Plasma Rods: A Theoretical Concept

This is for what4anarchy’s benefit, but the general public can read it as well. Perhaps someone out there may want to test the theory. Plasma scientists, in particular, are extended a special invitation, to build this and see what happens.

How to Build a Plasma Rod

Plasma Rod Instructions:  Stack up to sixteen inertialess drive rotors, one on top of another.  These rotors look like this: Place the rotors into hollow spheres, each sphere having two air hose valves, one on each side.  The hollow spheres should have two halves so that you can place a rotor inside and then close the sphere by putting the two halves together.  The spheres should be stackable,  so that one fits on top of another.  The rotors need not be of magnetic material, but the effect will be more pronounced if the rotors are magnets.  (I recommend that initially magnets ARE NOT USED.) The rotors can be steel ball bearings taken to a machine shop and machined into the appropriate shape and weight.  Instructions on making an inertialess drive rotor is found in patent 6,127,762 on the

web site.  Print out the documents and graphics and take them to a machinist to make the shape.  A machinist may also be able to make the spheres or you might be able to find ready-made spheres that fit the size ball bearings you use. A sensor can be set up to determine the rpms and then the topmost rotor should be rotated with a compressed air tank.  Then attach to the next lower sphere and rotate that rotor faster and so on and so forth.  The rpms in the diagram are arbitrary.  It just needs to have the higher rotors rotating slower than the lower ones in a graduated manner. 19.5 degrees is where the energy should cascade out.  The stack should be stable, so I don’t believe there would be a need for a stopping mechanism, but you probably should provide one just in case. There you go.

What this should do

Well, you (what4anarchy) already know what this should do, but for the benefit of others, this should be a free energy device, allowing anyone anywhere to draw electricity from the vacuum itself.  (It should also do other things…)  what4anarchy is going to search for some videos he has on the inertialess drive rotor and if he finds them, I’ll put them in this post so people can see it in action.

Why this should work

Abraham 3 (and Facsimile No. 2) and D&C 88 give the pattern of hyperspheres in a stable configuration.  An inertialess drive rotor is a perfect hypersphere.  It has 100% precession and becomes more stable the faster it goes.  The man who invented it saw ball lightning spinning in two directions at once and tried to duplicate the shape that he saw (a mushroom), so this is based upon nature itself. Also, the Lord has alluded to rods of power in numerous instances in the scriptures.  This plasma rod should enable its possessor to free himself from Babylon’s energy chains, as well as do other things. Of course, this is all “theory”…


I found this video of the inertialess drive rotor on YouTube:

The original text for this video—which was originally called, “Dual Rotation 1,”—(from the company web site) stated:

A video clip of a four coloured Inertialess Drive Rotor accelerated in a clear plastic casing immersed in a water bath. Water pressure is used to accelerate the rotor to a relatively low velocity. It is recommended that you pause the video clip at various points (after the video clip has fully loaded) to follow the special rotation of the Inertialess Drive Rotor.

You can see that a physical whirlpool forms as it is spun in the water.  In like manner, the rotor causes a vortex to form in the aether, stressing it greatly.  This vortex, like all vortices, is wider and spins slower at the top and narrower and spins faster at the bottom.  When two or more rotors are stacked, their vortices join, becoming a single vortex.  The plasma scientists would probably classify it as a plasma sheath (charge sheath vortex).  The lower and upper rotors become linked hyper-dimensionally through the aether, the upper rotors assisting the lower rotors to obtain and maintain their very high rpms.

The next video was also found on YouTube.  The original text for this video—which was originally called, “Accelerating Rotor,”—stated:

A video clip of an unrestrained Inertialess Drive Rotor accelerated to greater than 18,000 rpm on a flat glass surface. An air compressor is used to spin the rotor. The rotor can be spun in this manner quite safely at much greater velocities. A velocity of 25,000 rpm is the highest recorded with a four inch rotor weighing four kilograms to date. Far greater velocities can be achieved with the assistance of superconductors.

You can see that very high rpms can be obtained from a stream of compressed air.  The rotor is rotating in two perpendicular planes simultaneously. There are two other videos of this rotor, which I sent to what4anarchy years ago, but he wasn’t able to find them on his computer.  Fortunately, though, they are now [as of 3/30/2015] on YouTube.  The following video, which was originally called, “Interesting Effect,” shows the inertia deadening property of the rotor.  I will also include the original text for this video:

This is a particularly interesting video clip of a four coloured decelerating Inertialess Drive Rotor that just before coming to rest starts rotating again, but this time in an opposite direction. This video clip is continuous unaltered footage. What do you make of this effect?

Notice how it reverses direction just before it stops spinning.  And this is the last video, which was originally called, “Dual Rotation 2,” along with its original text:

A video clip of a four coloured Inertialess Drive Rotor immersed in a water bath. The Rotor is being rotated by water pressure at a greater velocity this time and was recorded at a different camera shutter speed. Notice the interesting pulsing of the colours more evident in this video clip.

A Couple of Pictures

The following text comes from the company web site:

It might surprise you to learn that a transparent, stationary Inertialess Drive Rotor can bend a laser beam 180 degrees. This unique property will be exploited in a number of products in the near future. The bending properties are shown in the photographs below.

This photo captures the Laser Pointer projected onto the right edge of the rotor, where it then projects itself around onto the opposite edge.

These pictures indicate that the very shape of the inertialess drive rotor causes the aether to form an infolding vortex around it, which bends a laser pointer’s beam 180 degrees.  The rotor is stationary in the photos, so this is not a property of torsion field effects due to rotation, but a property of aether configuration/flow due to mass configuration.  Again, this shows that the rotor is a perfect hypersphere, even when stationary.

