Apprising In Verse — A Short Poem

When April conference comes along

and LDS are singing song,

and if the earth be quaked and trembled

and the conference center fall

upon GA’s which are assembled,

causing members to appall,

remember I was first to tell

some details of that coming hell.

I say this not to cause alarm—

the exact time I do not know—

but if next month will be the harm

well, then, at least I told you so.

Okay, so now you are apprised

so that you will not be surprised

if all of what I have surmised

shall end up being realized.

Prose note: I will elaborate on the above when the opportunity to write another blog post, again presents itself.  I just felt that I needed to publish this prior to the April 2010 general conference in case I am not able to give a full exposition before then.  Here’s hoping that the urgency I felt in publishing this post was not inspired…

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  1. Thanks for sharing your premonition.

  2. Maybe if you are getting impressions of such a magnitude, you should FIND some time to write more! 🙂

  3. LDSA, did you write the above prose or get it from somewhere else?

  4. Tom, I’m the author of this post.

  5. Did the above communication come by way of dream, vision, angel or “burning feeling” etc.?

    I get the feeling from the ominous message in the verses you wrote that the event may be associated with divine judgment rather than coincidence… given the date, place and nature of the gathering.

    I would suggest that the pattern given in the scriptures for when the light shines forth among those that sit in darkness seems to indicate that everyone, both leaders and members of the church will be adequately mercifully warned and invited to accept the fulness of the gospel before any mass killing from divine judgment takes place.

    Unless there is a very quick message of warning and call to repentance within the next several days followed by an extremely short time frame to respond to the gospel, me thinks your dream is either referring to a different, April or perhaps… indigestion.

    Nevertheless, you have probably done a good work in increasing the interest and viewership of this coming conference, although one or two people may opt to stay home and watch it instead of physically going.

    Thank you for the interesting post. Perhaps it may cause people to search out how the events of the last days will begin and play out!

  6. Maybe you are seeing things from my point of view – the way I am looking at general conference this year. I feel like I’m giving the bretheren this last chance to convince me that the church is at least trying to be what it should be, at least trying to reach for zion, trying to lead us according to scripture and prophecy. Very recently, my world as a Mormon has quaked and trembled and I’ve already caused the GA’s to fall as my idols – idols I mistakenly placed in stead of the Christ as so many members seem to do.

  7. It was about 30 years between the spiritual destruction represented by the crucification of Christ with the rending of the temple curtains and the physical destruction of Jerusalem. I have oft speculated that we would see something similar to the apostasy of the LDS church.In addition to the plausible physical destruction, I would also posit that the dreams and visions we see or hear could be symbolic of this initial spiritual destruction that has, is or will be happening.

    Time will tell.

  8. OWIW, it doesn’t look like I will have the opportunity before this General Conference to finish the post I’m working on that goes into much greater detail about the event I briefly described in this poem. I’m at 16,000+ words so far and I need to trim the fat before it’s published. But, so that no one misunderstands the poem, I will just say now that I’m not predicting this to happen this April General Conference. My current understanding is that this will occur during some future General Conference, or during some future Solemn Assembly, in which the GA’s are gathered to that particular building. I felt the need to get at least some of this information out prior to conference, since it didn’t look like I was going to be able to finish the much longer post in time for conference. Also, fyi, my understanding is that this will NOT be a divine judgment upon the church. Lastly, this is based upon my interpretation of two personal revelations received within the last year and a half, both revelations being about the same topic, but giving different details. My interpretation may be off-base, but as I’ve searched the scriptures on the topic of these two revelations, looking for contradictions to my interpretation of them, all I’ve been able to find has been supporting evidence for the interpretation. And, as you asked how these communications came, they came by the Holy Ghost speaking to me while awake. No visions, dreams, burning feelings, guessing, lot-casting, etc.

  9. Please forgive me Anarchist, my revelatory skills in divining the information contained in the poem and the import of getting it out by April 6th were clearly lacking.

    Sounds like you are well on your way to creating a book on the subject.

    I remain watching.. because that is what I do.

    I watch.

