Lakota independence—prophecy starting to be fulfilled?

Christian Kenny Heap brought to my attention the recent Lakota declaration of independence from the U.S. and I thought it was important enough news to merit a blog post. As I stated in my follow-up comment to his remark, it reminded me of a scripture:

The Lord said, “And it shall come to pass also that the remnants who are left of the land will marshal themselves, and shall become exceedingly angry, and shall vex the Gentiles with a sore vexation.” (D&C 87: 5. See also Micah 5: 8-15; 3 Ne. 16: 7-15; 3 Ne. 20: 15-21; 3 Ne. 21: 12-21; D&C 109: 65-67.)

In case you are not up to speed on what the Lakota nation is doing, read the FoxNews report, visit any of the Lakotah Oyate web sites (, and, visit the Republic of Lakota web sites ( and, check out the WordPress blogs talking about Lakota, or just Ixquick “Lakota, independence” or some other term like that.

So, now that the Lakota nation has declared its independence, does this mean we are entering the time in history when the prophecies of the above listed scriptures will be fulfilled? My gut feeling (not inspiration or revelation, yet) is that both the Lakota secession and the Aztlan movement (Ixquick“Aztlan”) are pieces of the future (perhaps not-so-future?) fulfillment of these prophecies.

So, what do you, dear reader, see in these occurrences? Does the Spirit whisper that the departure of Lakota from the U.S. is a sign of the times to be examined, or is it nothing of any significance and to be ignored?

For me, this can play out any number of ways, but none of the peaceful ones seem likely.

First of all, the enemies of the U.S. would probably immediately jump on the legitimizing secession bandwagon, by recognizing the Lakota nation as a sovereign country. Apparently Russia is already considering this. If foreign countries recognize Lakota, it will be fuel to the fire if the U.S. decides to handle another bid at secession like the War of Northern Aggression (for Southerners) or the War Between The States (for some Southerners and some Northerners) or the Civil War (for Northerners), however you call that conflict. Even if the U.S. tries to handle the situation peacefully, by fighting it through the courts, the Lakota nation is pretty well grounded legally, and probably would win legally, but with recognition by other nations, the Lakota people will have already won the first battle in declaring their legitimacy as a sovereign nation. The recognition by other nations of the Lakota nation will but help to divide America into two parts: U.S. citizens and Lakota citizens. A divided nation is good if you have ideas of conquering it.

Secondly, there is a large amount of land involved, in which plenty of non-Lakota people live. These Americans “own” land, which apparently really belonged to the Lakota people, and when the Lakota nation starts issuing liens, what is going to be the reaction from these people? There is definitely going to be a whole lot of irate individuals as a result of this.

The Lakota are extending an invitation to all people, of any race, that they can come and live in their land tax-free, if they will renounce their U.S. citizenship. They are already issuing Lakota passports and Lakota driver’s licenses to accommodate people. How many people who have had it with U.S. taxation are going to take them up on this offer? The influx of people may be exceedingly great if the U.S. allows secession to go through peacefully. Only the threat of violence or illegitimacy from the U.S. might dissuade tax evaders and those who are tired of oppressive U.S. taxes (a great number of people) from becoming Lakota citizens.

If the U.S. decides to determine the right of secession by conflict, like Lincoln did, it will be facing an impoverished people who currently have nothing to live or die for. In other words, these people are destitute right now and may become galvanized into action by conflict. They have an extremely high suicide rate, indicating nothing to live for. If suddenly they have to fight for their land and freedom, the U.S. will have given them both a reason to live and a reason to die. Such an enemy will be on the defence, defending their lands, homes, wives, children, etc. (Just fill in Moroni’s whole title of liberty.)

There is also the problem of justification. Would the U.S. be justified in the eyes of God in attacking the Lakota nation? Is the Lakota nation justified in seceding from the U.S.? As LDS, we have modern scriptures that help us arrive at the correct answer to these questions, as the Lord has revealed his laws of justification in D&C 98: 33-38, as well as other places.

All in all, based upon the U.S. government’s past behavior when it comes to secession, a peaceful solution does not seem likely. Conflict seems probable. I do not expect the U.S. government to give up sizable chunks of real estate in 5 States and the accompanying tax revenue, nor allow itself to be drained of tax-paying citizens who renounce U.S. citizenship to live tax-free in another part of America, without objection. (The Lakota still live in America, so, it is not like they would be going to a totally foreign country or a completely foreign land.)

Finally, if the Lakota situation does erupt, Aztlan or other groups (such as Vermont secessionists) might see it as the opportune moment to take what they want of America. The potential for a firestorm is definitely here.

In case this comes up…

Yes, Russell Means, otherwise known as Oyate Wacinyapin, is part of the Lakota Freedom Delegation and is also the actor who starred in (among other movies) The Last of the Mohicans with Daniel Day-Lewis. Means played Chingachgook, the very last of the Mohicans, but in actuality, he “was born an Oglala/Lakota Sioux Indian,” according to IMDb (the Internet Movie Database.)

