There is no conflict between science and religion

The additional truths found in the three, newly revealed books of LDS scripture not only add to our theology, but also to the conflict between religion and science. Obviously, if our religion is true and the scientific facts are true, there will be no conflict. But there is conflict, which means that either our science is wrong, our religion is wrong, our interpretations of science and religion are wrong, or some combination of all of this.

Mainstream science conflicts on many issues with our revealed religion. The solution many LDS use is to either suspend judgment on the scientific “facts” until more scientific information debunks or modifies the current theories to better conform to Mormon doctrine or to interpret our scriptures in creative or non-literal ways so that the scriptures conform better to current scientific thought. (A case in point: the recent discussions about Noah’s Flood.) There are others of us who just drop mormonism altogether and embrace the mainstream scientific faith since they feel that the Mormon religion doesn’t hold up to scientific scrutiny.

However, LDS need not resort to these tactics. There is a modern, scientific field that covers every aspect of the Universe and that meshes with Mormon canonical scripture perfectly. It is known as Plasma Science. Most people are unaware of Plasma Science as it is ignored by the mainstream scientists and their media outlets. You will not learn this in the universities or high schools. But it exists, researchers are constantly learning and discovering more about it, and virtually everything we see on Earth, in space or among the heavenly bodies out there, including all the anomalies, can be explained by it and confirms that the science is accurate, predictive and demonstrable in laboratory settings. (Mainstream science comes across many anomalies which their theories cannot account for. These anomalies are usually noted and then brushed under the rug, the thought being that if people forget about them, they don’t exist. But Plasma Science can explain even the anomalies.)

I am creating another category called Plasma Theology. The articles posted in this new category will hopefully show the parallels between Plasma Science and Mormon Theology. The LDS need never have to choose between science and religion again, as there is a scientific viewpoint that is totally consistent with our modern and ancient scriptures, and that accounts for everything we are seeing in this space age.

In fact, so important is the understanding of Plasma Science, that I believe it is one of the keys to understanding our own scriptures. Plasma Cosmology, Plasma Geology, Plasma Biology, Plasma Mythology and all the other plasma-based, specialized, scientific fields put the scriptures in so much new light that it should engender a whole new generation of LDS to become Plasma Scientists in order to better understand both the Universe around them and their own religion, and to fortify their faith with universal, scientific facts. This is in direct contrast to the tendency of mainstream science to weaken religious faith.

Note: While you wait for me to post plasma theology articles, you may visit the Thunderbolts link found under the Education category on the right side of each page to learn more about Plasma Science.

Next Plasma Theology article: The sun “borrows” its light and the planets or stars were “fixed”

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  1. When is mainstream anything ever absolutely correct about anything? Humans have limited knowledge and limited perspective, yet so many people put so much faith in “theories”. Evolution, string theory, relativity, etc. I’m not denying any of these theories, but my point is that none of these things have been proven and there are always two sides to every story. Atheists cling to science and condemn the religious because they are more “enlightened” than us, yet their religion of science cannot answer all questions that are present. I have previously checked out that link and I must say I like what I saw. It is very intriguing and it is always cool to hear a different explanation and perspective.

    There is another website that I have linked to from my site. This guy says that Science is broken. He makes a very good case as to why we shouldn’t trust mainstream science 100%.

  2. Miffed as I am about your dismissal of my “tactics,” I am curious about how you will relate Plasma Science to Mormon theology. I’ve checked out Plasma 101 and am eagerly awaiting more.

  3. No offense, but that is stupid. I looked at the information, I do not know how you can claim that Noah’s Flood can be explained by electrical fields and plasma theories. Your site is interesting, but the fact is that Noah’s Flood did not happen.

  4. DNA science appears to have prompted a wording change in the Title page of the Book of Mormon. The hubub over this wording change is one of thousands of examples of how so-called “Anti-Mormons” are going to great lengths to research, document, and publicize the faults, failings, sins, and problems with the LDS Church.

    Mormons (for example, FARMS) defend themselves against such “anti-Mormon” attacks by a variety of arguments, the gist of which is that the Church is true despite errors and changes in scripture, imperfect leaders and members, problems and inconsistencies in theology, etc.

    In order to justify why a “Restoration” was necessary, Mormons have gone to great lengths to research, document, and publicize the faults, failings, sins, and problems with the Christian Churches since Jesus’ time (see “The Great Apostasy” among many many others).

    Point: If the defenses Mormons offer against attacks on their Church are valid (if the Church really is “true” despite these problems), then why aren’t those same “defenses” also valid for the Christian Churches Mormons attack?

    In other words, why can’t the original Church established by Christ also be “true” despite all the problems the Mormons have identified, thereby eliminating the need for a Restoration in the first place?

    The foundation of the Mormon claim is inherently incoherent. I will continue to unravel. (Matt. 7:1-2)

  5. quantumsaint, thanks for the link. James McCanney also subscribes to the belief that peer review is a sham, as Novak puts it. Here is McCanney’s link in case you know nothing about him:

    BiV, I wasn’t pointing fingers at you or your tactics. I was just pointing (a link) at your page, as it was one of many other pages discussing the Noachian Flood recently.

    Steve, I am already preparing articles on this subject, as I think it is very important to LDS. Thanks for the compliment. Hopefully, the site will continue to be interesting.

    Point, what wording change are you referring to?

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