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  1. As I look around the Internet for the other videos to add to this post (and I still can’t find them), I’ve noticed the antagonism and skepticism towards the rotor. I think people just couldn’t wrap their minds around the concept of an inertialess rotor. For the record, I once actually built an inertialess rotor by taking a golf ball, removing its casing and then whittling it down until I had the right shape. It was a crude model, but I found that when spun it did, indeed, spin in two directions at once. The reason why people can’t readily accept that the rotor really does cancel out inertia when spun is because we are incorrectly taught in our physics text books that inertia is a property of mass or matter. But the truth is it’s a property of the aether itself. In simplistic terms, the aether doesn’t like to be moved and when moved by matter, it requires a certain amount of time to move. If matter accelerates too rapidly, it doesn’t have time to move and so reacts by resisting the movement, or “pushing back” at the matter. With the inertialess rotor, the instant it starts spinning, it creates a hyperdimensional tornado, a vortex in the aether, so the aether is twisted around the rotor, never getting a chance to push back at any of the mass of the rotor. This is why you can take the rotor from “0 to 60” (from a non-spinning state to an instantaneous rapidly spinning state) without inertia applying any resistance or stopping pressure and while it is spinning there is no inertial effect, as the “pressures” are traveling around the hyperdimensional vortex. It is only when the rotor slows down (due to air and surface friction) almost to a stop, and the HD vortex finally collapses, that inertia is finally able to “get ahold of” the rotor. At that instant, the sphere ROTATES IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. It is a freaky sight, one which I could show on this post if what4anarchy finds the video of the rotor doing this, but it is understandable if one can perceive the rotor as being what it really is: a perfect hypersphere.

    In my Internet search, I came across this little tidbit:

    The only real method of achieving an accelerated mass high density storage flywheel battery or regenerative braking system is to use the a simultaneously Dual rotating flywheel the ROTOR or INERTIALESS DRIVE ROTOR. It easily maintains very high rotational mass speeds in both the perpendicular and horizontal. When doing R&D over a period of five years before being rudely interupted we witnessed and measured several new phenomena which may be applied to a new type of very high density storage battery. The great advantage is not centrifugal tug when transporting it as is with the common wheel. If you wish to fund further developments towards a building a small unit for powering a hybrid car give me a call. +64-9-2751136

    (Bold emphasis mine.) That is taken from this page. There is no author listed. It might have been anyone, or it might have been one of the engineers. I suspect that it really was one of the engineers, though, because I happen to know that the rotors do manifest “new phenomena” and only researchers would be aware of this fact. (The company did everything they could to downplay what they had on their hands, trying to make it as mainstream as possible. They made an error in calling it “inertialess,” which makes people instantly skeptical, but they kept all their staff tight-lipped about the other phenomena witnessed. However, there was some information leaked out and I was one of those who got leaked info.)

    The above design (in the post) is meant as a stable means of configuring the rotors. The researchers at that company understood that weird effects started happening at high speeds and took care to have something that could stop the rotors from spinning if things got out of hand. They were, essentially, witnessing torsion field effects with a perfect hypersphere. So, it is not like the “plasma rod” is uncharted ground. The Russians, in particular, have studied torsion effects extensively. My twist to this field (no pun intended) is to introduce a stable configuration and it is not very unique either, as I am basing it upon what the Lord has already stated in the scriptures.

  2. Hey, i’m not this smart concerning this type of thing…but…I love it. great post, for some reason I can really appreciate the nerdiness. gave me some intriguing reading on the web. We haven’t even began to touch the surface of what the lord has in store for the urim and thumim dwellers of the 7th thousand years! keep up the good work guys.

  3. Thanks for the comments, mm. Btw, I’ve now added some photos of the rotor to show an additional property.

  4. what4anarchy and I were talking again last night and the subject of guns came up. Whenever we talk of guns it never fails that the topic of the inertialess drive rotor also comes up. The reason: if you were to fashion a bullet in the shape of an inertialess drive rotor, when shot it would travel farther, faster and shoot straighter than with convention bullets.

    A very simple way to test this fact would be to use a b-b gun and inertialess drive rotor-fashioned b-b’s with normal b-b’s as the control. You will immediately see that with the rotor-shaped b-b’s you can hit targets farther away, more accurately and with greater force than with normal b-b’s.

    For anyone with interest in this, I recommend reviewing the late Bruce DePalma’s rotation experiments. Let me help everyone get started.

  5. (This comment is for what4anarchy’s benefit.) Another way to make the inertialess drive rotor is to make it out of water ice. A Japanese company has invented a means to make seamless ice spheres and they also offer customization. Check out the videos on the web page. Using such a device, inertialess drive rotors can be made quickly (in a customized model), inexpensively (after the device is purchased, that is) and in various sizes. Plus, due to water’s unique and anomalous properties, the rotor would likely exhibit even greater effects. More pics from another site on this device can be found here.

  6. If you go to the waay back machine ( and type in you will find all the archived pages on the original company web site about the Inertialess Drive Rotor.

    In particular, if you look at the earliest archived year (1998), you’ll see that they had material online at that early date about the device’s antigravity effects, which they later took off their web site so as not to scare away potential investors.

  7. Here is the antigravity text mentioned in the previous comment:


    Current scientific research tells us that a spinning mass in a superconducting field exhibits antigravity properties. If this is so then the kinetic battery, currently being developed by the company, will produce the same results.

    The experiments, completed by Tampere University of Finland, so far only utilize a disc which was spinning in one plane, so one must hypothesise that a mass spinning in two planes must multiply the phenomena witnessed. What will happen when we spin the Inertialess Drive Rotor under the same experimental conditions? You decide!

    The Enterprise Mission web site published a couple of articles on the antigravity experiments done at the Tampere University of Finland.

    ‘Anti-gravity’ device gives science a lift

    And here is the Wikipedia entry on Eugene Podkletnov, the lead researcher of these experiments.

  8. The day before yesterday (Wednesday, May 16th) I woke up with the dream about the inertialess drive rotor still in my mind. In the dream I ran an electric DC current through a inertialess drive rotor made of water ice by spinning it in a metal bowl and attaching a DC battery to the bowl with wires. The current went through the bowl while the rotor spun on the inside of it. Then I poured some salt water over the rotor as it spun, so that it covered it and made a small puddle of salt water in the bowl, in which puddle the rotor was spinning. The electric current ended up going from the battery, into the bowl, into the salt water, into the rotor, back into the salt water, back into the bowl and finally back into the battery, completing the loop. The effect of the configuration was that the electricity entering the spinning rotor caused the rotor to start spinning faster and faster, so that no further mechanical effort was needed to keep it spinning. In the dream I also saw that if I allowed the current to continue unabated, the rotor would continue to spin faster, until it matched the speed of electricity (near the speed of light.) I then saw the plasma rod stacked using this assembly. All of this impressed me because I saw that I could get the rotor spinning using a simple DC battery, instead of by mechanical means. Not only that, I saw that by introducing an electric current into the rotor, and not just around it, it would amplify its effects. When I woke up, with these details still fresh in mind, I thought, “Perhaps I ought to write this down and add it as a comment on the plasma rod post.” I came here to this post on that day (Wednesday), but thought it was silly to write down a dream that likely was nonsensical, so I just left the computer without adding the
    comment. But I did end up telling my children about the dream, for
    it made an impression on me.

