My take on the FLDS raid

It’s a smokescreen. A distraction.

The real story that Americans are not being told is that there is a (planned) food shortage of enormous proportions happening right now that will affect every man, woman and child in this country (and other countries) who does not have a one, two or three years’ worth of food storage.

The time has past already. If you’ve got the money, buy a complete 1-3 year’s worth of good food storage NOW. Forget the monthly setting aside of a little here and a little there. Purchase a good gravity-fed water filter and stock up on water NOW, as there will be a (planned) water shortage, too. Get your heritage seeds NOW. Put your money into a garden that will sustain life. Plan on being unemployed for a long time and on not being able to afford much of anything, due to unbelievable (planned) inflation. Buy NOW while you can afford it and while it is still available.

2008 is the year when the you-know-what hits the fan. While everyone is looking at the FLDS situation, the political scene and other news that doesn’t directly impact their capacity to survive, this (planned) famine will take virtually all Americans unawares. Even the LDS are asleep on this.

So, to keep our eyes away from the looming (planned) chaos (and then new order, which is the plan) rapidly heading our way this year, a major distraction, an outrageous raid that will keep people focussed away from taking the necessary actions to protect themselves was orchestrated at this time. The ploy has worked. It works every time.

The whole thing is being done under the direction of the global (multi-national) secret combination. Nevertheless, although this will result in death, sickness, mutilation, imprisonment, war (even food and water wars), unemployment, and many other types of mass misery, their ultimate goal in this country will not come to fruition, though they will accomplish it in other nations.

These are some of the whisperings that I’m getting at this time.

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  1. Two thoughts:

    1. I’m not so sure that things will be fully ripe this year, but they certainly are close. Does the Spirit tell you otherwise? On a related note, what is the “ultimate goal in this country”?

    2. The raid was conducted by Texas authorities, so I have some doubt that it had any deliberate connection to the important issues you bring up.

  2. The Spirit has been telling me for about two or three years now that the “impact phase” of a plan to take out the United States was just around the corner (as in in the next couple of years.) Everything we are witnessing, although it furthers other parts of that plan that deal with other countries, is specifically to weaken the United States. Whether it is “indefinite” foreign wars under the guise of a “war on terror” or the control of oil or control of food supply and quality (genetically-modified foods), all of it has been leading up to this year. This is the year when Americans finally will start to feel the full effects of the economic disaster that has been orchestrated by the secret combination. All the economic talk on the news, if anyone even mentions “bad news”, will be of a possible recession. But we are not in a recession. We are in a DEPRESSION. In fact, this will be a depression that will make the Great Depression look like a walk in the park. How long we will be in this, I don’t know.

    My understanding is that this particular country poses a very big problem to the secret combination, so for many years they have planned (and tried) to disassemble it without success. This time, though, they’ve got all their ducts in a row. The police state is ready and all other parts of their plan that they have enacted in other countries are pretty much in place. Now, what they need is a means to get the Americans to surrender their rights entirely. The plan is to do this through FOOD and WATER. By starving us, they think that we will accept a new type of government, patterned a bit more closely to the spiritual kingdom of the devil.

    They think to create this chaos in order to offer a new (satanic) order which will offer hope and salvation to everyone who submits to it. If that doesn’t work, their backup plan is the military might of Russia and China. Either way, they aim to crush us into obedience or destroy us altogether.

    Nevertheless, the Spirit whispers to me that they will fail in their plan and that the Lord will use their evil works to accomplish his own righteousness. It whispers to me that this turmoil we are about to experience big time will be a means to clean up his church. There will also be other means employed by the Lord to clean house.

    Although the Spirit hasn’t specifically said the following, I give it as my opinion that there is a possibility that the SC plan will be frustrated because the U.S. government will be broken up, just like in 3 Nephi 7, and we will be brought into tribal anarchy. My understanding is that the Lord’s kingdom will eventually be patterned according to tribal anarchy, so this would play into the Lord’s hands and against the SC, as it (the SC) cannot control (or rule) an anarchy.