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  1. This is very interesting. I remember reading somewhere about 5 states that wanted to secede and then it was being talked about on the radio. The hosts of the show were going on and on about how un-patriotic these people were. I thought to myself, “why are they unpatriotic?” The beauty of our free will is that if we don’t like something, then we can change it. If people don’t want to be a part of the system, let them go. I will never understand the desire for one person to rule another. To kill great numbers of our fellow beings so that the rest will submit to my will. The logic escapes me. Why countries must continue to swallow up more land and increase their area of rule to me is like calculus to a 5 year old. Completely incomprehensible. And in this country, when people want to try and change their situation for the better – whether it is right or not doesn’t really matter because it is their choice – they have to be attacked by the holier than thou, smarter than thou, etc.

    Thanks for shedding light on the Lakota. Their proposition is very attractive. It fits quite well with my plans, but you also pointed out the possibility of a violent conflict. With the Lakota in the middle, both sides will be pulling on them. This nation on one arm, this nation’s enemies on the other. It seems that we will never be free from conflict even when we are trying to do what we feel is right. I applaud them for doing exactly what some Brits did so long ago to escape the clutches of the “kingdom”. Have we come full circle?

  2. It is also quite interesting to think about it this way: about half a century ago, the U.S. thought it was such a great idea to give ‘Israel’ (or Palestina) back to the Jews. Implementing that very same logic; perhaps now the time has come to give America back to the Americans (Native Americans, that is)

  3. I am reminded of the inhabitants of the city of Ammonihah, who thought that their city couldn’t be destroyed in one day (as Alma had prophesied) because of its greatness, but Alma’s words were fulfilled when the Lamanites came and destroyed every last Ammonihahite and their city and the land came to be known as the Desolation of Nehors. In their pride, they thought that they were unbeatable, even untouchable, but the Lord pulled the rug out from under them in a single day and turned everything upside down. America, these days, seems to me to be acting like those ancient Ammonihahites and the actions of these Lakota Indians may be the sign that the Lord is again putting his fingers on the rug that is under us, in anticipation of some more pulling.

    The Lord has given two kinds of prophecies concerning the post-Book of Mormon interactions between the Lamanites and the Gentiles. The first type was that the Gentiles would mop the floor with the Lamanites and scatter them, decimating their numbers, bringing them to near extinction and leaving but a remnant. This has happened with all the Indian tribes in their interactions with the Gentile nations, especially with the U.S. government. However, the second part of the prophecy, or second type of prophecy, is that the remnant of the Lamanites would then rise up and mop the floor with the Gentiles. This latter prophecy must occur, prior to the Lord’s coming, so the actions of the Lakota are not altogether surprising, at least they shouldn’t be to LDS.

    Also, the Southern States still carry a lot of resentment towards the Northern States in how they were treated during and after the Civil War. Their bid for secession failed, but who is to say that they won’t see the Lakota movement as the opportune time to re-initiate the secession they sought for 150 years ago? They have never gotten over that war. A lot of people died that didn’t have to die had the North simply let them go peacefully and they know it. While people go about their lives unconcerned about the possibility of dissolution, southern and northern secessionists are busily meeting together and making plans to secede from the Union and one southern group has already issued a statement of support for the Lakota.

    Section 87 is essentially talking about how the Civil War is the beginning of the wars that will be poured out “until the consumption decreed hath made an end of all nations.” (Those are the Lord’s words, not mine.) So, the Civil War is the beginning of the end of all nations, and that includes our own. I have also heard some GA’s and/or prophets (I can’t recall the exact names) say that the wars that followed the Civil War are but extensions of the same war (the Civil War), so if the Southern States decide to suddenly take to arms, it may not be correct to speak of it as a second Civil War. As LDS, we ought to see all these things in light of the prophecies, which apparently are being fulfilled before our very eyes.

    Thanks for both your comments.

  4. As I surf around the Internet, searching for more information on this Lakota development, I have found that there are many people who believe that the Lakota Freedom Delegation does not speak for the Lakota people. In other words, that they are acting on their own. I am no expert on Indian law, but from what I can gather, the Lakota Freedom Delegation is acting under traditional authority, as opposed to federally established authority. Apparently, there is the traditional treaty council which predates the treaties made with the U.S. and then there is the federally established tribal council, which was created by the treaties. The federally established tribal council has a vested interest in keeping up the status quo, as they are instruments of the State. So, the Lakota Freedom Delegation by-passed the tribal council and went straight to the traditional treaty councils. On their web site, they list the traditional treaty councils consulted on this page. 33 years ago, when they issued their Declaration of Continuing Independence, that document was also authorized by the traditional treaty councils, not the federally established tribal council.

