The faith of God, part one

One day at work, years ago, I got to talking to a co-worker on our lunch break and he shared with me the thought that God had no faith. He was a Buddhist monk and I let him talk the whole time, as he had obviously given it much thought. Basically, he said that since God was omniscient, that he had no faith, for once you knew something, you had faith no longer. We mortals could have faith, as we don’t know all things, but since God knows everything, he can’t have any faith.

So, now, dear reader, I ask you, was this monk correct? Has God no faith since he knows all things? Please don’t just respond, “Yes, he does have faith” or “No, he doesn’t have faith,” but also give the reasoning you’ve used to come to this conclusion. If you answer that he has faith, a secondary question would be, “Did God create all things through his knowledge, or through his faith?”

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