    The next day, I received an email from a blog visitor, who made it a point to tell me that she had been reading this particular post on Wednesday and had spent a considerable time on YouTube searching more about anti-gravity devices. I thought that was awfully coincidental.

    Today I received a phone call from a friend of mine and decided to tell him of my dream and also the synchronicity of the email’s topic. He thought the dream had some merit based upon some stuff he had learned. So, here I am again attempting to write it down.

    The problem posed in the dream was: How do I run an electric current through (not around) a spinning inertialess drive rotor? The dream consisted of my dream self running through various possible configurations to accomplish this.

    My dream self determined that the rotor had to be made out of water ice because of the bi-polar and anomalous nature of water. In other words, by making it out of water ice, it would act like a solid state magnet when spun. (My friend today confirmed that this is, indeed, what happens to water ice when it is brought to very, very cold temperatures. The ice takes on magnetic properties.)

    Now, Victor Schauberger made the discovery that when water travels in a twisting fashion (which is its natural fashion) it gets colder. He also discovered that the faster such water travels, the colder it gets.

    My dream self theorized then that a rotor made out of water ice was ideal for these reasons, for then the rotor would become colder the faster it was spun, take on magnetic properties, and also more easily take on super-conductive properties.

    However, (theorized my dream self), the real ideal would be a rotor made out of salt water ice, so that an electric current could be passed through it. And this was the problem presented in the dream: how could a rotor be made of salt water ice so that it had all of the ideal properties I sought: electrical and magnetic? My dream self didn’t think freezing salt water was attainable using simple means, though it did believe it was possible to freeze it.

    (Now, speaking to my friend today, he told me that freezing salt water was, in fact, possible, and that he had seen information on how it was done, but that it required extremely low temperatures.)

    To solve this problem, my dream self spun the water ice rotor in a metal bowl and while the rotor spun, sprinkled salt crystals on top of it, the idea being that the instant that the salt crystals touched the spinning rotor, some of that salt would bind to the water ice, becoming salt water ice. But upon doing this, my dream self was dissatisfied with the results and re-thought the matter out.

    The next idea was to spin the rotor in the metal bowl and drip salt water over the rotor, enough to make a small puddle in which the rotor could spin. Again, the attempt was that the spinning action plus the salt water would interact and change the structure of the spinning water ice rotor, making it partially composed of salt water ice.

    Once again, my dream self was dissatisfied with the results.

    Finally, my dream self attached a DC battery to the metal bowl and then repeated the spinning of the rotor and dripping of the salt water, plus the slight pool of salt water. My dream self then noticed that the spinning action of the rotor in combination with the electric current passing through the salt water, caused the rotor to both grow in size, much like a crystal grows, building additional rotor layers and taking on the electrical property of the salt water. In other words, it started to absorb the salt water, becoming a salt water ice rotor.

    My dream self also saw that the electric current now passed directly into the rotor and began to power the rotor itself, instead of the mechanical effort initially used to spin it. My dream self took away the mechanical means of spinning it and simply allowed the electric current to keep it spinning. It then noticed that the rotor began to spin faster and faster and would continue to spin faster as long as that current entered the metal bowl, the salt water puddle and thus, the rotor which spun in that puddle. It also saw that its actual spinning limit would be the speed of electricity. My dream self then saw this configuration as a stack and saw that using this technique, inertialess drive rotors could be completely controlled by direct electric current alone.

    Now, after talking to my friend today, he mentioned the term “blood plasma” after I told him about the salt water and I realized that simple salt water would not be ideal. I suppose that the best thing to use would probably be ocean plasma, which contains a full spectrum of minerals.

    The dream did not cover whether electrical current variation changed the rotation speed of the rotor. It also didn’t address what happened when the rotor fully absorbed the salt water and there was not more salt water added, etc. Another issue that wasn’t covered was whether salt water misting or putting the spinning water ice rotor in an actual electrical plasma and then running an electric current through the plasma would do anything. It left many questions.

    The dream may be completely baseless, of course, but if there any truth to any of it, it seemed to be showing a way to “grow” rotors and to embed different properties into it. Anyway, I leave it up here for anyone to ponder and perhaps use in their own experimentation with the inertialess drive rotor.

  9. I found another way to make ice spheres on the cheap. Go to They carry a Silicon Ice Ball Maker. It makes 2.3 inch diameter ice spheres. It only costs $11.75. Can’t beat that price. Once the ice sphere is created, you’ll need to shave off 10% of the weight into the shape of the inertialess drive rotor, making sure the ice doesn’t melt, crack or chip. (Good luck on that.) The patent actually says, “Suitably the weight of the one half to the other half of the spherical body is between about 0.75 and 0.85 and more preferably 0.8.” (See the drawings and patent here. I’ll try to update the above post to include one of the drawings after I submit this comment.)

    Using filtered water will produce super clean ice, or you can just use tap water boiled, then allowed to cool to room temperature, then boiled again to clean it.

  10. I’m wondering if these inertialess devices can help explain the thermodynamics of unending life after death?

    I mean — ordered states [like biological life] must maintain its order [“life”] by virtue of a “gradient” caused by taking something from more-ordered state and reducing it to a less-ordered state — and living off the difference.

    So, I’ve always pondered on what the input of energy [the lower-entropy inputs] that maintains the more-ordered state of a Resurrected body would be.

    Even after my death [but prior to the Resurrection] — how are my memories maintained whole/intact, where does the information go that will ultimately direct the reorganization of my resurrected body? There would need to be a lower-entropy input that keeps that information/energy from just reducing out into the fuzz of universal radiation.

    So I wonder if the maintenance of life after death [and the unending resurrected life] — are “powered” by some principle like these inertialess drive-motors, etc.

  11. The plasma rod is the along the spine and the rotors are the chakras. If you just relax, meditate, you can feel them spinning. Much of the energy in thoughts, memories etc. does go out into the fuzz of universal radiation. But with people who believe in God and in themselves there is a balance….and the effect is strong both in the EXplosive EXpression throughout the universe as well as within the Eternally & Inernally progressing structure which that “person” or center of divinity is creating…the work which they are willing into existence in physical form and the temple which will be reconstructed, restored upon resurrection.