    This year the Spirit has whispered these same things to me, except to indicate that 2008 is the year when the “impact phase” happens.

    Your second point: my understanding is that the SC has its tentacles in virtually every government agency, be it state or federal, including most, if not all, large corporate entities. Pawns may do their bidding not knowing the bigger picture. In fact, there are many people who look upon the raid, despite its outrageousness, as being a good thing, so, the allure of money, power, prestige, the possibility to rule, etc., which are the usual enticements, may not have been the mechanism to initiate the raid at this time.

    One thing to keep in mind is that we know a SC has been existent in this country since at least January 2, 1831 (see D&C 38), so they’ve had plenty of time to make and enact their plans of destruction. Also, we know that Satan uses money as the chief enticement (remember the temple endowment) so tracing money usually turns up the usual suspects. We don’t know at this point all the individuals involved in giving a green light to the raid, nor has anyone bothered to trace their history, to see if they have any monetary or other ties to people with enormous sums of money (or power), but the pattern of the raid fits entirely with the modus operandi of the (multi-national) SC.

  3. Are these whisperings from the same source that told you the commandment to avoid coffee and tea was confusing?

  4. Joseph, your question falsely presupposes that I was “told” something about the tea and coffee aspects of the word of wisdom, so I can’t answer “yes” or “no” to it.

    Back to the post: I intentionally left out links to articles about the economy so that I could focus on only some of what the Spirit has indicated to me. This is, of course, extra-scriptural and personal, and at first I was not going to post about it.

    I normally pass things such as this through what4anarchy to determine if he, also, has gotten the same information. For example, a few years back, when I first received these communications, I went to him and said, “The Spirit has recently indicated to me the following… Have you gotten anything along these lines, too?” He then explained that during that same time he had also received communications from the Spirit about the same subject. As what4anarchy and I are more or less on the same spiritual level, that of receiving personal revelations and guidance, this was a confirmation to me.

    At the time, I broadcast far and wide to all I knew, especially loved ones, of what the Spirit had indicated, and that we had a couple of years (as in about two) to prepare. My message was spoken to deaf ears. I then shut my mouth.

    Recently, the Spirit has again spoken in clear terms and my initial reaction was to keep it to myself. I had no intention of sharing it on this blog. However, last night, I received an email from a person I don’t know, of some private forum of which I am not a member, in which he stated that he had posted 18 recent articles on the absolute urgency of the situation we are right now in concerning the food shortage, etc. I took it as a sign to open my mouth and at least alert the visitors of this blog of the plight we are in. Apparently, there are some LDS people, besides what4anarchy and myself, who are receiving these same dire prophecies.

    I don’t expect anyone to believe my words. But, I would hope people who read this post would do their own research. Research “U.S. recession” and “U.S. depression” and “World Food Crisis” and “U.S. Food Shortage”, etc., in the news engines, for the latest articles. You may be able to get a better idea of where we are. If you are capable of receiving revelation from the Holy Ghost, seek it concerning this subject. If not, oh well. That’s too bad.

    At any rate, it doesn’t matter whether someone believes my words or not. Every prophecy I’ve received from the Spirit has always come true, so I trust this communication implicitly. Anyone is free to use it to their advantage or ignore it entirely, which, in my experience, is the usual tactic taken, but everyone will very soon know that we are not in a recession, we are in the beginnings of a Very Great Depression, the likes of which the world has never seen.

  5. I guess I should thank God for sending you to tell me instead of those old fuddy-duds in Salt Lake.

  6. There’s no need to get offended, Joseph. Lots of people have personal revelation. You can take whatever truth you find in it or leave it. Your choice. It was never the intention of the Lord to have his SLC servants commanding (or revealing) in all things. Each one of us is entitled to take the Spirit for our guide and learn more. If you think the prophets are going to tell you everything that will happen before it happens, including when it happens, it kind of defeats the need to take the Spirit for our guide, doesn’t it? We could just rely upon the prophets and all will be well in Zion. It doesn’t work that way. We each have to figure these things out on our own, working out our own salvation.