    So, based on this information, it would appear that the Lakota Freedom Delegation is operating with legitimate authority, being authorized by the actual councils that can legally dissolve the treaties. They do not appear to need permission from the federally established tribal councils.

  5. I got a media release message today, which said, in part:

    “Lakotah Oyate is a free and independent nation of the Lakota People. We ARE NOT a ‘republic’ of Lakota, which is a Latin, not Peta Sakowin, concept. Please visit our new website at w w w . lakotah oyate . net. …
    Lakota Oyate”

    So, I’m a bit confused. Is affiliated with Is the name of the nation “Lakotah Oyate” or is it “Republic of Lakota?” It sounds like there may be some infighting going on. Or maybe they got two domains so that non-Indian people can understand what’s going on (Republic) and another for Indian people (Oyate.) Who knows? It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out.

    UPDATE: Since I last wrote this comment, I found out the answer:

    December 30, 2007: Lakota Freedom Delegation website and contact info hijacked by one delegation member without consent of other delegates. So-called “Republic of Lakotah” and “provisional government” is announced despite the fact “republic” is not a Lakota word and Lakota already has a traditional form of government still in existence.

    So, one of the delegates (Russell Means) “hijacked” the web site and set it up so that it forwards visitors to the web site. He also took over all the contact info. My guess is that the web site and all the contact info was probably obtained in the name of Russell Means and when there was a dispute between him and the other delegates as to how to proceed, he just did what he wanted to with his web sites and the contact lists. So the other delegates got their own web sites, with the domain Lakota[h] The also got themselves another set of contact lists. At any rate, both the majority of these delegates and the rogue delegate (Means) are saying that the Lakota Indian Nation is fully sovereign and both of them are giving two versions of a map of Lakota, the boundaries of which are identical in both maps. (Compare the map according to Delegate Means with the map according to the other delegates.)

    All of this reminds me of when the Prophet Joseph died and the question, “Who is to lead the church?” was on everyone’s minds. Each had his own thought concerning the matter.

  6. Nothing’s really happened yet, and that prophecy you quoted at the top of your letter could apply to lots of peoples who aren’ Native. Remember you are a spirit. And that you have a life after this one. For a country that claims, “In God we trust” on every coin and bill, there sure is a lot of fear involved whenever Indians decide to do anything. And I think that could apply with any minority. I’d also like to add that there are Lakota/ Dakota/ Nakota who not only haven’t had their voices included in this bid for independance, but they don’t even know about it. And hardly is Russell Means a spokesperson for his people. Traditionally the people have to choose you by your example. How can a leader be chosen by the people if the people don’t even know this has happened. I remember in my home town of Sisseton, our people here wanted to claim back land that should have been ours according to treaty, but the BIA gave much to white farmers. Our people want to start buying it back. When white people heard about this they blew everything out of proportion. They that there’d be a white trail of tears out of the reservation boundaries. And believe me. There are plenty of non natives living within the reservation boundaries. Besides I can’t see what’s so scary about a handful of people who want to be free from a way of living that’s destroying the earth. Tell me what’s harder. The lakota declaring independance, or going from hundred’s of millions of people to a few hundred thousand from the white’s attempts to eradicate Native people’s from existence. Kind of makes your worrying look small, don’t you think?

    How could the US possibly be justified for attacking a handful of Lakota? Are you really thinking? The US doesn’t exist legally. The old “Royalties” had agreements that land could be taken by force if they had a legal right to do so (Notice not a righteous right to do so). So when the countries such as had royalty (you’ve heard of divine right of kings? It’s bull.) They determined that as such agreements as they had made unto themselves they would deal with the indians. Either we conquer or we parlay and purchase land. This wasn’t an agreement made with the Native peoples, it was just done to them anyway. You know in your hearts that it was wrong, and that there was no right to do this to a good people who helped the first arrivers to this land out of the goodness of their hearts. This government has lied and stolen. Still you do not celebrate for us what accomplishments we try to do to make things better for our people. Instead you do what you always do. Generate fear. spread fear and lies. Yes I am angry. This people that came here are destroying the earth. Their crazy We kept this land pristine for tens of thousands of years. It took whites only a hundred or so to bring us to global distruction. You tell me who’s the savage. Wiped out billions of lives. And not just human lives. And you claim to be Christians. And love Jesus and see what is done to his and creation. I wanted to be gentle, partial in this letter. But I’ve been holding back my feelings. No I don’t consider myself racist, but is it racism to tell your brother he is sick? When will you realize what’s being done, not just to the Indian but to all people by those who are in power and care only about power. Don’t you see that your gonna get screwed too? When the really big drastic earth changes come, will this rich families like the Bush’s, and all those corporations care about you? They’re all ready killing you. Don’t you see? If you don’t see go to LA when the pollution hangs in the air. Drink from the polluted streams with mercury and who knows what else. I’ve said enough. Maybe you will start to realize what you should be really fighting for.

