Thanks to Thailer

Thanks goes out to Thailer for his request that I prepare and submit an article on free agency for publication in The Mormon Worker. I finished the article today, but it consists of 6056 words, so it may get rejected for publication due to its length. At any rate, I will publish it here on this blog, hopefully by tomorrow night. I have asked what4anarchy to review it prior to publication so that I don’t put my foot in my mouth, doctrinally, that is.

On November 10th, 2007, Thailer requested that I write the article, but I couldn’t organize my thoughts well enough to get it done any earlier. I apologize for the delay. It has been sitting in my draft folder for months, with no inspiration to finish it. It wasn’t until the beginning of this month, as I completed the ninth installment on faith and began working on the tenth installment, that I realized that I couldn’t explain the next aspect of faith without talking about free agency. So, I put down the faith article and started working on the free agency document, which, for some reason, I now had the inspiration to complete. Today, as I put the finishing touches on it, I am finally satisfied with it.

I intentionally kept it fairly shallow, addressing only one aspect of free agency, but many other questions and interesting aspects of agency appear without exposition on my part. I intend to explore these other aspects on this blog. As this is my first foray into writing about agency, I again thank Thailer for suggesting this topic, as the research of this subject has enlightened my mind and given me greater vistas of the gospel. Hopefully, I can communicate through these future articles my understanding of agency so that others also learn something new or at least a different perspective about this fundamental topic.

I have also created a new category called Free Agency so that I can fully expound all the aspects of this principle, in depth, according to my understanding. Like the faith articles, I am going to keep it out of the Deep Waters section, as I believe everyone should have a strong understanding of free agency, so no password will be required.

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  1. Well, I haven’t heard back from what4anarchy, so I’m going to just publish the free agency article and submit it un-reviewed to The Mormon Worker. If I continue to wait for a response from what4anarchy, I may end up waiting years. (This has actually happened before, as I asked him, years ago, to go over my tithing writings with a fine-toothed, doctrinal comb and he still hasn’t gotten around to reading them. Granted, those writings, which are now on this blog, were pretty long, so I don’t entirely blame him, but still, based on prior history in dealings with him, in which I’d waited centuries for feedback, I’d better just jump right in and let the chips fall where they will.) If I’ve made doctrinal errors in the agency document, y’all can slap my wrists and correct me.

  2. Hey, your blog’s well interesting – I’m taking R.E. for A-levels so this has given something like a background…
    …just wandering if you could pop by mine and take a look and maybe comment…I’m new and was wandering what people thought…it’s

  3. As the creator of the 35,000 user Catholic app on Facebook, 20,000 user LDS app on Facebook, Baptist and other apps, as well as a Tech blogger myself and author of soon to be 2 books, I guarantee you don’ t want to have this turn into a PR nightmare. I will be posting this to all 35,000 Catholics on Facebook who I know will support it, as well as all LDS applications and groups. It’ s already been Twittered- I know I’ m not the only one that tracks,“ Mormon” on Twitter. I will blog it, and about 300 people a…

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