    P.S. I don’t consider the prophets fuddy-duds, either.

  7. Am I in your stewardship?

  8. Joseph, why don’t you just pray about it?

    LDS Anarchist, what you’ve said gives me pause, and I will take it into deep consideration in the next few weeks. Thank you for sharing. I know a member of the Church who felt prompted to buy a handgun last year, around the time that I began to feel such an urgency myself. The interesting thing is that this particular brother always struck me as a strict rule-follower, but his feelings were so strong that he disregarded very serious campus policies (he lived on-campus at the time) and secretly bought a gun.

  9. I’d also like to point out that LDS Anarchist is telling us little more than that we should earnestly follow the instructions of the Presidency in regard to food storage, as soon as possible.

  10. Actually he said it is too late to get your food storage. A handgun to do what? Kill someone who tries to steal his food storage? Or to hunt?

  11. What frightens me is Mormon republican hawks in a depression.

  12. He said:

    The time has past already. If you’ve got the money, buy a complete 1-3 year’s worth of good food storage NOW.

    How you can misinterpret that is beyond me.

    It would be a good idea to own a gun under any circumstances, but with the possibility of social unrest, all the more reason to be safer.

    Who are these hawks you’re referring to?

  13. Those who believe in killing other people, starting wars, etc. If you live by the sword you die by the sword. This is not safety.

  14. I’m still not clear on whom you are referring to, though you seem to be hinting at me with the remark on “safety.” The rest of your description doesn’t fit, though.

  15. Apparently I’m not the only one thinking that this worldwide famine has been planned. See:

    Crisis in Food Prices Threatens World Starvation…Is it Genocide?

  16. 300,000 people are expected to the die in the next year through the famines and plagues that will occur in South America alone.

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  18. It’s Mark Hamill!

  19. LDS Anarchist-

    I have been posting this on our family website for months, with no luck. Thanks for your efforts

  20. I had some thoughts on this today. Congress is currently debating an energy bill, one that if passed will cause energy prices to go up across the board; including gasoline by $1 to $1.50 a gallon (the presidential canidates support it). What better way to destroy the economy and kick start the events you mention. We have become a culture of commuters, if gasoline (and diesel) get up to high, the economy will all of a sudden standstill. People won’t go to work because it will cost them more in fuel than they will make in the day, busses will stop because the fuel prices will be prohibitive. When people don’t go to work they don’t get paid. Like the depression, nobody will have work, not necessarily because there is no work (at least not at first) but because they can’t get to work. Companies will fold due to lack of productivity and people will not have money to pay the bills. I am lucky to only have 1.5 miles a day to work and back but most people I work with commute, some 30 miles each way others up to 70 miles each way.

    Regardless of whether or not people think the spirit is relaying this to you and others, anyone who is cognizant of current events can not argue with what you say. It may not play out like you say but something has to happen, it can’t go back to how it was.

  21. Shawn, thanks for your comments and compliments.

    To illustrate the “yawn” effect that news like this has on LDS:

    On May 15th of this year, Julie M. Smith posted an article called Let’s Prognosticate on the Times and Seasons blog in which she wrote,

    Gas prices. Food prices. Credit crisis. Recession. Iraq. Iran.

    Business as usual or the beginning of major changes for the American way of life?

    Now, I haven’t read through all 71 comments, but I did read through a lot of them, and many of them were saying we are in a recession, mild to moderate. The only one who came close to doom and gloom was Doc. Doc, who has commented on the LDS Anarchy blog once before, and I on his blog more than once, surprised me in giving a response nearly identical to one I might have given myself. But no one struck up a conversation with the good doctor as to why he thought the way he did. They just yawned and ignored it.

  22. Last night a lightning strike ignited 1.1 million gallons of unleaded gasoline at a BP/Magellan storage depot in the Fairfax district of Kansas City, Kansas. I watched the sun set over the most massive fire I’ve ever witnessed (5-story fireballs or somesuch).

