Deep Waters: Disclaimer

I’m creating a new category called Deep Waters. It is where all the really deep doctrinal discussions will go. I’m sure everyone understands that all of my posts are my own, personal opinions and beliefs and not the official doctrine of the church, but I want to warn you all that the Deep Waters section is enter-at-your-own-risk. Each subject will be preceded with the heading Deep Waters: [and then the subject.] This is so that when you see it, you can skip over it, if you want. If I could, I would put all the Deep Waters posts in the Deep Waters category’s page only, but Word Press will not allow me to do that. Everything automatically gets posted on the front page, too, so just be aware of this.

Update: I’m going to try to password-protect the Deep Waters posts, so that only those who really want to read them will be able to do so. The password will be:

Deep Waters

The password is case sensitive, so make sure you type it in exactly as written above.

2nd update: As of today, 1 October 2010, I have removed the password protection from all the Deep Waters posts.  You can now read these articles without entering a password.  I have done this because I am no longer certain that the Deep Waters section is any more controversial (or any “deeper”) than the rest of the blog.

Next Deep Waters article: Deep Waters: How many wives? How many husbands?

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  1. I tried the password on all of your Deep Waters subjects and it didn`t work on any.

  2. Do not cut and paste. Cutting and pasting won’t work. Make sure your caps lock is off and then type:

    capital D – lower case e – lower case e – lower case p – space – capital W – lower case a – lower case t – lower case e – lower case r – lower case s

    Then press the button. It should let you in if you type it in exactly.

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