  10. Actually, OWIW, the post I’m working on is on a different subject, and I’ve put the information found in this poem, in a much more detailed manner, in that future post. So, to be a little clearer, it won’t be 16,000 words on just the topic of this post.

  11. The Book of Joel deffinately suggests that great change would occure at a particular General Assembly of the Saints. And I agree it would be a Spring Conference. And which one it would be is hard to say. But my best guess based on the fact that Church & Worldly Patterns run hand in hand, I would say it would occure on one of the next three General Spring Conferences.

    I do believe the Outward signs of it’s coming will not be as obvious as predicting Political trends in the US. But none the less traveling a Parallel track. So I would keep an eye on the Political Climate & Events to gauge the most likely time for a “Surprising” Spring Conference within the next three Spring Conferences to include the one this weekend.

    And it should be a General Assembly that TRIES the Saints.

  12. I’m glad nothing happened this conference weekend. It would have made for a much more personal event because I learned Saturday night that four members of my family were attending GC at the conference center.

    Rob, I’ll have to re-read Joel to find what you mentioned. Thanks.

  13. Let me give a General Synopsis of what I believe to be the Coming Great Apostacy & Breaking Away to consist of.

    There are many clues & pieces of the Puzzle given to us throught the Scriptures that we can draw some fairly good detail from. But I think the Lord has kept our understanding of this coming event to a Minimum for the sake of NOT tipping off those who will Orchestrate this Fiasco & Scam.

    But He HAS given enough detail for the Faithful Student of the Gospel to pick up on it’s inevitable occurance and sight the Basic Reasoning behind it.

    The Apostacy ITSELF occurring should be no more DOUBTED than we know the Sun Rises each morning.

    Man’s Aquiring Truth from God and consequently being Blessed by it, has NEVER failed to end in Tragedy with very few exceptions. Enoch & Melchezidec being two of those rare exceptions to also incliude the Final Establishment of the KINGDOM of God.

    We aren’t THERE yet and the Lord tells us the only WAY to get there is through Divine Intervention on His part through the Calling of a Divine Messenger.

    Man’s BEST attemps will just not Cut The Mustard. And in THIS particular case it doesn’t sound like a Failed Honest Attempt, it appears to be a MISGUIDED Calculated Usurpation of the Lord’s Identity & Kingdom.

    The Dead Sea Scrolls indicate the Perpetrator of this Ruse did NOT Initially begin with this Idea in mind. So much of the PSYCOLOGY behind the Motive for doing this can be extracted from Reading between the Lines of given information.

    If this Bad Guy in the End began as a Good Guy, then the implication is that this individual HIMSELF has been Duped by some form of persuation by Satan to CONVINCE this Guy that He is SPECIAL & here for a SPECIAL purpose.

    So the Metamorphisis in the process of going from a Man of God to a Man of the Devil is one that I suspect has occured over a Long period of time and that being able to readily DETECT it’s Evil Presence in this Person would be rather difficult because He Himself would think He is being SENT by God and performing His Work.

    Now we KNOW this imposter believes Himself to BE God, but which ONE ?

    God the Father, or God Jesus ?

    I believe THIS particular God would have to believe He is Jesus. And here is my Reasoning…

    For a Man who was Initially a True Man of God who eventually goes bad, the CHANGE would have to be of SOMEONE infuencing ANOTHER to Convince Him of His importance. Only an EGO MANIACAL SELF CENTERED person could possibly assume He was God the Father because an outside Subordinate Influence would NOT be necessary for that. And THAT kind of person is fairly Obvious & Easy to detect.

    This Ruse must be conducted on the LEAST LIKELY kind of Person that anyone would Suspect of such a Deception in Order for Him & Satan to be the instrument in God’s Hand to Collect the Tares unto Himself through a Deception ( Strong Delusion ) that God says would Fool the Very Elect if that where possible.

    So it will be an OUTWARD MASK of Deception that would be the KEY to it’s sucess, while only INWARD Beliefs in a FALSE PARADIGMN of the Gospel would be the only WAY to detect what ISN’T RIGHT about this person.

    But the Scriptures say it is done in SECRET, so I ASSUME only THOSE suseptable to the INFLUENCE of this False Doctrine would be made PRIVY to it’s EXISTANCE among the Lord’s People.

