy Model (GEMTAM) is a type of tribe that uses the restored gospel of Jesus Christ as its pattern and law and is based upon interconnected kinship covenants. This book explains the principles behind the GEMTAM so that anyone, anywhere, even those currently living under a state government, can immediately begin to form their own stable, ordered and peaceful tribes and reap the benefits which they afford. The principles and concepts found in this book can be adapted in a multitude of different ways, so that no two tribes will be exactly alike. If modern society has left you feeling alone and detached from those around you, the tribal model might be just what you need.

Obviously, both title and summary are drafts, but I’d like to create some kind of handbook that explains all the principles and scriptural justifications of the GEMTAM for latter-day saints who may have interest in tribes. Unfortunately, there is a lot of material to go through and I’m finding it overwhelming to organize blog posts into an even-flowing book format. The thought occurred to me that maybe I ought to write it from scratch, but then I noticed that FastPencil allows collaboration. This is what the web site says about that:

Collaborating is the process of inviting others to review, edit or write with you.

Nobody can view your writing unless you invite them here.

Project Manager

Project Manager can do everything but the final publishing step.


Co-authors can comment, edit, write, and create new chapters.

They can also invite collaborators and accept edits.


Editors can leave comments and edit your writing.


Reviewers can read your project and make comments, but they can’t make modifications.

So, I’m going to give anarchy a try and ask for any volunteers who would like to collaborate on this project. It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway) that you ought to understand the principles of the GEMTAM, believe in it and want to spread the word about it.

If interested, please leave a comment below and tell me what part you would like to play: Project Manager, Co-author, Editor or Reviewer. I will invite you to collaborate using the email address that you fill out in the comment form. The more people involved, the faster this can be completed, so, as far as I am concerned, the more the merrier, however, I do not know how many people have read this blog and understand the GEMTAM. I guess I will soon find out.

This is not a for pay or for profit project. Whatever ebook we come up with will be free to copy and spread around. It’ll cost me $10 to make it into a .pdf and then I’ll just upload it to this blog and link it so that anyone can freely download it.  I just want something that people can print and hand out to people, or otherwise use to explain these concepts to friends and family so that people can start to form their own tribes.

Update: We now have a total of eight collaborators. If anyone would like to look at our progress on this project and make comments, please click the following link:

The Gospel-based, Egalitarian, Multihusband-Multiwife, Tribal Anarchy Model / Summary – FastPencil

Second Update: I have created an “Open” Facebook group where people can freely discuss this model with others. You can post messages, comments, events, video, documents, do group chat, etc. Here’s the link:

The Gospel-based Egalitarian Multihusband – Multiwife Tribal Anarchy Model – Open Facebook Group

Third Update: There is also now a GEMTAM Discussion chat room and a GEMTAM discussion club on All are invited to enter and discuss the model, regardless of whether you are for or against it.

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