    That is why when you sign a waiver, the language is eerily similar to the words we speak at the veil during temple work.

    “to utilize my name, voice and likeness in any and all manner and media **throughout the universe in perpetuity.**”

    This output happens all the time. It is the nature of these energetic WAVES. It needn’t be counted as loss. And neither must it be relinquished and handed over completely to any one entity, as corporations seek to trick us into doing with WA-i-VERS.

    and in the WARNING immediately preceding it, you will find that, once again the Holy Spirit has us both latching onto similar thoughts and questions in the morphic field. That whole section is dealing with the ideas you have shared in your comment here.

    This is why you must invest your talents. The bigger you go with it the bigger the reward as far as your retention of the ideas and work that were part of you before death. The less you share and put “out into the universe” the less you are able to retain or regain…and the longer you might have to wait to enjoy resurrection. If you bury it completely then you lose it completely…well those parts of ‘YOU’ that you so jealously held on to are GIVEN TO ANOTHER. And they will work WITH YOU till your energy is once again ready to take on its own personal rod & rotor mechanism. So the moral of the story is DO IT BIG!!

  12. those parts of ‘YOU’ that you so jealously held on to are GIVEN TO ANOTHER

    I guess that:

    for whosoever hath
    to that one shall be given
    and whosoever hath not
    from that one shall be taken away
    even that which they seemed to possess

    [Luke 8:18]

    can be interpreted in light of that. It always seemed a bit “unfair” to take away from one who lacks to give it to one who has in abundance — seemed like it’s talking about concentrating wealth/power, creating inequalities — seemed like we ought to do the opposite and give to the “whosoever hath not”, not take away.

    But perhaps it’s in terms of the energy that goes into maintaining my existence: If one hath [charity], then they shall receive energy — which continues their existence post-resurrection. Conversely, if one hath not [charity], then the loss of their low-entropy state of existence will go to “fueling” the continual existence of the universe.

    So perhaps their “deconstruction”, or the passing into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone [into Outer Darkness] creates a sufficient energy gradient to fuel unending Life.

    I had also thought of something like a reverse-Higgs mechanism — where you lose all mass and continue as a packet of energy. But that wouldn’t explain how the reconstitution of the physical body [which is to remain physically organized in perpetuity] is powered.

  13. Justin,

    I have a draft post that has been sitting around for years now that talks about a new* way of viewing the atom. I never finished it because it required a series of images to fully explain it, and although I began to draw these images, I got bored struggling to use the primitive image making computer tools I possess and my laziness just set the whole project aside, for I was not willing to lay the whole thing out using just text.

    (Ideally, a computer animation would be the best way to show it, although I can show it in person, without computer tools, by using my hands and spheres to give a “living animation.”)

    This new model of the atom, if correct, may answer some of the questions you are asking. Maybe one of these days I’ll get off my duff and finish the post.

    *In truth, I’m not sure if this is a new way of viewing the atom. All I know is that this model popped into my mind some years back. It may be that someone else has also had this vision, but I did not learn it from any other source.

  14. Has anyone ever felt the tug of the Merkabah Chariot…the descending and ascending vortices like a Star of David converging in your chest and pulling you forward and bag in a swinging motion? It is obvious that this is a self propulsion device. But have you felt it? Schematic drawings are nice and helpful….but they wont replace or compensate for a lack of direct experience.

  15. Synchronicity has me converging on this post again.

    I watched a video describing how an electric-model of the sun [which describes it as a plasma layer surrounding an otherwise hollow sphere on the inside — instead of being a full, massive ball of hydrogen] induces gravity through a suction-like effect similar to a whirlpool, which has an empty, slower rotating center that is “orbited” by water around it.

    Anyway — it reminded me of:

    This vortex, like all vortices, is wider and spins slower at the top and narrower and spins faster at the bottom.

    where the plasma-sun [with its low angular momentum] is the slow-spinning vortex — and the planets orbit as the faster spinning periphery.

  16. If the Japanese device is used to make inertialess drive rotors out of water ice, a spherical magnet can be embedded into the source ice block, so that it is at the exact center of the rotor. I suspect that this would facilitate superconductivity, “magnetricity,” and the like, when spun. Here are some articles that I’ve been reading that have got me thinking along this line:

    ‘Magnetricity’ Created in Crystals of Spin Ice

    Spin Ice entry on Wikipedia

    How ice enables superconductivity in NaxCoO2· yH2O by melting charge order: possibility of novel electric field effects

  17. This is a bit off-topic, but in my research on water ice, I came across Pykrete, which is reinforced ice. According to the Wikipedia: “Blocks of ice containing as little as four percent wood pulp were weight for weight as strong as concrete.”

    Can’t get a cheaper building material than wood pulp or sawdust or newspaper mixed with water and then frozen and cut or molded into shape! Pykrete melts very slowly and does not shatter like normal ice. Makes me wonder how much longer it would take to melt if you used Pykrete and then sprayed insulating foam over it? Or if reinforcing it also with Helix would improve it further. This also makes me think of flexible or bendable concrete. (See also here and here.) I wonder if Pykrete can be made to bend in a similar fashion? For example, I wonder what the addition or substitution of hollow, glass microspheres would do?:

    The secret is in the recipe. UAH’s flexible concrete is the end product of more than 200 different combinations that were mixed and tested. It is made of Portland cement, glass microbeads (microscopic hollow spheres), latex, acrylic fortifier and water. Mix in the right proportions, then dry for 12 hours. The end product is concrete so light that a solid block will float in water, and so flexible it can bend without breaking. (Concrete Canoe Contest Leads to Concrete Rockets)

    Getting back on topic, using Pykrete instead of pure water ice with the inexpensive Silicon Ice Ball Maker mentioned above, one could just make sure it remains frozen and then take it to a machinist to cut the sphere into the shape of the inertialess drive rotor, without fear of the sphere shattering or chipping.

  18. Don’t mind me. I’m just thinking out loud…

    There’s also this:

    Metallic Ice

    So, if you combine pure water and (electrically conductive) nanocellulose and (electrically conductive) silver-coated, hollow microspheres and a neodymium magnet sphere (at the center) and freeze it into the shape of an inertialess drive rotor, then spin it at ridiculously high velocities, perhaps you’ll end up with the metallic (electrically conductive) form of water ice, or perhaps even its superionic form? (See also An exotic form of ice: superionic ammonia.)

