The LDS weep not for Zion

About three and a half years ago, in March of 2004, I created a forum, which I called the Establishment of Zion Think Tank. The goal was to have a place where LDS who weeped and longed for Zion could meet and brainstorm ways to remove the influence and dependency of Babylon from their lives, bringing us one step closer to a Zion society. Specifically, the forum was to address ways on how to provide for the needs of people: water, food, shelter, clothing, currency, education, transportation, etc. These needs were to be provided outside of the realm of Babylon, through anarchy, if you will, which is the principle of free agency, co-operation and private, mutual benefit. It contained a list of advanced technologies that could be used towards this end. It also put forth the concept of a United Effort, differing from the scriptural United Order, which was directed by the priesthood. United Efforts were to be groups of like-minded people working together towards a common goal, completely apart from the methods employed by Babylon.

After creating the forum, I began talking to LDS to see if anyone would like to be a part of the think tank and work on ways to cut the ties to Babylon, so that when Babylon fell, which it will, we LDS would not feel the effects of that fall, having little to no dependency upon her. But what I found was that all of the LDS I talked to had little to no interest in Zion, and no interest in working to build bridges to her. Many LDS felt that the city of Zion would be built after the Second Coming of the Lord and thus it was impossible to even consider the subject until a more favorable environment presented itself. The current Babylonian system made any type of Zion-like effort in vain, according to them. Other LDS felt that such efforts should be directed only through the priesthood channels, that we had no right to even make an attempt, and that since we are counseled to work within the Babylon system, it was obvious that all such attempts would be doomed to failure, since it would go against the supposed counsel of the leaders. These LDS were waiting to be commanded by the prophet and would not make a move on their own in that direction. Still other LDS knew little to nothing about Zion, having not studied the topic in any depth. The final group I talked to wanted nothing to do with Zion or her principles, as it sounded too foreign to the society they were a part of and loved.

In conclusion, after seeking out people to become a part of this think tank, no one participated in discussion. Not a single LDS.

Here is the link to this fruitless forum:

Notice, in particular, the date of the posts. It has been sitting there for nearly four years, gathering cyberdust.

I used to be under the impression that LDS were the most enlightened people on the planet, as we had the Holy Ghost, which imparts wisdom, but this experience showed me that no one weeps for Zion. Those who do, must be a minority of the members. Attempts such as The Mormon Worker and my Establishment of Zion Think Tank are doomed to failure from the start, not because they are not sound, but because we, as a LDS culture, have been associated too long with Babylon. We have become Babylon-lite.

Zion will be established. Of that I have no doubt. But this people won’t do it. The Lord will have to put forth his hand and clean his house, as he has prophesied that he would do, leaving a remnant. It is the remnant that will establish Zion. It is they who weep for Zion, along with the poor, destitute and despised of the earth.

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