    Gasoline last night was $3.85. Today it is still $3.85. I was surprised the fire hasn’t yet affected local gas prices, but maybe it will take a few days to work its way through the markets. Refinement being the bottleneck in our current supply chain, 1 million gallons of gas sure seemed like a lot as I watched it all burn last night, but I guess it’s “only” ~100,000 cars worth of petrol.

  23. Last night’s petroleum fire in KCK:

  24. Derek-

    A million gallons burning up, that must have been a sight. Unfortunately things like that have nothing to do with local gas prices, even gas prices in general. I lived in Alaska when the pipe line burst and was shut down a couple years ago. The feds and the media railed the oil companies for not keeping up the maintenance and causing an even more severe shortage of oil in America. What they forgot to mention was that Japan was the buyer at that time, none of that oil even made it to American citizens. Anyway – there are two main reasons oil prices are where they are.

    There really is not a shortage other than the one imposed by OPEC. President Bush asked OPEC a little while ago to produce more but they snubbed him. The only reason OPEC has any authority is because we (and all the other countries) let them have it. They are not really a legitimate organization. At their last meeting Iran and Venezuela proposed switching to the euro as the official currency for oil, the Saudis said no, even though the dollar was falling like a rock, they would stick with it, just charge more for the oil so they make the same amount. There has not been a crude oil refinery built in the US for over 25 years. We can not do or say much about the supply of oil, even when we try to explore or open more drilling sights or refineries, the EPA and other organizations prevent it. The Federal Government has no interest in bringing down prices (see my earlier comment to this post). I don’t know if you have heard but Governor Palin of Alaska is suing the Federal Government because she wants to do more oil exploration and they won’t let her. This is a calculated chain of events just like what LDS Anarchist has said about the food shortage.

    So, reason 1 for high oil prices is the lack of US production and the bowing to OPEC’s rules by everyone.

    Reason 2 is speculation. With the current housing market in a freefall and the credit crisis, investors are looking for a safe haven for their money; oil seems to be a pretty good investment. Only going up, no signs of going down. This is causing a lot of people to invest in oil futures and the like further driving the price of oil up and effectively creating an “oil bubble” similar to the housing one that just burst. The question is: will the bubble burst before the economy? Only time will tell.

    A couple articles on oil spectators:

  25. I know I’m a little late to respond to ‘joseph’, but – didn’t President Hinkley say in 98 or 99 that ‘we’re enjoying our seven years of plenty, you better get ready because after that comes the seven years of famine.’ Of course, he didn’t explain himself, and most people explained it away as “symbolic” or whatever.

    Anyway, I don’t see what your big fuss is about LDS Anarchist getting a revelation about it. If you weren’t listening when it came from SLC over the loud speaker, you don’t really have a right to complain about God not bothering to tell you AGAIN (like the hundredth time).

    Anyway – good post, good comments! Not sure if the FLDS fiasco was part of a larger plan (wouldn’t those same people have emphasized the Lakota thing earlier this year too? Perhaps it hit too close 🙂 ) but, it’s worth keeping in mind.

  26. Great post, LDS Anarchist, just so you know, I really appreciate your blog, I always find posts that I catch myself nodding my head in agreement as I read along. I also appreciate the way you respond to mindless comments.

    In 1998 the Lord put me in front of a man most people considered crazy (conspiracy-theorist, you know the type). I couldn’t get away from him; whenever I tried the Lord would put me right back in front of him. At long last I started to listen, and then I started to pray about it, what you are saying sounds right on track with what has been confirmed to me and what I see happening around me every day. No one listens to me either…

    Since you mention food storage, I thought I would comment on it. We drove a very expensive car up until February, when I felt impressed (along with my wife) that we should sell it. We did, bought a used car for much less and have been using the money for things as the Spirit directed, food storage was one of those things.

