Let Us Unite Our Efforts to Establish Gift Societies Based Upon Tribal Anarchism


A United Effort:

  • is the organization of individual Latter-day Saints into a mutual beneficial society (a gift society)
  • is based upon voluntarily giving, sharing, co-operation, free agency, common consent and variety
  • is not based upon the Babylonian principles of buying and selling, that everything has a price, the profit-motive, selfishness, the spirit of competition, force and homogenization
  • has as its purpose: to advance the cause of, and prepare the way for the establishment of, Zion, and to reduce or eliminate the influences of, and ties to, Babylon, performed via their own free agency and not by way of commandment through the proper priesthood channels


A Gift Society:

  • is one in which every member seeks the interest of the members of the Society
  • is one in which members donate time, labor (services), ideas, resources and money to other members of the Society
  • has the express purpose of providing for the NEEDS of the individual members of the Society by making them all independent from Babylonian suppliers, self-sufficient producers and engaged in actively developing their talents as opposed to slaving away their lives in meaningless mundane tasks working for Babylon, so that a surplus may eventually be generated by every member of the Society
  • may operate on the principle of open-ended monetary loans, meaning that they are gifts with the expectation of paying them back, if possible, so that the Society may reuse the funds for further gifting, but without any time limits, contracts or requirements
  • may operate on the principle of donations of surplus or may have a preferred minimum donation, as each Society decides
  • may have a decentralized treasury in which each member keeps their funds until a group donation is authorized by the Society


Tribal Relations:

  • means that the members of the United Effort Gift Society are related to each other (family relations)
  • helps to ensure the honesty of the members, as a dishonest member would be ostracized by their family, a penalty worse than being ostracized by an unrelated group
  • may consists of several families, clans or tribes per Gift Society or one Society may be entirely composed of members of one single family/clan/tribe
  • does not necessarily exclude single persons who want entrance into the Society, all to be decided by the common consent of the members of the United Effort



  • are donations given to individual members according to the need of the individual or the combined needs of the Society members
  • may be given according to the talents of the members involved
  • may be small or large, as decided by the Society
  • may be given out in steps, so that a steward may receive a small stewardship at first, and then, when the stewardship is returned as surplus, the same steward may be considered wise and talented enough to obtain a larger stewardship, and so on and so forth, as decided by the Society

How to Start a United Effort Gift Society In Your Area

If you are interested in starting, or have already started, a Gift Society in your area, post your contact information on the United Effort Gift Society Bulletin Board.  People who are interested in learning more about, or joining, your Society can either contact you directly or can leave their contact information on the Bulletin Board thread that you start.  You can then contact who you want to invite.

Also, you can get yourself a free Facebook account and add me (LDS Anarchist) as a friend.  This will link you to other like-minded individuals who are interesting in forming or joining a Gift Society.  You can use my list of Facebook friends to find individuals in your area who are interested in joining or forming a United Effort.  Then contact them and invite whoever you want to join your Society.

If you are interested in finding and joining a Society in your area, check the United Effort Gift Society Bulletin Board.   As stated above, you can leave your contact info on the thread of a Society in your area if you don’t want to contact them directly.  You may also add me as a friend in your Facebook account to help to establish a network of members, or potential members, of United Efforts.

Some Ideas

Here’s a list of ideas that can be used.  Obviously the principle of anarchism (free agency) and common consent will rule, so each Society will operate differently, as they wish, but these suggestions may get you started thinking of the possibilities.

  • Have a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly meeting at a set place and set time
  • Make the meeting short, say 20-30 minutes max
  • Have the meeting on private property, so that you can turn away the uninvited
  • Send out personal, written invitations to people you want to join
  • Have Society members decide who will get invitations before the invitations are sent out for the next meeting (the Society members are a “filter,” selecting people they feel are men and women of integrity)
  • Include on the invitation information about the Society so that people know what it’s all about (the invitations become another “filter,” so only people interested in gift societies will attend)
  • Require that donations be made in silver or some other non-government currency (this protects the treasury from the effects of inflation)
  • Require that everyone bring their silver dues (donations) to each meeting and, if no stewardship is authorized during the meeting, that they take them back to their home afterward
  • If someone hasn’t brought the minimum donation in silver to a meeting, allow them to order some at the meeting (obviously I recommend using the Silver Bartering Currency, but any bullion silver will do)
  • Have someone keep track of the membership roll, how much silver each member has brought to the meeting, how much silver each member has contributed to any previously authorized stewardship, and how much total silver is available for use in any stewardship authorized at the meeting
  • When a steward has obtained a surplus sufficient to pay back the donation received and he or she brings the donation received as a stewardship to a meeting, divvy up the loot (the silver) and return it back to the same people who originally donated it, according to he record kept
  • Cast lots to determine who will receive the first stewardship, the second stewardship, etc.
  • If multiple families (clans) form a Society, cast lots to see which clan receives the first stewardship and so on and so forth
  • Set a minimum and maximum number of Society members for best efficiency; if more people want in, have them form their own Society
  • When all the needs of the Society members have been addressed and everyone is producing a surplus, consider using the surplus to bless those not in the Society or have the Society break up and reform into multiple Societies with new members whose needs are not yet met
  • If desired, allow families (clans) to send representatives to the meetings along with the combined clannish silver donation, to keep the meeting at a workable number of people
  • Have Society members utilize the Establishment of Zion Think Tank forum both to obtain ideas on how to supply the needs of their membership and also to post ideas for use by other Societies

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