Are there Clergy Response Teams in the LDS church?

On 24 May 2006, Paul Joseph Watson of Alex Jones’ broke a story about Clergy Response Teams, a “nationwide FEMA program which is training Pastors and other religious representatives to become secret police enforcers who teach their congregations to ‘obey the government’ in preparation for the implementation of martial law, property and firearm seizures, mass vaccination programs and forced relocation.”

Then on 16 August 2007, Watson ran another story on the same subject, this time posting evidence that their story had been confirmed by a KSLA 12 news report.

What I wonder is if this program has been implemented among the LDS leadership. I do not know. If any bishops or stake presidents or anyone else who would be privy to such information could please post a comment here and let us know if the LDS Church is involved in this program, it would be much appreciated.

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  1. Such a program probably exists, but I really doubt that Watson has all the details right. He’s filling in the blank spots with paranoia.

  2. Then Jeff Ferrell of KSLA 12 is probably paranoid, too. The two reports are practically identical.

  3. What I don’t understand is that if this true, how exactly do they plan on maintaining the economy in it’s current capacity? Would it create a collapse if people were “relocated”? If that’s the case then how is the government going to fund it’s police state?

    Do I think LDS leaders would be a part of this?No. If they were, they would be in danger of some serious retaliation. Am I promoting violence? No but we have a right, as is stated in our scriptures, to protect our lives and our liberties from destruction at the hands of wicked men. I’m not saying they would be killed, but I can confidently say that they would immediately be brought up on charges in the church’s court. Article of Faith 12 doesn’t mean we have to submit to unjust government and their attempts to destroy our agency.

  4. I don’t know if this means anything, but with the wildfires down in the San Diego area of the country this past week, I came across a television video, broadcast on the Internet, that said a Stake Center down in Escondido was housing national guard troops. (Escondido is in the San Diego area.) I just now did an internet search to attempt to find that video I saw and came up with news reports that confirm the broadcast, such as:

    Deseret Morning News: LDS church is a haven for fire troops

    There are more such articles. I googled: “escondido stake center, wildfire” to find the above.

  5. Very interesting. I read the article but I honestly don’t think that it means the church has a Clergy Response Team, but I could be wrong, it does happen from time to time. I remember after Hurricane Katrina, when I was living in Houston, myself and about 10 others from my ward went to Louisiana to help out and they opened the stake center for us, along with many others from varying locations, to stay in. I must say I’m a little hurt though because we didn’t receive anything from anyone, except for some Kudos, M&Ms and nifty Mormon Helping Hands t-shirt. There was no electricity and no A/C. Have you ever been to Louisiana in the summer? Miserable, but I am from Houston so it wasn’t much of a difference. These soldiers had it good. We all had to provide our own food, water and other supplies.

    One thing that bothered me however was that they allowed people to sleep in the chapel. I was under the impression that the chapel is a sacred place and isn’t supposed to be used like that. Maybe an oversight by the leadership, who knows.

  6. Ah, ‘paranoia’ and ‘paranoid’ are two of those programmed words that make many people stop thinking and stop discussing immediately. Who wants to be – gasp! – paranoid??

    I think a little re-framing is in order here: the question is not are you paranoid, it’s are you paranoid ENOUGH?

  7. I think there are plenty of Bishops that are part of the “Good O’l Boys Club” that would do anything they are told. After all the We Believe in being subject to Kings, presidents……………… would be the path of least resistance and maybe provided individual safety for them as a cooperator.

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