    We just ordered (what I thought was going to be) the last installment of the food supply for my family. For this last installment we had decided on freeze dried food, because it is easier to deal with in an emergency. According to this website, the Federal Government is buying up almost all Mountain House freeze dried food; Mountain House is no longer selling (the #10 cans) to businesses or individuals until further notice. After reading that, we started calling Mountain House dealers and they all said they were out or had very limited supplies left, (a couple other dealers also confirmed that the government was buying all that Mountain House could produce). This company was the only one that is still getting shipments, but they are backordered by 4-6 weeks. Not a good sign especially when I came across this article (one of many) talking about the current flooding in the Midwest and the potential impact it will have on supplies and logistics of not only food, but other product as well. The author is not an expert but he makes some interesting points.

    A couple months ago we tried to buy wheat from Walton Feed, they were out (that has never happened in the last 20+ years), we turned to the church, every Bishops Storehouse within 500 miles had no white wheat and were limiting sales of red wheat. We constantly use and cycle through our supplies and my wife started getting a little concerned so we ended up buying from one of the few places we could find that still had it, at extremely high prices.

    That was a couple months ago and even though the wheat prices have come down from a high in Feb, and warehouse stores are rationing rice due to an “artificial” (not real) crisis, does not mean the worst is behind us as I have heard some say. The worst is still yet to come.

    I find your boldness refreshing.

  27. Less than four months to go until the “impact phase”!

  28. Anyone who doubts we are in for hard times soon can read

    They reprint articles on the economy and are not affiliated with the church at all and are predicting a global economic crisis of unheard of dimensions and soon. They mostly blame the Fed and US Treasury and the gullibility of the masses for what is happening. They rely mostly on well known sources like Bloomberg and the Financial Times. The Olympics and the election have been a great diversion for the American people while the economy heads for meltdown. How soon? No one knows but to put off preparation (food, water, fuel) is negligence. They talk about the same preparations as we do: get out of debt, have some cash for a rainy day, get some food storage, grow a garden.

    About a year ago I had the scariest dream of my life and was given to know that having a hand gun would save my life so I went out and bought one. The dream made it clear that this was not to defend my food storage (which we will share even if it means my family starves to death) but rather to save my life from evil men.

  29. Mr. Irony, I was going to respond to you immediately and explain that some have predicted that September ’08 was the month of impact, but I decided not to, as that is their prediction, not mine. But now with what has happened to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and, perhaps, all those hurricanes demolishing Cuba and disrupting oil production, maybe September is the right prediction, at least financially. There are a lot of things going on this year, what with the high gasoline prices, all those groups ready to secede given the right opportunity, the housing bubble bursting, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (and Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers), an overextended military fighting two foreign wars, a food (and soon) water shortage, hurricanes messing things up, towns falling into the ocean up north due to melting ice (global warming) and other natural disasters, a presidential election, the seventh anniversary of the towers demolition, etc., so, it may be this is the month when the economy starts to visibly crumble around us. Already, this month, I’m watching a lot of pretty depressing television news about the economy. They still don’t call it a depression, but it certainly is depressing.

    As I indicated in the initial post, I find all the election coverage nothing more than a distraction. I, personally, would not be at all surprised if the elections were suspended this year, due to some terrorist activity that necessitates martial law. (Apparently, the apparatus is already in place for just such an occurrence.) I find it very peculiar how Bush and Gore fought so vehemently over the results of the 2000 election, as if that election was going to make whoever won it the king of America, as if there wouldn’t be a release from office for whoever won it. I also find the current politics almost circus-like, presenting to still racially-charged and chauvinistic America a black man with a white man running mate on one side (and the paired names “Obama-Biden” is strangely close to Osama bin Laden) and a white man with a white woman running mate on the other. The shock value seems intentional to distract us from what is really happening and what is really coming down the pike, such as, for example, an imminent attack on Iran.

    (As an aside, Justin Raimundo’s piece (the last linked article in the previous paragraph) mentioned the start of World War III, which brought to my mind Albert Pike and this site.)

  30. I have been curious as to if this topic would rise to the top with all the events going on. I have been watching closely the events unfolding around me and begun to wonder how long we can go on after the ground has collapsed beneath us. An online news site I frequent has had a section entitled “World War III” for some time now and they do a good job of keeping up with a lot of interesting news, including the “imminent attack” article. This gentleman has a very interesting idea of how the war in Iran will unfold, according to his website his specialty is conceptualizing advanced warfare and has been doing it for over 20 years.

