Follow the leader: satanic in nature?

Disclaimer: Although I am the author of this post, it really is the idea of what4anarchy. I invited him to participate in this blog when I first started it, but he declined due to concerns over anonymity. Still, there are many topics of his that I’d like to broach. This particular one is from his camp. As he refuses to write, I must do the dirty work.

Our experience is the same

Over the years, both what4anarchy and myself have come across the following bizarre responses of LDS we have talked with when discussing the reason for their taking certain actions: “I have to follow my bishop.” “I have to follow the stake president.” “I have to follow my leaders.” “The bishop told me to do it and I’ve got to do as he says.” Etc. I personally have asked many of these same people, “Well, if the bishop told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?” The majority response I’ve gotten is a resounding, “Yes!”

Essentially, what I’ve learned is that these people believe it is a sin to not follow the chain of command, or the leaders who preside over you, even if those leaders are guiding you down the wrong path. They feel (and I state this based on the answers I’ve received from people who have been asked, by me, questions about why they feel this way, so this isn’t speculation on my part) that it is better to obey an incorrect command or unwise counsel than to disobey, as disobedience is rebellion, which they immediately equate with sin.

Now, no amount of reasoning with such individuals can change their minds. At least, all of my attempts have failed and I have since stopped trying. However, what4anarchy, continues to strive with these saints, attempting to open their minds to other, less cultish thoughts.

One of the tactics he uses, as he has revealed to me, is to bring up Lucifer and the war in heaven.

what4anarchy’s approach

Lucifer was an angel in power in the pre-mortal existence. As such, he was in a leadership position and presided over some and perhaps many of heavenly Father’s children. If it were a sin to disobey a command or counsel that came from the direct chain of command, even if that counsel was incorrect or unwise, then all those people under Lucifer’s stewardship, he being the priesthood leader who presided over them, who did not follow him and his counsel, sinned, while all those who did follow behaved righteously, yet became devils. Does this make sense to you?

Granted, I’m paraphrasing what what4anarchy says to LDS when faced with the “Follow the Brethren” mantra we hear all the time. He says it better than I do. But I think you get the point.

After stating the above and seeing if it dispels the myth, what4anarchy will then attempt to teach the principle that following a leader no matter what is satanic in nature.

(In fact, what4anarchy even goes so far as to state that the one-third that followed Lucifer were likely those who were directly under his priesthood leadership, that he was their presiding leader and that they literally followed their leader down to hell.)

Now, what I want to know is this: Do you agree with his assessment? And do you think this is a good analogy? If not, what is wrong with his approach?

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