The Title of Insufferable, Self-Righteous Prigs

“In memory of our dedicated conformity and unlimited capacity for suffering boredom, and for sitting in endless meetings, and for barren minds, and for getting up at 5 a.m. to write a bad book instead of at 9 a.m. to write a good book, and for zeal without knowledge.”

Thanks goes to scottjarvie, Hugh Nibley and Moroni for the inspiration behind this post. Feel free to create this as a banner, fasten it upon the end of a pole, go forth among the people and wave it in the air. Or print it onto t-shirts, posters, flyers or business cards and pass them out. Let me know if anyone flocks to it.

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  1. You have a knack for writing about the stuff I only think about. I did a search for: Hugh Nibley – Zeal Without Knowledge. Totally blew my mind! Everything he said I just wanted to shout AMEN!, but I didn’t.

    Something is wrong in the church today. Seriously wrong. I see too many members living in complete contradiction to the scriptures. We put so much stock in material possessions and where is the love? We seek our own but yet have the audacity to stand up on fast Sunday and preach behind our tears that we know the church is true. It’s almost like the teenage mentality of high school cliques has crept it’s way into the congregation. I am ashamed to say that I have done the same thing for too long.

    I have a question and you don’t necessarily have to post an article about it, you can reply privately by email if you would prefer. Do you feel an imminent punishment upon the church? I ask because I see so many members busying themselves with the things of the world, being self-righteous prigs, and more concerned with converting people than loving them. The Prophet Joseph stated that we should be careful in sending boys to preach the gospel, but that is all we see in the world. I was 26, single and more than ready and willing to serve a mission, but I was told I was too old. I find that troubling. Why should a man of any age be denied when his circumstances are favorable, and his heart and mind are not only willing, but hungering for the opportunity? Handbooks, handbooks, handbooks, enough with the freakin handbooks! I cannot deny the revelation I have received concerning the Book of Mormon, but I have been asking a lot of questions lately because things just don’t seem to right.

    Your thoughts?

  2. “I have a question and you don’t necessarily have to post an article about it, you can reply privately by email if you would prefer. Do you feel an imminent punishment upon the church?”

    I don’t mind replying publicly. And I’ll probably post an article about it, too, as I think it is an important subject. Essentially, I feel we are doomed as a people. We are going to get our butt kicked big time by the Lord. It has been prophesied that he will clean his house first, before he cleans the world, and all the hypocrites will be removed from it. But a remnant will survive, who will be sanctified. I hope to be among that remnant. I see three future things that will cause a mass exodus from this church in the future. what4anarchy is a little more radical than me (as hard to believe as that is) on certain issues. What he sees happening is even more unbelievable by most LDS. Personally, the Spirit whispers to me that his thoughts aren’t all that far-fetched. (And maybe one of these days when he isn’t working we’ll actually get to hear his thoughts!) But in the meantime, my thoughts on the future are pretty grim. They don’t have to be grim, because we have everything we need to escape, but there is too much apathy, too much of “all is well in Zion” going around, to escape the whipping we are going to receive. Just look at my Establishment of Zion Think Tank forum to see how no one, other than me, has participated in that effort. There is no interest in escape, as no one believes there is a danger. But what4anarchy and I both see great danger.

    But I am not disheartened. The prophecies must be fulfilled, every one of them, before the Savior returns. We LDS are in for the first roller-coaster ride. Some of us will spiritually survive, many will not. Then comes the world’s turn to ride. But, we know these things must happen to get to the Second Coming and ultimately, it means we are getting closer to the time of restoration. So, I’m optimistic that as long as I’m taking the Spirit for my guide, my family and I will escape. But as for the church, I see the times are going to suddenly change and we will be faced with what we never considered.

  3. As I have matured in my spirituality and membership in the LDS church (joined almost 12 years ago, when I was 22), I have learned a lot, albeit slowly and stubbornly. I must say that I empathize with the feeling that there is too much of the “all is well” sentiment. I have been teaching the adult gospel doctrine class for the last 5 or 6 months and have been amazed at how many parallels there are between the church Paul chastised in many of his epistles and the church of today. That said, I don’t think it is *that* bad, but I do see a lot of the same pernicious lies/misunderstandings/etc. affecting us today.

    Anyway, I am still in the process (over the last 6 months I have been really thinking hard about these things) of coming to fully understand what I need to be doing for myself and my family, but I do think it is valuable to question everything we come across and make sure we are not letting zeal cloud our ability to truly live the principles Christ taught (and continues to teach).

    Wow, I hope some part of that makes some sense – it sounds like I am just babbling. 😛

  4. I fear I am a coward. I see these things and worse. I have been in poditions of responsibility in the church, and I have said little. When I did, I was banished to a singles ward leadership position. The Church is led by revelation, but I am concerned that the local stakes and wards are too many times led by pride and the knowledge of the head and not the heart/Spirit. There must be a way to approach this demon without commiting priesthood suicide. Too many times, new converts come into the Church with excitement and hope, only to have it dashed within months by this attitude. Members that have tolerated this attitude for years, looking for the Lord, have only to be fed dry bones. Everywhere… dry bones. Empty vessels. And I am a coward, because I will not stand up to the Pharasees. I tell myself that life is temporary and is only a trial to withstand. Hope is dashed.

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