    It is easy to shrug off a lot of the news items, especially when they are scrolling at an incredibly fast pace along the bottom of the screen while the news anchor is discussing a missing toddler in Florida, the elections, or a pregnant 17 yr old. I fear that there will be something (war in Iran?) that will be the proverbial straw that breaks the camels back. One day we will wake up just like we have every day our entire lives, the next day we will wake up to an entirely different world. The time to prepare is now because by the time everyone figures out it is too late, it will really be too late.

  31. LDS Anarchist-

    I just read your topic Two Voices Crying Out In The Wilderness> , in it you mention the quote about anarchy, that reminded me of your comment above:

    I give it as my opinion that there is a possibility that the SC plan will be frustrated because the U.S. government will be broken up, just like in 3 Nephi 7, and we will be brought into tribal anarchy.

    In my readings a couple of nights ago, I came across a couple quotes I would add to the above.

    Orson Pratt, 1879

    The time is not very far distant in the future, when…this great and terrible war shall come. It will be very different from the war between the North and the South. It will be a war of neighborhood against neighborhood, city against city, town against town, county against county, State against State, and they will go forth destroying and being destroyed…there will be too much bloodshed, too much mobocracy, too much going forth in bands and destroying and pillaging the lands…

    Brigham Young, 1861

    I heard Joseph Smith say…”Mobs will not decrease, but increase until the whole government becomes a mob, and eventually it will be State against State, city against city, neighborhood against neighborhood”…it will be Christian against Christian, and man against man…

    John Taylor, 1879

    Were we surprised when the last terrible war took place here in the United States? No…you will see worse things than that…There will be more bloodshed, more ruin, more devastation than ever…before…there is yet to come a sound of war, trouble and distress, in which, brother will be arrayed against brother, father against son, son against father, a scene of desolation and destruction that will permeate our land…”

  32. PallasAthena, incidentally, the news site you linked to (African Crisis) is, I believe, Jan Lamprecht’s. It is the reason why he stopped his research and promotion of the hollow earth model.

  33. PallasAthena,

    The quotes you cite remind me of Dmitri Orlov’s 5 stages of collapse: Financial, Commercial, Political, Social, Cultural (see his article at .) Those quotes suggest we are definitely going to at least stage 4 and maybe stage 5.

  34. dark_matter

    Interesting article. I would tend to believe we will definitely make it to Stage 3, and probably to Stage 4. It seems to me that it when portions of the world are beginning to show signs of Stage 5 that the end will come, Christ will return and straighten everything out, at least I hope so.

    I think I will pick up a copy of Dmitry’s book, it seems like it would be one worth reading. Thanks for the link

  35. dark_matter, I also found that link interesting. Thanks for the heads up. Of particular note is his assessment that Stage 4 (tribal anarchy) is the natural order of things and that we could exist at that stage pretty much indefinitely.

    Stage 3 brings to mind the Traveler series of paperback books by D. B. Drumm that I used to read as a kid and also the Mad Max movies.

  36. Glad you liked it. Orlov recently wrote he believes with the recent happenings that the USA is nearly out of stage one and on its way to stage two. Pretty scary stuff the last week or two, but most people I know are not paying attention. It is strictly business as usual, buying and selling, marrying and being given in marriage, just a small economic glitch. I teach Gospel Doctrine and gave the lesson on Helaman 6-12 a few weeks ago. I brought up secret combinations in our day and was told by class members that it was too depressing and to lighten up. One sister said, “Pres. Hinckley said he was optimistic about the future and we should be too.” I was tempted to respond by reading from Helaman 12 (what I call the Lamentation of Mormon) but didn’t. This Sunday I am covering 3 Nephi 8-11, another cheery few chapters on the how the Nephites were mostly destroyed after their government was broken up by secret combinations. I am tempted to talk about the tribes thing, but expect I will be told to lighten up again. I am not sure why people think a book purportedly written for our day contains this stuff unless there is some likelihood we will see a repeat. The common wisdom is that today’s secret combinations are Al Qaeda and the Mafia. Partly correct, I think, but Al Qaeda will never have “sole management” of the US government. That is happening by a different group, and one that we are all more likely to be party to.

