Introducing a new contributor

Effective immediately, this blog has a new contributor: Anthony E. Larson. You can read his bio on the Contributors page. I also did a write-up about him back in November of 2007. He is a bit of a specialist in what I’ve termed plasma theology, which is why I’ve invited him to contribute. I look forward to his articles and hope that we all learn something new and have our perspectives broadened.

what4anarchy technically is still assigned contributor status to this blog, but as yet, has decided not to contribute, for his own reasons, which is why his bio is not on the Contributors page. When the time comes that he starts writing articles, I will update that page and list him.

I have been on a 40-day fast (tonight will make 32 days) and have not had the energy to dedicate to the articles and drafts I wish to publish, which is why this month (and last month) have been a bit slow in the number of articles published. It will take an additional 10 to 20 days just to wean me off of the fast, so don’t expect me to start publishing articles right after day 40. That said, there are times when I do have time and energy, so I might throw out a surprise post. But generally, the blog right now is not a priority. Getting through this fast in one piece is my priority. After the fast, I will resume my normal output, or more, as they say that you gain 10 to 20 years of youth after a 40-day fast. For those with interest, you can follow my extended fast journal.

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  1. Congratulations on making it so far with the fast. Simply amazing. I’m hoping to have a go at it as soon as my personal life settles down a bit. I hadn’t realized you were updating the journal. I’ll be reading it for insight.

  2. Hooray! I really enjoy reading Anthony Larsens work. This gives me one more reason to spend even more time on this sight.


  3. Thanks, Shawn. I’ll try to measure up to your expectations.

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