    In other words, would the water ice turn into…an electrified plasma?

    From the Wikipedia entry on Superionic water:

    Under the conditions theorized to cause water to enter the phase, it is believed that superionic water would be as hard as iron and would glow yellow.

    Hmm… didn’t I read something about an Iron Sun (see this, too) and also something about The Surface of the Sun being solid? And doesn’t the Sun glow yellow? And didn’t Justin just say something about the Sun being covered in water?

  19. I had thought more that space-time was bent like water is bent by the pressure difference that a vortex causes — not that the sun was covered in water.

    The video was suggesting that large quantities of mass aren’t required to generate the gravity-effects we observe [pressure differences can also induce gravity] — and therefore the sun could be less massive than we’ve calculating it [using gravity = mass equations only] because the bent space-time could be caused by a pressure vacuum. The solar system could be like what we observe if we viewed a whirlpool from above.

    Whirlpool Solar System

    I found a website explaining what I’d seen in the video I watched:

    This hypothesis suggests the Sun is a shell of sustained charged plasma encasing a non-space/vacuum that induces gravity without a corresponding quantity of mass.

    This phenomenon is brought about by a plasma in a magnetically unified state; a magnetically sustained ‘non-space’, an absolute vacuum held in place by the photospheric plasma shell.

    Summed up:

    Imagine a rotating gaseous giant, perhaps a little bigger than Jupiter. The gravitational sum of its mass causes intense pressure and so generates atomic fusion at its center. (Just like the conventional hydrogen/fusion core model.)

    The fusion reaction is matter in a plasma state. Rotation creates a dynamo effect producing a magnetic field which unifies the plasma, which in turn strengthens the field. In this state, protons and electrons are forced into like camps, where they repel one another. The proto-Sun undergoes a transformation as its mass expands into a plasma shell.

    However, the plasma can only expand outwards a finite distance, because it leaves non-space (a vacuum) in its wake. The attraction of mass/energy-space towards the growing quantity of non-space causes a contraction.

    Now the plasma has nowhere to go. It cannot go further inwards, because of the repulsive magnetic field; nor can it expand outwards, due to the gravity holding it back.

    The solar hydrogen shell is under intense pressure at the vacuum boundary and this causes fusion reactions. This released energy maintains the plasma. Again, electrons are stripped from protons and the cycle repeats, thereby maintaining the Sun’s radiation.

    But as you seemed to suggest — perhaps water can be formed into the hollow-shell, “sustained charged plasma encasement“.

  20. Also — I forgot to add — that in support of the pressure-difference inducing gravity idea, the author proposed that since our inner-ear [which is affected by pressure differences] is also responsible for orienting us in reference to earth’s gravity [knowing which way is “up” and which is “down”] then gravity is best explained in terms of a pressure difference [as explained above].

  21. Okay sure are a lot of comments and discussions about Plasma and stuff. But let me share with all some very well documented and mathematically rigorous teachings about physics and the nature of the creation from a man named Harold Aspden.
    He has a deep science training and worked for years in science. I will give you some highlights. First Einstein is all wrong.Truth is Einstein did not add anything useful to the study of the universe. Rather he took axioms and mathematical proofs which were already in existence, changed the theory behind them in order to remove from the body of knowledge certain key ideas. Notably the concept of aether. Aether was a concept which Nicola Tesla used to explain certain effects he observed. It holds that there is a non compressible gas like substance or better understood dimension between all things. It is not directly observable but its effects are undeniable. As I have studied what has been observed about it by Aspden and Telsa it appears to be what we would call the spirit world. It is untouchable and unseen by physical hands and eyes. But it is more real and actually greater density than the physical. Being non compressible means that if I touch it or as it were ping it here you can feel that ping anywhere in the universe instantly. All wave action moves through compression through a substance. The denser it is the fast the propagation. Sound travels much faster through water than through air and faster through steel than through water. As I pray and push or vibrate (send a message) into the aether God “hears” it instantly no matter where He or I am. So the speed of light is no barrier to the interactions between things via the aether.
    But Einstein explained things without an aether and in so doing required science to accept it was possible to produce and effect at a distance with no medium of transmission. And ended up calling gravity a cause of space curvature. This placed the force of gravity as separate from the electrostatic forces. That has made a grand unified theory impossible ever since. Hence seeing all thing in the heavens as gravity caused makes us not see the electrical or plasma nature of the universe. Yet there has been observations which show the gravity is a purely electrical caused event. But that is excluded from all textbooks. The other things which the present conventional science does is say that there is no limitless supply of energy in the universe.
    The link is here to read about the discoveries and theories of how things work. For example why are the panets all on the same orbital plane? Why is the surface temp of the sun 6800 degrees. This fact has no explanation in the hydrogen fusion model of the power behind the sun. Yet Aspden explains mathematically eaxctky why itis that temp. And why is a proton 1830 times more massive than an electron? Did we create it as such just to commemorate the starting of the LDS church? Uh no that isn’t why.
    But reading this stuff can take time but it will expand your view and make sense of somethings if you are interested.
    I think I may have said this before about 2 years ago.
    For me even though there is much truth there it seems obvious that free energy devices will not be allowed to exist because we as a group refuse to give freely. We monetize everything. Even a barter system which makes each other pay a portion of our life via time and labor in order to receive something from us is the buying and selling of each other. Even in our marriages we say you must give me title to your sexual life in exchange I give you sole ownership over my sexual life. The very life source of the universe we barter with.
    Hmm. Is it any wonder we have no access to free energy? To give unlimited power to those who destroy and limit the power of life strikes me as a violation of the law of the harvest. I don’t really think that law can be violated. We can only receive as we are willing to give.
    In this sphere you can get money beyond measure by selling lies. But money whose source is a devil worshiping cabal does not easily flow towards those who freely give away the truth.
    Oh the new avatar is not the most interesting man in the world. But he might be the most interesting man in the Philippines.

  22. Is not the physicist’s “dark matter/energy”, which is said to uniformly fill and permeate “empty space” and be this non-compressible cosmological constant, an admittance that something like Tesla’s ether in fact is needed to explain things?