  7. As a white English speaking American, I am deeply saddened and troubled by the way our government has mistreated the Native American people. They have every right to reclaim their land and way of life. When I first heard Russell Means speak, I couldn’t help but wish we had a man like him to lead all of America. If we had such a man, one who truly followed the constitution, bill of rights and believed in real freedom, none of this breaking away would even be necessary. Russell Means has great wisdom, courage, vision and common sense. All of which are severely lacking in our big spending, war loving, freedom restricting government. Our current government has some of the lowest approval numbers ever recorded. Our sinking dollar, super high gas prices and failing economy won’t do anything to help with those numbers. A military attack against these good and decent people would certainly look terrible to the rest of America and in fact the whole world. After the Iraq disaster, I’m quite sure attacking unarmed and poverty stricken Native Americans wouldn’t go over well and would likely lead to the end of the US as we know it. Russell’s message of Freedom is very appealing and I predict The Republic of Lakota will have many people (from all races) willing to join them in this great new freedom journey. God bless you Russell and long live The Republic of Lakota!

  8. Just don’t call my wife a Lamanite

  9. I just came across this article, in which a Russian political analyst predicts the breakup (into six parts) of the U.S. with the destruction of the dollar. The Spirit has been whispering the same thing to me, about both the U.S. government and also the church, but no specific number of parts has been communicated. Nevertheless, his six parts scenario does make sense given the various factions involved in wanting independence.

  10. I saw that article too. The makeup of the six parts doesn’t make much sense to me, though.

  11. Texas, independent-minded state. They’d break off alone. West coast, the Aztlans and others who want that portion of the land returned to Mexicans or natives (although they want more than just the West coast.) The Indian tribes in the center. The northern states cut off by the Indians to the south, the Mexicans/Aztlans to the west, and the Vermonters to the East. The Vermont and other north-eastern secessionists as a block. The southern secessionists as a block. The eastern seaboard would be cut off from everyone else, becoming a block, perhaps the only part of American still under a semblance of control from Washington, which would make a seventh part. There are definitely five major factions that would break America into at least six parts, but I’d say more likely seven (or more) parts, as there are many individualist and/or anarchic groups who, upon seeing the dissembling of America, would chose not to join the major groups but to go it independent on their own. Washington and Oregon contain many such people. They would possibly break off from the California group and the Northern States above the Indian Tribes.

  12. Yeah, I read a more detailed version of the story after my previous post, and he mentions the fact that the northeast might break into more than one piece. The idea of the whole northeast staying together didn’t seem right, but apparently he’s accounted for that. Another problem, though, is that there’s a lot more going on in the Midwest than Indian tribes, and so I don’t see the Midwest sticking together. I would expect the white Midwest to stay with whatever faction controls D.C.

    The biggest thing that makes me doubt Panarin’s insight into American cultures is the idea of Oregon and Washington staying united with California. I think he’s basically a nationalist whose bias has possibly led him close to the truth by accident.

  13. Also, it’s unclear which faction he expects Utah to join. I wouldn’t venture a guess, myself.

  14. I have thought of this a couple times as I have heard analysts say cash is one of the safest bets right now. The treasury notes show that many people are moving their savings to cash. This is just setting more people up to loose everything.

  15. I’m pretty sure the prophecy refers to the Indian wars especially when several tribes united together in one last thrust against the U.S. army. I think this was Chief Joseph.

  16. Up here (Pacific NW) there is the idea by few(very few) that Cascadia should become a nation. Most aren’t for it, but when it is mentioned, everyone feels it would be very successful. It would be British Columbia, Washington & Oregon. The cultures are basically the very similar.

  17. This post got a small jump in hits yesterday. I wasn’t sure why. Now I know:

    Russell Means died yesterday at age 72.

  18. Some interesting news you may not know.Utah is currently the only state that allows non-native Americans to join the oklevueha native American church. When joining you are adopted into the seminole oglala lakota Sioux paiute and huichole “spiritual communities” and have a right to native medicine

  19. With all this recent talk of secession, I’ve been looking over and pondering the prophecies. I don’t see secession written anywhere. A united Gentile nation upon the promised land, yes, and then later Gentiles living in anarchy upon the promised land, yes, but a middle step of secession? I just don’t see it.

  20. I just came across this. So, I don’t suppose the proposition of California breaking up would have anything to do with this? Also, where does the scattering of Israel take place in this context? From how we are now, to Gentiles living in anarchy, then the Indians are scattered and live in captivity? I suppose the Josephite will lead the Indians? I had a dream a few years back where I and some others were traveling and gathering with Indians. They were our leaders.

  21. I just came across your article again called, “Recent Thoughts on the Prophecies”. That cleared some things up.

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