(No Uncle) S.A.M.M.s


Yesterday, as I pondered what an anarchist could do to celebrate the 4th of July, the idea of S.A.M.M.s popped into my head. S.A.M.M. stands for either Silver Anarchist Midnight Market or Silver Anarchist Mid-day Market.

An Open Market

Essentially, an anarchist would pull out a map of his or her town and determine an outdoor place where a spontaneous market could be brought together. It could be on someone’s private land (a large front yard, for example) or public land such as an abandoned field, lot, clearing, etc. It could be within the city limits or just outside of it. Basically, any outdoor place where a makeshift market could be quickly set up.


The anarchist would pick a day and a time. It could be one day a week (for example, Monday) or several days a week (Mon, Wed, Fri). The time would be either at midnight or at mid-day. The anarchist would then use networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and blogs, emailing, word-of-mouth and other means to get the word out. There would be no need to organize anything. It could even be a spontaneous thing, so that on the day the S.A.M.M. took place, people would start telling others where it would be.  The anarchist who picked the place could attend it and report via Facebook, etc., on the attendance and outcome, letting others know if/that it was a success, as well as the next planned S.A.M.M.

Silver Barter

These markets would be for buying and selling using silver as barter. Businesses, whether licensed or not, would bring the goods or services they wish to peddle and barter for silver bullion coins. Entrepreneurs and inventors, with or without business licenses, would bring their ideas, concepts and products to the market. Individuals would go with their silver bullion coins to purchase without paying sales taxes (it’s just swapping). Employers would be there, looking to hire independent contractors and to pay them in silver barter, and people out of work would attend, desirous to find a job that will pay them in silver. Absolutely nothing in the market would deal with dollars or any other government currency.

Anarchism Schools

In addition to a market of goods and services, it would be a market of ideas. Anarchists could set themselves up there, freely explaining the principles of anarchism to those that show up. Undoubtedly, non-anarchists would show up, as there are plenty of people who would love a market where silver was the currency, none of whom consider themselves anarchists.

Organizational Tools

Like-minded people could use the markets to organize themselves into United Efforts, pooling their wisdom, knowledge and resources, including their silver, towards common goals and ends.  Those so inclined could even use them to organize themselves into anarchic clans or tribes.  Even DRO’s could be formed at these markets.


Musicians may want to attend to provide music and sell their CDs. Obviously, if noise becomes a factor, the location must be determined wisely.

In large cities, there might be multiple S.A.M.M.s on various days and at various times. S.A.M.M.s can also transcend national boundaries. Any anarchist in any nation could promote a local S.A.M.M.

A Celebration of Anarchy

(No Uncle) S.A.M.M.s would celebrate the right of people to peaceably assemble and to interact with each other in anarchic ways, without having to bring government onto the scene.  By spreading S.A.M.M.s around America, it may have a leavening effect in the minds of the people, so that they truly comprehend what anarchism is all about and its possibilities.

Of course, this is just an idea, and perhaps it is a lame one at that.  But if there are any anarchists out there who would like to take this and run with it, let me know where and when your S.A.M.M. will take place.  I will use my Twitter and Facebook accounts to spread the word.

Oh, yeah, one last thing: Happy Independence Day, America!

[July 16, 2009 Update]

Free-B S.A.M.M.s

Derek has brought to my attention the concept of Really Really Free Markets and I’ve decided to incorporate them into the S.A.M.M.s.  So, all you freegans are invited to bring your surplus or unneeded things to give them out freely to anyone who wants them.  That is the freebie aspect of the market.

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  1. I love the idea.


  2. Anarchists don’t use Twitter (because it’s too lame). Also, Mormon bankers are deficit financing Facebook, Inc., at great loses (the Russia mafia pulled out of deficit financing Facebook years ago).

    For a better idea, check out Really Really Free Markets, such as those run by the Milwaukee Network for Social Change and anarchist/activist groups in other major metropolises. (mNSC has the best, most organized, and most stocked Really Really Free Markets I’ve ever seen.)

  3. E.g.:


  4. Derek, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’ve never heard of Really Really Free Markets before. It is pleasing to see Americans using a gift economy. It is also embarrassing to learn that non-LDS are leading the way in this. Obviously, the idea of giving up surplus property or skills to those who have need, with no recompense has a foundation in Christ and the law of consecration, which we LDS have had for quite some time.

    However, it’s easier to say S.A.M.M. than R.R.F.M. 😉

    As I ponder the idea, it seems to me that there initially needs to be both S.A.M.M.s and R.R.F.M.s. Donating surplus (the law of consecration) only works if there is a surplus. As long as the surplus is obtained through Babylon, there will be a drain on the system. S.A.M.M.s, in my understanding, would cut the cords to Babylon, meaning that Babylon no longer will get its cut of the profits, which in turn would generate even more surplus, which can in turn be used to give to poor and needy.

    The R.R.F.M.s are a good idea, but still rely upon Babylon for generating the surplus brought to the market. There needs to be a step whereby people can become independent of Babylon’s money. Barter does this, but not very efficiently. Silver barter however, fits the bill for efficiency. So, I will incorporate the R.R.F.M. concept, the gift economy, into S.A.M.M.s and call them:

    Free-B S.A.M.M.s

    Thanks again for this info.

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