  23. It certainly is needed to explain many observable phenomenon but I don’t think the dark energy theory is as inclusive as it should be. I mean it sounds like a facet of a larger reality. Aspden believes that energy is transformed into matter as required and then back into energy entering or exiting our observable dimension in response to our actions here. Free energy machines do exist they just don’t operate the way mortals want or comprehend. According to conventional science the matter/energy content of the entire universe is fixed. this idea leads to the “problem” of entropy, namely that all energy moves from a higher more useable state to a lower state. This is like a water wheel. The river or lake is higher at the entrance to the water wheel and lower at the exit. Once the water has fallen and the work has been extracted then it is useless as an energy source for the wheel. So in like manner if the sun’s power source is the fusion of hydrogen into helium then when the fuel source is used up it burns out. And we use up all the oil and we can run our cars blah blah. Sounds correct. Just one major problem it does not explain observable reality.
    The universe is expanding and from all observations has been for for over a billion years. Yet now where is there a super hot center of the universe from which this expansion is taking place. The big bang has no locus.
    The energy is flowing into this dimension from all points. From what I have studied it seems that when we put energy into a system there is additional energy brought in from the unseen dimension. It is as if we plant a seed and God gives the return for our small effort. But I also believe based on what I have read that if our heart is set on turning a profit to enrich ourselves above out fellows then this energy will not flow to our benefit. There must be gods and guards set to prevent this from happening. Because without fail when someone hides the truth for profit thew truth does not get revealed through them. That is why none of us really care what those who seek to sell us the truth for money have to say. But show me someone who makes a great program a freeware and it is real good quality and once I use it I often will donate money after the fact.
    Well sorry rambling again. BTW the avatar is actually my face. Come and get me watchers haha! Bring it on!

  24. The universe is expanding and from all observations has been for for over a billion years.

    Have you heard about Halton Arp’s work, which disproved that red-shift can be used to measure the distance and relative movement of stellar objects? [Here’s one article about it].

    Using red-shift as a measure of those two things was the key observation underlying the formulation of the concepts of an expanding universe and, by extension, the Big Bang as a starting-point.

    The energy is flowing into this dimension from all points. From what I have studied it seems that when we put energy into a system there is additional energy brought in from the unseen dimension.

    This is a good point. The thermodynamic law of increasing entropy has the gigantic loop-hole of “a closed system“. But by granting a “Big Bang” and an expanding universe — you describe a universe that is not a closed system.

    As far as I know, there’s no accepted-consensus on what comprises “out-there”, into which the universe is expanding [which is obviously then an open system — because “out-there” allows its expansion].

    So it remains possible that a thermodynamic gradient exists between “out-there” and “in-here”.

    BTW the avatar is actually my face.

    Lol — my avatar is not actually my face.


    The spider can help us with our time troubles. In addition to its {8} legs, the spider’s basic body shape is that of a figure-eight or an hour-glass. If you stop the sands of time by laying that hour-glass on its side {∞} head and abdomen form the symbol for infinity. Time is not an issue, but rather a tissue to this skillful silk weaver. Like you she has much to do. Speedy Spidey’s secret is that she operates outside of time so she is never “out of time.” But is it really the outer rim– nigh to Kolobian star systems –where we should be searching for the end of time? NASA may scope the furthest reaches of space and never find it. Meanwhile, the secretive spider spins spirit into a web with a form which is so soundly based on the dynamics of the universal grid, it draws from the inner rim. This non-place is the nun-palace, housing the i-n-t-e-r-i-m, rearranged into i-n-r-t-i-m-e, that no man has ever seen, but the Black Widow occupies it. What is ‘it’? Why, the interval of time between one event, process, or period and another – counted as nothing by man but nonetheless constituting the bulk of the universe. So the next time you have to kill a poisonous or possibly deadly arachnid to preserve the safety of your family members and pets, do it with gratitude and purpose, in the spirit of the Lord. You will discover, like Nephi after slaying Laban, that the qualities of the slain will be yours to use in fulfilling the commandments of the Lord.

  26. I thought about this subject again today, I remembered this from dyc:

    According to conventional science the matter/energy content of the entire universe is fixed. This idea leads to the “problem” of entropy, namely that all energy moves from a higher more useable state to a lower state.
    Sounds correct. Just one major problem it does not explain observable reality.

    You only gave one example — the universe expanding without a central locus. But that’s not really what I’d call “observable reality” because no one’s “observed” the universe expanding. Sure, they’ve observed red-shift — from which expansion has been inferred — but Arp showed that the red-shift value doesn’t indicate expansion [necessarily].

    And that’s a relatively abstract thing anyway [when compared with the level of stuff I encounter in my observations, from which I would draw to make inferences about Life].

    Anything else I can conceive of in my observable reality [down-here on the micro-scale of my life] accords with the thermodynamic law of increasing entropy in a closed system over time.

    Good example of an experiment to try at home — is attempt to “concentrate” a heads or tails result from flipping a coin. You might get greater than 50:50 for one result at first [a low-entropy state] — but flipping the coin more times will always move you closer to an exact 50:50 outcome of the coin-tosses [the high-entropy state].

    Assuming that the achievement of a random-distribution increases over time when there’s no input of some kind of informing principle [heat, energy, etc.] has [thus far] perfectly explained my observable reality.

    And it still leaves me wondering what energy gradient can fuel not only the maintenance, but the continued development/progression of my body and my mind — let alone that of the whole human species, both on this planet and on all other habitable planets, and that of the whole universe — indefinitely, and forever.

  27. What are you observing reality through? Why don’t you start with what you “know” if you want to know about what you don’t now “know”….namely, “what energy gradient can fuel not only the maintenance, but the continued development/progression of — body and — mind — both on this planet and on all other habitable planets, and that of the whole universe — indefinitely, and forever.”

    What good does it do to comprehend such things without a practical right now application for your current stage of progression. Meaning why would an all-knowing, wise God show you such things if you have a history of looking past the preliminary parts of that answer which you seek as they have already been laid before you? You can in all your looking spin around and receive a 360 degree view of THE QUESTION…but you end up back at the same vantage point (which is limiting you)…you would then be in the same situation as a GOOGLE Spy Cam that captures a VISION of a thing…but in so doing limits itself from receiving current, living and useful information from that thing because it is stuck with a rotatable image captured in 2007 for example….knowing OF…but never truly knowing that thing or person. Even a live feed of spherically structured data revealing “ALL SIDES OF THE QUESTION” at all times…would never give you the complete answer. You can not understand till you experience the thing from WITHIN…

    Or to stick with a purely 3 dimensional-reality-based spatial analogy to conform with your observations….we could put it really simply….