    Anyway, I like your blog though I only look at it every few weeks.

  37. dark_matter-

    We have two Gospel Doctrine classes in my ward and I bounce back and forth between the two. Alma 42-62 is one of my favorite passages of scripture. There is so much to learn. I have noticed a trend over the last few weeks as we have covered those chapters then on to Helaman and 3 Nephi. Both of the teaches tend to focus on telling the stories. The stories are great but I do not think the Lord gave us the scriptures as story books. There is so much doctrine/prophecy/warning in these books one could spend weeks on just a few chapters. Instead, I go to class and listen to the instructor tell me the story. Primary is to familiarize us with the stories so when we get to Gospel Doctrine, we can discuss the doctrine. It is so imperative, especially at this time. The writers of the Book of Mormon saw us and dug through thousands of years of history to pull out what would be most pertinent to us. This post shows that we need to be aware, and what better way than to read the book writen for our day?

  38. PallasAthena,

    Haven’t looked at this in a while. I was released as a Gospel Doctrine teacher and now work with the YM.

    This Sunday our lesson was entitled something like “The Book of Mormon: The New Covenant” from the D & C. A lot of the lesson was the story of Martin Harris, etc. But the interesting question for me is “In what way is the Book of Mormon a covenant?” This never came up.

    So I agree with your statements on doctrine but at the same time I don’t discount the power of the narrative. Much of the doctrine is implicit in the narrative. Many of the most powerful messages in Alma come from what the narrative says about how to conduct a war. Similarly Jesus’ experiences in the New Testament are told to us in a narrative for a reason. For me the prolblem is not that we retell the stories but that we assume that we know what the stories mean. There is much more in them than a cursory retelling can explain.

  39. I decided to find out what is happening with the global food crisis, which seems to have disappeared from the news and here’s what I came up with:

    “As the world begins to move beyond the financial crisis, the global food crisis that occupied center stage in 2008 seems relegated to collective amnesia. It brought the issues of global food security to the forefront, but then food prices moved back to their pre-crisis trends and it went away as quickly as it had come. However, the fundamental causes that triggered the rapid price increases and the riots that ensued, in some areas, have not changed.”

    Read the full article, published by The Epoch Times on June 24, 2009: Global Food Crisis Waits to Return

    “BEIJING, June 22 (Xinhuanet) — The global economic downturn has led to more people–about one in six people– than ever before go hungry, according to the United Nations.

    “The number of chronically hungry people has passed 1 billion for the first time as the economic crisis compounds the impact of still high food prices, the UNs Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said Friday.”

    Read the full article, published by Xinhuanet on June 22, 2009: One in six people go hungry due to economic crisis: UN

  40. And since I also mentioned unemployment in this post, here are a couple of pieces on the latest official unemployment numbers for June, which were released this morning. These articles were published today:

    From The Atlantic: Unemployment Is Really 10%

    From The Los Angeles Times: U.S. unemployment rate hits 9.5%, a 26-year high

  41. I fixed dark_matter’s comment. The link he had pointing to Dmitry Orlov’s 5 Stages of Collapse article now works. Of particular note is what Orlov says about Stage 4, which is tribalism:

    Stage 4 collapse occurs when society becomes so disordered and impoverished that it can no longer support the Big Men, who become smaller and smaller, and eventually fade from view. Society fragments into extended families and small tribes of a dozen or so families, who find it advantageous to band together for mutual support and defense. This is the form of society that has existed over some 98.5% of humanity’s existence as a biological species, and can be said to be the bedrock of human existence. Humans can exist at this level of organization for thousands, perhaps millions of years. Most mammalian species go extinct after just a few million years, but, for all we know, Homo Sapiens still have a million or two left.

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