    The MORE HARMLESS & SWEET & KIND & UNITIMIDATING this Man of Sin is….The Better. Because it will be the OUTWARD Sign of His Appearance that will Fool even those who are NOT influenced by this False Doctrine but LACK an understanding of TRUE Doctrine. At LEAST durring the on going phase of collecting the Tares are concerned for the ONES PRIVY to the Secret. And for the ONES who LACK TRUE DOCTRINAL UNDERSTANDING who will be Fooled BY His OUTWARD CHARACTER & SIGNS He gives to “PROVE” His Divinity.

    This WHOLE RUSE is perpetrated upon the Saints in the form of a Secret Combination that the Book of Mormon Warns us NOT to allow to get OVER us.

    Now the phrase “Do Not ALLOW this to get over on us” implies that we had a CHOICE as to whether or not it DID.

    Now what Fool Saints would ALLOW something like this ? Something like WHAT ?

    First you have to identify the WHAT part of that equation.

    And if you HAVE NOT the Spirit of Truth to Guide you and KNOW the Doctrine of the Kingdom, then identifying the “WHAT” becomes a REAL PROBLEM, because it APPEARS nothing is Wrong or Out Of Place.

    So the implied Reason for so many being Fooled, is that they have Slumbered Spiritually and gone off the True Path and CAN NOT recognize the MASK of Deception.

    And the Person most Responsible for the Slumbering Condition would be the Man called to Gaurd AGAINST that sort of thing from occurring in the First Place….It is His DUTY.

    Now we live in the Most Suphisicated era of History. We would not be Fooled by someone like Epiphany or Nero so the Ruse must APPEAR completely INSYC with the WAY we would envision God & NOT some self professed Tyrant of a God.

    But there MUST be something OUT of SYNC with this Man as He sees the Necessity for collecting His Followers in SECRET as described in Revelations and NOT willing to collect them before the EYES of ALL.

    Now in this Day of so called CIVILIZED means for Persuading the Masses, at Least as Far as a so called Civilized Society like our OWN is concerned, there is only ONE form of persuation that would be consistent with Wide Spread Acceptence of Doctrine Out Of Sync with God’s Doctrine. And THAT would be ESOTERIC EASTERN PHILOSOPHICAL DOCTRINES that have invaded our Nation from the East.

    Doctrines such as Reincarnation as a Counterfit to Pre & Postexistence for instance.

    This is completely Counter to understanding that we only live in THIS life but once & introduces the Idea that Multiple encounters with this existence is the Norm.

    A simple belief in this can open the Door to Pandora’s Box of REDESIGNING God’s Planed OUTLINE for End Time Events.

    I have come to find through this Latest Generation of Mormons that ESOTERIC RATIONEL seems to have replaced True Doctrines in MANY of them.

    But HOW did it GET THERE ? Personally I’m not one to believe that it is a simple case of too much TV & Bad Movies. I can SEE THAT for this Generation OUTSIDE of our Church & Doctrines….But INSIIDE ?

    It HAD to come from an OLDER GENERATION now IN CHARGE whose Job it was to WARN us of this THING. But as a Matter of Fact, I have often heard GA’s quote from sources of so called “Good Books” that WE have been encouraged to read as well. Now they haven’t DEFINED what GOOD is other than to make sure we read things that are positive & Uplifting.

    Well in my Days before finding the Church, the EASTERN Literature I read was FULL of this STUFF. And IT has become the Most Popular Source of Religious Reference in this Nation and is THE MOST DANGEROUS ( BECAUSE) of it’s BENIGN APPEARANCE.

    I see many LDS people tout these Doctrines on the internet. Some of it has been thrown about on THIS SITE. A SIGHT which for the Most Part, Recognizes that the Bretheren are Out of Bounds but lack for themselves the understanding that EASTERN MYSTISIM poses itself to be THE MOST POTENTIALLY DESTRUCTIVE OPPONENT to True & Correct Doctrine. And accomplishes that in the most BENIGN “HAPPY” & “POSITIVE” Manner.

    A manner which Titilates one’s since of Satifaction in KNOWING more of the Secrets that only “THE WISE” are able to figure out.