    BACK UP TO GET A BETTER LOOK…then tell us what you see. But stop backing up in the way weve been taught to…that is backing down …not backing up to take in a more panoramic view….START where YOU are….and BACK UP FROM THERE..not away from yourself but will see things differently.

    If you can experience yourself as the thing you are wondering about then you will be able to gain way more knowledge and RETAIN that knowledge as you set about building it or applying it or passing it on or whatever you choose to DO with it.

  28. So — is Tesla, et al.‘s “aether” the everywhere-permeating Higgs Field that coverts any mass-less matter that interacts with it into mass-containing matter?

    I mentioned the Higgs Field earlier, when I wrote about the mechanism for perpetuating the information of my consciousness after death.

    I had also thought of something like a reverse-Higgs mechanism — where you lose all mass and continue as a packet of energy traveling the speed of light, not experiencing “time”.

    Also — perhaps the conversion of this permeating “aether” into “matter” may leave a less-dense area of “non-space” at that point — the pressure difference inducing gravity, as I mentioned above:

    The video was suggesting that large quantities of mass aren’t required to generate the gravity-effects we observe — but that pressure differences can induce gravity — and therefore the sun could be less massive than we’ve calculating it [using gravity = mass equations only] because the bent space-time could be caused by a pressure vacuum. The solar system could be like what we observe if we viewed a whirlpool from above.

  29. Electrons Are Near-Perfect Spheres

    A 10-year study has revealed that the electron is very spherical indeed.

    To be precise, the electron differs from being perfectly round by less than 0.000000000000000000000000001 cm. To put that in context; if an electron was the size of the solar system, it would be out from being perfectly round by less than the width of a human hair.

    The Imperial College team behind the research, which was conducted on molecules of ytterbium flouride, used a laser to make measurements of the motion of electrons, and in particular the wobble they exhibit when spinning. They observed no such wobble, implying that the electron is perfectly round at the levels of precision available, reflected in the figure above.

    They are assuming a spherical shape, but lack of wobble might also be due to electrons being shaped like perfectly cut inertialess drive rotors. Particularly fun are all the comments that follow that article.

  30. The comments that follow …
    … Lol

  31. Of course there exists the reverse of the Higgs mechanism…its part of the same process that Higgs describes. “The Holy Spirit is the Life Force which can be contained and dwell within the True Temples of God, even our Tabernacles of Flesh. Whether the flesh becomes corrupted over time or is suddenly and brutally brought to destruction, at the moment which we call death, the vivacious substance of spirit is released freely into space.” One thing I have noticed the Spirit leading me to mention in almost everything I write these days has been that concept of opposites as special relationships…so special that they are one and you can not learn about one side without learning it from and through the other and visa versa.

    So remember, your “whirlpool from above” means there is a whirlpool from below. That’s why I mentioned the tug of the Merkabah Chariot.

    Not experiencing “time”.

    This is what I was trying to invite you to explore and observe for yourself. I am so excited to see what amazing result will come from minds like you, LDSA and DyC going to “that (non)place.” I attempted to describe in Making SENSE of it All pt. 2. It was actually Brigham who showed me and took me there for but a brief moment while writing Brigham the Builder and the Butcher. But it was definitely little old me speaking by and for myself when I said, “If I bear bold witness to you of the nature of spirit and its holy relationship to the flesh, declaring the repentance and purification of past Presidents of the Church; it is not to convince you of my specialness but of your own.”

    The “morphic field” (which term I learned through and from you) is gathering those who of us who want to be gathered. In this transition time, for some reason we allow ourselves to get tangled in the Worldwide Web and this may be what gives us a limited perception (bandwidth) where it remains to be seen whether we (individually) may die with the idea of the Tribes of Israel…settling for CybeTribes like so many aborted fetuses which I saw strewn about the ground in my rather dark dreamscape last night. It grieves us that we should loose the ‘trees’. But you know, it is the worst trick of all the tricksters tricks when we abort the baby, kill the seed before it grows for whatever slew of excuses we can conjure up. My wives and I for One are sickened by it to the point of taking action and experiencing great changes, blessings BEYOND what we had hitherto allowed ourselves to experience.

    Just try to put yourself inside the things you want to understand and tell me what you find when you emerge.

  32. Elder Chantdown — this comment above must’ve been posted in a slew of other comments so that I didn’t catch it when you posted it. I just read it for the first time and really appreciated your remarks.

  33. A multitude of sexual sins are covered by procreation, compulsion violates the marriage covenant. There is no creation without freeagency. Mental disconnects inhibit the spirits freeflow through the tarus of the soul. The tarus is recursive adding and multiplying to all it resonates with. Binding up the testimony implicates the “witness” or “testator”. In a holograpahic universe a eternal fractile will as a “tempest of hail, a destroying storm” bind up the law. Christ as a “event horizon” made “all things new”. A observer on the “tower” shall collapse the wave form to defeat the enemy and after “many days” it shall be done, God has fought our battles.
    The rapture is a process, you are sanctified by the reception of the Holy spirit.
    You are quickened unto the renewing of your bodies, this is the refreshing. If so you will not “fall backwards betaken, snared.

  34. Be free from the blood of this generation, the law of consecration, the united order would have contributed not one dime to the Luciferrian monetary system. Our financial contributions via federal tax’s is currently shedding the blood of innocent brothers and sisters around the world. We are disconnected from the spirit of God in this thing. I think we shall not be blameless.

    We have become nigh unto curseing, who shall sound the alarm the earth is defiled beneath our feet. We love our lives more than we love God and our fellow man. We fear the tax man more than we fear God. Soon the vinyard is to be prunned for the last time the branchs that are prunned shall be burned with fire.

    There are covenants to be remembered our souls to be saved. Our hearts are heavy the spirit whispers ” all is not well”, the laborer is worthy of his hire, you are free agents to stand upon the tower, observe the enemy from afar be awake and God shall fight our battles. Awake, Awake it is noon day!

  35. So — I was listening to physicists talk about the calculations that have inferred the existence of “dark matter” — and I got to wondering:

    * Is the problem that only gravitational force is involved in their calculations — and because that’s an immensely weak force, they’re calculating incorrectly? [meaning if they’d take electrical plasma into account, the equations wouldn’t come up weird]

    * Or is it that there really is a substance that’s unobservable by electromagnetism [photons/heat] that is causing these effects?

    Would that substance be the abandoned aether of pre-Einsteinian physics — the Light of Christ [which is described as “filling the immensity of space“] — or are all of those [aether, dark matter, light of Christ] the same fundamental thing?