    So it’s NOT just the Bretheren who I suspect are Guilty of this SAME infraction, who are Practicing these beliefs, but I can plainly see that many of their Critics are Guity of the same Spiritual Crime and are AS DUPED by these False Doctrines as are our Leaders.

    Bothers & Sisters, if you have adopted any various forms of EASTERN PHILOSIPHICAL DOCTRINES as being THAT belonging to the Kingdom of God, Please REALIZE the FALICY in this and the EFFECT it will cause when these Doctines will not be considered among those who are Gathered as Wheat.

    Too many Good People are FALLING for this CRAP !

    So my Point in all this is that the STRONG DELUSION God will send doesn’t just come in the Form of a Harmless & Nice old Man, it comes in the Form of the DOCTRINE of EASTERN PHILISOPHICAL DEVILS who believe as we do in a WAY, but in a WAY that is Totally Contrary to the TRUE DOCTRINE of GOD HOOD.

    It is PERFECTLY MASKED with KINDNESS but ALLUDES to SIDE ROADS of REALITY that can be EASILY SWALLOWED because they make SO MUCH “KIND” SENSE to follow.

    Brothers, DON’T be Fooled into placing you Spiritual EGGS in the Basket of False Beliefs in MUTIPLE ATTEMPTS at Life here on Earth as we now experience it. It JUST AIN’T SO.

    But I have a SNEAKING Suspition that THIS is EXACTLY what many of our Leaders have convinced others of SECRETLY. And that Jesus has ALREADY LIVED among us Recently as would a “THIEF IN THE NIGHT” Secretly Gathering Out The Ellect for some Future Coming Out of the Closet Event that is to be HOSTED by The “Second Coming” of this False Messiah.

    Brothers, it is a FALSE BELIEF in THIS particular Doctrine that is the ONLY False Doctrine to make this RUSE Possible.

    I KNOW there is a Distrust of most of the STATUS QUO who the Scriptures define as the Bad Guys, but YOU TOO, can be trapped into adopting False Paradigmns based in Eastern Thought. And hopefully that would be REJECTED when the need comes for doing that.

  14. As far as particulars to the False Paradigmn I believe many of our Leaders have adopted, I suspect that it has Long been established among the members of this Secret Combination that Jesus was REBORNE to this Earth as a Normal Man again to oneday Return after his death & departure to in form the Saints he was fulfilling Prophecy while living Secretly among the UNINITIATED.

    And I believe the INITIATED have been sigled out & set apart as those belonging to the 144,000 Special Agents of God to FOLLOW the Lamb where ever He goes.

    Like a “PIDE PIPER” of the “BIG LIE”

    Now for the UNANITIATED whom the Devil Desires to capture, the idea would be to make an “OFFICIAL” Appearance at some point to the ones who have NOT been Privy to the Secret that God was living among us Like a “Theif in The Night” without our being aware of his presence as GOD.

    And AS he makes this Appearance it would be to the TUNE of 144,000 wittnesses who will Testify to the REALITY of this having gone on Right Under our noses & that only “THEY” the “WISE VIRGINS” were clever enough to Descern This.

    And it will ALL be for the Pupose of getting the REST of us to BUY OFF on this NON SENSE.. But of COURSE they KNOW the Scriptures to predict that there is to be a SEPARATION between those who DO believe in God and those who Will NOT.

    And of course we will fall in the Catagory of UNBELIEVERS Deserving of being SEVERED from “THEY” the Believers. Excommunication takes on a whole new GRANDER & EFFICIENT APPROACH to weeding out US the “WEEDS,” from among the wheat.

    It has been done in the past 20 years on a relatively Minor Scale.

    What makes THIS DECEPTION a Particularly GOOD ONE , is because those DOING the Decieving, have THEMSELVES BEEN Decieved into thinking they AREN’T just trying to TAKE the Rightful Place of God by TRICKERY such as is the case of MANY past Conspiracies,…..They TRULY BELIEVE this False Paradigmn and are CONVINCED they are on a MISSION FROM GOD.

    So can you IMAGINE some Future Spring Confrence when this is SPRUNG on the UNSUSPECTING members of the Church ?


    As a thought of GOOD HOPE in all this and KNOWING God will send a TRUE SERVANT to replace the DEFUNCT ONE,Joel Chapter 2 vs 23 tells us EXACTLY who to EXPECT Heavenly Father will send.

    The first Clue comes from the BOM and states the Fact that HEAVENLY FATHER is doing the SENDING of this Servant as opposed to Christ Dirrecting it. The Book of Mormon says the “FATHER” will work this Paricular Marvelous Work & A Wonder.

    THAT set of circumstances sugjests that THIS SERVANT must be at LEAST Christ’s EQUAL & Requires this Appointment to be conducted by someone of Higher Authority ( The Father ). So that leaves only ONE CANDIDATE as to WHO this Servant is…The Holy Ghost in the Flesh.

    Joel ch. 2 vs 23 confirms that. The FORMER RAIN given Moderately was the Holy Spirit IN THE SPIRIT being given to the Apostles & Saints of old on the Day of Penticost.

    The reference to God sending the FORMER & LATTER RAIN in the First Month is a reference to Father sending that SAME FORMER SPIRIT, only NOW in the Flesh. And He is to Appear in the First Month. Well the First Month on the Hebrew Calendar to begin the Spiritual Cycle of a given year is in NISAN at the time of Spring Conference to celebrate the Passover or the Birth & First Coming of Christ.

    So I would imagine the “SECOND COMING” of this False Messiah would occur durring one of these “FIRST MONTH” Conferences & the Lord’s True Servant would be sent at THAT TIME to Confront this imposter & offer a Choice of WHO we choose to Follow.

    Just as the Choice was given to each of us durring the Preexistence.

    And there are numerous other references to it being the Holy Ghost in the Flesh being sent..The MOST OBVIOUS one being that States we must take the Holy Ghost for our Guide through the Troubled Times Ahead.

    What was ONCE a SPIRIT Spiritual Guide for All Mankind, will now become a regular old Spiritual Guide for us to Follow as this WORLD Wraps Up it’s History…

    One who as described in the End of ch 6 in the Book of Zechariah states….That “Peace Shall Be Between Them BOTH”, is a reference to the DUAL LEADERSHIP applied to the Terrestrial Kingdom by the SAME TWO who have Ruled with our Father.

  15. Rob, your latest comment confused me a bit, but after re-reading it again, I think I finally get what you are saying. I think, and please forgive me if I’m incorrect, that you believe the apostacy of the church WILL come about because the church leaders are leading us to some crazy ideas from outside sources and because many members are adopting “Eastern Thought” beliefs. Is that correct? This is an interesting theory, I must say. I haven’t seen any evidence of the church leaders actually leading us to follow ideas out of “good books”, but believe the opposite – they don’t seem want the members to think outside the mormon box at all, which I believe goes against the ideas of our founder Josephs Smith, and even the scriptures! And I think most of my LDS friends would find me insane for even daring to look into any other religeous beliefs – particularly those from the eastern philosophies.

    More then anything, I’m curious why you find the idea of multiple mortalities so abhorent? I don’t believe this idea negates what the early church taught about pre/post existences, but actually clarifies and enhances knowledge of salvation, mercy, judgements, etneral progress, kingdoms, etc.

  16. P.S. Did I catch it correctly that you believe the apostacy of the church is still a future event? Many of those who post to this blog seem to think an apostacy happened long ago. I’m just curious – love hearing about where others are coming from.

  17. Last week, someone tipped me off to this article:

    Paul A. Drockton M.A.: Utah Earthquake Vision

    Of particular interest to me is his statement:

    I then saw the following:

    1. There was a major earthquake that destroyed the new LDS Conference Center and split the church office building in two.

    I do not know the date of the posting of his vision, whether it was before or after I posted my poem. If anyone finds out, please let me know.

    Here’s more links by the same guy:
    Paul A Drockton M.A.: Current Articles
    Utah Governor Takes Drockton Earthquake Prophecy to Heart

  18. According to this website, it appears it was experienced on April 3rd and posted April 4th which would have been in the middle of passover week.