  36. Aether 12:6
    dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith.

  37. Matter in the whole universe is lines of energy spinning clockwise around a nucleus, or a pole. In other words, matter itself is formed of gyroscopes; even the earth is a great big gyroscope turning on it’s axis once every twenty four hours. All if the stars and planets spin like a gyroscope – even the sun spins on it’s axis. The sun, being composed of gases, does not spin evenly – part of it lags behind – and every eleven years when the faster part passes the slower part, it causes the sun to give off tremendous bursts of energy.

    Perhaps I should go back to how the universe was, as you would say, put together. It was created by the head on collision of two great bursts of energy. This energy was composed of straight lines. In the collision these lines became permanently coiled around captured straight lines, forming gyroscopes. The universe, itself, is the mother and the largest of the gyroscopes formed by the collision. Everything – from the smallest particle in this universe, to the whole universe itself – is energy in circular motion around a trapped piece of energy in it’s original straight form, like a bird in a cage. This straight piece of energy corresponds to the axis of the gyroscope. Matter can be formed by curling these straight lines around a shorter straight line. This straight line does not extend through the circling bodies. For instance, a compass on the earth as you near the north or south pole tends to point inward until – at the pole – it points straight down.

    When matter is broken up or changed – as in a fire or chemical action – part of this energy goes back, temporarily, into its former almost straight lines; giving off light. When some of the lines hit an object, it causes the gyroscopes in the object to speed up and give off part of its energy.

    I might say that not all of these lines were curled in the explosion; they are still trapped in the universe. Some of them are bent into magnetic lines with the power to either push or pull, depending upon the direction they are pointed. These lines are what is known as gravity, or magnetism; sometimes they are long and sometimes they are short, sometimes weak and sometimes strong. For an example, in an iron magnet, they are short and weak. Others are long and concentrated and have enormous strength, and – according to the laws of the gyroscope action in which they are trapped – hold every star and planet in its orbit. Once in a great while a star will explode with enough force to temporarily alter its surrounding lines, but they will resume their original forms in a short time.

    This gives some of your astronomers the idea that the universe is expanding, but we have charted it and can tell them that it is not. As you can imagine, when the universe was first formed there was a time when everything was in confusion, but for the last four billion years it has been stable and should continue as it is now, indefinitely – unless it strikes another universe, or something we cannot imagine at this time.

    Electricity is the result of coiled lines of energy being forcibly semi-straightened. An electric generator in the turning of its armature, for instance, – pulls some of the gyroscopes away from their axis, resulting in the semi-straightening of some of the lines of energy. These lines travel through a conducting material to an electric motor which returns the lines back into their original coils.

    In doing this, the energy is released which uncurled them in the first place; resulting in the turning motion in the shaft of the motor. In an electric light the passing of these lines of energy through certain substances such as platinum in a vacuum; or through the air as in an arc between two pieces of carbon, causes these lines to split off part of their energy in the form of light and infrared rays. They do this on their way back into the earth, where resume their permanent original coiling paths.

    “This power plant is a high pressure steam turbine generating plant,” he began. I interrupted to ask what they used for fuel; he replied that he was coming to that. “Remember,” he said. “that I told you that everything in this universe was composed of coiled energy lines revolving clockwise, around one straight line of energy – like a bird cage. Well, our fuel is composed of coiled energy revolving around a straight line of energy; only it is revolving counterclockwise. This matter is held suspended in a vacuum by magnetic forces, so that it cannot touch the sides. You can imagine what would happen (and sometimes does happen) when matter – revolving clockwise comes into contact with this counterclockwise movement. It generates tremendous heat as we introduce an organic compound into the fuel box. The resulting friction of the two opposite revolving materials generates tremendous heat, which turns the organic material into steam. With this steam we run our turbines to generate electricity for power.I asked him where he got this counterclockwise matter and he said that it was a nickel iron alloy which is processed in a vacuum; that it is a comparatively simple process, but was very ticklish if it ever touched the sides of it’s container during – or after – the processing. “Boom!”

  38. D. Mullen — your comment reminds me of an article I’d read about a year or so ago:

    New theory of life claims to unite the fields of science

    The author’s paper [here] asserts that all physical reality can be modeled by a single geometric entity with life-like characteristics: which he calls the “gyre”.

    The so-called “gyromodel” depicts objects: fundamental particles, atoms, chemicals, molecules, cells, organisms, planets — all as quantized packets of energy and matter that cycle between excited and ground states around a singularity [the gyromodel’s center].

  39. You remember that I told you about the electricity was a first cousin to magnetism and gravity. Now we have turbine magnetic generators, except that are similar to electrical generators, except that they combine magnetism and gravity. As I told you, when the universe was first formed by the collision of two great lines of energy, a part of the lines were curled around a nucleus, and part of them are still straight. Magnetism and gravity are the straight lines which either push or pull. Inside is the turbine blade which was similar to any blade on a big steam turbine, except that it was about three inches thick, and the face of it was full of holes about an inch in diameter – drilled in a forty per cent oblique to the face of the blade. Each hole had dividers in it so that about eighty per cent of the gas was diverted at a twenty per cent angle to the rest of the gas. These magnetic generators take these lines and combine them, giving us the thrust that we can use in any direction – or reversed – they can give us a pull in any direction. In other words, we have harnessed gravity and magnetism; which are the same.

    As for these straight lines of energy being trapped in the universe, Einstein was getting warm on that subject several times, we have carry Einstein’s Theory of Relativity further out.” Remembering Tesla, I read his life story and about some of the experiments he made, and theories which bordered on discovery of these lines of energy. Tesla was a really smart cookie.

  40. dont worry they can feel a breakthrough coming any day now!

  41. john 1:5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.


    the amount of money being blown to find a particle that “must exist” because there is no chance that our understanding of gravity could ever need to change is mindblowing. there is more evidence for sasquatch than there is for dark matter give me a funking break.

  43. Well, it only took six years, but the guy who put up the first two videos finally got around to putting up the other two, which I’ve now embedded into this post. So now people can actually see the freaky “opposite spinning effect” of the rotor. I’ve also updated this post with the original text and video names, as found on the company’s original website. Just look under the Videos section of the post for the two new videos and updated text and info.

  44. Yeah I knew they were making a prequel. But if it’s about The First Nine how is Jax in it?

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