    He doesn’t mention it happening during a time of conference or falling on GAs

  19. Good detective work, OWIW!

  20. Interesting piece of snynchronicity,,,, Grand Bang; Arsenal Hill Explosion Rocked Salt Lake in 1876

    There had never been such an explosion in Salt Lake City! At precisely twelve and one-half minutes to 5:00 on the afternoon of Wednesday, April 5, 1876, the powder magazines on Arsenal Hill north of the city proper exploded. Some citizens at the time thought doomsday had broken forth. So powerful was the concussion that for a radius of two miles, an eyewitness said, “Houses tottered and shook, roofs, walls and ceilings were rent, windows innumerable were smashed, and hundreds of people suddenly prostrated upon the ground.” Panic reigned. Frenzied cries of “Volcano!” and “Earthquake!” could be heard amid screams of terror and shouted prayers for forgiveness. A minute later, the sky rained boulders–and pieces of human beings.

    It was known that two youngsters–Charles Richardson, eighteen, and Frank Hill, sixteen–had been in City Creek driving cattle. They were returning by way of the magazines and were seen to shoot at some cranes flying overhead. The detonations followed almost instantly. At an inquest, it was brought out that since the magazines were built, the doors–like today’s road signs–had become a favorite rifle and pistol target of vandals. That gave rise to the theory that a shot may have penetrated a magazine door and ricocheted into stockpiled percussion caps, in turn detonating sticks of Hercules powder. The initial explosion was followed by a larger blast when a second magazine blew; the remaining two erupted to complete the deadly chain of detonations and obliterate the buildings.

    A Civil War veteran said Fredericksburg, after being bombarded by Confederate artillery for a month, did not look as devastated as did Salt Lake City “from the affects of the great blow up.” Hundreds of homes were left with scarcely a whole pane of glass in them. Walls were cracked, chimneys toppled, doors shattered, furniture and crockery destroyed. The damage was enormous and widespread. At Sugar House, John D. Lee, languishing in the penitentiary awaiting his second trial on murder charges in the Mountain Meadow massacre, noted in his diary, “The explosion was Terrific. There were shotes of one after an other, shook the House & windows of the Penetentiary, distance six ms.”

    City officials meanwhile sent a squad of men to the arsenal grounds to gather up unexploded Hercules powder sticks. In the face of warnings to stay away, hundreds of curious flocked to the scene. The Herald argued, “There is enough power in a stick of Hercules powder to literally tear in pieces an army and a slight concussion might cause it to explode…Despite the disaster parties picked up and carelessly handled the sticks of powder and some of it was carried to the city by men and boys. Keep off Arsenal Hill!”

    In the aftermath of the tragedy, a damage estimate of $26,000 in the loss of the powder and magazines was mentioned, but it was impossible to calculate the monetary loss to citizens in the disaster. An inquest by a coroner’s jury composed of E.T. Mumford, Joseph Gorlinski and S.W. Sears listed to the testimony of powder-company representatives and handed down a verdict that the explosions probably were caused by “loose powder strewn in the vicinity of the magazine, being ignited by a burning paper wad from a shotgun, supposed to have been fired immediately preceding the explosions. No blame could be attached to any person or persons, the explosions being purely accidental.”

    The Tribune disagreed, commenting, “This is a most remarkable verdict, there being no evidence to show that there was any powder on the ground in the vicinity of the magazines.” Joint funeral services were conducted for the two boys, Richardson and Hill, who were buried in the same casket. Representatives of the four powder companies requested Mayor Little to call an early meeting of the city council to consider a new site for magazines. It seems two carloads of explosives were en route and would arrive in a few days. After considerable debate, it was decided to locate new storage facilities a half-mile north of the Warm Springs at 200 West about 700 North on the western slope of Ensign Peak.

    The Deseret News, in an especially contemplative mood, suggested that “years in the future, the time of [the explosion] will be referred to as an era, whence and which the happening of other events will be calculated and compared.” The editorialist was somewhat off the mark, for in truth, none of the major histories of Salt Lake City even mention the “grand bang” of 1876.

  21. fracking causes earthquaqkes –

    look at all the fracking in utah –

    we will bring this earthquake on ourselves by digging too deep and being too greedy

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